Babies, let’s go and see the beautiful things first, they are so beautiful. Tucao can be slowed down: There are feet Yangchun: Beauty as a power. What does the comment say about being too malicious to a girl? Kind of words…what kind of confusing speech is this. Who is not a boy or girl yet. Otherwise, it’s your elders and younger generations. Not boasting is malicious? Why don’t you say more to your peers, elders and younger generations besides your idols? Is this your kindness? I can only boast, right? You can only listen to people’s praise, either don’t make your debut or just show it to the fans. Asking questions means that the fans are looking for it, or you can send money to people and talk with you. It’s not exaggerating that we are sorry for her. But if you really don’t like it, you won’t be able to earn the money. I think too much lies is bad for your physical and mental health. What’s more, just relying on one face to make up so much brain, don’t you rely on her two faces when you praise her? It depends on you being her. Don’t double-label, the same is to look at the face. Why do you feel that the way you look at your face is more objective. What’s more, what I’m talking about is that the sense of image is not pure appearance. The actor does not allow people to comment on the impression of her image, which is a bit excessive. Why is Wang Baoqiang being mocked for acting as Nezha? If it is inappropriate, it is inappropriate. You let Jia Ling play the role of heartthrob, I too… well, it seems I can accept it too. Actors have to use images to create roles. The feeling that you give to others does not fit the person you are trying to shape, who depends on it. Otherwise, the person who gave you the resources didn’t choose the right path for you, or it was because of your own business ability. An actor who only comes out with only face and innocence is the biggest selling point, not letting him evaluate the face. Would you guys be too humorous? Watermelon is not sweet, crispy plum is not crispy, chili is not spicy, snail powder is not fragrant… all will be returned. …In addition, the comment section said that I judge people by appearance, which is better than fortune-telling, that is too much. This is to kill, there is a sequence of learning, and a specialization in the field of art. How can I compare with fortune-telling? I can’t compare with you. I’m just an ordinary audience. From the perspective of the audience, I just talk about the impression of an actor and her image on me. You really don’t need to admire me. I admire your professional cynicism. …Ok, text: At first glance, it seems cute and innocent, but when I look at it inexplicably annoying and scared, I feel inexplicably…well, this person’s inner appearance is seriously inconsistent with her harmless appearance. For example, Li Yitong’s face has been strained without the muscle texture that ordinary people would normally produce when making expressions… This is very strange, even if some people do over-filling, but when making expressions, the muscle texture on the face also changes. . But Li Yitong really didn’t. Her sweetness may be that she has done a lot of forceful expression management exercises. She finds the angle that she thinks is the most beautiful and least affects the muscles, but she doesn’t take it to heart. She gives people a fake sweetness that is not smiling. (As soon as she and Naza make facial expressions, it’s just a matter of summarizing the situation of her facial features flying around. Naza’s static is really beautiful. When she makes facial expressions, she loses the appearance.) But she will feel: you don’t provoke her, she doesn’t provoke you , She is her resource coffee, everyone can live in peace. But Liu Haocun’s feeling is that she may be very cruel, as some people said before, you are afraid that you will accidentally provoke such a girl. Her appearance gives you a feeling: you don’t know when she will give you the cold shoulder. And it’s not that she did it herself, he doesn’t even need to verbally express herself… You are hurt because of her, she is still very innocent… Isn’t this the heroine of Qiong Yao’s white lotus anthology, ah drop. For such a person, girls are subconsciously wary. To say the real “I see pity” I think Liu Yifei, Shu Chang, and Zhang Huiwen give me the kind of quiet, gentle, and I see pity. They have a kind of calm, beautiful and indisputable temperament. Even Zhou Dongyu, when she was chosen to play Hawthorn Tree, the slogan was: She has purity that other girls don’t… I was very angry at the time, so I’d like to hold her if she was holding her. Why should she step on other girls? This is Isn’t she sick… Mainly we don’t think she is innocent. She is definitely not the “good girl” that she intended to give people during the promotion. But Liu Haocun felt more subconsciously and more nervous than her. Now that Liu Haocun looks back and thinks about choosing Zhou Dongyu at the beginning, it is actually the same logic: in fact, the purity they want is the purity they feel. Girls who are truly innocent, pure and without scheming tend to look dull in the face of complex environments, and their innocence and behaved from the heart will be concealed and not shown and even appear a little clumsy. For the big guys who are used to seeing all kinds of messy things in the entertainment industry, what is the snack machine to them? What bad thoughts can the little girl have? But I will plan it for myself. You can make anyone uncomfortable, as long as you don’t make them feel uncomfortable. For the rabbits, the fox is terrible. For the lion, the little fox is very cute, innocent and naive. Capital and the audience, we are not standing in the same dimension to evaluate one thing. But the audience is mostly “rabbits”. You feel that a fox is gnawing on chicken as a “rabbit” and is being forcibly praised. You will feel: There is no such bullying. Of course, her audience popularity is not easy.


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6 months ago

Liu Haocun is a junior of 16 folk dances. I have had some contact with her during my school, so I can describe how I feel about her. First of all, the first time I had an impression of this girl was when she graduated from the attached high school. At that time, there was a performance poster of the attached high school graduating from the school. I bought food from the cafeteria, passed by and took a glance, then stopped because among a group of beautiful younger brothers and sisters, a little fairy wearing a crown smiled sweetly in the crowd. So, I really felt in an instant, this is a real little princess! I watched it for a long time, and I took a photo of it with my mobile phone and posted it to Moments, saying that this little sister is really good-looking.

6 months ago

. Maybe because Liu Haocun is not too tall, he was not in the middle of the first row during the performance, but on the edge of the first row. However, he was still very attractive and his professional ability was really strong. It was really nothing to say, dance. Whether it’s feeling or ability, dancing is very beautiful. Finally, there is another example. Before, the boss of a film and television company wanted to select some good students to sign actors. I took them on a walk around the school, and they also watched around. Some classes Liu Haocun happened to be looking for a classroom. Let’s pass by. The boss stopped suddenly. He looked at Liu Haocun, and his eyes lit up and said that this girl felt very good, and I said hello to her when she had a celebrity temperament. Then I sent a WeChat to ask her in the evening. After talking about this matter, my sister replied politely, saying that my sister, I have actually signed the company now, but I haven’t made my debut yet, so I can’t make it public yet, so there may be no way. After considering other companies, I said it was okay. I knew that Hao Miaozi had been attacked a long time ago. Later, when “One Second” was promoted, I realized that, ah, they signed Zhang Yimou at the time, no wonder it was probably so. The three incidents can actually explain the problem. First, the younger sister is really good-looking. It is not ordinary and beautiful, but which is also beautiful among the beautiful girls in our school. Compared with ordinary people, it is very beautiful. Excellent. Second, her professional courses are indeed outstanding. There is nothing to be black about. Even if she has signed Zhang Yimou to make a movie, it does not affect her serious study of professional courses. She is hardworking and talented. Even if she is not a film and television actor, she dances. It can also go a long way. Third, many people are now complaining about their sister’s mediocre appearance. This is really very impractical, really, but you can’t say this if you meet me. Of course, there are still some big beauties at the level of Di Lieba that they are not good-looking. They can only say that the radish and cabbage have their own loves, but the objective truth cannot be subverted. Zhang Yimou is not blind, and we are not blind. All in all, she is a cute little fairy, and a lucky girl who has worked hard and has luck. Finally, we are still chasing stars. People have already filmed with Yi Yang Qianxi. This is my fate…

6 months ago

I think her eyes are not so good. Emmm fans have changed her way. How should I say, I liked her when I saw her expressionless pictures before. But after watching some animated pictures and interviews, I felt uncomfortable. I think she is a bit fake and pure, her eyes and expressions are very forceful, deliberately, and slightly artificial. It’s a bit like a deliberately erected person, but the eyes are too clever, and I feel very refined and I don’t like it. That time, the red carpet was clearly carried away, but I don’t understand why the host looked shy when interviewing her. Looks like… emmm, I don’t think it’s necessary to be generous. Isn’t it good to be generous… Really innocent and shy are not like her… (Comparison: Chen Duling’s interview and the red carpet when he debuted, the impression is obviously different) Looking at the selfies she sends, it is also an artificial posture. The style is the same as Hanzo. The tongue is really greasy… It will cater to the tastes of some people. It is the kind of eyes and expressions that know that such eyes and expressions will appear pure, so Doing this deliberately, everyone will think so soon! This kind of deliberately posing for a photo is not just pretending to be an inadvertent appearance… just… it’s very contrived. If you imitate it by yourself, you can feel the effort and deliberateness. I don’t mean it, most people still imitate it. It’s not so “smart” to imitate. The summary is: when you move, the eyes are too clever, which makes people feel a lot of thoughtfulness; when you are not smiling, the eyes are straight, the eyes are very complicated, you can’t read it, you have desires, and you feel very irritable, cunning and know. Calculate, and compare it to when she laughed hard, she was able to make up for the two faces of her predecessors and back, and stabbing you in the back hahahaha. Anyway, the facial expression revealed by her whole body makes people feel very uncomfortable. Perhaps it is the reason for her expression management. The orbicularis oculi and temporalis muscles have been controlled in a tense state, the eyes are light, but it feels unnatural and cunning. It’s too much. (I really hope that this is just a problem with her expression management) After seeing Xiao Honghua, her acting skills are also somewhat artificial and cunning in my opinion… But Ma Xiaoyuan is intriguing. The temperament is much worse than that of the first few girls…really

6 months ago

Fans who like her, Shinjo! Because it may bring you negative emotions, but please rest assured that there is no personal attack. Although it looks very pure, but I don’t know why it gives me the feeling that there is a snack machine (it is more refined, no malice, I don’t know her personality). Her face is pure except for the eyes, the eyes and other facial features. The style is not uniform, it is a bit “false and pure”, praise her “aura” is a metaphysical word. Regarding other people talking about her tea, I think there are many teas in her style, such as a certain Hanzo Forest. Don’t talk about my face master, don’t you look at her face to see that her aura is pure and pure? If you liked her at first sight, then others might not like her at first sight. Some people like the sun to feel warm, some people hate the sun to feel dazzling. The face value feels like that of the girl next door, like the first love face that was popular some time ago. Don’t tell me anything that amateurs have bugs on their faces in the big lens, she is definitely a big beauty in real life. Her nose, chin, and mouth are all big bugs, right? Among the female stars, if they insist on fighting their faces, they are a bit hanged. The admission ticket for celebrities is based on the five-bar standard, and the face is small. There is nothing to boast about in the celebrities. Go to the two standards of the Chinese Opera and Beijing Film Acting Department to grab a lot. Simply speaking, there is really nothing to look at. I think girls rarely have ugliness, but they are pretty. They have their own beauty, but maybe she doesn’t grow in my aesthetic preference. Seeing this, some people may question my aesthetics, whether it is bad or not. I don’t think it’s bad or excellent, but it’s normal. Let me show you the people who play diligently on my aesthetic point.

6 months ago

This face value is the most typical standard for an old man.
With a big red cotton-padded jacket, it still looks good.
Not an Internet celebrity, it’s not expensive, but it just allows you to look at it again and again.
It’s cute and smiles like a groundhog.
When you look at this look, you don’t say which movie she was in, I know this will be a girl.

6 months ago

It’s so good. It’s been a few months of marketing, and the work hasn’t been released much. The plain makeup is very ordinary, not very recognizable. It can’t be ranked in the entertainment circle at all. When I got to her, I searched it directly, and the marketing article was almost on par with those two top-tier ones. I flipped it all to tout the relationship between face value and temperament and Lao Mouzi, but there were almost no comments and likes, so I clicked in. It’s a pitiful little reading. Obviously it’s a marketing to buy. Looking at the previous answer, there is an answer that says “passers-by are all women” meaning jealous. I don’t chase stars, like this kind of airborne by itself. Just a question mark, there is really nothing to be praised for just looking at the value of the appearance. The performance of the work was accompanied by marketing toast from the beginning, but I did not see the praise or the sneer. It can be seen that it is quite satisfactory. As for the temperament, I don’t think it is as superior as the marketing. At present, only Liu Shishi is the only one who shines in my eyes. Of course, Han Xue, Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Junning are also good, but not so prominent. There are more dancers, and I haven’t seen anyone brag so much, but this is the routine operation of newcomers’ debut now, let’s talk about the popularity first. But I don’t think she has such a background and resources to engage in these routines. As long as the acting skills are reasonable and the background and resources are stable and better, it can also attract passersby. I don’t think that works like this kind of work started marketing early. Knowing the mentality of others, my first impression is not very good. As a newcomer, I have a good impression of Zhang Jingyi. The first time I saw her, she was in a longing life, her personality was good, and her work had a good reputation. Although I didn’t watch the show, as a passerby, I treated her. The impression is very good. I didn’t watch it because I don’t like this kind of campus emotional drama. So far, the campus drama I have watched is the best of us. It was really boring to watch during the severe epidemic.

6 months ago

This face looks too complicated. The so-called “pure and desire” is actually half-hearted, neither innocent nor lack of desire. It is like evaluating the “balanced development” of a primary school student. It sounds good, but in fact it is not good enough to put it plainly. In this age, celebrities are like logos, with no special features and marketing alone. How can they last for a long time? Girls of all colors who have been able to become popular in the past have their own characteristics. For example, Gong Li’s sense of mother of the earth, Zhang Ziyi’s stubbornness, Zhou Dongyu’s extreme lightness, Ni Ni’s charming, Tang Wei’s intellectuality, etc., are all distinctive beauties. Complicated look and feel, such as Li Man, is so cool. Taking a step back, even the popular TV florets of various colors are enough to be able to play in terms of characteristics. For example, Zhao Liying’s cuteness, Di Lieba’s exotic style, Tan Songyun’s young teeth, Liu Shishi’s literary style, a hundred flowers bloom in a variety of colors. Because the role needs the temperament of an actor to match, there can be no gods like Yao Di who is suitable for both Daiyu and Baochai and can also play Wang Xifeng. If there is, the ending will be awkward. Graduated with a resume, and no professional work, basically no prospects. The threshold is low and the competition is high. How can you get up there? The same goes for the entertainment industry. Liu Haocun’s dancing temperament and the upper half of his face are both elegant and quiet like Zhang Huiwen and Liu Shishi, but the lower half of his face is lustful, and his speech is somewhat perverse. This kind of mix-and-match style can appear in the Internet celebrity Hanzo. For people like the forest, after all, static photos have a sense of impact, which is a bonus, but actors rely on their characters to feed themselves, and their temperaments conflict. Do you have to rely on your own screenwriter to write your own scripts for the rest of your life? The one who has the same temperament conflict as her is classmate Ma Sichun. This child’s body and appearance are particularly suitable for neutral styles. It is suitable to play Yujie. However, there is a young literary girl living in her heart, which is still not very deep, so even if it is a background person, she can’t find it after her 30th birthday. Accurate positioning, always lacking that breath, is incomparable with her aunt. There is a lesson from the past, Xiaohong relying on support, being red by fate, and being condemned by the gods, places like the entertainment circle are really not going to be popular if they want to be popular.

6 months ago

Any face with good looks will have a sense of beauty when the features are enlarged inch by inch on the big screen. It’s good for someone to support it. If the official account gets hot again and talks about brainwashing, then another so-called star of tomorrow is born. There are too many brainwashing kits. I still like the beauty that can make me look amazing, instead of many official accounts or navy to split her: “The top of the skull is high, which is the standard for beautiful women.” “Good skin is rich and noble.” Yazi who has never suffered from bitterness” “Retracted chin can make the girl’s aura more manifest”…Anyway, you can say what you say. There are indeed many people who eat this set. Whatever the navy feeds, they just open their mouths and eat. . I even more expect your pen to write about Sister Feng. Probably: “Bright eyes, good-looking eyes, regular parallel double eyelids”, “Although they have buck teeth, they also have a trace of the youthfulness of a girl when they are not braced.” .

6 months ago

One second afterward feeling: I was very shrewd and thought it was a very clever one. I didn’t expect to send me away when I opened my mouth. The lines are too dramatic. If you only look at the value of the face, you will not look at the second-level level in the crowd. Xiao Honghua’s thoughts: It is good in Xiao Honghua, very energetic. It’s just that she feels narcissistic in her usual selfies. Haha, she said the expression on the lid is a bit pretentious. If you can’t get it, you can imitate the expressions and actions in her selfies.

6 months ago

Among the current commercial film directors in our country, regarding the choice of heroines, the highest lsp ranks are Kai Ge and Jiang Wen, the best taste is Jiang Wen and Guo Shi, the most important is the appearance of Kai Ge, who is the most successful. The taste is the national teacher, and the one who can resonate most is Xingye, but the most beautiful teacher is Jiang Wen. He can really shoot the kind of good fortune that all things grow from the age of eighteen to sixty. Come. Someone mentioned Old Monster Xu… Old Monster Xu is a bit out of the ordinary, his material is so good… Qingxia Old Wang Manyu has no answer when they come out. Compared to the material, the shooting is still inferior. In addition, the old monster’s interest in the weird service road under the cult legacy of Hong Kong movies makes it less attractive. Having said so much, I want to clarify one idea, that is, some actors are useless to market their appearance. The biggest feature of the films made by Guo Shi is that his style of choosing the heroine is different from that of Kai Ge. The female protagonist can even be said to be quite ordinary in terms of appearance, but she must have a strong oriental temperament and a top-level photogenic sense. This is very obvious in Gong Huang, Zhang Niangniang and Little Yellow Duck. The girls of the past are not well-known for their looks, but they all have a face commonly known as “Grand Master Appreciating Food and Eating”. Some people say that Liu Haocun looks a bit like Teacher Sanzang. This is not a problem. That kind of photogenic feeling and temperament is innate and has a strong consistency. This is the grand master’s appreciation of food. Such actors are meaningless to discuss their appearance. If they really do marketing in this direction, then I think the related brokerage companies and public relations companies are basically not far from bankruptcy. But Liu Haocun… The biggest problem is that, in order to pursue realism, the heroines of the art films have always paid little attention to acting skills, and even often used amateurs. Liu Haocun may be the least acting girl in the past. You have a sense of photogenicity, don’t waste your talents, hurry up and study… After all, with the lessons of the little yellow duck, the girl is actually more like a burden than a stepping stone. If you really want to blow your face value, let’s talk about the filming of a movie with Veuve. Although Veuve said that the script is not good, but the appearance in his film is basically one of the highest certifications of the appearance of my country’s entertainment industry.

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