I just learned that () is not to support the king, but Wu Hai, hahahaha, won my heart, Wu Hai, Xiong rises. I originally deleted some of the following updates, but I decided to post it later because Wu Hai made me again I feel fresh about this show again. Tomorrow, I will definitely vote for Wu Hai for the second 2pick, and I will leave it to the final anyway. The following is this morning’s update: After reading the second ranking, the friendship line with the deepest impression of 405, combined with the hot search situation last night and today, I have a strong hunch, () I can’t get out of the way, the C spell cannot be broken, I finally have it The motivation to continue to pursue innovation. Basically everyone in the upper circle has their own communication circle and two-way CP. Now we are familiar with Pi, the scenery of Yuanlin, Ke Heng, Lin Zhenmoqiang, Zanmaru, Hanwang, Shuangyu Radio, and it goes round and round. There are many CPs of Zhou Keyu), including Gan Wangxing, ask, and Liluxiu have their own story lines or social circles, but () “independent beauty” is incompatible with the mutual exchange and learning of the upper circle. As for that is superfluous, I only see that Zando’s circles are repelling him. () seems to have a lot of shots, but they are basically ineffective shots, on the contrary, they are more or less stripped of his people. The passerby disk gradually lost and collapsed because of these lenses. In addition, Bayi’s speech yesterday made me smell something unusual. The younger brother who was willing to play a supporting role as a good-looking business is likely to hit the upper circle suddenly seems to have opened up the odd meridian, and suddenly he wants to show himself. But it was too late, passers-by had already stood in line, and the fans that should be attracted were basically finalized. Bayi leaned back on Huayi, and I was shocked when he said that he was willing to support him. Since then, I will no longer be able to vote and I will become a fan of him. I sympathize with his fans, and his fans must be able to feel the heartbreak at the time. Generally, children from large companies are not so confused. As a result, the water in his mind prevents him from climbing up. The debut group really has more appearances like Bayi, and it has a national style label, which is very good. . But without Bayi, after watching Lin Mo’s “A Night in Beijing”, I didn’t think it was a big deal. Other zgdd will also supplement this party. The current impression of Bayi is that of a good image and a wooden beauty who is willing to play a supporting role. (Speaking of the next door, I really admire Luo Yizhou, because you don’t see much about it. In order to reduce the subjectivity of speculation, I won’t talk about him for the time being.) I’m not as familiar as the legend, “You can’t chat with me in the future” in () seems to be this sentence, I was shocked anyway, my brother is going to leave, why didn’t you look for him, but he looked for you? ⊙▽ ⊙If I were Luo Yan, I would be speechless. This issue of Goose has clearly revealed the positioning of the group this year: cooperation, exchanges, friendship and mutual assistance. The weakening of C and the captain on several stages of the second public also illustrates the characteristics of the international group that Goose is pushing this year. Here, I want to strongly praise “The Peak”, AK’s hook is absolutely perfect, I have listened to it many times, it is too hot. I really envy the audience who were there at that time. I certainly don’t believe that when Goose is doing such a freshman project, it only makes wedding dresses for one person. Think about it if this is the case, () With ten NPCs, you must be laughing and slapping your thighs next door. Just take out Luo Yizhou and Yu Jingtian and win properly. Preliminary predictions of the debut personnel: Zhou Keyu, Lin Mo, Zando, Riki, AK, Mika, Zhang Jiayuan, Wu Yuheng, Yin Haoyu, Gan Wangxing, Boyuan (The ranking does not count, if Li Luxiu nods, the door to the debut will be opened for him immediately If Lei Luxiu did not agree, the last one would be Bo Yuan or ask. Personally, I am looking forward to Qing Lian and Wu Hai, but the possibility is too small. Bo Yuan is also okay. He is definitely worthy of his debut, and Wu Yuheng will definitely come to the conclusion. , Just for those ads that are bad, looks, the company will definitely get it), Wu Hai is a good way, but I can only hope that he will make it to the finals. Two days ago, db frantically swiped the screen and withdrew from the game, and then a hot search on Weibo issued a warning from the major officials. I was shocked. Then I looked at Qing Xu Ziwei. It was calm, and Qing you followed the postponement, and suddenly understood a lot. Compared with the past, this year’s creation has a lot more meanings like “commercial warfare, strategy”. Of course, you have to use quotation marks. It’s not equal. The wishful thinking of praying man arm as a car can only be changed in the novel. After all, it is difficult to produce a Cai Xukun. A must-have character. At the beginning of the creation camp, the stage is good, Liu Yu, and then the more I look at it, the more something goes wrong. One male and two create two males. He will always feel like a national style. Except for Lian, I can see everyone, especially the second male. It feels like Liu Yu and him. The dancers, and the most surprised thing is that Bayi and Glory of the dancers seem to be more eye-catching. On the three stages, he showed a very single, he couldn’t give the audience a fresh feeling, the unchanged national style stage, the same kind of feminine temperament. Luo Yizhou and Yu Jingtian, who grabbed C next door, are at least high-faced and strong in business. They can convince people in the group, and they are all mixed up in the upper circle. Then they will form a group in the future, and the relationship within the group will definitely not worry about it. On the other hand, Liu Yu, Guofeng Dance, semi-permanent makeup, the powdery smell is too strong, the idol we chose not to mention the stage, at least the stage is refreshing! But Liu Yu both on and off the stage feel that he is holding it, and he can’t let go. In the upper circle, we can see Pi, Ke Heng, landscape gardens, grind the gun, and Zanwan, but Liu Yu, he has a lot of them. A strong atmosphere of change, originally knocking CP is knocking their friendship line, not to mention a lot of Yu still not interacting, it is not a friendship line, you let the public think. A few days ago, Qing 3 Chuang 4 each produced a picture of the upper circle, which was sunken as soon as he got to Liu Yu C. Next door, Luo Yizhou, Yu Jingtian, is a good image, good temperament, and proper male team spokesperson. As an audience member, I can’t excuse it. The picture is really horrible. C is the facade and the key to let outsiders understand the group. Then Liu Yu’s image is really…unbearable. Er Chuang and Er Gong are the places that surprise us, especially Er Gong, the most impressive, the hook of AK is superb, the stage performance of Qing Lian, the dance of Zhang Jiayuan, the vocal of Yin Haoyu and Xiao Jiu, even Lin Mo, his elementary school student rap is also very pleasant. These people have shown that they can tap the other side of the group. What Liu Yu brought us, Guofeng Dance… That awkward stage really made me accept it. I have watched a lot of his rankings, first place, but he is really like what the fans said about Fault 1. Why didn’t Plop win the first place? As an ordinary viewer of Chuang, I occasionally go to see Qing. I saw Liu Yu’s fans, Amway. He has a lot of fans and money. I think it’s Cai Xukun No. 2, but I really want to have Cai Xukun. Half of the popularity, Qing 3 Luo Yizhou Yu Jingtian must be crushed to death. As a big project for Goose, the creation camp must be chosen by thousands of members, and everyone has a reason to go in. But I can’t find a reason for Liu Yu to go in at the moment. For a while, there was a post called Chuang’s Liuxiaozi, which gathered six unique players from the creation camp. I didn’t see Liu Yu’s name. In the Rap circle, I saw the five people on the summit, the vocal circle, Mika Xiaojiu, Yin Haoyu, He Yifan, Yu Gengyin, Lin Mo, Zhang Xing, Terboyuan, and in the dance circle, I saw Zandoli Maru, Wu Haiboyuan, Lin Mo, Zhang Jiayuan, and comedians too. Zhang Teng, Xie Xingyang, Zhang Jiayuan, Lin Mo, Qu Baiyu, and Han Peiquan, but none of these distinctive labels is named Liu Yu. Liu Yu has been framed to death by the national style. He couldn’t get out of this circle, and once he got out, he was eclipsed. Gan Wangxing is a very surprising trainee. His appearance, height, visual progress on the stage, an amateur background, non-standard Mandarin, and a sports background all made him unique, and this uniqueness made him qualified to join the group. Foreign green card, Yin Haoyu, looks at the stage of age, his qualifications. Zandori Maru Mika The strength and popularity of the three individuals as well as the company and their qualifications. AK His academic qualifications, that is, his qualifications, visually observe that he and Oscar are one of the candidates for C in the current domestic circuit. He is talented in appearance language and performance on stage. Boyuan is almighty, just see if he can As a guitarist Zhang Jiayuan, arranger, humorous, the first and second public stage shows his plasticity, Lin Mo developed a system, almighty, a candidate for C, comedian, good communication in the upper circle Wu Yuheng, Jing Ji Daxiang, Fu Si Chao, Li Luoer, Zhang Teng, Wu Hai, Zeng Hanjiang, Luo Yan are all excellent, but Liu Yu has only national style, semi-permanent makeup and holding posture. His stage is only himself, no others. What we think of as a group is to look at the performance of the whole group. Everyone should be outstanding and eventually merge into an excellent group. Rather than watching someone and 10 NPCs, the whale of the second male is just his personal show. Liu Yu, I can’t find the reason for him to form a group, let alone the reason for his C. If he becomes a group or C in the end, it must be very interesting, Douban Weibo must be very lively, looking forward to it. Of course, at that time, I ran away early.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I recently watched Liu Bie’s Tucao video and became interested in Genesis 4, so I picked up one issue and got to Liu Yu. It felt like I found a big treasure. It was out of control. This is my first time for zqsg to chase the draft. It seems that Xiaoyu has a strong strength, a good appearance, a good personality, and a high popularity. I think he will at least make a high position and can even make a C position. But seeing the various explosion-proof operations of the goose (the lens is few, the hot search is removed, the position of the pen-hold camera is off), I am really worried, afraid that he will be sacrificed to the sky. I think I am about to have a heart attack! Ladies and gentlemen, talk about your opinions, is Liu Yu’s debut stable?
Finally, I must shout, my wife Liu Yu is the best, come on

6 months ago

When I answered last time, I felt that Liu Yu might make a mid-low debut. After these two days of excitement, it can be 100% determined that Liu Yu will definitely not be able to get out, and it will not be a card slot, it will be lower. Earlier, I said that Liu Yuliang’s reason is that the fans and Liu Yu are half and half, and no one is wronged. But now I want to say that Liu Yu accounted for 35 and fans accounted for 65. If my previous thought was that they made internal entertainment worse, now I want to say that they have begun to discredit the country. You crazy foreigners, just because of a few debut positions, this matter has gotten bigger, and foreign media will seize it to discredit China when they see it. How many people and how long will it take to restore the influence you have brought to the country? When scolding CCTV reporters in the name of patriotism, I have thought about people fighting against gd at the front line. Where are you? Are you playing cp or being a keyboard man targeting your compatriots? I really feel that the country’s compulsory education has a long way to go.

6 months ago

After this battle, it is absolutely impossible. ly does not really think that it is nationality, but td can benefit. Do you think that tx is uncharacteristically going to be an international men’s team this year, introducing Japanese and American players, can it be done casually? Is tx picking Aihui cooperation casually? I don’t know how many layers of processes have been taken from top to bottom in this show, and how many meetings have been held. Ai Hui, who was selected, also has in-depth cooperation with various domestic recording giants. I really think that the official is not clear about the situation? After two days of trouble, Tuan Tuan said something that is not painful or itchy. Is the official meaning not clear enough? It’s just “Stop making trouble.” Everyone feels like Mingjing. They really think that the Internet celebrity has a few fans. Buying, buying, searching and finding a few cheap yxh belt rhythms can turn the sky upside down. Why is it considered that Ly is taking the lead? From the analysis, we will know that, first of all, it is impossible for the bba department to do this: 1) Ai Hui has a lot of cooperation in China and is very deep. It can be regarded as a multinational enterprise friendly to China. 2) Everyone wants to eat this bowl of internationalization, who will dig holes for themselves by nationality. 3) Giants with long brains don’t pull zz, the last one to lose is dy. Secondly, it is impossible for large entertainment companies to end: 1) Jiaxing is a fool to attack wgr, not a track at all. 2) Jiaxing needs to create enthusiasm, not coolness. Jiaxing and tx must have in-depth cooperation. 3) The same goes for wjjw and royal company. In the end, it must be the small company that got involved. So who in the small company has the motive? 1) ly, use wgr to raise your own national style + demonstrate to tx, the biggest request should be the c-position debut. I guess their idea is to make wgr stinks. Then tx needs to have a Chinese image enough to suppress the rumors when tx comes up with an international group. So on the one hand, they are doing things, on the other hand, ly is desperate to establish a national style. 2) At the time of this incident, the student company on the fringe of his debut. All I asked was for Ai to retreat and free up 4 debut positions. Ok, since there are two motives, why is it determined to be ly in the end? 1) Before the first pick, the wind direction of the shop (db) was still ly and Aihui to attack the royal family. After the first pick, it suddenly became zgdd to attack Aihui together. (So ​​I guess at this time, ly knows that tx did not push her) 2) Ly stands at c but can’t make the fault, Ai rewinds crazily, and ly can’t get the support of tx, this c is definitely not kept. of. The ranking of the younger brother in the middle area is not stable, and the popularity is low. The fans are not large. Even if they win against tx, they have no right to speak. It is not necessary. It is completely for others to marry clothes. But ly is different. If he wins, he has the right to speak. (Supplement: He has the right to speak only when he wins when he stands in c position). 3) The timing of Ai Hui’s hot search is very delicate. After the rumors that “ly ranks dropped” came out, Ai Hui apologized and immediately appeared in the bottom of the hot search. If yxh was not purchased in advance and the materials were prepared, how could he act so quickly. From the second point, we can see that the brother company in the middle district has no motivation to prepare materials in advance. 4) Why can’t yxh discover it and send it out by itself? Why is yxh called yxh so conscientious? In summary, there is a high probability that this matter is dominated by ly. Of course, I think my brother’s company on the edge of debut should have a chance to contribute to the flames. After all, I have seen a lot of “Ai retreats”, “The show does not need to be stopped”, “Look at zg players”, “Zg players are not popular? “. Everyone knows Sima Zhao’s heart. Sorry, in the opinion of Benmu Qiangpi, it’s not fragrant.

6 months ago

Unworthy. Just in terms of singing and dancing, without the blessing of the national style, would he really have other students who are good? It’s just another student who didn’t compare with Zandor Riki. He just found out that he had said that he failed to win the c position twice, failed with Riki, and failed with Luo Yan. Therefore, the votes of his teammates must be able to see that his singing and dancing in Lianzhong is not as good as Luo Yan. Look, without the blessing of the national style, his singing and dancing are really true. Later, Er Chuang and Er Gong chose him to be good at The dance, staying in his comfort zone, taking the C position in his comfort zone, and his teammates taking on supporting roles. Speaking of this, I thought of Xue Bayi. During the media exploration session, the media asked Bayi how it feels to be a foil for others. Bayi said in a respectable manner that a stage needs a supporting role. Hearing Bayi say this, it hurts him a little, thinking about what Liu Yu would say, but nothing. Thinking that he actually nodded. OMG So, does he accept others as his foil with peace of mind? A stage requires a C position, but a moving stage is not that everyone on the stage can shine on the stage? Be remembered Live? Everyone can be seen. Like the previous stage of Mika’s second creation, the latest stage of Fu Sichao’s original vocal group stage, Mika’s stage is not to be said, I think everyone is good and hate Li Jiaxiang feels pretty good. Then this time the “Fix Me” of Fu Sichao’s group really felt that everyone was very good and wanted to support them. Fu Sichao and Li Luoer’s arrangement, Li Luoer and Glory’s rap, Yu Yang’s soprano, even Lu Dinghao has changed his opinion, and he feels that he has become handsome and powerful. I really hope that there will be a miracle. There is a powerful dark emperor who wins the C position in one fell swoop. Therefore, the dark emperors should not hide their edge now. Come on, if you have the strength, I will definitely support you.

6 months ago

The reason is very simple. First, the competitiveness of alternatives. Now that creativity and youth are being carried out at the same time, there will naturally be comparisons. Don’t talk about fans, just talk about passers-by. This first impression is very important. Hey, tall and handsome, he looks good in his heart. As a result, people came to Chuang and took a look, good fellow! What the hell is this! Short, small, thin, and shriveled, ordinary passers-by couldn’t help but have cold eyes when seeing this little guy with black hands and white face. As a result, take a look at the individual items, let alone compare with the next door, even the people in your group have no outstanding specialties. There are real dancers, vocal, rapper, ace and facade in the group. What is this Liu? Either you can take it up with confidence-an individual can find a little confidence in him. Goose can’t afford to lose this person. Second, the cousin gave much unnecessary. I often see people saying that as long as the data is up, the goose dare not press their Xiaoyu. It’s a coincidence that my cousin thought the same way when he went back, thinking that they were clearly the first place in Jizi, and the goose would also give them the c position in response to public opinion. But ah, I was totally wrong! You are a small workshop of ten people, how can you count the old foxes! Just ask you, what do people goose map you, is it a little money like you? Even if it is inverted, the total amount is not as valuable as the copyright of Ai Hui’s songs. Is it to map your family’s ability to meet Liu’s business? Dream, you are Bezos in the dream. Do you really take the words that fans blew? Do you really think that there is no top Liu, no one looks at Chuang? Come on, who knows if you don’t want to create Liu, you don’t need to create Liu, but you need to create Liu. The cousin powder and hot search have not sold less, whether the goose is not afraid of a small family workshop like you, the goose is too lazy to manage, just come and kill it, you can kill the top Liu. Cousin has any resources to exchange with the goose, and what capital can he negotiate terms with the goose. This wave of operations has already touched the goose’s mold, and now in Goose’s heart, Liu is a restless and uncontrollable master, and the goose will not let him stand too high to turn out a bigger wave. Thirdly, the fans have their heads in the grave. Your top Liu Yao not only lost c, but also lost his debut position. You fans made it yourself. This is a reality show, and all the children participating in the reality show are essentially commodities, and the goose will extract as much value as possible from the commodities. Take the case of black toothpaste as an example, Ding Liu fans provoked the father of the gold master. Do you really think that the gold master’s father lacks the traffic that your Ding Liu brings? Don’t say that you will never use black toothpaste again, it will not affect the overall sales at all. The picture of black toothpaste is a goose, not your top Liu, but the picture is exposure, and the promotion of Chuang’s students is incidental. Remember, it is the students who ask for the promotion opportunity of the sponsor’s father, not the other way around, the sponsor’s father asks you to promote it to them. Out of the sea, no one really cares who is who. But Goose knows that having such a fan is the mother of things. It’s not good to mess around every day, and it loves to provoke the unhappiness of cooperative enterprises. May I ask if the goose would like this kind of fan and his righteous man who made him feel bad? The answer I want to go. It would be great if you rested a little bit more, but it is a pity that you are bouncing around every day, tossing this one tomorrow and tossing that one tomorrow. The goose wants to make money. It offends everyone. How can the goose make money? Therefore, the easiest way is to solve the problem fundamentally, and it is pure to see it out of sight. Today’s hot search is to push Ding Liu to Jue Lu. Do you know the law of twenty-eight, you just ordinary people, no matter how many people you can’t handle those 20% of people. The jv nationality caused Ai to retreat and provoke Ai Hui; the jv nationality provokes Jiaxing Xinyue; the target is the emperor, which provokes wjjw and Jiaxing Xinyue. Use the formula of permutation and combination to calculate by yourself, and see how many different ways to compare and polish Liu. Regardless of whether Ding Liu makes his debut or not, he will always be ready to mix in the entertainment industry in the future. You fans will do well and leave a way for the children and others. What are you doing to poke the backbone of these companies? Don’t scold the goose and cut it if it’s okay, don’t you understand it yet? Goose really doesn’t want to top Liu. These recent issues are just the beginning. Finally, I sent a message from my cousin and Ding Liu fans who are not able to measure: It is not that you have the chips to threaten the goose, but that Ding Liu is held hostage by the back of the goose’s neck.

6 months ago

I carefully considered what Goose’s attitude towards Ding Liu was. My opinion is that the goose didn’t want to top Liu in the first place. From the full-rated VIP content, we can see Ding Liu’s additional test of glory, glory playing and singing, Bayi Dance, and Bayi Dance in the feature film. So Bayi danced twice. I guess that Goose was optimistic about Bayi at first, otherwise he would not have so many opportunities. Even if Bayi knows nothing, this face is more than enough to make a facade, but he can dance and sing. It is also an ancient style. It is very obvious whether Bayi should be selected as the top Liu. Although Bayi Company is not doing a good job, there must be competition and collusion in the market. But Bayi couldn’t live up to it, and he couldn’t take off with the goose. The goose is not too hot, isn’t it just a lens, just give you a liu. Now Bayi and Ding Liu are two people. The former is a good hand and is willing to play a supporting role; the latter is not easy to use if there are enough pieces of chess, ready to withdraw. Let me add the content about jz and data. According to the hot search on 2021.03.24, Goose has an average daily net profit of 330 million and an average annual income of 810,000 employees. Here I would like to emphasize again that the goose is not short of the spending power of fans proved by that little jz money. You can do whatever you can’t do with data. My cousin has a history of buying powder for hot search, and he is distrustful of Goose. No matter how good the data is, it depends on whether Goose is willing to believe it. Everyone thought that Yang Chaoyue was elected by the people so she was able to make her debut, but she was actually approved by the goose in the end and was elected by the goose. In the end, it depends on whether the goose nodded or not. It’s not a small amount of data and jz that can be changed. The goose values ​​bigger things.

6 months ago

I can only say that it is not stable. The feeling of ly in the show is more serious. It is too handy. This is not what a variety show wants to see. The popularity of passersby is relatively not good. The relationship with the students in the upper circle does not seem to be very good. The magnetic field is not compatible. Fans are too capable of dancing, and other fans in the upper circle have offended it all the time. If you make a goose debut, you have to consider the degree of harmony between different member fan groups. The company is also a problem. Maybe it can make a debut, but it will definitely not make a c-bit debut. Over the years, the company behind the c-bit and the goose have exchanged resources and other capital exchanges. The company behind ly…hehe, nothing. use. Small companies are often easier to eat than ugly. Facing short-term benefits, they are easy to fall into it. Just look at the operation of cousin Ly some time ago. As for the ly fans who directly boycotted the “black toothpaste”, one of the sponsor’s fathers, and blatantly provoked this matter, I really don’t understand the fan’s operation and bewilderment behavior. People are the sponsor! Finally, let’s say something to my heart… ly fans smell like small prawns…

6 months ago

Gone. I couldn’t get a C position in the end, at least I could make a debut. But there have been too many things recently, he and his fans are so obsessed with them that they have lost themselves. ————He is not worthy. Don’t say C, it’s not worthy of debut. 1. He is not a facade, and he is not tall and looks enough. 2. Average strength. No single item is the best, and the overall strength is much stronger than him. There are a lot of strengths in the camp, but there is no camera. 3. The popularity is not very good now. He can’t attract new fans now as fast as people who hate him. But let alone black and red, after all, he is not out of the circle, who cares. The passers-by who were attracted to see Chuang at the time are mostly picks or more picks. His fans are everywhere, and there are as many fans as there are fans who may turn black on his way. You see how many people have been forced to become a princeling in this session, and hope that the prince will be crowned as soon as possible. Moreover, his fans boasted that he was out of the circle like Teacher Li, and the passers-by were so big that he didn’t know how to say it. He probably had no brains. Self-deception is just to show others a joke. 4. There are many negative buffs. The company’s small workshop is worthless; not to mention the crazy blood-sucking of CP, but also to falsely pretend to be Bailian. If you form a group, you will never be at peace. Whoever binds to him will be unlucky. Recently, many big companies have been offended, and fans danced wildly. Aren’t you afraid of backlash? It’s a good thing that Mr. Li’s traffic has attracted many first love Xiufen after consuming Chuang’s popularity, but now there are more people in zqsg, and every family has a lot of first love Xiufen. A series of operations in his house, many Xiufen’s disgust and exhaustion towards his house almost made them run away. Originally, many of the first love Xiufen was not the audience of the talent show, and it was easier to run away. Maybe he never watched the talent show anymore. After all, he will get confused in the future. After all, not every time I have luck to meet a teacher Li. ——Summed up above, where is he worthy of letting him make his debut? Even Card 12 is not worthy. Complaints and accusations are useless, and I am not angry. After all, I’m deceiving myself and others. The last complaint made me happy. I thought to myself, that’s the case. Not surprisingly, you only have this, don’t you ——4.3 Supplement (Broken thoughts are not important ) Hey, stability is not important anymore, it’s a waste of time. The show was okay, but it was a mess in the later stage. No one likes a show that constantly brings negative emotions. So I admire those fans who are still insisting on the cause. It’s not easy for you guys, it’s really amazing. After watching the rankings tonight, I’m not going to pursue a new one. The first time I chased the draft, I felt okay at the beginning, but I didn’t look at it later, mainly because it gradually started to zqsg. I can only say that I am not an audience of the talent show after all, I am tired, and return to the beginning. So don’t watch the talent show zqsg, but in this case, it is better to go directly to the funny variety show. Speaking of it, I’ve seen a plot operation of bundling CP blood sucking before reading novels and it is very similar to this time. I didn’t expect that I, who didn’t chase stars, would actually see it with my own eyes in my lifetime. So I went to read the novel, after all, how cool it can be to abuse scum.

6 months ago

I think it’s stable, because there are many people who are able to make their debut on the stage. Isn’t it the same as last year’s Honglian? I think Liu Yu is Honglian’s positioning last year. After a wave of emotions and a wave of traffic, I can throw it away, just like my sister Wang Ke. Crying. . . . I love her super good character. I think the Gufeng Group knows that Xue Bayi watched the spin-off show, and his external conditions are indeed very good, and he deserves a bright voice. But when he dances, I watched the extra test and it runs the same way as it did. It’s normal that I can’t see other people’s features. And I didn’t expect that Liu Yu was really blessed by fate. Many Yu turned out to be born out of nowhere, and he performed very well. There are also hot spots for variety shows like throwing shoes and twisting Yangko. However, this has all been searched hotly. Obviously I don’t want to hold it anymore. Outsiders feel that now Yiqi Juechen is full of beautiful flowers. Looking back, the entire card slot is as good as Xu Yiyang’s fans. So I can only watch fan votes. Otherwise, no one remembers Xu Yiyang in minutes. And my sister Wang Ke. This is the end of a low-profile debut.

6 months ago

The second public is eliminated: C-place debut is not good, he can’t catch the C-place resources given by Goose. The debut position is okay. Goose is rarely a high-ranking person these few times, and he will directly let you retire. But it’s hard to say where Liu Yu’s milk ticket is used. Go back and ask the support club to give the details. If you give it vaguely, there is a problem. After watching his election as the first C, it is very strange. Generally speaking, the first C of the creation camp has almost no effect on his debut. Generally speaking, the strength is supreme and the popularity among the students is the beginning C. I have seen it in several drafts. The campers have not had so many twists and turns in the previous periods. The voting is based on these two basis. Unfortunately, he has neither. , But Chuangying’s dangling cut shots gave him Chu C. (I have no evidence, but I know very well what is the tendency of a group to choose the leader and what is the criterion) This development is not right. This is very similar to the escape route the goose finds for itself. If Liu Yu makes his debut, it will break the early c Curse. If he doesn’t make his debut, the initial c spell is fulfilled, and this card can be played with two hands. I thought the fans would be obedient, and everything would be fine if there is no black material. I didn’t expect that his cousin is really a talent and participates in the control of fan fundraising. This is a big taboo in the fan circle, as well as a lot of things recently. I feel that the geese have to settle their accounts after the fall, and you are asking for more blessings. I really didn’t expect my head to dare to touch the goose? Nanshan Pizza Hut, understand? Goose is very careful, if you are not good, he will fuck you. After reading Yang Guo’s answer, although I hope it is true, I still feel that he will make his debut.

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