It’s not reasonable, but it’s not a good working attitude. Like me before, the company likes to conduct training. You can train five days a week, and it’s after get off work. I’m a branch office, and the training location is at the head office. I need to go to the head office after get off work, and then take the car after the training. Come back home. First, this training is finished at 5:30, about 9:30 in the evening, and regardless of the meal. Second, this training is often repeated. In other words, the content of the training on Monday may be exactly the same as that on Wednesday. I didn’t have any complaints at the time, and I especially liked to listen to it, because it was to improve my business level. Once any details of the product are involved, I can scribble at my fingertips, even nonsense. The current compilation is well-founded. Because I am a branch, I can have many reasons not to go. For example, if I have something to do, or if I have a client to talk to, it’s ok, but as long as I have nothing to do, I will go. The benefit is that, later, I even felt better than the trainer invited by the manufacturer. Theoretically speaking, if I wanted to switch to a manufacturer at the time, I could also jump. After a little training, I would directly become a regular employee. Sometimes I will take the initiative to train new employees. I think I speak very well, and the boss sees it and intends to promote me. In theory, if I work for a few more years, the company’s third-in-command should be me, but I have switched jobs. In normal times, I am very lazy. Generally, I can get the crown if I work hard at the beginning of the month, and I will be a slingshot in the next 20 days. If I turn on the serious mode, basically no one can surpass me. As long as I want to, I am number one. I admit that there is a problem with my work attitude, but I don’t like to make money. I always think that it is enough to spend, but my learning attitude is okay. The reason why I take it seriously is to save time and effort in the future. Okay, next job. It’s also business. At that time, I just entered the industry and cross-industry. I didn’t know anything about it. It was a new one. No one taught me at the time. Fortunately, we were very popular with colleagues and we were able to take me. But finding customers is actually very difficult. No way, I thought and thought, pondered and pondered. Decided to advertise. At my own expense, the company cannot report to you, including printing flyers myself and buying lists myself, all at my own expense. At that time, the advertising fee was 7,800 for half a year. The poor jingle bells at that time. I asked my leaders and colleagues how effective the advertising was. Both leaders and colleagues said that it was not very good. But I thought about it, I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know where to find customers. So I thoroughly investigated the advertising company and found that the plan was feasible, so I voted for 7,800. After half a year of the advertisement, this advertisement earned me 130,000 yuan. This is still the case when I choose the fat and the thin, and sleep at home every day. Wait until the second half of the year, and then continue to invest, the specific profit is not counted, the average is 50,000 to 60,000 a month. Everything went smoothly afterwards. Do whatever you want, put your card in and go home to sleep, and wait for the call. Of course, it’s now a stretch. It’s a good air and it’s quite comfortable to make money. I punched a card and went home. Whether or not you return to the company in the afternoon depends on your mood. There is performance, I am not a dick. Like cutting toast, you can’t bear to spend a small amount of money. If you can’t cut toast, you don’t have to practice quickly. What else are you doing? Since it is work, what do you care about? You are already in society. You should acquiesce that no one is willing to help you. If you don’t yin you together, you should burn the incense. You learned the skills, and the last thing you learned was on yourself, not on the store manager. Together with the store manager let you buy bread and cut everything. In the end, did the store manager learn it? You are no longer in school. Unlike before, if you do not learn well, parents and teachers can still control you. When you are in society, it’s good if others don’t hold your shoulders to watch you. Don’t talk to me about McDonald’s or anything. They have big business. Your store is not a world-renowned company. This kind of thing, the master leads the door, and the practice depends on the individual. If you are willing to strengthen yourself, then strengthen; if you are not willing to learn, don’t learn. If you can’t find a reason, you can dismiss you. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can resign. Now in this environment, some people are looking for a job. but. You have to remember. It’s not that you can’t cut well, but you don’t want to cut well.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Unreasonable Starbucks requires partners to improve their skills. Once you start a job, they will arrange for a master to take you. They will use the ingredients in the store to practice over and over again. Don’t be afraid to drink it if you can drink it, or throw it away if you can’t drink it. I probably wasted a box of milk when I took the latte art test, and I used about three or four bags of fine beans before the hand-made coffee test. I have to start to spend more materials for the elegant hand-made test these two days. The only requirement is not to delay the normal eating of the customer’s drinks. After work, stand in front of unused appliances and practice until you are bored and no one cares about you. Before leaving, tell your supervisor how many things you use to make him remember to enter. Just scrap it, and there is an option for scrapping called “new partner training”. Do you understand, cute? Your store manager is just a fucking mother

6 months ago

This reminds me of working at KFC in my sophomore year. The foreman said to save costs and not allow me to practice cone-making with a cone machine in private. He let me go directly. At the beginning, because the shape of the cone was not good, I could only twist one more circle. Thank the customers at that time for not disgusting. Just hit a few more, the perfect torch is not a problem. So I think it is unreasonable! Whispered: The manager is a little bit squeezed. Generally, isn’t there an aid for cutting toast, otherwise, why is the bakery so neat and tidy (forgive the vegetables, after all, I am not stable when I cut it myself)?

6 months ago

Toast with a large amount of water or fat added is not suitable for slicing, and toast suitable for slicing is generally harder. Many people say that a toast slicer can cut a piece of toast in ten seconds. It is usually used in factories or when toast is sold in stores. Generally, small shops or shops that focus on cakes and fancy bread will not provide it. The machine takes up more space, the utilization rate is not high, the noise is large, and the cleaning is more troublesome. In fact, hand-cut toast only needs a sharp saw blade and a long wooden ruler to cut it. Put the cool toast on the chopping board, hold a knife in one hand, press the toast with the back of the palm of the other hand, use three fingers to hold the wooden ruler behind the toast, and the saw blade along the ruler like sawing wood The same saw is enough, and the thickness of each piece is estimated. Novices can basically cut two or three toasts. If a shop can’t even do this basic training, just close it. As for a few hand-trained toasts, it’s good to serve as employee lunches.

6 months ago

unreasonable! Why did apprentices in restaurants have low wages in the past, but then their wages increased as their skills improved? Because apprentices have just learned their skills and are unfamiliar, in addition to low work efficiency, they will inevitably waste a lot of food. Correspondingly, taking a low salary at this stage is to pay for the cost of wasted food, which can also be said to be a disguised compensation. This is also understandable. As the skills become more and more refined, at this time the generally more kind boss will give you processing capital, because you do not need to compensate for the cost of wasted ingredients. Personally, I think it’s boring to work under the leadership of such a store manager. If you have the opportunity, you can consider working in another place.

6 months ago

It is extremely unreasonable. I suggest to fire the boss. I opened a dessert shop and recruited apprentices. One day a month, I can use unlimited amounts of the ingredients in the shop to practice hands. Of course, animal cream is too expensive. I will go to Taobao to buy more than a dozen plants. It’s for him to play, but if he wants to eat, he still uses milk, and it only costs 100 yuan if he wants to eat. Like teaching him to do melaleuca in the past two days, I just let him do it after get off work, and I go to Internet cafes to play games. After finishing it, I will leave a small part for me. I will help him finish it. If the pile is not round, I will draw a circle for him. I will add a mirror to the layer when it is high and low. Because it’s going to be sold the next day, it’s necessary to verify the basic appearance, and then slice into eight slices. I will try one slice in advance. If it doesn’t reach the taste, it will be distributed to the customers I like. The low salary during apprenticeship or internship is because they still have to study, and it will cause trouble for the master. So low wages are equivalent to paying the price. But if something goes wrong after learning it well, I will let him pay the cost and eat it himself. As for buying toast by yourself and going back to practice slicing, doesn’t that mean paying for a training class? Moreover, cutting toast and bread into equal portions is not easy with only a knife. Most shops use utensils. I have cut the cake so many times by myself. In order to cut it nicely, I used a slicer to press it and then cut it along the line. Your shop manager thinks you are ugly, then buy this, with serrated knife, fast and neat

6 months ago

Life has always been like this. Given six years, Xiaosheng will not be able to enter a good junior high school if it fails the first entrance examination; in another three years, it will not be able to enter a good high school; In the society, Xiao Zhang needs to learn what he can do, and this work belongs to Xiao Zhang. In reality, I encountered similar things at my part-time job. The person who recruits frying pan stickers. Frying pan stickers are not difficult. The quality of the pot in the store is good and non-stick. The ratio of time used, firepower, water and oil is fixed for many years, no need to adjust. Generally, novices come, and they will be familiar with the situation for a week in miscellaneous work. Frying pan stickers are used as staff meals. If they are skilled, they can start working. This kind of work without seasoning and a fixed process is enough for one week of practice. A guy, he can’t teach it anyway. It hasn’t grown in a week, so it’s not bad that one pot can be used for half a pot. The job is a pit of a carrot, and no one can help if it slows down. If it sells less, it will be a loss. I can only resign. He thought he would not give a chance to practice with his own money. On the other hand, it makes sense to put it on the reader. The famous painter Mi Fu of the Song Dynasty was not well-off when he was young, and spent three years studying and writing in a private school without much improvement. One day, he heard that there was a scholar who was passing by the village and went to ask if he could write well. Xiucai looked through Mi Fu’s copy and said, “If you want to learn to write with me, there is a condition. I have to buy my paper, but the paper is expensive, with five or two silver patterns.” Mi Fu wondered where there is such an expensive paper. , But because of his eagerness to learn Chinese characters, Mi Fu gritted his teeth and borrowed the silver to give it to the scholar. Xiucai handed him a piece of paper and said, “Go back and write it well, and show it to me in three days.” When he got home, Mi Fu was holding this piece of paper that he bought with fifty taels of silver. So comparing the copybooks, I used a pen that wasn’t dipped in ink to scratch on the book case, pondering over and over again, and imprinting the words one by one in my heart. Three days later, the Xiucai came and saw Mi Fu sitting at the table, holding a pen in his hand, looking at the copybook in a daze, but there was no ink on the paper. He pretended to be surprised and asked: “Why haven’t you written yet?” Mi Fu wakes up like a dream, and then writes as if it was godly help.

6 months ago

Is it reasonable for me to be alone? After ten years in the workplace, I understand one truth: a company is not a school. Although many companies provide training, it is a benefit, not an obligation. The company has no responsibility for training. The company can screen more mature professionals, saving him time and cost. If the company is unhappy, seeing people with more valuable and professional skills can even fire you for efficiency. Companies that are willing to provide training and have a part of the cost are big companies and good companies. When I saw the high praise, it was Starbucks. For so many years. When I was working in the media, I wrote some manuscripts and didn’t know much about the industry, so I bought a lot of books to read. How can it be reimbursed. We need to learn some new knowledge for the transformation of our department, so I will buy online courses by myself. How can it be reimbursed. I don’t learn, don’t do, and I’m not more competitive than others, I’m never down to earth. The leader opens the head count at any time, what should I do if my kpi is not up to the standard and I fired. Baby, wake up, most people’s workplaces will always be in a state of fighting, and quickly grow up.

6 months ago

When I was young, both my teacher and my parents passed on to me the idea that if you want to be distinguished before others, you will have to suffer.
Until now, many things have not been taught, and they have been learned by themselves. Whether it is stealing a teacher or applying for a class, the purpose is to have more skills and increase competitiveness.
So I think it is not a question of reasonableness or unreasonableness, but a question of attitude.

6 months ago

Unreasonable. Although I have never worked in a bakery, I am a cook. This is the cost that a store should bear, or you have already paid the cost because the apprentice’s salary itself is low. Imagine that if every apprentice needs to bring its own raw materials, the industry will basically be unable to recruit newcomers. After the vicious circle, the industry will have no successors. Learning technology requires step by step, starting from the simplest. What the company has to do is to do a good job of training before starting the job. Your store manager’s layout is a bit too small, and typically you want the horse to run fast, but you don’t want to feed the horse. Let’s take our chef’s cutting board as an example if the bakery hasn’t done it before! If a newcomer comes, he will definitely not be able to get started right away. Generally, he will run for a few days first to get familiar with the kitchen environment and the placement of raw materials. After you are familiar with it, cut some simpler dishes, such as green onions, ginger, garlic and other dishes that do not require high knives. When you’re not busy, practice with the leftovers. After learning how to grasp the knife and holding the knife firmly, start to gradually cut some complex dishes, first cut into pieces, then slice, and finally shred. Although I have never cut bread before, with my years of experience in holding a knife, the bread should be pushed and pulled, which is the same as a saw. Finally, it is recommended to change shops! This shop is not suitable for learning. If you don’t want to bear the loss of bread slices, you will inevitably make mistakes in the future.

6 months ago

Reasonable, the suggestion is also true that most people think that this kind of suggestion is unreasonable, indeed unreasonable, and employees are generally trained. Therefore, you should not let yourself spend money out of your own pocket. Regardless of the circumstances, the store manager is not forced to buy bread to slice, but just ask himself to buy it. In addition, toast bread is not expensive. If you want to do a good job, you can eat toast for breakfast. You can buy it and cut it yourself. After cutting it, you can eat it by yourself, without wasting it, and practice. As for whether or not the store manager picks, he definitely picks it. As a store manager, he is not willing to practice this bit of bread for the people below. This is not stingy, but what is the background of the problem? This angle, in turn, can also be turned into a store manager running to know and ask a question. As an employee, if he wants to learn, he is not willing to spend money to buy a bread slice. There are also a bunch of people below who say that employees are not very conscious and suggest to fire him. Therefore, it is not important whether this type of problem is reasonable or unreasonable. The important thing is how you solve the problem. The stupid way is: buy it yourself, practice cutting it yourself, and make it for breakfast after you finish it, and wait until one day to surprise the audience. Smarter method: Maybe people were just busy with business at the time, or they were not in a good mood because of other things, but no matter what the reason, the core must be communication problems. If you really want to learn how to cut slices of bread, you can wait until the evening is over and practice cutting.

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