Sodium chloride is really of little value chemically, but it is physically useful to be formed out of thin air. [It seems that the brain hole is a bit overdrive. 】A tank of multi-purpose spacecraft “Can No.” (“CAN”) In order to facilitate the calculation of sodium chloride density 2.165, take 2 tons per cubic meter of tank, take 10cm length, width and height. The initial full weight of the spacecraft is set as 100 tons. The best centrifuge at present Probably it is possible to turn such a big thing into tens of revolutions per second, with a radius of about 20cm and a linear velocity of less than 100 meters per second. This spacecraft lifts the world’s power. Using the latest technology, it is assumed that the linear velocity is 100m/s. (Vacuum should be faster) These salts should be constantly flying out along the tangent line and the jar itself is in a uniform circular motion, that is to say, a super perpetual motion machine that earns both material and energy. (Refer to the sudden opening of the rotating water cup) That is to say, two tons of sodium chloride with a speed of 100m/s are produced out of thin air every second, with a total kinetic energy of 10 million joules per second and a power of 10,000 kilowatts! It looks like this, but it is faster and denser. This super salt generator is an independent module, and the spacecraft can automatically remove this machine and transfer it to different departments. Considering that the power is slightly inferior to the rocket and the total weight is relatively large, first launch the subject, the tank and the centrifuge with a launch vehicle to the moon base, and produce it on site. The material is based on sodium chloride crystals and water and iron ore on the moon. There are sodium and chlorine gas obtained by electrolysis of molten sodium chloride. The spacecraft includes the following modules: 1. The unrestricted (limited) working fluid propulsion engine deflects the salt particles and flies backwards. The little speed lost during the deflection can be used to generate electricity and is negligible. Because this mass is produced out of thin air, the body jar weighs only two kilograms, and the thrust-to-weight ratio is close to infinity, and it can be pushed to close to the speed of light regardless of the conservation of momentum. (I have been thinking about it for a long time. A simple thought experiment. Assuming that the salt is not infinite, when the spacecraft is at any speed, throwing two kilograms of salt to the rear at 100 meters per second can accelerate. The current situation is that this process repeats infinitely. Self-weight has not changed.) Without considering the theory of relativity, a one-hundred-ton spacecraft can approach the speed of light in only four years. Considering the theory of relativity, even ten to half the speed of light is fast enough. 2. Salt grain generator The salt grains are slowed down to relatively stationary with the spacecraft through a full circle of salt grain turbines, and then “pulled” out from the rear end (the core of the engine is transferred to the generator, and the back is empty). Considering that a tuft of several tons of super-high-speed salt near the route is too scary. . . It is recommended to discharge high frequency multiple times to reduce power. . . Electric energy may be stored in a battery using molten sodium chloride. The specific topic is designed by itself, which is probably enough to melt one-thousandth of the salt per unit of time. 3. The salt material manufacturing equipment uses a small amount of recycled water and molten salt, as well as chlorine and sodium obtained by electrolysis of molten salt, and a lathe for researching and manufacturing parts with minerals collected on the way. The spacecraft does not need too high structural strength nor aerodynamic shape. It can be piled up as much as you want, and you can even put the excess salt on the front to prevent meteorites. 4. The armed system uses sodium as the support of the salt block as the missile body. The muzzle velocity of the electromagnetic gun There are large and small lasers with a few km/s caliber, and other life-support systems. Anyway, there is no limit to electricity. “The doomsday has landed, and our planet has been hit by an unprecedented meteorite shower. Meteors large and small across the sky, large and small smashed our city to smash, and the small one turned into a rain of fire, wherever there was no grass. Scientists speculate that the composition of these meteorites is pure sodium chloride, and the total amount is about one million tons.” “The broadcast said that this is a bad fortune, we can definitely overcome the difficulties and rebuild civilization, but I feel that this is unusual, and attacked with salt. It’s too vicious. There must be an alien conspiracy behind it.” “Because the surface of the earth is covered with salt grains, all water sources have turned into deadly salt water. Our civilization is close to destruction, and a few survivors and I hid on a high place. I’m still alive, and probably won’t last a few days.” “Right, I knew that the Salt Stars came today, and tmd sent a global broadcast saying that they were kind and killed our tens of billions of compatriots with meteorites. The enmity must be reported. If I hadn’t learned how to fly a plane, I’d have to climb on their spaceship and tear him up.” “Oh, the Salt Stars call them “humans”, but I’m going to call them Salt Stars, even their spaceships are salt. They did.” “They invited me to continue our civilization on the spacecraft, and they said they would search the world to find me a few spouses. Then I can’t help it, just follow them.”-From the last of Slug Star The diary of a slug. We prepared a completely salt-free room for it, but we forgot that the bowl was made of salt when feeding it, and we used up our bosses to pull its specimen from the bowl. (Followed by the strongest snail)


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6 months ago

Find the person chased by the snail and discuss with him. One billion dollars will divide me half. Then buckle the jar on top of the snail. Things like slugs can easily get GG when they encounter salt. Even if the salt doesn’t work, the snail will explode due to excessive pressure in just a few minutes under the pressure of infinite salt. Then find the next one who is chased by the snail, and make money again and again. There are as few as two or three orders a day, and as many as more than a dozen orders. The average day is calculated at 3 billion dollars, which is 1,095 billion a year. After waiting for decades, I will tell you based on the situation, what it’s like to own 51% of the shares of virtually all companies.

6 months ago

Make money. Still big money! Even if it’s just sodium chloride. As long as it can be guaranteed that 100% pure sodium chloride is taken out, this may change the world. “Be more greedy, after all salt” is a broad concept. The regular sodium chloride is salty, the salt of lead acetate is sweet, the salt containing gold is also sweet, and the salt of cyanide has an almond flavor. (Except for sodium chloride, it is not recommended for consumption!) Everyone in the chemical industry, imagine a world where raw materials do not need to be removed.

6 months ago

You can’t do the salt business, I think too much. The salt jars used at home are relatively small, let’s be bold: put a bag of 500g of salt in this jar; don’t use a spoon to dig it out, slow, it can be cleaned in 1 second; then 500x3600x24x365/1000/1000; your salt jar is old The output is 15,768 tons. Here, let’s look at a few figures; National Bureau of Statistics: In 2019, the output of raw salt was 62.7 million tons. It is 10,000 tons; table salt is used as a condiment. Since 2015, the annual output has exceeded 10 million tons; in terms of production capacity, this tank is much worse than the seaside saltworks. You might think, then I can also be called a large domestic production capacity, can I get a share of the pie? Things are not that simple. First of all, there is no shortage of salt in the world. Isn’t Chaka Salt Lake a fire recently, with reserves of more than 400 million tons, and the world’s proven reserves are counted in trillions of tons. Your thing is not Coke, it is not scarce. Secondly, although the salt franchise has been cancelled, there are restrictions. After 2016, no new designated salt production enterprises will be added to ensure that the number will only decrease but not increase. It’s useless if you want to do business on your own. Third, don’t you have a salt jar that can never be poured out? This thing has a more accurate term for doing business-mine. The mine is owned by the state~ Is there a certificate? Is there a photo? Is xx up to the standard? Fourth, salt can of course have other uses, as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Well, in order to match this salt jar, you have to come to a production line, buy a factory, apply for a license, and shop for channels. Therefore, with such a jar, there is no value in doing salt trading on your own. Don’t underestimate the ability of modern workers.

6 months ago

Throw it into the sea and let the sea water dissolve the continuous salt water by itself, turning it into saturated salt water, creating a mass extinction of living things, leaving a name in the history of the solar system. #Realize a small goalDo some mathematics. This tank has a volume of 5000 cubic meters, which is a conventional oil storage/storage tank. Assuming its height h is 16 meters, the radius r is about 10 meters. We suspend it on the sea and open the bottom of the tank, so the speed of the free fall of the top of the tank to the mouth of the tank is 2gh. Since this tank continuously produces salt, it can be understood as the continuous free fall of salt from the top of the tank through the cross-section of the bottom of the tank, and the passing volume per unit time is: the root number 2gh*3.14*r^2=5557.8 cubic meters per second (and the tank The volume is almost the same). It is known that the density of sodium chloride at normal temperature and pressure is 2.165 tons per cubic meter, so the passing mass per unit time is about 2.165*5557.8=12032.6 tons per second, and it can dump 12032.6*3600*24=1,039,619,836.8 tons per day. Adjust the data slightly. 1 billion tons, 365 billion tons a year. Let’s increase the size of the tank a little bit. It’s easy to 500 billion tons. Therefore, it only takes 100 million years (100 Ma, 100 million years) to add the amount of salt that doubles (someone in the comment area counted, I used it directly). If the tank is doubled, it will only be 50Ma; if it is 20 times larger, it will be 5Ma. It’s easy and free. It is known that the solubility of sodium chloride at room temperature and pressure is 35.8 grams per 100 grams, and the actual amount of seawater dissolved is 3.5 grams per 100 grams, so we only need to increase 7-8 times to pickle all marine life into pickles. Therefore, we have to add at least 3 billion tons of sodium chloride. According to the 500 billion tons/year large tank, we need 600 million years (600 million years). This time is too long. Upgrade the tank by 60 times, so that 10 million years will be over, a snap of geological significance. In a flash. So how big is this jar… The height increases by x times, the diameter increases by y times, and the root sign is x*y^2=60. As a result of opening, let x=y, which is about 5.14. In addition, it has increased from 365 billion to 500 billion, which is a 6-fold increase-so a large cylindrical salt jar with a height of 100 meters and a diameter of 120 meters is enough to keep the salt open for one million years. That’s right, right? If you make a mistake… then you are wrong (it feels… as if you really need someone to get a stick and keep stirring it)

6 months ago

1. Stuff coins into it, hoping that it will also be able to obtain attributes that can never be exhausted. 2. Original magic “the salt jar that never ends”, and become an excellent all-round magician. 3. When making salt-baked chicken, use salt freely. Sprinkle a pound of salt, and throw the used salt directly into the trash can. 4. Sprinkle salt into the sky to simulate snow, and the young couple who sprinkled dog food downstairs were very happy. 5. Knock it on and see what baby is inside.

6 months ago

If you give me a salt jar that never ends. I turned it in one direction and used the kinetic energy of its impact to drive the generator, and then used the current generated by the generator to electrolyze the molten sodium chloride. Then you can get unlimited electricity, unlimited sodium metal, and unlimited chlorine. Selling these can become a rich man, collect countless nostalgic games, and push mankind into the era of unlimited resources. The extra resources can also accumulate into planets, star clusters, galaxies, and the universe. From then on, everyone has food to eat, everyone has resources to use, and everyone has a house to live in. Infinite resources are no longer involuntary, and human life is very happy and happy, playing nostalgic games every day.

6 months ago

One day, when I woke up from bed and saw this strange world, I knew that I had entered a hole in the mind of a sand sculpture problem. According to my careful observation, the only special thing about this world is that I have an endless amount of salt. Jar. If there is such a salt jar in this world, it must be the inheritance of Hunyuan Xingyi Taijimen. It can be connected to countless substances that can be combined into salt. This is called the law of conservation of matter, so every time I pour out a little salt, other objects will be combined. This means that the reaction will emit heat at the same time, some will absorb heat, and some will explode. They will react anywhere in the world, and then turn into salt and I pour it out of the jar. This is called hair. Holding up this salt jar with both hands, I carefully realized the power of Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji in Zen. Suddenly, there was a bang in my ear, and a real thunderous sound exploded in my ear. “Well, my friends, I am Ma Baoguo, the head of Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji.” Oh my god, this supernatural salt jar is actually a treasure of Ma Da’s closed inheritance, and it really takes a big advantage. I continued to listen, and Ma Shoumen carefully explained to me his practice of resisting three heavy punches that day. It happened that I was doing homework at school before, and I had broken my cervical spine. Now I can learn Hunyuan exercises. This Hunyuan exercise is not elsewhere. It’s in this salt jar. You see, I can’t finish the salt in it with both hands. This is Huajin. Due to the strong aura of Hunyuan Gongfa, it was revealed that the secret of my salt tank was revealed by the Master. Many capitalists have to fight for my salt pot. There was even a killer who rushed up to me, wanting to take the salt shaker straight away. Soon, I came up with a left forward kick, a right whip leg, and a left jab. I was all guarded from going out. After getting out, naturally the traditional Kung Fu stops at one point. I put my right fist on the nose and didn’t hit him. I smiled and prepared to close my fist. This is what Ma Shoumen taught me just now, to speak martial ethics. However, when I was about to close my fist, he suddenly took a left jab straight to the face, I was careless, there was no flash. Sneak attack? ! I took the salt jar backhand and smashed it at the killer. At this time, Tianlei Fanyin suddenly appeared, “You do not speak martial arts, young people!” A lion roar blasted them away. Leave me time to escape. After this incident, I knew that I could no longer hide it. Fully urge the Hunyuan exercises, run the salt jar wildly, and make the three characters of Jihuafa play the ultimate role. “I advise, you mortal rats have tail juice.” This is the last word that humans have heard in this world. Gradually, the Hunyuan technique got out of control, and the earth was no longer able to satisfy the operation of connecting and huafa. It seems to have entered the next stage, “Don’t fight in the nest”. I rushed out of the solar system with the salt jar and marched towards the sea of ​​stars. Since then, a legend has been left in this universe. This legend belongs to me in the past.

6 months ago

Can make a fortune. The main thing is to see what is being poured out. In life, salt refers to sodium chloride, chemically refers to salt. Let me talk about life first. Only salt, sodium chloride, and NaCl can be poured out of the salt jar. The purity is naturally 100% pure. The current spectrum is pure, NaCl, and the price is about 1.2 yuan per gram. The wholesale price will be cheaper but it will also have to be 0.5 yuan/gram or more. This is 100% pure, NaCl sells for 1,200 yuan/gram, which is not excessive. Mainly to prove that this is 100% pure and more troublesome. You can only make a small profit. After all you can’t explain what method you used to purify sodium chloride. If it is a chemical salt. That’s pretty awesome. Know that sodium chloride is salt, and uranium chloride is also salt. This strategic resource cannot be measured by price. If the diameter of your salt jar is about the same as an ordinary beverage bottle, about ten centimeters. Make a high-speed centrifuge. Fix the salt jar to it, as if you are constantly sprinkling salt outside. Five tons of uranium hexafluoride can be scattered in a day. After purification by gas phase diffusion, it is about the amount of an atomic bomb in two days. Compared with the normal cost, the cost is basically zero. For the elements of the sixth and seventh cycles. Just spread it vigorously. All kinds of chlorides, fluorides, all kinds of six or seven cycle elements, just keep sprinkling them. It is recommended to sprinkle the elements of the seventh cycle directly 24 hours a day. A new type of atomic bomb can be developed by saving two or three tons of each kind. There are several types that only detect the presence of such particles. These types cannot be sprinkled casually and are prone to explosion. Finally, it is recommended to dedicate the salt jar directly to the country.

6 months ago

1 Even if the annual production capacity is endless and the cost is almost zero, due to the personality and integrity of the CEO, we only sell 998 kilograms of salt tank salt in a year, and we can provide proof of assets of more than 10 billion yuan. After passing political review, we can purchase it in our own name. One kilogram. The remaining two kilograms of salt tanks and one kilogram of salt will be sold for the autumn auction, starting at zero yuan, and all the proceeds from the auction will be used for charity. One kilogram is given as a gift to leaders of all countries in the world. In 2021, Christie’s autumn auction set a new high. A kilogram of salt tank salt was sold at a sky-high price of US$1.076 billion, and the average price per gram exceeded US$100,000. The proceeds will be donated in full to the Wuhan Green Cross Society to improve the medical level of Wuhan area. -Rolls-Royce Salt Group 2 Even if the annual production capacity is endless, and at zero cost, we only produce 5,000 kilograms a year, provided that a range is limited, except for a small area where the salt tank is found-the salt tank is carried to the salt The salt produced in areas outside of Guanzhen is not authentic saltpot salt. Because the salt produced by the salt tank is closely related to the cosmic radiation, water quality, and ecological environment of the place where it was discovered, according to the survey, this range should be divided into the red line of one kilometer around the place where the salt tank was found. According to a joint investigation team set up by relevant departments and experts, if the salt tank is taken one meter from the red line, the water quality, ecological environment, and cosmic rays will be completely different. We will be listed at the end of the year. We are applying for the protection of intangible cultural heritage. -The corporate culture and publicity department of Yankuang Town declared that the output of salt tanks is not unlimited. The right hands of eight salt masters, including Liu Yidao, Hong Haier, and former US President Chuan Jianguo, rubbed each salt in the tank, creating an extraordinary classic . The symbol of a successful man—small pot of salt•88484 small pot of salt is a real godsend, a natural creation. The latest rat experiment conducted by the academician of the Handong Provincial Academy of Scientific Research shows that, unlike traditional artificial salt, it can not only be used as medicine, but also prevent, alleviate, and repair the harm to the human body caused by gamma-ray bursts.

6 months ago

Hey, do you guys have a little imagination? Still selling salt? Hydraulic engine?? With a golden hoe, you can’t hoe the ground like you do! unlimited? Isn’t this the legendary quality manufacturing machine? That’s a lot of fun. Let’s build an interstellar spacecraft with infinite working fluids. This is a basic exercise, so I won’t say more about it. Then I will find a Kerr-Newman black hole (there are a lot of black holes in the Milky Way. ) The bigger the better, the higher the angular momentum, the better. Build an energy extraction station in the energy layer. A more efficient energy source than the Dyson Sphere is available (40% conversion ratio of mass to energy, you’re afraid). Fast forward to the galaxy civilization but it’s still It is not the point. If there is infinite mass + infinite energy, you can force the Kerr-Newman black hole (that is, the black hole with angular momentum and electric charge) that exists in the universe into a pure Kerr black hole by forcibly balancing. That is, a black hole with no charge, but with a non-zero angular momentum, is generally unlikely to exist in the natural universe, because the formation of a black hole rarely does not carry any charge. But this thing is very special. It is a wormhole that can be explored across the universe (world line). The many existing black holes in the universe can be transformed one by one using this infinite mass manufacturing machine to finally form a wormhole network, turning our universe into a transit center extending in all directions in the multiverse, and we will become a super civilization with a transworld line level.

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