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First of all, what kind of sweet pastry is Jia Baoyu? The expression is wrong, please modify it. Jia Mansion does not have separate families, but Rong Guo Mansion and Ning Guo Mansion are divided, and Jia Baoyu belongs to Rong Guo Mansion. In the Rongguo Mansion, Jia Baoyu is nominally the secondary of the secondary. At that time, follow the growth and order, from the direct to the growth. Jia Baoyu’s father, Jia Zheng, is the second son, Jia She is the eldest son, who has taken the title of knighthood, and his son Jia Lian is the grandson of the Rongguo Mansion. Who is Jia Lian worthy of this position? It was Xifeng Xifeng, the prostitute of the royal family and the niece of Wang Ziteng. The marriage of Jia Lian involved Wang Ziteng in the nine provinces with the highest official position among the four major families. Even if Jia Lian and Wang Xifeng are in Jia Zheng’s second-family house, Jia Baoyu is also the second son, and his brother Jia Zhu is the eldest son. Jia Zheng and his wife have taken him very seriously to find Li Wan, his daughter Li Wan, who had been the priest of the Imperial College. Early, Jia Zheng and his wife would not expect Jia Baoyu at all. And although Jia Zhu died early, he also gave birth to his own son, and Jia Lan was the eldest grandson of Jia Zheng’s house. Jia Lan, therefore, Jia Baoyu is actually only the second son of the second room of Rongguo Mansion. If in the normal order, his status will be higher than that of Jia Huan, the second son of the second room. Readers think that Jia Baoyu has a high status in Jia’s family. That’s because Dream of the Red Chamber tells stories in the backyard. Jia’s mother is the highest level, and Jia’s mother loves Jia Baoyu the most, so readers will think that Jia Baoyu’s status is very high. In fact, the powerful lords in the Jia family have long been alone. For example, Jia Lian can participate in the construction of the Grand View Garden, participate in the daily management of the Jia family, and can be entrusted with the task of sending Lin Daiyu back to Gusu. What if his Jia Baoyu cried for Sister Lin so thoughtfully? Can you escort your sister Lin back like his cousin? Can you protect her when she loses her father? Jia Lian had the courage to marry Second Sister You secretly during the period of national filial piety, or should he stop his wife and marry again, what about such a serious behavior in the end? Nothing, Jia Lian lost a bit of face in front of the elders, and the second sister You also entered the Jia mansion. In the end, Jia Lian, the blessing of Qi people, was not suppressed by the elders, but was killed by Wang Xifeng’s dark tricks. How about Jia Lian marrying second sister You Jia Baoyu? What kind of official Jin Chuan Qingwen, can it be more serious than Sister You? However, he can’t keep any of them, he can’t keep them from the level of power. To put it bluntly, Jia Baoyu is just a mascot of Jia’s inner courtyard, and it is the pistachio that Jia’s mother rolled into her arms when she was happy. So what is Jia Baoyu’s marriage value? First, there is no title to attack, and he can only fight for his future. If Jia Baoyu can really ascend by himself like Wang Ziteng and Jia Yucun, it doesn’t matter whether he is a protagonist or not. The name of the second dude spread far, even the cousin Lin Daiyu who was far away in Gusu had heard of it. The third is not to learn tyrants. Although he was born with jade as a child, it sounds like a good sign, but it seems that he is not learning well. So what is the biggest highlight of Jia Baoyu’s marriage profile? He has a sister who is a noble concubine, this is called the ascension of the chicken dog. But the effect is still limited. Jia Zheng is still the noble concubine’s father, and he has not been promoted or raised. Moreover, there is not only one imperial concubine in the palace. I mentioned it when Enzhun was married. All the imperial concubine’s families were cheering. Therefore, the imperial concubine’s family was not the only grace given to Yuanchun. Jinling was not the only one with the imperial concubine in the Jia family. There is also Zhou Guifei and Wu Guifei. The original text: The kindness of convenience is so great, and I hereby send a letter to Zhujiaofang and your relatives. Except for the grace of entering the palace on the 26th, anyone who has a home in the Chongyu Courtyard and can be stationed in the customs, may wish to invite the inner court to enter his own private. First, you can spend all your personal affection and share the joys of family. This decree has been made, and who won’t be enthusiastic about it! Now Zhou Guifei’s father has started work at home to build a provincial courtyard. Wu Tianyou, the father of Concubine Wu, also went to see places outside the city. Isn’t this eighty to nine points? Therefore, the girls in the four major families are actually very good marriage resources for Jia Baoyu. If you look for them outside, good people may not be worthy of him. Moreover, Jia Shi and Wang Xue said that they were married to each other, but they did not stipulate that if the other three families have daughters, Jia Baoyu must be selected. You see that Wang Ziteng married a daughter, and all the grandchildren of the Jia family went to see it, indicating that they are of the same age, but has the Wang family considered Jia Baoyu of the same age for his daughter’s marriage? The one they like is Baoninghou’s son. Therefore, there are always people who devalue Baochai’s marriage and love with the low status of merchants. In fact, in Jia Baoyu’s status, the second son of the Jia family married the eldest daughter of the Xue family, and also the niece of Wang Ziteng. Right, there is no such thing as an inferiority to Xue Baochai from the standpoint of status. If Xue Baochai does not die, Lin Daiyu’s marriage may not fall to Jia Baoyu’s body, but her reliance has fallen. Naturally, she will leave the tea cool, and whether Baodai can fully point to Jia’s grandparents and grandchildren. The fate of ancient women is so sad, what their own value is, it doesn’t matter if you say it, it only depends on who your father is, even if you are out of the dust, even if you learn to be rich.


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7 months ago

Personal opinion: At that time, it was not easy to find a relationship with Baoyu. Baoyuyuan seemed to have a very beautiful identity: the young master of the Guogong Mansion, the most beloved grandson of Lao Fengjun in the family, the home where his mother had been in charge for a long time, and An elder sister who became a noble concubine…but look closer: he is the second son of the Jia family, and his father is just a fifth-grade official who has not been promoted in the Ministry of Industry for many years (if I remember correctly.). Although he is loved by Jia’s mother, how many years can the elderly protect him? When Jia’s mother passed away, Jia She and Jia Zheng were separated. He was just the second son of a five-rank official in the capital, and he himself had no intention of official career, and his personal reputation was not so loud and nice. (He likes to eat rouge, is asked by the prince to come to the house, always hangs in the inner courtyard, and does not work hard at school…) Even his sister is not a first-class concubine, and can’t give his family much help. Although I liked Baoyu very much when I was studying, I have to admit that Baoyu is not a good match in ancient times or in modern times. Therefore, Baoyu’s marriage is not necessarily good enough for others, and when it is low, his family must look down on others. And Xue Baochai first came for a small election, and Lin Daiyu first came to Jia’s family because he wanted a name to be brought up by his grandmother, and to get rid of the bad influence of the name of bereavement of the eldest daughter. As I wrote in that message, if these two fairy-like young ladies weren’t without a capable father and no support, Baoyu would definitely not be the quick son-in-law that their family would be able to see. Besides, Master Xue’s family is not ordinary. He can balance or even suppress the eight-bedroom Xue family, so that the family’s wealth can grow even with the other three eunuchs and Gonghou people, and he has also brought up daughters like Baochai. Even Xue Pan was acting like that, and the people he left behind followed Xue Pan without making any other arguments. A son-in-law that this kind of person could look after…not to mention Lin Ruhai. After waiting, although he didn’t have the title, He passed the examination of Tanhua at a young age based on his personal ability, so he said that the Lin family is a serious scholar. And Sanding Jia’s official career is the Hanlin Academy from the sixth grade (here is the official system of the Qing Dynasty), the Hanlin Qinggui will be promoted to the first level, and Lin Ruhai is such an important position in Jiangnan. I can say that as long as Lin Ruhai does not die so early, and waits for a few more years until he is transferred back to Beijing, he will probably be able to rise from the fourth rank to the third rank (this is the unspoken rule of officialdom during the Qing Dynasty), and at this time he Only forty years old. Generally speaking, Lin Ruhai came from a prosperous background and has an excellent financial career. He was asked to pick a son-in-law, a son-in-law he could admire… and Jia’s house was really in decline at that time (I remember that the imperial concubine was gone at that time?), Jia Zhu’s. At that time, you can still find a girl like Li Gongcai (and Jia Zhu himself is also very good) and Jia Lian can also marry Wang Ziteng’s niece. Baoyu is hard to say…

7 months ago

There are three people who have the right to talk about Baoyu’s marriage, Jia Mu, Mrs. Wang, and Jia Zheng. Jia’s mother and Mrs. Wang both fancy Lin Xue and leave it alone. Lin Xue is both a first-class girl and a well-known relative. For Lin Xue himself, being able to marry into Jia’s mansion is also a very good home (Lin is relying on The orphan of the uncle’s family, Xue Sangfu, is not very strong to a certain extent. If you can marry the gentle and considerate Baoyu and have your own grandmother/aunt to protect your life, life should be relatively happy and smooth). In this case, Jia’s mother There is no need for Mrs. Wang to bother to find other marriages. Then the person who will look for relatives outside is Jia Zheng. But since Jia Zheng knows these two candidates, especially what his mother meant, he is not dissatisfied with Daiyu himself, so why do he need to look for relatives outside? I think this possibility is the greatest. After all, the servants at home know that it must be Miss Lin in the future. The most likely reason is that Jia Zheng will not go against his mother’s will in this matter. What’s more, we don’t know if Jia Zheng found it. After all, Baoyu was really young in the first eighty times. Giving him a chance to give him a blind date is to have a chance to hear a word, so he doesn’t need to worry about big things in a hurry. Maybe Jia Zheng is also looking at other people’s girls at the same time, but it’s just that there is no suitable girl (after all, it’s not who he wants to marry, whoever has the right girl). For example, Jia Zheng is actually optimistic about the maid in the room for Baoyu and Jia Huan, but readers only know about it through the conversation between Aunt Zhao and Jia Zheng. As for who Jia Zheng is after? How did he pick it? There is no trace of these in the previous plot. Even Jia’s mother, no matter what she thinks in her heart, on the surface, she has never denied the possibility of giving Baoyu a girl from another family.

7 months ago

Looking at Ming and Qing customs novels such as Sanyan Liangpai, there are only three ways of marriage in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The first class is to find from relatives. Li Qingzhao from the Song Dynasty could go out to play and write “Like a Dream”, but the girls in the Ming and Qing dynasties could not see outsiders. They had to clear the place when they went to Buddhist temples and Taoist temples. Can go to relatives’ house. I don’t know in which western social customs the plum blossom feast (blind date feast) and temple (the female protagonist’s golden thigh pick-up point) were copied from the ancient novels of modern human brains. This way of getting married is the most ideal way. Aside from a few close relatives who get married, they know each other’s appearance and behavior very well since they were young. Even if there is no love, there is affection, and the future life of husband and wife will at least be respectful. At the same time, for the parents of the parents who get along most often after getting married, the girls also find out in advance how their temperament is and whether their tempers are harsh, and the days of newly-married mothers will definitely not be too difficult. For example, Sister Feng said that she and Jia Zhen’s generation grew up playing together, and Jia Lian should have known each other since they were young, and the relationship is very good. She and Jia Lian were too sweet in the first few years. Of course, the civil girls must go out in order to make a living, and the people at the bottom do not pay attention to these. The second class is due to the requirement of family marriage. This way of marriage should be started like this: the woman’s male elders ask: Li You is a high nobility, and the princess invites more of his daughter to marry his daughter, but you are all rejected. One day the staff of the General Assembly, the words will accept the son-in-law. It is said that the family must be noble, and the banquet is quiet. Half a wine, You Yin the last general, said: “I know that you are unmarried, dare to rely on the little girl.” An impromptu ceremony. In the future, you may ask for reasons. You said: “Whenever I see a married family in the house of clothing, their children are accustomed to lewdness and extravagance, and most of them do not end. Hope?” Those who heard it thought it was brilliant. ——From “Think Tank·Shangzhibu·Yuanyou Volume 2” or like the following man asked: The hall waiter said: “Miangong has paid for it, and there is a verbal question: Did Miss Guifu ever allow anyone? If no one is allowed, The Xiangfu is willing to harmonize the Qin and Jin Dynasties.” Lao Quan said, “How dare the old man refuse to follow the Xiangfu discussion? It’s just that the little girl is ugly and may not be the choice of the golden house. From the novel “Awakening the World, Hengyan Su Xiaomei: Three Difficulties for the Bridegroom”, Su Xiaomei was originally born elegant, leisurely, and brilliant. After reading the poems of the man, he knew that he did not live long and did not agree to get married. His father rejected the man on this ground. Later, it was spread out that her daughter was only crowned the capital, but she was ugly, and attracted many people to seek a match. Only then did she have a happy marriage. In the ancient novels of modern human brain replenishment, it is said that if you don’t get married, you will damage the name of the girl, be discriminated against, and not get married. Where did you copy it from? Smile. After both parties have intentions, the man will ask the matchmaker to come and talk to him. This kind of marriage is not a complete blind marriage, because the woman at least knows the appearance and behavior of the man before asking. And when the man asks for a kiss, he also knows the family style of the woman and has a general impression of her quality level. It is worth mentioning that because the proposer has a greater right to know, this way of seeking marriage can only be proposed by the superior to the subordinate, such as the teacher to the student, the senior official to the new scholar, at least it should be equal. If the lower level asks for relatives to the higher level, it may be regarded as being ignorant of etiquette and seeking humiliation. Of course, in ancient times, it was also common for subordinates to “get married” to their superiors, that is, to send their daughters as concubines as slaves. The most inferior way of marriage in ancient times was to find a matchmaker. Matchmaking is a true blind marriage. The counterparty is tall, short, fat and thin, with bald head and sores. It depends on the matchmaker’s mouth and blows to the satisfaction of the counterparty, and the money is almost ready. When the time comes to propose a marriage, find a good-looking offspring to replace it. When the elders of the woman look at it, she really looks like a talent, and the bride is in a pit of fire. [Before uncovering the hijab, my husband’s family was not able to see the woman], so the tragedies caused are countless, everywhere. She was as tall as Princess Yongning of the Ming Dynasty. Because the eunuch accepted bribes, she found a sick tubercle. She vomited blood in the hall. She died before the wedding night. She let the princess watch the widow. She died in depression when she was in her twenties. Therefore, matchmakers have always been regarded as shameless, and they are regarded as shameless. In 90% of novels, matchmakers are harlequins, but they will not find matchmakers to match. So even if there is no Xiang Daichai, there are also the daughter of the Wang family and the daughter of the Zhen family. Why would the young master of the Guogongfu be reduced to a blind marriage?

7 months ago

The hereditary honors of high-ranking officials will decrease from generation to generation. Unless you have a new generation of officials, the original hereditary title will be reduced, but some of the previous scenes will not be reduced too much, so look at Jia The family ostentation is still big, but it’s not enough anymore. The so-called centipede is dead but not stiff, that’s it. The Jia family is already in decline, even the girls in the Grand View Garden can detect it. Do you think those high-ranking officials and nobles outside know about it? Everyone’s heart is clear. I don’t know if you have seen Wang Anyi’s “Kaogongji”. In it, Chen Shuyu, a family who doesn’t work and cheats on his old friends, has a lot of power and prestige. Chen Shuyu can still play with other Xiaokai. In fact, he has no money at home. , Because no one continues to go out to work, guarding a shell to eat rent, save money and eat the old house. The big house was left from the Ming Dynasty, but it can be eaten in the Republic of China. Think about it. But is Chen Shuyu in it a great young lady? No, his condition is also good. The descendants of a large family can actually find no one. Being alone is his own choice, and it is also because conditions do not allow Find another good one. Why is Baoyu urging him to study and go to the examiner in the family? Because the family is declining, a big family is like an ant tribe, gnawing a big piece of bread crazily, and the bread will be gnawed away. The Xue family is actually not bad. It is quite rich. The main thing is that they are not officials. Everyone knows that since ancient times, no matter how rich the merchants were, they couldn’t reach the officials. So even if the Xue family is rich, they will marry Baoyu in the generation of Baochai. It’s almost the same choice. As for the Lin family, if Lin Ruhai is not dead, he will be a real official on the one hand, and there will be room for promotion on the other. Although Daiyu’s background is embarrassing, she is also a young lady of a large family. And Daiyu’s own conditions are very good, so good that only Xue Baochai can match the whole book. In addition, there is a kinship, which is extremely popular with old ladies. It is of course the best choice to grow up with Baoyu. In fact, I remembered a few paragraphs in the book, which described the plot of a big family lady who gave Baoyu a line, but in the end it didn’t stop. I think it is because the two of Xue Lin at home are really excellent! Just look at Xia Jingui, the daughter of a big family. The thief in the family is rich, and the money is exploding, but does this kind of old lady look good? That would definitely not work. Jia Mu’s aesthetics and thoughts are, after all, the top in the Grand View Garden. She would not leave Xue Lin, who is like two gods, alone, looking for someone who can barely reach it, but is of average virtue. Finally, in fact, the contradiction in this novel is mainly concentrated in the love story between the three people of Bao Dai Chai. The main contradiction of the novel is already here, so why do you want to mix up the contradictions outside? No matter how bad it is, the secondary contradiction in love can make it possible for an official to attack Qingwen. Bring in contradiction from the outside? First of all, it was troublesome, the plot was messed up, and secondly, they weren’t the outstanding daughters of the bad life department at all. The outstanding women of the province are all in the scope of Daguanyuan! Remember everyone! The flowers and plants outside are irrelevant! It was destined from the beginning.

7 months ago

Large families are in contact with relatives, and they usually find familiar people and familiar roads. It is mentioned in “Beijing Oral History” that a certain family of princes in the late Qing Dynasty came to the Republic of China and found their daughter-in-laws. They usually bring their relatives, never from the outside. A certain son is going to study in Japan. In order to prevent his son from finding a Japanese wife, he usually gives him a daughter of relatives and friends who are familiar with each other, and then go together after getting married. The advantage of this is that knowing the basics can avoid the embarrassment of certain fraudulent marriages, after all, there are a lot of fraudsters in any age. Especially around the rich. . . Going back to the book “A Dream of Red Mansions”, in fact Xue Baochai didn’t have much chance, and Lin Daiyu was what Jia’s mother liked. This can be seen from the different attitudes of Jia’s confidant Wang Xifeng to Lin Xue. Wang Xifeng treats Lin Daiyu with affection and care, and treats Xue Baochai with politeness and alienation. Take a look at the full text of A Dream of Red Mansions, and you should know it. Lin Daiyu was entrusted to the Jia’s family. What about the family property? Guess what Jia Lian did when he went to the Lin’s family? It was Lin Ruhai who handed over the family property to Lin Daiyu, who was counted by Jia Lian. That’s why Jia Lian said, “It would be great if I could make another three or two million fortunes.” So Lin Daiyu brought a lot of family property into Jia’s house. If he married Jia Baoyu, it would be a dowry, which is reasonable. So look at the previous article, Jia’s mother treats Lin Daiyu as a direct granddaughter. This is all based on material. A family like Jia’s family usually doesn’t get married easily. If the insider is suitable, such as Lin Daiyu who knows the basics and knows the bottom line, and the family’s appearance is not easy to pick. I’m afraid I can’t find the second one after searching through the capital. In that case, why bother looking for other big families?

7 months ago

In fact, it may not be that you have not looked outside. It is just that the age of the protagonist in the original text is a mystery. It may be that the age of the official marriage is not reached, so the elders have not officially put their children on the agenda. The second original text focuses on Jia Inside the mansion, outsiders came to Jia Mansion as guests and wrote meticulously, but Jia Mansion’s social interactions are basically one-off. Thirdly, it is possible that Jia Mansion has expectations for Baoyu’s future and intends to wait for him to rise to a higher level in order to find Girls with better conditions (such as the birth of a prince in Yuanchun, or Baoyu’s imperial examination, their worth may rise). However, through the Qingxu view and pilgrimage, Jia’s mother said that as long as the girl is good, whether the family is rich or poor, at least it shows that Jia’s mother does not reject looking outside, and it is likely to lower her expectations of the other’s family background, just like marrying Qin Keqing. Suddenly writing Fu Qiufang might also imply that Baoyu might be a girl of this level if he marries outside.

7 months ago

Who are you looking for? Jia Baoyu has no fame, no title, not a protagonist, no advantage in the distribution of family property, and the reputation of mischief is also known to the world to be extremely unbearable. It can be said that except for Jia’s mother’s preference and noble concubine sister (Jia’s mother is old, her sister has no children, some In this sense, the two backers can be said to be beautiful), he has no core competitiveness. The two heroines, Daiyu and Baochai, are extremely high match for Baoyu. Xue Baochai, don’t look at it from the imperial merchant family. When it comes to merchants, you seem to be inferior, but Xue Baoqin married the son of the Hanlin family. The Ming History records: If you are not a scholar, you will not enter the Hanlin. If you are not a Hanlin, you will not enter the cabinet. South and North Libu Shangshu, Shi Lang, and Li Bu You Shi Lang, non-Hanlin will not serve. When the custody first entered, the group was already a storage phase. Not to mention the Ming Dynasty’s prime minister, even the most common Hanlin of the ordinary dynasty, it was at least a very pure and expensive scholar. The Xue family can still marry a daughter in, which means that it is not a degenerate and no one cares about it. As for Daiyu, let alone, if it hadn’t been for Lin Ruhai’s death that she had become an orphan, she really couldn’t find any practical reason to marry. So who can the big family find?

7 months ago

You are an ordinary small boss, and you can occasionally meet the big people of the rich and powerful in the small company business. One day, you enthusiastically told an old lady in a minister’s house: “I saw a girl a while ago. Can you help your grandson as a matchmaker?” The old lady smiled politely: “The child is not in a hurry to get married. You can pay attention to it. , I’ll introduce it later when you encounter a suitable one. “Do you still know what it means? In ancient times, the wealthy family, who should marry with whom to marry, can it be counted? Using a blind introduction by someone you don’t know? Even if you mention it rashly, people take care of your face and joking with you politely. If you don’t know the interest and take it seriously, then you are really ignorant.

7 months ago

First ask if it is right, and then ask why~ The 29th chapter of “A Dream of Red Mansions” Zhang Shenxian said that he helped Jia Baoyu go out on a blind date with a fifteen-year-old lady. (The original text is as follows) The Taoist priest said to Jia Zhen again: “The appearance of the grandpa of the country that day, needless to say, the generation of men, naturally did not catch up, probably even the elder and the second elder can’t remember clearly. ‘Said Bi Haha with a big laugh, and said:’I saw a young lady in someone’s house the day before yesterday. She is fifteen years old this year, and she looks pretty good. I think it’s time for my brother to find a family. If you talk about the appearance, wisdom, and foundation of this young lady, she deserves it. But I don’t know how the old lady is, and the trail dare not make any trouble. I only dared to tell people after I asked the old lady to show me. ‘Jia’s mother said:’ The monk said last time that this child shouldn’t marry early in his life, and wait until he gets older. You can ask now, regardless of his wealth and wealth, as long as he looks good, come and tell me. It was that the family was poor, but gave him a few taels of silver. It’s just a rare appearance and a good character. ‘Who is Shenxian Zhang here: Once the original book is translated, he will know how high his status is, enough to reach the heavens, and face the object he introduced to Baoyu. Jia’s mother directly rejected it and gave this reason: Jia Baoyu could not marry early in his life. Jia’s mother was a first-class condemnation. When the imperial concubine grandmother, the ruler of the Jia family, she spoke in public and dismissed the lofty Zhang Shenxian. Naturally, no one would dare to introduce it again.

7 months ago

Only when Baoyu was a child, could he hang around in the inner curtain, as a bystander (from the perspective of a patch of sky), to record the talents and thoughts of the girls, such as Daiyu, Baochai, Xiangyun, Miaoyu Baoqin, and other girls. It can be said that it is a whim or a joke of the parents. If you seriously talk about the non-family ladies outside, then it will be more formal. How can Baoyu mix in the Grand View Garden? The whole story of the dream of Red Mansions will be over. Look at Xiuyan’s decision on Xue Tad, Mrs. Xing feels that it’s a bit inappropriate for Xiuyan to contact Baochai and Baoqin, a future big and small aunt. What’s the matter with cousins being together every day?

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