Let me reveal a scam that has just emerged recently. Compared with this, MLM runs are all pediatrics. Once you are recruited, you will take the initiative to send the money, and it is difficult to find evidence to appeal to the law. The cause of the matter is this. It may be due to the fact that the reading volume of recent articles is not bad, and the dissemination is relatively wide. Several exchanges have successively found me to talk about cooperation. Old friends should all know that I am not bad, and 100% of my article income is distributed to fans through mining. Writing articles is just a sideline, and I didn’t get a cent of the money I earned. But if I can get some other discounts for my friends through this account, of course I am willing to help everyone, so I also chatted with a few business representatives to see how they want to play. While chatting, I found that things were not so simple to answer. Based on the intuition developed through years of working experience, I knew that this matter must be tricky. So after I inquired a round in the industry, I came up with today’s answer. The routine I’m going to talk about below is fairly new, and it’s about to explode right now. Once a novice encounters it, it is easy to be deceived. After being recruited, the assets are not far from returning to zero. Those who want to survive the bull market, listen carefully! Recently affected by the global epidemic, the economic downturn has not affected the blockchain industry so much, but after all, the big environment is here, and the blockchain industry has also been dragged into the quagmire of weak overall growth. Both the upstream and downstream of the industry are looking for ways to increase, and it is the exchange that is at the forefront of this team. So starting from the top exchange, everyone came up with the idea of ​​a big V. Block site BLOCKSITE exchanges ranked top 10 are still considered top, when they play, they are all relatively regular. Big V uses their influence to help the exchange attract users, and after successful account opening, recharging and facilitating transactions, they are all divided , The exchange has incremental users, the big Vs have made money, and everyone is happy. But playing with it becomes a routine. With the intervention of many waist and tail exchanges, the current gameplay has changed. At present, this routine is divided into two steps: taking orders and documenting orders. Let’s talk one by one. The process of taking the order is very rough. The head exchange originally saw new users, and these small offices below the waist are directly concerned about your principal. Compared with the regular gameplay, these small exchanges provide rewards for recharge and cash back. The more recharge, the more cash back you get, which is completely turned into a fund tray. Those K-line masters don’t mention the risk of capital at all. They are pretending to be confused, as long as they can make money and sell you, they will not blink at all. After your money is charged in, the withdrawal process will impose various restrictions on you. You earn interest on the account, but in fact, at this time, you have already handed over your principal to someone else. Then what will the exchange do? Run away? Running is an outdated way of playing, and the current way of playing is copying. Although your money cannot be withdrawn after it is charged in, there is no problem with the transaction. The exchange and these K-line masters all know that you want to make money, but you don’t know how to trade, so they launched a product called Copy Order. Copying means that you can choose a trusted master on the platform, and then the system will automatically follow the master for you. When the master buys, the system will automatically buy for you, the master sells, and the system will automatically sell for you. The high income of the master, you can also earn it into your own hands in minutes. After listening to the flicker, it feels like you have taken a big bargain. Once you have opened a copy, the countdown to zero your principal will begin. The price of big currencies is unpredictable, and the exchanges cannot make money from you with copy orders, but altcoins are different. The price of altcoins is controllable by the exchange. After the master’s account buys altcoins, the system will automatically place orders for other copy users. When the funds for the copy are almost ready, the project party and the exchange will conspire to draw a big shadow line, and all copy chips will be harvested at once. . Is this operation much smarter than running? Using a copy to cut you is not only efficient, but also reduces some legal risks. The decision is made by you. You lose money and find that things are not right, but you have no evidence for the tricky behind you, and you can only suffer from dumb losses. This serial routine has already pitted a lot of people. If you see this and encounter similar rounds in the future, you must stay away. On this road of investment, the market is like a battlefield. Your capital is your only weapon. As a well-trained fighter, you must firmly control your weapons in your own hands at all times. Regardless of whether you win or lose, you must let yourself The process and results of the battle are clear. Before this scam has exploded on a large scale, share this routine with your friends. Although the currency market is sinister, there is true love in the world. If you want to know more about scams, or if you are not sure if you have been recruited, please leave a message or private message in the comment area to communicate with me.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Let’s put it this way, in addition to Bitcoin and eth, there are several platform currencies, and the others are of no value. Let’s take a deep analysis of the recently popular fil on the entire network. First of all, fil belongs to the currency of ipfs. This currency is the sharing economy of the currency circle, sharing bandwidth or storage space. The most popular ipfs should be in 16-17. All the popular ipfs coins in 16-17 have died. This may be There are several important reasons for the fate of ipfs. First of all, there are three ways for the villager to make money: 1. Cut the leeks, repeatedly pull the plate and hit the plate. 2 Earn money from miners, the currency value is high, the mining return period is short, attracting miners to buy high-priced mining machines 3. The market value is increased, and benignly thrown to the next family. Among these three modes, fil belongs to the second one. First, let’s look at several unconventional operations of fil. The first fil mining has a lock-up period and cannot be sold after mining. This classmate who has mined Bitcoin or Ether is all unimaginable. The second mining is to send usdt. As long as you spend a day in the currency circle, you should know that the usdt is not mined. Third, the project party is in a hurry. During the process of fil’s rise, Bitcoin has fallen for more than 60% of the time. , Pull the market against the trend and take the independent market, indicating that the project team is very anxious. We have to integrate these unconventional operations to see what the project team is afraid of and what they want. It took 10 days to increase the fil 15 times, but everyone ignored one. The important details are that its circulation is only 3%, but the miners’ ore disks are 70%. Now it’s clear that he madly increased the secondary market and used the price of the secondary market to attract miners, with a 3% increase. The coins actually increase the profitability of 70% of the coins in the next few years, and 3% of the coins are sold in the form of mining machines in order to sell 70% of the coins at a high price. Everyone knows that ipfs mining machines are not Power-hungry, if the miners bought the machines at high prices, would they be equivalent to owning a cornucopia, and these miners who have nearly zero-cost coins to pick up, will they be the frenetic leeks in the market? Use 3% of the volume to pick up 70% of the volume? Back to the essence of the question, why ipfs is doomed to fail, because ipfs is an inflationary form rather than a deflationary form. But we see what we should do, we should buy coins, because he is unlikely to cut the secondary market.

6 months ago

Speaking of the two words “coin circle”, even my old leeks, who have written several Bitcoin-related articles in Zhihu for seven or eight years, have hundreds of thousands of words thinking about output, can’t help but tremble. The scariest thing in the currency circle is not scammers, capital stocks, two brilliantly-born project teams from two famous schools…These are all hard to earn a cent from me, and they also send letters from time to time to lure me. In fact, the most horrible thing in the currency circle is a group of kind-hearted aunts. When you catch a glimpse of an aunt on the train opening the market software and swiping it up and down, the flickering feeling of the dust can make your back chill. It is them who dare to press it as long as they have the button to recharge. It is they who see through life. The real and the false are in fact false. It is they who make the fraudsters repent and are determined to believe that they are truly doing a great cause. You think they are just washing their own brains, but in fact, their vigorous execution power can make the fraud project parties worry about whether they are being anti-fraud. They can persuade relatives and friends to join the arena with the simplest few words, and they don’t even bother to laugh at all the long and smelly answers on Zhihu. They have strong empathy and empathy ability. Once they are substituted into their own IQ test, they can be transformed into action ability if they are determined that they cannot understand, and they can persuade all those who are as incomprehensible as themselves to make money together. We think they were wrong, but we were actually wrong. Let’s look at the Plus Token case of a large-scale MLM in the past two years. According to public reports, after cracking this case, we handed over 320,000 Bitcoins to the Treasury and 9.2 million Ethereums. , 11 billion Dogecoins, over 110,000 Bitcoin Cash (BCH), nearly 1.85 million Litecoins, over 900 million Ripple coins, a large number of grapefruit coins and Dash… the market value of the above-mentioned light bitcoins at that time It is 15 billion, now it has exceeded 100 billion, and the participants are 100% (I don’t want to use 99%). They all know the nature of this project. The brave and diligent aunt may have already escaped justice and had the last laugh. We believe that value investing and fraud are sometimes only a thin line apart. We are trying to distinguish the difference between the two. These “investors” do not have this concern. They only have money and no money in their hearts. They are so simple that they are heinously simple, without concerns and obstacles. , To move forward courageously, without turning back, this kind of courage and courage often makes people feel beyond reach. If the subject is “Little Leek” who knows that the fraud is still involved, don’t get me wrong, there is no offense, I am not trying to dissuade you, just take this opportunity to show a little respect.

6 months ago

Blockchain water is really deep. Why do others make a fortune by relying on the blockchain? Because there are so many leeks, the tricks of scammers are also difficult to distinguish between true and false. Let’s talk about a recent experience. The blockchain has been really popular in the past two years. I have joined a group in the past few days and listened to so-called big coffee lectures every night. Asked DMC coin, I heard that some big guys want to control this coin, is it true? (The first one appears) Then the big coffee suddenly appeared in the group and chatted with us, saying: send it to me to see and I will find out. (After saying this sentence, the people disappeared. Leave the next sentence. Now I have something to go out. I will talk to you in the evening. Then the leeks in the group will continue to discuss and look forward to the analysis of the big coffee in the evening.) At this time, the main attention of the leeks is Transferred to the person who broke the news, all kinds of people who want to enter the news release group, will the first trust let you in so easily, it is impossible, she only has one sentence: the group owner can only let people in real life People enter. Because the group does not exist, they are all pictures generated by the software. At night, the gangsters are in class on time. I have talked about a lot of dry goods before, and I will also teach you how to look at the turbulence analysis a month ago. Let’s take a look at the latency of some currencies for comparison, and that’s it for this lesson. (You will know why you are asked to watch these latency hours later.) After one night of class, I suddenly brought you back to the topic of the afternoon: This is what the big coffee said: In the afternoon, my assistant received a newsletter in our group saying that there was a pot. Friends broke the news about whether this coin can really follow the wave. I have also paid attention to this coin since I received this news. I also asked the friends in the circle that it is indeed possible for someone to operate this coin. Then I don’t care if there is any. Team operation, first analyze with everyone whether there is any risk of getting the coin on the car, and open it. I think this leek can be listed, and a coin is more than 1 yuan, but this time the big coffee forgot, he said before: I don’t even look at the mainstream website exchanges. At this time he forgot, everyone forgot that he said this sentence. Because ordinary people can see that the market value of those who got in the car first has doubled by six times, and as mentioned earlier, generally such coins will have a rise of more than 20 days, and they can continue to rise. You can look at the btc, eth, which I analyzed earlier, whether the mainstream currencies have experienced a growth trend of more than 20 days and more than 30 days in May. Today, I personally got on the car and took everyone to verify it. Based on the content of the lectures in the past few days, I analyzed whether it is possible to buy it and whether there is a team behind it. Anyway, this coin is not afraid to buy. Please pay attention here. I am not asking everyone to buy it. I just applied the points mentioned in the previous lesson to this coin, and it also conforms to the characteristics of the potential coin. Next, the big guys performed unique skills for the leeks: In the afternoon, I asked my assistant to transfer 1 million and 100 Ethereum, and I want to buy all of them tonight. (At the same time, I also reminded us that we must diversify funds and not stud, and the proportion of funds must be Reasonable configuration) Just like this, a group of people in the live broadcast room watched that the big coffee bought more than 800,000 and 100 ether (about 280,000) (the value was almost invested more than 1 million). It was really exciting to watch, the first time See this big scene. Then the course ended today, and he said not to give us the exchange website. He did this to verify the content of his course, not to let you buy it. After class, a group of leeks sighed in the group that the big coffee was a big coffee, and the shot started with a million, and no one picked up the website of various exchanges. The ninth day of the course. The first one, continue to reveal that this coin will be listed on the next three exchanges (listing on the exchange means strong strength, but also connected to three, which means that you are not afraid to get on the car). At this time, the exchange website is out, and the big coffee personally posted Yes, maybe I can’t stand it anymore, this group of leeks can’t even find a website. And leave the words to continue the analysis tonight. The leeks who got the website began to look at the market. After reading it, I also entered a little (I also hesitated at the time, but thought that the big coffee would lose a million by himself. If he didn’t promote it, he would also lose, so as long as he was promoted It’s fine to dump it a little), and the big lecturers that night threw 1 million and 400 ether. Give everyone that self-confidence call, the trustees in the group are crazy about linking, saying they want to buy, buy, buy, and all kinds of trusts appear in the creation of topics, and they want to link (the purpose is to facilitate the use of the car who has not yet boarded the car. ) At least three supports for sending data from time to time. The tenth day of the course is today. I looked at the coin in the morning and felt that the coin was still not right. Suddenly a lot of goods were dumped, so I dumped all the inventory. After the cash withdrawal, I realized 1. Only + WeChat, then online banking transfer, and then manual recharge (I did not consider it yesterday. This is transferred to the past) 2. The withdrawal has not been accounted for a few hours. Then the group said: I feel that this coin is not good. I just sold it, and then I was scolded by someone who told me not to play with coins. I taught me how to be a man. After 12 o’clock, I saw the DMC in the group rose from 1.48 to 2.22. I thought about verifying my own idea: whether they are MLM coins at all, and then I used a trumpet when they tricked others into getting into the car. Why? This trading platform cannot withdraw the account. At this time, there are three trustees who deliberately talked about the uptrend and swiped my words away. I continued to ask the second question, why is there only a recharge customer service, but no cash customer service. At this time, the trustee spoke, say me I was able to withdraw, and I didn’t say anything. The magical thing was that my previous withdrawal came into my account immediately after a few seconds. The first reaction is: water! true! deep! With a team, it is planned from the beginning to the place, and there are six or seven of them. I was kicked out of the group at about 1:00 in the afternoon, and then I watched the group with a trumpet, and the group released news about the four exchanges, and the big coffee took the initiative to pull people into the car, and then I will see how many The leeks were cut, and they definitely knew that I knew their nature, and I might have been informed by them. Suddenly, I was registered for DEEPFIN popped up on their exchange webpage, and I don’t know what came from. Now the information on that exchange can’t be written off, so if you have any precautions, please ask the old irons.

6 months ago

Some people had mines at home before entering the currency circle, and were more slutty about investment. There are also people who want to achieve a counterattack in the currency circle and enter this industry. I am thinking that everyone should have heard a lot of stories about getting rich and entered this industry. Some people have experienced the baptism of bulls and bears, and more people have just stepped into this gate of heaven and hell. Everyone dreams of achieving the small goal set by Wang Jianlin for you in this industry. Before entering the currency circle, you must first establish your own investment thinking system and figure out the hundreds of new terms that you still don’t understand; what is a master node, what is decentralization, what is a private key, and what is The main chain, what is a cold wallet, what is a segregated witness…Only in this way can you become a qualified investor. What is the name of the unqualified investor? Li Xiao said, it’s called SB…the sickle is forever, it will be passed on forever! The current currency circle does not look at the progress of research and development and the feasibility of application landing, and does not look at the possibility of technological innovation and whether it can serve the real economy. They all yearn to get rich overnight, you know, the money is not in a hurry! Regardless of whether the leeks are model currency, capital market, or MLM currency, in the eyes of most people, as long as they can make money, they are good coins. Therefore, all kinds of centralized wallet funds are blooming everywhere, and various non-human animals are moving bricks. Various investment principals do not need to pay several times or even ten times the annualized air coins. It’s a pity that many people don’t know that this is a scam of catching turtles in the urn after closing the door. Frustrated traders let smart dogs, smart cats and other animals move bricks! Do you know about the various foreign exchange scams a few years ago? Where is the hash of the brick moved? Or move your principal to the trader’s own wallet? If you have such a script, if you can ensure the profitability of moving bricks, do you move at home or help others? If he can put such a good thing without eating alone and let you pay and share the profit, what else can he get from you besides your principal? As for the faster release by pulling the head after the coin is locked, can it be released without reaching the block height on your blockchain browser? Did you know that a centralized trader simply clicks the mouse in the background, and your assets can be turned into nothing? A large number of pre-mined model coins will be pulled up and then pulled up, then smashed through and cashed out, leaving behind one Ground chicken feathers. Maybe you also know that the project team will cut the leeks, but you believe that you can come out before cutting the leeks. Your confidence can only show that your head is an ornament. There has never been a good thing in the currency circle that pie in the sky, if there is, it will only be a trap. New coins are issued every day in the currency circle. If you want, you can also issue one based on Ethereum or Annet. The (Anwang) issuance process is simpler than that of (Ethereum). It only needs a few clicks on the Anwang APP or PC wallet, and only 500 SAFE (non-fixed, decreasing by 5% per month, until the end) No less than 50 SAFE, the purpose is to prevent the abuse of tokens on Ann.net), the tokens can be successfully issued, and it is safe and reliable, without the technical threshold and vulnerability risk of ERC-20 writing smart contracts. SAFE wallet, blockchain browser, exchange interface, SafePay payment platform interface will be automatically supported, and the ecological resources of Anwang will be shared, which greatly reduces the cost and time of digital asset issuance for developers. It is often heard that a new currency with a model claims to have been launched on the international market, that is, the Pheasant Exchange. If you want, you can also open an exchange, which is as simple as making a personal website. I just don’t know what these pheasant exchanges use to protect the safety of users’ assets. There are countless ways in the currency circle to cut you naked and even ruin you. They use a variety of awesome video promotions, detailed deposit tutorials, and various packages in the cloud in the white paper to attract you into this deep pit. , As for how deep this pit is, it is so deep that I can’t even climb out of it. The best investment rules learned in the currency circle: the most valuable is always your principal, and the least valuable is the opportunity. I prefer the Chinese old saying: if you have no desire, you are strong! Calm down before each time I want to make money, think about it first: If the market does not follow my expectations, how much loss can I bear per hand? How much loss do you have to bear? Has it exceeded my warning line? How long can I stay in the market? Is there any way I can cope with the changes that may occur during this period of time? When your desire changes from making money or getting rich overnight to not losing money or seeking to survive first, your chances of letting the market deceive must be much less! Remember one truth: people who let crooks deceive all want to take advantage! If the transaction is a tree, the mentality is the root of the tree. Without the root, all the rest will be gone!

6 months ago

I was recommended by a friend to go to a currency circle union, saying that he followed the instructions of the union to buy and sell, and the monthly return rate was over 10%. Because it was introduced by a friend, I wanted to know about it, so I joined. Then it is very simple. Buy the specified digital currency at the specified time according to the requirements and the specified price. After three or four days, sell at the specified price at the specified time, which will benefit from the price difference. Each time 30% of the income must be handed over to the group owner, and 70% is reserved by himself. The group owner has to go to the next level of organization, and then there are several more levels of organization. The group owner of each level of organization benefits through the next level of personnel. To earn money (essentially head fees), the final ecumenical guild will have thousands to tens of thousands of people. Money is not blown out of thin air. I asked the organizer where the money we make came from (of course I actually know it), and told me that it is essentially retail leek, and we manipulate the currency market through trade unions like us. To control the price, and then to harvest retail investors in waves, and when the harvest is almost the same, they will collectively switch to another currency. The routines are exactly the same. I asked another question, won’t those of us unionized be harvested? Tell me that the labor union will sign an agreement with the digital currency issuer in advance. All union members have to file for the record, and they will make up the money at that time to ensure that there will be no loss. Later, I joined and followed the operation for a month, the cost was 15,000, and the income was nearly 2,000 yuan (after removing the 30% rake), I switched to two currencies, and there was also a collective harvest by the currency issuer in the middle. Soon we made up the money of the union members. Then I felt that it was too ignorant of my conscience to make money like this, so I took the initiative to withdraw. The currency circle union is a very large organization, hierarchically hierarchical, a union has a total of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of members, and even if each person only invests 10,000 yuan in, the total is hundreds of millions to several billion. These funds are coordinated. The issuer controls the market trend together, and the tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of money from ordinary retail investors is simply vulnerable and can only be harvested. My answer is estimated to affect the interests of many people, but I hope that with my own personal experience, more people can be awakened and stay away from this pit. Do not participate in it. Most people rely on their own physical and mental power for their money. It’s hard work, hard-won, and casually hitting the water is not too depressing, don’t always think about making quick money and making big money, when you are deceived and cut off, you will regret it. Remember! Remember! ! ! To add: This organization is a bit similar to MLM, but there are some differences. According to my understanding, it can indeed make money, and the bottom members can withdraw at any time. I don’t know whether senior members can. In addition, they operate through the trading platform APP, first exchange the RMB on a platform (COTC) into a unified virtual currency (similar to casino chips), and then use this virtual currency to buy the digital currency you want to operate. At that time, I operated DPHE currencies in Southeast Asia. This organization mainly uses drainage to heat up a relatively unpopular digital currency, and then attract retail investors to buy it. When there are more retail investors, it will harvest it appropriately, and then pull it up and harvest again, and repeat the operation. As for Bitcoin, a popular currency, because the market value is too high, they cannot operate, and the issuer does not need them to cooperate. The operations are relatively unpopular, such as some digital currencies in Southeast Asia.

6 months ago

The depth of the currency circle needs to be cautious. A fiery group circle, a lively besieged city, people outside the circle want to enter, and people in the circle have high beliefs. Everyone is a lively scene in the circle. Since the price of Bitcoin began to rise, there has been a new term called token in the world, accompanied by the new term is ICO, especially since the beginning of 2017, the price of Bitcoin has reached 20,000 US dollars, so at home and abroad The coin craze began. Starting from Mr. Xu Xiaoping of Zhen Fund: “ALL IN Blockchain”, the craze for blockchain and virtual currency was set off, and then the “Three O’clock Blockchain Group” created by Shuai Chu pushed this craze to Climax. Domestic well-known Internet bigwigs have also participated in the discussion of the blockchain. Xue Manzi, Cai Wensheng, Chen Weixing and other well-known circles have also expressed their opinions on the blockchain, and they are highly praised in the group. Suddenly attracted the attention of the public. Most of the people in the circle are talking about the future of the blockchain, thinking about the future application prospects, but few really talk about the technology. Maybe they don’t understand the technology at all. After all, what they are doing is not related to the blockchain. , Suddenly became an expert, this change is indeed too fast, so fast it makes people unable to adapt. The original well-known Bao Er Ye was kicked out of the group twice because he said that the blockchain is a speculation in the group. The Bao Er Ye who engaged in a complaint said, “People in the group are all for speculating coins. It’s because of embarrassment that I didn’t say anything about it.” In fact, these people are businessmen, and businessmen are here for profit. This is understandable, but they have to pretend to be a high profile for the development of science and technology, and instill a feeling of “missing this opportunity and regretting”. It is still to instill a belief in everyone, and let everyone willingly recharge their faith. The virtual currency based on the blockchain is the only blockchain application that ordinary investors can access at present. If you want to intervene in the blockchain industry, speculation is the only way, but the bigwigs are absolutely utterly concerned about the risks of virtual currencies. Not to mention, the legality of it will not be discussed, just blindly advocating how good its prospects are, and constantly brainwashing everyone. What’s dramatic is that many businessmen who didn’t understand blockchain have become experts in blockchain. Speaking of blockchain, they are very professional and don’t know how their theories are organized. Just copy a little from some books and the Internet, and it becomes their own theory. Businessmen are businessmen, pretending to be experts. You fool these little whites into the car, just to let them enter this chaotic market and cultivate them into leeks to be harvested, and they are leeks that have been harvested many times. Of course, some bigwigs could not understand the chaos of the blockchain and made different voices, but they were immediately besieged by these so-called experts, because this would touch their interests and affect their harvest of leeks. Most of the virtual currency is in the hands of a small number of people, whose resources have the ability to manipulate the price of the currency, making a small number of investors reduced to leeks that can be harvested at any time. With the country’s strict supervision of virtual currencies, it is not clear whether the most advocating bigwigs cashed out or not. Anyway, there was no movement. One day in the currency circle and one year in the stock market. This shows from the side how easy the currency market is and how easy it is to be harvested. The currency market is risky, so you need to be cautious when entering.

6 months ago

If the water in the currency circle is deep, it really doesn’t feel much. If it is not deep, there are many novices who fall into the pit. In fact, as long as you maintain a principle, you will basically not enter the pit, and you will not touch all rubbish coins except BTC. The second is the platform. It is best to choose an STO license, because this is the only license issued by digital currency at present. If the platform does not even have this license, then you have to be careful. Furthermore, there are derivatives. Some users may not like to play spot, because they can only buy up, which is relatively boring. Nowadays, it is more to play contracts or options. Of course, in fact, the risk of futures is the biggest among derivatives. Most users can’t control the risk. If they are not careful, they will liquidate their positions and lose heavily. Only options are more friendly derivatives. For example, Bitoffer’s first industry BTC option. The comparison of options and spot: 1. Spot, buy a bitcoin cost 9000 USD 2. Option, buy a bitcoin option cost 5 US dollars. Bitcoin rose from 9000 to 9500 US dollars, spot earned 500 US dollars, and options earned 500 US dollars. . The benefits obtained by the two are the same, but the cost paid is 1800 times different. Very low option investment, win over spot

6 months ago

Veterans think that everyone can’t rush to buy some cryptocurrencies that are cheap and have not been verified by the market. For example, in WeChat groups and circle of friends every day, we often see a variety of “hundred times currency” information recommendations. People look very jealous. Some novice leeks didn’t have any precautionary psychology, so they rushed in. However, the final result was a miserable harvest. Therefore, newcomers in the currency circle should avoid investing in those from WeChat groups and Moments. Or see on some websites, some of which I don’t know, and have not been verified by the market, and are very cheap digital currencies, which are really easy to be harvested by the project party. In addition, there is one more thing to note: you must use spare money to invest, and you must not leverage. Compared with stocks, funds, etc., cryptocurrency transactions are more frequent and convenient (7*24 hours), so it is easier to make people impulsive. Moreover, the bull and bear market of digital currencies often come very suddenly, if it is not spare money, it may affect investment plans.

6 months ago

As a rising star, the currency circle is still “too young” compared with foreign exchange, stock market, and futures markets. There are a few more common types of leek cutting projects in the currency circle: the capital market. Many people contact the money market first and then the currency circle. Usually XXXX project (MLM coins), how much you invest in return, the more you invest, the higher your profit, the longer you invest, the higher your profit will be. It can also increase profit when you invest. Altcoins are very popular, bragging about how awesome this coin is. The white paper (Taobao was made by someone who was looking for a few hundred dollars), there are big money circle platforms, and international friends are playing. In short, it is very awesome and very popular, and it is rising every day. If you don’t buy it, you will suffer. If you buy it, you will lose money. Even if it goes up, you can’t sell it. There are a lot of single currency circle “Teachers”, but they all take you to a small platform to play contracts. . There are also people who pull you to play on the black platform, you can’t get the money, and you have nothing. The black platform is related to the one with a single call. Many novices have been to the black platform to play, but the result is that the gold cannot be withdrawn. The platform running project party running road mining machine routines are mainly cloud mining, and no physical mining machine is needed. It can be mined, it is actually a funded project, and the contract without physical mining machine exists by itself, and the contract will be blown up by 100 times! Full of dry! One of the hottest new projects this year that caused losses due to exchange pins and unplugged network cables is the DEFI project, various tokens, sushi, sweet potatoes, kimchi, sun coins, and so on. The previous rise was crazy, and the mainstream coins did not move much. These coins took medicine one by one, and the off-market leeks could not sit down and enter the market. As a result, they began to plummet after a few days, and they are still in a state of floating loss. Basically, the currency circle only needs money. That’s all for the leek cutting project (additions are welcome) many people have to experience some of the cut leek

6 months ago

The depth of the currency circle involves all aspects. Air coins, fake projects-just spend hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands to buy a piece of code (after all, most public chains are open source codes, as long as you understand a little bit, you can copy them), dare to engage in public chains, and then attract leeks into the market. With hype, the project party will raise the price of the currency first, and then wait for the price of the currency to go up, making the leeks feel, wow! After earning money, they entered the market one after another. When the amount of funds was almost the same, the project team polished all the tokens in one go. The price of the tokens directly bottomed out, and the leeks could not escape. It was cut properly. This is one kind. There are too many digital currency currencies, and without a certain knowledge reserve, entering the market is equivalent to waiting for the slaughter. What’s more, there is no direct public chain, no code, no white paper, just rely on a mouth to engage in CX, and once the funds are in the wallet, they will run away. The depth of currency speculation-exchanges such as the opening of the gates and other operations, the handling fee is expensive, and the drawing is rhythmic, these are old routines, as long as you dare to engage in the contract, the trick is a matter of minutes. No contract? Then you fry short-term, basically picking up other people’s leftovers. The exchange is a mixed bag-the scammer exchange’s routine is similar to air currency, attracting a large number of users, using leverage to engage in contracts, and the leeks will be cut off at once. What’s more, just charge up the legal currency and go in, and you won’t be allowed to withdraw cash. Oh, you’re stuck. I can’t take it out, there’s nowhere to sue! Therefore, it is recommended here to choose the top exchange. Although there is also a show operation, at least it is not difficult to withdraw coins. Recently, there have also been some rises. Those who move brick-and-mortar are mainly USDT, claiming that they have low-priced U, and then looking for someone to help sell it. You must be careful about this kind of money, it may be money laundering. If money laundering is involved, the legal responsibility is proper. This is not a joke, because selling USDT, earning more than 1w yuan, and then buying oranges, is really true and news! In the end, there are many pits in the mining industry. Oversold cloud computing power, fake mining machines, conceptual mining machines, etc. are also uncommon in the currency circle. If you choose to make long-term investments, mining is definitely safer, but you must also look at the major currencies and choose the right cooperation platform. For details, see my profile. Only after wading through the muddy waters in front of you will you discover how fragrant it is to do mainstream coin mining!

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