Let me start with a conclusion: Godzilla did not give his breath when he stepped on King Kong. It does not mean that Godzilla did not intend to kill King Kong. On the contrary, Godzilla really planned to do it before dismembering the mechanical Godzilla with the handsome boy. King Kong is dead, but he missed it. After watching the battle between Godzilla and King Kong in Hong Kong, you will understand that Godzilla used a lot of atomic breaths against King Kong. The frequency is much more than against Gidola and Muto, but the effect is average, in high-rise buildings. In the environment where the diamond dodge skills are full, the only one that burns the back of the diamond, on the contrary, the melee combat is more effective, so it is more inclined to kill the diamond by the melee method. When stepping on the diamond, there is already the sound of the diamond bones cracking. The handsome boy was already struggling to death, so Godzilla turned his head and left, because Godzilla knew that he had dealt a fatal injury to the handsome boy, and waited until he died. On the other hand, Godzilla breathed so many times before. No longer wasting energy to make up the knife immediately, because King Kong was already dying. So when King Kong grabbed the mechanical Godzilla’s head and leaned back to prevent him from using the atomic breath on Godzilla, you can pay attention to Godzilla’s reaction. Hasn’t this gorilla been killed? How did he come back to life?” Just like you who asked the question “Why didn’t Godzilla kill King Kong?” Godzilla also wondered if King Kong had already been killed by him? How can you live? This fat man breathes and burns to the back of the pretty boy and is still smirking. Do you think he will feel weak? The two sides fight each other, and you can kill them in any way. Godzilla doesn’t have to think about killing King Kong by breathing. The heart failure of stepping on King Kong’s ribs with one foot is also a killer, as long as it works. So Godzilla didn’t let King Kong go, he did kill him. As for many people who say that Godzilla let King Kong go on the sea, first of all, human beings clearly surrendered. Godzilla knew that if Godzilla still killed King Kong in the sea, human beings who were forced to do it could be like the previous “Godzilla”. “La 2019: King of Monsters” uses oxygen saboteurs on Godzilla. Before Godzilla was beaten to death by this weapon of humans, and he has cultivated for a while, so Godzilla saw humans give them a step directly. Now, there is no softness. So don’t talk about the king’s style, the legendary Godzilla has never been merciful to the Titans who have played against it. Godzilla fanatics trouble to flatter personal feelings aside. From the perspective of the plot, if Godzilla uses atomic breath to kill King Kong while stepping on King Kong, and there is no King Kong to save him later, the mechanical Godzilla will break Godzilla’s mouth to breathe and kill Godzilla. , Liangzai saved Godzilla’s life, but also because Godzilla did not make up for it at the time. Besides, Godzilla did kill King Kong. King Kong was beaten to the point of death without human heart resuscitation. Of course, if the handsome boy is not rescued, Godzilla will soon be sent by the mechanical Godzilla to accompany the handsome boy. The role behaviors are served to the plot, combined with Godzilla’s end to the Titans who have fought against each other. Without human assistance, King Kong would die at the hands of Godzilla, just like Motto and Gidola. It’s just that they didn’t die. It was so miserable, the variable was that Godzilla failed to kill King Kong this time. Now there are too many Godzilla fans in China. It’s really uncomfortable to see that the beautiful boy is so upset. King Kong really can’t beat Godzilla, but without them, your brother will always be ruined. Especially your brother is always beaten by mechanical Godzilla with atomic energy under his feet, and Feng Shui turns around. Many Godzilla fans answer this question to continue to ridicule and praise Godzilla too much. Godzilla has no use to breathe and is a kingly demeanor, so why not ask the question “Why did King Kong rescue Godzilla from the mechanical Godzilla? Ra?” King Kong was almost killed by Godzilla and he didn’t worry about it for a long time. So he went to save Godzilla immediately, and asked, “Did you concede defeat after playing the mechanical Godzilla?” After the fight, your brother Have the face to continue working on the pretty boy? At any rate, you are still a Chinese Godzilla fan, not as good as Godzilla? In fact, most people are fans of movies that have increased over the past few years. I believe that only a few people are true fans of Godzilla who have completed all the comic data settings and the Japanese version of Godzilla movies. It is so small that it is so small. Can’t even face the mechanical Godzilla that King Kong dismembered and crushed Godzilla? The strengths of these three are very fascinating in the movie. Godzilla is dominant in King Kong, mechanical Godzilla crushes Godzilla, but the beautiful boy beats mechanical Godzilla more brilliantly than your brother. As fans of the Titans, they have the same affection for Godzilla and King Kong. I hope that you will not be driven by subjective emotions. In the movie, even if one of Godzilla and King Kong kneeled down and begged for mercy, the director explained in one sentence.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Obviously, it is not love. You have seen any kind of love hit to death. I have also mentioned in other answers that Godzilla’s setting is to maintain the ecological balance of the earth and stabilize his hegemony. If you destroy this world and affect my status, I will engage you until you obediently give up. Until surrendered. It can be seen from King Kong that he found his hometown underground and found an axe, as well as architecture. It can be seen that King Kong has a certain degree of wisdom, has a certain ability to make tools and buildings, and has emotions. When King Kong was stepped on his feet, he was beaten to a half-handed. It can be seen that King Kong is not enough to threaten Brother’s status and life. There is no way to fight back, King Kong and Godzilla’s roar, this is how I understand it. Mr. Brother: “Hoo~ (I refuse to accept it!)” Pretty boy: “Hoo~ (Crying and say I am not satisfied!)” Mr. Brother: “Contempt, Loser! I’m going to teach the other one.” Then I was beaten up~ ~~ Before this, Godzilla and King Kong had never met, so when I felt the breath of a handsome boy, I would come and touch him to determine his status. When King Kong was stepped on his feet, he was aggrieved like crying, which little expression really regretted not being recorded at the time. From a development point of view, King Kong, an IP that has existed for decades, was only filmed by the legend. It cannot be said that he was killed directly for the purpose of shaping the brother. Then the legend can not make money. In other words, the big IP of King Kong is definitely A legendary cash cow, let’s talk about the development of the plot. If King Kong is spewed to death by his brother’s atomic breath, not only will it arouse the audience’s disgust, but also how do you let the next story line go, which little girl is not going to cry to death? Who is going to fight the mechanical tyrannosaurus? With so many fans of King Kong, I was vomited by my brother? That’s not for scolding. And later, you saw the scene of mechanical violence and blasting Godzilla. After the strength was over, all kinds of thrusters flew up and beaten violently. It’s not that King Kong jumped and interrupted the atomic breath of the mechanical tyrannosaurus. It is estimated that the brother is always choking. After working together to kill Tyrannosaurus Mechanical, it can be considered to have a certain feeling, and if you don’t fight, you don’t know each other. It is estimated that we will save the earth together in the future. In addition to the subject, tell me, how do two males fall in love?

8 months ago

From a grand perspective, of course, it’s because King Kong is such a big IP that you can’t kill or kill, and this is a Hollywood movie. King Kong is an American monster. How can it be killed by Godzilla, and you have to let the pretty boy beat Mechagoss. Pull it. From the perspective of Godzilla, Godzilla is not indiscriminately killing, fighting to stop the war. From the previous one to Raton Net, this one left a hand on King Kong, Godzilla pursues one This makes you really convinced to feel, after King Kong surrendered, you did not kill King Kong, this is the real king of monsters. No, it should be said that Godzilla is more like a god, maintaining the balance of the world. If King Kong is killed, it will inevitably lead to ecological imbalance.

8 months ago

First of all, the two monsters are set. Long ago, the two families were mortal enemies. Godzilla’s setting was king. All monsters must be surrendered. If you refuse, you will do it until you do. However, the King Kong race will not surrender to any monsters. It’s done. So the two sides became deadly enemies. During this process, King Kong’s ancestors killed Brother’s ancestors. I don’t know if it was a single kill or just two-on-one. Looking at the mural, it should be a single kill. Therefore, King Kong’s genes are still very nb. Later, I don’t know why. There is an only child left in each of the two families. Afterwards, the president noticed the existence of King Kong, and thought that since he is an old enemy, let’s come and kneel down. Because King Kong was young and inexperienced, he was just no better than the boss. This time I was a little scared. Later, I went back to my hometown and saw that it was amazing. It turned out that my ancestors were able to play g like this nb. Then King Kong was dissatisfied. It turns out that you That’s it, you have to win honor for the ancestors, slap him, and then take the axe and kill him. The artifact is in hand, but the King Kong can’t play, the g always hits the back of King Kong and smiles, hehe, young. Finally, I was stepped under my feet. At this time, g roared, meaning that I surrendered to me. As soon as King Kong heard of surrender, his brain buzzed, and he roared back without surrendering. Godzilla took a look, got up and walked away, thinking to do it, you didn’t ashamed the King Kong race. King Kong got up and said, our business is not over yet. Then lay down

8 months ago

In the legendary Godzilla, the general setting of Brother is: You must not do wrong things, I don’t care about the others! If you admit your mistake, I will give you a chance! For the first time, in order to obtain the energy equation of the center of the earth, apex wanted to drive the fleet and take the diamond to the center of the earth. Brother President swam over and gave a hammer! After being beaten to the back, the apex aircraft carrier turned off, the lights were turned off, King Kong was downcast, low eyes did not dare to look directly, King Kong roared and left: admit defeat, know that I am wrong, I will not kill you, and make good changes! Then walked to overthrow the apex base and prepare to find the secret warehouse of Mechanical Godzilla, completely destroying Gidola! Unfortunately, they used the channel to transfer to Hong Kong… The second time, King Kong got the axe in the center of the earth, and apex got the energy equation. Brother is always very angry. What are you doing with him? King Kong, you are not doing good things, idiot! Immediately the atom breath penetrates the center of the earth, preparing to prevent apex from analyzing the energy! Then the idiot King Kong rushed out to fight with the boss… The boss didn’t want to fight him. Who would love to fight with a fool? right? After Dashachun, the two of them beat the brother and always saw King Kong angry, so they had to beat him again. King Kong had no temper, but the momentum was still there. The brother can’t be killed. Brother always shouted at him, and he had to shout However, when he came back, it was obvious that the lower-ranking brother always saw that he was not a bad guy, so he let him go. He was going to stop Gidola from controlling the mechanical Godzilla. So, this is not love, it’s the silly King Kong who has made repeated mistakes. Fan’er, the overbearing president of Godzilla, doesn’t care about it every time and patiently beats it up every time, then lets him go and waits for him to come again next time.

8 months ago

The two giant Titans, of different species, are both males. If this is love, then I will never believe in love anymore! Brother Brother’s existence was originally given the mission of maintaining the ecological balance of the earth, and King Kong was not a ferocious behemoth. Although the two families were enemies of life and death, they were the grievances of the previous generation! Obviously, the elder brother in the play is not the king of cruel killings. The reason why he came out and met with King Kong might be to see if this little guy would threaten his status and destroy the ecological balance! As a result, after a violent beating, he found that the handsome boy was not an opponent at all, and he was not an evil monster like Gidola, so he finally turned his head and left. Moreover, an IP as big as King Kong is not annoying in itself, and it can be regarded as one of the protagonists in the play. How can you say that you die? If this is directly killed by the brother, how will the movie be played? How to make a sequel!

8 months ago

Many people think that King Kong and Godzilla are feuds. In fact, what feuds can there be between the Titans? It’s nothing more than I think you are upset and want to hit you. Once again, Godzilla has only one old enemy. The setting of “King Kedora” Godzilla is to maintain ecological balance and establish the status of king of monsters. Back to the question, why didn’t Godzilla come to a lore? The main purpose of Godzilla’s coming to Hong Kong was not to fight with King Kong, but to perceive the mechanical Godzilla, rather than being a threat from Quidora. From Godzilla’s perspective, that is, someone is trying to resurrect Gidola. So the main purpose is to find Mecha Godzilla. As for King Kong, why don’t you say that you didn’t kill or kill, because it is not necessary. King Kong is already dying after stepping on two feet. To be a bit anthropomorphic, Godzilla must be eager to find a mechanical Godzilla. Another is the need of the plot. After all, Godzilla is not bad, King Kong is not bad, and the script does not have to write someone to death. The legend still counts on its own monster universe. Besides, King Kong may have a sequel, as for Godzilla. The copyright has expired, and there may be a sequel. Again, Godzilla reproduces asexually and does not talk about egg love

8 months ago

Forgive me for ignorance, in my cognition, King Kong is a positive image, the protector of Skull Island. And Godzilla, although it is not bad in the bones, but it is not a positive person, but in fact it is in this movie. So sitting in the cinema, cutie tells me, do you know who is better? Me: King Kong! Little cutie: No, Godzilla is the best, Godzilla is good. Me:??? Is Ultraman playing with little monsters for fun? The image of Godzilla in the movie is indeed positive, although he and King Kong are rivals, and one must fight until one party concedes defeat. King Kong surrendered at sea for the first time, but was beaten to death the second time. Godzilla did not kill him. Why? There is no love for no reason, and no hate for no reason. But the battle between Godzilla and King Kong is indeed hate for no reason! At that time, King Kong did not have the power to fight back, and was already dying. It was in line with the setting between the two giants, and the battle was over. And as a positive image, Godzilla faced a defeated man who had been defeated twice in his own hands, and the lore was no longer necessary. And the expression Godzilla turned around was really cute. It seemed to be helpless and entangled with his old enemy after admitting defeat, and it was like a sigh after the grievance with King Kong finally settled. In a single plot, if King Kong is killed by it, not only the protagonist’s halo is not bright enough, but more importantly, it can’t beat Mecha Godzilla, King Kong has to take on the mission of saving it, and the two giant beasts will change from rivals. Being a comrade-in-arms is the ending that the audience loves to hear. The purpose of Mechanical Godzilla is to replace the real Godzilla. It is normal logic that Godzilla cannot beat Mechanical Godzilla. Is King Kong really dead, and is a positive person killing another positive person? Not only is King Kong fans sending knives to the screenwriter and director, the audience cannot accept such things. If King Kong dies, what about the sequel to the King Kong series? Which idiot screenwriter can do this kind of thing? This is not a superhero drama, but it can give Superman a resurrection or something.

8 months ago

According to legend, Godzilla and King Kong’s great-grandfather came from the same planet. They were originally cousins ​​and grew up playing together. When they grew up, their great-grandfather fell in love with a super IP leopard girl Jera. Seeing that the marriage of the King Kong family and the cheetah family is about to come, Godzilla’s great-grandfather, the one-eyed Godzilla, snatched and raped the leopard girl Jera. . After the leopard girl was raped, she gave birth to two brothers, Mochagozilla and King Kong. They started fighting in their stomachs. After being born, they grew up in their respective ethnic groups and eventually became enemies for life. The one-eyed Godzilla fled to the earth after raping the leopard girl Jera and hid in the core of the earth, but was eventually found by the leopard girl Jera’s fiance Thanos King, and had a final duel in the core of the earth, one-eyed Godzilla penetrated the body of Thanos King Kong with his claws. Thanos King Kong used his last strength and swung his battle axe to chop off the head of the one-eyed Godzilla. Their brothers, who had been playing since childhood, were buried together. Deep in the earth. At that time, the alien invasion, Godzilla and King Kong did not join hands to carry the enemy, the Cheetah family disappeared, Godzilla and King Kong came to the earth following the breath of their ancestors. Finally, Godzilla fought against King Kong. At the moment Godzilla started the murder, he suddenly realized that he is my brother, and when is the time to repay the grievances?

8 months ago

Actually, I always feel that brother always sprays the crust to call Liangzi to come up together to fight the underground thing that I don’t know why. After all, brother always pursues this thing globally, and then Liangzi comes up with an axe and slashes. , And from the picture that brother always walks behind and the giant skull in the heart of the earth that looks a bit like Godzilla, and the axe itself, the shape of the Godzilla thief, and the atom breath enchantment to see that this axe might be the same as brother. President or brother’s ancestors are very related and make brother always very jealous. Or don’t you want to see it? (Similar to a person holding an axe made by the ashes of another person’s father?), the former is similar to the helper called to fight a tough battle, picking up and moving the bricks to make the teacher face, and the teacher is very angry. After hammering the goods, the hammer was confiscated and the hammer was dizzy. In the latter case… the first half of Godzilla chasing Liangzi hammer felt that he had misunderstood that Liangzi was going to do something with humans. At this time, the whole world was mad. The company’s stronghold is already hostile to humans, and then the quasi-titan of the pretty boy is very upset with humans (after all, even if Mothra is immortal, he has to incubate for a while before he can come over. Wan I overturned the car as soon as I missed it). In the world of strange beasts, human beings are definitely not dispensable, but should be another Titan-level behemoth. This paragraph is my blind bb: I personally think that the status of the general manager should be the type of patriarch. After all, when Behemoth and Anhu Luke were in a bad relationship, I was not far away to go to the Sahara desert to persuade him to fight ( Physics), the pretty boy may die for 1k years of lifespan. Brother may always be talking and laughing with various Titans on the earth before the dinosaurs are destroyed by the asteroid group. Before, Gidola is the thing that really threatens the earth. Who knows if Gidola 2.0 will fall from the sky again. The more Titan-level monsters on the earth, the better. Don’t. This bunch is completely thought about after reading the comics, don’t arrogant me, arrogant you

8 months ago

Shake’s answer was that the screenwriter didn’t want Godzilla to kill King Kong. Seriously, the answer is that this is the logical setting of the character. The IP of Godzilla was set as the “guardian of natural balance” from the beginning. It has the following characteristics: 1. Protect the earth while maintaining one’s own Dominance. 2. Have the same or even higher intelligence than human beings. So it looks like a monster, but it is actually a real “higher animal”. 3. Is a top predator, but never eat meat. By nature, it’s not as cruel and brutal as it looks. So for King Kong, it has absolutely no reason to kill. People don’t offend me, I don’t offend people. If someone threatens me, just give me a lesson. A wise boss will never kill a killer for no reason, but persuade people with morality, and at most “fight” become a consensus.

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