Recently, Laikipia, Kenya. According to Africanews, Nagin and Fatu are the only two northern female white rhinos remaining on the planet. In August last year, a team of international scientists and veterinarians obtained eggs from them. The team will try artificial insemination with frozen sperm from male white rhinos and then implant them into southern white rhinos. Despite the delay caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, three embryos were successfully bred, and the implanted embryos are still being tested in Europe. It still takes a lot of time for the white rhino to conceive successfully. It is reported that the average life span of white rhinos is 35-45 years, and the two white rhinos are currently 32 and 21 years old respectively. (CCTV News)

The disappearance of this species is a foregone conclusion, and the redundancy of its gene pool has long been insufficient to sustain the population. The extinction of species is not news, but often only the extinction of large animals will attract people’s attention. Many people will wonder, since those wild animals are doomed to extinction, why spend a lot of money and labor to save them? (Isn’t it better to use the funds for other things and children in parts of Africa can’t eat?) It’s not surprising that there are such doubts, but it needs to be explained that the value of a species is not only in its value. In itself, even from a human-centered perspective, the value of a species has at least direct value, scientific research value, and ecological value. 1. The direct value of the species The crop germplasms we plant are all domesticated from the wild, and the hybridization of the existing germplasm with wild species can enhance its planting value. (Wild abortion: natural male sterile wild rice is the parent Yuan Longping used to breed hybrid rice). Wild animals and plants also provide a library of natural medicine ingredients. Biology will synthesize and accumulate various compounds in the body during its metabolism. A well-known example is taxol, a natural anti-cancer drug extracted from yew. Its injection can be used for the first-line and subsequent treatment of ovarian cancer. . Diversified species not only provide germplasm resources, but also provide a natural medicine chemical resource library. 2. The scientific research value of species. Scientific research with humans as the object is not ethical in many cases. It is not ethical to find animals that are close to the human metabolic mechanism. Rats, mice, beagle dogs, bonobos, rhesus monkeys and other animals are human medicine and Scientific research has made a great contribution. Due to the complexity of organisms, some typical organisms (Arabidopsis thaliana, Drosophila, pea, E. coli) can be used as model organisms for cutting-edge biological research. The limulus indicator agent needs to be extracted from the body of the famous “limulus” and “limulus”. (The blood contains copper ions and is blue, which can be used to detect bacterial infections) 2. The ecological value of the species. For a species to exist in the wild, it needs a corresponding habitat and a set of local ecosystems to adapt to it, including the corresponding water and heat Environment, vegetation characteristics, food chain organisms. Take giant pandas as an example. Giant pandas are not only giant pandas, but also nature reserves with an area of ​​200,000 hectares. Their contribution to the balance of the entire earth’s ecosystem is difficult to measure with money. Ecosystem services refer to all the benefits that humans obtain from the ecosystem. The value of their services is reflected in the value of supply services (such as providing food and water), the value of regulating services (such as flood control and disease control), and the value of cultural services (such as spirituality, entertainment). And cultural gains). The research team led by Academician Wei Fuwen, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Australian National University, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, James Cook University, Sichuan Wildlife Resources Investigation and Protection Management Station, University of Pittsburgh, San Diego Zoo, Cardiff University, Sichuan Wanglang National Nature Reserve, Twente University in the Netherlands, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, China West Normal University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Forestry University and Sichuan Forestry Inventory and Planning Institute, etc. The ecosystem service value of the panda and its habitat was evaluated. Related research results were published in Current Biology with the title “The Value of Ecosystem Services from Giant Panda Reserves”. According to estimates, the value of global ecosystem services is as high as $125 trillion annually. In order to quantitatively evaluate the ecological service value of the giant panda and its habitat, the researchers obtained the unit value of each service per hectare per year through meta-analysis of the existing literature, and then calculated the supply of the giant panda and its habitat in 2010 The value of cultural services and adjustment services is US$1.899 billion, only serving the Chinese population and the value of cultural services for tourists from member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is US$709 million, a total of US$2.6 billion; if the value of cultural services is expanded to the world Population, the total value of ecosystem services can reach US$6.9 billion. In 2010, the total investment in giant panda protection was approximately US$255 million, and the output/input ratio of giant panda protection was 10.2, indicating that the ecosystem service value of giant pandas and their habitat is much higher than the investment in protection. The functional extinction of the northern white rhinoceros means that the local niche of this species has been invaded, and the corresponding ecological environment will take a long time to return to a stable state. The ecological problems derived from its butterfly effect are uncommon. It’s not just that future generations can only see the loss of this species from the picture.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This kind of extinction is doomed. Even if the fertilized eggs can be cultivated successfully, the offspring are basically inbreeding modes. Considering this long-period organism, extinction is inevitable when there are not enough populations. In fact, life on the earth is extinct every day. NAture used to have some research on biological extinction reports. This study believes that 10 to 100 species are extinct every year, and 1,000 to 10,000 will be extinct in the future, and humans are also in the so-called “sixth extinction” period. Studies have used this method to calculate that in 2000, half of the species on the earth will be extinct. However, not half of the species went extinct in 2000. In order to explain this high rate of extinction, past studies have put forward the concept of “extinction debt”, that is, the higher part of the species, although not yet extinct, is already “the walking dead” and will be extinct sooner or later. This is the case for the white rhinoceros. It has not yet become extinct, but from a biological point of view, it may have been basically doomed to extinction a few years ago or even more than a decade ago. There is also a description in the novel “Three-Body”, that is, Evans once said: Now, the extinction rate of life species on earth is much faster than that of the late Cretaceous, and now is the real era of mass extinction! This statement can almost be regarded as an academic statement, and may not be accurate, but it is true that many academics agree. Both Evans and Ye Wenjie felt that this evil of mankind could not be saved, and they had the behavior of the latter three-body party to lead the way. If the Trisolaran civilization really exists, it is estimated that Ye Wenjie and Evans will really exist in the human world.

6 months ago

Quite distressed. I hope that mankind will not engage in these smuggling and theft of wild animals for profit and selfish desire. Perhaps one day, our descendants can only recognize them in the form of text, photos and videos. These elves who have been active on the earth before. Don’t talk about natural selection. It’s really disgusting. Humans have at least accelerated the extinction process of many species. This is indisputable. To be a human being, at least say something and do something about it.

6 months ago

This is our professional stuff. First of all, let’s talk about the conclusion that the disappearance of the northern white rhino population is almost inevitable.Why? The number is too small, even if artificial breeding is done, it is difficult to keep this species, because this will involve an “inbreeding decline” problem, when the blood similarity of a species gets closer and closer, then this group Not far from extinction. What does that mean? It is inbreeding that increases the chance of being homozygous for the harmful allele, resulting in a decline in individual adaptability. If you want to mate randomly to retain the gene, the population must be at least 500. If you use the conservation method, you need to strictly control the inbreeding coefficient, and the population must be at least 200. The data of this northern white rhino is obviously far away. If it is far below this value, it is almost difficult to rescue it. So why not rescue it when the number is large? This involves the issue of economic investment. To protect a species, you need to invest millions to tens of millions of funds. Either expand the population or build a conservation farm to protect the seeds. No matter which method is used, investment is required. A lot of funds, and this investment is continuous. Once you don’t let them mate randomly, the inbreeding declines after a few generations, and the entire species will return to the state before the conservation, so it is still very difficult…unless it is to protect the species. Produce economic effects, such as giant pandas, the income brought can cover the expenditure of conservation or belong to the national strategic gene bank that is related to food security. For example, some special pig breeds in China, the state can continue to invest money to protect the species, this way It can also be kept and updated. Seeing Gao Zan’s answer and mating with the southern white rhinoceros, the problem is that the gene of the northern white rhino will be diluted, similar to the string in the dog, it is no longer Purebred, in this case, the northern white rhinoceros is equivalent to disappearing… It is quite difficult to produce a species. It requires the environment to screen the mutant genes, and then continue to accumulate. It takes a long time in the process, from several decades It won’t happen until thousands of years.

6 months ago

Thanks for the invitation. Usually, whether a species has reached extinction is not determined by a handful of numbers. Scientifically speaking, it is said to be called the “extinction threshold”, which means that when this species is lower than this value, it will be extinct after a few generations without the help of external forces. I believe this is based on the theory that “inbreeding is easily mentally retarded”, so there is almost no way to extinction of some species. But it is not impossible, cloning is one of them. If you really don’t have the ability to reproduce offspring, you might as well clone it first, and clone until there is a way, there will always be a way, right?

6 months ago

There is no way that under the joint blow of the ultimate creature Homo sapiens and Artiodactylus, the anger of the brothers of the Ododactylus is exhausted.
With the development of science and technology in human society, domestic horses have lost their previous transportation and warfare functions. It is not worthy to lift shoes for Homo erectus. The wild horse is too unpromising. In the future, the zebra in Africa may be the only star of Perissodactyla.

6 months ago

Every rhino is the king of his territory, and the rhino horn is their crown. “A picture book that sheds tears every time the children in the class talk about it, a species that makes everyone worried. I hope that Sudan’s daughter and granddaughter can become this species. The greatest hope in the world is to cherish and how much happiness can be enjoyed. It depends on whether you know how to cherish, cherish everything you have, cherish life, cherish time, cherish the emotions between people, and cherish the small and beautiful existence. ​Excessive use of plastic products causes white pollution, industrial emissions, and causes The pollution of the water source in China has caused the destruction of our homes! Many animals are on the verge of extinction due to pollution! Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment! Start with me!!!

6 months ago

First, it is stated that species extinction and species discovery are very natural laws. Some people are so “white left” that they feel that it is all human beings’ fault, that human beings should be extinct, human beings are too ugly. People with this kind of thinking can judge themselves. After all, morality is a restraint on the individual rather than teaching others, and asking others to change to satisfy your selfish hypocrisy. The birth and development of mankind are the laws of nature, and they are part of the environment and nature. Did you all descend into this world by air? Have the great power of God of Creation? Beyond the Three Realms, not among the Five Elements? Extremely ridiculous. You can’t even throw away the stones under your feet, or you will have no place to stand. We are connected with everything in the world and cannot lose anything in the world. We are one, friends. Your kindness stems from arrogance, selfishness, and hypocrisy. Because the so-called destruction of the environment itself is a false proposition, because all our actions imply the laws of nature, and everyone who wants to accuse human beings for their actions is simply wronged. Because this is a human behavior developed under the laws of nature. Your accusation is to ask human beings to erase all the marks from the beginning of their birth, like gods, to make the world more “natural”, which is really ridiculous. Now you demand that humans have infinite power to forcibly protect this species from extinction. This is against the laws of nature. Humans do not have such powerful power yet. You are too arrogant. You are asking humans to do what they do. Not to be. Imagine that one day human beings can do such a thing. I wonder if you will still stand on the sacred moral high ground, accusing human beings of “destroying nature”, you arrogant ghosts. I have seen a lot of people’s dissatisfaction with me. Frankly speaking, I look down on you hypocritical guys. I hate you guys who want to explode in place of human beings and want aliens to take over the earth’s “Hate People Party”. Anthropocentrism and environmentalism disgust me. My view on environmental protection is that we should do a good job of research in this area, as long as it does not affect the normal life of human beings. Those “moral noble” people, I hope you can remember that morality is self-discipline, not law. He didn’t curse us for violent death, and told us not to eat this or that, and tell us every day that we are guilty and why we are not dead. These words and deeds of you are like mosquitoes buzzing in your ears, making people irritable and disgusting.

6 months ago

Although, countless animals and plants have been extinct and disappeared in the waves of history. Most people have never seen it in person, and don’t feel anything. However, witnessing the extinction of a species still makes people cry. After tens of thousands of years of ups and downs, and the difficult evolution of the food chain where the weak and the strong eat, and finally entering the pinnacle of evolution, the journey of life came to an abrupt end. Apart from becoming pets like cats and dogs, besides going to the zoo and going to the table, what other options do they have?

6 months ago

Frozen, as long as it is not melted, it cannot be determined that it is extinct, and then after a major breakthrough in genetic technology, Schrödinger’s set, but to be honest, does it matter whether it is extinct or not? At least in my eyes, this matter is meaningless. I think it’s more important to consider whether I use cabbage or white radish to make the bottom of the pot today. Recently, I suddenly fell in love with shabu-shabu. If I study this stuff, I should eat it. It seems to be more interesting, as long as I don’t let me eat

6 months ago

Far more than rhinos, the odd-toed order is probably the same. Originally, it has been suppressed by the even-toed order for tens of millions of years because of Tai Chi. Later, as the evolution tends to become large-scale, it has been renewed in more than one million years. The rising human hunting was actually on the brink of extinction before industrialization. If human biotechnology is advancing faster, it can save some. In this way, horses are actually lucky.

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