Admitted to Zhejiang Shuangfei graduate student, undergraduate is also Zhejiang Shuangfei one, Chinese language and literature. The schools for postgraduate entrance examinations are ranked in the top three in the province. Graduate majors are biased towards education, but they can also take public examinations. The civil servants tested were the writing posts of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau in a small county in Zhejiang’s hometown.

Civil servants have passed the physical examination, and postgraduates are going to be admitted.

I hope someone from here will give me an opinion. Thank you

Seeing the suggestions everyone gave me, thank you very much! The subject wanted to perfect the information. The civil servant was admitted as a civil servant in a county in Lishui, southern Zhejiang, my hometown. But I have been preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination last year. It can be said that the post of civil servant is to test the report. After the postgraduate entrance examination, there is half a month to review. It can be said that I did not have a detailed understanding of the position in the early stage. The subject’s written test results are very average. After all, the test is basically naked, but the language skills are good, and the interview results are ranked in the top of the county. The postgraduate exam is indeed Zhejiang Normal University. Don’t worry about whether Zhejiang Normal University is the top three in the province. Maybe it is the top five in the province. The major is Chinese International Education.

The main entanglement of the question is that I do want to take the civil service examination in the future, but the postgraduate entrance examination is also to have a postgraduate degree. You can take the road of selection and transfer in Zhejiang Province and go directly to the unit in the urban area. This is the plan. But this year I didn’t expect to inadvertently insert the willows into the willows. It may be because of the relatively small job competition. In addition, the law enforcement bureau is limited to the required examinations this year. There are only a dozen applicants for my position, so I went ashore inexplicably. The postgraduate re-examination is far away, and I can only grasp what is in front of me, so I tried hard to pass the interview and the physical examination. Now that I return to work in the county law enforcement bureau, I may be assigned to the township to exercise for a year or two. I can already imagine the future life with unwillingness and regret. The subject of the question is a relatively motivated and strong person. He is a host at the university and a student union cadre, which may make it difficult for me to mess around. This is also the point of my pain, and now I feel a little bit too high to be too low. I don’t have the courage to give up this civil servant position, and I am afraid that after three years of postgraduate studies, I may not be able to get admitted to the urban post. Because it is difficult to adjust majors, it is impossible to read part-time while working this year. I chose to go to the civil service for more reasons. I have given up hearing that I must be recorded in the integrity file during the current inspection period, so there should be no other choice. The subject intends to work hard to be admitted to part-time postgraduates in the second half of the year while still having the foundation. After three years, the selection will be taken. What will happen in the future, maybe, thank you for your suggestions, thank you! May everyone live a happy life.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

My colleague, in 2014, was admitted to our unit (provincial vertical) and the graduate student of China University of Mining and Technology (211). As I said, I gave up graduate school. I asked him, “Do you regret it?” He said he regretted it, but now The regret was already expected at the time, that is, I knew that there would be such regret when making a choice, but this kind of regret is the kind of “eat the bowl and look at the pot”. The subject has two choices: one is a dual non-graduate student, and the other is a county civil servant. As he said, it is difficult to have the courage to give up a civil servant, but he is unwilling to be afraid that he will not be a listed civil servant after graduation. The subject, you have to understand one thing: these two paths may determine your lifelong direction! It’s really important. I don’t mean to point to any path, because you know the pros and cons better than anyone else and you need to choose by yourself. If you choose a civil servant, you may have to stay in the county for a lifetime. Your parents will be very happy. They want you to be by your side. Choosing a graduate student, your future is slim and at the same time infinitely possible. Perhaps there will be a higher level and fly to a higher sky. Choose there, no matter which path you choose, go on firmly!

6 months ago

The answer to the subject is more straightforward, I hope the subject will not be unhappy. Normally, this seems to be a sweet annoyance, but to be honest, it’s actually okay… The major of Zhejiang Normal University Han Education is not a good one. The reason why the subject did not take the Chinese language and literature test is probably to seek stability. After all, it is not pure Chinese language and literature. Compared with the Chinese language and literature of Zhejiang Normal University, the difficulty is much worse. The Chinese language and literature major of Zhejiang Normal University ranks second only to Zhejiang University in Zhejiang. Although the geographical location is not as good as that of Hangzhou Normal University, there is no doubt about the subject strength. As far as public examination is concerned, Chinese teaching is incomparable to Chinese language and literature. The subject of this question should have a good idea. After graduating from a master’s degree, in terms of the difficulty of the public examination, it may even appear that it is better to register as an undergraduate. As we all know, Zhejiang is really lazy, at least in the setting of professional catalogs, it is typically very tricky. Master Master has been out for more than ten years, and still ignores Master Master in the professional setting. All special masters are directly thrown into the category. As a result, a large number of master and master candidates can only choose major categories when applying for the exam. And restricting the positions of the first-level disciplines, even if the number of applicants is small, only drooling is left. In the 21st year, the major reform of the Zhejiang civil service examination professional catalog has resulted in a large number of engineering masters who have no jobs to report. People have to question such a well-developed area in Zhejiang. At the same time, the professional catalog setting of Guangdong Province is definitely a conscience! In the directory setting of Guangdong Province, the same type of masters and masters are merged into the corresponding first-level disciplines. The Pearl River Delta is really awesome. Reminder: Students who are interested in Zhejiang civil servants/professionals should try their best to take the master’s degree, otherwise they can only apply for the general category when applying in the future. And the difficulty of competition in the big category is simply the devil’s difficulty. Regarding the county seat of Lishui, Lishui is relatively backward in Zhejiang. But the subject is working in the county of his hometown, so it should be quite perfect. The additional work is also a writing post, which is highly compatible with the professional background of the subject, and can write good materials within the system, and there are many opportunities in the future. In a comprehensive comparison, the master’s degree in Chinese education at Zhejiang Normal University has improved a lot for the subject, but it is very general. Therefore, selection work is more preferable. In addition, after the physical examination and political review, it is not recommended to give up. This is because after the political trial is passed, no renewal is made. Moreover, each province has different policy inclination in this area, so it is best to treat it with caution.

6 months ago

If the purpose of the postgraduate examination is ultimately for the public examination, then decisively choose civil servants. In the civil service examination, most positions start from undergraduates, and the postgraduate majors studied by the subject may not have a great advantage for the current civil service examinations. Therefore, it is still recommended that you directly choose civil servants. The reasons are here~ 1. The subject of the question is for non-full graduate students, and it is very difficult to take the directional selection after graduation. I am now taking an examination of ordinary civil servant positions. After I have finished my postgraduate studies, if I apply for civil servant positions, there are very few directional selection positions, and the subject of the question is still in the direction of education, so the choices will be more limited. Therefore, there is a high probability that civil servants will need to be tested from the beginning. Each year, the test results are different, the question types will also be different, and there are too many variables. Instead of waiting for an unknown possibility, it is better to seize the opportunity to go ashore for the public examination. 2. After the public examination goes ashore, there will be opportunities to continue to participate in the selection examination in the future. We can apply for the selection examination only three years after the public examination has landed. You can apply to the provincial capital city or the urban area. If you are not satisfied with the environment after the examination, you can prepare for the selection early. There will be talent return programs in some places. If you want to return to your hometown in the future, you can also apply for transfer in accordance with relevant requirements. Our company has a small partner from Zhejiang. He is a civil servant from another place. He has already applied for this year. It is estimated that he will be able to be transferred back to his hometown in Zhejiang by the end of the year. The benefits will be directly overturned. Therefore, there are still opportunities to take the exam after transfer. 3. The subject of the question is the County Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, and it is not necessary to go to the township to exercise. I just saw a comment from a small partner that the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau is urban management. In fact, this is not the case. The County Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau is a secondary institution of the Market Supervision Bureau. Its main function is to comprehensively handle various cases in the law enforcement process, including cases. Source registration, issuance of penalty decisions, etc. There are some small partners who need to be sent to the grassroots agencies, but most of them will stay in the bureau. And now, some county-level units have merged the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau and the Inspection Brigade into a Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade. Relatively speaking, they are more professional, mainly because they deal with more cases. In fact, in the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, you can still learn a lot of knowledge. For example, some of our local business experts, and most of the provincial-level case-handling experts come from the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau. In the early stage, you can work hard to adapt to the environment, accumulate more professional knowledge, and have the opportunity to take another exam in the future. 4. The subject of the subject is currently in the political review stage, and abandonment may be recorded in the integrity file. Even in some places, candidates who choose to give up halfway will require that they not be able to re-apply for civil servants in the province within a few years. The impact on individuals is still relatively large. If you have passed the political review process, but if you fail to get admitted, it will be recorded in the integrity file, which will also have an impact on your future application. After admission, you refuse to report to the hiring agency without a valid reason, and you will not be allowed to participate in similar exams within five years. In some places, it’s two years, and the friends should come according to the announcement. If you give up all aspects of the interview or physical examination, inspection, publicity, and filing on the day of the interview, and you want to give up the admission qualification, you should consult the recruitment unit as soon as possible, apply, and proceed in accordance with the regulations of civil servant recruitment to avoid being recorded. Enter the integrity file, each local policy is different, and the friends will come according to the actual situation. As the subject of the question said, after working, you can also take the postgraduate exam, and apply for the civil service exam, including the future selection. Most positions are recognized. There is a small partner by my side who only got a postgraduate degree this year. Just to take other selection exams in the future. The most appropriate choice at the moment is to propose a safe and secure job. If you have other ideas, try hard. You must learn more business knowledge in the early stage, and you need to be hard-working. The course of the future is in your own hands, my friends, come on! !

6 months ago

It is recommended to choose civil servants. If the ultimate goal of the subject is to test the public, there is no doubt that choosing a civil servant is a more wise choice now. In addition, the majors of graduate students are biased towards education, and the civil service examinations are less prone to education. On the contrary, undergraduate majors in Chinese language and literature recruit more people. Because there are too many civil servants who need to write materials. If you want to rely on graduate majors to choose a suitable position after graduation, it may be a little unclear. What if the position of the year is not recruited for this position? So they may not be able to take advantage of this profession. There are already many positions available for civil service examination undergraduate majors. If you want to struggle with your academic qualifications, you can prepare part-time after joining a civil servant. Many of the friends who used to take public exams are after entering the civil servants, in order to make up for their lack of academic qualifications or to complete their graduate dreams. I chose to take the postgraduate exam. After three years of smooth graduation, you can get a diploma. If you are currently promoted to a leadership position, your undergraduate degree is enough. If you are not a dedicated full-time graduate student, it is recommended that you first enter the job and then upgrade your degree. The earlier civil servants start their jobs, the more they have an advantage. One is the advantage of age. Nowadays, many civil servants are promoted based on age, because under normal circumstances, it is also required that the number of leading cadres in a place is young, under 30 or under 35. Now more attention is paid to the promotion of young cadres, training young cadres, and supplementing the backbone. Therefore, if you enter the civil service immediately after graduation and work for a few years, you may have less experience if you enter the civil service with a graduate student who has just graduated. So will you promote a freshly hired civil servant or someone who has worked for several years and has basic work experience? If you stay in the civil service for a long time, you will find that age is really a sham. To check the announcement of selection or selection, you will find that some directly require under 28 years of age, or under 30 years of age. How many years will it take to be competent or above? A large wave of overaged people was stopped at once. If you are employed as soon as you graduate, you have many choices. The subject said that his verbal expression is not bad, the advantage is relatively motivated and strong, who is the host at the university and also the student union cadre. Explain that the subject also has advantages in writing, as well as good interpersonal communication. Such talents are easily valued in the unit. Because many units like to write well, that is, a pen. If you like to be positive and motivated, you will be able to work, and if you are good at socializing, it is even more icing on the cake. I believe there are certain advantages in the workplace. If you start early, you will have an advantage in age, combined with your own abilities, and you will have more chances of being promoted. If you don’t want to stay in the county all the time and want to go to the city, you can also move through selection. Although the selection method also requires competition to pass, at least civil servants and civil servants compete. It is also unclear what the employment situation will be after graduate school graduates. Maybe they will expand their enrollment, or they may recruit fewer people. In addition, if it is stated in the announcement that if you do not go to the political review committee to enter the file, it will be even more worth the loss. So cherish this opportunity for employment. Of course, if you choose a postgraduate to continue your studies, it is also an option. I worked hard to learn more knowledge during my graduate school, and after graduation, I also had more choices in employment positions. Perhaps afterwards I was not so persistent in civil service positions and chose a better career. Civil servants are also a kind of profession. The welfare benefits are generally upper-middle and not the highest in the local area, but the relative welfare benefits are relatively stable. If you choose a graduate student, you may be admitted to a better position after graduation. So no matter which option you choose in the end, as long as you don’t forget your original intention and work hard. I believe I will have a bright future. As long as you keep the heart of continuous learning and be positive, I believe that your life will be colorful.

6 months ago

Civil servants, really don’t hesitate anymore. There is a school girl. She was in the same situation as you back then. Both civil servants and postgraduate entrance examinations were accepted. In the end, she was very firm in choosing civil servants. At that time, there were several graduate students who competed with her, and the major of the graduate students was the major she tested, that is, the senior sister. You said that you were not angry. Of course, my school girl finally gave them out. What’s more, the academic qualifications are now serious. Many positions require graduate students at every turn, and undergraduates have to go to graduate school. There are still many people who want to take the postgraduate entrance examination before going to the civil service examination. This is unnecessary. The annual provincial and national examinations require postgraduates. Most of them are undergraduates and above, which is really not worth it. In fact, I don’t recommend that civil servants and graduates are energetic and capable students can skip this sentence, but most people can’t cope with it. Undergraduate students, there are several such, the last two are empty-handed, both of which must be prepared, it is really a waste of energy. Still the same sentence, you have to decide for yourself. If you want to study for a Ph.D. or go to a business after the postgraduate entrance examination, it is still wrong to study for three years, and you will definitely gain.

6 months ago

This is me six years ago. Choose GWY. I have been regretting it during the five-year minimum service period. Always thinking about the age at which you can read, why not read? Then with the idea of ​​studying hard, I won the CPA+CTA+Intermediate. As a result, I was pregnant with the eldest when I was about to be a teacher. I was pregnant with my second child when I was preparing for the master test. Read more and think more. Life is like this, and it won’t be completely on the path of prediction. Last July, at the end of five years, I wrote a poem to commemorate: the minimum service period of five years, the third division and the second child insurance. I wanted to fascinate, but there were already seven in twenty. Where is the pride of the past, and the world has sighed goodbye several times. After years of nowhere to try Frost Blade, I am willing to enter Shaolin to hold a broomstick. The letter was handed in half a month ago. There are always well-meaning people who will persuade me not to resign, thinking that I have never been beaten up by society. In fact, I have worked outside before, and now I have done it within the system, without regrets. Some friends have an idea: go to the society and receive a severe beating, and you won’t have complaints about gwy’s work. But I think the reverse is also possible: I’ve really done gwy, and maybe I don’t think “beating” is “beating” when I go out. The mentality will be more peaceful, because there will be no guesses about the system. Everyone has their own trajectory, which deserves respect. good luck.

6 months ago

Let me tell you a real case. In 2017, our colleague’s child was admitted to our company and also admitted to a 211 graduate student. He was also very entangled at the time. Which one to choose? His parents hope He works, but he still wants to go to graduate school. At that time, he came to ask me how to choose. The advice I gave him was that he could work first. If he still wants to study after work, he can go to an in-service graduate student, such as an MBA, but He felt that working graduate students were too weak, and later went to graduate school, and then graduated last year and ran into the epidemic. She entangled and decided to apply for our company, but unfortunately she didn’t even enter the interview, and then she didn’t find anything else. Work, this year, I applied to the public institution and took the civil service exam. Now I am preparing for our company’s exam. And even if I was admitted to our company this year, I have to go to the township for more than 10 years… In his words, she said three years ago. It’s just the brain gets water + the head is caught by the door + the head is kicked by the donkey…

6 months ago

Judging from your current situation, it is best for you to choose a civil servant in the county. Although this is not in line with your strong character. Civil servants who choose the county seat may stay in the county seat for the rest of their lives. But for the profession you are studying, the most profitable profession must be civil servants. As for civil servants in the urban area, the competitors you are facing may be very strong, and there are no shortage of competitors from famous universities such as Zhejiang University. Competing with them, your chances of winning are indeed lower. However, even if you are a civil servant in the county, the improvement of your academic qualifications will still bring you a salary increase or promotion opportunities. It may be too late to say this, that is, before the retest, you can contact the school to transfer to non-full graduate students. Now you can also contact the school to see if there is room for operation, even if there is not, don’t care too much, after all, it is not very difficult.

6 months ago

Of course, civil servants are elected. Judging from the situation described, there is a high probability that you will be admitted to a double non-graduate student in the future. But civil servants are not necessarily. This is a competitive examination. The next time you encounter a strong player, you may not be able to pass it once. Then calculate the economic account. The income of civil servants in Zhejiang is still good. Three years of salary PK three years of zero income, isn’t it fragrant? If you want to go to graduate school, you can also work part-time, which is much more cost-effective. You may be admitted to a better school if you take a heavy time. As long as you maintain a good learning state, think positively, work hard, and be good at summarizing, and then insist on taking the selection examination, the road ahead will be very broad. Of course, if you insist on academic research, you can continue to study for postgraduate studies.

6 months ago

As long as you are not fishing for postgraduate exams this year, and you are not taking exams for schools like Qingbei C9, which is not a school with a lot of books, basically the problem is not big. Not to mention the majority, it is quite common for you to go to 30-40%. For civil service examinations, if you are not an exam tyrant with a test return of 80 or more, you are not a master of writing in the comprehensive stocks for three or four years, your major is not a natural choice major such as computer, which is recruited by almost every unit. Let’s not talk about national exams. It is normal and common for the admission rate of 1% to go down, even if it is the provincial examination of basic units (police, prisons, etc.). I have seen a lot of written exams and the first interview was defeated by the anti-kill mentality. Yes, it is basically half by strength and half by luck. Now three special recruits for one support post should be considered as competitive Yali Club, but it is still not simple. IMHO, under the same conditions, the school graduate students and the unit official ape (for example, a 211 corresponds to a better unit of the municipal or district direct ), compared with the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination, he is simply a younger brother

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