The older generation (such as my father) likes a life without sinners, is obedient to the leader, is committed to my relatives, and likes to teach me to live like him. Call it: Don’t sin against anyone, you will suffer a big loss if you don’t do this.

But now, I like to make them face-to-face when it comes to leadership and the university student union (such as the authority in my father’s eyes, etc.). For example, the leader limit is changed by one; the student’s 4D review is not written; the instructor is aware of the recording process, and the report is processed, and the Internet public opinion is used to ferment…

In short, half-fabricated and half-real cases will be used to encourage others to bravely face up, rather than being stubborn with the concept of not establishing an enemy.

To talk about it, our unit originally used the CCB card to pay wages, but then suddenly said that it was changed to an ICBC card to pay wages. ICBC staff came to us to apply for the card. Anyway, I don’t know why, saying that my ID card has already been issued with an ICBC card. It is from Zhejiang Province. The name is different from mine, but the ID number is the same. So the staff said that I need to go to the counter to check it out. At that time, I asked it specifically. It’s okay to go to the counter to check it out. The staff said it’s okay. I don’t know why someone with a different name will apply for my ID card. So I deliberately asked for leave and went to the bank. After all, it was a salary card. You can’t do it either. I’m afraid of other things. I also brought my household registration book and ID card. Because my mother works in the public security system, I also called my mother and asked why my ID number and people are heavy. My mother said, I checked, your number is the only one in the whole country. So I felt relieved to go to the business hall. But when I arrived at the business hall, the teller said, you can’t do it. Someone has done it in a different place. You have to go to the police station to open a bunch of proofs. At first, I tried to explain with good words. I said which unit I belonged to. Your staff told me that it was okay. The cabinet sister just insisted that she couldn’t do it. At this time, I was in a hurry. I was very loud at the time. I said I would complain to you. Even if my account number is replaced by someone to apply for the card, it is because your bank is not strictly audited. My ID number is only one in the country. What is the audit, and is your own staff said that it can be done? I specifically asked for leave, so what about tossing people to play? ! At this time, suddenly a bank leader came out and asked about the situation, and then suddenly my card can be processed smoothly? However, after applying for the card, I don’t know why, but I still use the CCB card to pay wages. . . The ICBC card that I worked so hard to handle was useless at all. So, look, there is still a need for leverage. In the past few days, some bank practitioners suggested that I bring all the documents. What else do I need to investigate the account opening image? I didn’t prepare the materials to make trouble. What else can I bring with me besides my ID card? Where do I go for this account opening image, a common man? I have never been to the south and opened an account thousands of miles away. I have to go to Zhejiang to find this person? According to this statement, I really feel an infinite loop. I can’t handle this card in my life. I personally think that even if there are historical reasons for the current situation, it will cause trouble for a small number of people. It is not because the card was loose in the past, but now the card is strict, and these people get stuck in applying for the card later, and let these people provide something that can’t be provided at all. There should also be such a policy that we can’t let us pay for this historical issue. After all, how are we? I also borrowed an answer from the master, I think it makes sense. We recommend Gang, but the premise of Gang. One is that you do make sense, and the other is that you can solve the problem for you just now. I felt reasonable at the time, I just got there, and the problem was solved. It’s that simple.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It’s a coincidence that I just finished with someone last night. I went home at night and wanted to buy a piece of stinky tofu at the gate of the community. I asked the price. The boss said that the small portion costs 5 yuan and 8 yuan tofu, and the large portion costs 10 yuan and 18 yuan tofu. I said that I want a large portion. He just made it for me and exploded 18 yuan. Then put it in the paper bowl for me. After 12 yuan, the paper bowl was full and couldn’t fit, so he first fished out the rest from the oil pan and put it in the oil filter basket. Then use scissors to cut some of the paper bowls. Now there is more space in the paper bowl, and then 4 more from the oil filter basket and placed in the paper bowl, and then I added seasonings to me, I said There are two pieces left. He said that the two pieces were left after being blown up by others just now. I said that I saw them really. You gave me 16 pieces if you exploded them. He didn’t recognize me. He said, let’s take out the pickles in this bowl and count them, and he said, forget it, these two pieces will be given to you. Then I put it in a paper bowl again, I said you don’t want to give it away, I bought it for 18 yuan, you gave me 16 yuan, originally you made a mistake, how old are you? Fang seems to be. He said nothing, and I left. You see, I lost two pieces of stinky tofu when it was not positive.

8 months ago

Just talk about one thing that just happened today. The bank card is locked, I go to the business hall to unlock it. In a medium-sized business hall, the lobby manager, four women and one man, remained motionless in the lobby. The employees of the six wealth management agencies chatted one after another. I went in and the idle staff ignored me, yes, I handled it on the self-service machine. Young people, you can find the right procedure by tapping twice more. After resetting the password, a staff member is required to authorize the kiosk, and the system also prompts that the relevant staff member has been notified. After waiting for two minutes, none of the staff came over. I beckoned to a lobby manager, looked at the machine, and said that the authorized person was not there, after I clearly told my needs and I remembered the bank card password. After a prevarication, I called my manual number and asked me to wait for a while. I’ll take a look at the counter, good fellow. The only three counters were closed for two. I asked again if there is any other solution, and the answer I got is still to go to the manual window. I sat on the sofa and waited for five minutes without calling a new number, and there were seven people in front of me, looking at the ten or so idle workers, thinking that the bank was driving with the money I had deposited. Several times the leverage, earning nearly 25% of the annualized interest, but let me delay the whole afternoon because of the two-minute small business. My anger surged up, thinking about how to clean up these staff. I found a complaint channel in the lobby and looked directly at the regional complaint hotline, the outlet complaint hotline, and a private phone number that I kept. In less than a few seconds, I felt the eyes of the dozen or so idle workers locked on me. I don’t know where to come out, a person like a foreman walked up to me very quickly, and politely and enthusiastically asked my needs. The service of the foreman makes people feel like a spring breeze, and the anger is resolved by the thoughtful service without two anger. I was taken to the wealth management window to unlock it, and my neighbors kindly informed me that I only need to enter the correct password once to unlock it. “It’s that simple? Are these employees dumb just now?” Anger +1 was unfortunate, and the card was completely locked. You can only reset the password, and the staff of the financial management department told you to go to the self-service machine. The anger +1 neighbouring class then led me to the kiosk, and called to the employee who prevaricated me before coming over to help me handle it. Three clicks and five divides two and proceed to the application permission interface, “It turns out that these people are all clear, but they are completely shirking work and perfunctory customers.” I thought it would take a while for the authorized person to come out, but I didn’t expect that they had just applied. People came out with the pad. Authorization-sign confirmation-get the black question mark right? I’m still taking Nuwa to fill the sky, or Jingwei to fill the sea! Unexpectedly, it was easier than putting a P. After asking me if I had any other business to handle, several of their employees crowded me out the door. But I was not happy, and I became even more angry under the huge contrast between the front and the back. If I don’t know the bank is making a lot of money with our deposits, can I have the confidence to defend my rights with the bank. If I didn’t think about complaining to them, would my problem be resolved normally? Obviously not. Now the whole society has opened up channels to promote harmony and maintain fairness and justice from the system. Otherwise, there will be no situation that makes them tremble just by looking at the complaint call. The front of young people just represents the practical significance of eliminating “ghosts” in the new era, represents the new generation’s unremitting pursuit of a good social order and a better life, and represents the courage of new individuals not only to take care of themselves, but also to courage and fight. . This is the blessing of the nation and the country. Thanks to everyone who fights against bad phenomena, and everyone who dares to be positive. Because of your existence, the whole society can be more beautiful.

8 months ago

Because this enemy does not exist. Half a year ago, I went to the administrative service center to do business, which required a lot of certification materials. I made a list according to the content on the Internet, and brought all the certification materials according to the requirements of the original copy on the list. Things went well. The staff at the window told me to wait a few days before proceeding to the next step. Some materials will be collected at that time, so I took out the list I made before and asked him what he needed to bring in time. Help me tick it out on the paper. When the time is up, I will go to the administrative service center for the next step. The window is a female staff member. After checking the materials, I said that I have one of the certification materials that I need to bring the original for comparison and review. I was stunned, and said to my heart that I prepared according to the materials your staff said. The staff only checked out the copy, and I confirmed it with him on the spot. Because the administrative service center is generally relatively biased, it takes 40 to 50 minutes to drive past. I basically get noon when I re-queue again and again. If I don’t queue until the afternoon, I have to continue running, so I communicated with the staff. Can you be accommodating? The female staff at the window hadn’t spoken yet. The last time the staff just came out of the room and sat down at the window next door. Hearing our conversation squinted at me, I had a bad attitude and said that you didn’t bring all the materials and how to be accommodating. Go back and get it by yourself. I got angry all of a sudden. I turned on the video recording function of my mobile phone in advance. I took out the list of other circles and put it in the window. I said that it was the material you checked last time. I asked you if that’s all. You tell me personally. Yes I am. Unexpectedly, when he sat on a stool, his attitude became worse, and he started to torture me. It probably meant that he would not be wrong. I must have made a mistake or just used a piece of paper to fool people. Let me go back quickly and don’t delay everyone. time. In the end, he said smoothly, mixed with a few impolite tones. Now I didn’t get angry anymore. I said that I don’t want to ask the female staff member at the window after chatting with you: “Can you ask your person in charge to come out? I want to discuss something with him. If he is unwilling to solve this problem I called the mayor’s hotline and report calls, including the report call of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision.” So she immediately turned and entered the office, and the male staff on the side was still sitting in a chair and squinted at me when she saw it, and said weirdly that it must be me. I made a mistake and said that I don’t know how to deal with these things. After a while, the person in charge ran out. After the person in charge came, I talked about the general situation, and then pointed to the monitoring of the administrative service center and said: “The monitoring of the previous few days should be there. We can’t adjust the monitoring. Come out and see if I took out this piece of paper and asked him to tick off materials. Even if he can’t see which ones he hooked, we can count how many he hooks.” Then I asked the person in charge : “He can’t do it manually 10 times. I only have 10 ticks on this paper, but he just said he did 11 ticks.” The person in charge probably guessed that it was caused by the staff’s own problems. So I asked my appeal, and I said it was very simple. Ask the staff member to apologize to me. The attitude must be sincere. At the beginning, he was not very willing. When I didn’t apologize, what kind of attitude would you take to me. So I raised my phone and said that it was obviously your mistake that caused me to lose time and money. I lost all your words during the whole process. It’s recorded. Would you like me to post the video to the Internet after calling the mayor’s hotline and reporting calls, so that everyone can appreciate your attitude and national curse? When I finished speaking, I clicked on the video to maximize the sound. When I pulled it down, his sentence came out clearly from the phone: “Fuck, I didn’t bring any materials, but can he blame me, who are these people?” It is that he apologized for his mistake, whether he wanted it or not, I don’t know, he was very sincere anyway. Then he and the person in charge sent me all the way to the door, apologizing and persuading me not to post videos to avoid unnecessary impact. The person in charge also said that they could subsidize the taxi fare at their own expense. In the past, people always thought that the place where the certificate was issued was the housekeeper, and that it was enough to be patient in everything, but in fact? Compromise and forbearance cannot be exchanged for equality, only resistance can be exchanged for equality.

8 months ago

Thirty or forty years ago, the vice minister said to my dad: Director Li, wait a minute for your welfare house allocation. Our department minister’s son has just been transferred, so let’s give it to him first. It looks good, and I will help you more next time. Apply for 10 square meters. My father counts, yes, this is a good deal. After waiting for half a year, I was given a larger apartment again. Now, our supervisor said to me: Xiao Li, the overall performance of our group this year is not ideal. Your commission can only be paid out 80% of the original. Ah, be considerate of the company. After all, it is not easy for the company to pay us wages. It is also causing the epidemic. Let’s understand each other. I put it together, my mortgage, car loan, credit card, baby’s milk powder, diapers, everything is money, but I’m afraid of losing my job, just bear it. When the salary was paid, it really lost a lot of money. Older people, bow down and bend their legs in order to jump higher, jump farther, and ask for more. The new generation of young people, we can’t stand up even if we want to, we just press our heads to squat down, and ask us to sing to conquer. Can it be the same? Moreover, the times have changed. Before, there was less personnel movement, social relations were relatively fixed, and the process of urbanization was not so strong. If a person resists too fiercely, he may die in a fixed environment. People will worry about this. Young people nowadays have many more channels and ways to make friends, and there are many more choices for work. It’s not good to say that everyone who struggles in the city alone is in a state of half-community death, and I can’t retreat. Withdraw, I can start again at any time. Why can’t you be positive for your own benefit? Also, why do we have to be positive? Because my rights have been violated, I defend my rights, am I right? There are many unspoken rules in society, but why they are unspoken rules, just can’t get on the stage, right, we live to make our lives happier, more quality and content, I don’t want to I am wrong to feel wronged by myself. If I were to live according to the unspoken rules set by others, then I would be unhappy. If the young people are as smooth as the old, how sad is this society without any blood? I am very happy, the consciousness of the young man is awakened. Teachers once said: Compromise and tolerance can not be exchanged for equality, only resistance can be exchanged for equality. Did you all listen to what the teacher said?

8 months ago

At the beginning of man, nature was evil. Say two little things. The first case occurred in 2012. The students in the same dormitory asked to bring meals, and I agreed. After eating in the cafeteria, I touched my pocket and only 7 yuan remained. That was 2012, and WeChat Alipay was not as popular as it is now. The students in the same dormitory didn’t say what to eat, so buy the cheapest plain noodles for 7 yuan. At that time, the cafeteria was almost over, and there was a 35-year-old eldest sister who was busy going around. She was probably too tired. When she heard me say that she wanted some plain noodles. There was no response, and I was busy myself. I thought she didn’t hear it, so I waited for a while. When she finished cleaning up the front desk, I said again: “Come on with a bowl of plain noodles. It’s the 7-yuan bowl of shredded pork with pickled vegetables.” She actually said in a sarcastic tone: “Nothing. .” Then murmured, as if ironically that I didn’t have money, and I still picked this kind of cheap noodles. This kind of woman is typically half-tired, angry in her heart, or dissatisfied with why she works in a cafeteria…In short, her anger is unsatisfactory, so let me get mad. At that time, I came up fiercely, roaring loudly, so loudly that the whole cafeteria could hear it. As for what it said, I forgot. Then she was suppressed, dare not say a word. The second thing happened last month. A courier sent me an important document. This guy didn’t even call me hello, but sent it directly to the gatekeeper in the opposite community. Then I received a text message asking me to pick up the courier. When I came to the gatekeeper of the opposite community, the gatekeeper was an old lady. I didn’t know, there was no express delivery. Then I called the courier and said where did you send me? Courier: “I sent you to the opposite community. Didn’t you see the text message?” In a rhetorical tone, it seems to be good if it can be delivered to you. Why are you picking and choosing? I said I didn’t find it, and the old lady of the doorman said no. Express: “Why not? You can ask again!” Okay, pause. I swear to Deng that the above are all real experiences and real records. Many of them are compiled on Zhihu. These two things are true. The quality of most Chinese service personnel is like this! It is often inexplicable, so that consumers and users suffer unwarranted disasters. If you don’t give you a cold face, or your attitude is a little better, you can score 10 points with him. Can you bear this kind of beast? I immediately yelled and cursed on the phone again. The cursing was awful and even worse than him! He was taken aback when he saw me like this, and continued to sneer without quality. I’m going to kill you directly, saying you’re going to do this again, I’m here to complain to you. Then he calmed down and waited another 10 minutes for him to come over, and he really got the courier from the doorman opposite and gave it to me. Okay, did you find a new message? The old woman was lying, saying that she never took express delivery. The final conclusion: Why always encourage young people to be positive? At the beginning of man, nature is evil! Regarding the discussion of the theory of goodness of nature and the theory of evil of nature, don’t look at the discussion in the debate, it is meaningless. In real life, you can understand whether a person is good or bad in nature. Also, being old may not necessarily be virtuous. Don’t forget that the Red Guards of that generation are old. As young people, it is good for us to have sunshine in our hearts. More importantly, if you don’t get angry, they are happy, then this stagnation will make you sick over time. What is the key? Why not be positive? But it still depends on the situation: First: among your peers, you feel that you are provoking you when you meet the opposite sex. Don’t get angry. People may be teasing you, don’t explode at every turn. Second: You are in a business unit and your leader is in control of your promotion salary. Don’t be positive!

8 months ago

Once I went to Starbucks with my friend to talk about something, it was near my work. I’m a caffeine sensitive person, so I only drink low-cause latte. My friend asked me in advance what I wanted, and ordered it for me, and I took a taxi. By the time the coffee is on the table. Make sure I want the low caffeine, because I typed in the chat window and showed it to the clerk. But the clerk did something wrong, and after I finished drinking, I was dizzy and allergic. I went home and fell on the bed, asking my friend if you were damn wrong. My friend called the store to ask, turned on the monitoring, and found that he did something wrong. Then talk about compensation, three cup coupons. Just kidding, I often meet with friends and talk about things over there. Would you give me three tickets for the Chinese Cup? If I am serious, I have to go to the hospital. I asked for compensation for a cup, but I refused, always refused. Finally, I went to the store and asked to call the district manager, and finally paid me compensation. From the beginning to the end, I spoke in a very organized manner. I only need to get the compensation I want. There is no squandering, no trouble, positive response, positive protection of rights, I think there is nothing wrong with it. Now I am drinking from that cup. Although I have two or three of the Starbucks cups, this one is great because it proves that I am not a bully. One more thing, let me elaborate. As mentioned earlier, our boss deducted five yuan from me for a lesson, and then I went to talk three times, and finally got the thing. Our boss notified me temporarily before the salary was paid, that you lost 5 yuan for a lesson. As for why, the statement is very vague. My class fee is deducted layer by layer, and it is only 30%. For example, if the parents of a child pay 100 yuan for a section, I can only get 30 yuan. For me, I can’t accept it. First, if I teach this child, it will be very unbalanced, which will cause my class level to decline. Because you pay me 30 but want to have a class level of 100 yuan, I am not that great. Second, when the tuition fee is already very low, the 5 yuan accounted for a very high proportion. I have no reason to give up. Not only the five yuan, but also the salary ratio. So I went to talk to the boss three times, and the boss said, don’t worry about small money, you provide more value to the organization, and the company will not treat you badly. Those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial. Oh? Many young people eat this language, but I don’t eat it. Finally, I said that if the institution gave me such a small amount of money, I would not do it. The boss said, I’ll give it to you, anyway, it’s only five yuan. At the same time, every time there is anything wrong with the salary or the subsidy, I will question and get it. I don’t think anything is wrong with me. I have worked so hard to pay to the organization and ask them to charge high student fees at low teacher prices. I am not worthy of your five dollars? I finally got it, and also went to other institutions to work part-time calligraphy, which gave me a higher level. My work attitude is also more rigorous, serious and not slack. I want to get back my five dollars, what’s wrong? If I keep insisting, forget it, then the boss said, I will deduct 50 from you, I might get used to compromise. Being positive is because we have reason, we are not illegal money, we have the ability, we have to pay. Instead, why not reflect on it, why are companies so arrogant to squeeze young people? Do young people deserve it? Did you earn money for nothing? We consume, we pay, and there is any dissatisfaction or unreasonable part in our consumption, why can’t we bring it up? I wondered, shouldn’t all of this be reasonable? Could it be that I drank the coffee that made me uncomfortable, endured it, and then kept feeling upset in my heart, thinking that I was a bully, and then angry at myself? Do I keep being squeezed by the boss, and I have to keep my head down and work hard, wait for the boss to hire other people with a higher salary, and then kill me and avoid discussing the salary issue? It shouldn’t be, this is not the truth of the world. Why should we be bullied? Even things that are just as natural as the front are “encouraged”? We are the forces of society. We contribute to and contribute to society. Why can’t we fight for our own rights and interests? I hope everyone tells themselves at any time that I am capable, I am not good at bullying, and I don’t bully others, but others don’t want to bully me either. Fight for your own rights within your own ability. Remember, we are reasonable people.

8 months ago

Dear friends, if you encounter a complaint about express delivery, if the complaint cannot be resolved by the corresponding express company, you can directly complain to the post (not the post we usually see), but the postal industry consumers complain about the first few of the WeChat public accounts I went to Yihetang to buy milk tea. When I was about to order, the cashier asked me to use the WeChat applet to order. The two of them have been playing with their phones. I said if I don’t have any money on WeChat and I need cash to order, right? Nothing? The cashier ignored me. I didn’t have a hard time. Instead, I complained silently… Another thing was that I had to cancel broadband because of graduation a few years ago. I went to the telecom business hall and said that I wanted to cancel broadband. The staff filled in for me. After a form, I said that I would come back on the 1st of next month. I said that I would leave the city the day after tomorrow. I have to log out today. The staff said that I can express your ID to your friend and let him come. Help you handle it. I was so angry that I called the customer service on the spot to complain. What was even more annoying was that the customer didn’t even ask three questions. I just said that if I can’t log off today and I have to come back on the 1st of next month, I’ll file a complaint on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, you guys. Do it yourself. As a result, I immediately logged out

8 months ago

I’m going to eat beef tonight. It’s 55 and a half catty. The plate that I brought up looks so small. I asked the waiter, is this the only one? That’s half a catty? The service industry said, if you don’t believe me, go to the kitchen scale with me. I said, let’s go, and then the service industry will carry the meat to the scale. Once the scale is put on, well, 3.7 taels. Then the boss said, we all give it like this Yes, the entire industry does not give 5 taels. Whatever, I said, I don’t care what your industry is, if your menu says half a catty is half a catty, I don’t care about what the boss says is meat and what industry. Just standing, the boss at the back asked the kitchen to add another two yuan, 5 taels, before I took it away, grandma, you are not in the industry, what is the rate of meat production, I am not buying live cattle! So why don’t I harden steel! There was still some beef tendon and gave me a stroke. I asked if I didn’t use it. Then I told me that there was no more. Give me a refund. I said, you have to tell me, that’s it? So is the right of interpretation in your store? In short, the food is not very pleasant, and his business is not very good!

8 months ago

I went to a Hunan restaurant for dinner in November last year, during which three people ate more than 400 yuan. Among them is a dish: stir-fried seasonal vegetables for 18 yuan, and at the time of checkout, it is counted as 20 yuan. Then I asked the boss, you charged more for the vegetables, and the menu is 18 yuan. Then the boss started BBDD: “Hey, now that the business is not good, I have to fight for 2 yuan.” Finally, I must refund the money, and the boss started saying, “Hey, forget it, even if we lose, these two Forget the money”. Isn’t “marking a price clearly” not the most basic quality of business? If you want to charge more money, you have to find some reason. Tea, meals, paper towels, etc., don’t just make these 2 yuan, right? If they are forced to issue invoices, they will have to pay at least an additional 3% in taxes, right? 400 * 0.03 = 12 (Is it an exaggeration to send a portion of vegetables?) It feels like it’s not a big deal. For 2 yuan, I’m in a bad mood. but! For a while, Shinobu thinks more and more angry, and takes a step back and thinks more and more losses.

8 months ago

Because the “quotations” offered by most units are not enough to support young people’s “a hundred obedience.” Do I now support young people positively? I support. But is it supported under all conditions? It’s not. Quite simply, your unit is now starting to resume welfare housing allocation, and I immediately made the young people obey the leaders. The older generation is very obedient to their leaders. Don’t you look at what the older generation’s agencies and state-owned enterprises manage? The basic salary is not mentioned. After the employees got married, they began to line up to allocate welfare housing. Don’t offend the leader too much. Basically, you can get a good house in your life. The canteen takes care of three meals. During the holidays, ribs, hairtail, rice, noodles, grains and oils are all served by employees. At least you don’t need to go to the supermarket to buy them. Then there were quite a few units at that time with affiliated kindergartens, primary schools, and middle schools. For example, the Second High School, the High School Affiliated to Normal University, the High School Affiliated to the National People’s Congress, the High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, etc. Some units also have counterpart schools, that is, my family members of this unit can run any school to go to school. The rule of the game for the older generation is that when you enter this system, your food, drink, Lazard, birth, age, sickness, and death units are in charge, and your children’s education and school units are in charge. If the households in difficulties cannot find a daughter-in-law, the unit may also take care of it. If you focus on the leader, you may have everything. On the other hand, if you offend the leader, it will be affected in all aspects. Why do you want to offend the leader? My requirements for the current unit are not high. The cafeteria is not a must, and there is no need for annual welfare. You can’t expect your children to go to school, and you don’t even have to pay too much. Just implement welfare housing allocation, or give a sum of money to the standard to allow employees to buy a two-bedroom apartment in their city. If you can do it, I will obey the leaders. otherwise? Otherwise, what are you talking about? After I was busy with you, I ended up buying the house by myself, taking care of the three meals by myself, the children went to school by themselves, and the rice, noodles, grains and oil were purchased on their own during the holidays, and I was a bachelor who waited for the leader to delay finding someone. You said your leader doesn’t care about anything. Just make a lot of your own money, so why should I be so obedient to you? Furthermore, there were not a few positive ones before, why? Because it was too hard to leave room, the last thing is to use a knife to pour sulfuric acid. Leadership is also a part of the big ecology. He has done too much, and he has not seen good fruit. Conversely, it also allows the leadership to have more or less leeway. Look again. Now, 996+PUA, the employee is desperately ill, and the dismissal of the unit is over (WY game). The employee died suddenly, can’t you see the things PDD posted? You are dead, and the leader will not take any responsibility, but he can’t play by himself and change his unit, and you don’t even know where he lives. In this case, how much do you think he can think for you? Do you really care about your life and death? You just use me as a one-time tool and let me treat you as a family member. Why is that so big? You don’t care about employees’ birth, old age, sickness and death, family life, and the oppression is even harder than anyone else. Are you looking for something? Of course, I don’t mean to call upon the planned economy, but since I have to earn everything from the market, do you still want the leadership of the planned economy to be appropriate?

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