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Landed price = bare car 14.58w + insurance 4.8k + licensing 1k + mortgage service fee 0 (I did not take the mortgage). There are basically no discounts for new cars on the market. The first few batches are all independent small screens, providing free modification for 2 years, and the cars produced after 4.10 can be equipped with integrated instruments. Then the airbags, the manufacturer said to increase the configuration to 6 airbags, but I don’t know whether the low configurations of the previous batches have been installed. Please ask for specific sales. But at least there is a free installation service to guarantee the bottom. Don’t worry. The following is the original answer, which has been streamlined and fuel consumption has been updated. Today, 3.26, the 4S shop came to inform that the car I ordered will arrive on Sunday on 3.28. Coordinates in Shenzhen, I paid the deposit the day after the pre-sale, so the queue is relatively high. The 4S store is also the largest in Shenzhen (4S claims to be), and it may be given priority to the resources allocated by the manufacturer. 120km flagship, time gray exterior, Xingyun blue interior, full payment at one time. Insert your eyes, wait for me to take the car and experience it, and then I will give you a supplementary answer. ###3.28 Update There are many people on the weekend, and the test drive has to be queued for a long time. I gave up the test drive and directly paid the balance and went to the garage to recognize the car. The car is so dirty that it is inevitable during transportation, which is understandable. There are many stock cars in the garage, most of which are Han DMs. Those who want to buy Han DMs can probably buy them now and withdraw them. After receiving the sales notice, the express channel has been taken for me, and the car will be picked up tomorrow morning! The car has been mentioned! Today, a total of 6 car owners in this group will pick up the car together, and the 4S store delivery ceremony is still wide. I like it. These 6 should all have the same color, same configuration and interior. I only drove less than 10km in the city after the mention, and filled up the gas midway. Now I find a place to stop, and then go to work. The life of the beater has to continue. The driving quality has nothing to say, it is very silky, the throttle is on call, and the power is sufficient (even in the ECO economy mode). Quietness is good. The suspension is indeed a bit stiff, but in my opinion it is okay. I have only opened another fuel version Corolla in my house before, and the price difference between the two is almost the same, but in the above aspects, I think Qin P is above or not lower than the Corolla level. As for fuel consumption, the current mileage is too small, and there is not much reference value for the time being. When the car was still in the 4S shop, it only had a mileage of 20 kilometers, and the average fuel consumption meter was actually 7.1. Then by the time I stopped to go to work, it dropped to more than 5 o’clock. Believe that one more road will continue to decrease. At present, it is full of fuel and 1/3 electricity, and the battery life is about 1180km. At night, I drove another 10km after get off work, showing that the fuel consumption was reduced to 4.4. Let me start by saying that so many car owners in the same group have shared their fuel consumption, which is 3.7 and 3.2 liters per 100 kilometers, and the mileage is close to or more than 100km. I will not steal their pictures. If they are seen, it will be more embarrassing. . Upload my own fuel consumption photos in a few days. update, driving more than 150 kilometers from Shenzhen to Huizhou, there are 80, 100 yards of high-speed, there are also extremely congested urban areas, when starting out is a loss of electricity, the average fuel consumption is 3.6. At high speeds, the engine will drive directly + reversely charge the battery, so the battery is 26% when you take a picture. Tomorrow, we will return to Shenzhen and drive back to Shenzhen from Huizhou in the morning, with a golden right foot and a new low fuel consumption of 3.0. In the afternoon, it drove from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, only 4.0. At low and medium speeds, the quietness is good, and the wind noise and road noise at high speeds will be significantly more than that at low speeds.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I work in the Audi 4S after-sales service. Tell me about my personal feelings about Qin DMI. We have a show car now. I asked about it. I waited for the two-month show car to see a red 55KM top-fitting, and white I don’t know. At first glance, it feels really good-looking, better than A4L (but not as good as the new A4L), and it feels similar to A5, the appearance is really good, and the white show car looks really atmospheric! There’s nothing to say about the appearance, it’s really pretty. The first thing I feel is the comfort of the seat is average, and the rear seat is low, and the legs can’t support it. I feel tired after sitting in the back for a long time. The space is average, similar to a sedan, and I can sit in the driving position at 176,180 kg. , There is a small punch on the head! But the co-pilot was very comfortable. . . . The interior is the brown one, which is pretty good-looking, but the soft place is soft, this price is fine! I have always liked Qin DMI, but waiting for the party can never lose, I may have to wait for next year.

7 months ago

I didn’t mention the car, so I can’t talk about the actual experience, but I just went to the 4S shop to see the real car two days ago. Let’s briefly talk about my views: 1. Space performance. I am taller (190), and I am very interested in space performance and ergonomics. The design is more sensitive. In my experience, the front row of Qin Plus DMi is not very stretchy, but it is very good in a sedan. Moreover, the seat comfort is quite good, and there is no major problem in all aspects of the front row. Personally, I am not satisfied with the back row. It is good that the back row platform is close to full level, but the problem is also obvious. First of all, the height of the rear seats is a bit low, which is an old problem of BYD’s new energy vehicles. And in the case of low seat height, headroom is not good, and it is more difficult for me to sit in at my height. The rear space performance is a bit sorry for the wheelbase. On the one hand, the reason may be that the backrest angle of the rear seats is relatively straight. On the other hand, the design of the whole vehicle emphasizes the streamline and lowers the height of the rear. In short, the rear space performance is not ideal, I think this may be the biggest shortcoming in the Qin Plus DMi static experience or even the vehicle experience. 2. Appearance Needless to say about the appearance of the interior, I personally like it very much, and many of my colleagues also said it was quite amazing. The interior can not be exhaustive due to cost constraints, but the design feels really good. Moreover, the frequently touched places such as door handles and dashboard fronts are basically soft materials. Considering the price, I even think that Qin Plus DMi’s trade-offs between design and materials are more mature than Han. In addition, after seeing the real car, I better understand why BYD has to urgently increase the configuration. The previous dashboard screen was really too small, and it seemed out of place in the overall more relaxed and atmospheric interior. In addition, the instrument panel is in the center of the driver’s line of sight, which magnifies the sensory influence and lowers the overall grade of the interior. I even think that before the configuration is adjusted, this dashboard is the biggest failure of the overall design, and the subjective impact on consumers may be greater than that of airbags. Fortunately, it has been fixed, but it also shows that there are not small problems in the early user research. In general, BYD’s current appearance and interior decoration are much more mature than in the past, and I hope to continue to work hard in the future. 3. There is no test drive at other times, and the dynamic part cannot be discussed. The car-machine system is still BYD’s, and the operation is fairly smooth, and the UI interface has improved to the point that I personally still feel a bit silly. The biggest problem is production capacity. My area is okay. I can order a car and the waiting time is not too long. However, it has also been heard that there are insufficient production capacity in many areas and serious queues for car booking. If this situation continues to occur in the future, it is not a small problem. From the past Dynasty series hybrid to Yuan EV to Qin Plus, BYD has more than once experienced the phenomenon of “good-selling models are out of stock, and in-stock models are not selling well”. I don’t know if the root cause of this phenomenon is battery production capacity, but whether it is or not, the dislocation of production capacity and sales performance is something that BYD must reflect on.

7 months ago

I went for a test drive a few days ago. The car is about 25% of the power. It is very quiet at low speed. After all, there is no engine sound. As the speed increases, tire noise gradually becomes prominent. The chassis is very good, neat and clean, there is no extra bouncing, beyond my expectations, although the rear wheel is a scooter suspension, I always mind, but the test drive did not feel uncomfortable, it may be that the test drive time is too short. Take the path that you are not good at walking, haha~. You can’t feel the presence of the engine when driving smoothly. If you accelerate quickly, you can know that the engine has started through the sound. After trying floor oil twice, the back feel is obvious, the brake foot feel is not suitable, and the stroke is a bit short. Specially looked at the energy recovery power, the maximum is 30kw.

7 months ago

Coordinates in Shandong, did not mention the car, come uninvited. Overall test drive experience: the price is reasonable. The shortcomings of this car are only compared with more advanced cars. After all, the price and this level of positioning cannot be blamed. Details: 1. The loudspeaker is puffy, just listen to it. 2. The space is relatively cramped. Before the test drive, I looked at the online media and said that the 1.85 meter is suitable for sitting in the back row. I am a solid 1.82 meter. I don’t dare to sit upright in the back row, and I will hold my head. 3. The Internet is complaining about the electric car instrument. When I actually test drive, it feels quite clear, and the display effect is not so unbearable. Of course, it is true that it is not high-end. 4. During the test drive, the sales always proudly said how quiet our car is, and the engine sound is really small, but tire noise and wind noise are inevitable. I deliberately walked some bumpy roads, and I don’t know if it is a psychological effect. Inferior to independent suspension. 5. BYD’s service is really… the account manager lacks business knowledge, just keep asking me when to transfer the order and what configuration, basically I can’t answer the technical doubts I asked, and I was in front of me before the test drive. The other manager quarreled… Forget it, I just bought a car and didn’t care about it. There are still some problems, the store did not explain: 1. When I test drive, the soc setting is 25%, and the battery power is 22%. I noticed that the gasoline engine was charging the battery when I was running, and the engine stopped charging when the traffic light was on. Since the engine is not involved in driving, why is it not the engine running the whole process to generate electricity? Why is it necessary to switch on and off like this? 2. I observed that the battery pack of the test-driving car (55km top configuration) is almost flush with the chassis, and the battery pack of the show car (120km top configuration) clearly protrudes from the chassis. One of the salesmen in the store told me that the battery capacity was outstanding in the past, but the other salesman told me that I was wrong? I don’t know which one is right. 3. The store told me that the gasoline engine in the daily hybrid mode would switch to a direct-drive car at a speed of 100 kilometers. What should I do if the vehicle speeds up to 80-120 kilometers repeatedly? My daily use is such a scene, so I am a little worried. 4. Our 4S store in this city only sells Qin dmi, not Song dmi. If you buy Song from a different place, can you maintain it at a local 4S shop in the future? This shop didn’t tell me, I think the two car engines use the same system.

7 months ago

Uninvited, I went to the 4s store just today, and I tested the Qin plus dmi car for a long time. I have been following it for a long time. From before it went on the market and after it went on the market, and recently I also have time today, just to make an appointment. A friend went to the store for a test drive. When I first went to the store, I saw a red show car. I sat in and felt it. Let’s talk about the front row first. There is nothing wrong with the front row. It is quite comfortable to sit down. And also paid special attention to its accelerator pedal belongs to the accordion pedal. It is usually seen on high-end cars. If you sit in the back row, it feels about the size of Corolla. Legroom is OK, but headroom feels a bit cramped. I am 173. After I sat in, I probably only reached the distance of a punch on the head. So it feels a bit depressed. When I went to the Toyota Four S store to see the car, I tried to drive the Corolla’s rear space, and I felt almost such a small depression. So in terms of static experience alone, I actually feel that this car does not give me some good impressions. Let’s talk about the dynamic test drive experience. When I got the test drive and first started on the road, the staff in the store drove out of the road first. I was sitting on the co-pilot. I feel that the position of the co-pilot is not particularly spacious. The longitudinal front and rear distance can also be adjusted to a comfortable distance by adjusting the seat. But the left and right width is a bit unsatisfactory, especially when you are sitting in the co-pilot, the left hand side is a very occupying center console, which will make you feel that your left foot is not so comfortable. After arriving on the private road, I got out of the car and sat in the driving position and drove for a short distance. When I first got my driver’s license, I used to rent a shared electric car to practice my hands, so I couldn’t be more familiar with the feeling of driving that trams bring to people. And if you simply drive this Qin plus dmi like this, it is indeed not much different from a pure electric car. The only small difference is that its throttle sensitivity is not as high as a pure electric vehicle. That is to say, its throttle is also linear, but its linearity is not as “cruel” as some pure electric cars that have been driven before. It feels more “gentle”. For example, BAIC’s new energy eu260, when I step on a little bit of his car, there will be a very obvious power output, but Qin plus dmi, I need to step on the floor oil to be able to clearly feel that This kind of feeling that pure electric vehicles in the past gave others “fleeing”. And no matter whether I switched to the economy standard or the sports mode, the output of the first half is always this soft feeling. On the contrary, he is a bit like a turbocharged engine, you have to step on the middle and rear section hard, his powerful torque will give you a noticeable feeling of pushing back. Although this is a battery-driven car, it is obvious that when designing, the manufacturer is also trying to get closer to the smooth start of a gasoline car as much as possible. The brakes are more linear, more comfortable, and there is no major problem. The chassis is a bit hard, but because the test drive section is a city road, there are not too many bumpy sections and speed bumps, so I feel its suspension spring. Talking about steering, it has two modes, comfort and sport. The comfort mode turns to feel, and the electronic flavor is very strong. It feels very light, and it feels like the steering wheel of a racing game played in a game console room. Of course it has rebound, but this kind of rebound is also very electronic, it is not as comfortable as the turning force of traditional fuel vehicles. When I tried to adjust the steering intensity from comfortable to sporty, his steering intensity did actually become a little heavier. But it’s just a little bit heavy, and its essential electronic flavor is still obvious. There is no way to achieve the obvious steering feel and feedback strength of previous fuel vehicles. I have not driven many fuel vehicles. I have a company car that is 11 years old and Nissan Sunshine. I have also drove a friend’s new Ralink before, and I have rented a Roewe in the previous car rental. The steering feel of these cars gave me a good impression. How do I judge the steering feel of a car? That’s when the whole car hits the steering wheel when turning around, the force of one of its automatic rotations is very comfortable for you, and this car doesn’t feel very good to me. The last time I gave me a bad feeling is that the steering feel of the new Nissan Sylphy is even worse. To a certain extent, its electronic taste can be exaggerated to the point that you can hardly feel it after the car is turned. The steering wheel has a tendency to turn. The steering wheel is very “lazy” and you need to manually correct the steering wheel. The test-driving car is a top-equipped car. During the test-driving process, I also found that the steering wheel style of the original top-equipped car is different from that of the low-equipped car. Personally, I prefer the steering wheel style of the high-equipped car. Later, when I went to look at Song dmi, I found that Song had no difference in the style of high and low steering wheels. By the way, there is another dashboard that everyone is more concerned about, which is the dashboard that comes out to work before the full moon. To be honest, if you just look at pictures or videos on this dashboard, you will really think that this dashboard is very small. It is very uncomfortable to look everywhere. Eighth, including when I went to the store and saw the real car sitting in the driving position of the car, looking at this static instrument panel, I would also think that this panel is so small how to use it? But after I started the car on the road, I was surprised to find, eh, when I was sitting in the driving position and driving the car, I could see the information on the dashboard very clearly. And because this disc is relatively small, it will give you a visual impression that the line of sight in front will be slightly opener than that of a normal car. After the test drive was over, I felt that there was not much turmoil in my heart. I felt that it was a pure electric car that would not be complained about because of battery life issues. But the so-called bright spots, high-tech, and automatic parking, I didn’t care at all. All of these, I only care about how happy I am when I am driving. This is just as my fellow friends commented, this car may be very popular with those Didi drivers. But if it’s a family discussion, you may consider it again, because first, it does not have much appeal to the driver, and its driving experience is not particularly good. Second, its ride experience is not particularly satisfying. Of course, this is only our subjective judgment. Just like Nissan Sylphy, I also think its driving experience is not very good, but it is still ranked first in sales. So whether this car is a good car or not, I don’t count it alone, but my own position is that if I have a sufficient budget, I will not buy Qin plus with a high probability. I would be more inclined to buy Song plus. After we finished the Qin plus test drive, we did turn to study Song plus again. Sitting in the car, especially in the back row, feels a lot of space. There is not much difference between the front row and Qin plus. It is a pity that Song Plus did not have a test drive today, so we have not been able to appreciate the dynamics of Song Plus. But as far as the static experience is concerned, whether it is the ride space, the appearance or the interior, I think Song plus is my favorite! It’s a pity that there is no way to test drive to Song plus. I am here in Guangzhou. I asked the staff in the store, and they all said that the fastest test drive will not be available until mid-April. Since this car has only been on the market for a few days, the current production capacity of BYD manufacturers is not very sufficient. So, even if there are more than 200 users in their store already placing orders. But they have to wait until three or four months to pick up the car before they can get the current car. To sum up, the Qin plus car is a car with the endurance of a petrol car and the driving feeling of an electric car. If you are a friend who has a preference for electric car driving and prefers long battery life, I think this car is very reliable. After all, when I got on the car, I saw that this car’s battery life really exceeded 1,000. . d But as far as I am concerned, I still have to take into account the feelings of my family in the back row, so I am more inclined to Song plus dmi. The same power, the same driving experience, but with more space (of course its price will be higher), but if the budget is not limited, I will definitely choose Song plus dmi. Ah, yes, I discovered an interesting little situation today. It is Song plus dmi, which has a 360-degree image of the whole car. But I have seen a video before, saying that the 360s image of this car is flawed-when you stand at the four corners of the car, the screen in the car cannot show the people standing in the four corners. In the picture of the screen. I tested it specifically today-I really can’t see it. In other words, on such a car with high technology content full of configuration, its 360 full car image is flawed. My friend’s 2017 Toyota Rongfang 360 full-car video does not have this problem at all. For the Japanese and Song plus d mi, its trunk is slightly smaller compared to the pure fuel vehicle version. Of course, I think these small shortcomings are not unacceptable. As long as my budget is sufficient, I will still choose this song plus dmi. Without hesitation.

7 months ago

The owner of Qin prodm and Qin plusdmi answered a wave of appearance. At that time, I waited for this car for a few months. As soon as it came out, I picked up the full price. The 18.3 landed, the first batch, the quality can be said to be stable. In 3 years, there was an EV restriction, and the plug was changed without any failure. After the dm2 generation, the quality control is really improved. I also know the people in the Huxian factory in Xi’an. The people in the factory also reported that the quality control of Xinqin is the best, and it is better than Tang. This greatly refreshed the understanding of BYD. Let’s talk about driving experience. I have hit a few times and have never lost. The frame is really strong, especially once the front of the Pentium hit my car sideways. After the separation, his front wheels including the steering all fell off, both front and rear. I didn’t bother to paint with minor injuries. I also fought with Martha and Porsche at high speed. 9 points were gone. I didn’t lose the game. I drew a tie with a million luxury cars. The high-speed corners are really not as good as luxury cars. It’s not enough to drive this car anyway, don’t ask why, it’s just being immersed in the ocean of control and unable to extricate itself. The overall control and power are amazing, much better than the Camry, the dynamic response is free, and the steering is precise. Since then, it has become a BYD fan. This year the old man got his driver’s license and fulfilled his promise to send him a car. Originally, he liked the public and wanted to buy the public, but he used my car to practice more, and then went to try the public, Lei Ling, Sylphy were all unscented, so he asked me to buy him BYD! I was going to give it to a Han, but I heard from 4 sons selling that Qin plus is fuel-efficient. Okay, you like it. Qin plus, directly pay the deposit with 120. I just wanted to mention the car and said that the May car has an integrated instrument. Wait Right! The dashboard is really small, much smaller than my pro. Fortunately, BYD changed it this time after knowing it was wrong. It’s not a day or two for the grandsons of BYD’s design department to scold it!

7 months ago

The biggest problem for BYD this time is production capacity and distribution. The car is fine. It just made it clear that non-first-tier cities and dogs are not allowed to mention cars. In the past 400 calls, the customer service will only say that the trains will start in order, so how do you explain that some provinces do not have one. Too bad, the blind order was ordered in early February, and the order was transferred after the listing. Up to now, neither the 4s nor the manufacturer have been able to give an accurate time. BYD itself has not responded positively to the question of the car. Then I can only complain about 12315.

7 months ago

Yes, today I will collect the real car experience of the car friends who understand the Chedi PLUS DM-i car circle. In addition, it also attaches a link to the professional evaluation of the car. If you need it, you can click to open it. Check it out. Appearance “Big Treasure Small Special”: The overall appearance is simple and generous. The exaggerated hexagonal air intake grille and the headlights match harmoniously. The through-type taillights are novel in shape and correspond to the headlights. The overall appearance is relatively simple. But the whole body proportions feel uncoordinated, top-heavy, and the rear half of the body is a bit shorter, giving people a bloated feeling. The interior feels “Secret 619”: sitting in the main driver, I wanted to complain about the 7-inch small instrument panel at first, but its display clarity and content are very good, and it does not block the line of sight, plus 12.8 The inch central control screen is completely avant-garde and full of technology. Everyone can watch pictures and also supports split screen. You can completely watch the video by the co-pilot. The navigation on the main driver’s side is correct. It is two tablets. Here you are, it also supports voice control and mobile phone interconnection. I tested the voice wake-up and controlling the opening and closing of windows and sunroofs. The response speed is also very fast. Space feeling “Segnes”: After sitting on, the integrated sports seat is very comfortable. I am 172 and weigh 170 kg. I don’t feel crowded when I am so fat. After adjusting the main driver’s seat, I went to the back for a test. Try, it is very comfortable to lean on the backrest, and there is enough head and knee space. If you sit upright, the head will be upright. The disadvantage is that the rear seats are not long enough and the support for the thighs is slightly insufficient. Driving experience “00”: The pure electric driving experience is really very good. There is a saying on the Internet that “I have driven a Tesla and I will never go back to a fuel car.” I have a deep understanding of this sentence, the kind of pure electric car The feeling of combining people and vehicles is really not something that a fuel car can give you. I often go on business trips and rent a Passat to drive. I also drive my friend Q5. The throttle response speed is really slow. If you want to speed up and change lanes, you must advance Step on the accelerator and then change lanes, and the speed increase is really too slow, which is too far away from the pure electric mode of Tang DM, just the difference between an old man’s machine and an Apple. I really can’t go back to the fuel car. Configuration options “Dabao Xiaote”: Qin plus-DM-i has 4 models, divided by pure electric battery life, 120KM two models, 55KM two models. The 55KM low-profile model is a beggar. There is no sunroof, no electric seat adjustment for the driving position, and no rear exhaust vent. The 55KM flagship version is equipped with sunroof, main driver electric seat adjustment, rear exhaust vent, mobile phone wireless charging, and voice control system. These functions are quite practical. I think it is the most cost-effective model among these 4 models. . If the budget is sufficient, then buy the most expensive 120KM flagship, which is equipped with L2-level auto-assisted driving functions, as well as colored ambient lights, and the acceleration from 100 kilometers has been increased from 7.9S to 7.3S.

7 months ago

I understand and tell you, BYD will definitely repeat the Tang DM incident and teach the whole car sales industry a live version of it. In the future, it will be another classic case analysis. After you experience this wave, you can understand why BYD’s cars have always been applauded. BYD’s sales management is an absolute bureaucratic system, which is unique among new energy vehicle companies. Other car manufacturing companies aim to deliver goods as soon as possible. Only BYD is a weird thing in the world. Perhaps it is meaningless to make money.

7 months ago

I have been paying attention to this car, and went to the 4S store to see the show car after its release. The show car was white and quite satisfactory. I went to a 4S shop for a test drive today. The test drive car is red. It is a test drive first and then a test drive. Personally, this red looks a bit stingy. If I buy it, I might consider white or gray, but I haven’t seen what the gray version looks like. During the test drive, the battery level was 28%, and the instructor said that the manufacturer requested that the vehicle cannot be charged and that the customer should experience the driving experience of the vehicle in the fed state. Different modes were used during the test drive. I originally intended to try pure electric driving, but within a few minutes of driving, the escort turned off the pure electric setting mode. The logic of the intervention of the vehicle engine and motor is a bit complicated, and I didn’t understand the introduction of the escort too much. However, I understand that if it is difficult to drive on a pure electric vehicle at a speed greater than 120 or when there is an uphill slope, most of them should be bought as a petrol truck. The road conditions of the test drive can be said to be perfect road conditions. The overall fuel consumption is 4.2. The overall feeling is that the suspension is harder and the quietness is not bad. However, the driving process of a car with more than 100,000 does feel a little scattered, and I am going to wait and see for a while, and then consider starting at the end of the year or the next generation. Local 4S stores can only buy 55, 120 high-end versions.

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