There is a saying that the girl feels that the driver may want to commit a crime to herself, so she has to jump out of the window to save herself and accidentally die. If this argument is true, how should girls save themselves in this situation best?

The incident has not been investigated clearly, and I think malicious speculation is not good! But for girls, some previous experiences may have made me somewhat defensive against being alone with the opposite sex. First of all, I would not spend time alone with the opposite sex at night, let alone take the other person’s car, which would make me feel very insecure. If I have to move at night, I will find a companion to accompany me, or take a taxi to go by myself. I have dinner with my colleagues, and I try to take the car of a female colleague when I go home at night. I have also taken a car of a male colleague before, because I am sure I believe in each other’s character. If it is not for someone I trust, I would rather take a taxi myself. For taxis, I try to use Didi to take taxis at night. Although it is more expensive, it is safer. Didi Taxi is sometimes cheaper. I basically take a taxi during the day and take an express taxi at night, and I must be in the back row at night. Because I often take taxis, I have encountered some nasty drivers, but because I was in the back row, the other party kept telling me some ridiculous topics. I actually didn’t dare to refute it because it would be no good for me to anger the other person. I can only occasionally agree, or look at the phone to reply to messages, expressing silence. Then I will find an opportunity to call, tell my family or friends where I am on the road, and I will be there soon, let the driver know that someone is waiting for me. (Actually, most of the time I don’t even know where I am, because I’m a super road idiot. I’ll say there are five minutes left, and I’ll be there soon, because the drive is actually only ten minutes away. Let me say I also say the way home I don’t know.) Actually, even if the driver is plotting against you, I don’t recommend jumping out of the window. Because jumping out of the window from the driver’s cab of a moving vehicle, it is never as simple as getting a little bit injured by hitting a few rolls in a TV movie. Don’t overestimate your ability to resist injury, and various accidents, such as being run over by other vehicles, head landing, etc. Blindly jumping from a car is equivalent to killing one’s life, even if you die! In front of life, everything else is secondary. If you have to take a stranger’s car, you still need to sit in the front row. When getting in the car, the girl can send a real-time location to a friend or family member, and then send a voice message to tell the other party that the location has been sent to him/her, and how long it will take. Voice, let the driver know that someone is waiting for you. To a certain extent, it can dissuade some unruly drivers. In my opinion, unless it is the kind of desperado or pervert, very few people are really bold enough to sexually assault a girl in a place that is not so remote and easy to be spotted. Even if the driver really plots wrong with you, there must be a process. Once you find something wrong, such as the other party’s verbal provocation or manual action, the girl should rebel righteously and warn. In addition, the driver’s attempt to commit misconduct while driving means that he will die, unless he threatens violence, but in this case girls can secretly report to the police. The driver is driving and it is impossible to always pay attention to the girl’s every move. Too many unpredictable unexpected situations are not easy to analyze. I hope that girls will have more awareness of prevention and know how to protect themselves to avoid putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. If you really encounter an accident, the most important thing is to protect your life. In addition, the matter of cargo Lala is very strange. I think it is unlikely that the driver will sexually assault the other person. I don’t want to speculate before the truth is disclosed. But this incident should indeed teach consumers and platforms a real and painful lesson. How should Huolala and other platforms effectively protect the safety of consumers and drivers? It is worth thinking about!


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

I used to move goods in Shanghai 5 times before. Let me share my personal experience for reference to girls living alone in other places. First, first of all, I always choose to move during the day, either in the morning or in the afternoon, not at night. Because you have to reorganize your new home when you move, you can leave some time for yourself to clean up. In terms of time, a lot of insecurity has been avoided. Second, whether it’s Huolala or Didi, as long as you get in a stranger’s car, you will share the location with your friends in the same city on WeChat. Or talking on the phone on the road, just be sure to keep in touch. Let the driver know that there is a third person who knows where you are at any time, and can call the police immediately if something happens. If the other party really has such an idea, he will also measure the chance of success. With the above two points, there is a high probability that such a tragedy will not happen.

9 months ago

Because I am engaged in the design industry, I used to work overtime until the early hours of the morning. I often play Didi at night. The company is in the city and my home is in the suburbs. It takes more than 40 minutes to drive each time, and it is becoming more and more wasteful. I arrived home at 4 am at the latest, so the experience of taking the night train is quite rich. My friend is also a designer, so we can understand each other quite well. He took the initiative to teach me this method, and I often invite him to dinner. And company leaders will also pay attention to whether I can get home safely. Basically every time I finish a taxi, I have to report safety to two waves of people. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of trouble! Compared with safety, troubles are trivial matters, and you must be careful in this regard. Whenever something goes wrong, you must leave a signal for help. If it is not convenient to make a call, social media such as WeChat and Weibo can call for help. If the phone is stolen, throw your personal belongings along the road.

9 months ago

I think the safest thing is to get in the car while on the phone. If there is something wrong on your side, you should be clear on the other side of the phone immediately, and there is no time to do anything. It’s ugly, and it won’t be unclear if something really happens. Just like this girl, if there is a chance to talk all the time, the 6-minute thing may not happen at all. Even if it happens, some people probably know what is happening here. If you don’t have any friends, just call your parents. I think parents can understand. After all, making a phone call is the cheapest and safest way to protect yourself. And on the road, if the driver asks you to hang up, then this is definitely a prelude to an accident. Be sure to let the other person know where you are now, and secretly hint that the other person calls the police.

9 months ago

I have also encountered things like the yaw in the news. I just called and told a friend of the basin that this road was different from the road I used to go home. Then the driver drove back to the road I was familiar with. The most dangerous thing I have ever encountered is a driver who is driving while sleeping. As soon as I looked up, I patted him quickly. Fortunately, there are not many cars at night. Finally, I usually sit in the back of a four-seater car. There is no way to pull the goods, there are only two seats. Let’s move during the day.

9 months ago

Before the girl gets in the car, she should take a clear car license and send it to her friend. Then, the mobile phone always keeps an edited quick text message so that it can be sent at any time. For example, if you see this message, please play my video immediately. If you don’t answer it, it means I’m in danger. Please help report to the police… and when you feel dangerous, send the message first. The second is to warn the other party: Don’t commit a crime. I have already sent all your license plate information to my friends. If I come out, you will definitely not escape. After making it calm and sober, then play the emotional card to stabilize the opponent: this is not worthwhile, if you are for money, I can give you all, if you are erotic, I can also give you some money, and then you go find that kind of woman, Get a good night’s sleep, and you don’t need to be charged with crime…

9 months ago

Regarding sexual assault, I would like to give you some suggestions: 1. When encountering sexual assault, first of all, you must take the protection of your life as the first principle and try to protect yourself from harm other than sexual assault, no matter what you encounter. 2. On the premise of protecting one’s own life and personal safety, try to keep evidence. You can chat with the offender, hold on to the offender, and naturally describe the offender’s actions and record it. 3. Look for opportunities to ask for help, instead of helping yourself with a higher risk factor. 4. After getting out of danger, bring evidence to report. If you have suffered actual infringement, you should report the case as soon as possible and practice medical identification. Finally, we must remember that nothing is more important than life. No matter what you encounter, you must remember that nothing is more important than life. In family education, don’t over-exaggerate women’s “virginity” and “dignity”. Only by living can you maintain all the “values” you want to maintain.

9 months ago

Check the license plate and the driver before getting on the bus, and synchronize the itinerary to the person waiting at the destination. If traveling alone, synchronize the itinerary to someone who is familiar. The technical point here is: Priority synchronization is given to those waiting at the destination. The synchronization can be a screenshot of the itinerary or the specific arrival time. If there is no one at the destination, sync to the participants of your next trip. So if you have no news for a long time, they can take action if they feel something is wrong. People who are familiar may not feel that something is wrong sometimes, and may be busy with other things and forget. But you made an appointment with someone and you did not show up. Friends, someone will find that something is wrong with you.

9 months ago

Do not sleep in the car or play with your mobile phone. If it is an unfamiliar route, open the map software and check which road the driver is walking on. The main point of this technique is whether the navigation used by the driver when driving is integrated with your navigation and the road you should take in memory. If your navigation is inconsistent with the driver’s navigation, but you are confident and are on a familiar road section, it doesn’t matter. But if you think there is a problem, bring it up and see how the driver reacts. If the driver is not right, he must go his own way… Friend, this is not right.

9 months ago

You can even be an actor. For example, when you first get in the car, you can use WeChat to send a voice or make a phone call. The main idea is “I got in the car. It is estimated that xx time will arrive. We will see you later”. Of such words. The purpose is to let the driver know that someone is waiting for you and you are sending a message. The point here is to convey the feeling that someone is waiting for you and that something will be discovered the first time something happens. In addition, it is best if someone will send you to the car. To sum up, the standard safety process for riding a car is: this means that it is best to have a friend send you to the car, then you observe the license plate number, observe the itinerary, synchronize the itinerary to the person at the terminal (or familiar people), and get on the car Send a voice later, whether you are single or not, you can send a voice like “husband/wife, we are over here”, “I just got in the car”, “I will be home in about xx minutes”, “You are here Wait for me at home~” In this case.

9 months ago

Regarding the question of seat selection. Generally, when you take a ride-hailing online, it is not recommended to sit in the position of the co-pilot during the journey alone-because it is too close to the driver, it is too easy for others to do something. The moving truck is more troublesome, so if you have to sit in the position of the co-pilot, you must be more vigilant, report your itinerary, and seek help from a friend if you find a problem. Therefore, the focus is on the technical points of safe riding. It is really difficult to say that there is any special method in a high-speed vehicle. It is not advisable to blindly jump to escape. At this time, if there is a report for the trip , Maybe consider seeking off-site support, and let a friend quickly help the police.

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