Domestic intp and intj are easy to be regarded as freaks when they are young, and then have to disguise, otherwise they will be forcibly corrected by their parents. Those intp and intj who have been able to make independent decisions will pretend to be undetectable when they mature. I tested the intp a few years ago. After a few years, I tested it as an intj. At that time, I seemed to be in a busy period at work. I was indeed more like an intj at that time. Of course, I also did that job. I don’t like it, and I dislike it very much. I like work that is highly independent and does not require too much social interaction, but my job content at the time just happened to require good cooperation (the cooperation of more than a dozen people) and a lot of social interaction. Even my tm was the person in charge, that is I have to arrange more than a dozen people to join this project alone. This is killing me. I am not good at teamwork. I am used to working on my own. Others really don’t trust it. I also don’t like too much social activities, and I don’t like much social work content. My dream is to become a technical person. Then, in order to be worthy of the trust of the leader and the expectations of my colleagues, I forced myself to let go of the nature of the INTP, and changed from a person with plans and schedules everywhere, from a person with procrastination. Become a strong woman who doesn’t procrastinate. It was my philosophy at the time to complete today’s affairs. Really, those days were too bitter, and it made me change my nature. It was too difficult. At the time, I was very confused about my career direction. I tested it again and found that I turned into an intj. The otaku people turned out to be intj, and I was surprised at that time. Then, then I resigned. (Just kidding, the project was done at the time, and then I felt that there was no room for improvement. In addition, the job brought me most of the pain, and I really didn’t like the industry, so I quit.) After resigning , I instantly regained my nature. As expected, I was still the intp with a bit of a house, a bit of salty fish. Give me a computer and Wi-Fi. I can stay in a place to be old and old. This is me. The desktop shouldn’t be organized, and It’s a little messy, but I can always find what I need most. There are three points of enthusiasm for doing things, but like to think and analyze. Always rational and calm, sometimes a little cute and a little confused. There is always a plan, but it can’t be completed within the specified time. Ah, this is the real me. It’s me who die when I go out. I don’t like to wear skirts (the previous job is more demanding, and women’s dress is more rigid and strict), and I don’t like to wear high heels. Everything is convenient. I don’t like the suit skirts of professional women, and I don’t like suits. Overalls and sneakers are my favorites. Sweatshirts are my soul. Masks and hats are essential for going out. Hanging earphones are the artifacts that seal everything. A thin and light laptop and a double-shoulder computer bag are my four-dimensional pockets. On the street, the one who looked a little sluggish, seemed to be distracted, and the one sitting in the coffee shop typing was that I was right. However, there are really very few people like me. I know that I’m not good at socializing, I’m introverted, I’m not very talkative, and I don’t like to speak in public. I seldom use emotions, and chatting with friends is always justified. I feel unkind. I am always on the road of discovering and thinking about problems and then solving them. I am not good at comforting people. Therefore, I can always make friends quickly using my disguise, but I don’t have a few close friends. I am not good at maintaining relationships. Whether it is family or friendship. I am always the mysterious person who disappears suddenly. I am a little strange in the eyes of my friends, but a freak in the eyes of my family. My only luck was that I met a friend who was a bit freak like me, and of course only one. Therefore, intp and intj are really very few. I have lived for more than 20 years. In reality, I met one of them. It was an intj, and I made friends on my own initiative. I think my radar is better. As long as I am similar to people, I am interested in getting to know and make friends with each other. Unfortunately, I haven’t met so far. It’s a pity, hey. Intp and intj are really too low survival rate. Because it is really difficult for them to survive in this society. In recent years, it may have been better. In my age, it was really difficult. I have always been outside the class. I have excellent grades and a lot of skills, but it is always difficult to integrate into the group. My thinking is mature, but also a little naive, and I don’t have a common language with other people. I didn’t meet a friend who understood me until I was in high school. Before that, I had almost ended myself countless times, because in the eyes of my family, I was a little autistic and a freak, and I didn’t have a close friend. Really. This feeling is too lonely and lonely, enduring mental violence, and always feel whether I was born into the wrong world, am I really strange, am I not supposed to live, in short, I think about the connection between myself and the universe every day, Then I think from time to time, let’s die, just die. It’s really painful to not find a sense of identity. It’s been waiting for me to meet intj’s friends before I have the feeling of finding the same kind. Although intp and intj are quite different, they are attracted to each other to a certain extent. My friend and I are like this anyway, I’m very weird, she thinks I am very interesting. Then he grew up slowly. She was in a different situation from mine. She used to be very unpleasant. She said that I was the first person to take the initiative to befriend her. She used to be a relatively bad kind of personality. In typical novels, the personality of the domineering president, somewhat paranoid, and desire to control Extremely strong. Of course, her family’s conditions are very good. Parents rarely discipline me. Unlike my parents who try to force me to change my character, her family is more tolerant. Therefore, when I met her as a little poor, she felt that my soul, who was so interesting, still had the best way to do what she wanted. It was a salvation. I’ve known each other like this for many, many years. In reality, apart from her, I really haven’t met other people of the same kind, melancholy and melancholy. I think many people call themselves intp or intj, but it’s really hard to say. The formation conditions of intp and intj are relatively harsh. First of all, most of my childhood was the neglected kid. For example, I had a private school for a few years in elementary school. It was really ostracized and isolated by the whole class. My mother was very busy and kept me alone at home on weekends. There was no TV, nothing. At that time, I didn’t have any entertainment except reading, and then I usually talked to myself, played with myself, and forced a group of people. Later, when I went to a public school, it was difficult to integrate into the group. I always felt that my peers and I did not have a common language, so I might as well read a book. Secondly, int-type people are too depressing their emotions, and they have lost their sense of security since they were young. Most of them have something to do with their family. Because I don’t get attachment and security from my parents, I will suppress my needs and fears, and I am accustomed to thinking about problems with rational thinking. When I grow up, I am accustomed to reason before sensibility. It seems a little cold and uncomfortable. You hope It is really difficult for them to get comfort from int. They think you are asking them for help, and then help you analyze the problem and solve the problem with reasonable evidence. Therefore, it is difficult for them to comfort you emotionally. This is what my mother hopes I can show more care for her when I grow up, but besides giving her gifts, I really don’t know how to give her the care she wants. Finally, int people like to fight alone, not good at collaboration and socializing. It can be seen from childhood that it is mostly them who do not like to participate in group activities. But because of this, it is difficult for int people to survive in society when they grow up. After all, people are social creatures, and many tasks require teamwork. Int people can do it, but for them, it will probably be one thing. This kind of torture, anyway, is quite tormenting for me. Therefore, the formation of int is really harsh. There are about one or two int people in a class. The ratio is about 1:50. In the process of growing up, most of them are forced to turn into other personality characteristics. Some of those who still maintain themselves may have committed suicide just like me when I was a teenager. I did not succeed. They may have succeeded. The remaining part is finally able to grow up and get out of campus, but most of them will be practiced by the society into other personalities, and some may be depressed. The lucky wave may finally find a way to survive and become mature. Learn to pretend, then find out where you are good at, and finally become yourself. But how lucky it takes for int people to achieve such a result, anyway, I am still an immature int, a little melancholy, and still looking for my own direction. It’s really not easy for int people to survive. In Zhihu, there are actually very few real int people. Some may just join in the fun. You think there is a lot of knowledge, probably because int people like Zhihu. This type of knowledge-based app, so there are many gatherings. In fact, there is a simple way to identify INTP (only INTP). You can take a look at the app in his mobile phone. INTP people are curious and interested in many things, so they also like to download all kinds of things. Learning apps, and they have a lot of miscellaneous skills, which is true for the INTPs I know on the Internet.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Because INTJ can survive in childhood and adolescence, it must be well-fed, and must be stocked, and has strong psychological self-healing ability. NT is easily ground into SF by the society and growth environment. Let me show you INTJ when I was a child What will I face [1]: 1. The breadth of information sources is beyond ordinary people, can draw information from everywhere in life, and has the ability to comprehend by analogy, even if you don’t talk with people, things happening around you are clear 2. Certain types of information It will make the individual think deeply, and have a compulsive nature. 3. Strong abstract thinking ability. 4. Because the information in life is contradictory, the individual will judge and integrate the information according to the subconscious direction and logically or not. 5. Analysis Things are more inclined to penetrate the surface and go deep into the essence. 6. The way of thinking of the individual is extremely energy-consuming, and headaches and dizziness are often accompanied by childhood and youth. 7. Self-feeling No one fully understands you, and what others have always shown to others is self Other characters created 8. Unreal expression of emotions, emotions are often handled in a repressive way instead of catharsis 9. A more favorable impression of the opposite sex who needs to provide more information to yourself 10. Self-expression of emotions is less , But there is a huge influx of confidence above the ability to perceive external emotions, and the brain overload analysis is mostly useless. Anyone who puts on the body for a long time will be depressed, and adults can’t stand it. Not to mention children can see that this is a The way of thinking is incompatible with reality, weak survivability, mildly anti-social, perfectionism, unpleasant personality. Some people will give up these traits in the process of growing up, studying, living and working. If they can survive, INTJ + adult + LLI + high IQ + high perception is so good at learning depth, breadth and comprehension, and the ability to predict the development of things, but it’s useless. Can you make money to buy a house with these? Is anyone willing to be intellectually sexual? Can you plan everything and dare to take the first step? The mouth is not sweet, the life is not sleek, the integrity is not surprising, the grades are robbed by others, and they are gradually eliminated by the society.

6 months ago

First of all, there are not many people who are introverted, and it is easy for introverted children not to criticize anything like saying hello from an early age, and it is difficult to find someone. The intuition is cut off again. Many people don’t know why the ability to understand abstract things is extremely poor, and the learning ability is not strong. It is difficult to become an intuition without the ability to build a strong house. Intuition is also easy to lead to no common language with others, people think you are sick, and it becomes more difficult to find someone. Thinking-type people are also not evolution-friendly, and they are prone to find no objects and offend others. Your mother is crying and telling you that I am your mother, how can you talk to me like this, you dare not refute but you still whisper in your heart that what you said is wrong has nothing to do with you being my mother, what I said is the truth Ah, reason is straight and strong. I really didn’t get beaten up before I learned a good boy. The three attributes of INT are not conducive to multiplying and finding a child to have children. The population is abnormal, and the evolution is reversed. In fact, the I item was flawed at least 20 years ago. Parents hope to give their children a good correction. With the advancement of science and technology and changes in the industrial structure, everyone is more tolerant of introverted talents, even because of some bigwigs. There are occasional compliments. Otherwise, he has no ability and a weird personality. In addition, why don’t the questioner merge similar items and ask INT directly, why are there fewer people? Combine it and you will understand it by yourself, because it is annoying. But Zhihu has a lot of INT, why? Because the brain is refreshing~ hee

6 months ago

I’m not particularly clear about the intj of the intp. First of all, I can prove it with personal experience. There are really not too many intj in real life (at least there are very few intj around me), and it is not as widespread as Zhihu. It feels like in+tj adds up and sometimes feels anti-social and anti-human. How to say it, autistic thinking is heavy and there is a more obvious offensiveness, it is indeed possible that the probability of seeing this in real life in real life is less. In terms of causes, many people who develop the cognitive sequence of intj have experienced some unusual situations, which contributed to the formation of this personality. Many intj may encounter situations such as being alone, being isolated, or being forced to be isolated from their peers when this personality is formed, and even to some extent they will be psychologically far away from their relatives around them. I have seen this in the few intj (including myself) I have seen in real life, and I can see a lot of it under related topics. This experience of being far away from most people around from childhood is basically a minority. Most people’s childhood should be full of collective life and interpersonal communication, and this experience of being isolated is always aimed at minority groups. In particular, intj’s judgment in j/p latitude is greater than perception. In many cases, it should be a little traumatic. It is likely to be the injury and experience experienced in interpersonal communication (including with peers and with parents). Failure promotes the formation of this aggressiveness of j, and no matter how frustrating the situation of incompatibility exists, it exacerbates the formation of this aggressiveness.

6 months ago

I feel that this test is not very accurate. I measured it as INTP, but I don’t look at the description of ITP very much. And although this is less, I recommend it to a few friends to make it either as an INTP or an INTJ… Besides, they all say that INTP loves to think. It doesn’t seem to be true. I think about something inexplicable and superficial. , So much thinking is more appropriate than fantasy.

6 months ago

The MBTI personality theory only describes a person from four latitudes. It does not mean that knowing that a person is an INTJ/P can really understand what a person is. The population composed of INTJ/P may not have practical commonalities. Almost all discussions on the MBTI personality theory may have made this fundamental mistake. So that people can’t answer. For some people, it is meaningless to stop searching for self-definition through such questions over and over again.

6 months ago

It has a certain relationship with the family. My mother has a strong desire for control and does not like me to associate with people. This has caused me to get used to being alone and doing what I love to do. When I was young, I felt a little withdrawn, and I was reluctant to learn when I grew up. Those words that are inconsistent with others. My father is a very romantic person. He took me to recite poems, read history, and talked with me about many things that I couldn’t understand. When Mengzhi happened to be young and energetic, he had a lot of negative views on the society, so he encouraged him. Because I always doubt when things happen, I try to play with my happy temperament. I don’t know if this kind of family environment is common, but I have thought that if I have a child of my own, I hope she will have this kind of love for thinking, enjoy herself, and also have extroverted enthusiasm, sincere, and of course less sophisticated and smooth. The heart is the best.

6 months ago

I can understand less intj, because few people understand my thinking. When I was a child, I was very popular among classmates, but I was not liked by my brother. I was always alienated and sometimes played tricks. I pretend to take you to play, but actually don’t play with you (yes, this tm is a stupid thing my brother did), then I started thinking about human relationships and feelings, and finally came to the conclusion that human feelings are unstable Things, if you blindly pursue partners, it is not as important as strength. Of course, I also have this conclusion now. My thinking about human emotions started from being toyed with each time. In order to avoid the pain caused by emotions, I began to think about the role of human emotions, and found that emotions are expressions of low energy, and only children can do it. Emotional, and gradually I began to be marginalized. I only maintain a few friends. The maintenance is also purposeful, helping each other and understanding each other, so intj is very loyal to friends, of course they have very few friends (because of course I *may be very big Some intj think so* think that most people are too brainless or too loyal and not worthy of socializing, and it’s good to know each other without having a holiday) The quality of friends is generally higher. The indifference to the relationship makes our intj more rational and independent. Under the influence of ideal independence, we have to find the true strength in our hearts. Then it is the pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of personal ability, and continuous growth. Because of the lack of attention to the relationship, they lack In order to perceive the emotions of others in interpersonal communication, perceptual idiots (intj can wear a personality mask, but you can’t cover this weakness). Because of their rational way of thinking, they are outstanding in many aspects, but it also leads to them being defiant and self-righteous. But fortunately, intj has a strong personality and slows down. Then I will talk about why it is less. After being hurt by feelings or feeling indifferent, I neither completely give up hope for feelings nor actively desire to seek feelings. This is very It is difficult to do, and requires a high level of IQ and knowledge. This also confirms that intj is the only one with ITP. (I think I may have lowered the level of intj) I thought that when I was a child, I was disappointed in feelings and grew up. Don’t dream anymore. There will be a blow to puberty. The family is broken or the school is isolated and you have a strong self-motivated. Didi your intj personality is released. If you say that intj is an unhealthy personality (personal feeling), it’s said online. How to train children to be intj, I t. m dry, mother. My mother once said that it is something I have no feelings for. I am very hurt, but almost 6 years have passed, and I still have not forgotten. If I grow up under the careful guidance of an environment where I am loved and understood, I think I don’t want to. Do intj

6 months ago

I tested it several times with intj. At that time, it was in high school. The teacher in the remedial class asked us to try it when we talked about news and interesting things. At that time, we couldn’t feel anything after the test. But now, I feel that our life is similar to other people. There is still a difference. The circle is too small, and I rarely go out to play during the holidays, and I usually stay in a certain place. Want to be social but resist it. I really like to explore one thing in the end and figure out what it is. To be honest, I think what others think of me will always be false me. I have never expressed my true self to others, so I am quite lonely. In formal occasions, in the workplace, and socially, I hate the so-called human sophistication, but I think I am kind, and I will give a lot of help to those I can help. When encountering discussions, you will find that you are always different from what others think, and you will fight for reasons and even change other people’s thoughts. “Killing and decisively” is no good or no, don’t delay things. There are very few friends of the opposite sex, but once they are friends, they will go deep, and then they will become more and more distant and disappear. Pay attention to the rules and everything is mainly about not disturbing others. If you can handle it by yourself, you will fall into confusion and rarely laugh in your daily life.

6 months ago

Disclaimer: I don’t know if intp and intj are really rare. The answer below is just my personal feeling. I used to be an int without any scientific basis. I just felt that I did not belong to this world, and (basically in every day) Consider what death is. In school, I am not indifferent to most people. I was judged by my friends as “profound”. I was a little proud before. Later I realized that this tdm is a kind of disease. I always wanted to escape, escape everything in life, and escape into books. Later, Hesse gave me a lot of inspiration. Little by little, I can chat with people I don’t know, greet my friends on the road, dare to do a lot of crazy things for my dreams, and feel that I have begun to love this body and the world. Then after another test, it becomes entj. I feel that when I was an INTP, I didn’t love the world, and I was not spoiled by it. But when I stayed away from this image, I found that the world was very friendly to me. It was a good experience that was unimaginable when I was an INTP. I just accidentally explored the life of INTP on the way of “searching for myself”, then left, and then continue to “search for myself”. I adapt to different identities, but I am just trying to discover who I am. My answer is one-sided and pessimistic. I am a traitor in INTP, INTP is too bitter

6 months ago

Int is inherently disobedient to rules, management, and decadent traditions. Everything that is determined by its own three views will not pay attention to the outside world. Everything likes to pursue its logical essence. It is easy to see through the worldly desires. It is unique and unique from the world. The standard of moral judgment. Int uses the theory of evolution to say that it is genetically mutated, and it is born out of the ordinary, lonely, unpleasant. If the future development and optimization can change some of the stubborn flaws of int, INT can be said to be a genius personality. Of course, there are very few INTs that can develop to high-level, just like Nietzsche’s Zarathust La said Superman. It can be said that it is a form of human evolution to the top.

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