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In the 2021 undergraduate course, judging from the offers received by my classmates and I, those who go to first- and second-tier factories can generally get more than 30w, with a monthly salary of about 20k, and even higher. To be honest, now technical posts (mainly referring to the back-end (Java, C++, Go…). It is very easy to get a salary of 20K above and below the first- and second-tier manufacturers’ offer by doing the following: Algorithm Questions, technical interview written examinations are all tested this, so Leetcode has to write at least two or three hundred questions, “Sword Finger Offer” all the questions, of course it is better to have done ACM, if you don’t review the questions, then it’s just waiting for you. After all, it’s very difficult now, and the interviewer can only increase the selection through algorithmic questions. Here I also send you an algorithm note that helped me get an offer from a major manufacturer such as BAT. It was written by an Alibaba god, and the algorithm is weak. Or students who need to improve are very useful, the algorithm must be the top priority of computer learning: the leetcode brushing notes written by the BAT interviewer, after reading the problem that kills 80% of the seconds, the data structure of mp.weixin.qq.com is not required. You have to write red-black trees by hand, but the simple data structures of AVL hash table heap have to be implemented by yourself; linked lists and linear tables must be familiar enough to no longer be familiar, and the standard library implementation of the language can be understood? What Java hashmap, C++ vector you You have to know the implementation. Computer system knowledge, memory, stack, function call, number representation, etc., at least “CSAPP” has to go through it? (PS: This book is really suitable for programmers to complement the basics of computers. Operating system , You have to know these things: what constitutes the operating system, the state of the process, the switching, the method of scheduling inter-process communication (shared memory, pipe, message), the difference between the process and the thread, the implementation of the thread (one-to-one, multiple For first-class) mutual exclusion and synchronization (semaphores, monitors, locks), deadlock detection and avoidance of concurrency Classic problems: reader writers, philosophers dining problems why virtual memory is needed, how does MMU specifically address translation memory and why Segmentation, paging, and page replacement algorithms are how the file system is organized, how the virtual file system (VFS) is abstracted, and it’s best to combine it with the Linux implementation. I recommend “Linux Kernel Design and Implementation”. For example, there is no thread and The distinction between processes is a task_struct. In addition, I also highly recommend MIT6.828 to learn the operating system, to implement some thread management, file system, etc. Isn’t the computer class engaged in these. Computer network, this feels relatively simple, but The knowledge of computing network is complicated, and many students have reported that it is difficult to learn the network. After learning a lot of network protocols, they still don’t know how the network is constructed. This is because there is no use of the learning method, resulting in only seeing trees, not seeing Forest. When studying, it is recommended that you grasp the main line “How is a data packet sent?” Take this question to learn the application layer, transport layer, network layer, and link layer in turn, and think about how these layers are connected in series. To get up. This is the top-down approach, so I naturally recommend: “Computer Networks: Top-Down Method” from the book When we talk about application layer protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, which we are most frequently exposed to, we can clearly see the role of introducing each layer. When learning each layer of the protocol, it is best to capture the packets yourself and see what happens if wireshark captures packets with three fast retransmissions? In this way, the image will be more profound. Another point is to pay attention to collecting high-quality resources and filing them when studying. For example, the e-book library that I organize by myself is definitely not packaged and downloaded on the Internet, but I need to learn a certain direction of knowledge. At that time, you need to look at them, find them one by one on the Internet, and finally summarize them. I will continue to improve this part, as my own small e-book library, not many, but the most valuable. The books I have compiled can be obtained here. They are very helpful for students studying computer and review of school recruitment, and they are very systematic: Book list: Computer must-see classic book list​Database: SQL must be able to write, this is recommended. Under “SQL Must Know and Know”, have several paradigms been formally used? How to conduct domain modeling and database design to minimize the cost of each query? In terms of database principles, you can look at “Database System Concepts”. This book is quite thick. It covers everything from SQL to database design to database principles and distributed databases. You can take a look at it, such as relational models and database design (three Large paradigm), data disk storage and organization, indexing, concurrency control, etc. Of course, the most important thing for the entire database is the index and concurrency control (lock, MVCC, etc.). This part is also frequently tested in interviews: Index storage structure: B-tree, B+tree index, Hash index use: primary key index, covering index, The leftmost prefix principle, index push-down and other locks: optimistic locks, pessimistic locks, table locks, row locks, intent locks, read locks, write locks, etc. MySQL InnoDB MVCC implementation mechanism Storage engines: InnoDB, MyISAM, etc., their respective advantages and disadvantages Transaction: ACID theory recommends two books in this part: “High-Performance MySQL” and “MySQL Technical Insider” network programming. Back-end development is basically inseparable from network programming. In fact, even the entire back-end development can be regarded as network programming. It’s just that other people’s frameworks help us do the underlying operations of protocol analysis, network data transmission, and decapsulation. For example, a nanny-level framework such as SpringBoot basically accomplishes everything that a framework can do, so that we only need to define the data format of the receiving and returning package, and then do the logical processing. Dirty business development necessary for network programming like serialization, unpacking, and IO processing will not be touched at all. But network programming skills are still very important, especially for Linux C++ development. The core of network programming under Linux includes two parts: system programming and network IO: inter-process communication: semaphores, pipes, shared memory, sockets and other multi-threaded programming: mutual exclusion locks, condition variables, read-write locks, thread pools, etc. IO model: synchronous, asynchronous, blocking, non-blocking, signal-driven high-performance IO two modes: Reactor and Proactor (but due to the lack of asynchronous IO support under Linux, there is basically no ProactorIO multiplexing mechanism: epoll, select, poll (crack the C10K problem) We recommend several books: “Linux High-Performance Server Programming”, “Unix Network Programming”, “Unix Environment Advanced Programming” Programming Language: Although the language is not important, you have to be good at one language? For C++, those books (Effective trilogy, “Effective C++”, “More Effective C++”, “Effective STL”, STL source code analysis, object model) have to go through? For Java, the principle of JVM has to be read, right? GC has to read it. JDK important collection library depends on the project: to be honest, how tall can the projects in school contact? If you only use a few frameworks, I suggest not to write on your resume, it is better to go to github to participate in open source Project, GSOC to know about it? Of course, if your laboratory is very good, and the project you have done with your instructor is very awesome. Another way is 5, 6, 7 above, any one spends the first half of the time to implement a simple Prototypes (such as implementing a simple kernel) are very good resumes plus points. In fact, the final projects of these courses in famous foreign schools are for you to implement a prototype. English: This interview will generally not involve (unless It’s an interview in English), but I still think English is a very important ability. Specifically, “If you encounter a Sabie question, don’t bother your colleague. Google or bing find the answer from stackoverflow and solve it independently” or “The boss asks me To get in touch with something that I have never done before, I bite the bullet and clicked on the document and looked at it for two days and two pages. The ability to finally solve the problem. Information collection ability: For students who are not very good at school (non-C9), this ability is actually the best The key is. What are the best peers learning? What kind of talent do I want to hire at the company I want to go to? What will be asked in the interview? What is the recruitment of spring and autumn, how to deliver? Is internship really important? These questions , You go to Baidu, to search for Zhihu, and to search for Niuke. In fact, there are answers. Why is this ability important? For example, there are very few pits left for autumn recruits for popular BAT positions, because the pits are all converted by internships. The classmates accounted for it. If you didn’t know the spring recruitment before and did not go for an internship, the chances of going to a popular position in BAT would naturally be very slim. For example, the difficulty of the written examination of the autumn recruitment companies is significantly higher than the interview difficulty , On the one hand, the reason is screening people, on the other hand, the phenomenon of cheating in written examinations is very serious. If you know that there is no written test for early approval of Spring Recruitment and Autumn Recruitment, do you have more chances? Social skills: a few keywords: headline platinum code, direct push in the group, go to Niuke search by yourself. The above are the requirements for undergraduate research and development positions. The requirements of algorithm posts and graduate students are not very clear to me, presumably they will only be higher. Of course, the requirements I mentioned above are very out of reach for most students. However, if you are in a very ordinary college and do not demand the highest standards, then you will end up with an ordinary company and live an ordinary life just like your seniors. In addition, if you are still a freshman or sophomore, I would like to give some suggestions: In fact, this is the typical learning route for CS students that I have always admired. Basically, the basic courses follow the courses of foreign CS schools. . If we can achieve 50%, it should be easier to get an offer from a company like domestic BAT, but the problem is that when we first entered university, it was actually difficult to have such a clear and clear plan from the beginning. Many classmates are often in their junior year and find that some of them have got Toutiao and Tencent internship offers, and suddenly realize that they seem to be looking for a job. Then I hurriedly started to pick up and study seriously, and I usually finish the homework assigned by the teacher. So for the CS students who are still in school, I have a few suggestions: to improve the information search and collection ability and do the official account. During this period, many students asked me for the information of xx Lab and the lab of csapp. In fact, I want to say These things are the same when I go to find them and you go to find them. Open Google and enter the keywords sent to me, and you can find them. And what you find will be the first-hand information, and the ones I sent to you and downloaded from the Internet disk are actually all N-hands. Look at materials with high information density and high quality, such as classic books and courses. Don’t shop on blog platforms like CSDN and Nuggets all day long. Of course, I’m not saying that these blogs are not good. Rather, the materials you study probably determine the upper limit of what you can learn. Most of these blogs are also summaries written by the authors themselves after reading other books and columns. You can read the blog for a quick understanding, but if you want to learn more deeply, you can’t save the time that shouldn’t be saved. Reading by yourself is more time-consuming, but the knowledge will be more systematic and comprehensive. There is a sense of crisis. Computers are very popular nowadays. There are many students who transcode and cross-test computers. The competition is also great. Every year I read the experience posts on Niu Ke, I will find that although the cpp primer is very thick, some people will pass it Two or three times, and you may not finish it once, there are always seven or eight hundred leetcodes, and you may not finish reading the offer until the interview. If you want to get a satisfactory offer, you should start studying hard, prepare well, and study questions early. It is good to study for employment. Everyone can learn computer well. What you need is continuous hard work. We will see some seniors on various forums talking about their experience. Maybe they have many skills and talents. But the most essential thing must be their continuous contribution. I have always believed in the 10,000-hour rule. Switching to the CS major, you can analogize the “10 W lines of code” law, four years in undergraduate, or three years in graduate school, not to mention 10 W lines, there are tens of thousands of lines of code in total. In many cases of writing code, there is nothing but familiarity. According to my rough statistics, plus the various labs written, the code written by the university should be close to 10w lines.


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7 months ago

Recently, a colleague jumped to a large factory, 42K before tax, the average level in the group. In fact, in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, programmers who graduate two or three years can basically get this salary, and even some freshly graduated computer majors can easily get this salary, or even exceed this salary. The crux of the problem is not what level is reached to get this salary, because programmers who also have 20K salary have different levels of their own! Some people may have a deeper research in a certain field, some may have a wider range of knowledge, some may have sufficient preparation before the interview, and some may have a higher EQ and are easy to gain the favor of the leader. It is said that all roads lead to Rome, but if you ask a thousand people, there may be a thousand ways to move. Therefore, for this question, there may be a thousand people with a thousand different answers. As long as your own skills are not too good, you have enough preparation before the interview, and have a little confidence in yourself, it is not difficult to get 20K. The crux of the problem is that if you give you a salary of 20K, you have to hold your daily work and complete the development tasks with high quality. As for the difficulty of the task, it is difficult to say, after all, different companies have different difficulties. Perhaps the only effective answer to your question is that after 20K, the average level within the group of the unit you go to is the level you need to achieve.

7 months ago

Pay attention to the question review: programmers who have just entered the industry, and get 20k without pressure. This premise, even if it is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, is very difficult. What I can think of is probably that the prestigious school has excellent academic performance and entered the big factory. Otherwise, according to the school ranking, 8-15K, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are currently on this market. You ask what level you need to achieve. To be honest, programmers who have just entered the industry have no level. What LeetCode is in the high praise answer, and what ACM some people say, I just haha. Forgetting where he saw it, he appeared to say that he was a normal second book, and took these to participate in the school recruitment, but it was not useful. The key is that the conditions are limited: I have just entered the industry not long ago. So there is nothing to prove your ability, and you really have no ability. Don’t really look at the things in your textbooks as if they are too terrible. After you come out to work, teach you how to be a man in minutes! PS: You said that you would come out for an internship part-time project in your sophomore year, and that would not be called “just entering the industry”. However, as long as you work for 2-5 years, as long as you are not too stupid, 20K is really easy and stress-free. At present, the ceiling of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen programmers (not a project manager/CTO) should mention the annual salary of 500,000, right?

7 months ago

To get a 20K job, first consider several factors: 1. The cities where you are located are relatively simple, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. If you are in a city like Nanjing or Hefei, you still need a bit of strength. 2. The division of positions. What programmers mentioned by the subject, including algorithms? NLP? data analysis? Machine learning? Or the front-end and the back-end? The package does not include the management. Is it p post or m post? 3. Is the 20K mentioned in working hours the 20K at 9 am and 6 pm or the 20K at 996? 007’s 20K? If you choose to accept 996’s 20K in the first-line big market, the general graduates with better skills will be able to achieve it. If you want to go to 965 and are not in first-tier cities, then you need to have at least 3 years of work experience. If we talk about wages without setting aside these factors, I feel that there is nothing to talk about because there is no comparison. Freshly graduated college students tend to be more inclined to the big market, although the salary is high but the working hours are also high. These are all your choices. Personally, I don’t like 996’s life. There is no right or wrong, no waste of resources, personal choice. Let me talk about the kind of people around me who can get 20K: 1. Managers, who can independently lead a team, are born with technology, and can provide ideas. 2. Experienced product managers, able to communicate with customers, can be prepared to grasp customers’ ideas, know how to guide or communicate with customers smoothly, so as not to be dragged away by customers. 3. The architect is responsible for the technical route, architecture design, and research and development of the company’s software system; assumes the role of a bridge from product requirements to technical realization, and updates the research and development direction of the technical architecture according to product planning; participates in project plan review; participates in demand analysis and construction Model and software design review; understand the business requirements of the project, and give the overall solution of the software system; 4. The back-end developers with relevant background work experience can complete modules independently, and have certain optimizations on the code and can guide Others work, can optimize the performance of the code, multi-threading, locks, etc. will be used. Understand some of the underlying implementation principles, and be able to independently select the appropriate open source framework to use in the project or product. I won’t talk about the differences and principles of map, set, and list. I feel that I am insulting the 20K people around me. Finally, the pure technicians who can get 20K in Coordinate Nanjing are relatively leathery. There are many around me, and they are indeed capable. (Except for the management, because the management I have seen are all commanders. The code has not been written for 4-5 years. It is completely based on experience. The industry background is also capital.) I am not saying that the management is not good, they are mainly responsible The focus is different (forcibly wash a wave, be afraid).

7 months ago

I think it’s not too difficult for programmers who can achieve the following 32 points for a long time to reach a monthly salary of 20K upwards: 1. Excellent debugging ability, which is often more important than the code itself 2. Draw the class structure diagram before writing the code And the code sequence diagram, which will make the coding ability improve rapidly. 3. It is really a good habit to refactor the code regularly. 4. The ability to write documentation is very important. Look at the documentation of the most popular open source software such as Spring, hibernate, Struts, etc. Their tutorial, their getstarted, and their reference documents are so easy to understand. 5. Imitation of making wheels is a good way to learn coding, but don’t make it crazy when you are proficient. 6. Form your own variable naming rules, otherwise it will take a lot of time. 7. Algorithms are very important. Require handwriting algorithm. Here, by the way, I send you an algorithm note that helped many people get offers from top-tier manufacturers such as BAT. It was written by an Ali god. It is very useful for students who have weak algorithms or need to improve. Algorithms must be the focus of computer learning. The important point: 8. Do a good job of encapsulation, always keeping in mind high cohesion and low coupling. 9. Put unreliable requirements to the end, and the requirements may change at that time. 10. Take warnings in the code seriously, although they are not It is fatal, but it is a good opportunity for excellence. 11. Unit testing is very important. It has at least these benefits: convenient for later refactoring, optimized code design, documentation (unit testing itself is a document), and regressive (anytime, anywhere) Test) 12. Learn to read the open source code, it is best to run and play, which will make your coding ability leaps and bounds 13. Learn to look at performance indicators, learn performance tuning, it is one of the best ways to separate programmers 14. Don’t forget to make a data backup, otherwise you will be bad luck and the thief will die. 15. Don’t doubt basic common sense, such as compiling but suspect that it is a problem with the compiler. 16. Learn to simulate the user environment. It will help you a lot at critical moments. 17. Don’t blindly use new technologies. You must first understand and understand other people’s usage. Eating crabs is not always a good thing, and you may get stuck with crab legs. 18. Don’t underestimate a good version control system. It’s enough to remember one point: git is the best, simple, reliable, and free. 19. Always learn, IT industry is changing with each passing day. Don’t be an outdated programmer. 20. Use Google well, and your ability will increase 21. When coding Only think about the logic of the same level of thinking, and then think about the next level after this level is completed. Layers of disassembly can solve the problem perfectly. Once the level is exceeded, you may be confused. 22. To understand the algorithm, you must understand the data structure. Use appropriate data structures and algorithms (if necessary) when coding. 23. Repeat self-test before delivering the code. 24. If you often delay, it may be that the task has not been split enough. 25. Make a small note after solving the code problem. A good memory is not as good as a bad pen. 26. Don’t copy the code directly on the Internet. You must first understand and then write it out. 27. Try to actively promote the progress of the project. This is a good way for you to stand out quickly. 28. Take the initiative to fix the bug, whether it’s yours or not. , Of course, it’s not that you have to find a way to let your boss know 29. Log should be as standard as possible, such as writing time and classification, and redirecting output 30. Look at official documents, they really represent authority and perfect details, see After many problems, there will be no more problems. 31. Learn more English, whether it is Google or stackoverflow, or various official documents, fluent English reading, and habitual English search can help you surpass 90% of programmers. 32. Coding One hour, you must stand up and walk a few steps, move your neck, or you will need a book soon after: “Cervical Spondylosis Rehabilitation Guide” I wish you all a bright future, and you will be on the road to coding. If you feel good, then help me

7 months ago

It is mainly difficult for fresh graduates. For programmers who have worked for several years, at least this number is not difficult for first-tier cities. The first part is hard power. Including your programming ability, basic knowledge (such as data structure, algorithm, etc.) mastery, logical thinking ability, modeling ability (transforming real problems into mathematical problems). There is nothing to say about this part. You should lay a solid foundation in school, write more and practice, and try to brush up the leetcode. If you find it difficult, don’t force every question to be completely correct, but at least you have to have ideas, such as certain types of questions. What data structure, what algorithm to use, and the time complexity of common algorithms, whether there is room for optimization, etc. In the written examination interviews conducted by large factories, there are still situations in which the interviews are rockets and the entry screws are screwed. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare for the written examination interviews. The second part is soft power. Including your communication skills, comprehension skills, resume, on-the-spot reaction, etc. Communication skills and comprehension skills are very important. Even if you have strong programming skills, these two skills will not meet the standard, it will be difficult to communicate in future work, and interviewers will not want such a person to be a colleague. The most direct manifestation is the communication situation during the interview, the interviewer’s questions, can you understand it once you have said it, and the part that you don’t understand should be actively asked and clarified to ensure that your understanding is not biased. This is very important. In daily work, when under PM tasks, some people keep nodding their heads, and in the end, they are not right. Some people will repeat their understanding after listening to ensure that there is no deviation and no omissions, so that delivery Only the material can maintain the quality and quantity. For the resume part, it’s best to have a git address. The above items can be run directly instead of a bunch of bugs. This allows the interviewer to understand your abilities more quickly. If there are many projects and the documentation is complete, all Can be run, it will definitely add a lot of points. You don’t need to force a lot of huge projects. You can use the usual practice or the results of brushing LeetCode. It also proves your learning process and can accumulate your learning results. At least it shows that you can use git well, and you don’t need to come in for training. Up. Then there are some necessary internships and project experience, which are also the most distressing for many fresh graduates. Non-graduate students have some more or less, but most of the projects of fresh graduates are for tutors, and some are of scientific research nature. It is very difficult to explain, and I only bear part of it. In view of this situation, you can consider finding some competition questions to practice, such as data analysis, find some kaggle questions, or even form a team, as long as you complete one thing from front to back, it can reflect your abilities in all aspects. That’s it. Finally, on the spot reaction, this can only be practiced more, how to create opportunities for practice? In addition to simulation, the following strategies can be used: Suppose you have several target offers, then these are placed in the last interview, first go to some positions that you do not want to go to, and accumulate interview experience, preferably more than ten times , Until you have almost no tension on the spot and can cope with ease, then go to your target post.

7 months ago

For a 20k job, at least you have to contribute more than 20K. I happened to get a few 30W+ offers when I was recruited. In addition to academic qualifications and in-depth knowledge internships, the projects and thinking skills other companies encountered were interview books. The question I asked is all the kafka tair that I have used, and so on. In terms of principle and ability, I have been an intern in a large company for one and a half years and have been one of the main developers of several projects. The main developers of core projects years ago and Another member has just carried out a major refactoring of the core project. The refactoring plan I think is also passed. After the refactoring, the 0 test is involved and there is no big problem after the launch. The grayscale offline the old code. This workload is an intern. Then the friends in the group will let me take interns for a period of time, so the development volume of 20K school enrollment is already at a level two levels higher than me… At the annual meeting, the technical director said that he hoped me Can stay…. If you want to enroll students in the school, you have to practice for a period of time. Familiar with the business. Familiar with the common components and principles of the enterprise. Understand the development process. Learn to look at the code requirements. Rapid iteration. This is the most basic ability. Then you need you to develop large-scale business. There is the overall concept of the system as a whole. The separation and interaction of each system and the design of the architecture to the database. You need to have a control. You want 20K jobs. You need to look at the 30K recruitment level and work hard recently. I just left, and when I left, I was one of the veteran members of our group….. I returned to the state-owned enterprises in third-tier cities and gave up these offers, indicating that I was sprayed and hidden.

7 months ago

This depends on the stage. Just graduated from school and employment unit. If you are a graduate student in a good school and enter a good company, theoretically you should be close to it, or surpass it. If not, then you have to work hard. Assuming that the school is ordinary, then your goal is this and first-tier cities. That goal is a technical direction. At least be proficient (please understand the difference between this proficiency and the proficiency on your resume) to use one or more development languages ​​to complete the work. Have a certain analysis and problem-solving ability. After at least a few projects, you can speak out the relationship between the business requirements of the project and the realization, and the technical details very skillfully. To show that you can complete the analysis and design work, only coding except for some special circumstances is unlikely. If the foreign language is better or the appearance is better, there is a blessing aura. But if you are in a non-first-tier city, taking into account wage differences, you still need years and opportunities before you can achieve the above standards. In many cities, 20k is the ceiling of a certain industry, so the industry must also be considered. In summary, priority cities, companies, strengths, years, and industries. All these factors are possible. But doing it is related, reaching is a high probability event, if you continue to invest in technology. Tell you a standard that will be sprayed. Proficient in “Introduction to Algorithms”, you can get it with a high probability. Because people who can learn this book must have no problem in thinking and logical ability. In my opinion, this is the most essential ability of a technical person.

7 months ago

If you are in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, it is not difficult to work for 3 years with a monthly salary of 20K. Seen from the recruitment website, the required technology stack is nothing more than Java foundation, common framework (Spring/MyBatis/SpringBoot/netty), master of common databases (MySQL/Redis/Mongo), and familiarity with database tuning and distributed development. Experience, as well as familiarity with commonly used middleware such as Nginx, MQ, ES, Kafka, familiar with Linux, etc. If you want to get 20K smoothly, I think the following are the Java basics that you must master (solid foundation, understand some source code ) Written good code (code specification) Common framework (Spring/MyBatis/SpringBoot/netty) Proficient in using a relational database (MySQL/Oracle) Proficiency in using a nosql (Redis, Mongo) Proficiency in using a message queue (MQ) Proficiency Using a distributed caching system and others (such as front-end frameworks, search, etc.) happen to be that I recently compiled a Java interview manual, the full text is about 24W words. The technology stack includes network protocols, Java basics, advanced, strings, collections, concurrency, JVM, data structures, algorithms, MySQL, Redis, Mongo, Spring, SpringBoot, MyBatis, SpringCloud, Linux, and various middleware (Dubbo, Nginx, Zookeeper, MQ, Kafka, ElasticSearch) etc… just cut a few pictures, and you can feel the fight. Personally, the content is still very comprehensive. If you are a novice programmer, you can use it as a reference manual for the learning route. If you are a programmer who has been working for several years, you can review the past and learn the new.

7 months ago

Let’s first talk about the background and introduce my own, low-level 985. What is the level of 30k+ wlb foreign companies + stocks in the 21st undergraduate school recruitment? I have an open source project non-tutorial resource category in my sophomore year, 700+star black books and Bible reading I have written 5 books, and this is internal strength several times. There are more than 200 questions and 1,400 submissions. The questions are not many but precise. I wrote a lot of codes, various codes, covering a wide range of fields, and the front-end and back-end applet client vr security. At the beginning of the sophomore year, there is an average of 1 20w per semester. Just 1-2w lines were written on the Linux command line. Then I have more than half a year of Internet experience, and I started looking for an internship. If you want to get a good offer, you must go for an internship as soon as possible. Another point is the love of the computer itself, rather than doing these things utilitarianly

7 months ago

Gao Zan replied as if 20k requires reading a lot of books, writing a lot of code, and a high degree of education. Typically, fresh graduates who have never seen the world have a sense of superiority. Judging from the reality of my old world, the requirement of a monthly program salary of 20k is actually not that difficult. The general C language or Java programming ability coordinates North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Among them, age is the most important. You go to ask the programmers over 30 years old in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, regardless of their own ability, are you willing to accept a job-hopping salary of less than 20k? Most people value themselves, including market conditions, and how much they pay at any age. Whether you admit it or not, this is a cruel fact. The most important criterion for salary determination in the talent market is age or working years, because this is the most objective, easiest to measure and easiest to compare. The second is ability. A very subjective inspection. One or two hours of interviews can’t determine a person’s ability at all. If a 25-year-old engineer in a company has outstanding abilities, and the salary is not as good as a 30-year-old engineer, no one will think this is unfair. Who will let your mother give birth to you a few years later, and the work experience is shorter than others. If the salary of a 25-year-old is higher than that of a 30-year-old engineer, this team is not easy to lead. So, if you don’t have 20k right now, don’t be anxious, keep the current rhythm, and when you reach 30, you will naturally have a job. PS, please tell me the knowledgeable big guys, is the following 20K-25K software engineer really demanding? I don’t deny the significance of learning. More powerful technology enables you to choose more powerful companies, better corporate culture and benefits. But when it comes to salary decisions, I’m sorry, but age and working years play a decisive role.

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