A game is hundreds of fast, and a good computer (playing 2077 and the like) is also thousands.
The problem was locked up soon after I was asked, and I can’t explain it. I can change it now. My original intention is not to compare Krypton gold mobile games, but to compare all other hobbies, including smoking, drinking, singing, dancing, and so on. I don’t mean to attack mobile games alone. I don’t know why many people only associate with mobile games.

If you are a fan of strategy games, I think buyout games are really saving money! ! Some games are really old for dozens of dollars. Let me say that I have over a hundred hours of games on Steam: I bought the big package of Civilization 5 for more than 40 yuan. Civilization 6 I am the deluxe version of the reservation, and I have more than 200 impressions. Skyline, 28 blocks to buy the body. At present, there are only two dlcs at 13pk of the Three Kingdoms, which I bought more than 400, but this game is only a lot more than 500 hours from the pirated version to the original version. (In fact, when the pirated version was played more, it was less with the original version, but There are also 228h) Sim City 4, which seems to be bought for more than a dozen yuan. Taiwu picture scroll, this is actually not a strategic category, I bought it over fifty. Roller coaster star, bought in his early 100s. In the Three Kingdoms War, it was given by friends and bought at the time of the first release. I remember it was more than 200. Age of Empires 2HD, I bought it for RMB 20 or 30. Railroad Empire, I bought it over a hundred (seeing Shi Xiao42, my heart is dripping blood) What’s more, I still have Stardew Valley, there is ck3, there is famine, and there is a double point hospital. No matter which one can I play till the end of the day. Instead, it was more expensive to play online and mobile games before. When I play mobile games, I usually follow the route of civilians, and I prefer the feeling of starting from scratch. That’s it, every time you go back to the pit in a dream, you have to spend a few hundred, and then play for two three months and discard it. Other games will be charged more or less. Then my other hobbies, Hanfu, jk uniform, lolita just want to buy everything. Digital products and peripherals burn money even more. However, I am basically stable at school with a set of keyboard, mouse and earphones, and a set of keyboard, mouse and earphones at home. In addition, only a keyboard dedicated to codewords is left. Various digital products are as streamlined as possible. Now this item is not too big an expense. There are also good food. Usually it’s very expensive to go out to eat when it’s fine. You can eat a masterpiece for a meal, and a cup of milk tea is also a Star Dew Valley. It’s so expensive. Moreover, the long flesh has to be consumed by exercise, so it’s worthless to think about it. Then there are make-ups. Make-ups are actually quite cost-effective, as long as you can control your own hands and not buy new ones. You can stack the lipstick by buying a few basic colors. The eyeshadow palette can be adjusted in 16 colors and 16 colors. The more wasteful thing is the eyeliner, which can be done at every turn, but fortunately, I always buy eyeliner in open shelves. It’s cheaper to draw than to play games, but because I’m very skilled, I am also entertaining myself. The paint is the cheapest entry-level paint. I can use a Faber-Castell color lead for two years. I bought the pastels of Sakura and Lion for several years, but they didn’t use much. Gouache was a bit more troublesome, so I bought the smallest ones in sub-packages. After much deliberation, it is really the most economical to play games. (I feel like I have found a new excuse for playing games again)


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

of course not. Any player with a little experience knows that running a group is the most economical hobby. The running group here refers to playing table role-playing games (TRPG) with friends, rather than taking part in long-distance running and going out to run the road. Of course the latter is not expensive. If you want to run a group, you first need to choose the rules you want to play, so you need to have a rule book. The original, especially the original version of the rule book is not very cheap, but it is okay to buy one for ten years. If you don’t even want to buy this, you can still hold your thigh and ask the big guys to borrow it, or go to the library to borrow it, or search for the paperback version on the Internet. It won’t be a problem. If it’s an offline party running dough, ideally you also need to put character models and terrain drawings. If you want to save money, you can do it yourself. As for the characters and monster models, if you are as ingenious as @何老湿 and can independently produce the big touch of a 3A butter game with financing at home, you can of course choose wood carving, plastic moulding or even 3D printing. And if you don’t have the ability, and you think it’s more expensive to use these methods to make models, you can go to the supermarket near your home once a week, talk to the aunts in the supermarket, and pick up some paper and cut it yourself. Cut, and then draw the characters and monsters in your heart. As for how the painter is, this is not a big problem, just a symbolic one. Then you also need some reading materials to provide you with inspiration, so that you can adapt the script and make a module for everyone to play. This can also be done with a small amount of money. Find a reading app that contains a lot of books on the market, open a one-year membership, about 200 yuan, and then just pick a book to read. If you don’t even want to pay the money, there are many kinds of free bookstores online. So if you look at it this way, suppose the subject is a blessed person who can run one game every week, which is about 6 hours. So in a year, it is about 300 hours. And the cost of these 300 hours, in the most extreme case, can be 0 yuan. 0 yuan to get up to 300 hours of happiness! It’s that simple! ! Of course, running a group requires a group of friends to play together. And everyone has to be able to make enough time, and this time can be combined together. So the subject, the next is the question you need to ask yourself. Do you have friends?

8 months ago

Really not necessarily. People who like to consume impulsively can’t save money by playing anything. I often see people on the Internet saying that most of the games worth 10,000 to 20,000 yuan in their steam library have not been played, and they can’t help but place orders when they see discounts. I played both card drawing games and buyout games, and I really felt how powerful the discounted krypton scam is, and it is absolutely no less than gambling. Take a chestnut: I bought this recently. The original price is 45 flowers (1 flower = 1 yuan), and the current price is 5 flowers. If there is no discount, I would never buy it. Although it is called a suspense game, there are far more emotional dramas than crime-solving dramas. The male protagonists of this game are all in the style of the Korean boy group, all of them are Long Aotian, and the age setting is also impressive. While playing, I frowned and pressed fast forward to skip the emotional scene. But why did I buy it? Because it’s a discount! Although the emotional drama in front is terrible, what if the plot to solve the case later is good? If I don’t buy it, I will lose a lot! It’s not people who don’t buy! buy! After buying it, I never played it again. Buying and not playing is unreasonable in the eyes of card game players. Just like someone said that he got 648 Krypton, but he just retired without drawing the card pool. Do you think he is stupid? However, among buyout game players, the phenomenon of buying and not playing not only exists, but also some people are proud of it. As we all know, the more you stock up the game, the lower the price, the more you stock up, the more you lose. If you stock up and stock up for free, you can just give it away for nothing. It’s like discount sweeping in reality, and the end result is mostly tasteless. However, when people see discounts, especially when they are discounted significantly, they will feel “not buying and losing a lot”. Merchants use this psychology to let people who don’t need this thing open their wallets. If the trick of drawing cards is to make you spend a lot of money on gambling, then the trick of buying out is to let you buy a game that you will never pass the level in your life, and feel that you are making a profit. The end result of impulsive consumption must be pain. But the pain of buying out the game comes later than the drawing game. The pain of drawing a card can be given immediate feedback at the fastest-that is, money entered, but the desired card was not drawn out; a bit slower, the freshness passed after a few days, and I found that I had only exchanged a piece of paper for a few hundred dollars. People also feel huge losses. The pain of buyout comes very slowly, so slow that you think it will not come. Obviously it is consumption, but he considers himself an asset, and feels that he has a treasure trove of excellent games bought at a low price. But video games are not collectibles. They won’t appreciate or give up. They will only drop in price and give them away for nothing. Probably not until the manufacturers give away old games for free, will they realize with hindsight that they have lost. Without suffering, there is no repentance. It hurts so hard that I can understand krypton gold rationally. I was bleeding heavily when I was cut leek by the stack of paper (Nuan Nuan, Love and Producer), and then I turned back from the world of krypton gold drawing cards. People who are addicted to the pleasure of impulsive consumption will impulse krypton gold when playing card draw, and they will also impulse krypton gold when playing buyout. Playing buyout may wake up later, get more krypton, and get a huge amount of equipment money. People who are rational krypton gold, even if they play the most cheating card drawing game, will become a savvy monthly card party, saving tokens for the card pool they most want to draw. So the key to saving money lies in sane gold, not what kind of game to play. If you fall into the pit with the idea that “card drawing games are all tricks, and buyout games are all conscience”, you may be more likely to fall into the trap of discounts, and you don’t know how much money is spent!

8 months ago

You have used the word “more”. You have to tell me what to compare with. Given that you have a more obvious keyword buyout system, then I privately think that your comparison object is a free in-app purchase system. The first thing to know There are many buyout games, and there are more excellent buyout games, not all 200+500+, but also small-made high-quality buyout games. It all depends on whether you want to play, whether you like it or not. Of course, I understand that the reason why players are entangled between buyout and free in-app purchase games is not just which one is more economical. Free in-app purchases are generally social. , The buyout system rarely has a low threshold for free in-app purchases. Everyone needs to have mobile phones these years. For many people, computers have or do not have games. It is all based on love. Needless to say, I specially spent a lot of money to purchase a package for playing 2077. A full set of equipment (I didn’t say when you have money), but if you really love games and like to play games instead of just to kill time, then I still suggest to play buyout games. After all, from the source of design, buyout and There is a slight gap between free in-app purchase games. Is there any “inducing consumption” that leads to the difference between cloud and mud. Would you like to buy out games or free in-app purchase games?

8 months ago

Compared with mobile games, online games, stand-alone games are more economical. Because of my work and interests, I used to play online games for a long time. Of course, I belong to the top player in that kind of game who spends 500,000 dollars at every turn. Plus, it’s okay for me to play games. After all, practitioners can easily understand the idea of ​​planning. Anyway, those high-playing rich second-generation players are compliant. I spend half or a quarter of their money. Beat them to kneel once when they saw each other. There are also hundreds of thousands or even more than one million in the game. And colleagues around him are also great gods who specialize in researching that kind of payment mechanism. Once in a certain page game, I achieved 3,000 monthly sales with 20,000 online. In short, it is a stand-alone machine to save money. My veteran handicapped party, even if it is a fighting game, it is pure stream of consciousness. Pay attention to the degree of connotation. I think the Swedish dumb donkey game is good, that is, the p club. Of course the game is a bit expensive. But you can get a discount or go to a website to call. And the p-society games relatively do not eat the screen. The connotation is relatively deep. Recently, I am obsessed with the transformation of Europa Universalis 4 into the Provence monkey opera genre. Basically, in 1592, it connected Big Breast (Hungary), France, Austria, Kaka, Aragon, Bohemia, Uncle (Birkenti), Naples, and eliminated the numb chicken, Tunisia, Morocco, black and white Sheep, North Africa has been unified and has taken control of the Ivory Coast. Portugal was also beaten to a single breath. Immediately, it will continue to update the games of more than 6,000 developed p-societies, and relatively inexpensive online games. As for the machine, I use a 20,000 computer to play games from more than a decade ago. There is also a game, such as chess, I think the more I play, the deeper I feel. Now if you are lucky, you can kill 9~2 by force. Human brain. However, the software limit is even higher, with 64 cores, 128 cores, this kind of black technology. The price has not been found yet. In the future, the stock has made a profit. ~In addition, I used to play a board game, Magic, which was more expensive. It’s a few hundred small at a time. Basically, it belongs to the level of Killing the Great God. Others appraise it… But I don’t play professional games. Later, I gave away the cards worth tens of thousands. ~The main cost of running a group is the cost of the group leader and party.

8 months ago

Equipped with a 2,000 yuan computer, it is enough to play classic games from 20 years ago to the present, such as the gba series such as Ranch Story, Metroid, and Castlevania, enough to play for three years. Play the open stand-alone game again, such as the war red police empire, riding and hacking the famine and killing the prototype of the Three Kingdoms, and so on, it will be enough for three years. There are also some stand-alone plots, such as Resident Evil 4 and so on. Haw can also play for a year. After seven years, I won’t be able to play. It’s nothing more than a little bit of electricity, potato chips and cola. I once dreamed of living a life like this, but it was a pity that reality pushed me into another life.

8 months ago

First of all, hobbies all cost money. Secondly, everyone’s economic level is different, and their investment in hobbies is also different, so it is difficult for you to directly compare which is cheaper in terms of consumption. For example, I also like to eat and drink. A few brothers and I were drinking and blowing water at the roadside barbecue stalls. The cheap grilled lamb (nominal) skewers for two yuan a skewers were very happy, and I must go to the Michelin three-star restaurant to eat in Kobe. The consumption of steak is definitely not a level. Therefore, whether to save money or not depends on how much money can be increased and where the upper limit is. And computer games are probably the lowest limit among various hobbies in modern society. Let me talk about the average consumption level first. The zero-consumption learning version allows you to experience a stand-alone machine that you don’t want to buy temporarily, but if you drink a fake drink for more than ten dollars, you will enter the hospital. There are discount games for one hundred dollars every day, but this money can only drink a few cups of milk tea It is almost impossible to buy a plane ticket for a normal version of the game for 300 yuan. A five-hundred-dollar premium version of the game will cost you a meal. A 700-dollar luxury version of the game can’t even buy a pair of shoes. A 3,000-yuan CPU is not enough to travel for a few days, or a 9,000-yuan video card for an online course is worth tens of thousands of photography and musical instruments. The graphics card for 10,000 yuan, the board U for 10,000 yuan, and the ultimate performance without stacking sli are purely used for playing games, it is already the top level. And this price is just entering the circle in other hobby circles. In terms of buyout games and some relatively low-cost paid games (such as War Thunder, Wargaming trilogy, etc.), the game expenditure of two to three thousand yuan per year is enough for you to continue to gain happiness. For most people, spending two to three thousand, three to four thousand a year is enough to play (for six to seven thousand to buy a computer, the game will be pirated). Let’s talk about adding money and caps. Every increase in computer games is worth it. The 60 series to the 70 series allow you to stabilize at 60 frames, the 70 series to the 80 series allow you to turn on all special effects, and the 80 series to the 90 series allow you to play in 2K. Each increase in the level of money can bring a qualitative leap visible to the naked eye. Even if you are not a deep game enthusiast, just play five csgo after get off work every day, you can clearly see the increase in the number of frames. If you are willing to spend 20,000 to 30,000, 30,000 to 40,000 yuan to buy a top-of-the-line computer (at least three or four years, and then you can sell it second-hand. After the cycle, it actually costs only about 20,000 yuan each time), and then every year Spend two or three thousand to buy favorite games or recharge during the discount period-that is to say, spend an average of six to seven thousand per year, up to ten thousand, then you can get the top experience in computer games. Basically, what it feels like to play a single-player game on the computer of President Wang, you are almost like how it feels. At the same time, you can also get a computer that can meet most of your personal needs, whether it’s drawing, video production, writing, or running programs, as long as it’s hobby level things can be achieved. Even if you have good skills, you can still do some professional work at the middle and lower levels. And other hobbies, eating and drinking, pets, photography, travel, sports, art, collecting… Which item has an upper limit of 6,000 or 7,000 per year so that you can basically get the top experience in the circle? Which of the additional money can make outsiders feel the improvement at each level? Which of the entry thresholds is that you can officially enter the circle and play smoothly after spending two to three thousand, three to four thousand per year?

8 months ago

It’s quite economical. If you don’t happen to play strange hunting again, switch hasn’t produced any serious 3A masterpieces for about two years. Think about it carefully the last time you played switch for a long time, or helped Jing Tian sell kohlrabi. PS4 is the same. With TLOU2 and 2077, there have been almost no games that shock the industry in the past two years. The most recent game I have played with ps4 is Yulong 5. Computer games are theoretically cheaper than the console. The only thing that everyone thinks is that the top 3080 is out of stock. But think about it carefully. The last PC game I played was Xuanyuan Jianqi, and the last one I played on the PC was Assassin’s Creed. Originated (yes, not an Odyssey yet), what do you say I took so hard to do with a PC. Not to mention VR. I specially spent more than 100 yuan to find a good home for it. Look at me recently talking about mobile phones every day, making fun of me switching to the digital circle. Really, what’s so fun about mobile phones. It’s not a comparison of several parameters. Few games can really use the extreme performance of mobile phones!
In fact, I really can’t spend the money to buy games.

8 months ago

This description makes me bewildered by a game for hundreds of thousands? Who made you stare at 3A and bought it? The domestically produced games are tens of per capita, and other foreign independent games or small factory games range from a few dollars to tens of dollars. It takes more than 100 to buy two or three at random. Playing for half a month is not a problem. With a computer, it’s a money-saving business. You spend a few large, a thousand and a small 10,000 yuan to match the top (don’t buy the whole machine or go to the computer city to match), as long as you are not using it as a mining machine to toss, use it for ten years to play No problem with masterpieces. If you play a mobile phone game, now this mobile game is only a few Gs, and the configuration requires a high level, and it can’t be moved if it’s low. The drive can basically be thousands of dollars. When you’re done, you still have to spend money in the game. You will have to spend a few thousand dollars to buy a new one after two years of mobile phone replacement, so you can spend more money than buying a computer. The result of spending more money to enjoy is that the rough modeling dog history design in that small screen is hung and beaten by other krypton gold bosses. How do I feel that my brain is sick.

8 months ago

It may indeed save money, but at the same time it may have a higher economic threshold, and this is not a contradiction. This is similar to renting a house. In some places, the total rent discount for a person who rents a house for 30 years may be higher than the amount of direct purchase of the house that year, or even much higher, so renting a house does not save money. But the core of the problem is that it is very likely that at any point in time, the renter will not be able to come up with a large down payment to buy a house. The game is similar. The highest one-time economic threshold is the PC stand-alone game. For example, if you want to run a large 3A single machine smoothly in 4K, you basically need to pay 20,000 to 30,000 at a time. The advantage is that you can play large-scale 3A games casually, and those games are not expensive. Extra nothing to do, you can also use the 3090 computing power to give the lady a deep fake to satisfy the evil taste of the otaku, not to mention it. The second is the host, which is more expensive and only 5000 yuan. The cheapest is krypton gold mobile games and even web games. Mobile phones cost one or two thousand yuan, and the cost of a computer that can run web games is a few thousand yuan less. Moreover, these two objects are essential to life for most modern people, so they are actually zero cost. A group that can easily spend 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to buy a gaming computer as a toy will almost certainly have a higher economic status than the “zero cost” group. But this does not mean that the group who is keen on Krypton mobile games will have a relatively low discount on the long-term total cost of the game — the probability is higher. And this is also one of the basic logics of the game industry: for a wider group of people, the economy is not enough to talk about ample subjects, and the three melons squeezed out of income could be invested in future planning or offline small businesses. In the crowd, carry out stable daily rent collection. Today, when observational methods, statistical methods, and computing power still cannot keep up, the market economy still has to persist. But the more free the market or capital, it almost certainly means that the weaker people who make up the absolute majority in the community will be squeezed out of every drop of value. And this kind of squeeze is carried out at the same time on the production side and the consumer side-you 996 produces, and then spends money to resolve the fatigue, emptiness and loss of 996, you are a cycle.

8 months ago

In fact, the first thing to do is to define the concept of buyout. One purchase of a traditional stand-alone player with a complete game experience is definitely a buyout, but now many games involving pvp are both buyout and in-app purchase, such as For Honor Battlefield, etc. Does buying skins in online games count as buyouts? So I think there is really a difference between the clear price and gambling behavior. The clear price is also divided into one-time access to all experiences, purchase skins, and even pay-to-win buying value. Let’s talk about my own consumption habits. I can be regarded as a negative teaching material. I am naturally afraid of purchasing non-physical products and limited-time access to products, so I generally do not buy monthly cards and recharge various members. But buyout games are different. What you buy is yours. Although it is not physical, it is considered a kind of own property. Compared with my original consumption, I have spent a few dollars on mobile phones, most of which are still buyout systems. Batman Story is 12,196 yuan (md, the price of cabbage on pc), and the legend of the knight (it’s off the shelf, it’s numb). ), Pascal’s contract, etc. The few online games are Meteor Mobile Games 30 yuan, Modern Warfare 5, which cost a little more than 100, all belong to the top of the box, and I regret it after consumption. And on steam, the current price of the big and small numbers is about 1w5 (without the charity package, plus one), including the discount, 60%, plus epic, uplay, rotten orange and some in-game purchases Piecemeal, about 1w of investment in a year or so, but the strange thing is that I do not feel distressed. So you still have to look at your consumption needs. As far as I am concerned, consumption with a gambling nature is just being played by game manufacturers. Of course, if you don’t care or have confidence in luck, then I didn’t say anything. .

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