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Shiro Weimiya: Liberation of the arms, shooting a hundred heads and defeating Hercules, and then helping Rin Tosaka project the gem sword. Because of the archer’s arm, the body cannot withstand the backlash, and the original enchantment is directly expanded into the body. In addition to the hedgehog, it is also more dangerous because of the attacker being commented by Yanfeng Qili. After defeating Yanfeng Qili, I wanted to destroy the Holy Grail, but I was afraid and hesitated for a while. At this time, Illiya appeared and asked if he wanted to live. He replied, and then Illiya walked into the Holy Grail and launched the real first. The Cup of the Three Magic Heavens, Shirou’s soul materialized and his body turned into fly ash, but the soul was preserved. Later, Rin and Sakura found a doll prepared by the crown puppet master Orange for them, and Shirou’s soul was resurrected with a body. , And Sakura came together. Illya: Because I absorbed the archer’s soul and knew the relationship between Archer’s identity and Shirou, Shirou said that his brother was very touched to protect his sister, so she appeared in the clothes of heaven in the final battle and wanted to be her sister. Protecting my brother, I activated the third magic and saved Shiro Sakura: Saved Rin Tosaka: Not the protagonist, a little detail was omitted. Because of the use of the second magic parallel world to interfere, he was accused by the clock tower at first, and later by Zell. Rich was released on bail and accepted as an apprentice. After returning from studying in London, there was the ending scene of Qi Li: In the beginning, the light of the right way, in fact, the goal has always been the coming of all evil. In the end, the body could not withstand the battle against Shirou. Bai Jian Tong Zang Yan: Fate is very hard, in order to survive by any means, in the end the clone fell into the magma and died. Five hundred years ago, he was an aspiring young man who ran around to save mankind. He had lived for too long and forgot his ideals. Originally, he lived to realize his ideals. Later, he turned the cart before the horse. Instead, he did not choose any means to survive. The ending was before falling magma. I saw Yiliya wearing the clothes of heaven, and recalled her original ideal rider: fighting with Saber, when Saber paid attention to Shirou in the middle, he mocked Saber, similar to Xiaosan’s speech; relying on Shirou’s projection shield and the nine-layer power of his Yingriding bridle The curry stick that counteracted Saber, defeated Saber with the power of a layer of treasure, and the ending relied on Sakura’s magical power to survive. Saber: defeated and exited. If you hesitate in the game, Saber will immediately stand up and kill Shirou and help Sakura. Saber must be killed, otherwise it must be bad end. The theater version is really full of funds, the special effects are wonderful, and the plot is very consistent with the original. very good.


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8 months ago

So these theatrical versions are really unfriendly to those who have never played the game. . . Shi Lang Qiang’s action with the magic body of red a could not bear the root of the sword, and his body was directly destroyed. Before Ilia closed the Great Holy Grail, Shirou’s soul was temporarily preserved by using the third method. The doll is a body made by Shirou, the crowned puppetist with red hair, Orange. In the end, Rin had just returned to Japan from the clock tower. If I remember correctly, the three people should go to the clock tower to study abroad together. How come it’s all Tielia? Where is my saber? No one loves it? I almost broke my heart when I heard the phrase “Shirou” added by the production team.”

8 months ago

To put it simply, I didn’t set it in detail: In the previous movie, Shiro saved his life by transplanting Wei Gong’s arm, but because Wei Gong’s magic circuit was too domineering and would defeat Shi Lang, he used the sacred cloth. (The red cloth) It’s sealed. In this movie, Shirou had to liberate the seal and gain the power of Weigu in order to fight the heroic spirit and Kurosakura, but from the moment of liberation, his body and spirit were all eaten back, and he was alive. Soon, Illya said, “If you use that arm, you won’t be able to go back to the past.” After several times of use, his spirit has been exhausted just to stay awake, his memory has begun to blur, and he can’t remember other people’s names if he can’t pronounce the complete words (both rider and Ilia can’t be remembered); Because of the ravages of the magical power of the “sword” attribute, his physical body began to gradually become a sword, unable to survive (Supplementary Note: In the world view of the Moon, everything is composed of magical power, so the physical body will be infested by the sword). In front of the original Black Holy Grail, if Illya’s favorability is enough, there will be two options: 1. For Sakura, I can’t die yet; 2. Just end everything like this. If you choose one, enter the spring return ending (he), which is the ending of the movie selection. Ilia will save Shilang’s life and use herself as the cup of heaven to close the “door” of the black holy grail and sacrifice herself at the same time. Illya exists for the ritual of the Cup of Heaven, but the meaning of the Cup of Heaven itself is to open the Great Holy Grail, not to close it. But no matter if, after performing this magic, Illiya will definitely lose the function of “human” and become a magic dress. (Supplementary note: The original work deletes the Illya line, and only keeps a part of it in the Sakura line. Therefore, Illya’s situation that “I can only live for two or three years even without performing magic” has not been changed.) The reason for choosing one From the perspective of the game, it means that Shirou has really changed and is eligible to be rescued. From the perspective of the plot, Illia heard Shirou’s call for help and decided to dedicate herself to protecting her younger brother. And if you choose two, enter the ending of Sakura Dream, Mushroom seems to have wanted to use this ending as te. In this ending, Shiro will project the black excaribur, release the treasure to destroy the Black Holy Grail, and the body will completely collapse because of the projected holy sword. In the follow-up to this ending, Sakura lived in the house of Eiya for a lifetime, waiting for the return of Eiya. Back to the theater version. In the ending of Returning in Spring, Shi Lang was saved by Ilia. Although his body had collapsed, his spirit could still be saved. Rin looked for a way to save the savior while dealing with the clock tower. Finally she found the crowned puppeteer Aosaki Orange (mainly appeared in “Night of the Magician”, I am currently pushing this one, she appeared as the background board many times, one of the human ceilings), that is, in the theater version The orange-red haired woman who met Rin and Sakura in the alley made a high-quality doll as Shirou’s body, resurrecting Shirou completely. After that, Shirou, Rin, and Sakura will go to the clock tower. They are obviously three young people, but they all have great magic close to magic. Although they have a bright future, they will also have ill-fated destinies. Since then, fsn has officially ended. On the whole, these three theatrical editions are still too short, too much content has been deleted, and almost only the play is cool. It was a pity that the amount of text that was not lower than ubw was obviously removed, but only six hours were given. But the funding is indeed enough, and it is really cool to see. I can only say that it is not satisfactory. As for the overall model month… it’s really hard to tell which stage it is. If only discussing the fate system, the third, fourth, and fifth Holy Grail wars are all very important nodes. The choice of Einzbern in the Three World Wars will determine to a certain extent whether it is the fa or fsn world line (of course there are also Nazi factors); and whether the Chaldean curator of the fifth war will participate in the war will also determine whether it is the fgo or fsn world line. As for the fe series, the multiple predecessors of fsn, the Elmero incident book, and the magical girl Ilia, they have little to do with fsn. In terms of interpersonal relationships, the trio can involve very few relationships except Yusanjia and Jewel Weng. Rin will become a student of Elmero II and a classmate of Luvia in the follow-up. The Holy Grail War is a secret in the secrets, so naturally it must be kept; the great magic in the three men is also a secret. Therefore, Rin and Sakura can only enter the clock tower as the children of ordinary fallen families. Shirou may also enter the clock tower as Rin’s disciples, so it is difficult to involve other people.

8 months ago

It’s been ten years since I played this game, so please correct me if I remember something wrong. FSN is a relatively independent story. What Tosaka Nagato pursues is to get to the root. Marquiri wants humans to go to the ideal land (the wiki says it removes all the evil in the world). Justissa wants to realize the immortality of human beings. The three people decided to join forces to start the first Three methods: Soul materialization (Heaven’s Feel). In order to power the cup of heaven, a small holy grail was established to extract magic power from the root; in order to prepare fillings for the small holy grail, a large holy grail was established, and the magic circuit of Yustesa and the summoning technique of Macchiri were used to summon the heroic spirits; Let the heroic spirits obediently enter the little holy grail (suicide), and devised a spell. Justissa printed the magic circuit on the spirit veins of Winterwood City, forming the 【Magic·Great Holy Grail】, responsible for extracting magic power and summoning the heroic spirits; the magic circuit engraved on the body of Ilia (the fourth generation is his wife) is 【 Magic·Little Holy Grail], responsible for fixing the path of the heroes back to the root, and extracting magic power from the root; the magic passed down from generation to generation by the Einzbern family is [the third method·the cup of the sky], whose function is to materialize the soul, think If you don’t understand, just make up for Johnny Silverhand in 2077. The chip is placed in the Moon Worldview and it is the materialized soul. The first generation Einzbern was an engineer. [Third Method·Cup of the Sky: Soul Materialization] Need to consume 100000000000 blues and cannot be activated; [Magic·Little Holy Grail: Extracting the Power of the Roots】is an infinite blue cheat code, used to activate the Cup of the Sky, but 7 The corpse of the heroic spirit is activated; [Magic·Great Holy Grail: Extracting Spiritual Veins] You can draw 1 point of blue from the earth veins every day, and a total of 20,000 blues can respond to [Magic·Heroic Summon] 7 times. The startup code is that very long For spells, if you are interested, you can turn to the first episode of FZ and FSN; the code for [Magic·Heroic Summon] and [Lingshu] was written by Marquili himself, and HF is the story of the programmer personally breaking the heroic spirit. [Magic Dress·Cloth of the Sky] is a certified prop of the Little Holy Grail. After using the ceremonial costume, you can get the right to use the magic of the Little Holy Grail. In order to ensure that the magic of the Little Holy Grail is used to activate the third law, the ceremonial costume has always been used by Einzbern Keep secret at home. So theoretically speaking, this work is particularly simple: use the big holy grail to draw blue to summon 7 followers, let the 7 followers commit suicide to activate the little holy grail to connect to the root, wear ceremonial costumes and use the magic of the little holy grail to activate the third method, which is completed in three steps. Dan Pain, Dan Pain The people who provided magic to the seven heroic spirits were all pregnant with ghosts, so this simple mess failed 4 times (unsuccessful in other endings). Ilia looks like a primary school student because she started to carve the magic circuit at a very young age. After the magic of the little holy grail was completed, Ilia’s body also stopped growing. In fact, Ilia was older than the coyote. The beginning of Song of Spring Iliya asks Rin’s sister what to do, which is also the reason. Macchili (the dirty inkstone of Jian Tong) collected the code fragments of the Little Holy Grail from the remains of the Fourth World War and carved them on Ying’s body. After the heroic death naturally dies, he will still track the latest version of [Magic·Little Holy Grail ver.5.0], which is Iliya, but the [Magic·Little Holy Grail ver.4.1] on Sakura can still forcefully call the heroic spirit and store it. This is Since Einzbern’s certificate authorization has no set expiration date, this is a code loophole. So, you see three “cups” appear in it, but they have nothing to do with the cups. All three are magic, or code.

8 months ago

The first question: What time period did it happen in the world of the moon? The timeline is in 2004, the stage is Fuyuki City, and the event is the Fifth Holy Grail War. It can be seen as a postquel of “Fate/Zero”, the story happened ten years later in FZ, and the prequel of “Fate/hollow atarxia” happened half a year ago of fha. This can be seen. It has a parallel relationship with the worlds of “Fate/Apocrypha”, “Fate/Extra” of the Holy Grail War of the Moon, “Tsuki Hime”, “Fate/kaleid liner Magical Girl ☆ Ilia”, and “Fate/Grand Order”. The second question: What is the relationship between Shirou and Sakura and other people in the world of the moon? Shiro is the adopted son of FZ male protagonist Eomiya Kiriji (Kiriji papa), and Ilia is the biological daughter of Eimiya Kiriji and Alice Phil von Einzbern. Two sisters, Rin and Sakura, are the daughters of Tosaka Tosaka, an important character in the previous game. If you go to the dignified line, Shiro will meet the Conquer King (Princess) Weber in Fz after going to the Clock Tower, who is also the protagonist of the “Monarch Elmero II Incident Book”. In addition, in “Fantasy Carnival”, almost all the characters of the moon world appear. The third question: What is the last doll? The heroine of “Magic Night” Aozaki Aoko’s sister, the crown puppeteer, and the painful red-Aosaki Orange appeared at the end of the theater version and sold the doll that served as Shirou’s body to Rin. Because Shilang’s body was destroyed, Illiya sacrificed herself and used the third method of “soul materialization” to recall Shilang’s soul, similar to spiritualism. The doll was like Nezha’s lotus root, used for Shilang’s resurrection. Orange has also appeared in “Knights of the Sky”, which seems to be the same world as the “Fate” series, but the story of “Knights of the Sky” mainly happened in the 1990s, and “Magic Night” took place in the 1980s. .

8 months ago

On March 31st, after waiting for a full year, Spring Song was finally released on the mainland. As the final work of the evil omen flower and the lost butterfly, more than half of this drama is a fight scene, yes The characterization has also reached the point of god. In such a perfect ending, everyone except Ilia seemed to be happy. Rin Tosaka’s debt to his sister finally settled down with Makiri Sakura, and she was truly worthy of her sister; Makiri Sakura’s heart had been longing for Shirou Shirou, even though Shirou was wiped out in the end, she was still used by Ilia. Saved by the power of, even if it is not perfect, he still achieves happiness in Sakura’s heart. In the end, Shiro Weimiya did not completely abandon his righteous partner, but he did not follow the old road of red A; the happy Mapo disappeared; the despicable The dirty inkstone among the old insects also disappeared; the tiger was as lively as ever; in the end, everyone had a dinner together in the park, the spring breeze blows down the cherry blossoms, and the falling petals can finally free themselves as they please. Shirou, who had longed for the ideal of being a righteous partner, in the infinite sword system ubw, accompanied by Rin, embarked on a path that has not even been traversed by the red A, embracing the ideal of a righteous partner, and with Rin We came to the clock tower in London together. In the saber line, Shiro and Saber’s souls fit together, carrying the ideal of being a partner of justice, and come to Avalon, meet Altria, who has turned into a girl, and pursue the love that has spanned thousands of years. . Cup of Heaven 3: Song of Spring (Shilang saves Ilia) Only in the HF line, Shilang has experienced multiple ordeals before he understands that a righteous partner is not omnipotent, and a righteous partner cannot redeem everyone, even if he sacrifices himself, just like In the four wars, the multiple-choice questions that Keishi did were general. When danger came, whether to abandon the few people to save the majority or the majority to save the few people, the choice, that’s it. After realizing that Sakura is a dark shadow, he finally abandoned his ideals and vowed to only become Sakura’s partner in the future, even if he was an enemy of the world, even if he gave up everything, he still wanted to protect Sakura. After Saber was blackened and Saber died, Shirou might truly understand that fish and bear paws cannot have both, and truly walked his own way. After experiencing all this, Shirou, Sakura, Rin, and rider finally started a new life.

8 months ago

This is a terrible ending. To put it bluntly, this can be regarded as the worst ending without resetting the FSN game. No one, it is similar to many unnourished BEs. The extent of its rottenness is the same as the finale of Shin no Trajectory 4 that forced a happy ending in order to satisfy the glass heart, and there is also the Lost City of Tokyo. The Song of Spring, in essence, can be said to be an almost stitched monster ending after the cross of the cut Ilya line and the Sakura line. Therefore, the ending and the extreme direction make HF present a “weird” appearance compared to FATE and UBW. For example, the FATE line, the core of the narrative is Saber, and other characters are basically embellishments; the core of the UBW line is Coyote (Red A) and Rin. These two lines are consistent. Only the HF line showed a trend from Sakura to Ilya after the Einzbern Castle with Sakura occupying the main position in the early stage. And if it is the ending of Spring Return, the early emphasis on the love story between Coyote and Sakura is completely unnecessary, because Spring Return does not emphasize this point, but rather the “sisterhood” between Rin and Sakura. Therefore, if you don’t stand from the standpoint of Sakura, just looking at the ending of HF’s spring will also show a strong sense of fragmentation and incongruity. In the end, there is no value other than satisfying the part of the glass heart that has a pathological obsession with “reunion”.

8 months ago

The perfect ending created a world in which only Ilia was injured (bushi), allowing Shiro Weimiya to emerge from the shackles of the righteous partner in the true sense, knowing love and life. Let Sakura, who has suffered for 11 years, be redeemed, gain friendship, family affection and love, and start a new life with Sister R, Rin, and Shirou. The death of dirty inkstone is also the end of an era, and he was also a partner of justice. The death of joy freed Shiro from the past. The death of Saber allowed Shiro to recognize that fish and bear’s paws are not compatible. A partner of justice is even more a perfect ideal. …In general, the ending of the Song of Spring is to allow the protagonists of the story (Shiro Weimiya and Sakura Tosaka) to restart a hard but difficult life without completely negating the proposition of the righteous partner. The happy ending adds one point: Among the three lines, only Shiro Weimiya of ubw (unlimited sword system) embraced the ideal of a partner of justice and stepped out of the fate (line of fate) that the red a did not take. Based on the ideal of a righteous partner, he has reached a soul fit with Saber. He is no longer alone. With the ideal of a righteous partner, he will pursue the miracle of Avalon and complete the end of the Holy Grail War, the promise that spans thousands of years. In HF (Heaven’s Cup), Shiro Weimiya recognizes the reality: no one can be a partner of justice, no one can save everyone. But he didn’t want to just give up like this, so he would rather just be Sakura’s righteous partner. Even if the world was spinning around and against the world, he would not allow anyone to hurt Sakura. It was this attitude that made him say that sentence: “I don’t want to die”, and he also emerged as a human at that moment. No one should bear the lives of all people without hesitation, and Shiro Weimiya should not do it either. He should also love and be loved.

8 months ago

In the end, Tosaka Rin and Makiri Sakura’s sister Yuri, in order to relieve their loneliness, they bought a doll of Shiro Eimiya. Wrong! The last thing that Yiliya launched was the third largest film technique-the cup of the sky. The function is the materialization of the soul (jojo, I am not a human being!), so Ilia asked Shirou, do you want to live? No matter what it becomes? At that time, Shi Lang had already gotten cold from Wan Jian Chuan Xin, so he replied that he wanted to live. Bah, if you despise him, your brother should protect his sister. How can the younger sister sacrifice himself to save his brother’s life? what? Eliya is your sister? When I didn’t say it. (Echoing the first sentence of the opening, Illiya asked Rin Tosaka, how does it feel to be a sister? Rin Tosaka’s heart is running with 10,000 mud horses, which one do you not open the pot, do you? Believe it or not under my skirt Take out a handful of gems and shake your face!) In the ending, Sakura is holding the luminous birdcage. The soul of Shirou is supposed to be materialized. The doll in the box should be Rin Tosaka. I squeezed it out and waited for it. Then adding the materialized soul to the waiting for the skill is equivalent to resurrecting Shirou.

8 months ago

Some people say that Shirou’s last “I want to live” is stupid, but in fact, I didn’t understand it. Putting the first two plots together, it can be understood that Shirou is the only survivor who was rescued from the fire by Kiriji. In addition to the ideal of a righteous partner inherited from Kiriji, he is a person who does not care about his own life and thinks. For people who sacrificed for others, Saber failed to change Shiro’s values in the Saber line. Ubw Line Rin also said that she would try her best to change Shiro. Only in the HF line, Sakura can normalize Shiro’s distorted values and make him look normal. People are alive, in a sense, Ying is the real heroine.

8 months ago

In the end, Shirou’s soul is accompanied by Sakura’s side.
When Sakura saw Shirou for the first time, her eyes moved.
Rin asked Sakura, are you happy?
While viewing the cherry blossoms, Sakura saw Shirou and his expression changed to a smile.
Also, the scene of Sakura and Shirou together has a sense of illusion.
All implied that Shirou was accompanied by Sakura in the form of a soul.

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