Persist in 30 days of no lulling, your temperament and mental state can have earth-shaking changes. Wretched and decadent, listless, unable to concentrate on things -> high-spirited, active and energetic, able to concentrate fully on anything. It really is. 2, insist on 30 days to go to bed and get up early, eat fruit, drink a certain amount of water, your skin will undergo earth-shaking changes. If you can do it, you can wave goodbye to enlarged pores and oily skin in a short time. If you can continue for a long time, you can completely stay away from oily skin and become a person with delicate skin. This can be compared to spending a lot of money to buy various facial cleansers, rejuvenating milk is much more useful. 3. Only eat a small bowl of rice every day for 30 days, eat more vegetables with high dietary fiber, and avoid other high-sugar foods, which can effectively lose weight. This can be more useful than eating some weight loss products. If you can assist a certain amount of exercise, such as jogging for 30 minutes, skipping 1,000 or other aerobic exercises in 30 days, you can lose at least ten catties. 4. Accumulate some words and sentences every day for 30 days, and take the time to memorize it, then your writing can be greatly improved. If you can persevere for a long time, given time, your writing skills will become unfathomable, and you will be able to cope with no matter what material or topic you are. Flying flowers and picking leaves can hurt people, and grass, trees, bamboo and rocks can be swords. 5. If you insist on looking in the mirror every day for 30 days and smiling at yourself, you can be more confident. To become confident, you must first learn to be narcissistic. If you dare not even look directly at yourself in the mirror and accept your own ugly smile, then what courage do you have to face other strangers? 6. Persist in 30 days and force yourself to take half an hour every day to read literary novels, then you will develop the habit of reading. Many people don’t like reading, and even feel that it is impossible for them to develop the habit of reading. But in fact, as long as you set aside half an hour every day to read books, you will feel uncomfortable if you don’t read books for a day after 30 days. Compared with essays, argumentative essays and other styles, novels are more capable of keeping you going because of their strong storytelling. 7. Anything you find difficult, as long as you can persist for 30 days, you will find it easy. Diligence can make up for one’s weakness, practice makes perfect, thirty days is enough to change many things. But in real life, apart from eating, sleeping, breathing and playing games, we can easily hold on to things that we don’t feel tired or troublesome. Other things that feel painful are more than three minutes of enthusiasm. At the beginning, we all seemed to be enthusiastic, complacent, and look like we would never return without breaking Loulan. But the loss of passion, the passing of enthusiasm, what to lose weight, what to learn, what to get better, seems to have nothing to do with me in an instant. So let alone 30 days, many people can’t hold on to one thing for three days, because once they can hold on for three days, they have already taken a small step. If they can hold on for ten days, they have already taken a big step and can hold on. Twenty days, then persisting for 30 days will not be a problem, if you can persist for 30 days, it has become a habit. The biggest enemy of a person’s depravity and decadence is the comfort zone under his feet, the cage that confines his thoughts. A good person is good because he has turned what you find difficult and unbelievable into his habit, and his daily behavior is easy. Doing one thing for thirty days is like doing a thirty-minute jog. 1. The first five minutes is like the first two days of persistence, because your mental state and physical strength are still very good, and at the same time full of enthusiasm, so it is easy to do. 2. But after five minutes, you start to feel tired, at the same time most of your passion is wiped out, and you don’t see yourself sweating (the things you insist on do not see results), so you start to have doubts and do it yourself. Value is not worth. At this moment, my heart has begun to retreat. 3. I have begun to panting, a little out of breath, my eyes are closed and I don’t even know what I’m doing. I insist on relying on my will, and at the same time I don’t know when I will fall. There is also a voice in my ear that hints at myself : I can’t keep going, I’m going to give up. Many people chose to compromise with that voice at this moment, then stopped, fell short and gave up all their previous achievements. 4. The hardest time has passed. I have been able to open my eyes and adjust my breathing rhythmically. Although I am tired after sweating, I am used to the feeling of tiredness. 5. At the end of the run, we succeeded in doing it. We can cheer, applaud, wipe our sweat and enjoy the fruits of victory, and at the same time understand what pain is and be happy. Roland said in “Busy and Enterprising”: Laziness is a very strange thing, it makes you think that it is ease, rest, and blessing; but in fact it gives you boredom, languidness, and depression; it Depriving you of hope for the future, cutting off the friendship between you and others, making you increasingly narrow-minded, and more and more suspicious of life. Many times we can’t stick to it, all because we are too lazy to move. If you are lazy, then you are destined to miss every opportunity; if you are lazy, then you are destined to only pass victory again and again; if you are lazy, then your life is destined to be full of regrets. You are lazy, procrastinating, and depraved. The more you have to pay in the future, the more you have to bear in the future, so let alone the current life, it is not what you want, but it is indeed for yourself. Many unsatisfactory things in life are not due to your bad luck, not that you are not beautiful enough, or that you do not have the opportunity, but because you are living by yourself. Whether you are good or bad, you are looking for it yourself.


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6 months ago

1 There is a young man named Morgan abroad. He has a lot of trouble every day. One day he has a whim-what will happen to McDonald’s for 30 days? He does what he says, eating McDonald’s for three meals a day for 30 days. He also recorded this process with a video camera. Thirty days later, Morgan’s weight gained 25 pounds (about 23 kg), and he also suffered from mild depression and liver failure. You know, Morgan was very healthy before, really no zuo no die why you try. 2 Morgan’s video of eating McDonald’s for thirty consecutive days has caught the attention of another person. His name is Matt Katz, and he is a well-known Google engineer. He told himself, since 30 days can change a person, why not change in a good direction? So he made a 30-day challenge plan for himself. Complete four tasks: ride a bike to work; walk 10,000 steps a day; take a photo every day; write an autobiography of 50,000 words. Overcome four habits: not watching TV; not eating sugar; not playing Twitter; and refusing caffeine. Except for the 50,000-word autobiography, the other seven are very small challenges. However, this autobiography has only 1,667 words per day on average. Thirty days later, Matt Katz went from being an obese otaku engineer to being a man with many good qualities such as health, optimism, and literary talent. He said: “Do those small, continuous challenges, and you will thank yourself in 30 days.” 3 Someone mentioned that “change” is a big deal, but in fact they think “change” is too complicated. If you want to develop the habit of getting up early, you only need to go to bed early the day before. The premise of going to bed early is nothing more than watching one episode of soap operas or playing one hour less games, nothing more. Remember, the so-called change does not mean “reborn”. Change is like going to the sauna, flushing, sweating, detoxification, and curing diseases. From outside to inside, from shallow to deep, from skin to texture. Change is a gradual process. There is no need to rush for quick success, no need to pursue immediate results, as long as there is a little breakthrough and a little improvement from the previous day every day, and you can continue to work towards the correct goal, you will surely be successful. 4 A lifetime is too long, one second is too short, 30 days is not too long or not too short. You can get rid of a bad habit, or you can develop a good habit. Put things in a fixed position. Concentrate on purchasing daily necessities once a week. Write the plan for the next day on a paper calendar. Prepare the things for the next day the night before. Time is measured in minutes, not hours. Take your notebook with you. Where did the recording time go. Sit and meditate for five minutes every day. Get up early. Bookkeeping. These 10 habits cannot be small, but if you can persist for a long time, they will definitely change your life. Thought determines action, action determines character. As we said at the beginning, the next 30 days will be passed whether you like it or not. In that case, why not give it a try?

6 months ago

The first day: April 6th, severance: part of the garbage was thrown away. Including some useless gel pens and pen tubes, some manuals, and Chencha. Aftereffects: I want to evaluate everything I see, whether it is rubbish and whether it can be thrown away. Put down the phone: I am going to read the book Emotional Mindfulness Therapy on the Himalayas. Put down the phone, I still can’t go in and talk. It can be seen that I like input and output more than pure output. Let’s have one. Put down your phone after get off work. Putting down the phone is very challenging for me: First, the unit requires 24-hour standby, and it is often notified via WeChat. This is the most troublesome. The second is a universal problem. The mobile phone integrates most of the functions. Entertainment includes watching movies, listening to music, taking photos, and videos. recording. Input and output information. I have to look for many alternatives. I have skin allergies on my wrist while wearing a watch. It depends on the time. Leave one thing every day. It’s not easy to find that it is not easy to break away. Because it came from the era of scarce materials. There will be some collection addiction. Are collection and severance conflicts? For example, an author’s complete set of books. Zhihu also needs to leave. I admired Wen Dao for deleting the answers before, and I waited for my tenth level to delete. I created two favorites or columns before, and a trash can, which is my emotions and I am going to delete it. An unnutritious answer is also deleted. Anyway, a month is not too long, so play slowly. Originally wanted to have a clock-in practice. After thinking about it, we still have to make it clear why we insist? What things need to be persisted? There is no immediate feedback, an event that requires a period of persistence to get feedback. Develop or change a habit, accomplish a goal, exercise a skill. What things do not need to use the word persistence? There is an instant feedback system for easy access. Playing games and watching mobile phones. What makes some things lack an instant feedback system?

6 months ago

If you can really hold on to one thing for a long time, you will forget how long you hold on; the more you care about how long you hold on, the harder it is for you to stick to it for how long. Because you care about how long you have persisted, your mind is drawn away from the present and drifted into the past with a bystander mentality: “how long you have persisted”, and the future: “how long you have to persist.” Looking back on the past, when I think of persisting for so long, it seems that there is little effect, I will feel frustrated and weak; looking to the future, when I think of persisting for a long time, I will feel frustrated. If you break the link with the present, and lose the anchor set in the present, you can’t immerse yourself in the present, experience pleasure and euphoria from it, and support you to persist for a longer time. On the contrary, because of the invisible pressure brought by the past and the future, it will prevent you from continuing to persevere. So, if you manage yourself for five minutes, it is enough to be positive, go all out, optimistic and happy in one thing. All other time periods have nothing to do with you. (This is a self-thinking exercise method I recently discovered). Just take care of the moment for a few minutes. The finer the time is cut, the easier it is to control and the closer it is to the present. The wider the time scale, the harder it is to control. The easier it is to get out of the immersion of the moment. All other time periods have nothing to do with me. I don’t think about how long I have to persist in the future, how long I have to persist today, how long I have persisted, I just take care of the current life within a few minutes, and whether I have achieved the “best of the moment”. In these few minutes, go all out. Anyway, it only takes a few minutes, there is no psychological burden, and it can be done easily. From time to time, it was over-completed and completed many times. Since it takes only a few minutes, the self-efficiency can be maximized without being absent-minded or procrastinating. Living in the moment, this sentence sounds simple, but few people can do it. Even think it is poisonous chicken soup. In fact, this sentence is correct. Being immersed in the moment will bring a flow experience, a sense of pleasure and euphoria. Positive emotions can support you for longer. Confucius insisted on one thing and worked hard all his life. He described himself as “happy to forget sorrows, not knowing that old age is coming.” Confucius’ state of “forgetting worries with happiness” is a kind of “heart flow” experience of immersing in the present. I forgot the time, and time passed without knowing it, and I didn’t even know that I was getting old. You have been staring at yourself for how long, and how long you have to persist. This kind of thinking will only bring you a sense of difficulty and frustration. To do things with this mentality, it is easy to give up again and again. How long you insist on doing something depends not on your perseverance or willpower, but your pleasure, that is, the ability to get pleasure from it. The stronger the sense of pleasure and euphoria you can experience from this event, the easier it is to stick to it. The weaker, the harder it is to persist. It is as if some people are addicted to some special drugs and find it difficult to extricate themselves. After contacting them once or twice, they quickly become “habits” and they are good to quit. Mental addiction can’t be quit. It even takes a lifetime to quit it. And many students read and write questions every day, feeling boring and persevering for more than ten years. As a result, they cheered and tore the books as soon as they graduated and never touched them again. Perseverance and habit formation have nothing to do with willpower or perseverance. It has nothing to do with whether you can be happy with it, or at least if you don’t hate it. The more pleasure and euphoria you experience during an event, the easier it is to develop the habit of this event. The opposite is more difficult. Therefore, there is a similar saying, which is that happiness and happiness are also the same. When you deliberately search for it, it is difficult to be happy. And when you “forgot” to look for it, happiness comes quietly. Because when you are looking for it, you are standing in the perspective of the bystander, jumping out to examine and judge everything, and emotions like happiness require you to be immersed in one thing, in the experience of “flow”, to be able to owned. If you are immersed in the joy of life itself, you will naturally “forget” to find happiness.

6 months ago

1 Know more every day, one year, 7.4k fans, 600w traffic. 2 Running for a month, more than 100 kilometers: I lost a few catties and can run better. Playing with mobile phones every day for 3 days, for two years: my skin deteriorated, my eyesight decreased, and I became more nerdy. 4 Reading ten pages a day for two months: more than ten pages, I have read several books. 5 One semester in the library: I have no friends, I’m even more lonely. 6 Practicing for 30 days: The finger cocoon of the left hand is thicker. 7 30 days for memorizing words: Forgot. 8 Watching English videos for 30 days: I am happier. 9 Eat fruit for 30 days: The pocket is empty and useless, it is better to eat two bites of vegetables. 10 30 days of practicing calligraphy: People have become calmer, the characters have not changed much, and the vision is more blurred. 11 30 days of reading magazines: literature and art, sorrow, poetry and distance are unrealistic ~ Conclusion: Unless it is to jump out of the comfort zone, deliberately practice, completely major changes, otherwise 30 days will not bring any substantial changes.

6 months ago

I just finished writing today’s review, and I have been holding it for 144 days. It’s a pity that I haven’t become another person (mother can still recognize it), but my mentality is different, and my behavior is different. Attitude level: It turned out to be very sensitive, and it was easy to fall into an emotion for a long time or even two or three days, but now it will only pass after a few challenges, doubts, criticisms, and unhappiness. What should I do? . (The role of gratitude diary and emotional combing in the replay) It turned out that many things were delayed and not so efficient, but now they continue to advance every week. (Progress monitoring effect) I thought that one month a week would not be able to do too many things, but now I find that one month a week can still do a lot of important things. (The role of recording and correcting direction) Behavior level: From the beginning, I didn’t know what to write every day, and now I have to think about what to write every day; from the time I couldn’t write a hundred words in an hour, now I can write 1,000 words in half an hour if it’s too fast. …From reading a book for several months, to now reading/listening to several books every month (otherwise it will be saliva). So if “persistence” can only push one thing, I must recommend “revisit”. Before I talk about the resumption of the market, let me tell two stories: the power of long-term persistence—When Buffett just graduated, he applied for a free job in the investment company of investment god Graham, but Graham refused. But Buffett did not give up. In the next three years, Buffett was engaged in investment work while insisting on writing to Graham to report his investment opinions. One very important part of Buffett’s investment philosophy is long-term persistence, and it is no ordinary person who can persist for three years for a thing that temporarily does not see a return. Continuous improvement of 1% potential There is a story in “Control Habits”. Three years ago, the British cycling team was considered the worst team in history. Manufacturers were reluctant to sell them to them, fearing that their name would be stigmatized. However, in the past 14-17 years, he actually won the Tour de France 5 times. The general manager of the team, Bresford, put forward the “marginal gain theory”: disassemble the links related to cycling, and improve each of the decomposed parts by 1%. After summing them up, the overall will be significantly improved. Therefore, if you are willing to persist in improving every 1% on one thing, it will generate huge potential energy. Replay, the power of compound interest iteration, is also a continuous combing of one’s daily gains and behaviors, to find the highlight moments, and to refine the points to be optimized. A little sister said before that I feel that other people’s replays are so rich and the format is good and professional. In fact, it’s more important to do the review than how to do it. The posture of the replay is more important than the form. (Speaking of people: to do it is more important than a beautiful format) The timing and rhythm of each iteration are different, so it is good to find a comfortable way to continue to do it. It is not worthy of donation. A little bit of diligence every day will make a difference over time. If you want to know the role model of the replay effect, just look at Zeng Guofan;)

6 months ago

If you insist on one thing for 30 days, you will probably develop a habit. There is a legend that you may have heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. In fact, the number of days required for different habits is different. There is no uniform 21 days. 21 This statement comes from replantation of a severed limb, which means that it takes at least 21 days for the patient to command his arm again according to experience. Command again, that is no rejection reaction. But to develop a new habit, we are also uncomfortable to reject at the beginning. Reading, diary writing, writing, exercise, etc., know that it is beneficial but difficult to stick to, but when the habit is formed, it is not rejected. So the statement of 21 days has been used for reference. In fact, if a habit takes more than 30 days to develop, after you persist to the 30th day, you have overcome most of the rejection reactions, and there is a high probability that you will develop this habit. In this process, what is the use of persistence and repetition? Why, at the beginning of rejection, the habit is established but there is no pain? That’s because persistence and repetition, in addition to overcoming inertia, boredom, etc., are muscular Also practicing to build muscle memory. Psychologically, the laziness and fear of difficulty are overcome, and the muscle memory has been developed, and the skills are gradually mastered, and the fear of difficulty is no longer there. At this time, you have crossed the threshold of habit, and you will feel that it is not that difficult to form a habit. The same is true for deliberate practice. Through repeated repetition and persistent practice, myelin sheath is developed between the neurons on the muscles. Because the fixed action allows the neuron cells that transmit signals to frequently transmit signals, the myelin sheath will be like a highway. Wrap these related neuron cells to speed up signal transmission. 30 days of repeated gritted teeth and persistence is to practice this result. It’s not difficult, and the psychological burden is also reduced. Therefore, do not be afraid of difficulties to form a habit, and persist until you cross the threshold and persist until muscle memory is generated. Before that, it was to overcome laziness and difficulty, and overcome the idea of ​​giving up. In fact, there is a strategy for habit-forming, that is, micro-habits. Do one thing, you want to develop it into a habit, you can enter the state with a small amount at the beginning. For example, exercise, at the beginning, insist on 3 push-ups every day, writing, and insist on writing five crosses every day. Reduce the difficulty of persistence, but be sure to maintain persistence, and then increase the amount after the microhabit is formed. Recently, I was learning to shoot vibrato-style videos, and I have not been able to get started before. Recently I thought that I still have to use the idea of ​​micro-habit. Develop the habit of shooting videos first, establish video thinking in the process, and then improve the technical level. So I took one or two videos every day as a daily record. I have developed the habit of keeping a diary, and the video diary can also be used as a supplement to my diary that I will look back in the future. It’s been almost 20 days since the shooting, and the habit has been developed. This also shows that it is easy to build similar habits on the basis of a habit. Now when I look at other people’s vibrato videos, I can compare and figure out the gaps in my camera angle and narrative thinking. If you stick to one thing for 30 days, you will gain a habit, and if the habit is formed, you can improve your technique. This is whether there are two different stages from 1 to 10. You must have it before you can regenerate everything in one life, two, two, three, three. And it is whether these habits have caused some gaps.

6 months ago

I don’t know what will happen. All I know is that I insisted on meeting Captain Zhang Yuxin to support him for several years. Now she has become the number one girl idol in China, with hundreds of millions of fans. As long as the girl idol is mentioned, the girl group is mentioned, there is no one who does not know Zhang Yuxin. Searching for Zhang Yuxin in Zhihu is also full of kindness. I just want to say that it doesn’t matter what happens in the end. The important thing is this process. In the process, I defeated countless lizardmen, guarded the captain, whitewashed the iPhone and returned the product without reason for seven days. Let the three words “white-eyed wolf” have nothing to do with Captain Zhang Yuxin. The name of the leader of the SNH knife-insertion teacher finally has nothing to do with Captain Zhang Yuxin. I am proud.

6 months ago

Whether it is 21 days to develop a habit or one thing to persist for 30 days, the core content is the word “persistence”. Suddenly after seeing this, I would like to say something about my real experience. One is the compression ligament. In my sophomore year, I was obsessed with ligament compression because I had applied for a taekwondo class in physical education. After that, I compressed the ligament at 10 o’clock every night for 10 minutes. Three months later, I was able to split a vertical fork with an old bone. Secondly, my love for words. Since high school, I have taken a little time every day to write about my mood, mostly in essays and prose. As many as a thousand words, as few as 20 words. The number of words is not limited, and the content is not limited. Up to now, I have persisted for more than eleven years, and I have not calculated it specifically. It is estimated that the handwritten newspaper has accumulated nearly 200,000 words. Third, insist on calling home every day. Because the man who is thousands of miles away from his hometown has been going to school and working, starting from about 2012, no matter what’s going on, I have to make a phone call at home almost every day. This habit has been retained until now, and tomorrow will be the 10th year of this habit. So that I developed a habit, as long as I didn’t call home one day, the family would talk silently. If they don’t call home for two consecutive days, they will call me directly. In fact, the content of the call is also extremely simple, that is, to say hello to the family and report safety. Parents are old, so the elderly do not have to deal with snacks.

6 months ago

I play just dance, 6-10 songs every day. Now the aerobic exercise capacity has been increased by 100 times. The way to judge is how long after exercise can you breathe before you can jump to the next song. I’m in a fat house. I need to rest for 10 minutes on the first day. It took me at least an hour to jump 6 songs. Seven days later is one minute. Now there is almost no need to rest, just click on the next song. All I dance is paddling, and I can’t even talk about “dancing”, it’s the level of square dance followed by “swaying”. The stamina was not good, and I couldn’t keep up with the rhythm at the beginning, but now I can add a bit of strength and a sense of rhythm. Oh, sorry, it’s only 15 days today. In fact, I took a few days of rest in the middle and it didn’t get in the way. I have a record, which happened to be 15 days in total. Then I should be even better when I accumulate 30 days. Just dance is really good. It’s more fulfilling than practicing dance by yourself. It’s more fun and time-consuming than a fitness ring. The 10-minute workout of the fitness ring takes 50 minutes in total. The rating of the sports in my mind: just dance> fitness ring> dance by yourself> rowing and other sports>> running rubbish, biss. Never run, because I don’t like it. Don’t try to use nasty sports to get yourself exercise. To increase the success rate of an event, it is necessary to lower its difficulty and lower the threshold. Now I always turn on the TV and dance directly in slippers. All the preparations are a bottle of water. In addition, it is only calculated as accumulation, and it is not forced to be continuous, otherwise it will enter into the thinking fallacy of “continuous recording is interrupted and no motivation to continue”. Many articles talk about this and understand it. I didn’t plan to be continuous in the beginning. Summary: This thing must be simple and not continuous.

6 months ago

From January 5, 2021, I began to create articles on Zhihu, sharing stock market quotations and fund operation strategies every trading day, and I have been insisting on it for 3 months without knowing it. Three months later, he has created more than 60 daily stock market and fund market analysis articles, published 11 videos, and answered 76 questions. The followers on Zhihu have grown from 0 at the beginning to 3200+ now, and later created The number of followers on the official account has also grown from less than 50 people at the beginning to the current 1400+. Sometimes I am very happy to receive everyone’s appreciation and affirmation on the Zhihu and public account platforms. Two days ago, the friends on Zhihu still said in the article comments, “very good author, why are there no people?” I said, “There are more than 3000 lovely, beautiful and handsome friends who support!”. Although there are few followers on the official account, the number of readers for each article is close to half of the total number of fans. This open rate is still good. It also indirectly shows that everyone is affirming me, at least my daily market analysis and operation strategy Partners are helpful. I am a scientific researcher, not in the field of securities investment, let alone a big stock market fund, so I don’t rely on this. My article creation started completely from zero. I didn’t tell any relatives, friends or colleagues except my family, and all my followers were real fans. I used to say that the attention, likes, and comments that people usually give me are to give me the greatest support. This sentence is not fake at all. Regarding my original intention of engaging in stock market and fund market analysis and strategy sharing, there are mainly the following three points: 1. I want to do something meaningful and stick to it. 2. Do well in perseverance and continue to improve. 3. Through my own sharing, I hope to help everyone lose less money and earn more income. After I insisted on creating for a month, I wrote an article that summarized it, and at the same time as a memorial. Bigfish: After persisting for a month, talk about my original intention of doing daily fund strategy sharing. Since daily OTC fund operations must be completed before 3 pm, my articles must be sent out before 2:30 or even earlier. Everyone provides reference. I usually only use the noon break to look at the market trend and news policy quotations, simply analyze technical indicators, give my insights on the day’s market and overall response strategies, as well as my personal position details and specific operations, and then Complete a series of work such as typesetting and editing, reply to the comments and private messages of the friends, and wait for the closing to catch a breath. To be honest, this process is the same as a war, too stressful. The number of words in my daily articles is generally around 1000 words, or even around 1500 words, instead of just a few words about which fund to increase or lighten up, and which fund to invest in. It’s indeed very stressful to write so much in a short break at noon, but this is a request I made to myself. Friends who follow me know that the logical thinking that I have formed for a long time in scientific research is: What is it? why? How to do? This logical thinking is also important in the stock market, because it can help you analyze problems rationally and avoid losses caused by emotional use. Many times we buy stocks or funds based on our feelings. We feel that a certain stock or fund can rise, and sometimes we can succeed with luck, but most of the time only we know the result. If I just write a few words every day, which fund to increase or decrease the position, and continue to make investment, without analyzing the behavioral logic behind it, then such persistence is meaningless and will never improve my own level. Yes, there is no way to help everyone improve. Speaking of difficulties, I think that in the process of persistence, laziness or lack of perseverance is the biggest challenge I face. Every Monday to Friday, stock market and fund market analysis has become a part of my daily work. I will urge myself to update the article. When the article is posted late, my friends will send a private letter to remind and supervise the article, even if it is busy, even if it is simple to write , Has not been interrupted. But when it comes to weekends and holidays, I want to give myself a vacation, and my inertia is manifested. Many themes I originally thought, such as the nature of stocks, science popularization of on- and off-exchange funds, how to view the hot fund fixed investment market, and how to view Alipay’s waiting for an apology letter to investors, failed to create. Even my personal OTC fund holding details have not been updated for a long time. Although I often have to work overtime on weekends or other personal matters, my own inertia dominates. In any case, I will continue to persevere, overcome inertia, and never forget my original intention. After 4 months, 6 months or even 1 year, I will update this answer again to see what the result will be. Maybe the number of followers will exceed 5,000 or 10,000, and maybe more than 100 or even 200 articles will be created. But these numbers are just representations, because at that time I would be more confident, more persevering, and able to continuously output more valuable and high-quality content than I am now. Persistence is for a stronger self in the future. Encourage with friends!

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