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Emotions are hard to say clearly. I always thought that two people who truly love each other are nothing in the face of any difficulties. Exchange true feelings with sincerity, take a good grasp of the happiness around you, and also grasp the happiness around you for yourself. If you are willing to work hard, there will be rewards if you will pay~! Maybe the one you love is not for you. Don’t be too obsessed with the love that doesn’t belong to you. Look at it, maybe the person who really loves you is right in front of you, and happiness is right in front. No matter what you like, it won’t belong to you. No matter what you miss, you are destined to give up. There are many kinds of love in life, but don’t let love become a kind of harm. Letting go is also a kind of beauty~! Time is the best medicine. With the passage of time, everything is no longer as unforgettable as it was at the beginning. Adjust your mentality. Life is short and youth is limited. You will not have too much time to wait to remember and to be painful and normal. For everything, you will have more energy to face the future! Forgetting is a deeper memory. Therefore, do not deliberately forget that everyone has their own journey. There will be all kinds of passers-by in the journey. Every relationship and every experience everyone is a mark of life, no matter whether the memory is good or painful. All of them have already happened. Learn to thank everyone who has met or parted in your life. Learning to forget is not easy to do, because many unforgettable sorrows and shame are unforgettable. Then, we need to deal with the problem with a normal heart. Since it happened, it is destined to be irreparable. When you shed tears for missing the sun, you will also miss the stars. When you are lost and sad, it is best to learn to forget. Don’t care about the road under your feet, the scenery in front is more charming. The past is over, but what is left is the best memory, why should you deliberately forget it. Although you can’t be with him, you have good memories, and I believe he will keep your good memories forever In my heart, loving someone is to make him happy and happy, but the prerequisite for his happiness is that you are happy, are you happy, do what you want to do, happiness and unhappiness are in your heart, wait until the time is slow The past is over, when you find your significant other, you will put your memories in your heart and bring your blessings to him in the same way. Let him pass the past. A brief heartache is inevitable. , But don’t let yourself forget something deliberately, it will be more painful, as long as you think you are happy, you will always be happy


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It’s hard, it’s really hard. But it’s not impossible. I used to like my classmates. For a while, I just broke up, and slowly got closer and closer to him. He is the kind of guy who appeals to girls and is very good at teasing. Many people say that he is ” Aquaman”, but I have to admit that it is very comfortable to be with him. I started to have dinner with him and went back to the dormitory. He would send me to the door of the dormitory. Maybe it was nothing to him at the time, maybe in his eyes I was nothing but a “magic girl” for him. Sometimes I see him and other girls’ ambiguous behavior, such as propping elbows on her shoulders, leaning against the wall and slamming her, sometimes pulling and pulling, and touching other people’s faces. I think of him too. I’m very sad to be so right to me. But I still couldn’t help but like him. At the time, the people in our class thought that we were a couple. Many people thought we were together. One day, I mustered up the courage. On the way to the end of a night of self-study, I Say to him “y, are you my boyfriend”, but he hasn’t taken his feelings seriously, and he rejected me. But the next day, as if nothing happened, we were still fighting together, and I still didn’t let him go. But I know in my heart that I must give up liking him. In fact, the comfort of many people is not as real as you think it out. I found that he was not as good as I thought. He didn’t like me and even looked down on me. Slowly, I remembered his previous bad things, remembered his indifference to me and went to cater to other girls, and I started to let go. The process was painful, and my choice was right. Hanging on him can only be bruised and bruised. Now I am all right and light. Seeing him and other girls, I think of me and him in the past, and now I think that things are not.

8 months ago

Decrease points. When I want to give up the person I like, you should actually find the person you like. No matter how good you think he is, you can’t cover up the deduction item that you can’t accept. Just like, after a lot of people break up, a sentence that appears frequently is called: TA is good for everything, it is balabala. This is the sub-item that is unavoidable no matter how brilliant it is. Therefore, it is easy to give up a person, but it is so difficult to like someone so that when we want to give up, we will wonder whether I should give up or not. Because you are doing a balance, it took me so long to add so many points to TA, why this very dazzling point reduction makes me still want to give up, reminds me that I can’t sleep at night, and it makes me miserable , I can’t accept it. However, you must not accept the one that you can’t accept, and if you ask for it, there will always be a pimple that will accompany you and TA for the rest of your life. It makes you feel uncomfortable, and makes you see TA like when it strikes a thunder. Would you like this for a lifetime? Yes, then why do you want to give up? Unwilling, do you still like it?

8 months ago

It turns out that to give up a person, there is no need to do any psychological construction at all, and there is no long-term preparation at all. It is very likely that it is only a moment, and suddenly I feel that life is a landscape all the way, why bother to climb the mountains and mountains for one person. What makes people feel painful is never to lose, but the feeling that you seem to love me very much, but you don’t seem to love me so much. Being hung in a relationship, while disappointed, but can’t help but feel that there is hope, come Go, cut the meat with a blunt knife, and it hurts to myself. It’s better to be simple, don’t get involved in unclear relationships, don’t wait for ambiguous people, don’t try your best to keep someone to leave. Talk about straight and clear love, love someone who can hold hands and introduce you to someone you know, and hug someone who is full of you. Sometimes giving up decisively is better than insisting stubbornly. You should always keep the bright eyebrows, smiley eyes, open character and courage to worry about when you first came to this world. If there is someone in the future who makes you lose your sorrows, it may be time to say goodbye. . It’s not that you can let go of someone you love with your heart, but even if it’s hard, you have to come out. Don’t wait, just today, grit your teeth, be cool, and completely eliminate that impossible person from your life. From then on, I only love myself as much as I can, and don’t chase others through the mountains and rivers.

8 months ago

I know how I gave up. I’m disappointed enough. I plan to give up, but I’m still not willing. He said that when I go home, I will continue to talk. I know that this sentence is false and is lying to me, but I still A little expectation is true. After the breakup, I was also watching him, only to find out that the breakup was his plan for a long time, and he had a new girlfriend long ago (I can’t say what kind of person he is and how to treat him. I can’t really empathize with what I said.) After breaking up for a semester, he said he wanted to see me after the holiday. I didn’t see and did what I always wanted to do. Although it was him who hurt me, can he let him go? My thing, I like him when he is kind, but he doesn’t know what I look like when I hate him. Seriously, I really like him, but from the moment he had a girlfriend, I gave up on him. Because he likes it, it’s so cheap. Now I don’t remember when the breakup happened. It seems to be September 20, or November 20 (because I reunited for a few days in the middle, but the reuniting I thought was due to being a minor third. ), I hated him very much at the time, and now I really find that sometimes I cook for my family and go shopping with my friends… My life is so long, not just for a man. I want to fall in love now, but I’m really scared. If you want to give up a person completely, change yourself first, and accumulate all the things you gave up for him or the friendships and family relationships you don’t often contact. Then you will find that the people you like are not so important.

8 months ago

Time is a good medicine. He is an out-and-out man of science and engineering. He knew him by recruiting new recruits in the club, but he didn’t have much contact with him in private. When he didn’t know him, he even hated him a little bit. Until after meeting him, he The whole person is also very shy and has always had a good impression of him. I took advantage of the opportunity of the club to get in touch with him and found that he is the type I like. (I was very unconfident at the time, let alone confessing.) Later, he went for an internship and found him smoking by chance. (Don’t be arrogant, because at the time I thought Bai Yueguang could smoke a cigarette) But what if the person I like smokes firecrackers? On the way back from participating in a certain game, he naturally put on my shoulders, and I was also surprised at the time. (Because in my opinion, the relationship with him is only very ordinary, and he will not know my hidden thoughts) The day was actually a good opportunity to confess, but he was not sure at the time. (I have been thinking about waiting for him to confess after work. The careful thought here is that he must be surrounded by monks at work.) Later, Bi Shi met once, the last time he saw him. My mutual friend and I only have one other senior. In fact, we don’t know much about him. When we had a dinner with the senior, the senior joked that he found that his profile picture resembled the love head. At that time, my heart shook a little. I wanted the senior to inquire whether he was right or not. The senior saw me through, and then started all kinds of assists, and then sent him a message to confess, his attitude was ambiguous… Said I was not rigorous enough, so I wrote a letter in the middle of the night. What the “love letter” got was an unresponsive response. (By the way, I’m not sure, don’t confess like I did.) I haven’t contacted him for a long time. I invited him to play games for a while. No one ever mentioned that. I talked to him after playing the game. Some, I was a little confused at the time, and I could still chat at two o’clock in the middle of the night. He also commented on these things in the circle of friends… These may be my wishful thinking, but throbbing is always beautiful. I think time will dilute everything, but who knows if I will be throbbing when I meet again? (Since someone is watching, I’ll continue to update it) I asked him to play the game and got a reply, although it was not a second time, it lasted for a week intermittently…

8 months ago

. What I use is the opposite of everything. At that time, rationality allowed himself to give up, so he could be out of control, or miss him involuntarily. I thought that since I can’t miss him, I’ll just leave it alone, think about it, I’ve been thinking about it for almost a month. My thoughts drifted occasionally and unknowingly. When I reacted, I pulled it back, and then I thought, all the details, The bit by bit together, repeated aftertaste. I have been going through movies too many times in my mind, until there is no new idea, and I gradually feel that it is like that. It seems that there is nothing special, it’s all normal things. At this stage, he threw away all of his things. Completely clean up from material to spiritual! Afterwards, I summarized it. This method is like you like to eat something, you just eat every day, every meal, until you get tired of eating yourself, and then you feel nauseous and nauseous when you hear it. Hope this method can help some friends!

8 months ago

No relationship ends without a reason. No matter who it is, before deciding to give up a relationship, he must have accumulated countless disappointments. Because there is so much disappointment, I don’t want the other party to recover. Everyone’s heart has been drafted countless times, but instead of swallowing it this time, they chose to blurt out. ​That’s how feelings are. Once my disappointment reaches the culmination, I will force myself to stop if I love you again. It’s not that I am counseled or afraid, but that I feel that my efforts are not worthwhile, and you are no longer worthy of me. Entrusted. No one is stupid enough to hold a hot water cup, and no one is obsessed with hitting the south wall again and again without hesitation, and no one wants to hug a plant covered with thorns even with scars. Check it out. When he didn’t reply to you several times in a row, when he broke his words many times, when he was hot and cold to you, you should turn around and wave your hand. Don’t wait for disappointment again and again, you should clear all the disappointments in your heart, fill up with love bit by bit, and welcome the next right person. The door closing sound was the least when I really left.

8 months ago

If you are still lovers and want to give up on him, just say to him: We broke up, but before we broke up, we should make all mental preparations so as not to regret it, because some people will not come back after some things have passed and stay. There is only memory. Besides, after breaking up, live happily in front of him, be more arrogant, be strong even if you pass by, don’t shed tears, don’t look at him, because this is the path you choose, even if you climb, you have to go on. When you are never together again, there is no one in your circle, and you slowly forget it, but time will not bury everything that used to be. You can only hide him deep in your heart and miss him occasionally.

8 months ago

Tell me about myself. I have written two bad things about my relatives. Today I want to spread some positive energy and I don’t want to write it as chicken soup, but it is inevitable that there will be this trend. Masters of the audience will be more concerned. When I was in junior high school, I liked a male classmate in the class. There was no such thing as Mary Su going to the plot because they didn’t like me. This boy looks very ordinary, even when I first saw him at the beginning of school, I thought he was ugly. I am a face dog, and I am still too, but I was young and frivolous, and I didn’t speak at all when I saw the bad shape. At the beginning of my love, I dreamed about finding a handsome little brother to have an unforgettable love affair. Although I am very ordinary, I think it is beautiful. But the beauty I thought was useless, so the teacher arranged him to sit behind me. At first, I didn’t meet each other, but later I got familiar with it. After chatting, I found that the personality is too strong, learning is good and smart, and he is very humorous and temperamental. He never does anything unusual, and is especially polite and educated. Although I am a Yan Gou, it didn’t take long for me to be fascinated by him, so I started a crush for two and a half years. Said it was a secret love, but it was almost like Minglian. I pestered him to chat all day long, passing small notes to him, and sharing small snacks with him. This boy has such a strong personality. Naturally, I am not the only girl who likes him. Other girls who like him treat him better, and I will get angry at him. In fact, now that I grow up, I understand that what I did was very wrong at the time. I was pestering him. This method will bring a great burden to the entangled person, but he is well educated and has never shown disgust with me. look. And it’s not like the current scumbag, who obviously doesn’t like it and hangs, he is pure and educated, he never said ambiguous words or acted ambiguously. Human nature is naturally willing to be close to beautiful things, so the more I like this, the more I like him. Until the last semester of junior high school, he was with another girl in the class, so I gave up. It was really sad at the time, and I never met a boy that I liked so much later. At that time, I was also very puzzled. Why was the girl with him not me? Now that I grow up I understand. I was brainwashed by many dog-blood love novels at the time. I dreamed that I could also run the plot of the heroine of the dog-blood novel. I didn’t study well, but the point was that it had no meaning. The love brain is so serious, I don’t know what true beauty is, I only care about whether I am happy or not, I have not considered his feelings at all, and even what is true like is not clear. The girl who was with him didn’t look good, but she was delicate in her mind, she was full of poems and books, she never showed off, she didn’t talk empty talk, she was kind to people, and she had a high emotional intelligence. I later wanted to understand this matter and thought it should be. This kind of boy and this kind of children are a match made in heaven. If this sweet pastry hit me at the time, it would make God blind. After three years in high school, they went to the same 211 college entrance examination, and now they are probably preparing to get married. It’s not so much that I put it down now, it’s better to say that I now know how to seize the opportunity the next time I meet this kind of boy. Improve yourself, make your mind rich and connotative, and improve your self-cultivation. Only when you meet your excellent lover can you bring him into your life. Not only girls, but boys should also be like this. Come on, everyone.

8 months ago

It’s really hard, hard to give up a person you like completely. At the beginning, I thought about his goodness, the goodness of life to you, and the good time together. There are many reasons to give up the person I like. Before, the two of them were very happy when they fell in love in college. They had a lot of good times, but then he joined the army and communicated less, and gradually the contradictions became more and more. I felt that he was not as good as before. There are too many quarrels. Although I like him very much, but for some reason, I finally broke up. After the breakup, I was really sad and very sad. But life is always going to pass. You can’t always be immersed in grief. People always want Learn to change and grow. In the next time, I will make more friends, play more with friends, go to parks, walks, travel more, see different scenery, broaden my horizons, and see more beautiful things. You will feel better when you are at home. Read more books in your free time at home. Not only can you learn more knowledge, but you can also cultivate your sentiment. You can also learn a new skill to enrich your life. Slowly for a long time. If you don’t think about it, you will forget it slowly. A new life always starts. There are so many beautiful things happening every day. Life is still beautiful. We are born to experience it in the world. Living and enjoying life is not to immerse us in a sad life, to learn, to improve ourselves, to improve our temperament, our ability, we become excellent, I believe there will be better people to match we! Come on. Life is beautiful. Live out our own three thousand aspects and live our wonderful life. We live not only for others, but also for ourselves. Our own life is our own decision, and we must make our own life beautiful!

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