On the way to class, a handful of students walked ahead one after another, and there were many young and beautiful female college students. And I saw her with a single eye, and I couldn’t turn my eyes away, staring in awe. She has a different appearance and a normal figure, but she is the only girl who attracts my attention the most. Why do you want to ask? Hi, it’s not because she holds my favorite pancake fruit in her hand. 2. In the classroom, the teacher was boring to show the PPT. The students under the stage did everything: snacks, mobile phones, sleep, and homework. But I stared at the girl on the right front without squinting. Among the crowd, she was the only one who attracted me the most. I watched her direction in a daze, and even forgot to eat the spicy noodles in my hand. , Why do you want to ask? Hey, it’s not because she plays real dishes in Luban! Don’t Nima surrendered after 10 bars? ! Listen to the class, sister! Don’t play with mobile phones with this technology! 3. The bus is full of people returning home from get off work. I was wearing headphones in the penultimate row, leaning against the window, but I had no intention of enjoying the wonderful music and the scenery outside the window. Because of her attention, she was firmly attracted by the girl next to her. Her white skin, slender neck, elegant posture, and even the audio played on her mobile phone are so tasteful: How did I know about “Selected Works of Guo Degang Cross-talk”? Because you tm Bluetooth connected to my headset! And the way you double check the headset is kind of funny. 4. A bustling commercial street with lots of people coming and going, there are countless handsome men and beautiful women. But I saw her at a glance through the people coming and going, and for a while everyone became the background board. My eyes were firmly attracted by the woman. She turned her head and happened to look at me. For a while, I blushed, heartbeat, and palms sweated slightly. I want to ask why, hi, it’s not because she is my professional teacher. I lied and asked for sick leave to play for a day! This time it’s over! 5. The corridors of the teaching building are quiet, and the sun shines in and warms. I walked quickly through the corridor, but I saw this girl in the room at the end. My eyes were instantly attracted by her, and the air seemed to be quiet for a while. Her dodging gaze and blushing face seemed to understand what I was thinking, and what I wanted to say: “Classmate, you went to the wrong toilet.” 6. Knowing that since my sophomore year, I have known many people. , I learned a lot of interesting things. So many users, one avatar after another, one nickname after another. But with so many people, I am only attracted to you. Why do you want to ask? Hi, it’s not because you gave me a thumbs up. Among those who like me, you are the only one who shines the most. Why do you want to ask? Hi, it’s not because,


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6 months ago

For straight men, simple control will bring the strongest attraction. Some time ago, I saw this news: a woman just received a marriage certificate and went to the hospital for a premarital examination. As a result, because the hospital’s system malfunctioned, the premarital examination report was confused with someone else’s pregnancy examination report. When the man saw “Pregnancy 2” The diagnosis conclusion of “months” immediately turned his face, and spoke abusively: I originally thought you were innocent, but I didn’t expect you to be a slut! Straight men with cancer want black and white, they must conquer a woman thoroughly and take her as their own. The satisfaction of possessiveness far exceeds the need for emotional links. The goddess in their hearts is preferably the type with big breasts and no brains, especially “no brains”, like the half-pushed heroines in A movies, sexy and sultry but lacking self-awareness. Of course, there must be no too complicated past. The more “high-end” conquest is more similar to the relationship model between Chen Junsheng and Luo Zijun in the TV series “My First Half of Life”. Luo Zijun is beautiful and weak. He is good at soliciting courtship and care by acting like a coquettish and stalking. Chen Junsheng conscientiously played the role of the backbone of the family, trying his best to meet her various needs to prove her worth. One is absolutely weak, and the other is 100% strong. There is strong attachment in the relationship, but lack of attachment in the true sense. Men in the primitive stage dare not face or expose their heart, for fear that they will become attached to women and be hurt. With him, you can be a little girl who knows nothing about the world, but don’t expect to get equal respect. Some boys are immersed in the “dream of conquering” for the rest of their lives, while others will gradually grow up to seek an intimate relationship with higher emotional value. Social culture encourages men to fight bravely. Over time, emotions and attachments become men’s weak functions, like an unknown sea, which makes people both yearning and panic. And this happens to be an area that women are familiar with. A woman with strong enough empathy can guide men to go deep into their hearts and build a more equal, tacit, and deeper relationship with each other. Many derailments under the midlife crisis stem from a spiritual resonance that “she can understand me”. At this stage, understanding is the strongest aphrodisiac. The goddess doesn’t need to be sultry, but it must be a flower. Mr. R, an old classmate, once sighed that if a woman could understand him, he could even give her his life. Later, this arrogant man met a woman who was several years older than him, and had a flash marriage. Now that the child is one year old, the two are still as sweet as ever. His wife’s appearance is not amazing, she has shallow wrinkles in the corners of her eyes, and the conversation is gentle and suitable, making people feel like a spring breeze, unconsciously wanting to get close. In front of her, he can act as a flower protector, or he can show his emotions and vulnerability with confidence. High-quality men with mature, calm and sophisticated psychology are often difficult to follow. A sultry posture, eye-catching like a silk, may not be successful; gentle and considerate, good at listening, may not be effective. Because they don’t need to conquer beautiful women to prove their own worth, but they also know how to pay attention to their emotions, and they don’t need to struggle for an understanding. What male gods want is a goddess that matches them. She needs to be wise enough to open up new horizons for him, so that he still has some admiration in his admiration. At this stage, the attraction comes from a high degree of harmony at the spiritual level. Diplomat Gu Weijun and his last wife Yan Youyun are such a combination. Gu Weijun is rigorous, serious, unsmiling, and can insist on eating the same breakfast and doing the same eye care for decades; while Yan Youyun is lively and interesting, does not like restraint, and is very popular. How to deal with personality differences? In addition to reluctant compromise, there is a smarter way, called mutual integration. From the group photo of the two, Gu Weijun’s changes can be clearly seen. At first, he was a cold-faced elite with extraordinary tolerance. Later, his expression became softer, and he played with his grandchildren, enjoyed socializing, and played mahjong, and his smile became brighter and warmer. Note: The picture on the left is Gu Weijun and the third wife Huang Huilan, and the picture on the right is Gu Weijun and the fourth wife Yan Youyun. This echoes Yan Youyun’s “famous saying”: Every day is a good day. Attraction is not only heartbeat, but also all mental communication, emotional fusion and energy resonance. The love between mature men and women is precisely to obtain greater satisfaction in meditation. What is the ultimate way to increase attractiveness? Many girls think that boys just like tall, thin and beautiful, and like to pursue freshness and excitement. Is that true? Yes, it is not. The short-term relationship dominated by the desire to conquer is likely to be love by sex: being attracted by hue and pleasure, and then establishing emotional links. However, if the relationship is stagnant at this step, after the hormonal dominance period has passed, it will soon be precarious. Either get bored or be seduced by new temptations. The long-term relationship that emphasizes empathy and comfort is mostly because of love: on the basis of mutual understanding, it stimulates a higher degree of integration of emotional links. The physical orgasm is fleeting, but the orgasm that occurs in the brain and heart can last for a long time. Therefore, the ultimate way to increase attractiveness is not to make a lot of tricks on the bed, but to learn to be honest. The key is trust and sincerity. For example: women gather together, often whispering complaints: My boyfriend can’t do it, and he can never give me an orgasm. Husband’s beer belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it makes people wantless. And in the man’s midnight topic, there are similar complaints: My wife has been particularly cold recently. Isn’t it because the menopause has advanced? It’s boring that the girlfriend refuses to try the backward style. However, both men and women will not tell their true feelings to their spouse, and for good reason: Forget it, if I tell her, she must think I have an outer heart. I don’t want to hurt his self-esteem, men must have a lot of face in this regard. Neither believe that the other party has enough mind and endurance, nor believe that he will still be loved after telling the truth. However, with such a real feeling hidden, and where can the emotional link go deep, friend Wendy, after struggling for a long time, was heartbroken and told her boyfriend: “I think your performance in bed recently needs to be improved.” Boyfriend’s number one. The reaction is alert and defensive: “What do you mean?” Wendy continued: “Actually, I can’t get into the state as quickly as you. I hope you can be patient during foreplay, so that I feel cared. “The boyfriend breathed a sigh of relief: “Of course it’s okay. Just now I thought you were going to call me useless.” After talking about a few technical issues, the boyfriend told Wendy that he was afraid of being rejected because of this. It is tantamount to concluding that he is worthless and useless. From when he was very young, his mother’s accusations and derogations have always followed him, so that when he heard negative comments when he grew up, he immediately panicked like a little boy, just trying to protect himself by all means. Intimacy can easily break a person’s protective shell, forcing him to expose his old wounds. However, after the pain point is seen, touched and rubbed, the bruising and pain will dissipate, and the energy will return to fluidity. This candid communication allowed Wendy and her boyfriend to trust and open up to each other, and the joy of sex has expanded from the physical level to the heart and spirit level, and they never get tired of seeing each other. Girls who make people want to stop have two points of style, three points of courage, and five points of magnanimity. Amorous feelings come from the beauty of one’s own section. You don’t have to be dazzling, but you have to take care of it seriously and treat yourself as a treasure. Courage comes from the persistence of self. Uncontrollable, non-attached, non-climbing, only walking on the track of their own life. Openness comes from inner trust. Unleash your charm freely, express your feelings to your partner sincerely, and complete meditation in an intimate relationship.

6 months ago

Have an independent mind, constantly refresh one’s own cognition, like to read different books, and at the same time like to constantly break one’s upper limit, love life, awe in life, penetrate the darkness of life, understand the pain of life and then look for light. Love art, obsessed with art, have their own ways of expressing their unique views on the world, such as paintings, musical instruments, or words. Whether it is underestimated or the peak of life, it is still her. I am accustomed to self-reflection first, not easy to lose my temper, without the privileges of girls, and demanding of myself. Have a warm family to exercise, be extremely self-disciplined, keep in shape, just for yourself. There are poems, books, ambitions, philosophy, psychology, literature, art, science, etc., all of which are involved, try to expand their horizons, be young, and be positive, know what they want, and know what they don’t want. Dare to refuse what you don’t want, and dare to pursue what you want. If the appearance is good, it is even better for girls to learn a dance or like yoga, or a sport. Even though he has been battered by the years, he still has a pure heart. Bright eyes, clean eyes

6 months ago

In the first year of working in Hangzhou, I fell ill just after the winter. The tonsils are suppurative, the high fever does not go away, there is no taste in everything I eat, and the saliva hurts. After thinking about it, I still didn’t want to go to the doctor on working days. When I got off work, I walked to the pharmacy in a daze, planning to buy some antibiotics first. Unexpectedly, the leak happened in the night rain, accidentally stepped into the ditch, and the legs were scratched by the rust iron. I checked it online for a long time, and said that if I didn’t go to the hospital in time, I would die. Then I honestly went to the small clinic nearby. I fell asleep on the chair while hanging the drip. When I woke up, there was a girl sitting next to me who was also taking some drips. She was holding an MP4 in her hand and plugged in headphones to watch “The Big Bang Theory”. From time to time, I laughed because of the plot, the voice was gentle, only quietly hehe and hehe, no hahahaha. I think it’s a little cute, and I can’t help but turn my head and glance at her. The action was too big, and she ran into her eyes. She blinked her big eyes twice, showing a look of sudden realization, but after all, she would be wrong. She said embarrassedly. “Sorry, I woke you up, I’ll be a little bit quieter.” I said, it’s okay. Then continue to close your eyes and rest your mind. After a while, I felt my chair vibrate. I turned my head to see, it turned out that the girl closed her mouth tightly in order to prevent the laughter from disturbing me, and her face blushed. Nai couldn’t help but want to laugh, the whole person was shaking. Adjust yourself from the external mode to the vibration mode. I saw her uncomfortable, and patted her shoulder and said. “It’s okay, just watch it normally.” She was frightened by me, turned her head and smiled like a crooked moon again, took off her earphones and said to me. “Would you like to watch it together?” In the next few days, we would sit together and watch TV dramas. At the last injection, I was a little late, and the girl had already withdrawn the needle when she entered the clinic. I thought she was leaving, but she waved her hand and told me. “Hurry up, I’m waiting for you to watch it together.” Later, we became friends. The girl’s name is Hu Xi. She works near the clinic, and her residence is not far away. The rented house is also nearby. Hu Xi’s facial features are actually pretty good, but he is a little fatter. But the body is particularly weak, old and sick, and love to stay up late. Her brain circuits are also different from ordinary girls. I said, you usually pay attention to your health, and you will be sent to the hospital for whatever you earn. Hu Xi said, you can take a break if you are sick. I said, don’t you have a good rest? Hu Xi narrowed his mouth and said that he has to work overtime when he is healthy. Those who have no reason to ask for leave are usually busy. I said, can’t you pretend to be sick and rest? Hu Xi’s eyes widened and said, can this happen? Hu Xi always seems to be like this. It seems that I don’t think too much, and I don’t think about adapting. Life is not hurried or slow, and wishes are few and far between. It’s fine if it can be realized, but it’s fine if it can’t. It seemed that I didn’t have much hope, like I bought a lottery ticket by the side of the street while waiting for the bus. One weekend, we ate together. I saw a wound on the back of her hand and asked her what was going on. She scratched her head for a long time and said a word. “I remember, I was hit by a motorcycle when I came back from get off work the first few days.” I said, are you hurting your mind? Do you still have to think about it? Hu Xi smiled stupidly, saying that it was not too serious, and fell over. I am so burly and not broken. I felt sorry for that jacket, it got scratched after not wearing it a few times. I said, did the driver pay you compensation? She shook her head and said that the driver was seriously injured and couldn’t get up for a long time, so I helped him up. That’s a motorcycle driver, maybe he didn’t make much money in a day. If the car crashed like this, the car would have to be repaired, and people would have to rest for a long time. Hey, what do they do? In case there are still several children in their family who need to study. As he talked, tears would fall. I quickly interrupted her and said, Female Bodhisattva, let’s change the subject, you are truly boundless. Hu Xi is so strange. Regardless of what is bothering her, she doesn’t take it to heart. Ask her, she still has a long time to remember, and she can still talk about bad things with joy. She can’t be considered heartless, and she is extremely emotional. It’s just that her sadness is rarely for herself. In a car accident, the driver must also be considered. If you don’t bring an umbrella, you will be soaked in the soup, and you will feel distressed for the birds in the sky that haven’t had time to shelter from the rain. This character is really good. In other words, it’s someone I’m particularly longing for, but knows I can’t do it. She can always make life less boring. It seems that the road we have to walk every day is full of freshness. Buy a roasted sweet potato on the side of the road and laugh while walking. Buy a cup of milk tea, drink the first sip, be sure to make a happy wow. Passing by the cake shop, I will smell the milk scent, and I will sniff twice, as if I had picked up a cheap one for no money. I rarely see her frowning. Just like her happiness is naturally produced, and it is continuous and unpretentious. She sometimes looks like a husky on the main road. Suddenly rushed to a place, alive and briskly inexplicably happy. Maybe it just saw a nice flower, maybe there was a busker on the street, or maybe it just saw someone walking a husky. When we are constantly struggling with ourselves in pain and the past. Only Hu Xi is really happy. Her happiness is very three-dimensional. It can be roasted sweet potatoes, milk tea, flowers on the roadside, and a busker who has never met. It is the bright night sky, or it can be the sun in the early morning. She will always be a fresh one. Every day is a brand new morning. In the third year after I left Hangzhou, Hu Xi also returned to his hometown. We talked on the phone once, and I asked her, are you OK in Hangzhou? The salary is so high, why do you go back. Hu Xikai said happily, the family debt has been paid off, and my brother has also been paid for by me to finish university. Of course, he has to go back. The winter in Hangzhou is too cold. I have to go back to my hometown where there is heating. I couldn’t speak for a long time. I said, you used to be so stressed before, I haven’t heard you say it before. “Huh?” Hu Xi said in a daze. “What kind of pressure, I do well every day. I tell you, I also saved a lot of private money.”

6 months ago

List the key points that I think are important. 1. The facial features are correct, and the face is kind. 2. Gentle and kind-hearted. 3. Be decent and generous, not pretentious. 4. Be polite, respect the old and love the young, and be polite. 5. Strong empathy and understanding. 6, understand the world, not the world. 7. Good figure management. 8. Have a stand, principle, and not flattery. 9. Strong emotional control ability, not pretentious and irritable. 10. People with good skills, such as cooking, musical instruments, outstanding professional skills, ingenuity and handicraft, etc. 11. Have a stable social circle, and the people you know are not complicated and relatively simple. 12. Love reading, thinking, and not blindly following others. 13, cute and lively, good-looking. The above are the characteristics of girls that I personally pay more attention to.

6 months ago

sincere. When I was a child, I watched a host program on CCTV. A girl from South Korea was not so fluent in Mandarin, but she got very high scores. Because it feels like she is sincere. Among a group of girls with sharp teeth, a girl who looks a little clumsy but sincere will make people shine. Sincerity is not the same as “innocence.” It means that you have not experienced the world, and sincerity means that you treat people sincerely, regardless of whether you have experienced or not. Sincerity is not stupid, not being sold and helping to count the money. Sincerity is dare to love and hate. Sincerity is what you can feel with your heart. Just like a novel, you can easily feel whether the author is composing a story or telling his true feelings. Even if the sincerity is packaged on the screen, it is easy to show up over time. Sometimes we lament that we are too tired to live, all kinds of relationships, all kinds of entanglements, all kinds of careful thinking. You can let go of these in front of a sincere person to give people a sense of security.

6 months ago

When Sister Pao was standing on the podium and introducing herself, it was impossible for the classmates in our class to think that this petite and lovely girl would actually be the principal of Daotong two weeks later. [Sister Pao] When she first met Pao Sister, she was just a third-year freshman who had just transferred to another school. She was civilized and polite. At that time, she loved learning, and when she asked her for advice and study, she would enthusiastically guide her. Sister Pao likes to read “Tao De Jing”, and what she likes most is the article: “Sages are often unintentional, and take people’s hearts as their hearts. The good, I am good; the bad, I am also good, and the moral is good. Those who believe, I believe; those who do not believe , I also believe it, ethics. The saints are in the world, and they are all in the world. The people pay attention to their eyes and ears, and the saints are children.” She believes that campus evils are too serious because there is no virtue in the campus, and often Because some small things are eye for eye for tooth for tooth. Once asked me to spread the idea of ​​”Tao De Jing” to her and change the evil spirits in the school. At that time, I was busy selling movie tickets to make money. How could I have time to do such a great cause. Sister Pao is very active in spreading the idea of ​​”Tao Te Ching”, but it is counterproductive and few people can understand it. Half a month later, just when we thought she was going to give up, we heard the news of [Sword Stabbed the Principal]… I heard from a teacher who knew what happened that the principal was bribed and discovered by Huahua. , Huahua threatened to report him to ruin him, but unexpectedly, the “acceptance of bribes” detonated the principal’s explosive barrel. Others didn’t say much harshly, so they would choke Huahua’s neck, grab his hair, and slap Huahua. Hit the head against the wall. He also threatened to tell other teachers not to be nosy, and to give Huahua an unreasonable charge of “stealing”. At this moment, Sister Pao appeared and shouted: Stop! I have called the police! At that time, the headmaster’s eyes were confused and hollow; the headmaster’s situation was lonely and pitiful; he did not expect him to be planted in the hands of the students. The headmaster trembled with anger, and his face became more and more gloomy. It was like a fierce flame burning, burning his eyes red, causing his facial features to change positions. His mouth is slanted, his body is trembling, and his steps are light and fluttering, like a drunkard. He is not a drunkard, but he has lost his reason, and the evil devil controls him. He picked up the golf club next to the desk and prepared to perform violent behavior, “I want to kill you…” the principal screamed. No one dared to stop him at that time. Sister Pao rushed over and quickly picked up the fruit knife next to the desk, and up there was a bucket facing his right hand holding the cue stick. The teachers and students who watched the excitement at the time all opened their eyes, opened their mouths, and were silent. There is no sound. Later, fortunately, the police came and the matter finally ended. I always felt that the teacher was exaggerating and bragging, and what really happened should not be like this. Sister Pao didn’t change because of this incident. She also promoted the “Tao De Jing” to persuade people with morals, rectify the unhealthy practices on campus, prohibit bullying the weak, prohibit harassment of girls, and prohibit collection of protection fees. Don’t tell me, since that incident, Pao Jie’s great cause of spreading ideas has made great progress. There are obviously fewer unhealthy trends on campus, and classmates have begun to talk about civility and politeness. It is often heard on campus: those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know. —— Laozi knows others and knows, knows himself knows, overcomes others is powerful, self-victory is strong, contented is rich, and strong is ambitious. ——Lao Tzu… [Ending] One day ten years later, when I asked my colleague to have dinner in the western restaurant, I always felt that someone was staring at me. I looked back, my goodness, it’s not Sister Pao? She wore a self-cultivation cheongsam with delicate makeup on her face, which looked soft and gentle. Go up to say hello to invite her to have a meal, she can’t say anything, and there will be business later, and she will go to the company for a meeting. It turned out that after graduating, she went to study abroad, studied hard every day, and got a master’s degree. Now she is the CEO of a company and manages the company in an orderly manner. She said that if she didn’t study hard, she would not have achieved what she is today. Sister Pao said to me earnestly: Continuous learning can make people progress and grow stronger. You have to read more books and learn more. Reading has a very important impact on a person. Book as a friend and enjoy reading. Gorky said: I pounced on the book, just like a hungry man pounced on bread. The words that Sister Pao said to me deeply touched my soul. If I don’t study well, can I wait for the pie in the sky?

6 months ago

A woman’s appearance and temperament are always the first attraction to a man. Whether two people can get along well and whether their emotions can last is another matter. You can see how many men around you appreciate the outstanding temperament of Meng Wanzhou and Zhang Zilin. Being young is a plus for women. Women always favor men who are mature and stable than their own age, and men always love beautiful women who are younger than themselves. Although there are special cases, such as Gao Yuanyuan and Zhao Youting, these types are relatively few. Gao Yuanyuan’s appearance is attractive to many men? There is news that after the accidental death of a sports superstar, his widow was pursued by many men. Straight man commented that men with mismatched wealth are looking for money, and men with matching wealth will not look for her, because she is almost forty and has a few children, he will look for a 20-year-old beautiful woman. If a man tells a woman, I don’t care about the value of the face, what I care about is the inside, and the woman don’t believe it, don’t be moved. The premise of this sentence is that he thinks you look good. If you really grow into the appearance of a certain sister, he will not bother to look at you, reject you, hate you, and want to be as far away from you as possible. It is difficult to feel emotional about you, even if you are very good to him. The steps for men to love women are to look first. The minimum standard is to be mediocre but not ugly, at least not to look repulsive, and then slowly touch them. Only when you find that you have an inner attraction will you like them more and more. Only a woman can imagine that a man doesn’t care about his appearance, but only looks at his talent and inner being.

6 months ago

I have always said that I am a stunted person, and I have not formed a systematic understanding of women when I get married, and because I get married early, I have almost no experience in love. The only woman who really understands the relationship between men and women is my wife. I am an old-fashioned person, and I will not try to change a fact that has been determined, but will only go along this road, and there is no fork in this road. It may be based on the long-term adaptation and acceptance of my wife, so according to her as a template, the girl who attracts me is probably smart, lazy, knowledgeable, ignorant, clumsy, stingy, mean, maternal, serious, focused, confused, greedy, slow. And other features are all in one. It can be seen that a person is very complicated, far from being black and white, but if it is simplified, it retains outstanding characteristics, and is generally smart, lazy, focused, and confused. Finally, I will make a brief self-evaluation. My characteristics are stupid, hardworking, distracted, and shrewd.

6 months ago

Every boy has a fairy in his heart, and every girl has a male god in his heart. Nowadays, you might say that no matter what kind of girls, there is no shortage of people to chase, but I just want to say those girls in your hearts who are not short of people to chase. The following is a girl who is not short of people chased by netizens. See if you are there? 1. Gentle girls: gentle, considerate, not annoying and occasionally sticky, not pretentious, not hypocritical, all kinds of considerate, all kinds of trust, you give you unlimited freedom and think of you at any time 2. Can give the other party enough freedom and space, in front of friends, give The other party keeps enough face, gentle and intellectual, yet playful and cute, occasionally making a small temper, and being domineering can occasionally be naive 3. Some people like internal show, gentle and considerate, knowing the cold and knowing the hot. Some people like to be unrestrained, choppy, sexy and hot. Others are the appearance association, just look at the value of the appearance, no matter what else.

6 months ago

On behalf of “boyfriend answer”. After 5 years together, I came to Beijing together after graduating from university. Today is the first time such a tit-for-tat quarrel. How loud is the sound? The sound of the roommates who lived across from playing games was overwhelmed by the roar of the two of us. (Mainly my voice…) After I yelled at him, he stopped talking, and sat on the bed looking at me. After watching it for a long time, he suffocated one sentence: I think you are a bit like you were in college now. Me: Don’t change the subject, just say it clearly. He: It’s the way the university is on stage. There are so many shadows in my mind of you standing on stage, those who are debating, talking about PPT, are so energetic, and have bright eyes. I really like it when I see it. I can’t help it. It’s up to you. Me: I said that I changed a long time ago. He: No, I think you will be back again. I silently scolded him for being stupid, shaking M. I said you like this one earlier, and my mother also pretended to be “the gentleness of Xiaojiabiyu”.

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