Qiqi is a typical oriental woman, and her behavioral logic directly hits our pain points. 1. She is married to Love. Her husband is a hero, but she has no money. Just because he has no money, Wukong’s status in the family is always low, which is extremely inconsistent with his status as the number one soldier in the universe. Does this make you think of calling friends outside, and you can’t lift your head when you go home. 2. After the child was born, Qiqi devoted most of her love to Gohan, yelling at Goku every time she appeared. Most married men have a deep understanding of this. After having a child, the wife’s tenderness will inevitably be greatly reduced, and even directly treat you as air. 3. Before the concept of tiger mother became popular, Qiqi was an out-and-out tiger mother. She puts learning first, and lashed out at children’s other hobbies and specialties. “What kind of football, do your homework quickly”, “It would be nice to read free books and read books so hard.” Everyone listened to these words when they were young. Gohan has clearly experienced cruel battles since he was a child and has the most Strong potential, in the eyes of mother, it was just a waste of time for study. In works full of romantic fantasy like Dragon Ball, Kiki’s truth is not to the reader’s appetite. In addition, as the lover of the male number one, Qiqi has very few drama points and lacks the opportunity to gain good impressions. Naturally, her reputation cannot be gained.

Although Klin hasn’t practiced much in a few years and his strength has declined, he is still the strongest man on earth after training. After training, his combat power can reach a level above the Z period. Goku and Gohan had imagined the battle between Klin and Red Dog in the back. Although Klin lost, it was not at the level of a spike, and at this time Klin was imagined to be the queen who defeated the demon. You must know that Klin has been trained since then, so the combat power during this period will increase a lot. Later, Normal Fan became blind and achieved the same state as Klin. At this time, Normal Fan could fight with the yellow dog. With the setting, the yellow dog’s combat power> the red dog, Gohan in this state is no accident. It’s ≧Red Dog. In this state, Gohan tests Klin, and Gohan can be beaten out of the ring, so even if Klin is not taller than Red Dog at this time, it is not much worse. (Although winning the ring is not equivalent to having the strength to defeat Gohan) It is not clear how powerful the Red Dog is, but how can it be stronger than the Super One in the Z period, it should be equivalent to the Super Two in that period, or close to the Super Two. I personally feel that it is super second. Because if it is the second level in the Z period, then it can be said to be able to fight with Wukong who is not serious. After all, Wukong, who has just returned from Frieza’s invasion of the earth in Z period, takes a big attack and plays like a play. We must know that the normal situation at that time was almost pushed off the ring by Klin, and later he was able to stabilize himself by becoming a super game, which was enough to witness Klin’s strength at that time. But in any case, transformed thinking, Klin played the most primitive king of the z period is more than enough.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

I personally have a good opinion of Kiki, but I also fully understand why many people don’t like Kiki, because Kiki’s appearance on the surface is indeed unpleasant. The first thing to clarify is, what do most readers look at Dragon Ball? After all, Dragon Ball is a hot-blooded boy manga, a commercial work. Most of the readers come to see handsome and beautiful women, exciting battles, ups and downs of the plot, leisurely and interesting funny, etc… They are here to relax, not to dig the plot. Those who will look back over and over again are the few . Maybe they are not as true as those iron fans, but it can’t be said that this approach is wrong, nor can it be said that they don’t like Dragon Ball, after all, everyone is just for fun. Although not all, but most readers do, they will not be the kind of hardcore fan who is keen on studying the story or studying it many times. Not only Dragon Ball, but most of the readers of commercial works are like this.

9 months ago

Before marriage, Kiki who debuted on the stage was so beautiful, but she was cute (Dragon Ball is also very difficult to produce beautiful women, especially the early characters are full of flesh, and Kiki was a child at that time. Baby fat like little Goku).

The setting is a little girl in contrast (looks timid, but kills a dinosaur in seconds).

In fact, Wukong’s first appearance in adulthood was actually quite beautiful. The sudden marriage of Wukong did not cause much controversy. Although very abrupt, it fits Wukong’s character on the one hand, and on the other… it looks good. A young and capable beauty came to propose because of a word from an early age. Where can I find such a good thing? Even if you don’t know it, readers will not be disgusted by this sudden marriage. Assuming that it is changed to a divination mother-in-law to get married, this behavior must not be lifted by readers…

9 months ago

And because of the need for shaping, after marriage, Qiqi often makes exaggerated beauty, which greatly affects the value of the beauty and the impression of readers. A similar example is Bouma. In fact, Bouma looks pretty good. Her early appearance is responsible. As a result, most people will not have the impression of a goddess (even if there is an impression of a goddess, it is more of childhood feelings, after all. The female protagonist in the early stage), it is because the character behavior is too off-line and too much beauty. The counterexample is No. 18, which is really cold and beautiful, with few expressions. If Qiqi Yanyi is less, the reader’s impression will actually be better. However, the issue of face value is more important. Comparing this picture and the previous picture, the young Qiqi is angry, it is obvious that it is also Yan Yi, which is more pleasing to the eye before marriage.

9 months ago

Many of the characters in Dragon Ball are exaggerated (especially when it is necessary to be funny and contrasting), and Qiqi’s main responsibility is to “impede the development of the plot.” If you mention Qiqi after marriage, you will find that she has a lot of beauty. That’s because a commercial work, if you want to create a more recognizable image, exaggerating certain features is a very simple and effective behavior. For example, “Dragon Ball Super” basically only retains and strengthens Wukong’s “Wu Chi” attribute. It’s more common in the harem comics, basically just post the attributes like “tougher” and “yu sister”. Because of the small plot, Kiki’s positioning is not low-after all, she is Wukong’s wife and Gohan’s mother, so her image is exaggerated, that is, “love a son like life”. Therefore, many of Kiki’s behaviors are actually deliberately made to be so exaggerated to a certain extent, and the inner logic is also very clear-“Gohan’s future is more important than anything.”

9 months ago

The Saiyan Strikes chapter is over, skip the seriously injured Goku directly to hug Gohan. In fact, here I feel that the old bird deliberately used exaggerated contrast to be cool and humorous, because this little action of Qiqi that has nothing to do with the main line directly took two full pages. This is really true for the old bird who cherishes the ink. I have given a lot of space, obviously intentional. This exaggerated behavior and key characterization is to deliberately create contrast to attract readers’ attention and shift the heavy atmosphere.

9 months ago

These behaviors are not only unpleasant (makes people feel that they don’t care about Goku, strong, and love money), but the most important thing is that they hinder the development of the plot. For example, in “Family Education”, A Gang was reluctant to participate in the battle for the Pengley ring in the early days. In other works, there are also many Virgin characters obstructing the protagonist’s actions, or bear children making trouble. Why is this behavior annoying? Because what do you guys watch these hot-blooded young man for? Isn’t it just watching bloody battles and happy enmity? Like Qiqi, their behavior is in line with their personal settings, and they are also in line with normal people’s psychology (most mothers really don’t want their children to take risks even if the sky is falling). But the problem is that this is a hot-blooded juvenile manga… Some normal behaviors in reality may not be legitimate in the hearts of comic readers.

9 months ago

Such cartoons are destined to fight in the end, and these battles often involve the safety of many people and the entire world. Everyone is here. These characters go against the intentions of the readers and try to prevent the development of the plot that is destined to happen and the readers love to see. Doesn’t it just make people feel in the way and drag the plot? This is why Kiki is annoying to many people. If she’s just a beloved son and doesn’t look good, that’s fine. Even if she is a tigress and will bully Goku, sometimes Dangdang laughs.

9 months ago

But the problem is that she not only loves her too much, but also seriously hinders the progress of the plot-Gohan is prevented from going to Namek, and Wukong is prevented from training Gohan for three years. Regardless of these important points, Qiqi’s attitude is always “disagree.” Even if it is Gohan’s own wishes, even if these cultivations are important, even if the plot is destined to develop, but Kiki always “disgusts” readers, then readers will naturally be dissatisfied. It’s like watching TV in the middle of a movie or when a movie is at the climax of a movie. Even if this product is really good, it might be hated by people. In addition, the animation also created a large number of Kiki’s “unreasonable trouble” plots, which also increased readers’ disgust.

9 months ago

Kiki is a very real character, although the old bird sometimes deliberately arranges her to be a harlequin, but because of her “reality”, the advantages that cannot be concealed can not be avoided on paper. When the experience becomes more, or when you start to study Dragon Ball instead of watching the lively battles and the mentality of “getting it off”, in fact, many things that have not been seen before will emerge. The “black spots” mentioned before are actually completely understandable. For example, “I want a son or not a husband” mentioned earlier.

9 months ago

When I heard that the child was taken away by the Great Demon King Piccolo, Kiki’s mood at the time basically meant that the child had already been sentenced to death…

After all, the two big demon kings of Piccolo almost conquered the world. In Kiki’s mind, he is a big demon who does no evil, and Gohan is just a spoiled four-year-old kid without the power to restrain a chicken. Of course, the result can be imagined.

So Qiqi fainted directly.

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