When still together, we always think that he will never leave. When the man’s disappointment was overwhelming, he realized that he had made up his mind to leave, becoming indifferent and ruthless. Maybe you are unwilling to give up and do everything possible to get him back, but the relationship is getting worse. Broken love can be reconciled? ? Recovering the relationship not only requires you to have a strong psychoanalytic ability and keenly aware of the other’s emotional changes, but you must also learn efficient chat and communication skills to make your ex regret leaving you. 1How to eliminate resistance? Before reconciliation, the relationship between two people is not only fragile, but even hates you. When you go to him or text him, he will not only ignore you, he will block you; if you ask, he will not only be indifferent, but also say you are boring; you let your friend say a good thing for you, he Always insist that the two of you are inappropriate, it is impossible for you. At this time, you feel so exhausted that he is like a basketball. The more you want to recover, the farther he will rebound. In fact, this is because of the proximity effect, he has a strong resistance to you. What can be done to eliminate his resistance to you and restore effective contact? Don’t be impatient. Lay the foundation before eliminating resistance. Let him know that you are doing well now and will not pester him again. The purpose of this is to let him know that you are living well now and will not pester him. Keep calm, keep calm-neither flattery nor arrogant! Therefore, you can discuss with your mutual friend, say that you have learned a lot from him, have grown a lot, and are grateful for him to appear in your life. Or try to deliver information through social media. For example, you can send a text message to tell him: Although we are separated now, thank you for your concern and tolerance, and thank you for showing up. After our division, I realized a lot of my own problems. Haha, I know it’s too late to say now. But I think, after all, we don’t have any deep hatred. I hope that in the future, we can become good friends. This is a fake withdrawal text message. First reduce the relationship to the level of friendship, so that the other person will not run away from you. However, the false withdrawal must follow these three iron laws: ① Don’t complain, don’t blame ② Don’t please, don’t entangle, ③ A relaxed and humorous tone is the best. Now the false withdrawal, the connection has been so broken, what should I do? 2. How to restore effective contact? The above foreshadowing is the strategy of retreat for progress. This method is good, it can make you show yourself in the world of your predecessor with a high profile. The disadvantage is that the recovery cycle is long. How can the recovery period be greatly shortened? Of course it is to take the initiative, such as taking the heart-warming line, but you must not think that I am asking you to go to the information bombing, old iron, hold on! If you want to walk the heart-warming road, you must first have a comprehensive understanding of your ex, including his birthday, personality, hobbies, health, career status, and the family he cares about most! You can do what you can for him, such as: introduce him to some partners or resources in his work and career; take action to care for his health; buy him tickets for his favorite concert; … 3. How to let him Keep talking to you? After a long wait and suffering, I tried my best to restore contact information and normal communication. I saw some hope, but new problems appeared again-you don’t know how to chat with him. We talked and we disappeared. What should we do? Can you do it to make him addicted to you? First, let’s talk about the first point-the emotional curve. Why people want to chat has two purposes: to convey information and experience emotional value. When men and women chat, they are more inclined to experience emotional value. Therefore, every time we chat, we will have mood swings (emotional curves). What kind of emotional curve can make him expect you to chat with him every time, or let him take the initiative to chat with you? When the emotional curve reaches its peak, it stops. So, every time you chat with each other, don’t spend too long. Best within an hour. Emotions are easily consumed, and too long can lead to fatigue. Then, let’s talk about the second point-a reasonable exit. When the emotional curve reaches its peak, you can start to leave sensibly. How to judge the peak value? In other words, when the other party’s feedback is more positive, such as quickly replying to your message, actively looking for topics. At this point, if we cut off the topic reasonably, the other party will have a sense of anticipation for your next chat due to the Zeignik effect. But here I want to remind you two things. First, don’t give the other party a sudden feeling; second, it’s best to leave with high value. If you don’t reply directly or perfunctory, you will leave the other party with a bad impression of immorality or impoliteness. Therefore, when we finish a topic, we have to find the reason for the end. It is best to show our high value when we leave. For example, I received a notice to go to a meeting; my best friend asked me to go to the gym. 4. Rebuild deep emotional connections. After establishing effective communication with your partner, how can you make him feel that you are a soul mate? How to quickly heat up feelings? This requires a deep emotional connection with him. Before redefining a relationship, in order to establish a deep emotional connection, we can start from the following aspects: the original family life experience, emotional experience, fragility, love is fluid, it will disappear, and it will come back! On the way to save love, it’s not that the other person is too cold and ruthless, but you can’t find a suitable way to let him open his closed heart to you again. The authorities are fascinated, and the bystanders are clear. Many times when we are stuck in it, we cannot look at the problem objectively. Uncertain feelings and emotions can easily cause us unnecessary harm. If you can accurately judge the behavior and state of two people, you can effectively avoid some problems.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

will not. Those irresponsible loves are like a tornado, and those who come and leave suddenly are determined. I really don’t have the guts to play another game with someone. I’m fed up with walking and being suddenly thrown away, and I hate the cautiousness of mentioning the future with each other every time, and I don’t want to be a fool playing a one-man show anymore. I plan on my own stupidly for a long time, and finally find out about the other party. My name has never appeared in the future. Now I just want to talk about a down-to-earth relationship, a serious relationship with each other, each writing each other into their future, and holding hands through many spring, summer, autumn and winter together. It can be not rich enough, or it can be very ordinary, as long as you all have me in the future, that’s enough. I hope the next person who likes me will be brave and sincere, don’t leave me, don’t give up on me. Take one more step towards me, I am willing to run the remaining ninety-nine steps towards you. Because I really want to have a future with you.

6 months ago

Will look back, but first divide the person, second divide the situation. Next, I will explain to you why you will look back, and how to make the ruthless partner look back after a breakup under different circumstances. There used to be an old saying that love that is not for the purpose of marriage is a hooliganism. Long-term relationships are more in line with the positive direction, while short-term relationships are more adapted to this fast-paced society. After breaking up, you must first judge whether you belong to a long-term relationship or a short-term relationship based on your situation. However, whether it is a long-term or a short-term relationship, you all have one characteristic, that is, that you have been in love with each other seriously. The act of dating a gun is impossible to love. If you have feelings, it is also your unilateral contribution. So since you once loved, but now you want to break up, there must be some unsolvable problems between you. Such as long-distance relationship, domestic violence, cheating and so on. All the breakups that go away are not completely disappointed in your feelings, but because he knows that if this continues, he will cause more harm to each other. So couples who break up will have the idea of ​​redeeming their ex. You can think of it as a window period. If you can understand each other’s window period and accurately do something in the window period, then you can make good use of it. , Then you have a chance to get back together. There are different ways of getting along with unused relationships, as well as different ways of regulating emotions. Some characteristics of a long-term relationship: 1. The two parties will keep in touch for a period of time at the beginning of the breakup. He will actively observe your every move, what kind of circle of friends you have recently posted, what Weibo, etc. This is a behavior determined by the inner subconscious mind. What can be known is that the two sides are now separated, but they still miss each other in their hearts. So he will have a lot of involuntary behaviors. At this time, it is very good if you can take some remedial measures immediately. Remember a basic principle: “I’d rather not do it than do the wrong thing.” 2. Send some sentimental Moments to the other party, using a sentimental avatar and personal signature, etc. You should know that he did so much to get your attention, and hope that your response can meet his expectations. If he finds your careful thinking, it is just as he thinks so, so you have to do the opposite. For this type of behavior, it is best to ignore it. If you find that he has changed his signature and avatar, this is his window of life, so take this opportunity. 3. If you talk about feelings with him at this time, he will hesitate and let you live a good life in the future. A lot of what he said is something that has been hidden in his heart for a long time. Remember not to see the other person saying that he is willing to communicate with you and you think he wants to reconcile with you. This is the time to test your skills. Learn to let him continue. 4. Some people have seen in various places that recovery will be disconnected. Anyway, I am responsible for telling you that not all recovery requires exercise. Sometimes the longer the exercise, the smaller the chance between you. Keep in touch but don’t keep in touch too often.

6 months ago

Some characteristics of short-term relationships: 1 You may be more irritable at the beginning of a breakup. The shorter the time together, the more obvious it is. You don’t have the sensible breakup of long-term love, so your heart will be more painful after the breakup. At this time, the more you pester the other person, the worse his attitude will be. But if you take your time, he will be willing to try to have some contact with you. 2 His emotions will go back and forth, many times he doesn’t know how to face you. Sometimes you feel as if he has never paid attention to you, and sometimes he feels being followed. Especially when you find that there is some change in the other person, you will change from resistance to acceptance, and you want to know what happened to the other person recently, and you will also see the benefits of him. So there will be very tangled situations. 3 If after you broke up, his dynamics about you no longer exist, delete all of your circle of friends, or set him to be visible for three days, etc. That means that his heart is extremely entangled, and he has experienced compound thoughts about you and feelings about you. 4 You can weaken the connection by disconnecting, and at the same time send some attractive circle of friends to strengthen your connection. The above is the correct way to do some window periods, but the recovery is your own business, you cannot directly control his behavior, you can only guide him into the window period by yourself. To summarize a few points: 1 If you want boys to take the initiative to restore you, then you need to help yourself all the time. Human nature is low. People have the desire to own things that they can’t get. 2 Don’t imagine that one communication can solve the problem, because if communication can solve the problem, you are now reconciled. The so-called communication is a dialogue with strong subjective will. It has no practical meaning. 3 Some boys are scumbags. No matter how you touch him, he will not learn how to be dedicated to a woman. He always likes to hang you, chatting with you today, and ignoring you tomorrow. Don’t believe that it can move men back. There are similar seed letters, so don’t send them. 4 Don’t be humble in your feelings, but learn what to say when. Girls do their own things well, promote themselves well, and face their feelings neither humble nor arrogant.

6 months ago

Are you sure you saved enough to be disappointed and broke up? In many cases, the emotional state of people is not what they imagined. The depiction is so extreme. What is love at first sight, at a glance for ten thousand years. More status is that this person is not bad, has a good impression, and likes a little. Talking about love, talking about long-lasting love, is actually impossible to talk about. Ask yourself from the side of the beloved, do you really deserve to be ardently loved? Most people will answer that it is not worth it. The personal charm of most people is not enough to support a member of the opposite sex who likes them to the point of me. The personal charm of most people can only make the other person feel that this person is not bad, has a good impression, and a little like it. That’s it, and nothing more. Just like the question before, why don’t you get married for six or seven years in a relationship. In fact, the answer is that simple. After the passion dissipated, after the ambiguous liking dissipated with the passion, when the other party thought about and recognized the other side rationally, the conclusion was: Is there a good impression? some. Like it? like. For a lifetime? It seems really not so worth it. Everyone is like this. Everyone will think about spending a lifetime with the opposite person. Is it worth it? In the vernacular: Is this person worthy of me for a lifetime? The answer is often not so worthwhile, so it is not so firm. Ask yourself again. Am I worthy of others loving me forever? Where do I deserve to be loved for a lifetime? Every time I think about this question, it is a chill on the back spine. From all aspects of my perspective, it is not worth a person to love me for a lifetime, stay with me for a lifetime without regret. So we should leave. So whenever you think about it, why do you feel weakened, tired, and can you get back together after a breakup? In fact, you can think of a question in advance. Do I really deserve this person to love me and spare no effort to love me. Love should be classified as faith, like religion, like doctrine. You have no reason to pursue and love him or him for you. Don’t question, don’t refute, always believe in. But have you ever met such a person? Are you such a person? Those couples who have quarreled for a lifetime, take a closer look, who admire whom? Regardless of admiration, who can value whom. In fact, in their twenties, apart from being immature, they are no different from them. Do not believe in, do not worship, do not admire. After a long time, naturally, it doesn’t feel unworthy, and it’s tasteless. Whether you are doing it or making trouble, it is not so much disappointing the other party as it is your own inferiority. It’s not that certain events let the other party down, but their own inferiority that makes the other party feel that they are not worthy of love again and again. One day, even the name of shared love is not worth maintaining, so naturally they are separated. This is the case for everyone in the world, it’s just a short encounter and a long torture. So you see, in the noisy world, in an environment of a similar age, there are not too many people who deserve special love. When floral skirts are popular, everyone wears floral skirts. When black silk is popular, everyone wears black silk. There are a lot of basketball players, and a lot of talents. It’s like mung beans in a tank. Stir and stir, the mung beans will pass by. And there is no encounter between two red beans across thousands of miles. Only at this moment the two mung beans collided. The next second, the next moment, I don’t know which two mung beans collided. Mung beans have no special meaning to mung beans, nor do they have any special love. Only at this moment, passed by and stayed for a while. Boyfriend did not save enough disappointment. It’s just your temper, character, looks, everything. Your ordinary qualities as a mung bean makes him really do not know why he loves you unhesitatingly. Maybe if you are a red bean, he will love you unhesitatingly. But you are just a mung bean, one after another he will meet in the journey of life. Until some, not because of love, but because of some unexpected reason, he stayed with another mung bean all his life. He has a good impression of you and likes you. After a long time, they dispersed, and then left.

6 months ago

This is also divided into long-term and short-term. In the short term, more than 99% will not look back. Within 3-6 months, if a boy breaks up because he is disappointed and saved enough, he will basically not look back. Basically, if you are too disappointed with a person, it will take at least three months to slowly digest the negative emotions towards that person. In the long run, there is a small chance that you will turn around. That is half a year to about a year later. At this time, boys will basically forget more than 90% of the negative emotions in the last relationship. At this time he is likely to start a new relationship. Of course, the object of this new relationship may also be the object of the past. Because if the object of the past is in place from the outside in the past six months or even a year, the big changes will be like changing individuals, as long as they have not committed a principled problem, and the problems that have caused their headaches in the past will be completely gone. At this time, if he doesn’t have a better person by his side, he is still very likely to look back. Human nature seeks advantages and avoids disadvantages. To make a man who left because of disappointment turn his head, a woman has to pay too much. Therefore, if it is a relationship breakup, I basically don’t recommend changing myself for the purpose of recovery. Dear girls, if you want to change yourself, I hope you are to meet a better self, not because of any man.

6 months ago

Laxatives, do not deny it will! There are cases of turning back. But most of them won’t, or that when a person regains his senses, he won’t look back, regardless of male or female! I don’t know your situation, but as a party. If you are disappointed with your boyfriend, will you look back? (You didn’t mention your gender, I just think you are a female.) Well, let me talk about the feeling of being disappointed. To save enough, the key is “enough.” The complexity of love itself also has a very fragile side, so that it can be a more complete form of love. “I’ve saved enough to be disappointed” can actually be another way of saying “Patience has been exhausted.” My superficial understanding of this is that it’s like a ball of fire surrounded by outer ice. This is where you are. The state of the person in love. The fire is a negative emotion, and the ice is patience. The external stimulus is like a lover. It will melt a little bit from the outside of the ice. This patience for feeling will be consumed from the inside. Until one day, the ice melts and there is no way to suppress the fire. Burning, running away, giving up, in fact, the mentality has collapsed! In fact, people who love each other are wearing each other’s patience. This is an indisputable fact, but… some couples understand this process and accept and know the need to maintain, because love is simply an interaction of loving each other. Way, so this maintenance is often mutual. It is to care for the other party, you treat him, he treats you, not yourself to yourself, often the process of maintaining yourself to yourself, in the end it becomes the result of deceiving yourself. When one person runs out of patience with another, hope is gone, as if waking up from a dream. Imagine that you wake up in the morning, remember the dream you had last night, and then recall the plot. Even if it is more fascinating, you will force your consciousness back to reality and start a new life this day. When you wake up, you wake up. If the dream is broken, it is broken. There is disappointment and curiosity, but reason will tell yourself that this dream is difficult to continue in the future, simply! Just go. Let’s talk about the practical point. When there is enough disappointment, the passion and expectation of feelings will be lower. Some emotional and psychological things are irreversible. The past is the pain. I would rather explore the unknown pain than experience the same pain! Finally, I will tell you an experience of mine. I was ill and hospitalized a few years ago. The doctor told me to take blood. I was really weak at the time, but people always have a strong desire to survive when they are weak. Just cure the disease. The doctor said, draw arterial blood. I haven’t experienced it before, come and smoke. Haha, it didn’t hurt me enough. I remembered the pain, and I reviewed it after a few days in the hospital. One night the nurse told me that blood was drawn the next morning, arterial blood! I am really scared. I woke up very early the next morning, and there was fear, because I already knew the painful feeling, as long as I had a choice, I didn’t want to experience it again. Well, the painful feeling of being hurt by a person, once a point, as long as there is a choice, you will no longer want to be hurt by this person again, because as long as there is the first time, even if the second time does not come, then The fear of pain can no longer be forgotten. Do you think what I said is the truth? good luck!

6 months ago

I have heard a saying that disappointment is a coin, and when you save enough, you will buy a ticket to leave. To be able to make a boy disappointed enough and leave, I think there is no need to stay, because he is not disappointed, and he will not leave. It is also good to wish each other’s happiness to each other, after all, why bother to hurt each other after love. And I feel that since a relationship is over, I can’t find the same feeling when I save it again, because both people have changed. I have always felt that what is past in love, let it pass. Once one person lets go, let it all pass, and start looking for the next relationship again. Otherwise, it is just to torture each other over and over again, and what I want to keep is just the sweet memories of the past. The thought for myself is that we can go back, but in fact both of them have changed. If two people are really suitable or really still love each other, they will not choose to leave, nor will they accumulate these disappointments. So there is no need to redeem it at all, nor can it keep a disappointed heart.

6 months ago

You can turn your head back, but it depends on what your relationship is after he looks back. As a man, he can be regarded as a man who has eaten assholes before. Most men are disappointed. Most of them will have the following options. If an introverted or conservative family man, especially a relatively rational and principled man, it is basically impossible for you to make him look back. His breakup is considered in many ways, and it will even be brought into the marriage to consider before deciding to break up. If you are relatively conservative, but have no independent opinions, this kind of man has a moody personality and can’t control his emotions well. If you can control him, you may make him look back, but whenever you have conflicts, He will come with you once, it’s up to you. There are also people who are good in all aspects and do not lack girlfriends. They are generally divided into two types. The gentleman will directly or euphemistically express to you, and you can reconcile, but not as a boyfriend or girlfriend or as a marriage partner, but A state in which the lover is not satisfied with a friend or more is a sexual partner. The reason I say that the one above is a gentleman is because what I am talking about next is the most disgusting one. After hard work and even paying money and other things, you get his reconciliation, and he promises you, but he will never enter into marriage with you again in your heart. If you want to be a boyfriend or girlfriend for ten or twenty years, you just don’t mention it. When you get married, you have to mention that it is the cold war that you are breaking up, and some are even out there. If you dare to raise an objection, it is just right. If you don’t dare to raise it, just endure it in silence until you can’t stand it. Of course, there are some other personality characteristics that are too tired and don’t want to be typed out one by one, which costs the phone screen. If you clearly understand the personality characteristics of the other party, you can add it. Generally, the cities that are not particularly deep are roughly the above types.

6 months ago

If you want to hear the truth, the probability of turning your head back is extremely low. Because a boy likes a girl, he will generally tolerate each other, and will be the kind of tolerance without a bottom line, because a boy does not know where his bottom line is. Once he can’t bear it, gets tired, and gets tired, he Will leave, and will not hesitate. As a girl, when you meet a guy who can treat you well, you should cherish it, instead of blindly writing at that time, blindly letting him listen to you, blindly feel that you are right, and you will have an illusion. , The reason why a boy is like this is because he can’t do without you, in fact, he is tolerant of girls. I wish you happiness!

6 months ago

It’s mainly divided into circumstances. Generally speaking, it is not. Boys are more rational and hard-hearted than girls. I was injured again and again, and given the opportunity again and again, I was more disappointed and remembered the painful memories of the other party, how could I look back. Even if you do change, why does he believe you? After all, he gave you many opportunities before, but you didn’t take it well. If you really want to save him, it is recommended to take a trip before breaking up (choose where the boys want to go), boys generally do not agree, you can try to show that you want to reconcile or change yourself during the trip Some of the shortcomings of, in this way, if the other party sees that you have really changed, there may still be a turn for the better. If he is very resistant to you, even if you go to him, his first reaction is: please let him go. Then it is possible that he is not disappointed enough to leave you, but has been planning for a long time. While letting him go, let go of yourself. The twisted melon is not sweet. Girls still have to love themselves and take care of themselves. The relationship between two people is not the fault of you alone. Don’t feel that you owe each other anything, don’t feel guilty, or it will be difficult for you to come out.

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