Educational qualifications and abilities have always complemented each other, but their importance is different. First of all, academic qualifications are a stepping stone and a threshold. In today’s society, more and more attention is paid to academic qualifications, and many corporate positions will be marked as requiring a bachelor degree or above when recruiting. If you are a newcomer who is about to enter the workplace, or if your abilities are not outstanding but you want to have a better job opportunity, it is very necessary to improve your academic qualifications and get this stepping stone. Second, academic qualifications determine the starting salary and starting point of the job. The starting salary for a bachelor’s degree is generally more than 500 yuan higher than that of a junior college, and the starting point of the position is also higher, which is more obvious in civil servants or some larger companies, and the promotion is faster. Third, having an academic background is more likely to be valued. Under the same other conditions, employers will not waste time investigating who is more competent for the job. Therefore, academic qualifications are also the most direct way to prove their abilities, that is, having academic qualifications is more likely to be valued. But at the same time, after getting a better job opportunity, you also need to work hard, really make achievements, and continuously improve your abilities in order to gain a firm foothold in the workplace. It’s impossible to wait for a promotion and raise salary with just a piece of academic qualifications. Fourth, academic qualifications determine the circle of friends. It is self-evident how important a good circle of friends is. In addition to motivate oneself to be more motivated, it is also a circle of future contacts. Through contact with more outstanding people, you can also broaden your horizons and improve your abilities. In short, to borrow a “famous saying”: children only make choices, and adults say it’s important.

As a professional teacher in academic improvement, many students who have served so many students will raise such questions. My answer as always is: the two do not conflict, the two can be both, and even the two always complement each other! You have an education, no matter how high or low; but you are not capable, what can you do? Is the company recruiting you to make your academic qualifications look good? Remember, you are to create (beat) create (work) value. You have the ability and skills, regardless of whether you are a rookie or a great god; if you just find a job to do it, if you want to go to a big factory, you want to go to a high-paying big company; if you have no recommendation, you are not good Education, then you miss too many opportunities when you submit your resume. Because these big companies basically require a bachelor’s degree or above, this is still the requirement of grassroots employees. As an HR, the quickest way to judge whether you are a suitable candidate is based on your academic qualifications. After all, generally speaking, higher education means stronger learning ability and better education! Therefore, it is best to do both. If you are young, you might as well grab both at the same time. If only one of them is good, then you might as well make up for the other.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

All the either-or, black-and-white choices are XX! Forgive me for being so rude, there is no other way, I found that adults nowadays are becoming more and more naive! When I saw this problem, I even thought it was a kindergarten children’s problem. After looking at it, someone really made a choice. The children are divided into who is important, the adults, the whole! All! want! The academic qualifications without the ability to support are called “talking on paper.” The ability without the academic qualifications to support is called “nonsense.” At this time, someone will definitely jump out and cite a lot of examples, such as Li Ka-shing, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, big brother, Please use your less flexible mind to think about whether these people can’t learn, still can’t get it, or don’t want to get it. From another perspective, you can’t even handle a degree. Why do you prove your ability? Is this the truth? So, don’t give yourself so many reasons not to work hard! To summarize: these two things are neither important nor unimportant! Do not ask! Ask it all!

6 months ago

Without academic qualifications that represent basic knowledge, how can one use knowledge and logic to build abilities? ! However, having a solid academic qualification first, and then working hard, does not mean that the ability will follow. At this time, the courage to take responsibility and the aura to draw inferences are very important; ability is a person of insight. The sharp weapon created in the struggle will be blunt once it is no longer challenged.

6 months ago

Ability before 30 is more important than academic qualifications, because since the company uses you, it depends on your growth. After 30, academic qualifications are more important than abilities, because if you have not achieved the freedom of wealth in the first 10 years, then you are just a mediocre person. Education is more important than ability in mediocre people. Especially as your age grows, if you do not continue to improve your academic qualifications, on the other hand, it means that there is a problem with your learning ability, then the company will not wait to see you.

6 months ago

In fact, they are all very important. Personal view is that ability is greater than academic qualifications. At present, many bosses are not well-educated, so they are more down-to-earth thinking about how to make money. It is not that high academic qualifications are ahead of your thinking. High academic qualifications does not mean you have a business. Mind, I have spent my entire life with many college students, still working as a wage earner, and still can’t afford a house!

6 months ago

First, think about what academic qualifications mean to an individual, and what does ability mean.
Then think about your purpose of comparing your academic qualifications and abilities.
Then the result is your own perception. I don’t think there can be an absolute answer to this thing, because this question is too broad and more like a subjective question.

6 months ago

Let me tell a true story about a cousin’s job hunting! The cousin’s fresh bachelor’s degree is an ordinary two. I will graduate soon in June. I heard that I am working as an HR and hope to find a financial job through referral. After all, it is a cousin, it is incumbent to take on this task. If you want to recommend, you must find the largest listed company in the city, a spandex company in China’s top 500 companies. I just met the company’s HR and recommended my resume. As a result, HR said something, confused! HR: Your cousin’s school is not 985 or 211, it’s a bit difficult to push financially. It turned out that the company’s finance only recruited 985 or 211 or graduate degrees. Look, ordinary undergraduates don’t even give an interview opportunity. For fresh graduates, Niu X Company never looks at ability, only education. This is reality, so is academic qualifications or ability more important? Such questions are too broad and have no practical meaning. It should be prefixed with a prefix. “Under the background of ***, education is more important or ability is more important?” What do you think?

6 months ago

Education and ability are more like the relationship between appearance and character when we are in a relationship. When you first met, you definitely didn’t know the other person’s character, and most of the other person’s attraction to you was because you started to understand your character from your appearance. Unless you have relatives and friends to introduce you to people they are familiar with, and the character of character requires long-term contact to reflect. In this society, your academic qualifications are your stepping stone to a higher and better palace. Even if you skip classes every day at Tsinghua University, as long as you have a Tsinghua University diploma, you will definitely be more developed than those who work hard and study hard every day. . Don’t try to let others understand your heart without a good-looking appearance. Unless you are extremely capable, you will know why those rich and even celebrities would want to have a certificate of a prestigious university. HR will also give priority to people with better academic qualifications when recruiting. Even if you have poor academic qualifications, your resume will be thrown into the trash can and not looked at.

6 months ago

Academic qualifications represent part of your abilities, a more important part. Because highly educated talents have gone through various tests and competitions, in comparison, they have better patience, brains and knowledge, and identify opportunities and so on. However, what society now needs is not only knowledge-based talents, but more attention to whether things can be done. And this requires more in two aspects: one is communication skills, observing one’s words, observing one’s words, talking about others, talking nonsense to others, etc.; second, being recognition, getting others to agree with you, agree with your ideas, understand you, and support you. Some people rely on honesty, some people rely on communication, relationships, some people rely on interests, and so on. These are often the current definitions of capabilities. But capabilities shouldn’t just be these. Therefore, there is no need to entangle your question at all. People are a member of society, not only need knowledge, but also need to communicate and cooperate. all need. To tell the difference, it depends on your type of job. In today’s overcrowded society, the latter can bring you more opportunities and development.

6 months ago

Educational qualifications and abilities are important. If you have an educational background, you have a higher stage than others. It’s easy to find a job. It’s also very important. You have strong abilities, but you don’t have a stage, and it’s useless if you can’t perform in front of everyone Your way of thinking and the way you look at things are different from others. Combine your ability and you can be the envious person in the eyes of others. The same combination of academic qualifications can also show an unreasonable life. For me, it is very difficult for me. I have no academic qualifications, and I don’t have much abilities and skills. Now it’s hard to find a job. I’m afraid that I’m not competent enough to do the job.

6 months ago

I can only say that there must be both, and both are important. This is not a conflict. Academic qualifications are equivalent to a stepping stone. Many employers value academic qualifications. Many employers will set salary based on academic qualifications, but according to the needs of the work, if there is no The ability is not up to the job, and it will not last long, so we had better have both. If we have missed the best learning opportunity, we can apply for self-examination and improve our ability.

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