I have liked a boy very much since the second grade, when I was only 7 years old. Maybe it was precocious. At that time, girls and boys were especially interested in playing hide-and-seek. I was lying on the desk at the time, and my seat was in the first row. He just passed me when he ran in the classroom and said why don’t you play? I shook my head, no more. I forgot what he said later. I still remember that in the fourth and fifth grades, his seat was behind me. At that time, he was in the class of the Chinese teacher of the head teacher, and we went to self-study. I always looked back at him deliberately, that is, every three or four seconds, three or four seconds. I turned my head to look at him, and then “finally” was discovered by the teacher. She asked me in front of the class: “XXX, why do you always look back?” I was momentarily stunned. She lowered her head shyly and quickly wrote. He and I looked at each other. My heart seemed to be full of stars. It was a junior high school, but I was divided into different classes and rarely spoke. After elementary school, we all rode home, and he did the same. He has a lot of buddies, and he always fills up that road. I walk by myself. He always walks faster than me every time after school, so I grabbed my feet and rode my bike to chase him away. Whenever I saw his back from behind, I was very happy, but when I walked beside him, He is always handsome (yes), which is called “Dasaba” in our dialect (specifically, two feet are on the pedals, but the hands do not touch the handles). He always does this (He only did this when I was about to approach him). So I keep wondering if he likes me? My grades are worse than him, so I feel inferior. In 2011, QQ was very popular, and our primary school students also had keyboard phones. We chatted about QQ during the chat between classes, and said that I didn’t add your QQ. I added you QQ to be a puppy, but in the end, my heart moved. Is the most important. I still added it, so let’s keep it simple. Didn’t say anything in junior high school? He went to different schools in high school. He was in the No. 1 Middle School of our county, and then he was admitted to Shandong University of Science and Technology. My dad said at the time that you saw your elementary school classmates got admitted to Shandong University of Science and Technology. My heart is still like that, and I sigh that he hasn’t changed at all in his studies, so good he is. He is really good. He is filial to his parents. In junior high school, we go to school near the school, and we live in the accommodation far away from home. Then we two are about one kilometer away. I stay in junior high school. He does not stay. It was in the summer. When I walked through his home, I always saw him at work. He always got up at four or five in the morning to help his mother to work. Every time I go to class, I take it as a goal, saying that I must learn from him and pinch myself to keep myself from sleeping. Ten years have passed. The last time we talked, we asked him which school he was admitted to after the college entrance examination. That’s all. Later in college, I often dreamed of him in my dreams. I wonder if he was forgetting me? Or am I forgetting him? He certainly doesn’t like me, but I have a crush on him for ten years, and I don’t know where I like him, but every time I see him, my heart thumps. When I was in elementary school, there were classmates that left messages with classmates. I have forgotten what he wrote to me. But, it doesn’t matter! I still think of him from time to time, and think of the times that made me happy~ Finally, I wish him success in his studies and find the one he likes as soon as possible!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I may forget it, but I don’t often think about it. It is said that time and Xinhuan are cures. When time is long enough and Xinhuan is good enough, the person who used to be will no longer occupy the heart. Experienced countless insomnia late nights, shed thousands of tears, recalled the past thousands of times, but resisted not looking for him anymore, no longer caring about his whereabouts, shielding all his news, starting from the escape Have the courage to start again! There will never be any empathy, no one can pain for oneself, come out on their own, only a good enough self will meet someone who loves you more! Please don’t live in the past, it’s not worth it! If you can, let the past pass! If you can, wait for the one worth the wait!

6 months ago

The so-called forgetting is actually a parting of one’s sustenance, feelings and even fantasies at that time. I think the first thing to do is to introspect, analyze the reasons why I like them, what are the more specific points that I like, and based on these, what are the beautiful ideas for the future that I bring to myself. I think the more important thing is the unforgettable part of the imagination. But in fact, these conjectures often conceal each other’s shortcomings and the discord and wear caused by their differences. Personally, I don’t think it is necessary to forget, and I should reach a reconciliation with my failure to realize my imagination. If you can analyze your own needs well, or self-satisfy from other hobbies, social achievements, etc., the so-called forgetting is a matter of minutes. Some people are obsessed with trapping themselves in emotional pain, and realize their sense of existence in this pain, or this pain itself is a kind of salvation. In this case, you don’t need to forget, just want to spare a little energy, compensate yourself a little in other ways, and control the degree of pain.

6 months ago

It is impossible to forget it with a high probability, it is like a very humid place, and it will not dry out. When this is the case, you should face it more correctly. Look directly at this pain and transform it into your own energy. It should become a good/unpleasant memory. Instead of spending time in pain and regret, it is better to treat it as an insight, not just remember the abandonment. , Derailment and what else. As a lesson, learn how to cherish, choose, and undertake. It’s like taking an “independent class”. “I will always hold a grateful heart for my experience.” Whether it is love or hate, you have to go forward. Love itself is a kind of growth, no one’s life belongs to whom, we met in love but did not grow in love, maybe we have no fate~ I wish a good life, a good encounter, a good meeting, a good growth

6 months ago

The main thing is to see for yourself. Go outside to see more. There are still many outstanding people and things. When you see a lot and experience a lot, when you look back, that person looks like that, and the past Think of it as a beautiful or special memory in your life. And you can’t take love as everything, because there are parents, work relationships, and money… These are already very tiring. There is no time to think about the impossible person. Take care of yourself beforehand. Come on!

6 months ago

I don’t know, borrow the building and ask how long it takes me to forget a girlfriend who has liked her for a long time. On March 23, we took the cable car together and held hands to confirm the relationship for the first time. Later, I divided into arts and sciences, and I took care of her literature. Later, because of the pressure of studying, I went to her not many times. Two or three times a week, she would wait for me every night. Later, I was in a bad mood for a while, and I made an appointment to go to the cafeteria for dinner with her on Friday. When I was in class that day, I thought about having a lunch together for a while, but I forgot. Someone here may say that I deserve it. I really didn’t accompany her well when I return to school next week. I will send her upstairs. She told me that she told her best friend about what I did, and she told me about it. What her best friend said I hugged her tightly, I felt it when I hugged her, I still liked her later, I went upstairs and called on Friday a week ago, and saw her and the one who had always been in a relationship with her. The boy talked face to face and laughed, Yan Yan, I glanced at the corridor outside, the man saw me that night, I rolled back home because of vomiting on the weekend, she told me about it and then told me an important thing about us I knew about the two people’s affairs at the time when I was confused and she told me not to accompany her. The next day I walked back to the classroom with my classmates and saw her and the man go downstairs together. Everyone was silent. The eight of us who walked together fell into a deadly silence. At that time, I looked at her expression with a stern face. Then I vomited again at noon and took a nap and didn’t sleep. I stayed outside to watch the scenery. They came out to comfort me. I said it’s okay. It’s a very magical thing. When I didn’t find them, I couldn’t see them from the day in the middle. After seeing them walking together, I can often see them. The irony was March 23, which happened to be It was the 731st day we were together, the last two days of the two-year anniversary. As soon as I saw them after eating, I couldn’t restrain the feeling of nausea. On the third day, I finished the chemistry exam. I thought for a long time and I thought I couldn’t get back. Home, doesn’t it seem like I’m too ill when I go home, good guy, I wanted to find the school doctor for anti-emetic medicine, but the school doctor directly gave me a job and went home. I stayed at home for a day and went back to school. I saw that they both still want to vomit. I don’t want to. When I go home, this kind of thing is naturally exploded, of course, what I didn’t expect was that I knew it all the year round. I saw myself as if I was glowing green. They looked at me as if they looked at me. With a trace of sympathy, the people in their class said that those two people were not clear before, hey, those days were so muddled that I could not put it down so quickly, although there are 3 beautiful sisters before and after q me Consoling me, I said it was okay, but I still suddenly remembered that it feels particularly untrue. Now 10 days have passed, it’s better if I let it go, it depends on the state of next week. The classmates will whip the body when they see me. Some people asked me if I wanted to find a new one. I just want to try to get a 211 and serve as a soldier for two years. My mother said that when I was in the soldier for two years, I would buy a suite for me to go to college and pay the mortgage for me. (This is It’s not a bit of gnawing the old.) In the future, I’ll do something I like and affection. It depends on fate. Will I be recognized by acquaintances?

6 months ago

How long is long? I remembered that I once liked a boy in elementary school, and would always like it in the fifth and sixth grades. Does this kind of love count? Let’s say forget it, I’m not sure that the “forget” in the subject means: literally no longer remember the person’s impression or even exist? Or is it in the traditional sense that you no longer like this person and let go of this feeling? If it’s the former, this person made me feel afflicted with the opposite sex when I was a child, and it’s hard not to remember the existence of such a person. Even an old classmate who had a good relationship a long time ago can hardly forget the existence of such an old friend, right? If it is the latter, then for the person I like in the sixth grade, I probably only confirmed that I no longer have a “like” affection for him in the second grade. Now that more than ten years have passed, I feel a bit unbearable to look directly at me when I think of it, and feel ashamed. I feel that my childhood thoughts are quite naive, but at the same time I will respect myself. Later, when I was a student, I didn’t like to spend so much time with others, right? It was not more than six months. Moreover, since the beginning of love in the past, my judgment of others at that time was also quite inaccurate. What I like is just the figure I projected on others and imagined by myself, not that person himself. (It can be understood that the person you like is fake to a certain extent) After going to university, or even after graduation, people become mature and learn to judge. With someone I really like, and that person is always by my side, I have never forgotten it. So I can’t answer this question either (all in front of it is nonsense emmm). According to my judgment of myself, according to my horny urine; it is really difficult to let go of a relationship, it can be as short as one or two years, as long as three to five years, or even longer. Who knows, and I don’t want to go through it.

6 months ago

After the 2020.4.30 epidemic, we broke up and he left. I found a new boyfriend to piss him off, but I didn’t like it. I broke up and tried for a while. I still don’t like it. I don’t like others anymore. Every day I think of him just one month away. It’s been a whole year since I broke up, I’m still fantasizing that he can come back and we get married and live a normal life, but if he doesn’t come back, he will live alone. At his age, I’m boring to listen to my parents except him and everyone. I’m really poisoned.

6 months ago

I will not forget, but it is not important anymore. I turned to my mailbox two days ago. I haven’t used it for a long time. Looking at the contents of the mailbox, many of them are letters to him. There was no WeChat at that time. “Sharing a happy event with you, I have commented on an associate professor” “I am in Germany, how are you doing?” “Congratulations on being admitted as a civil servant” “If you have time recently, can you help me translate an article” That’s right , That person is my university teacher. Every Teacher’s Day since university, I gave him flowers. At first, I gave them directly to him. Later, when I was not in that city, I asked my local classmates to give them to him. Later, the takeaway network became popular, so I ordered directly online. give away. It was given for nine years as soon as it was given. I have always wanted to ask “Teacher, do you like me?” Although the parents once asked you to take care of me, although I know that you are a responsible teacher: help me answer my questions, help me introduce my work, and invite my leader to dinner. Is this just because of your kindness and sense of responsibility? When I was in college, I was happiest when I received your text messages, about coming to your office to help organize data and so on. I’m a computer idiot. Once I didn’t believe in evil, I also signed up for elective computer courses, but after half a year, my grades were too bad and I still didn’t get any points. The foundation is really bad, so you teach me the simplest Excel tabulation, and then find the data on some public statistical websites, and finally can make some tables decently. In a large office, the two of us were facing the computer, sitting all afternoon, the air was surprisingly quiet, whoever spoke a word seemed a bit abrupt, so we could only chat with each other. At that time, my thinking was simple, and language was like a repeater. I could only repeat the mainstream social opinions. I rarely thought about why, right or wrong is more important, and who would define right or wrong… When it comes to some students jumping off recently, In the teaching building next door, I was very angry and said, “It’s a shame to be so young, why don’t you think about it for your parents, how sad your family should be?” You faintly replied, “Why can’t life be simply your own?” I don’t know. How to pick it up? You are only a few years older than me, but the experience is really too bad. Even if I realize this way, I can understand that we really can’t talk together. The meeting frequency is about once a week, and it is still limited to talking about students’ daily life. “Recently, the school has an overseas exchange plan. Would you like to give it a try?” “I didn’t think about it. I was taking a civil service exam recently.” Later, I was admitted. I would ask you to have a meal, and then leave the city where the university is located. We see each other less and less frequently, from meeting each year to now meeting once every two or three years. I’m always so cautious, afraid of being cold. So every time I pull other classmates, it’s obviously the game of my group, but sometimes I feel like listening to you chatting, it’s good to watch it while I’m watching. If chatting is like cross talk, I should be born with teasing and cheering. Puffing, a good puffing is like a carved dragon on a feast, it can add beauty to it, but the carved dragon itself is difficult to serve as a dish. As a result, the last time I made an appointment with two classmates, they both missed the appointment temporarily, and I had to go to the appointment alone. In the small restaurant near the school, only the two of us ate this time. For the first time, I was very worried about what I was going to talk about. Maybe I grew up, maybe you are experienced, we talked for a long time. The atmosphere is very good, not the slightest ambiguity, more like an old friend who hasn’t seen for many years, a little bit of life, knowing the standard, but still frank. As for the sentence I always wanted to ask, I didn’t say it in the end. Not because of lack of courage, because I don’t care anymore. It really doesn’t matter what the answer is. …Until recently, I checked the email again, and I realized that you are actually quite lonely. At the moment when you were in a foreign country and commented on an associate professor, you really want someone to share your feelings with you. Maybe I can say a few more words to you now, but at that time I could only reply “I am really happy for you”. Young girls who are passionate but boring. I haven’t sent flowers in the last two years. There is no special reason. I forgot it in one year, and then think about it in the next year.

6 months ago

If you want to forget a person, it depends on the depth of fate between you and him. My first love met during the summer vacation of his freshman year. The ignorant and young boy has been lingering in my mind, even if he and I have not seen each other for almost 20 years, both sides have their own. Family, but in his free time, he still pops out of my mind from time to time. But this does not hinder my life. The ones that should come will always come, the ones that should go can’t be kept, just let the flow go!

6 months ago

I have a boy who has liked me for five years, but I told him that I liked him and gave him a love letter, but he did not express his liking for me, and once I got bad grades, he would hide For me, I didn’t give me a chance. I knew that he liked good grades. In the end, he got 211 as his wish. But I was a normal one. I was sad to avoid him in the third year. At that time, there were 4 students in the class. I personally like me. Part of me is out of anger, and part of it may indeed be a little good for him. I was with the first boy who confessed to me. Later I found out that I didn’t like the one who confessed to me. I was afraid of delaying his college entrance examination scores, so I resisted not telling him about it. At the same time, I would not agree to anything he wanted to do. Maybe this is the difference between likes and dislikes. I was busy with this at the time. I didn’t take into account the boy I liked for 5 years, and then I gradually disliked him. After about half a year, I didn’t feel anymore. Later in the freshman year, he came to me again, but I had no waves, I understood very well, I, already, don’t like him anymore.

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