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My opinion has always been that you don’t want to buy a car in full, you can get a loan if you can, and the cash in your hand is used for financial management to outperform the annual interest rate of consumer loans. Don’t make loans on the Internet. There are consumer loans in serious banks. Recently, the country has issued a document requiring that these loans must emphasize the annual interest rate. Therefore, if you have the financial management ability, it is recommended to borrow from the bank and calculate the annual interest rate by yourself. 2. Also, Unless you need to drive to meet customers at work, don’t spend your savings on the car. The first pot of gold is very important. When you have your first million, you don’t need to manage your own finances. There are many formal banks. There will be a dedicated financial manager to help you manage your finances, and it is also to buy funds. I made 80,000 yuan last week. Because my principal is more than 1 million yuan, my mother only bought more than 3,000 yuan of funds. After earning more than one hundred, she went to massage and acupuncture and it was gone. She couldn’t continue to invest money to make money. We will probably be the same as my mother when we get old. Lumbar muscle strain and cervical spine problems can be treated with acupuncture and moxibustion at any time, and the money will be used very quickly. The pension is not enough to spend. You must save more money. 3. When men and women mature, they must lose face. Face is really not important. The result is the most important. 4. For some cities with a lot of traffic, such as Chengdu Instead of having trouble with driving and parking by yourself, it’s really better to add Didi on the subway. My mother recently played Didi with discounted prices every day. More than ten years ago, we took a ride that cost more than ten yuan, often a few yuan. Successful carpooling is more worthwhile than buying a car and refueling to pay for the parking fee and insurance, and it is prone to problems if you don’t worry about working too tired or going home too late to drive by yourself. Why bother? So last time my relative’s neurotic wife insisted on letting us buy a car. I kept chasing me about buying a car. My mother and I didn’t want to bother with her. After all, her financial quotient was negative, and she once persuaded me to buy shops and keep them from selling old ones. A moonlight clan came to teach me how to spend Money, she treats her husband’s money as her own, and thinks she’s also a successful person. If she’s a girl, her native family is as unreliable as me. For this 150,000, I advise you to buy a house and have a nest at ease. You don’t need to rent a house to move. Those who are displaced, gradually start to purchase their own assets. Young people who have a deep sense of retirement and retirement do not need to put too much pressure on themselves when they graduate. They have to buy expensive houses, and they can replace them when they have money. The Wenjiang subway entrance I am concerned about still has a small apartment of 450,000. It has 70 years of property rights. There is not much room for appreciation in Wenjiang. However, if you live in the house, you can live by yourself. It must be sold. This type of house is in Chengdu. There are always those in the surrounding area, and some young people never really look at the house on the spot, so they like to go to the Internet without thinking about zf, asking the society to solve the house for them. This kind of psychology is the same as those in the village and let the state take care of them every day. They also allocated the poor old bachelor of the daughter-in-law to buy a car instead of 150,000 yuan. I might as well buy a house to live by myself. The mortgage is almost the same as the rent. The landlord might as well give the bank to show you a recent transaction. Shellnet.com There is no fake housing, and I dare not adjust the price. Anyone who has bought a house knows that some people say that I am talking about an apartment. I have bought and sold many times, but I still don’t know the apartment? You can see clearly that this is an ordinary residence. The biggest problem for many people is that they never really understand the local property market and post with imagination. This is an elevator apartment at the subway entrance of Wenjiang District. The surrounding facilities are very mature, small apartments, one bedroom and one living room. It’s okay to live alone. My mom and my friend sold an old house in Wenjiang only if they had to take care of the old age. The price is more funny, more than 300,000 and 460,000. If there is no loan record before, the down payment is only 138,000, and the monthly payment is estimated. More than one thousand, I am not an intermediary, so I don’t put the name of the real estate. Everyone searches in the surrounding areas of Chengdu. There are many such houses. As long as you don’t look at the houses in Nanmen, you can buy cheap houses in other directions. Don’t drag things into your thirties like I did. After graduation, you can set savings goals, go to the field to understand housing prices when you have time, work for a few years, if you have financial strength, you can buy a cheap transition. Let me tell you, there are plans and no The result of the plan is really very different. Now it’s not that I want to buy a house to double, but to avoid having no assets in the moonlight. It is impossible for house prices to plummet in a good city such as Chengdu. Moreover, if you buy it cheaply, the risk is not that much. Great, you are not enjoying it after living by yourself. Buying third-tier cities and county seats is a bit more risky, because the population is declining. Of course, young people with good finances or high wages should cherish the first loan if they buy a house in the purchase-restricted area. For the first time, they can try to buy good real estate. Can afford a wide range of loans, because in Chengdu, the second loan down payment ratio will increase, so you should try to use some of the policies of the first house, you need to ask yourself to think about your own decision or to persuade young friends to be more exposed to real life, don’t Indulging in the Internet, participating in all kinds of controversies on Zhihu all day long, what is the confrontation between men and women for a while, and what is the issue of pension for a while, why do you talk to strangers every day? Can you get a dime after you pull it? It is meaningful to live your life truly and down-to-earth. The young days are fleeting, and every day must be cherished. I set myself a goal after graduation, that is, to get rid of student thinking, not to be addicted to books and the Internet, to understand the real world around me, to integrate into this society, and to be grounded. Recently, I saw some people persuading students and friends not to make money with one heart. Well, I saw in the post yesterday that Stalin had a great ideal and loves his wife. I still said that, friends, you guys. Not a rich second-generation, single-minded money can prevent depression, I will not lie to you. Watch less of Stalin and Putin’s stuff, they can’t buy you a house and find a wife.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A male colleague of my company, about 32 years old, heard from others that his car looks good at around 70,000 yuan, but it is not cute. The price is about half of his salary? Not sure about his salary. He is kind, has a little sense of humor, and has a good working ability. The clothes are cheap. It is not unsightly for him to wear his car. Our colleagues have even hitchhiked when they go out to work. He doesn’t mind. We hitchhiking and manual transmission. We sit smoothly. Will he look down on him because of the relatively low price of his car? Of course not. Among the male colleagues in the company, his popularity is the best. After all, you are communicating with this person, not his car, right?

7 months ago

My dad drove a car for a lifetime. When he first retired from the army, he went to the bank to drive the money-carrying truck for others. Later, because of the internal reform of the bank, he was fired and switched to driving a taxi. This drive took another ten years, from Tianjin Dafa to Xiali, and then to Santana. Every car he drove was carefully maintained, and the car was always polished, because there was no money. , The small maintenance of the car is also done by yourself. Later, because I drove for too long, my lumbar disc was protruding, my back hurts my legs and I couldn’t sit for a long time, so I sold the taxi formalities and switched to other jobs. I showed people the warehouse for a period of time, but I still felt that it was not suitable for me. In the end, I was introduced to drive a large truck and a cement mixer. I have been driving until now. Finally in 19, when he was 56 years old, my dad bought a domestic SUV with 80,000 yuan he saved. It was manually geared. He drove a car for half his life and finally got a car of his own. He was very happy. He drove to work every day, and the car was very bright. Our family was also very happy, because our family finally became a car owner haha.

7 months ago

Shame, after all, the subject of the subject can drive a Mazda without a traffic jam (dog head) is almost 30 years old, and because of what kind of car you feel “shame” or “save face”. This in itself is a kind of sadness. I always feel that if you are a college student who has not graduated in your early 20s, it is understandable to dream of driving a luxury car in the future, but in the case of “thirties”, the focus is not on how to improve yourself and make your family live better. , Pay attention to health, but still entangled in what car is worth and how much… To be honest, if you don’t change it, I’m afraid it will be the same in this life. After all, driving a Mazda traffic jam is just a joke. Even if you are driving a Ferrari or a Bentley, you still can’t be honest on the street? Even from the past two years, including the successful cases of “small cars” such as Wuling, even a large number of young people don’t think it’s a problem to drive around in a small car less than 50,000 yuan… But the host is stuck at 150,000 yuan. Not in a shameful mind. Think about it, this is even sadder. Several other answers: Why do Chinese people rarely use headsets when they go out on the street? How do you think that Coco expressed “five worries” about the investigation and punishment of recruitment information, saying that it is pinning on “two hopes” to avoid bankruptcy again? They all say “a Toyota that doesn’t drive badly.” In fact, is the quality of Toyota cars really that good?

7 months ago

My first car was bought when I was 30 years old. The total price includes less than 70,000 yuan on the road, Chevrolet Sail. I think this car is very good. I don’t think it’s just a means of transportation if it’s cheap. It also looks good and has a large internal space. Basically, there is nothing wrong with it. This car is still there. Keep driving. The thing of face is linked to one’s own ability, and it doesn’t matter whether a car is a car or not.

7 months ago

Whenever I bought a car for 150,000 yuan, I started to feel embarrassed… Once upon a time, buying a Baoshitai and driving back to the village was enough to blow up. In the first few years after graduation, Xiao Ming wanted to own a car of his own. He was working hard to move bricks, working hard and working overtime for two or three years to save 6,000 yuan, plus the 100,000 yuan given by his parents to buy a noble England. The pedigree, the garage of Morris, a former royal brand! In the past few years, this little car has taken Xiao Ming to appreciate the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and the prosperity of the world, and made Xiao Ming firm in his heart that he must achieve stratification. For this reason Xiao Ming worked harder and went out early and returned late every day. At the age of 30, he finally had a daily transportation worth millions of dollars. He had business dealings with the four major companies once a month, and had to communicate with telecommunications every other time. Signed contracts, occasionally have to discuss tripartite cooperation plans with China Unicom and Apple. However, Xiao Ming has to worry about twice a month. At the beginning of the month, he is worried about repaying his credit card, and at the end of the month, he is worried about repaying the mortgage…..So, look at the subject, even if you are as successful as Xiao Ming, someone will see you like you. A loser, want to start, don’t care too much about other people’s opinions.

7 months ago

It’s not shameful at all. Before you buy a car, it feels full of good cars on the street. After you buy a car, you can take a closer look. Most cars cost less than 150,000. It’s 2021, and 150,000 can buy a pretty good car. It is recommended to go to the 4s store to see the actual car and take a test drive. You will find that a good sales volume is not necessarily a good car. Sylphy Corolla Civic, the so-called magic car, a bunch of plastic shells…seat fabrics…said they have good machines, no Oppose, but it is definitely not good enough to be worthy of recharging faith. Choose a car with more than 150 horsepower. There is enough space.

7 months ago

At the beginning, I bought a Taichung SUV in one step. It cost four to five million yuan, which was quite awkward. However, it was only three years later. Now I am really afraid of driving a medium-sized car, not a medium-large car. Okay, but I don’t think it’s necessary at all. It’s enough to drive a small car for one person. Normally, it’s not a problem to carry one or two people. Parking is convenient, and the car is small and flexible. Recently, I tried to drive cars like BMW 125i and A3. I really felt that such a car was enough. Then I tried to drive Chery’s little ant, Great Wall Euler’s white cat, a good cat. I really feel that the car is just a transportation tool. Such a mini car is also very good, and there is no need to worry about finding a parking space. This is really comfortable. There is really no need to spend a lot of money to buy a medium and large car. Of course, if you are doing business, it is recommended that you can buy it in the name of the company, and you have to buy it yourself. It also depends on how big your business is and how much value you can bring to the business. If you are picking up girls, you need to spend some money. If the car is small, it won’t be able to roll over after the car shakes. The car must be big too, at least BBA, haha, it’s arbitrary. As for whether it is embarrassing or not, there is really no need to entangle this, not ashamed!

7 months ago

Well, it’s very embarrassing. Would you like to support me with some money and give me a good car? Isn’t it embarrassing to have a thirty-year-old before? I suggest similar responses, ah, it’s very embarrassing. Why don’t you help me change to a more profitable job? It is also said that your child is not learning well and it is shameful. It is the same. Would you help me find a good school/good teacher/give me some money to make up lessons? The subtext is all, you don’t contribute money or effort, do you have your share of it?

7 months ago

Question, you bought a road racing car worth tens of thousands. When you ride on the street, you will pay attention to other people’s cars to see what they are riding? Whoops, this guy rides a shared bicycle, which is too low. Will it be like this? I don’t think most people will. Even if you join a cycling club, you will at most think that his gearbox looks pretty good. How much do you get for it, buddy? I also want to change it. Would you compare your car to 10,000 and his car to 20,000? Most people will not. In the same way, most people who drive will only send out when they are driving, oh, can’t you walk in the car in front of you, what are you doing so slowly if there is no car in front of you. Damn it, this car is connected without the lights on, why is it cheating? Most of them don’t care about the brand, unless you are expensive to a certain extent, I have to avoid this Rolls. In addition to these, most of the cars on the street with dozens to hundreds of thousands, who cares. On the contrary, I often see young couples walking by on-street parking spaces. Women ask the man if this car is expensive. The man scorns his lips. Oh, the broken Mercedes-Benz e is still a 260, and it’s not enough to land. Four hundred thousand cars. Then walked two steps to sweep away the two Hello bikes and rode away. Your 150,000 car is not worthy of them. But the question is, do you really care what they say?

7 months ago

It feels very embarrassing… I wanted to copy the previous answer and let me water it. After thinking about it, forget it, just write a few sentences. Unfortunately, I am 30+ years old, but I have never bought a car for 150,000. My car is exactly the same car I bought after being hit and scrapped for 50,000 yuan. It’s not that I can’t afford it, but it’s unnecessary. The reason is simple: I have to change houses and I have no money… The current situation is that the family has a second child, the eldest is in elementary school, and the second is kindergarten. Trying to change the school district room. I used to live outside the Sixth Ring Road, and I was about to reach Hebei. It was hard to save some money. My former colleagues and friends all changed to better places, but I was still in the rural area of ​​Beijing. It is said that it is to change the school district room, but in fact it is to change to the 6th ring road (far from the 5th ring road, ah…the 5th ring road…) I recently saw the house and sold the current house together with the money saved now. It is barely possible. Buy the cheapest second-hand housing in the school district. And next to the subway. It’s not that it’s next to the subway station, but it’s close to the subway running route. There is a subway trip in 5 minutes. The noise… That house has been hanging on the Internet for more than a year and no one cares. Until our family’s needs arise, I also want to change to a better car. , I want to have a great group of car owners. However, I just saved some money and wanted to change to a better car. Unfortunately, I was emptied again. I typed a few words casually. So, it’s really shameful…

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