On February 23, the Shanghai police reported and uncovered an intentional homicide 23 years ago. 23 years ago, citizens successively found human bones and corpses in Hegou. Police investigation confirmed that the deceased was Zhang. As the case took too long, the police only extracted one fingerprint from the plastic bag that wrapped the body. In 2020, the police used the latest fingerprint algorithm technology to find a man named Cai and control him. Cai confessed that at the time he was selling pork in the vegetable market, and when he met Zhang who was peddling vest bags, he lured her to the residence and wanted to commit a crime, then killed her and hid it in the freezer, dismembering her body. Currently, Cai has been approved for arrest.

Twenty-three years ago, Cai denied his crimes at first. The police restored the crime scene based on the existing evidence and breached his psychological defenses. “I don’t admit it, it’s unrealistic. I killed the man himself…” Cai said : “There are so many things…the things I killed her myself…I can’t forget at all.”
After Cai lured Zhang to his residence, he attempted to commit a crime. He was worried that the woman would report a warning to him and eventually killed him. Cai placed the corpse in the freezer to hide the corpse, and then threw it into the grassy river. The police found nothing at the scene. The only clue was that the police found a biological trace on the plastic bag, and it was based on this. Cai has escaped legal sanctions for so many years. The victim was only 25 years old when he died, and his son was only 3 years old. Now he is married and established. For so many years, Mr. Cai, the owner of the pork stall, never dreamed that the police were still thinking about finding himself. The fingerprint algorithm is very useful because many crimes are passion crimes. , Even if the victim’s body is unrecoverably damaged, the fingerprint is difficult to completely destroy, which has a “wonder effect” for the detection of the case. The French Open is intact, without leakage! Consoling the dead, catching the murderer, justice will be late, but never absent!

The police have not forgotten the 23-year history of the case. The development of technology will catch criminals who escaped. Behind the persistent pursuit is the continuation of the mission. . . . Those who violate the law must be punished, and the Shanghai police really did it this time. The corpse throwing case 23 years ago may not even have the hope of solving the case by the families of the victims. The police can remember it after they have new technology. This is the sense of mission of the police. May the cruel perpetrator receive the judgment he deserves, and may the innocent victimized woman sleep peacefully in the spirit of heaven.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

In the registration process, the user needs to collect fingerprints first, and then the computer system will automatically perform feature extraction, and the extracted features will be stored in the database or other designated places as a template. In the identification or verification stage, the user first collects fingerprints, then the system automatically compares the fingerprint library templates, and then gives the comparison results. On many occasions, the user may also need to enter some other auxiliary information to help the system match, such as account number, user name, etc. This process is a general process, applicable to all biometric identification technologies. In this case, the police may call the fingerprint database and compare the fingerprints collected to solve the case directly. Skynet has recovered its negligence without leaking, and the detection of this case can greatly reduce the crime rate. After all, there will always be traces left when things go wrong.

9 months ago

Skynet is restored, careless but not leaking! In fact, with the advancement of science and technology in recent years, many old cases have been cracked. The most famous one is the “Silver Case”. During the 15 years from 1988 to 2002, 11 women in red were raped and killed in Baiyin City, Gansu Province and Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Although the murderer left fingerprints, footprints, biological samples and many other evidences at the scene, the murderer was never caught because he committed the crime at random and had certain anti-reconnaissance capabilities. Until the second half of 2015, the murderer Gao Chengyong’s Uncle Yuanfang was under residential surveillance for bribery. The police collected blood samples from him. After that, the chromosome Y-DNA technology was used to determine that the murderer of the “silver case” should be a family member of the person. The police immediately screened all male members of the family and found that Gao Chengyong was highly suspected. Finally, combined with on-site fingerprint and DNA testing, it was confirmed that Gao Chengyong was the murderer.

9 months ago

The “Nan-Yi homicide case” solved in 2020 also benefited from this technology. In 1992, Lin Ling, a 88th-grade girl from Nanjing Medical College, went missing after going to self-study at night, and then the body was found in the manhole in the courtyard of the teaching building. After forensic examination, she was beaten with a blunt instrument on the head and raped, then pushed into the manhole and suffocated to death. The murderer has not been arrested since. On February 19, 2020, the police used chromosome Y-DNA technology to target a family member surnamed Yima in Peixian County, Xuzhou, and believed that the suspect was a member of the family. After that, the police went through several rounds and found Ma, who had lived in Nanjing for more than 50 years, and his son Ma Jigang met the conditions for committing the crime. The police took Ma Jigang’s blood sample, and after DNA testing, it was confirmed that Ma Jigang’s DNA was completely consistent with the DNA of the deceased’s vaginal swab extracted at the crime scene. Then Ma Jigang was arrested, and Ma Jigang confessed to the crime.

9 months ago

Article 87 of the “Criminal Law” stipulates: “A crime shall not be prosecuted after the following periods: (1) If the legal maximum penalty is less than five years imprisonment, after five years; (2) the legal maximum penalty is more than five years but less than ten years. If the statutory maximum sentence is a fixed-term imprisonment of more than ten years, after ten years; (4) If the statutory maximum sentence is life imprisonment or the death penalty, after 20 years. If 20 years In the future, if it is deemed necessary to prosecute, it must be reported to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate for approval.” However, the Criminal Law provides for exceptions. Restricted by the time limit for prosecution. If the victim files a complaint within the time limit for prosecution, and the people’s court, people’s procuratorate, or public security organ should open the case and not file the case, the time limit for prosecution is not restricted.”

9 months ago

In fact, the development of criminal science and technology has almost come to an end. Even talked to my colleagues that this is already a sunset industry. I have been working for five years. What I do every day is to take pictures, extract and compare. My old leader, who has been working for 20 years, used to take pictures, extract, and compare every day. Indeed, technology is advancing and technology is developing. But there is no substantial change. Previously, the study of footprints, which was unique in the world, has become a tasteless because of the development of the commodity economy. The comparison of handprints can even be traced back to ancient times, and the same identification is also made through characteristic points. The only progress is the role of biological evidence. It is said that it is the king of physical evidence, and it will not work in many cases. As for the iris and voiceprints made in recent years… to be honest, I didn’t see any use. The development of science and technology is only an increase in efficiency and a reduction in costs for the criminal department. It’s even tinkering, and it can be blown into a new technology by changing the packaging. Changing the reagents from solution to spray, powder to suspension, and changing the camera environment that needs to be adjusted to a built-in darkroom is a big innovation. Oh yes, y library is pretty awesome, but it’s not needed for general cases.

9 months ago

Skynet is restored, careless and not leaking. The police can use modern technology and some techniques to identify a suspect who was murdered 23 years ago. In addition to the work essence that can interpret “violation of the law must be investigated”, it can also explain the spirit of contemporary public security criminal investigation. After so many years of persisting and not giving up, finally there is a result. Both the investigators and the families of the victims have an explanation. Although this day came a bit late, it was also a relief to those who passed away.

9 months ago

With the persistence of the police and the support of technology, I think there will be more dusty cases in the future, which will see the light of day again. The ins and outs of the case will follow. Every year we see such reports, in cases decades ago, suspects are identified and captured. For example, the Lao Zhirong case that has been hotly discussed last year, Gao Zhiyong in the silver serial murder case, the murder of the president of Carey Bank, and the murder of a female college student in Nanjing. The whole series of cruel and tragic cases are published in our vision. . Not only these cases, there will be other cases that will have results in the future. For example, we have been expecting that we have been expecting results for many years, and the Nanda corpse case that caused a national sensation. I think that this case will have results in the not too distant future, and the suspects will be caught and brought to justice like other cases.

9 months ago

The technology dividend is currently the most obvious effect of Skynet, and there is really nowhere to hide. As for the fingerprint database and DNA database, they are still assisted, and there is a high probability that the suspect will not be caught until the suspect is oversight or a relative with the same low intelligence commits the crime. At present, the most anticipated progress is the face recognition. Fingerprint collection and blood collection require a lot of manpower to do it, and it is impossible to collect it for no reason. Only the face is automatically captured when driving, subway, airplane, or station, and then KO. Cases of theft and robbery are becoming less and less not only because of online payment, otherwise the lack of monitoring, like stealing mobile phones, and the second-hand market for mobile phones is extremely developed, so it is not difficult to realize it. I haven’t lost my mobile phone for many years. Last year, in the epidemic, I even sold the iPhone 6 at the bottom of the box. I really have to feel that this historical industry of thieves is sunset.

9 months ago

Face recognition. There was a Shanghai No. 1 homicide case in the past few years, and the details of the case were disclosed online. It was roughly a 17-year-old student in the 1990s who went to his classmate’s cousin to play a game console and became addicted. The next day he skipped class and ran to his classmate’s cousin’s house. It happened that his classmate’s cousin was not at home, but his cousin and daughter who were less than one year old had just returned from their natal home. So the hostess regarded him as a thief, and in a hurry, this man killed the hostess and the baby, very cruel. After the incident, the man left Shanghai and went to a province in the south, where he kept his name incognito for more than 20 years. He also spent money to put his identity on the registered permanent residence of a local missing person and obtained a full set of real identity information. At that time, there was no surveillance on the street and no one knew his whereabouts. After more than 20 years, nothing happened. This case became an unsolved case. But in 2018, the case was suddenly solved. The method of solving the case is very simple, that is, to put his photo on the Skynet database. Taking photos of him when he was seventeen or eighteen years old, simulated his forties through AI, and put them in the database for real-time search across the country. That day, he appeared at a long-distance bus station in a small county and the system called the police and was arrested. In modern society, with the support of big data, through three things, it is easy to find any person in mainland China: mobile phone number, license plate, and face.

9 months ago

Big data solves the case. This area is not so complicated, but the application is quite wide, and the cases I use are updated frequently. For example, we often cited cannabis drug cases before. Many addicts in Shanghai grow cannabis at home, and after drying it, they play with their friends. But growing cannabis requires a series of materials, such as incubators, dropper equipment, soil substrates, and some special fertilizers. I can’t say exactly which ones. In short, if you buy all these on Taobao, that’s The locked-in person, once you trade, everyone gets the money in minutes. There are still some women who have lost their feet like to open their own studios, thinking this is very hidden? But your shopping records of thousands of condoms a year on shopping websites clearly reflect your 996 work attitude. Why do women always mention stumbled women… If you see it, I hope you will stop buying these crime tools online in the future, and find a job to contribute to the construction of the Four Modernizations. Isn’t it fragrant?

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