In the ending of the first edition broadcast so far, Si Teng found Qin Fang and found his memory, but the two can only share the same strength, that is to say, as human beings, only one of the two can live. Teng finally chose the two to return to the mountains and forests, back to the place where they started, and the vines were wrapped around the trees for generations. In my opinion, this treatment is without joy or sorrow, but it also has the ultimate romance, no one disturbs, no need to care about the world, together through the wind and frost, life and death lingering. In nature, I pay attention to observing the various forms of vines and trees in the forest. The vividness of the actual details is breathtaking, and there are many imaginations. Some vines and trees complement each other and are enchanting and colorful, like colorful interaction in love. It is lingering; some inner trunks have been strangled and dried by vines, like suffocating love, killing people invisible; some vines grow horizontally when they are climbing halfway, and their branches extend to the other side of the tree or the edge of the mountain, which cannot be synchronized. Love; There is also a kind of tallest looking tree in the forest. It grows alone, and does not allow any flowers, grass, vines to hinder it from absorbing nutrients, so that it can stick out its head in the forest to be the highest king; are these very vivid? In fact, in nature, it is far more complex, diverse and more romantic than these. They have tangible life and intangible thoughts. It should be the best result to keep their authentic state and not be disturbed. Sito always has independence. A person of good personality and self-selection, maybe she said that she wanted to return to her own place and quietly be a vine is half-truth. She has a mentality of avoiding the world after being hurt by the world’s human feelings, and she has a self-consciousness who disdains to be with her… In short I believe that is not entirely a literal understanding, but in the end, this one brought Qin Fang back to the mountains and forests, which is a return to her beginnings. There are regrets and determinations in this choice, but there are also romances and consummations. The vines and trees in the forest are like Si Teng Qinfang and two people are cuddling and entangled with each other, supporting each other to resist death and romance. This kind of treatment I put it in the first edition of the finale, I want to leave everyone blank, all kinds of aftertastes or feelings are left for everyone to judge, according to my own understanding and preferences, and I did not express Sito Qinfang The process of transforming into vines and trees, so if you don’t want to accept this result, it’s still okay. If you don’t see it, don’t believe it. You can believe that the two of them will return to the mountains and forests to hide from the world. A few years later Qin Fang woke up, and the two were immortal. Couple, why not? There is also another version, which is relatively clear to the audience and fans of the original work. It is a different life in another world. In the world of the plant tribe, don’t use human logic to evaluate them, it’s just roundness. A dream, a love story, nothing more.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The story has formed a closed loop, coming from everywhere, going everywhere! After reading Director Li’s answer, he said that there are many rules for getting along between vines and trees, and they can rely on each other or kill each other. The relationship between Si Teng and Qin Fang is undoubtedly the most intimate one. The vine is attached to the tree, and the tree guards the vine. They have come together and walked in the world together. The relationship between each other has long been destined! People have seven emotions and six desires, and Teng is no exception. So there are Sato and Baiying, alone and longevity. All the plots are developed around a story of love and hatred. Qiu Shan and Changsheng’s love evolved into The hatred and killing gave birth to Si Teng, and the love between Bai Ying and Shao Yankuan evolved into hatred and plot, which led to Si Teng’s death. And although the love between Siteng and Qin Fang was ultimately love and could not stand by each other, it was ultimately followed by life and death. Qin Fang, for Siteng, can lay down everything, including life, and Siteng, for Qin Fang, can also forcibly change without remembering the consequences! What moved me the most was the words that Si Teng Yi said to Qin Fang after becoming Xizhu: “Do you know why I am so anxious to come back? Because I want to say something to you before you become an old man.” Everyone has obsessions, Qiu Shan’s obsession is longevity, Bai Ying’s obsession is Shao Yankuan, Si Teng’s obsession is Qin Fang, and Qin Fang’s obsession is also Si Teng. In order to obsessively, Qiu Shan alienated Si Teng, but raised her like a beast, and entangled each other for a hundred years. For obsession, Bai Yingai’s humble and hateful determination, planned two lives until the moment of death. Shao Yankuan still thinks of. In order to obsessively, Qin Fang can search through thousands of mountains and rivers, just to wait for Si Teng to return, and Si Teng can incarnate Xizhu, just to come back to accompany Qin Fang for a few more years! “I am a vine, looking up to the sky, bowing to the sky, wind, frost, rain and dew, the essence of the sun and the moon, love and hate chic, bloom if you want to bloom, but don’t bloom if you don’t want to bloom!” But because of you, I prefer to go to this world. Suffer!

6 months ago

I am an original party, and the half-monster Si Teng is not only the heart of the tail fish, but also my heart. So when I watched 30 episodes at the beginning and Qin Fang was responsible for everything, I refused in my heart, because this is not something I know Sto would allow. After reading this episode, after the original party was greatly satisfied, I left a question in my heart. How did Sito survive without absorbing the demon element of the bamboo spirit? Then I understood that the fundamental reason for the two endings is that compared to the original book, which uses books as the carrier, media such as TV dramas cannot accept a heroine who survives by devouring other people’s demon elements. On this basis, the 30th version of the ending made Qin Fang pay demon, and gave Si Teng a happy growth experience, but also considered that the original work Si Teng would not accept such a contribution, so in the end, they could only return to nature. Trees and vines accompany thousands of years. In fact, if they jump out of human form, they are originally trees and vines born between heaven and earth. For them, they just return to their true state. This is also an excellent answer given by Shito’s original work, but limited by the medium of TV drama, isn’t it? From this point of view, although Fanwaizhonggui Yinshan Forest is very beautiful and sweet, it can only use one seed for how Sato survives, and barely leave it blank. Indeed, there is no more logical conclusion than the 30th edition! But the director still filmed the extravaganza, which gave the original party great comfort, thank you! Therefore, although I am the original party, I also understand that this is a TV series, and it is impossible for many of the plots in the original book to be fully filmed into the TV series. Then I think I can still love Sato in the original work, but I also want to sincerely thank Sato’s crew for letting me indulge in the movie watching experience in this March! Thank you for your contribution. When I read the original book in the future, all the characters have faces. Thank you!

6 months ago

29 and 30 people set up a mess. Outside, Xizhu, Si Teng, and Qin Fang are all tool people. Everyone is like a puppet. Let me tell you the ending. We are HE. It’s over. After growing up, West Bamboo is completely useless here. How Qin Fang found Si Teng couldn’t make up. The delicacy of the mountains and the sea in the previous section, and finally a fruit plate will do. As a result, episodes 29 and 30 are a bowl of rotten porridge. Fanwai is a glass of tap water that is bland and tasteless. Compared with porridge, many people feel that tap water is much easier to swallow hahaha. Finally I know why Zhang Binbin didn’t let the ending, because the ending, really. It’s hard to say. The plot is too protracted. I didn’t mind at all, as if to say, look, what kind of ending do you want, I will give it to you. Looking back, all the waiting was wasted. In vain, I waited for the end of the time I spent preparing for the exam, but this was the result? Let me make up what I think is the ending of HE. The best ending is the moment before the ashes disappeared, Si Teng threw an envelope to Qin. Qin Fang opened the envelope, and a note in it said: There is a white vine in the back garden, branch out for me, take good care of me, and get together again in the future. Qin Fang wiped away his tears and hurried to the residence. I saw a delicate flowerpot in the corner of the backyard with a vigorously growing white vine. Qin Fang broke his tears into a smile. Then Platinum came with a fan and gave Qin Fang a dzi bead, saying that I had been working in the antique and second-hand goods market for so many years and found that the dzi bead was not an orphan. I bought this dzi from a person behind the door, and it may be useful. Qin Fang looked at the dzi with tearful eyes, which glowed brightly against the sun. Qin Fang thoughtfully held the Dzi Bead in his hand tightly. . . Five years later, Qin Fang, Yan Furui, and Wang Qiankun carefully surrounded a huge pot of white vines. Qin Fang frowned, placed the three dzi beads collected in his hand in the flowerpot without saying a word, and then poured water on it. Yan Furui asked Wang Qiankun: Do you think this trick works? Wang Qiankun said: That Platinum is an expert in the study of the Niao ethnic group. But why wait so long before it starts. Yan Furui said quietly: Qin Fang was worried that a dzi bead would not have enough energy. No matter how different Sto is, Sto will only become a little girl. Therefore, Qin Fang has searched for famous mountains and rivers over the past five years, and with the assistance of platinum, he has gathered together. With these three dzi beads. After a while, the three dzi beads melted with the water, and a plume of smoke rose in the basin. Yan Furui and Wang Qiankun applauded, and when they fixed their eyes, the dense fog disappeared, and there was no change in the plants in the pots. The light in Qin Fang’s eyes gradually dimmed. “Hey, it seems that the birdman of Platinum is not reliable.” Yan Furui murmured, “Let it go, let it go, let Qin Fang stay alone. Qin Fang, you still… come out as soon as possible.” Having said that, both of them have left Qin Fang’s old house. Night fell. Qin Fang sat alone in a wicker chair, facing the lush white vine, tears gradually flooded his eyes. Qin Fang raised his tearful eyes and looked at the stars in the sky, thinking to himself, is there really no hope? Suddenly a rustle sounded, and Qin Fang took a closer look. The branches and vines of the white vine gradually began to wriggle like alive. At first it was slight, and the wriggling amplitude became larger and larger after a while. Gradually, the vines turned into a human form. It gradually became what Qin Fang thought of day and night. There was still a teardrop hanging from the corner of Qin Fang’s eyes, but he stared at all this dumbfounded. Sato opened his eyes and smiled and said to Qin Fang, “You are not too stupid. You did a good job of the last thing I arranged. By the way, what year is it now?” Qin Fang whispered in tears. , Staring at Sato’s smiling face, for a long time, speechless. End. This ending is the second version I modified. The ending of the first version is the end of~~~ Qin Fang looked at the Dzi Bead with tears, and the Dzi Bead glowed brightly against the sun. Qin Fang thoughtfully held the Dzi Bead in his hand tightly. . . ~~~ There. Regardless of the ending, I like Qin Fang played by Zhang Binbin. I won’t buy the director’s finale. Bai Yingzhi has done a good job. Could Sito be stupid and sweet? How could she not leave herself behind? Director Li Muge, if you can’t make the finale, let me make it. As a person who is going to take an exam, I watched the finale and felt that I was fed the dog with a fascination. Two days ago, the sweetness and the hilariousness were not enough, and the finale suddenly felt like a tooth. That’s it. I went to study. I was very excited when I watched the finale last night. So I typed so many words. It is also the deep responsibility of love. I hope that Director Li Muge and Tian Tian Binbin can present better works to everyone in the future. Don’t double ending! Don’t double ending! Don’t double ending! What is the difference between a double ending and a game, right? I really don’t want to watch TV in the future, pop up a pop-up window, and choose the development direction of the story. It’s too boring.

6 months ago

Although many people feel that the ending is unfinished, I am generally satisfied. Today I finished watching this drama for me to become a member of Youku. The ending was a bit rushed, and there were many details that were too late to unfold, such as how Sito turned into Konishitake by force, how did he get Qin Fang’s attention, how did Qin Fang learn It controls the power of the Xia clan in the body… but I think this kind of inexhaustible white space can add points. I appreciate two details. One is Sato with his long hair curled up. Prior to this, Si Teng had always been wearing hair. In ancient times, making hair was meant to be married to adulthood. Si Teng already regarded himself as Qin Fang’s wife. The other is that the story forms a closed loop. The ending is back to the original state of the story where the Sky Tree and the White Vine are nestled together. They can live together and live in symbiosis, although they are not in the form of human beings. I once thought that if there is an afterlife, I also want to become a plant that grows wantonly in the deserted wilderness and grows quietly. Both Qin Fang and Si Teng fulfilled their desire to become ordinary people. They also lived together as human beings. Although it was not a long time, it was a high-quality life together. In short, I appreciate this ending.

6 months ago

I really don’t understand. Now there are two endings for TV dramas. There was a three-yuan seven-minute easter egg from “Shanhe Ling”, and the crowdfunding resurrected Wen Kexing. Later, there was “Sito” with one BE and one HE. Fanwai changed his fate against the sky. At the end of the feature film, Qin Fang sacrificed himself and fulfilled Si Teng’s carefree life. Finally, Si Teng, who recovered his memory, took the long-sleeping Qin Fang and once again transformed into dependent trees and vines, returned to nature, and returned to the truth. . Although the ending of “Fujishu Love” was not satisfactory, after some psychological construction, he finally accepted it. As a result, a voice rang in my ears at this moment: Hello, distinguished user, this is Qin Fang! Now the ending of Sato and I has reached the ending of BE, but as long as you click on the extra, you can help us change our lives against the sky. ! As a result, the tears that were going to be smashed in the finale of the feature film were blocked again. Fortunately, in the extraordinarily ending, the two people’s wish to grow old has come true after twenty years. I don’t know if the screenwriter made this arrangement for cutting the leeks, or because he didn’t know what the best arrangement was in the end, so he decided to give Qin Fang the opportunity to choose, but also gave Sato the right to decide. Qin Fang exchanged his life for Si Teng to forget him, a carefree life; Si Teng was also willing to exhaust his energy and accompany Qin Fang in his last days. As a result, two different versions were produced. However, as an audience member, I only feel that if it is possible to do this, it also means that it is neither possible nor possible. The ending in the play is heart-warming, but it feels more dramatic outside the play! Looking at Zhang Binbin’s sweet eyes, I think this can be done! After all, the last pair had such eyesight with Hyun Bin and Son Yezhen. Isn’t Zhang Binbin the Chinese branch? Predict here!

6 months ago

It’s unfinished. The ending was delayed for more than half a week and it was postponed for one day, but this was the result? ? ? I’m sorry that I was expecting too much. It is recommended that the 28th episode be the finale, 2930 renamed to Fanwai One, Fanwai renamed Fanwai Two, do not lower the level of feature films. I haven’t read the original, pure drama fan perspective. From the 28th episode of Sato into a flower, to the 30th finale, it was pretty watery. The story of the 28th episode is that Si Teng became small and was adopted. The adoptive mother was a bamboo spirit with a problematic brain (bamboo spirit is a spoiler for barrage), and the former adopted daughter of bamboo spirit was rescued by Qin, and the barrage returned to drama. It turns out that the legs of the former adopted daughter were discounted by bamboo essence. So these days, I’m very curious about how Sito escapes from the claws of the bamboo spirit who abused his daughter. Will the cute little Sito be harmed? If he is beaten, he can’t run away, and how Sito changes. Big. Today, I prepared a small bench for melon seeds to look good, but it turned out to be boring until I played on my phone. The story is that Qin Fang picked up Xiao Si Teng on the road and found that she was Si Teng. Si Teng was abused and was taken home by the teacher. Qin Fang rushed to rescue Si Teng in time. The story was normal, and then the two got along with each other daily, Si When the rattan was young, Siteng couldn’t hold it and was about to die. (Siteng let the bamboo finely heal the legs of West Bamboo), Qin Fang gave Siteng his strength and let Siteng realize his dream of becoming an ordinary person, Siteng Dang After fifteen years, ordinary people finally returned to Qin Fang as trees and vines. First of all, the story of the bamboo essence is quite watery. Reading the original barrage is that Sato absorbed the power of the bamboo essence and deleted it from the play. Since the plot that absorbed the power has been deleted, then I think this whole story is unnecessary. Why should a bamboo spirit be arranged in the original book? Because Sato needs strength, she forced the mutation at the cost of her own life. She needs the strength to support her and Qin’s three meals a day, so she arranged the story of the bamboo essence to draw strength from Sato. Sato couldn’t get the power, and the story about the bamboo spirit didn’t promote the plot. In fact, it didn’t have any meaning at all. It’s better to change to Sato to come out of the orphanage to steal food and meet Qin Fang. Secondly, about Sato’s fifteen years, full screen? In fact, it can explain the problem very well. I thought it was Baijin’s Weibo or Douyin actor who buckled it and put it directly on. Sato’s special effects for regaining his memories are also quite speechless, and since the twenty-odd episodes, he has made various memories, 2930 has more memories, and it is really aesthetically tired. I can find a bunch of videos of you in station b, but you officially make a bunch of videos of you and put them in the feature film is just water injection. My requirements for positive films are still relatively high. If Platinum can’t help but knock on CP, we can do more to give us a knock on them, so that CP fans are happy and won’t lower the standard of positive films. Finally, I want to compliment Miss Shen Yindeng, she is not a villain, she is one of the strongest supporters of this drama, she used her own power to save the heroine and heroine of this drama. The process is: Shen Yinlan’s power→Sito→Half to Baiying→Qin Fang

6 months ago

On the dog platform of Youku, I watched 30 episodes on the web, and the ending made me confused, especially the plot 15 years later. It made me very confused. I feel that it is a rare feature that the ending of a major heroine drama has been confiscated. It is a pity that I turned out to be Go to see others discuss that there is an extra ending? I went to Youku and searched it carefully, but I didn’t find what they said about Fanwai. Later, I saw that someone said that Fanwai on Youku platform is very difficult to find. Only Fanwai on the mobile phone. I went to verify it, and it turned out that it was only available on the mobile phone. , Me: What kind of show operation is this dog? There are extra dramas on Youku’s mobile phone. You said that you have bad eyesight. A great hit show was distributed to Tencent and iQiyi before it aired. In the end, you still made this one? What makes me even more puzzled is, why not cut the extra ending to 30 episodes? Isn’t it fragrant in the original ending? To tell the truth, the original ending in the second half of the 30th episode is not very popular, and it is very bad. It seems to be abused for the sake of abuse, and the role of the platinum role of the director who imposes the scene has not been reflected, but the director thinks this ending is more romantic. I dare to agree, at least I was satisfied after watching the ending of Fanwai. I originally wanted to give it 7 points. After watching Fanwai, I could give 8 points (out of 10 points), but I still want to praise the director, the first person in domestic live shooting, although There is a problem with the rhythm of your play, but the pictures are beautiful, and the characters are beautifully shot. I hope the director will keep it and look forward to your next play, but don’t add drama to yourself. To be honest, director Li, don’t blame me, although you Directing is fine, but your acting skills are really worrying

6 months ago

The ending of the two editions of “Sito” can be said to be very in line with the audience’s appetite. On the whole, the show is a perfect ending, and it is not unfinished. This is the credit of the director, screenwriter, and actor. Looking back at the whole drama again, the live shooting directed by Li Muge is still very enjoyable for the visuals, and also respects the original work, and also gives the drama fans a perfect curtain call. Next, I still look forward to more excellent works from them~

6 months ago

I have been chasing “Sto” and I like it very much. But the ending of the two editions was disappointing. The ending of the feature film, the tragedy, the two will die together after meeting again, it is not as good as the end of the 28th episode. Life is a tragedy, and most of the great works of art end in tragedy. The meaning of tragedy can also make the audience sigh. The forced addition of these two episodes did not change the tragic ending, but simply added another life for Siteng. Qin Fang’s living alone became the same end. One tragedy turned into another tragedy. I felt that these two episodes were lonely. Extraordinary, a perfect ending, a paradise for life. However, it lacks logic, just like the screenwriter said, don’t you want to reach Consummation? Give you a happy ending, but I’m sorry, I don’t want to justify myself, I don’t want to tell you the logic. In fact, the audience wanted a very simple and a happy ending. For example, Sato absorbed the same essence to continue. If you feel that it is too damaging for Sato to absorb the essence of Shou Zhujing to survive, you can change Shou Zhujing into a heinous villain. For example, she eats her own adopted daughter… After all, Sato is nothing. It’s normal for a good man and a woman to kill a similar person. In short, the ending of the two editions did not see the sincerity of the screenwriter for the ending, and was a little disappointed. Of course, looking at the whole play, it is still a good one.

6 months ago

The director’s answer, I’m not satisfied at all. He said that the ending of the first edition was meant to express “trees and vines entangled for a lifetime.” I beg, what do you guys know in the ending? Situ, who recovered his memory, pushed the unconscious Qin Fang into the forest, and then “love is a ray of light.” What about the animation of “Entangled Trees and Vine”? Regardless of your answer, who knows you want to express this? But if you explain it carefully, the first edition of the ending evaluation will not be so bad. Also, why did Sito live well? Didn’t the side effects of forced mutation be too great, and he was going to die? Don’t I understand this problem alone? And my biggest puzzle is, how come Fury has become a master after only 15 years? ? ? What is the role of the broomstick? Is the procrastination long? Don’t tell me to follow the original work, just so coincidentally, she adopted a small Sito. Regardless of the original work or the web drama, such a coincidence is far-fetched. The fate of the two people is destined, and it is too blunt to express it by such a coincidence. Even if you, after Siteng “dead”, Qin Fang returned to the mountain forest, planting trees every day, and then Siteng woke up and became a small Siteng. One day, Qin Fang planted trees and afforested as usual. On the mountain, he ran into Xiao Siteng who was lost. Such a coincidence is called a destined coincidence, Crab Crab.

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