[Gameplay design] Build her core feature around the elf shooter dancing with the wind-flying in the air with a smart dancing posture during confrontation, and open the position to ensure a safe output distance.
From the opponent’s perspective, Irene seemed close at hand, but felt out of reach. As an elf, Irene uses bay leaves as a weapon to cause magical damage to enemies; the higher the spell, the higher the crit rate.
Irene, who is positioned as a shooter, is more interesting and strategic in the game experience with her agile dance: retreating to advance to the limit, and offensive for defense to deal tons of damage.

[How to Obtain] During the event period from April 3rd to April 7th, log in to the game to get Irene’s Blessing Treasure Box. You must get Hero Fragment1+Love Rose1+Diamond*15, and there is a certain chance to get Irene The token (available after the official server S23 season update can be used to obtain permanent hero-Irene).

After the official server S23 season update, complete the in-game challenge tasks, you can get permanent hero Irene for free; you can also draw permanent hero Irene from the gold coin treasure box on the mall, and enter the King Crystal Store after the acquisition event. Please follow the official announcement for details.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The internal test of King of Glory happened just after I finished the college entrance examination. At the time of 15 years, I still didn’t believe that any junior high school students or high school students would have a mobile phone. At least they have left since 1998. The youngest is 23 years old, and the older ones are probably 30 or 30 years old. That is to say, the old players who owned Irene in the closed beta are now all social animals working silently in their jobs. There may not be enough time to play games. The age of charging up for skins has passed. Treating the glory of the king The attitude of the game also began to tie in. So why not use Irene, the old hero, to circle a wave of new fans who have time to play and can charge money? As for the feeling of taking care of the old players, I will change my life Liu Bang’s lines: What is the feeling? Can you eat it?

7 months ago

“Irene will retire when she returns!” Seeing a lot of people say this, I think it’s OK. From then on, there is a good baby in the family, and there is one less scam in the canyon. The shape of the Valkyrie should not be too beautiful, but I am looking forward to it. I am determined to win, and I must have this “old hero”! I never met Irene when I played Glory of Kings, nor did I encounter this hero on the court. I guess most people did not. This time the remake of Irene by the King satisfied the feelings of many players who lack Irene, those anxious If you oppose it, let it go. Everyone is what the people want!

7 months ago

First of all, the threshold for this free distribution is not low. Random, task, crystal. The three exchange modes are not simple. Secondly, I think Irene, the hero, is already a real sewer, and it is difficult to play in any rank. And one of the most important points of Irene is the value of collection, after all, things are precious. But now it is not rare at all. After all, crystals can be exchanged at any time, which is equivalent to everyone having it. This hero pool feels. . It doesn’t matter if it does not expand. It is better to practice more powerful heroes. I think this step of the glory of the king is still to be discussed. If a hero whose 90% is a collection value is given out in large quantities, I think we can still consider more. After all, many games now like to play an out-of-print. Out-of-print attributes are better than any epic.

7 months ago

I suggest that you continue to keep the old version of Irene. Those who have old Irene do not need to remake their Irene into a new Irene, just like Hou Yi did not redo Irene back then. Anyway, the old Irene and the new Irene have no similarities. They simply made a new hero from scratch. Just treat it as a new hero. Everyone gets a new hero for free. Old players still have Irene that everyone doesn’t have. Win-win, Win~win~ If you think it’s not humane enough, then send them in the email. An Irene Evolver, choose whether to upgrade or not. Do another CG, and show them the special effects like the little magic fairy as they evolve. If you want, then evolve. If you don’t want to, you will continue to show off everywhere with Irene, who will never be able to get out of the 10,000 version. Anyway, the right to choose is given to you, and cg has done it for you, so no one should say that they are unwilling now.

7 months ago

It’s not fair. Why should the old players compromise and concession, but it’s not completely out of negotiation. The official knelt down and begged me to arrange two rooms and one hall for me in Beijing. By the way, I will give me another 500,000, so I will think about it, hope you Don’t fail to praise. Don’t be angry with old players. What you have is Irene, not King’s shares. You can use Irene to fight in advance, less competition, and easy to be on the list. You have been showing off for years. What’s not satisfied? The speculators are the most angry. Because the Irene is worthless, the speculators have lost a small amount of pocket money. Their eyes should turn to a certain limited skin (Messi, Engine Heart, Tangerine Summer…), because they don’t sell it quickly and return. Even worse after the game, for example, Athena-Wonder Woman came back suddenly. I would like to mention here, don’t buy a king account, as long as the original account owner is not dead and his ID card is not cancelled, he wants to retrieve his account in minutes. Many people have not been deceived. There are several reasons why the original account owner is looking for someone to raise the account. Waiting for you to recharge and consume (more) the original account owner is very honest, I didn’t want to lie to you (not much) the original account owner wants to retrieve it but won’t operate it

7 months ago

This question is so interesting, I want to answer it. Let me talk about this question that I know, Irene redo everyone can get it, is it fair to old players? My first reaction to this question is, isn’t this the status quo of Chinese society? First of all, make it clear, do the old players have to pay a terrible price for getting Irene? No, it’s nothing more than playing earlier, maybe it’s a bit of time cost? Then they received a five-year pretense bonus. Every time they took out an Irene, everyone was amazed, and the old players were greatly satisfied. It’s like, this is like China’s reform and opening up. After the reform and opening up of the People’s Republic of China, coastal cities and other areas developed rapidly. The state called for the first to be rich, and then to be rich, and to concentrate the national power to make some people in some areas rich first. Can you say that the people who lived in Shanghai and Shenzhen paid a lot? Their ancestors lived in the former small fishing village, and one day it suddenly developed. The house they lived in was demolished and the government gave a new house. This house was suddenly worth millions of millions. Compared with ordinary people in other parts of the country, what have they paid? It’s nothing more than living in this kind of place earlier. Then the dividends are unparalleled. This time, all new players can get Irene, just like the country is finally starting to drive the rich and make the people of the whole country rich. At this time, there are some “old players” (some people who have become rich because of the dividends of the times, they did not pay a lot, just because they met, and then they still looked down on the poor, and they also promoted a theory of reading and class consolidation. , Why can you surpass the hard work and accumulation of your ancestors for generations? Please, do most people really have accumulated hard work by their ancestors? It’s just that they happen to live in small fishing villages along the coast or in some special areas. You know What I’m talking about) jumped out and said it’s unfair. Why should those lowly new players (the poor in other regions) have the same treatment and the same benefits as them? In their eyes, these old players (those who have become rich after eating the dividends of the times) should always be special. They will always be a small group of people at the tip of the pyramid. Others should not work hard and are not worthy of the dividends. They can only Always be a new player (the poor) and be despised by them (regional discrimination) (class solidification) forever. Do you still think this matter is fair or unfair now? And the king is not without compensation to the old players. (After all, it’s just a game of capital, not a socialist country). The Valkyrie skins of old players are not given to new players. They have to exchange 150 Rose Hearts. It’s not like this. Are the reputations and popularity of those regions the same? There are also unobvious things such as educational resources and medical resources. Even if they are driven to become rich, these things are also occupied by the first-rich regions. It is difficult for other parts of the country to enjoy such benefits. This is also impossible. After all, the gap between the rich and the poor has never been just the gap between the rich and the poor.

7 months ago

Irene is the most valuable thing in all King Glory accounts. Because whether it’s the internal test skin or the glory collection and limitation, there are ways to obtain it. As long as you spend money or have better luck, you can get it. And Irene is a hero that is truly unavailable. Players without Irene can’t disable it in the hero bp interface, and even Irene’s combat power can’t be seen. Many V10 bosses do not put all kinds of fancy skins on the homepages, but Irene. Novice Xiaobai didn’t even know the existence of this hero for a long time. I have seen many people deliberately ban Irene while banning heroes to show off to the remaining 9 people: Oh, I have Irene but now Irene is giving it away for free, which is like suddenly everyone in the world only spends 1 After hours of cultivation, you can obtain the ability to “turn stones into diamonds” (even if you are lucky, you can directly obtain this ability). This is obviously unfair to those old players in the closed beta who have Irene. Of course, the official did not say that Irene will be out of print in the future, but only said “temporarily stop selling.” I don’t know if the official follow-up will come up with a corresponding compensation plan. I think I can give the old players who originally had Irene a limited skin of Irene, just like LOL and Ryze’s unswerving skin.

7 months ago

There is nothing fair or unfair, but it is true that old players will be upset. Correction: Irene is not distributed for free, players still have to spend some thought to get Irene, luck (Irene token), gold coin treasure chest or king crystal. In my opinion, Irene is a sewer hero. With him, the number of warehouse heroes is +1. Of course, with her, I also truly have all heroes. However, the official has never said that Irene is out of print, and the old players got Irene at the beginning as a white prostitution. Later, they may return to the game through other channels, but they will not be obtained by direct sales or gifts. Tianmei’s current approach has not violated the original promise, so it is not unfair to the old players. On the contrary, the old players have to change their mentality. It is already a lucky thing to have Irene for so long in advance. The Valkyrie joining the Rose Treasure Pavilion can be regarded as compensation for the old players, but this is where the old players are really popular. He has the skin that other people have worked so hard to save for two years before they can exchange it. And he can have a full internal test skin one or two years earlier than others. I never think that closed beta players are better than ordinary players. I only played about a month later than those closed beta players. I didn’t get Irene on time. I also recognize it, but I always think this female version of Houyi is nothing to be proud of. The place. But I often see those closed beta players who have Irene feel that they are bad because they have Irene. Some people even see Irene returning to the game and feel like they are killing them. My dignified noble 8th-level boss will jealous of you, a sewer hero? This kind of mentality is really unnecessary. Now Irene is back, but the Valkyrie skin can also show the identity of their closed beta player. But in my opinion, if I have collected 150 Hearts of Rose, I would never use it to exchange for a companion leather. I would rather spend 90 or 170 later to buy Irene’s new epic or legendary leather. Jin let out Irene, there will be no new skins in the future. Okay, that’s it.

7 months ago

[Veteran players oppose Irene’s return] After five and a half years, Irene is finally going to return to the game. Many players are still very happy, but many veteran players who own Irene firmly oppose Irene’s return. Some even retreat. This part of the old players thinks that the reworked Irene and the original Irene are completely two heroes, why can’t they change their names and put them on the shelves as new heroes? And when the monthly life of the King of Glory is less than one million, it is the old players who support this game. They have made a relatively large contribution to the development of the King of Glory, and they deserve an exclusive hero. [Players without Irene support Irene’s return] Seeing some of the reasons for the old players, many new players are angry, because the official has never said that Irene is an exclusive hero for the old players, and the exclusive skin for the internal beta can be obtained. Why Ai Does Lynn occupy an independent position? And now Irene has been used as a profit bargaining chip by some old players. Owning Irene’s account is very expensive, and the price of a little more skin is more than four digits. Some people even rent Irene, the price is expensive, and a closed beta hero is so valuable. , Has become a tool for some players, it really shouldn’t. [How to get Irene is controversial] Whether Irene should return to the game is controversial, and how Irene should get everyone’s opinions after returning to the game are also inconsistent. Some people hope that it will be more difficult to obtain, such as joining Qiangwei’s experience or advanced dreams, and some people support limited-time task acquisition, which will not wait until it expires. Of course, most players support 18888 gold coins, and many people think that they should join the Glory Crystal Store. Old players want to keep Irene’s rarity, and new players want this hero to be acquired relatively easily. [Final Solution] Some players have also proposed a final solution, which is currently generally accepted. This plan is to allow Irene to be listed as normal as other heroes, but the Valkyrie skin increases the difficulty of obtaining it. In any case, it is difficult for the official to handle Irene’s return to the game, and it is necessary to consider the feelings of different players.

7 months ago

This is nothing, there are always old players complaining about unfairness, so why do you redo it for free? What is unfair? This is just about not wanting other people to have Irene’s selfishness. After everyone has it, there is no sense of uniqueness and superiority if they have Irene. But Irene has never been exclusive to old players, and I am not a renminbi hero. I used to log in and gave it away. I didn’t even spend money or even gold coins or diamonds. What’s the rush? Why should I make up? (It is your private act that you paid for the Irene number). And the old players don’t have to draw Irene’s tokens (I didn’t draw any of the 3 numbers), nor do they need to do challenge tasks. If you miss the challenge time, you still have to spend gold coins/diamonds to draw, so what did the new players say? Some people really get cheap and sell well.

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