In fact, there is a question, how did we know that Xiaomi is not going to do the research and development of this mobile phone chip? Xiaomi’s announcement to make a car is just an announcement, but he must have invested in the research and development of this chip. The reason why he does not claim to be a large proportion is that there are two directions. The first point is that Xiaomi has been doing mobile phone research and development. The research and development of this chip does not need to be specifically promoted. How much investment is needed and how to do this, so the public does not understand it. On the other hand, it is a supply chain problem of the whole domestic industry of mobile phone chips. If Xiaomi suddenly broke out that it has invested heavily in it, it would be difficult to do a research and development, or even develop a whole chip. The protection of the United States will still be a blow to Xiaomi models. With this lesson learned from Huawei, Xiaomi may not deliberately promote and declare the content of this part, and he will do more. So here is no need to pay too much attention to why Xiaomi does not claim to invest in chip production. In fact, he has been doing it. Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi are actually doing it, but they will not go too far to claim that they are doing this. Part of the content. Because the chip, whether it is made into a finished SOC, or a certain part of an image chip, or a communication chip, or related content of a radio frequency chip, it is mainly used to enhance the competitiveness of one of its own mobile phone products. So this is the field that the mobile phone industry must be involved in, that is, the chip field. And Xiaomi’s claim to be a car is actually an expansion of its business line. It can’t be said that only the mobile phone business will be done. Mobile phones are a center of the ecosystem of the Internet of Everything. This center must be continuously expanded. Whether it is cars or smart homes, it is a direction for mobile phones to expand outward. It needs to be linked. For example, Huawei and Apple actually both have car-related businesses.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Brother, are you sure you are not here to bring the rhythm? After Xiaomi has made money, they can do whatever they want, and do whatever project they want to invest in. What is meant by “Why not use it to develop mobile phones as chips but to build cars”? Besides, Xiaomi has invested in at least 40 companies related to chips. Lei Jun said: “Xiaomi has invested in the chip field for seven years. Surge C1 is just a small step in the progress of Xiaomi’s chip, but it marks a milestone in our image processing capabilities. Xiaomi’s road to achieve chip ambitions is still long and full of challenges, but we have Patience and perseverance do this.” This shows that Xiaomi has not given up on the research and development of the surging chip. Why does Xiaomi have the money to build cars and not develop chips? Xu Xi’s video 704 broadcasts Xiaomi’s investment in the automotive field. They have been preparing for seven or eight years. This is the result of Xiaomi’s careful consideration. When Xiaomi invests in cars, it invests in cars. Why do you come to know and ask, “Why don’t you invest in chips? “? China is getting stuck with more technology, so what should Xiaomi do? Is this reality? It can’t be as powerful as Huawei. If we don’t get stuck, the only way is for all Chinese to unite as one, work together in a division of labor, and under the leadership of the country, go to solve those stuck technologies one by one, and only rely on one or a few companies to make breakthroughs.

6 months ago

Just point it, just scold it, why bother to ask such a question in a roundabout way. Isn’t your ultimate goal to scold Xiaomi? Do you really think that making chips is what mobile phone manufacturers should do? Do you really have such a strong sense of family and country? No, you are just looking for someone to attack Xiaomi that Xiaomi cannot currently do. I really waited for Xiaomi to make a chip. If it fails, it will be rubbish. If Xiaomi has no technology, it will be seen that Xiaomi will fail. If you succeed, you have to compare it with your friends. After so many years of manufacturing, it still can’t compare with friends. In terms of technology, ZTE’s veteran manufacturers have never touched the red line of chips. In terms of qualifications, the two major ov manufacturers are earlier than Xiaomi, and their sales are also very strong and they did not touch the chips. Good guy, it’s Xiaomi’s turn. Do you have to force Xiaomi to make chips? What a good guy. No matter how much you look down on Xiaomi, you think that the Xiaomi assembly plant is even a comprador, why is it so worthy of Xiaomi to let Xiaomi make chips?

6 months ago

Even from the perspective of interest, making cars can make money, but making chips cannot. On the other hand, if it fails to build a car, Xiaomi can afford it, and building a chip is a bottomless pit and the sunk cost cannot be afforded. Don’t look at the screams of some people now, what “100 billion makes chips, I will Resby”, don’t say that hundreds of billions are not enough for mobile phones soc, but Lei Jun overcame the wall and stole the Qualcomm soc drawings. These people are afraid that it will not change. It became “Can 1999”. Only when you live, you have hope, and when you have money, you have dreams. Think less and more pragmatic, this sentence is for myself.

6 months ago

Chips are already being made and most of the investment is made. Of course, Lei Jun did not personally come out faster and stronger. It is a good strategic plan to build cars first, and then chips. 100 billion is not too much. When Xiaomi achieves 300-500 billion cash, the chips will reach the level of HiSilicon. As the saying goes, you have to eat a bite at a meal, and you have to go step by step. Business cannot be accomplished by passion. We are also happy to see Xiaomi becoming a world-class giant in the entire industry chain integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. I believe there will be such a day.

6 months ago

I sell stinky tofu and earn 10,000 yuan a month. As a passerby, why do you use my own 50,000 yuan to research how to make more delicious Rou Jia Mo and hot dry noodles?
What are you doing, boy?
What’s more, I have spent 1,000 yuan a month to make more delicious stinky tofu marinade.
If you ask me again, I will definitely think you are sick, and if you ask me, I might lick you with a big mouth.

6 months ago

Because of the chip, Coarse Grain also understands after the lessons of s1 that this thing cannot be done overnight. Even if you just design the chip and don’t talk about anything else, the baseband patent pits can also circumvent people… And this thing is very international, and the industrial chain has a clear division of labor. It is almost impossible to do every step by yourself. I bought something from the arm, clarified the market positioning, what architecture and how many caches, a lot of baseband patents, I need to exchange my own things with others, and I have to use Kang Kang npu to run the score. This is just the beginning of the soc, power management chip, WIFI chip A lot of things such as audio decoding chip, temperature control, coprocessor, etc. are also closely related to soc. If you don’t want to use the Gua Kang family bucket, you have to get so many things! And these things are more or less, if you don’t start from scratch yourself, more or less you will be able to come to the foreign technology. Regarding automobiles, the domestic industrial chain is relatively complete, although most of the autonomous driving technology is in the hands of Milao, but if you just build a tram, it is not difficult. What this industry needs most is the accumulated engineering experience, which is also one of the few hard barriers for Xiaomi to build cars.

6 months ago

“Didn’t it all mean the chance is slim?” I don’t know how the original poster came to this conclusion. . . Basically only Huawei is the only high-performance chip that makes mobile phone chips in China and achieves large-scale mass production. However, how many domestic automakers are there? Not to mention the old domestic cars such as BYD and Geely. In the past few years, there are three new star new energy car companies, Weilai, Xiaopeng, and Ideal: these three companies are already very high in market value, let alone zero. Run and other small brand new energy car companies. New energy vehicles are undoubtedly the outlet of the next era. Leading car companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are gradually transforming. At the same time, this is also an industry with relatively small technical barriers to Chinese car companies, whether it is motors or batteries. At present, several new energy car companies can achieve the TOP level in the industry. . With such a large amount of cash reserves and a user base of hundreds of millions of dollars, how could it be possible for Xiaomi to build a new energy automobile industry with basically no foreign technical barriers? 100 billion used to make mobile phone chips? It is really a bottomless pit, and it may not be effective in the short term. . It is also easy to get stuck by the United States. . One who makes a steady profit without losing money, and the other who has a bottomless pit with money, how can they [the same prospects are slim].

6 months ago

New energy vehicles are China’s established national policy. 5G, power grids, new infrastructure, etc. are all in place, but new energy vehicles are in place. The market is blank, waiting for carmakers to take over. The only existing competitors are Tesla, BYD, Weilai, Xiaopeng, etc. From a historical point of view, BYD’s technology is okay, and it can’t compare to Huawei’s courage in Silicon Valley. Needless to say, its product strength can’t compare to Xiaomi. BYD can be a giant in the industry, but it is difficult to make amazing products because it has never made it in the past. Weilai, Xiaopeng has not robbed BYD of much limelight. The newly-entered Baidu and Geely are cooperating. Is Baidu’s product available? Does Baidu’s product exist for users? No, which giant is teased and hated all over the country? There is only Baidu. Remember how 360 made a mobile phone, and then it died soon. Baidu builds cars in a similar way. Baidu may have unique secret skills. According to its history, that is, the qualification to be a key supplier of industry technology, Baidu has never produced a decent product. Although Huawei has a good layout and leading technology, it will not build a complete vehicle within five years. So the market is good and the opponent can beat it. When has Xiaomi been beaten by companies other than Huawei? Look at the results of the companies hit by Huawei? Are almost out of the market. Xiaomi did not quit. So Xiaomi is actually very good at playing and has a great opportunity to grab a very stable market. Bigger than a mobile phone. Various core technology indicators are tied to the industry’s first echelon, and the product is equal to Tesla and even occasionally grabs half of its body. A very balanced, cost-effective and fragrant product came out. Don’t look at a lot of sour millet on the Internet, my boss bought a lot of millet items, and my office is all from the Xiaomi ecological chain. Other brands of rice noodle sour have attracted everyone to concentrate on sour millet. As a result, Xiaomi is easily underestimated. What about chips? The market is also large and the value is high. It is difficult to get it out. It’s not unheard of. If it is out, it will definitely be beaten by the United States like Huawei. If the power of the whole country fights over, here we can only fight back with the power of the whole country. Naturally, Xiaomi alone can’t handle it, and even Huawei can’t handle it. So the chip has a big loss rate, and the car has a big win rate.

6 months ago

Under the same conditions of spending 100 billion, the probability of success of the car is much higher than that of the chip.
As the most successful chip design company in mainland China, HiSilicon has no specific financial data, but based on Huawei’s 10-year R&D investment of 480 billion yuan, it should have spent more than 50 billion yuan. But as everyone can see, this only solves the design problem. When it comes to the production link, the Americans are squeezed to death.
The shortcomings of chip research and development in China are obvious:
Huge initial investment and heavy financial pressure
Long product molding cycle
High probability of R&D failure
The most important point-the domestic supply chain capacity is almost zero, not weak.
New energy vehicles are different. Almost all technologies can be solved in the domestic supply chain, including the most important battery modules. In terms of automated driving, China is not much worse than the United States.
Although it is difficult to build a car, the risk is lower than the chip, and the quick return is better than the chip.
At the same time, 100 billion is the total planned investment, and 10 billion is the first phase of the planned capital. If the trader has good financial skills, he might be able to start it with less than 10 billion, and then he can use a variety of ways to roll in. Even after three to five years, another listed company can be spun off. Why not do that?
Speaking of stock prices, look at Tesla from a distance and the three new domestic powers from a distance. If you look back at China’s first chip stock-SMIC, what is the stock price?
Each business strategy has its own thinking, whether to build a car or a chip, and investment is free.

6 months ago

I was surprised. How did you know that Xiaomi didn’t develop mobile phones to make chips? Are Xiaomi 11pro and 11Ultra not the product of Xiaomi’s investment in mobile phone research and development? Don’t think that program integration is simple, and don’t say everything is about the supply chain. Without terminal companies, as far as the capabilities of most supply chain companies are concerned, they can develop a prototype at most and then run out of money. It is the supply chain companies who want to focus on mobile phone manufacturers, not the other way around. Chips require long-term investment, which requires the company’s operating cash flow and profitability to be in a stage of continuous growth. Since Xiaomi is now doing IoT chips, since it is doing image processing, since it has not given up on mobile phone soc, it means that they are still Didn’t give up. At least everyone has seen the surging s2 and big fish chips, as well as new image processing chips. Now let’s discuss building a car. First of all, Xiaomi has RMB 108 billion in cash, which includes deposits, working capital, and short-term investments. Mobilizing the money is definitely to start a new project, not an existing project. my country’s automotive supply chain is much more developed than the chip supply chain. The Yangtze River Delta, Central China, the Pearl River Delta, North China and Northeast China all have large-scale automotive industries. BMW’s global second-ranked factory is located in China, including Bosch, Continental, There are a large number of surrounding supply chain companies such as Denso (how many logic manufacturing plants do TSMC and Samsung have in China?), and the same goes for battery cell factories. It can be said that the foundation of domestic car manufacturing is very good. Electric cars are the future. Everyone knows about this. Even Ford has electric pickup trucks. The threshold of electric vehicles is much lower than that of traditional internal combustion engine models. The current giant is nothing more than Tesla. Traditional car companies have not slowed down. Although new domestic brands have improved, their scale is too small. Is this very similar to the mobile phone market around 2010? Lei Jun has seized the two major outlets of mobile phones and smart homes, can he give up this time?

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