On April 6, local time, according to the North Korean Sports Network, North Korea announced that it would not participate in the Tokyo Olympics this year due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
Source: CCTV News
How does the relevant question evaluate the human rights organization’s call for the International Olympic Committee to reconsider Beijing’s qualification for hosting the Winter Olympics?

This is a very normal decision. 1. Korean sports is a nationwide system, and its athlete status and status are similar to those of military personnel. It is a matter of one sentence whether they participate in a certain sporting event. North Korea has only a very small number of professional athletes in football, and almost all of these athletes live in Japan. North Korea’s own sports industry is better than nothing, and abandoning the right to participate in the Olympics will not have any impact on the domestic market. 2. Even if North Korea is willing to participate in the Olympics, due to its highly closed policy since the epidemic, North Korean athletes cannot normally participate in many Olympic qualifying events, and the attributes of North Korean athletes obviously do not allow them to train and compete abroad, and their world rankings are also higher. If it is low, there is no qualification for the Olympics, and if you go, you will go for nothing. In contrast, with the same strict immigration isolation policy, athletes from countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand can train in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. For example, almost all Chinese athletes participating in the Australian Open are trained in the Middle East. 3. There is another difficulty for North Korean athletes to overcome, that is, there is no direct flight from Pyongyang to Tokyo. If North Korean athletes want to participate in the competition, they need to carry a nucleic acid certificate (it is a question whether the North Korean side can issue it). It takes 21 days to fly from Pyongyang to Beijing. According to the method of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, the nucleic acid certificate should arrive in Tokyo 7 days in advance. . After the Olympics, I still carry the nucleic acid certificate (don’t worry about this, after all, there will be constant testing during the game) from Tokyo to Beijing, where it is another 21 days, and then back to Pyongyang, where I will be quarantined for about 30 days. All the above expenses are borne by the DPRK, plus the 72-day quarantine before and after, the athletes can retire after returning home after such a tossing lap. There is another route that takes Vladivostok, but it does not need to be isolated, but the risk of the epidemic is greater than that of Tokyo. 4. After all, the medical level of North Korea is weak. If North Korean athletes are accidentally infected in Japan, China or Russia, they will also bring risks after returning home. Although North Korea adopts the most stringent immigration management policy, the number of Olympic athletes is estimated to be 50 to 100. The risk to a country like North Korea is not necessarily small. This is actually what the official statement implies. 5. There may be other political reasons. However, non-participation rather than boycott may reduce international countermeasures (such as the possible suspension of the Olympic Committee and individual sports associations). Similarly, in the World Cup qualifiers held in South Korea in June, the possibility of North Korea withdrawing is not small. Of course, the quarantine of 30 people (maybe less than that, because some players are from Japan) has better control points than Olympic athletes.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The Korean Central News Agency’s official explanation was that the non-participation was due to the out-of-control COVID-19 epidemic in Japan. The media in Japan and South Korea believe that this is due to Japan’s recent implementation of a tough policy towards North Korea, cooperating with and following the overall strategy of the United States to continue to suppress North Korea. Not participating in the Tokyo Olympics, like the missile launch not long ago, is a diplomatic warning to the Japanese authorities. In 2020, due to the impact of the Corona pandemic, North Korea’s foreign trade volume plummeted by 81%, and the already isolated national economy was almost completely excluded from the international cycle. This ensures that the number of confirmed cases in North Korea remains at zero. Since the U.S. changed its term, North Korea has renewed its tough diplomatic stance: such as breaking diplomatic relations with Malaysia, launching missiles in the East China Sea, and withdrawing from the Tokyo Olympics. The United Nations Food Program believes that due to the complete interruption of the external circulation of the North Korean economy, coupled with continuous sanctions and a series of natural and man-made disasters last year, North Korea is facing the most difficult moment of this century, and the basic survival of its citizens is threatened. At this time, North Korea cannot accept its weakness to Western countries. Since Japan has long been in power by the Liberal Democratic Party (right-wing), relations with North Korea have never improved, which is not surprising. North Korea has shown toughness against South Korea and Japan this year, which may promote the full cooperation of the United States, Japan and South Korea, forcing its opponents to begin joint pressure in Northeast Asia. It also shows that North Korea’s anti-Japanese tendencies have broken through certain boundaries.

6 months ago

The boycott has little impact on the North Korean sports world itself. They have boycotted several Olympic Games before. However, they took part in the Olympics and brought the virus back, and they were under great pressure. First of all, the current risk of being infected in Tokyo is still not small, and it may be a Brazilian variant virus. However, North Korea is currently unable to fly directly to Japan. If it transfers to China, it will have to pass through China’s quarantine twice, which is not cost-effective in terms of time; if it transfers to Russia, the threat of infection is even higher than that of Japan. By charter flight, North Korea and Japan only have informal diplomatic relations through the Korean Federation, which would be very troublesome to operate. It’s possible to take a boat to and from Japan, such as taking a boat like the previous “Wanjingfeng” to Japan, but what if you get a boat with people or cargo?

6 months ago

So it’s okay if North Korea doesn’t go. Anyway, looking at it now, North Korea is a diplomatic issue, its own official policy issue and the measures they take to protect themselves. What kind of projects can they have strong, weightlifting? Other than judo, there should not be many advantages. Moreover, they have a military management system, that is, athletes can go back to serve as soldiers or continue to do things. There is no need for them to compete overseas. This person is just habitually independent. And you can’t force people to go because of this. The United States is the same. Maybe it’s North Korea’s diplomatic attitude and response to Japan, especially recently it broke off diplomatic relations with Malaysia. People just ignore these pro-American Asian countries, and It is estimated that their funds and economy can’t support this medical insurance and post-service, so they don’t go there. It can’t be the United States because of this, it is a bit lack of democracy. There is also the fact that Japan, if you remember correctly, requires a nucleic acid test to allow athletes and staff to enter Japan, and then isolate and vaccinate protective vaccines. North Korea definitely rejects vaccines and is not allowed to do this, so it is North Korea that does its own nucleic acid. The detection is very difficult. Since you have been strenuously delaying economic control for so long, don’t affect the entire country because of the indifferent event of participating in the Olympic Games (in the eyes of those in North Korea, it is very indifferent). This is already clear that Japan does not accept overseas audiences, and this is already confirmed news. There is no need to put any screenshots. At present, it is to see how the Japanese government first quarantines and vaccinate, and then it is necessary to first remove such domestic athletes. The inspection and follow-up management of entry with the staff should be done well, and then the Japanese Olympic Games should be managed well, so that there should be no epidemic problems in large-scale competitions. If this is done first, the follow-up is at least your domestic Japan’s Olympic reputation will not be affected, nor will it affect the performance of the competition. Then there is the loss of your economy and this kind of tourism, catering and other affiliated Olympic industries. There is no way to do this. It can only rely on this kind of external online promotion, online activities and live broadcast of some athletes or related venue affiliate products. The overseas marketing makes up for it, because if you open the audience in Japan, it is difficult to restrict. Japan has just allowed some people to enter, and the emergency situation has just been lifted at the end of March. The best way is to reduce the pressure as much as possible. , Can prepare for the sports meeting more efficiently. Now the impact on domestic sports and tourism companies is increasing, and this kind of Olympic industry has a chain reaction, and it has to be dealt with. This can only be done by complying with Japanese regulations first, and then in order to protect the safety of athletes and competitions. Such a wide range of restrictions and regulations should be the best choice. Now Japan is also vaccinating. I think that depending on the plan and speed, most of them can be vaccinated by May. Maybe the restrictions on the entry of people can be slightly relaxed, allowing the media and staff to go. Of course, it is now. The staff and athletes of the Tokyo Olympics have been allowed to pass through the nucleic acid test certificate and local testing, isolation and vaccination, and then open entry and exit. This kind of measure has been very strict and the audience has been restricted.

6 months ago

There is no normal diplomatic relations between North Korea and Japan. What impact can there be. As long as the heads of the two Kim family can be hung in the North Korean school in Japan, it is not a big deal. However, the reason for the impact of the epidemic is really possible. One: The domestic epidemic in North Korea has not been controlled at all. The athletes went out for an inspection and found that they were either infected or had antibodies. Japan would definitely seize the opportunity to tell the world. Possibility two: North Korea did control the epidemic, but it cost a lot of money. In case the delegation came back from the disease in Japan, North Korea was worried that it would not be able to control it again, or the cost would be too great.

6 months ago

Regardless of the purpose or original intention of North Korea’s announcement that it will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics this year? However, this has already begun for countries that are unwilling to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will be able to see the National Olympic Organizing Committee announce that it will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics. When there were enough countries announced, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee suddenly announced that the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed to 2022 and will be changed to the 2022 Tokyo Olympics. Then 2022 may be the first time in history that the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics will gather together for one year. The Tokyo Olympics once again made history.

6 months ago

According to a CCTV news report, on April 6, local time, according to the North Korean Sports Ministry’s official website, “Korean Sports” reported that affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, North Korea announced that it would not participate in the Tokyo Olympics this year. According to reports, this decision was made at the general meeting of the North Korean Olympic Committee held on March 25. Japan’s Kyodo News reported that North Korea was the first country to announce that it would not participate in the Tokyo Olympics. At the press conference, the Japanese Olympic Games Minister Marukawa Zhudai said that “the details are being confirmed.” According to the report, when the dialogue between Japan and North Korea was severed, the Japanese side had also considered contacting the North Korean side through the opportunity of the Tokyo Olympics, but this has become difficult. Yonhap News Agency reported that after North Korea announced its absence from the Tokyo Olympics, the South Korean government’s efforts to break the deadlock between South Korea and North Korea through the Olympics are also facing a crisis. According to reports, the South Korean government had hoped to continue the “Spring of the Peninsula” in the Tokyo Olympics following the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the Jakarta Asian Games. However, this ambitious goal is difficult to achieve when encountering the stumbling block of the epidemic. Under this circumstance, if the dialogue between South Korea and North Korea continues to be in a state of difficulty, the two sides’ plans to jointly host the Summer Olympics in Seoul and Pyongyang in 2032 may also lose momentum. In fact, there has always been no fixed number regarding the Tokyo Olympics. Empty venues are now almost the only possible option. At present, there are two options: empty venues and cancellation. For an opportunity to sell oneself to the world, it is a good brand to seize it. The Beijing Olympics is a model of success. It is the biggest pity that it is not seized. Whether the Tokyo Olympics in Japan can break through innovation and become more profitable, this is what we do. Wait and see. In fact, there are not a few examples of the Olympic Games that have turned against the trend in history. Therefore, I hope that the Tokyo Olympic Games can still be successfully held. Of course, it is understandable for North Korea’s non-participation. After all, Japan’s current epidemic prevention and control efforts are not very strong, and it is likely to cause a second major outbreak. According to reports, the Tokyo Olympics, postponed to this year, refused to participate in overseas tourists, but There will be more than 60,000 athletes, coaches and journalists from all over the world going to Tokyo, and participants do not need to be quarantined after arriving in Japan, and they do not need to be vaccinated before going to Japan. They only need to be negative for the new coronavirus for 72 hours. The test certificate can ensure participation in the competition. Relevant experts said that in the current global outbreak and epidemic of the new crown virus, the Tokyo Olympics will definitely develop into a super transmission event. Such large-scale crowd gathering activities will cause an outbreak of the virus, and no mandatory quarantine will be adopted. Measures and vaccination plans, there will be a large number of infected people, and will be further spread internationally as the participants return to their home countries. The epidemic situation in Japan is currently not stable. Less than half a month after the COVID-19 emergency declaration is fully lifted, the epidemic is likely to resume. Taking Osaka Prefecture as an example, more than 600 new cases were confirmed on the first day of April. In a single day, the number of new cases exceeded Tokyo for three consecutive days. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Osaka Prefecture restaurants were required to shorten their business hours. Not only that, the upcoming Olympic torch relay event in Osaka Prefecture is likely to be cancelled as a result. From this point of view, Japan is likely to encounter the fourth wave of the epidemic. The leaders of the opposition parties have held talks not long ago, saying that after the Yoshihide Suga government lifted the emergency declaration, the prevention and control measures were not in place and inadequate, resulting in inadequate prevention and control measures. The number of infections in various places is rising. If this causes the fourth wave of epidemics to hit, the opposition parties will ask Yoshihide Suga’s cabinet to be responsible for this and collectively resign. The Yoshihide Suga government has announced that some areas in Japan will implement “key measures such as spread prevention” and increase prevention and control measures for personnel activities in key areas of the epidemic. This is a new epidemic response measure recently established in Japan, which is less powerful than emergency. The state, including 6 cities including Osaka City and Kobe City, will implement this epidemic response measure for one month. This is also the response measure taken by the Yoshihide Suga government in response to the rebounding epidemic. In view of the current emergency situation of the new crown epidemic in Japan, FINA also urgently cancelled the diving World Cup to be held in Tokyo this month. FINA believes that the current epidemic situation in Japan cannot provide health and safety guarantees for World Cup participants. Once overseas personnel enter Japan, the three-day quarantine epidemic prevention and control requirement will cause unnecessary problems for the participants, such as changing itinerary and cost overruns. This event can only be cancelled. At present, the Tokyo Olympic torch relay has officially opened. The torch will pass through more than 800 regions in Japan and arrive at the Olympic Stadium on the night of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Coupled with the policy of prohibiting entry of overseas spectators and the lifting of the domestic emergency in Japan, the Tokyo Olympics has begun to take shape. , But the subsequent outbreak risk is also getting higher and higher. Although the Yoshihide Suga government is currently exploring the experience of holding large-scale sports events under the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, Japan’s epidemic prevention and control has been loosened. As soon as the state of emergency is lifted, the epidemic has rebounded. Tens of thousands of participating athletes and The entry of relevant persons is more likely to turn the Tokyo Olympics into a hotbed for the spread of the epidemic, which will put a lot of pressure on Western countries. It should be understood that, in addition to some domestic players participating in the Olympic Games, most of the participants are from all over the world, and the number of participants in Western developed countries is even larger. Once these people are infected with the new crown pneumonia in Japan, it will not only cause big problems among athletes. With large-scale spread, there is a great possibility that the virus will be brought back to one’s own country. At that time, Western countries will have to withstand the test of the epidemic like Japan. You must know that the essence of sports is to transform people’s own nature through regular physical activity. Therefore, under this kind of public health incident, all losses should be ranked after humanitarianism, and the health of all mankind should be our responsibility. Therefore, If it is for the control of the epidemic, it is understandable not to participate in the Olympics, even if it is unfair to some athletes, but if there is no strong epidemic protection measures, if this originally pure sports event becomes a virus spread Opportunity. Then I believe that no country in the world hopes so. I sincerely hope that in the future we can take off our masks, walk into the gym, and fall in love with sports.

6 months ago

North Korea’s choice not to participate in the Tokyo Olympics is obviously due to political considerations between the two countries, but based on epidemic prevention considerations, it is also an option not to participate, but it is a pity for athletes who have been preparing for many years.
I suggest that the North Korean athletes participate in the Olympic Games as members of the [Communist International] organization. The flags and songs are readily available. This is definitely not a loss.

6 months ago

This operation is a steady profit, but North Korea’s Olympic record can be ignored! His participation is mainly to brush the sense of world presence! Today, the Tokyo Olympics is a mess, there is no worst, only worse! It doesn’t matter if you let go of it naturally, start acting! North Korea was the first to call a card and slap a Japanese in the face. It was a blatant insult! It is equivalent to saying that Japan’s epidemic prevention is not good, and North Korean athletes will be infected! Extensive international layout! This involves political games! The Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee must be crazy to call North Korea to continue participating, and I can’t afford to lose this person! Will Japan follow the US sanctions against North Korea, continue to look forward to it!

6 months ago

It’s not easy to be a North Korean! No matter what international event it is participating in, it always feels weird and a little reluctant. The reason is clear. With the U.S. at the head… any Olympic Games that North Korea participates in, it feels that it might be better than Iraq in 2008. In 2008, when Iraq participated in the Olympic Games, I was embarrassed that I was suffering from cancer. I understand the reason, and it was also the American emperor… The epidemic situation, North Korea took advantage of the situation to find this excuse not to go, it was normal. If the Olympic Games are held in several countries such as China or Russia, North Korea may still hinder face participation. In Japan, if the Olympics are held in Japan, North Korea does not need to consider the issue of face.

6 months ago

This knock came in time, and it needs to be praised by the people. Sometimes I feel that North Korea is pulling, but this time I think this little brother is really good. North Korea is a socialist country. One of the main responsibilities of athletes in socialist countries is to win honor for the country through sports. Now that the country has a higher need, there is no need for the honor of the Games medal for the time being, so the athletes really do not have the need to participate. Considering that athletes in socialist countries should eat national food, it is impossible for them to make money like our national athletes, so fundamentally speaking, they don’t have to sacrifice much, but enjoy more. The protection of the country prevents infection by the new coronavirus that is circulating in Western countries. That’s right, the epidemic in Eastern countries represented by China and North Korea is very well controlled. The virus has been uncontrollable in the West for more than a year, which has severely hindered Chinese and North Korean athletes from participating in the Games held in Japan. I hope that our country will support the North Korean athletes and our country to jointly promote sports and promote the peaceful and stable development of the world. To sum up: There is no visible negative impact on athletes and ordinary people, and the Chinese people and government will feel that North Korea is great and worthy of support.

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