I love to play games all day, and I don’t need to take a shower for a day or two, but I have to wash my hair every morning. The hair can be broken and the hair can’t be messed up! Anyway, I feel like being a fucking mother early.

I have been with him for more than two years, and started living together half a year after graduation. I have been living together for almost a year now. I really want to say that the wind in love really can’t be eaten as a meal. It can stand the test of firewood, rice, oil and salt, stand the test of trivial matter, see the truest partner, penetrate into each other’s lives, have experienced embarrassment, and have seen it. After being unbearable, those who still want to be with him are the ones who can consider getting married! Next, I want to turn on the Tucao mode. I don’t know where to start for a while, so I’ll talk slowly. 1. Just lived together, very affectionate, and all kinds of living habits can run in with each other (actually, I want to come now, it is completely because of freshness, passion, and even a sense of distance, so I am full of curiosity and expectation for each other, Of course, those bad habits are hidden) 2. Let’s talk dirty, haha, when we first lived together, sometimes several times a day. (Shy) Now, if you touch him, he will hide and call for help. There used to be kisses, hugs, and so on, but now it’s like completing a task, I really want to kill that nasty critic! 3. I really like playing games! When chasing me, I said that I would not play the game, and I uninstalled the game. Haha, now I don’t come to sleep twice every day. Sometimes I really want to smash his cell phone. 4, peeing is really peeing everywhere, our house is a toilet, and the pee is wet, I really can’t use it! 5. Snoring is really loud! If I didn’t hit me before, I got fatter and fatter when I was with me, and my snoring became louder and louder. Was awakened in the middle of the night, really want to kill him! 6. The cabbage is fried to black if you can’t cook it. He also said to take good care of me. As a result, if I don’t cook, we will have no food to eat. If I cook, I eat, I don’t cook, I eat takeaway, your mother! 7. Gentle boys, quarrels and tantrums can be annoying. People who don’t like talking, occasionally vomit a few ivory, and the dead can live in anger. 8. Do not smoke or drink. But I want to steal my skin care products. I bought him something specifically for boys, and he still wanted to use mine secretly. At any time, the essence is used up before it takes long, and I am mad at me. Also apply my mask! 9. I always want to be lazy and not take a bath, and I told him that when you don’t take a bath in winter, you must wash your feet, and you must wash your feet carefully with soap, otherwise it will be sweaty, just don’t listen. I had to scold him before I went to wash it. 10. I want to take advantage of me to fall asleep, so he slept without brushing his teeth! Don’t think about it, I have to ask him every day if he has brushed his teeth, and he is not allowed to sleep if he hasn’t brushed his teeth! 11. Boys have a really bad memory. Every time they make a mistake, they have to write a guarantee letter carefully. They make the same mistake later and don’t remember to promise me at all. I’m furious! And what he said himself, always forgetting. He even asked me, do you remember that I took a shower last night? ? If I washed it yesterday, I won’t wash it today! Go 12, can make you laugh with anger, it’s very sand sculpture, you are so angry, he is still singing, dancing, and writhing, I really don’t want to laugh, it’s very shameless! I’m still crying! What a laugh! 13. Like hoarding things. I usually buy two or three boxes of facial masks, and then buy them when I use them up. Good guy, he might think I’m a little mad, so he bought me dozens of boxes and told me to use it for a year! 14. In addition to many problems and bad habits, he is still very good to people, and will not talk about me after getting along for a long time, and will not dislike me. No matter whether it’s a bare face or acne, even if I don’t wash my face for a day, I won’t dislike me. 15. I don’t know how other people get along, living together for more than a year, there is joy and sadness. I often lay in bed in the middle of the night and started fighting without knowing what to do. In the end, everyone laughed happily again, and then reconciled inexplicably. 16. I hate him more and more, and love him more and more. There is no conflict between loving him and disgusting him. He will feel tired at work and hate him snoring at night. He also hates me, hates me, hates my temper, hates me to beat people. But he also loves me very much. 17. I quarreled every three weeks, broke up many times, and ran away from home. In the end, we still can’t let go of each other. It should be because we both have a deep and unforgettable love for each other in the bottom of our hearts. It’s just that this love is hidden in the chai, rice, oil and salt. Only when you really want to separate will you feel heartache. 18. Living together for a long time is really a chicken feather. After the freshness has passed, the real love begins. Through many little things, I felt how much he loves me. Through many disputes, he felt how pure I was for him. 19. I won’t talk sweetly like when I was in love. The daily mode of getting along is like family, but I feel more secure than in my love period. Let’s stop here first. You can’t finish talking about life, you have to live your life in person to experience it. 2021.3.30 ~ Update I haven’t posted to Zhihu for a long time. I didn’t expect to get so many people’s likes, too many likes, and I worried that I would be seen by acquaintances. Haha, the original intention was to share and record my boyfriend’s bits and pieces. . I did not close the comment area on purpose, and I will not close it afterwards. I am very grateful for the blessings of the friends in the comment area, and I am grateful for your suggestions. There are also unfriendly remarks in the comment area, haha, but I have a strong psychological quality and have a clear conscience for my life, so I don’t care about those remarks. It will not be injured. On the contrary, through different opinions and opinions, I can see the thoughts of many people, but I think I have learned a lot. Many friends are always saying, what should you do if you break up in the future, or, in the future, take over Panxia What to do… Actually, don’t worry about me, this is the life I choose. We met our parents, we were getting married, and we were close to work. Because of all the convenience, we chose to live together. We didn’t change the situation around us because we lived together, and we didn’t see our parents because we lived together. . Also, I have never thought that cohabitation is a loss for girls. For three years, I can see the person I love every day. That is a spiritual enjoyment! Why am I going to suffer? It’s not that I’m attaching to him with youth, but he is healing me with time. Some people say that girls’ youth is precious, so don’t waste it to men. But boys’ youth is also precious! He also wasted the same years on me, didn’t he? I also have a pivotal memory in his youth. No one really suffers more. Of course, I never care about and calculate with him, and treat each other as a family long ago. (Although I get along day and night, I still care about me and care about me every day) (I want to cook and eat by myself, he knows takeaway if he feels tired of me) This is a recent chat record, not that kind. After being together for several years, nothing Having said that, we are still like the love period. Someone will definitely say that no one stays in love forever, it’s all hormones. Yes, no one stays in the love period all the time. After the love period, we will quarrel and break up. In our current state, the city fortresses built with our deep love for each other are stronger than those in love, and more secure than in love. This kind of deep love is above hormones, cherish, respect, admire, love, and responsibility for each other. To put it simply, go both ways and give each other.


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7 months ago

I am very suitable for this question. Just started living together soon, three months. The cohabitation was a bit strange at the beginning. Originally, he lived in his own place. Later, he would come to me for the night on a rest day. Later, even if it was not a rest day, he was reluctant to leave. I was a little bit reluctant to let him go. Later, when his house expired, he moved. Come live with me. When he said that I was going to move in, I was still a little bit confused and had a big fight. In the end, I reconciled and lived together. I said to myself, I was going to marry him, and I had to know whether he was suitable for a lifetime of living with him for a long time. The fact is, living with him is the most rebellious decision I have ever made (I will definitely be scolded to death by my parents) but I never regret it. He is very nice, relaxed and easy-going. I hardly adapt, so I merged with his life. He has no bad habits. He doesn’t smoke, drink, or play games. His favorite thing is to get together with me. The only thing that is out of sync with me is to drink drinks… He’s very good, he really doesn’t like cleaning, so prepare Buy a sweeping robot in the future. He hated washing clothes, so he moved in with his washing machine. It was his company that made me eat dinner on time after work every day. There was an outlet to talk about the joys and sorrows of beating the workers. He accompanied me to see the house, accompany me and the intermediary, and accompany me to the supermarket. Finally I also enjoyed the joy of someone helping to lift heavy objects. He saw that I was drooling over delicious desserts to buy for me, warmed up a hot water bottle and stuffed me in the damp and cold winter in the south, and watched sand sculpture videos together in the bed. I thought it was him who needed my company. In fact, I needed him more. He is not only my boyfriend, but also my partner, my ally, and my strategic partner. He is my way of retreat, and my harbor is growing day by day. Sure, I will love him unreservedly, and I will do my best to accept his love. No matter what tomorrow, at this moment, I am determined to believe that he is the right person. This is living with him. Tell me The first thing I want to say is that it’s been a long time to update, I’m a little transparent book who has been diving and never speaking, I don’t know how to add an answer… Embarrassing and dead anyway, thank all my blessed friends, I wish you all rich in the coming year , We are getting richer year by year~ Regarding us, there are indeed a few sayings about making money, earning and spending by yourself, daily expenses do not stipulate who should pay how much and what price gifts should be given on the holiday, you pay today and I will pay tomorrow, daily necessities think Buy it when you get up, and use it together. But every time he went out to eat, he rushed to pay the bill. I will live with him because I have a very positive recognition of his character before I live together. I have hesitated. One is that I am really worried that there will be no freshness when we are always together, and the other is that my little fairy woman is still standing. It takes a lot of mental construction to enter the pooping stage so early… But in the end, we are like two gears, working closely together. I love him unreservedly, and I firmly believe that he loves me unreservedly. I went to another place for half a month due to work last month. It only takes ten minutes to get back to me and half an hour to return to his own home. He just woke up early for half a month in order to still be with me every day. Whenever he is free, he goes to the unit canteen to buy things and always buys me two of my favorite big buns (I really love big meat buns in vain). It looked so cute when I took out two buns from my pocket. When he hurriedly asked me to help him learn to be a powerful country, he was also super cute when he answered questions, and when he took me to buy delicious food everywhere, it was also super cute. I really love to eat. I am afraid of getting fat, and I am embarrassed to buy it. He can always tell whether I want to eat or not from the way I stare at any stall. When I went to the night market, he took a look at the roast pig’s knuckles, and he knew I wanted to eat it! I really want to eat… He is keen to buy all the food I love, and he goes to shop after shop with me. And now I don’t know how many pounds I’m getting fat (smiling) We are not without quarrels, the differences between north and south, thinking habits, growth environment, these are the reasons for quarreling. Sometimes when I cried so loudly that he cried along with me. Isn’t this the meaning of running-in? We continue to discover the problem, explore the cause of the problem, and finally solve the problem. So if you have friends who hesitate to live together, if you have the slightest hesitation about the other person’s character, don’t live together, believe in your own feelings, and don’t be kidnapped by anyone’s attitude. Once you live together, you must have an attitude of how to solve the problems that occur, because you and him are two completely different people, and life needs to be synchronized, understanding, and communication. This process is repeated, and There will be inevitable quarrels. Regarding the question of whether you are married and broke up… If you want to eat a dish, would you not eat it because it might not taste good? I have an open and honest relationship. I have no derailment, no affair, no crimes, and I never pretend to anyone with malicious intent. I have never treated any relationship in a casual manner, and I will never feel that I live together before marriage. shame. Marriage is a serious, firm and loyal choice. If I decide to enter a marriage, it must have been carefully thought out, and it is absolutely impossible to have a child with a little bit of understanding. Intimacy is sacred and cautious, and the last thing you need is mystery and insignificant freshness. He is not my roommate, he is my partner, my significant other, we not only have love, but also trust, familiarity, and security. I don’t love this world, it’s him who drags me and staggers forward. Update: share my thoughts hh I choose to live together. I know that sweet candies will not separate people (only dog ​​food is divided), and bitterness will be swallowed by themselves. Adults are responsible for their choices. Before him, I have been with many boys. My predecessors are all very good people. Their predecessors helped me grow up, help me grow from ignorance, and grow into a calm, independent, and tear-free adult. He showed up and told me that you can be a little girl. You don’t need to be independent, you can rely on something, you don’t need to set up such a hard personality, you can be yourself. He was so ordinary, so clumsy he gave me the ordinary life I dreamed of. I wish all friends who dream of romance get sweet love, friends who are in love will eventually become family members, friends who choose to live happily, friends who are committed to making money (including myself) get rich every year and do not support my approach. Friends eat more dog food. Happy New Year~ A wave of pure dog food: As a Zhejiang blue boy, he has always given me Amway a dish, braised pork with winter bamboo shoots and pickles. As a northern Luhai, every ingredient sounds strange. For a long time, I firmly believe that delicious dishes must come from a kind of kitchenware-iron pan. Goose stewed in iron pan, fish stewed in iron pan, pork ribs stewed in iron pan with beans…I have begun to drool when I hear the word iron, and I firmly believe that the simple kitchen utensils in our residence can only maintain enough food and clothing, and the deliciousness is expected. Unattainable. He was eating it and indulged me very much. Fresh fruits, various snacks, hot pot barbecue oden, as long as I want to eat, he never said anything. On the contrary, I have always demanded more food than needed for the sake of weight, figure and money. So he took me to buy winter bamboo shoots and various seasonings, but did not buy bacon, so he bought spare ribs and returned to the residence to start intensive farming. The smell of the finished product is fragrant and I want to cry. The winter bamboo shoots are fresh and tender, the ribs are soft and glutinous, and the salty fragrance is thick. The electric cooker used for cooking is not incapable of cooking. Only the noble attitude of a person who can’t use it. He didn’t eat a few bites. Satisfied is a mysterious smile, “I will give you all the delicacies of the mountains and seas, I have long been tired of eating”, watching me eat a pot of braised pork ribs with bamboo shoots and sauerkraut. Oh, by the way, the supermarket did not buy his approved pickles, and finally bought a pack of pickles. I like him. Although I can rarely hear the word like from his mouth, when we get along, he does a lot of things that he didn’t deliberately mention, and they all express his liking. Not to mention start to make an appointment for winter bamboo shoots tonight. I didn’t expect that Zhihu Xiao transparent would get so many comments (within a day). I really want to know what magic big data does… Anyway, I wanted to simply share dog food, but because I am a very caring person People with glass heart, so I still want to share and explain some views with you in the end: Regarding “many predecessors”, including formal contacts and ambiguities, I don’t think it’s too small. Some types of rich predecessors are also normal, right? I have never derailed, I have never cheated, I have never been violent, I have never committed domestic violence, and I have never been entangled after breaking up. But it should be noted that I am very cautious about sex and tend to be conservative. I won’t say how conservative it is, so I don’t agree with the claim that the incumbent is a successor. I have never cohabited with anyone before, and cohabiting with the incumbent is also out of the long-term consideration of marriage, and made such a decision. Regarding playing games, consider it carefully. It is indeed my misnomer. Playing games should not be regarded as a vice. Game addiction is the only thing. I apologize to all game lovers. But please forgive me, as a predecessor who is deeply influenced by some game addictions, I am really fortunate that the incumbent does not like to play games. The boys I have met, some of them can ignore me all day and all day because of playing games. When I send a WeChat message, they throw back a sentence. Don’t talk to me while playing games, just disappear for a few days. Internet cafes include overnight stays. When we were in college, we had to go all night to play games even the day before the final exam. So please forgive me, there is such a prejudice in my heart. Regarding how to face the next term after breaking up, it can be said that I will choose to live together because I have a plan to get married. Then there are only two possibilities. First, we get married, so there is no next term. Second, we found inappropriate during the cohabitation period, stopped the loss in time, and broke up. If there is a next one, the other person asks. Answer truthfully, accept or not, the choice is up to the other party. Even if I am not accepted, I have nothing to regret. Adults have to be responsible for their choices. I have already anticipated every ending (meaning that I am lonely and die, I also recognize it). I do agree with some of the opinions in the comments, dating, marriage, there is no fixed answer at all, no formulas to apply, and no other people’s path to success can even be copied, because you are unique you, he is unique him, your story It’s a unique story. You choose to marry. You choose not to marry. I chose to live together. It’s my own business. My choice. I feel happy. I have never denied that cohabitation is wrong in the other answers. The answer is not so euphemistic. Expression: I will be responsible for my choice, and the judges can take care of my own affairs. I also said that I wrote novels… I thank you, just like thanking everyone for blessing us and accidentally ate a dog Like friends of Liang, let me artificially write a popular but happy ending for this story: From then on, the prince and the princess have lived happily together forever…

7 months ago

My boyfriend and I have been in love for three years and lived together for two and a half years. The experience is that he has become the closest person besides my parents, like a relative, like a lover, and like a friend. I was also a little worried before living together, because I didn’t have a vigorous relationship at the beginning, and it has always been a relatively plain one. Maybe it is because I am not good at expressing my own thoughts, and I seldom say something nauseous. During the two years of living together, I have experienced a lot together. He always supports my decision unconditionally, and accompanies me crazy and crazy. I have always been a person who has no feelings about marriage, and even a little afraid of marriage. He was the first person who made me yearn for marriage. Although there are occasional small frictions, and I often do, but after reconciliation, the relationship will remain the same. The most important thing is to have been in love for three years. I feel that the relationship is getting better and better, and the tacit understanding is getting better and better. Not to mention that two people living together really eat more than one person). Post a few of my daily life, haha.

7 months ago

We were fighting on the bed (not driving literally) and playing around. While he clamped my hand to prevent me from fighting back, he also protected me in fear that I might knock. Just let it go, and I broke free to tickle him. Basically every morning I can hear his complaint: Xu Yiyi, do you know how many times you kicked on the quilt last night! I work during the day, and I have to work overtime at night to cover your quilt! Every time I eat, I ask what I want to eat. (Of course he doesn’t bother to think about it) So I got fat. Then I said I wanted to lose weight, and he tried every means to stop him. One time he wanted to go home on a weekend. Because I wanted to eat soy milk fritters, he got up early and bought them for me. I was asleep and heard him whisper to me: Do you want to taste the fritters just out of the pot while it’s hot? I sat up in a daze, was fed by him a mouthful of fried dough sticks, lay down in a daze and continued to sleep. When I came to my aunt. When he was holding him sideways before going to bed, he said to me: Come, lie flat. Then when I lay flat, he put his big warm hands on my lower abdomen, and slowly rubbed my stomach in circular motions. It was really amazing and relieved a lot. I told him, you’re warmer than me. Much more comfortable! The girl with dysmenorrhea let her boyfriend rub it for you! It’s really comfortable. He can tolerate all my carelessness. He feels that he really treats me as a girl. He will help me blow my hair and wipe my mouth. I don’t like to eat buns, and he will also help me. Eat, because I always eat, he asked if I want to buy me a bib… He worked half of the overtime, ran home to accompany me to dinner, and then hurried back to the company to continue working overtime, he finished my meal. I urged him to leave quickly. I will clean the bowl. I want to ask him to go and return early, but he can’t help him. The end result is that he insists on cleaning the bowl before leaving after eating, and only works overtime after one o’clock in the morning. When eating at home, I cut a salted duck egg, half of one person. I don’t remember if I told him that I like to dig out the stinky problem of digging salted egg yolk. Anyway, it was because he ate a circle of egg whites around him. I thought he was He wanted to save the delicious food until the end, but he picked up the chopsticks and put the egg yolk in my bowl. Today, he left the only meat on the plate for the mutton pilaf, and finally forced it to me. On the way to work, I was in a hurry to catch the bus. He took me to a trot all the way to the steps. I stepped on the empty space. He immediately helped me and grabbed my hand. My fingernails were a bit long, and he made a bloody path on his wrist. I felt sorry for him. Then he asked me: Are you okay with your hands? One night, I was awkward and joking regardless of occasion. He was a little angry. I coaxed him coquettishly, and finally coaxed myself to be wronged. He turned his head and coaxed me to say sorry, and then he changed his mind. Ask me: Xu Yiyi, how did you manage to make me angry every time, but in the end I became coaxing you? My temper is not stable, because a little thing is depressed, he is always able to accurately capture the changes in my mood, every time I insist that I am okay, he will say, you and I still don’t know? Then he coaxed me patiently and gave me an analysis. Every time like this, he felt that he was really gentle. Gentleness is really a blessing for a person. Meeting gentle people is also my blessing. Last time I celebrated my birthday, I dressed up, he said to me very seriously that you are so beautiful, my wife, did I find the treasure? Then I went over and hugged him tightly. In my dream, I dreamed that I was sitting in front of the table and the desk calendar on the desk fell down. I stretched out my hand to help, but in reality I reached out and patted his face. He woke up. I felt that the touch was different from the desk calendar, and I woke up, he asked Why did I beat him? I said I dreamed that the desk calendar fell down and went to help. He was amused by me, and he held me tighter while laughing. The electric toothbrush was ventilated in the middle of the night and it broke. Most of the night, he was humming and vibrating. It woke both of us. He got up and went to carve up the toothbrush. Then he put his arm around me and held the phone on top of my head. After playing with my mobile phone, I went to sleep, but my face was stunned. I woke up from sleep and found that it was his mobile phone that hit my face. Dumbfounding. Connected to the article. He was playing on his cell phone at lunch yesterday. I rushed over. He suddenly took the cell phone away and didn’t let me look at it. I asked him what he was doing sneakily. He didn’t tell me, but said it was a little secret. I didn’t care. Then at night he asked me to take something from his backpack, and I turned over to an electric toothbrush. I looked at him, he was suffocating there. My electric toothbrush has been broken for a few days and I haven’t had time to buy it. He said that he didn’t sleep in the morning and played with his mobile phone and he was helping me pick the electric toothbrush. When he watched the electric toothbrush, he accidentally clicked on the video details for fear of sound It quarreled me, so I hurriedly mute the sound before smashing my face without holding the phone. (Okay, smash my face on my face.) This morning, we both stood on the sink and brushed our teeth together. My face was not unkempt. He looked at me and said, Xu Yiyi, what are you doing? Do it make people like it more and more? (You’ll say it if you do.) Last night he asked me to ask my mother to find out if the man had anything to take when he went to the woman’s house for the first time. My mother’s heart is also very big, my mother said: We are not particular about this, but you ask him, does our family need to prepare? I read this to him, and he replied: Hukou. It is said that couples living together can easily cause conflicts. I am on the contrary. The longer I get along, the more I stick to him. He took a box under the bed, couldn’t reach it, and grinned. He said, “Daughter-in-law, don’t you know that everything in our house is voice-activated?” I froze for a moment, and then suddenly understood what he meant, and yelled sweetly: Husband, help me get it~~ I woke up with dysmenorrhea in the middle of the night last night, tossing and turning on the bed, and finally fell asleep with my back facing him. He felt like he was moving. He should also be in a state of confusion. One hand stretched over and put his arm around me, and the other hand covered my belly button. It was warm and comfortable. I was thinking at the time, this man is okay. I should not be able to unplug my oxygen tube later. ​​​​Because my hair is very long and I love hair loss, he will hear his wailing when he mopping the floor: “Thank you, my wife, for letting me experience the fun of raising a dog” or “Ah, my wife, you fall again It’s hairy.” I just smirked and looked around. Most of them were boys’ hygiene habits. Girls couldn’t bear it. Now I feel that the prerequisite for living together depends on whether the two people’s lifestyle habits and lifestyles are in harmony. My boyfriend loves cleanliness even I think. He loves cleanliness more than me, no smoking, no drinking, no games, hobby is playing badminton, but he has been busy with work recently, and he hasn’t played the dishes for a long time. He vacuums and moppes the floor to clean up the room. I also do these things in my free time and help him wash his clothes. Because I work in an office building, I go to the bus together in the morning and at night. If he doesn’t work overtime, I will wait for him to walk together. We are both doubles. When I rest, I just lay in bed and go shopping in the city to eat delicious food. Arbitrary arrangements. I can’t think of any contradictions in our cohabitation life.

7 months ago

Forgive me for describing my mentality too much in the original answer, and ignoring the description of my boyfriend, now I will add it. Before we were together, I was a very low self-esteem person. My family background was very ordinary. I didn’t have any special strengths or advantages. So when he wanted to be with me, I refused, and I thought I was not worthy of him. His family background is much better than mine. He is 186 cm tall and has an inverted trapezoidal figure. He sings well, can play electronic piano and ukulele, can turn into card magic, and never lacks suitors. It was after being with him, through his encouragement and praise, that I slowly recognized myself and believed that I was also a girl with brilliance, and thus became optimistic and self-confident. We were in a long-distance relationship in the first year of school, and we were separated by more than 2,000 kilometers. If he had a vacation earlier than me, he would take the train and then take the bus to the school to pick me up. Once he was on the way home to pick me up, I suddenly had a fever, and that day, it happened that my parents were not at home because of work, so he could not rest assured, so he bought medicine and stayed with me all night. At night, I was half-dreaming and half-awake and said that I wanted to eat rice noodles and drink milk tea. The rice noodles are not spicy, so I put them in the pot to keep them warm. I bought two flavors of milk tea and placed them where I could see when I opened my eyes, and he slept dazedly by the head of the bed. He woke up as soon as I moved. Later, my mother came back to see me falling asleep, my body temperature also dropped, and eating and drinking, and his tired face, my mother recognized him very much. However, I didn’t move a bite of what he bought, and I really didn’t have any appetite when he was sick. He ate rice noodles for breakfast and my mother drank milk tea. The main reason is that I really don’t remember what I said, only some pictures, and later he told me that I would wake up when I fell asleep and want this or that. Another time I was hospitalized due to illness. It was the doctor he had introduced to me by his family, and he rented a hospital accompany bed, and stayed with me for seven days. The reason why I say these things is because my family members often mention that the change in personality was felt by the family members from the beginning, because of my changes, they supported my relationship with my boyfriend, and the two who fell ill later. The incident also allowed them to completely approve of my boyfriend, so that every family gathering now has to urge him to get married. I won’t say much about other things. Falling in love is a matter of cold and warm self-knowledge. If I alone think that he is good, then it may just be the beauties in the eyes of the lover, but if the elders are optimistic, I believe me. Boyfriend is not bad in every aspect. The original answer below. Come uninvited, stay in love for 4 years and live together for 2 years. My boyfriend’s situation: playing games every day, taking a bath every two or three days, and dampening his hair every morning and then drying his hair. I have never felt that I am a mother for someone, but the longer I live together, the more I feel it is suitable. The same is true for him. He will feel uncomfortable when he comes home to live on his own during the Chinese New Year. Because before we choose to live together, we have negotiated the way of life. He doesn’t want to use the washing machine and I don’t want to cook. Then we will divide the work, so that no one thinks who owes whom, and then we live together. In the process If there is something inappropriate, then discuss the change. The most important thing is to be clear in your heart that what you choose to do is yours voluntary, then you have to recognize it. For example, I think the floor is dirty and can’t stand it anymore. I cleaned and dragged it alone. He didn’t help and said that it was not dirty. Then I can’t blame him, because I think it is dirty and I have to clean it up, no What he forced me to do was not what he felt was dirty and forced me to clean up, so there is no reason to complain. It’s like when my mother was tidying up your room while she said that you were sloppy and didn’t know how to tidy up, and you were sitting still and playing with your mobile phone and said in your heart: “I don’t think it’s messy, and I didn’t ask you to tidy up. It makes sense. Another point is to respect the other person’s lifestyle. If you don’t like it, you can live without being together. No one will force you. Let’s talk about boys playing games. I like to sleep late on weekends. I can sleep until noon. My boyfriend can’t sleep at 8 or 9 o’clock. He doesn’t call me when he wakes up. I should eat and eat, play games and play games. After I got up, he was playing games, and I didn’t bother him. I should eat and eat, watch dramas, and he and I had a very comfortable and relaxed weekend. If we want to chat, we can talk for three or four hours. It’s interesting to talk about topics from each other’s school to national events, but it’s easy to stay up late without paying attention to the time. The only time he played a game I reminded him, because he played the game from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening, except for going to the bathroom and eating, he never left the chair. When it was time to go to bed at night, I asked him to play. How long he played the game, he himself honestly said that he played the game for more than 8 hours when he played the game. I also jokingly said that his game is different from working. It is also an 8-hour day, so he said to play with his friends. He was so happy. My last advice to him was not to sit all the time, get up and move “when dead”, relax the shoulders, neck and lumbar spine. He agreed, and he never played games with such high intensity. I think if two people want to last for a long time, they have to understand the importance of division of labor and cooperation rationally, and be emotionally prepared to “will do what the other does not want to do”, so that two people can find their own in the common life. The comfortable one. As a girlfriend, all I can do is take care of part of his life, be his emotional support, and give him some help and reminders. This measure is controlled by my understanding of him and the communication between the two people. Let him Feel the value of me emotionally and in life, and I feel more appropriate in my heart. the above.

7 months ago

Someone will cut your nails. Warm your bed ️. Will require a lot of tt. Noon is the peak of our ml. In order not to affect the physical strength and energy of the postgraduate entrance examination, I bought a lot of pure milk to supplement, and I boiled eggs by myself, which is quite healthy. He didn’t pass the entrance examination, maybe it was because I “squeezed out” him during the postgraduate entrance examination? The female confession hhh his desk is really messy, and our clothes are thrown into the washing machine every other time. 2 lazy pigs. I only paid a quarter of the rent, so I was a prostitute. However, I occasionally come out for dinner and movies. We agreed to save money to buy a motorcycle and go to the motorcycle brigade. Hhh are all college students. He was a university student in World War II and I took a postgraduate entrance examination in World War I. We rented a house together to prepare for the exam. Same exam for a Hunan 985 (well CSU), different majors. Lived together for nearly 8 months. We have been together for almost two years, and cohabitation hasn’t obliterated any novelty. Anyway, I think our relationship is getting deeper and more understanding. I just want to say, I’m really comfortable sleeping with his arm in the pillow, he is really uncomfortable hahahahahaha. The small room is dirty and messy, and I rely on me to clean it up (but I’m lazy depending on my mood). I often eat takeaways. Both of them have gained 10 kilograms quickly. It’s not every day. After all, there is only a field that is not damaged, and that is not exhausted. Consider more about his body. The advantage is that you don’t need to spend time qq chatting, study together, go out early and return late together, and reward yourself to watch movies, relax, play basketball, talk to each other, and get express delivery. . Anyway, during the time I was preparing for the exam, I was very comfortable and I was very involved in reviewing. He often gives me psychological counseling. During the postgraduate entrance examination, many unsatisfactory things happened, and he can be regarded as seeing my most vulnerable side. 2020 is really dramatic. Never before has such an unpleasant thing happened, but I have also won two very important competition awards, and I have never won so easily before! ! ! I quickly cheered up because there is expectation of someone who loves me. . I have been forcing myself to be admitted, and there is really no way out! I also had a big quarrel with him because of my hysteria. There have been many big and small things, many of which are unforgettable. . No matter how I stay together in the future, I’m really fortunate that I can meet such a great object at the university. 12.27. At 17.00 pm, when he came out of the examination room, he wore a little blue hat and bought a cup of hot milk tea and ran into me on the way to greet me. Full of arms, I rushed forward. . . Hugged for a long time. . The test was pretty good, he looked at me with a smile on his face, as if I was trained by him hahahaha, that kind of feeling, really happy! I am really grateful to him for this period with me. I was able to go ashore, a large part of it was because of him. He also said that this period of time may be the most memorable in our student days. It feels good to fight together. There may not be such an opportunity in the future. Hope to work together in Changsha to buy a house hahahaha, let’s go ashore first! 2021.2.26 The results of the postgraduate entrance examination in Hunan Province came out, and the results were expected. I got a score of 400+, which is also a small high score, so I will enter the re-examination steadily. The subject did not go ashore, but was looking for a job. I regret that we did not go ashore together, but this did not affect our feelings. I think boys have a lot of roads, and girls will be discriminated against when looking for work. They may have a long-distance relationship in the future, or he can find Changsha. You don’t need to work in a different place anymore. Let’s go with the flow on 3.10. He found his first job in Hefei. I have to go back to school to prepare for the re-exam. Then I will be in another place, about half a month, and then I will pack the school’s belongings. , I will find an internship in Hefei for a few months, and Minute Maid will work for about a year. He will quit and come to Changsha to find a job (he said he can’t do it, haha), haha, we don’t have to have a long-distance relationship anymore! Then we will take a big lake mba, so we are in a city~ It is currently planned like this. 4.5 Today I discussed the future again. We want to live in the city we love, Suzhou. If I am not busy at work, I would like to open a boutique as a side business (I have always loved boutiques, and I can’t visit enough every time). After finishing reading in Changsha, he and I worked for a few years to make money and go to Suzhou to buy a house. I’m very happy if I think about it. So far, we’ve been together for 770 days.

7 months ago

With a traditional thinking, I didn’t know where the courage came from, so I chose to live with my boyfriend. I used to have prejudice against girls who live with their boyfriends. Shouldn’t they live with each other by getting married? Now, um, it smells so good. He is very diligent, and it didn’t take long before I lived with him. He doesn’t like washing clothes, cleaning, and everything I can and can’t do at home, big and small things are basically done by him. Occasionally I cook and cook. He said that my cooking is so delicious, so he leapt from 90 kg to 140 kg. Everyday is also various sweets. Cook together, clean together, eat together. Holding me in bed at night, I really disliked his snoring at first, but I would be very unaccustomed to it later. Every day you kiss before going to bed, get up in the morning to kiss, and to kiss before you go to work. I will leave for an hour before going to bed. The two will hug each other and talk about the interesting things that happened during the day. I have been living together for more than 4 years now, and I have been with him for more than five years and almost six years. Will always be so happy forever.

7 months ago

40 suggestions for living with a boyfriend. I think two preparations should be made before cohabiting: 1. Being together for a lifetime; 2. Breaking up in a short time. Because living together before marriage, it allows us to know whether the other person is really a person who can live a lifetime. But living together requires some skills and advice. If it is not handled properly, it would be a pity to miss the right person. Ask this friend and the people living with him, and then sort out some suggestions for living together, and share them with couples who plan to live together or are living together. 1. Make sure that boys meet and accept girls without makeup and make-up for a long time before living together. 2. Girls remember to buy a weight machine, or be prepared to gain ten pounds after living together for half a month. 3. Before cohabitation, do a good job in the division of housework. Everyone is responsible for a certain part, or take turns. Don’t contract everything by yourself. In the long run, your heart will be unbalanced, which will easily lead to quarrels. 4. Choose bed sheets, pillowcases, and decorate the room. The nest for two people should be designed together according to the tastes of two people. Projection and aromatherapy are all small rituals of life. 5. Buy small things for lovers as little as possible. When I bought it, I thought it looked good, but after a long time, it lost its freshness. I can’t throw it away if I don’t use it. I still have a gap when I throw it away. 6. If you choose to live together, go out to rent a house, don’t live in each other’s home. Otherwise, both the economy and life will be taken care of, and the meaning of two people’s struggle for life will be lost. If conditions permit, it is really inconvenient to rent a house together instead of co-renting with others. 7. After living together, don’t go to the bar and the like. 8. One party smokes and consciously finishes it in corridors, balconies, windows and other places. If you smoke fiercely, it is recommended to switch to a boy/girlfriend. 9. When cooking, two people cook together, one chopping vegetables and one chef. Don’t think that the food is unpalatable, you can learn how to do better together. 10. If you are busy at work, take turns to cook, so that each other can have more rest time, or order takeaway directly. 11. Buy delicious ones and pick the other person’s taste (the other person likes it + I don’t dislike it). Please bear with the girls’ snack mouth. 12. Under the same roof, you may have to prepare two copies for your living habits. For example, the dipping options for eating dumplings are different. 13. Even if there is one’s own affairs, keep the small movements of the initial love at home, kissing and hugging. Think about how happy it is to have someone give you a big hug after a busy day of overtime work. 14. If you quarrel, boys shouldn’t be more fierce than girls. Girls have to know about the steps. Falling in love is not that easy, everyone has a TA temperament. 15. It is recommended not to put the clothes of two people together. They have their own exclusive space and it is convenient to find them. If a girl wants to wear boys’ clothes, she can go directly to his area to find it. Another point is that if one person likes to throw clothes away, and the other person is neat and tidy, they will go crazy together. 16. Sexual life should be restrained. Don’t overindulge or suppress it. It is normal to satisfy each other’s desires appropriately. 17. I don’t know where I have seen the sentence “Be prepared for rejection of sexual requests, and be prepared to reject the other’s sexual requests”. I agree very much, especially when the other party is tired. Be considerate. 18. Let’s stop the stupid thing of getting pregnant when you are unmarried. It is the girls themselves who are the victims, and you must take the initiative to learn about healthy sex knowledge. 19. With a normal double bed or larger, the biggest drawback of cohabitation is that the bed is not yours, and the sleep is not yours. When not quarreling, hug them to sleep together. When quarreling, they are about to fall to the floor to sleep. 20. It is very important that the commuting time is basically consistent, and the work and rest time can be unified. 21. Prepare two quilts to prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night and your whole body is cold. If you want to pull some quilts over, maybe the TA will subconsciously respond to you in various ways such as grabbing, wrapping, pressing, and wrapping. 22. During your girlfriend’s menstrual period, don’t just slap her there with “drink more boiling water”. I’m afraid you will be beaten. Be more concerned about warming her with your own actions. 23. If girls like to raise kittens and puppies, if time and energy allow, they can raise one together. Maybe it will bring new vitality to the family. 24. If conditions permit, TV and tablet should be available. Boys watch ball games and girls watch variety shows. They should watch them separately, so as not to grab the remote control. 25. Boys will find that the most important thing at home is not cosmetics or lipsticks, but hair that falls on the floor. No matter where she has been, she has her hair. 26. Boys may be forced to apply facial masks, and if necessary, they have to be a little brother who blows their heads to delicate girls. The most important thing is to be prepared for simple things to be complicated, because girls are so troublesome. 27. The temperature requirements of men and women are very different. When the bath water is hot for boys, girls will feel just right. Taking a bath together may never find a balanced water temperature. The temperature requirement of the air conditioner is the same as above. 28. Put down the gasket after using the toilet. It is said that it is the latest standard for a good boy. 29. Regardless of the fact that many girls are unwilling to spend their boyfriend’s money, they take the initiative to bear half of the rent and share all kinds of expenses. They talk about being considerate of each other, but in fact they are still accounting. 30. Most boys want to do more in all aspects, including economics. So it’s important to find a financial way to get along well with each other. 31. Don’t participate in the other party’s family affairs, let alone express opinions. Every family has hard-to-read scriptures unless they take the initiative to discuss countermeasures with you. 32. Give each other one hour of free time every day. Boys play games, watch football matches, girls go to Taobao, watch Korean dramas, don’t stick too tightly. 33. Don’t worry too much about the other party’s privacy, leave some private space for the other party. There is a secret in love. Don’t disagree with this sentence. 34. Don’t always play your mobile phone in front of the other person at home (not willing to let the other person know what you are doing), otherwise it will cause the other person’s infinite reverie. 35. You can tell your parents about the news of the cohabitation, but don’t let the parents of both parties interfere in your life, especially when there is a conflict, sometimes the parents will become the fuse for you to fight more fiercely. 36. Although living together, please keep the habit of respecting each other as much as possible. Remember to say before throwing the other party’s things. 37. Set out the latest time for both parties to go home (unless there are other urgent matters) and develop good habits together. 38. Communicate the unacceptable things straightforwardly and remind you, don’t bear it, because you have to say it sooner or later. 39. After living together, I found that things can never be finished, and paper towels are always used up quickly, but it is nice to have someone join the table for dinner. 40. Crit: The premise is that you have an object!

7 months ago

On the day I went to see the house, he was holding a shared bicycle and waiting downstairs in my dormitory. I had a big fight with him the other day, and went downstairs coldly, watching him grin and smirk, I forcibly resisted laughing. The two rode around on bicycles, and even passed through a farmer’s market to finally reach the rental house. The intermediary brother threw an agreement for both of us. We sat in a row with our heads down to sign and fill in the information, stroke by stroke, like registering a marriage. When I came out, I joked: I just had the illusion that I was registering a marriage. He was surprised: By coincidence, so did I. It was the weather in September in Shenzhen. Just after the hot summer, the roadside was luxuriant and we were walking slowly, holding hands. I was wearing a dark green shirt. He laughed at me for dressing like a little old lady. He paid the rent and I started to buy pots and pans, like a housekeeper, the induction cooker, refrigerator, cutting board, flour, soy sauce, and the two stood at the door of the grocery store carrying big bags and sweating profusely. Then there was once a few months later. The two broke up. It was also at the door of this grocery store. I was clamoring to buy bags and pack things back to the dormitory. He hugged me tightly and wouldn’t let me in. A room of more than a dozen square meters was packed with all kinds of internal organs. I excitedly made scrambled eggs with radish, chicken nuggets and tomatoes, and asked him with a look of anticipation how it tasted, but he said it was tasteless, and he came to coax me when I was disappointed. Later, most of the time was nothing more than, he was working, I was cooking, or the two of them hugged to sleep together. They slept until ten in the morning and four or five in the afternoon. If I woke up first, I opened my eyes and saw his profiled face, with the tip of his nose gracefully like a girl, and I couldn’t help kissing him on the mouth. If he wakes up first, he must fumble, knead and press, and I stumbled aside his hands and turned over and continued to sleep. He buys tt like wholesale, with various thicknesses and various postures. We are people with very different personalities. He is frugal, I am extravagant, he lives a regular life, and I almost never eat breakfast. He stayed up the next day like he was squeezed dry, I worked overtime until two or three o’clock in the internship the next day. What they have in common is that both of them are sloppy, I left things in a mess, and he found a pair of scissors to turn the room upside down. There are more and more problems exposed by the two of them, and their flaws are clearly visible to each other. Even the toothbrushes should be placed upright or upside down to make a quarrel. Later, I followed him for breakfast, early to bed, and late to wake up. Every morning I ate sandwiches and milk, or went downstairs to ask for two rice rolls. I had a lot of work, and I usually had to add spicy and minced meat. Original. At the end of the semester, I made a round. We reached a tacit understanding that I woke up thirsty in bed and sat up. He naturally handed me a glass of water while working, still looking at the computer intently. Sometimes he worked overtime until midnight, touched my cheek and kissed my mouth before going to bed, and then lay down gently. Feelings are still hot, hugs and kisses from time to time, kissing him is like kissing yourself, and kissing him is like kissing another yourself. When he was free from work, we both went hand in hand to watch the turtles by the river. There were many young couples on the river, pushing their children for a walk, and I took him by arms, just like a newly married little daughter-in-law. I occasionally complained that the bathroom was crowded and clamored that I wanted to live in a big house. We hugged each other in the middle of the night to calculate the future income. In the first few years, I could buy a house, how big a house I could buy, and in which district to buy, I slowly felt that it turned out that he I have been integrated into my life. It is not just occupation, but life is not just life. In my imagination of the future, the protagonist will always be the two of us, and what I think in my head will always be my business, his business, and his business. My feelings for him are extremely complicated, five-point love, two-point love, two It is dependent on the other, and there is a feeling that the emotions are changeable and unclear, sometimes disliked and sometimes transformed into the previous points. I was extremely honest with him. I was procrastinating, vanity, passive sabotage, passive learning, extravagance, and emotional instability. All the shortcomings that I tried to hide from others were exposed to him. I knew that I was a three-pointed view and slightly wrong. Strange and weird people are also very surprised that one day they can take off the cocoon so frankly to a person to reveal the prototype without worrying about scaring him away. I used to think that I was a female hero in armor. I felt that my head was so good that I was willing to endure hardships and it was invincible. After living with him, I accidentally discovered that I was a little woman, the kind that would be beaten by the female quan sister in minutes. The dead woman has a negative brain IQ every day. And he seems to have no requirements for my work and study. I said I don’t want to be too tired. He said that it’s easier to find a nine-to-five job. I can see you as soon as I get home. I said I hate xxx. He said that you pierced a villain with toilet paper and pinched him quietly. I said I didn’t pass the economics exam, but he said it’s okay. Just don’t tell others. I sometimes wonder if he was sent by God to heal me. My habitual self-condemnation has been with me for more than 20 years. It was only when I met him that I realized that I could be so tolerant to myself. Later, he successfully got the job retention. I found the so-called big name internship as I wished. In order to prevent him from being temporarily called to work, we moved back to school. Before leaving, we mumbled together: This is our first home. We will have other homes in the future, and our houses will get bigger and bigger. Later, we broke up without waiting to change to a big house, or even until I graduated. I can’t write it anymore, I admit it’s a bit anticlimactic, but I really don’t want to relive the process of breaking up. After breaking up, he went to Beijing and I stayed in Shenzhen. After a long time, I slid to the community by myself one weekend and ordered a plain rice roll. I thought it was too weak and added a spoonful of soy sauce. The more I eat, I want to cry. I know that there is a kind of pain that is hard to give up, which comes from right and wrong. After all, I need to reread the traces of the two people. The canteen, the study room, the roads I have walked, the community I have lived in, and the food I have left. The chicken with rice rolls and spicy chicken are all the shadows of two people. I tried to avoid it, but there was nothing I could do. And there is another intangible concern that he has already integrated into my life, like a fossil, when eating hot pot, he subconsciously needs lamb meat, wears clothes and pays more attention to comfort, sleeps like lying down, and counts the recent daily routine from time to time. Overhead. He likes to eat lamb, hot pot barbecue must be ordered, he feels that the demeanor is not as good as the temperature, he said to sleep sideways to squeeze the heart, he once said to save money to buy a house for us. My life as a whole is still slowly returning to the state before his appearance. Every day I go to make-up practice and go to the dormitory to fall asleep. I use the high-intensity rhythm of life to squeeze away some faintly painful things. I became a heroine in armor again.

7 months ago

Family members have not recommended living together before marriage, because in one sentence, they will lead a post-marital life before marriage. If you really get married, you will lose the freshness brought about by marriage. It is the same whether you are married or not, and you will not want to get married. The idea of ​​being a male, I don’t know the experience of cohabiting with a boyfriend, but I still have a say in cohabiting with a girlfriend. My girlfriend and I are actually sharing the rent with another couple due to economic reasons and other factors due to the epidemic this year. I only have to bear the rent of 800 yuan a month. My partner and I were together in November last year. It’s almost a cohabitation, because maybe it’s a period of love, and it’s still sticky. At that time, I was working as a catering office and late at get off work, usually after work I would go to her, and I would live in her dormitory if I had a meal together. The next day I was going to work by car…Occasionally, I couldn’t go because of work. I lived in my own dormitory for two and a half months of separation and half cohabitation. I quit my job and went to live with a friend because it was really tiring to do catering. At the end of January, my friend returned home for the Chinese New Year, and I lived alone at my friend’s house. Later, on New Year’s Eve, I went to my colleague’s house for New Year’s Eve because I lived alone. She said to stay with me for two days, and then went home with her sister to see my parents. This was great. I stayed with me for two days because of the outbreak of the epidemic. If I didn’t get it back, I stayed in isolation with me for more than a month and forty to fifty days. It’s the first time since I grew up to live with my girlfriend. I was forced to live together. Hahaha I don’t have any experience of cohabiting. I am used to living by myself. It’s better to live together at the beginning. Anyway, I don’t have to go to work, except sleep and eat every day. Playing games is not comfortable. I remember it very much. If I can find someone special, who cooks deliciously, can do housework, and treats you comfortably with a girlfriend every day, that would be great, but the ideal is full of reality. Skinny I woke up in the morning and was so hungry, I said, are you hungry, or if you go get something to eat, she said, I’m not hungry (continue to play the game) I said, you Go and do it, you will be hungry when you are done, she said, I can bear it, and if I don’t worry, I think I’m hungry! I can’t stand it! What should I do? People who have lived for more than 20 years and have only cooked tomatoes and spicy scrambled eggs can’t do anything else. Fortunately, I’m not going to starve to death. The epidemic has crushed me for the rest of my life. I have never cooked before. I have cooked for the two of us for fifty days. My mother called every day to ask me what I was eating. I was afraid that I would not survive and starve to death. So we lived together. Basically, I cook. She watched, and then tried to make her cook. I thought it was too dangerous. I was afraid that the food would not be prepared and the kitchen would disappear. During the epidemic, because we could not go out, we lived in a 60-square-meter house with two bedrooms and one living room. Here, every day I bow my head and look up. Except for her in the room and me in the mirror, I can’t see the third person. They said that anyone who loves each other will lose to chai, rice, oil and salt. I also have a deep understanding of who we will do afterwards. There was a big fight in the bowl, and everyone ignored each other all day. Although she loves each other, her living habits are very different. She prefers to stay at home and be a salted fish. I am the type who will go crazy without going out all day at home. Every time we live together, we will quarrel about all kinds of small things. I think it should be. She thinks it should be. After the epidemic ended, we started a formal cohabitation life, and she also quit her previous job. I have been idle at home for more than half a month. At first we moved into the new home. From nothing, to a little bit of purchase, from the deserted bed to the warm home. Every day I wake up naturally, make breakfast together, do housework together, go shopping together, go shopping together, go hiking together and live together. The most terrible thing after living together is probably flat. After a long time, two people are more like roommates living together, no It’s like a couple staying together in love and living together every day. You have the opportunity to get along with her day and night, but you lose the mystery, anticipation, and happy feeling that should have been met every time, and the reluctant plot of parting because of your meeting and Parting is more like being arranged clearly by life, the parting before work and the meeting after work. Probably it is because life can break the romance and romance, coupled with the unhappiness of going to work, the emotions that we have been brewing for a long time erupt to each other. I don’t know how many times it is noisy who will hang the laundry. But in the face of life, love can’t lower your head. Every time I quarrel, I lose control of my emotions. After calming down, I go to coax her. If the coaxing is not good, I will be next to her and bother her. In the end, she couldn’t help laughing because of my neurosis. When living together, I no longer have to think about when to wash the clothes, what clothes to wear the next day, when to use up facial cleanser, when to buy toothpaste, when to not enough paper, clothes, shoes, pants and socks, what she buys and what I wear What kind of shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, detergent, anyway, basically all the daily necessities don’t need me to worry about, I just need to make my meal, sweep the floor, and mopping the floor. The time of living together for a year is considered to be a run-in. The most comfortable way for the two to get along is, occasionally quarreling over trivial matters, sometimes quarreling, breaking up, running away from home and doing everything. I also know how to coax her when she is angry, and she also knows what is going on in my life. Take care of me. In the days to come, we will love each other well, and we will grow old until we grow old.

7 months ago

At 6 o’clock in the morning, he hugged me and said that he had several dreams last night and didn’t sleep well, so I asked him dazedly what dreams he had. He told me directly, good guy, in the dream of co-authoring people, I dreamed of a female high school classmate. She was shopping with her and chatting with her. It was natural to be with her, and she said it was because They have a relationship foundation, and then I…? ? ? watt? ? ? I experienced loneliness early in the morning? Hearing an excitement? ? ? Then I said, every day I dream of chasing this girl, chasing that girl, and dating this girl with that girl, why didn’t I see you chasing me and making an appointment with me? Or you can chase me again. Guess what my dearest boyfriend actually answered me? Even if you were killed, he even said “you are so easy to chase”. My mood at the time, it’s not an exaggeration to say that my heart is as gray as death, right? It feels like being dressed up early in the morning and being splashed with cold water. It’s cool, hopeless and sad. Then he started to argue again, saying that because the two of us now live together and know me too well, we think it’s easy to chase or something. In the arrogance of my little fairy, I would like to ask him here: Then what do I want to do most at the moment? What do I want to eat most at the moment? What do you want to drink most at the moment? what do I like? If I had money and time, what would I do the first time? If you can answer right away right away, then I admit that what you said is right, right? But I can be sure that you will never answer! The reason why you think I am a good chase is just because I didn’t embarrass you. You still feel good about yourself when you work with you, right? If I said at the beginning that I wanted to catch up with me, why do I have to watch 52 movies? Why don’t you send flowers 52 times? It’s impossible to buy gifts and snacks dozens of times. You have to be polite when you talk to me, and you can’t be too straight to get cancer. Otherwise, do you think I’m easy to follow? I now look back and think about it. I should show you the ruthless side of others, so that you can feel the ruthless side of me too! ! ! Dear fairies, if you are single, there are boys chasing you, remember! How embarrassed, or else you will be like me in the future, and you will be dismissed as “too easy to chase”. To be honest, when he said this, I had an urge to change boyfriends, so what? ! ! Co-authoring is that I’m too good to you, you can’t feel it at all, but the other way round is it mine? Okay, I have to reflect! In the future, you can’t be too good to you. In the future, throw your own clothes in the washing machine, dry your clothes, fold your clothes, charge your mobile phone, tidy up your own things, drink your own medicine, drink your own toothbrush, use your own toothbrush. I don’t want to charge anymore. I have to reflect on myself, why I haven’t been out to play this year, and I only watched a movie with my roommate this year. I want to eat hot pot and barbecue but never eat it. It’s all my problem. I will immediately. Reflection! ! ! Sister I’m mad at me! ! !

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