First of all, except for photos.
Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel that I look good, sometimes I feel ugly.
I have lived for 23 years and have not had a girlfriend. I was chased by a girl and refused.
Some girls said that I am good looking, but I don’t know if they are comforting me.

Wanting to know your true appearance is actually very simple: First, don’t look in the mirror. Second, don’t ask your acquaintances why you shouldn’t look in the mirror first. I believe that many people have a consensus, that is, they always feel that they look very beautiful in the mirrors of the office toilets and the mirrors of the clothing store, and they are also very textured. Then I went home and happily used the mirror on the table, or opened the selfie on the Apple phone, and immediately collapsed in self-confidence: How could it be so ugly! ! Here I tell you the answer to this metaphysical question. In fact, it is not that you look better in the mirror, but that you will look better in a well-lit mirror! Photographer Daniel Norton OnSet used a single light and an octagonal soft box with a grid to show the effect of light on the face value in his studio. Through a series of exposures, he constantly adjusted the angle of light illuminating the model’s face. , And finally got the above animation. Feel this light, do you miss the light of a clothing store? The effect of light sources in different directions on the face: Rembrandt-style lighting will make the portrait appear three-dimensional. Rembrandt-style lighting is a special lighting technique specially used for shooting portraits. When shooting, the shadow side of the subject’s face is facing the camera, and the light illuminates three quarters of the face. Butterfly light, generally when shooting portraits, will be more natural and the model will look more beautiful. The lighting method of the butterfly light is that the main light source is above the optical axis of the lens, that is, directly in front of the character’s face, projecting from the top to the bottom 45° on the character’s face, casting a shadow below the nose, resembling a butterfly shape , Let the character’s face bring a certain sense of hierarchy. Shooting in low light will look terrifying and weird, which is a taboo for photography. Therefore, if you want to take good-looking photos of yourself, you can try to turn off all the indoor lights, and then buy a warm light to fill up the light from different angles, and you can always take good photos. Second, why don’t you ask acquaintances? From a psychological point of view, many people will actively ignore or dare not look directly at the shortcomings and defects on their faces, and want to objectively know their true appearance, the best way Still consult with strangers, because acquaintances will also give untrue answers due to interpersonal concerns or halo effects. This is why there have been products such as “Truth Player “Score”” on a second-hand platform, usually quoting 0.1-10 yuan, boasting that they will give customers the most true and objective evaluation of their appearance. However, this method also has drawbacks: First, the professionalism of the truthful players cannot be verified, and the scoring mechanism is not supported by a scientific system. Second, everyone’s aesthetics are different, so their answer may not be the truth. So what better way to know if you look good or not? 1. If you want to know if your face is memorable or eye-catching, you can try to take photos of various groups of people around you, such as your graduation photo, to see if they can find you quickly. For example, in the following star group photo, who did you find first? (In order to avoid the halo effect, first exclude your idols) 2. You can directly trust a plastic surgeon like me who has aesthetic skills and has read countless people. I will give more objective and responsible answers based on my aesthetic qualities and work experience. . But human faces are dynamic, so when you ask me about your own face value, you must have dynamic pictures or videos of different expressions to get a more comprehensive and objective answer.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This is very simple! First find a place with better light! Take out your phone, now the front camera of the girl’s phone shouldn’t be too rubbish! Take a selfie with no beauty, no filters, only light makeup! Use selfies as your WeChat avatar! Find a nightclub with a lot of people at night, or just near the university! Turn on nearby people and shake function! As long as someone adds you, it means you are beautiful enough! I used to think this method was too ridiculous. Once I went to the south with a friend. Because there were no local acquaintances, we planned to go to some of the more well-known attractions the next day, so we didn’t know what to do that day? I don’t know what’s delicious nearby! This time my blue face! That’s right! It’s a big carrot! He took out his mobile phone and replaced it with a profile picture of a pretty girl who knew that it was not a netmap. He madly added people nearby and shook it. In a short while, no less than ten people added him. ! That day, he asked these ten locals what are the interesting places here? What are some delicious snacks? He said that this method is very useful for you to investigate the market or explore the local business district! When watching his operation, I really admire him!

6 months ago

I used to think that I was eight-pointed. Knowing from my friends that I am not too handsome, I dropped to seven points. During college, he was called uncle and dropped to six points. As for now, I consider myself five points of beauty. I don’t know if it can be lower, the five-point appearance is still measured by myself. I will tell you how to test it. When I was in college, I looked in the mirror every day, looking at myself in the mirror and couldn’t help myself, especially after taking a shower, I thought there was such a beautiful man in the world. Many friends said I was handsome and many said I was ugly. This made me understand that the words of friends are not very reliable and must be judged by strangers. After thinking for several hours, I came up with a perfect solution. Go for takeaway! After the rider took the order in a girl’s tone, he sent a message to the rider: “Hello, little brother, I ordered a takeaway for my online dating partner. We haven’t met yet. He is eager to ask me out. I’m afraid of being cheated. Can my elder brother help me see what he looks like?” “Emmm, he looks too hard to describe…” “Miss Sister, it’s like this, you can forget it, the wild killer Matt at the entrance of my village is better-looking than him.” “… …” After that, there was a large-scale heartbreaking scene. Believe it or not, order a few more takeaways and test it a few times. “Miss sister, remember the five-star praise~” “Go to your uncle!”

6 months ago

In fact, I have never understood one thing. Why is the difference between the self in the mirror and the self in the original camera a little bit different, but I think the good looks are exaggerated. When I was in high school, there were a few handsome guys in my class. Boys, when they first entered the first year of high school, it felt as if everyone was relatively unremarkable. Later, they probably grew longer. Suddenly there were girls from other classes coveting certain boys in our class, and then they heard daily conversations. There is, you are so handsome, you are so good-looking, look at that girl came to you again and so on and so on, so our grade spread, even other grades, xxx class xxx is so handsome, so it appeared Those boys look in the mirror all day long. I think this confirms that they look good and look at them. My previous tablemate was thief and beautiful, and both of my tablemates were very beautiful. I’m a girl and I can bear it. I always look at her when I go to class (weirdly shy hahaha), because it’s the same table and roommates, and they are often together. When you walk on the road, you will always look at her. It’s not just who, but you can feel it. The key to my eyes is that I sometimes hear whispers and vaguely hear my friend’s name (oh, this damn charm). Later, our school implemented a package meal system, and I couldn’t talk during meals. It happened to me. At the same table with the beauties, there are boys from other classes sitting obliquely behind. I have to say that I can always meet other people’s eyes in embarrassment, but it’s not looking at me, hahaha (actually, I’m very cool. There is another cool hum QAQ who is my parents. I remember I watched a video. It was like this. The boy asked: Mom, why did the classmates say that I was plain-looking. Mom said: Because you always slept on your stomach when you were a kid, the boy asked: Why didn’t you turn me over? Mom said: Because you were born when you were ugly (hahahaha, I don’t know if you got to this point) Boys:…Mom went on to say: Turn you over, and you won’t be scared to me and you Dad (imagine the boy’s heart, I can’t tell how it feels, but I was already laughing crazy hahaha), you can ask your parents, I guess they must have the heart to beat you. I think the mirror at home has a kind of magic Magic, when I look in the mirror, I feel like I look good, and my eyes are big, especially when I look in the mirror at night, hahaha, but in the eyes of others, this is not the case. In fact, I don’t look good, so we can improve our temperament. Oh~ and every time I pick up the black screen of my mobile phone and look at myself, I feel that my face is not that big. Why do I feel “full of loopholes” in the original camera? I’m only a teenager and have dark circles under my eyes. Seriously, my lying silkworm will be covered with bags under the eyes (tears burst out). Really cute sisters, don’t stay up late, go to bed early, every time you stay up late, you can obviously feel your heartbeat speeding up and fearing that you will suddenly disappear, so for the sake of beauty and Don’t stay up late for health. In fact, don’t care too much about other people’s eyes. Follow your own style, how you like it, self-confidence is the pinnacle. And you can usually pay attention to maintenance, dressing style, quietly whitening, stunning Everyone. Hehehehe, you can stand in a place and wait for the rain to stop without an umbrella on a rainy day. See if there is a younger brother or sister who took the initiative to ask if you want to go with an umbrella and walk together. School has a confession wall, you can see if you have a confession wall acridine

6 months ago

Find a friend of the opposite sex who has a good relationship and intentionally or unintentionally said: “I am a passerby.” If you are ugly, the other person usually answers “It doesn’t matter, everyone is ordinary.” If you generally answer “I think it’s okay.” If you are above average, the other person generally responds “It’s pretty good, it’s not normal.” If you are a little beauty, the other person generally responds “Fucking? You are also called ordinary?” If you are a big beauty emmm, unless you are particularly dull, the opposite sex next to you I should have let you know. If you are a stunning beauty, don’t think about it. You can’t ask this question.

6 months ago

“In a hundred readers, there are a hundred Hamlet.” Most of your aesthetic comes from an intuition under the mainstream media or regional characteristics of your social system. For example, European and American countries take a dark and even wheat complexion as beautiful, and some friends even spend money to tan for the sake of blackness. Because black means you have more time to go to the beach for sunbathing and vacation, and it means that you are more likely to have financial freedom and are above the middle class. The beauty of whiteness in Asia is more because it symbolizes not having to work under the scorching sun. So don’t really struggle with beauty or deny your uniqueness in order to meet the aesthetics of a certain public. So when the comment says that I don’t look good, I feel a little uncomfortable, but after thinking about it, it doesn’t matter if everyone has different definitions of beauty. Just like I didn’t think I was beautiful before I went abroad, because I had a dark complexion and my nose was not so tall, so I was troubled by it. But since I went abroad, foreigners praised me for being beautiful. I was still shocked for a long time and said you were talking about me? I realized that, my appearance may not be that bad, so I have a different view on the definition of beauty. So when you look at this matter, changing the environment will have a different definition of beauty. You don’t have to be attached to it, and you don’t have to worry about it. Those who know you and those who love you think you are beautiful no matter what.

6 months ago

It must be admitted that everyone cares about their looks. It is a pity that the photos will be distorted, the mirror will be upside down and the brain will be automatically compensated, and people around you will also be unable to give you a relatively objective evaluation of the appearance due to various considerations. If you want to know how good your appearance is, you can find someone to give you a score based on the scoring chart that is widely circulated on the Internet. However, there are tens of thousands of different styles in appearance, and the appearance of individuals in different states will also be very different. This kind of evaluation is too crude and subjective, and does not help me in any way. I provide professional image analysis on Zhihu. The current consultation score is a five-point full score. The following is a pertinent evaluation given by my consultation homepage and friends who have consulted (all information will not leak privacy, and the public information is the user’s choice to actively disclose it, please rest assured) currently a total of 300 The difference between multiple consultations and non-professional evaluations that are randomly scored and perfunctory is that in my case, the information you can get is: 1. The advantages and problems of your own appearance. From the specific details of your bones, facial features, proportions, skin quality, etc., I will help you realize the problem with your appearance and the highlights from a professional perspective. Why does it look awkward while the bones are very good? Why are the facial features very good but they look mediocre? These questions can be answered professionally by me. 2. Judge the level of appearance based on comprehensive factors such as your body shape, temperament, and recognition. Although I provide paid consulting services, objectivity is my first aim. I will not say anything against my heart to please you, nor will I judge you with a narrow aesthetic straightforwardly. Because I believe that no one is perfect, and no one is absolutely unbearable. I am confident and capable of discovering your strengths and analyzing the objective impact of your weaknesses on you. Help you have a clear concept of your own beauty level. 3. Provide suggestions on modification and improvement. The suggestions here include body shaping; hairstyle and makeup modification key points and some technical suggestions; the choice of clothing style; objects that can be referenced and learned, and so on. Not only is it to modify yourself, this process can also help you find a style that suits you, and give you some reference and diversified suggestions. 4. Follow-up questions and exchange feedback on key content. After the preliminary analysis and suggestions are completed, you can continue to ask me questions to answer key questions that were not clear in the original analysis or that you care more about. I believe that good communication is the best way to solve problems, rather than being perfunctory. In addition, before deciding whether to consult, you also don’t need to worry about these issues. 1. Privacy issues, the importance of personal and even privacy to users. This is not an institutional account, it is completely operated independently by me. You don’t have to worry about privacy leakage. 2. Is the consultation itself reliable? On the consultation homepage, you can find out by looking at the evaluations of past consultation users. If you want to go deeper, the consultation section of Zhihu has the function of [listening]. You can choose the [public consultation] that you are interested in or more suitable for your own situation. (Similarly, it is up to the user to decide whether to make it public or not, and I cannot operate and control it personally) to learn more about the details of the previous user’s consultation. So far, if you have decided to understand, or even try to ask me for a beauty consultation, then the method is as follows: If you are using a computer web client, then it is recommended that you pay attention to my homepage first, and then find it through the mobile phone Zhihu client my home page.

6 months ago

So far, I have done so many beauty consultations. After rough calculation, the average number of words analyzed for a consultation is about 1,500 words. Just typing is 500,000 words, which is about seven or eight novels. It’s not hard to write so many words. To put it in a decent way-what I hope to do is that users will forget the consulting fees they paid after the consultation is over. And from this moment on, there will be a little actual change in his life. As a Libra, an old-fashioned appearance party, I know how important appearance is to a person in modern society, and how much appearance has an impact on a person’s life. But I don’t think that beauty is everything in our lives. Because everyone has their own unique side, but also has their own shortcomings. If you can pass my consultation, it can really help you understand yourself more objectively, comprehensively and rationally. I have a better understanding of the small direction of future life, and even a deeper understanding of the issue of face value. I also feel that the process itself is very fulfilling, which is exactly what I pursue when opening image consultation. There is no denying that I want to earn some cigarette money. But I will get the rewards I won through my professional ability. Rather than selling anxiety and fraud. Of course, sometimes money is not the most important thing, at least in this process, I understand very well what kind of information users need to get, and what I am pursuing.

6 months ago

I think I’m not good-looking, but my grandmother thinks I’m good-looking like “Zou Ji satirizes the King of Qi”. Although his wife, concubine, and guests say that Zou Ji is good-looking, but the concubines and Guest, one is fear, and the other is asking for “me”. So these two are deceptive and do not analyze, but the wife does think that Zou Ji is beautiful, because drifting is often a very subjective factor, such as All boys in my class think that a girl is not good-looking, but I think it’s pretty good-looking. For example, people around me think a certain star is good-looking (in order not to provoke fans, not to mention the name) but I think it’s just average. So, is this good? Good-looking is relative, it’s a very idealistic thing

6 months ago

I used to be a confident and cheerful girl, regardless of appearance and figure, the family thinks it is okay. There is no shortage of boys to pursue since I was a child, and there are a lot of talks on the side of the road. But since falling in love, her boyfriend has always intentionally or unconsciously expressed dissatisfaction with my appearance and figure during the relationship. No matter what state of mind or emotional state, he will deliberately alienate me, and subtly bring me negative emotions, teach me to deal with contradictions radically, and keep me away from my social circle. Because his family conditions are not rich and his own conditions are also very ordinary, but based on my love for him, I expressed tolerance and understanding and tried my best not to hurt his self-esteem. I hope he can save money and work together after I graduate to buy a house. Marriage and have children to live a life, so both his family and friends are polite and respectable, and treat him as sincere as his family and friends. However, it turned out that I despised his family, treated his family badly, and even wanted to drive his father out of the house in the future? ? ? I tried to communicate repeatedly and was rejected without exception. After more than three years of feelings, I was finally broken up after his repeated derailments. (The idea is probably: pretend to be single and go out to have fun with netizens. After the cheating is discovered, the person who did the wrong thing becomes angry and discredited his girlfriend outside, using this as an excuse to carry out deceit in an upright manner and achieve the purpose of covering up his own behavior…) After the next day, the chic behaviors such as drinking and singing with female netizens kf are not worth mentioning… The operation is too saucy and speechless… I thought I would gradually forget the breakup and come out slowly, but he But he said bad things about me to everyone around me. Hearing from others that I have a mental illness, that I look ugly, and that I am skinny and really distressed, I even began to wonder if I was really as unsightly as what he said…really lost…was stuck. In the abyss of self-denial, I can’t eat and sleep, and even wake up three or four times every night, all in a crying state. The photos were deleted first. . . Thank you for your comfort, I understand that this is pua…

6 months ago

Scores do not come from evaluations. The real scores are not spoken from the mouth. Whether your own scores or the scores of people around you are inaccurate. The facial value score spoken from a person’s mouth will never be accurate. Why do you give you a score of 5 or 6 when you go to Xianyu, because this is a safe range, and there is no lie, but it will not disappoint you too much. If I want to score, I will blurt out 2 points and 3 points, so I don’t now I scored. Do you think 5 points and 6 points are easy to achieve? Most people are around 3 points. At 4 points, you are very pleasing to your eyes. At 5 points, you will be a handsome boy and a beautiful girl. You say that he has a high probability of 4 points. You wrangling. The most accurate score will only come from one channel, that is, feedback from the opposite sex, and it is purely unfamiliar, and the feedback from the opposite sex that is not intimate with you at all. A female colleague in the company has a good impression of you. This does not necessarily mean that you are handsome. It may also be because your performance has increased and she sees you as a potential stock. I gave up my seat to the old man on the bus and did a good deed. A woman glanced at you. This does not mean that you are handsome. It only means that some of your actions have attracted the attention of strangers. To get real feedback, you can’t have any subtle social relationship with that person. Even if you go to a convenience store to buy a bottle of water, the waitress who is cleaning does not talk to you, you are also in contact. You are not pure strangers, and her feedback to you is not true. As long as a person has a little social relationship with you, he will not tell you that you are truly scoring. Only pure strangers walking on the main road have nothing to do with you. You also did not make any abnormal behavior or wear abnormal clothing. The other party is not a salesperson or an abnormal human, but he will still stop and watch or approach you. Only with this kind of treatment can you be called a good-looking person. All other criteria for judgment are very naive. They scored by themselves, scored by friends, sprinkled chicken soup, and have temperament. I have not learned to score myself objectively, but there is a set of self-comforting tunes. The specific score is calculated based on the quality and quantity of unfamiliar strangers who actively and unconditionally hook up with you. Unisex.

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