First, the Cavaliers still score after Irving’s three-pointer, and if James dunks the ball, it is likely to be in front of Irving. The dunk is really stretched and critical. The second is the two teams. It’s not too much. Iguodala’s ball is a fast break, a ball with a high success rate. It is logically a must, and it was abruptly capped by James. If the Warriors scored in such a relaxed way at this time, it would put a lot of pressure on the Cavaliers. Therefore, the meaning of this ball is very different. If the ball is missed and Irving scores that three-pointer, then the three-pointer is worthless. Third, in more than three minutes without scoring as mentioned above, the Cavaliers should have a chance to score. It was James’ layup, but it was capped by Iguodala. However, the playback shows that the ball is an iron beater and should have not touched the ball, which is a big miscalculation. Originally it should be James who broke the deadlock, so it is a kind of compensation for James. Fourth, why did the Warriors come out for a fast break opportunity… because Irving did not make a layup… Of course it is not accusing Irving, but James does It is also for Irving to take fifth place. The good ball is very important for perception and importance, because there are winners and losers in the game, but there is no good ball. When the importance is roughly equal, the impact of James’ block must be stronger, and more difficult. As for how difficult it is, there were a lot of analyses on the Internet at the time. In short, it was very limited. It was only a few seconds away. In the league, I believe that only James can complete it. To sum up, the importance I think James wins slightly, and I feel that James wins completely, so I think it is not a big problem to put James ahead.

I don’t know why, after watching the finals that year, there is always a feeling of unfinished feelings. I think this is the most exciting finals I have seen in so many years. In the tiebreaker, the Cavaliers played away against the Warriors. Just remember that the atmosphere was very depressing in the last few minutes. Both sides could not score for a long time. Finally, the Warriors had a fast break. The first brother’s layup was blocked by James. I felt that this depression had reached its climax. After Irving’s long three-pointer, the whole talent came alive, Chang Shu Take a breath, because the pressure has come to the Warriors. Curry also tasted his best three-pointer from the outside. The shaking in front was particularly smooth. Love had already been shaken by him at the time, but the moment he shot gave me a sloppy feeling. It was sloppy. In the last 18 seconds of the game, James also almost completed a dunk that could compete for the “best in finals history”. He received a pass from Irving on the outside and faced Green guarding the inside. James was determined to end the difficult game with a single button. Two steps within the free throw line, he took off… enough take-off height, enough There was Green’s mid-air interception in front of him, and Old Zhan still slammed into the basket with all his strength. After witnessing this situation, Love from beyond the three-point line was already jumping and jumping with excitement. If this ball is scored, the basket must shake three times! But Green was also cross-hearted and must pull Lao Zhan down… The result of a head-on collision was that the two people who collided in the air fell to the ground. When they landed, James still supported the ground with his elbow and the pain was unbearable. In the end, Zhan Qiang endured the pain caused by this fierce foul, hit two free throws and one to put the game to a conclusion.

Did not buckle, win a free throw to kill the game, but buckle, it is probably the best dunk in the history of the finals, overwhelming the best three-pointers and best blocks of the year.

This may be the best comment of that round at that time.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Because that block is worth ten thousand gold

Without that block, it can be said that a brother must make a layup. A must make a lead by 2 points and a lead by 2 points. That is to say, the next Cavaliers attack requires a minimum of 2 points to tie. Failure to score is basically a loss. At this time, the pressure to vote for 3 points is far greater than for evenly splitting 3 points.

It’s not that the evenly divided three-pointer is not good, but the value of this nail-board hat is too great

7 months ago

The reason is simple. You have to live without death before you can have an afterlife. You have to know the cause and effect relationship. In the seventh game of 13 years, James took control of his own destiny and won the gold-rich championship. However, there was no goal in the highlights, and there was no Boss overtime match against Green. There was only the so-called one that played repeatedly. The best goal of the zero years, Ray Allen’s back catch equalized a three-pointer. why? Because Ray Allen saved the Heat from death and saved James’ salvation for himself. The 16-year championship is the historical finals where James truly controls his own destiny. Without that block, the Warriors will rise once they are successful. At the moment when the game is almost exhausted, it will be difficult to show Irving and only need to vote. Goals can lead the round, so James must be blocked before Irving’s lore. And one thing, please know that netizens don’t forget to mention that Owen was ranked third in scoring that year. I don’t know what the second is.

7 months ago

Because of this wonderful ranking of goals/assists/blocks, sometimes it is not limited to what is shown on the court. For example, Kobe has overtaken James, this block will definitely be ahead of James Gai Kobe (Kobe Carr), why, because Kobe Carr is unknown. Little potatoes cover Yao Ming, definitely ahead of them, why? The height gap is more perceptible. Kobe’s three-point lore must be ahead of Josh Smith, why? Kobe ranks higher in history. It was also the tie rod layup of the finals. Jordan’s tie rod was ahead of Kobe’s tie rod. Why, a first man and a second shooting guard. Although Kobe’s lever is more exciting than Jordan’s (after all, it is the history-level defensive player Howard, Jordan’s pure showmanship). This is the reason why James is in front of the blocking row-both are equally important. Irving’s opponent is even one rank higher than James’s blocking target, but James’s historical position is too far behind.

7 months ago

From the results, the shots and the three-pointers at the critical moment are indispensable. It is no problem to say that they are both important! But there is still an important difference between shots and three-pointers: successful shots are harder and less likely! The average shooting rate of pitchers is 30 or 40, and the probability of the defender getting a successful block is generally too low. It can be said that there is an order of magnitude difference in the difficulty between the two! There have always been many pitchers who can make ten shots in a game, and some pitchers can maintain this state for several years; there has never been a pitcher that can cover ten in a game (average). I think there is one in midfield. The above seems to be the defensive master. It’s understandable that James’ blocked shots are ahead of Owen’s three-pointers in this comparison, right? !

7 months ago

The score at the time was 89:89. If Iguodala made the layup at the time, the Warriors would lead by two points. For the Cavaliers, two points must be scored and three points can be stable. When James covers the must goal, the team has hope and the team’s mood will change. That is, it doesn’t matter whether the three-pointer can make or not, anyway, if the next round is defended, it does not matter.

7 months ago

There are many answers saying that there is no O’s three-pointer without Zhan’s blocking, and they have repeatedly emphasized that Zhan’s blocking is more important than O’s three-pointer. And I want to say that the two goals are almost the same in terms of viewing and impact, and the official ranks Lao Zhan ahead of Odie because the person who blocked the shot was James! ! ! Imagine, suppose the eighth-sage king Thompson was the one who made the final contribution, and the three-pointer was Lao Zhan. The official judges the blocking before the three points. It is estimated that everyone, including Zhanhei, will think that the NBA official is a nt. If you put aside personal factors, Zhan’s blocking is as important as Ou’s three-pointer, and equally exciting. But in reality, James is a historically NBA star and the number one player in the NBA, while Irving is just an All-Star star. The current NBA is barely in the top ten. When ranking officials, they will definitely want to rank this way, and more people will agree. Rankings are highly subjective, and if the two goals are highly appreciated and have a high impact in the game, it is understandable that the more popular stars are ranked higher.

7 months ago

Because the media, and those fans believe that the credit is all LBJ, this is also the NBA’s plan to create a god. Just imagine, this block is not LBJ’s, but anyone else’s. Irving made this lore three-pointer and let the Cleveland Cavaliers win the championship. You will understand whether Irving will be a god. I admit that LBJ is indeed an evergreen tree, setting records every day. According to Jamie’s thinking, James should be 1V5 on the court, and four pendants are enough. And no matter how good the teammates are, the teammates who win the game are all pendants, and the teammates who lose the game are all James 1V9, there is no way. Including the current Lakers, it is the thick eyebrows that determines the height of the Lakers, but the thick eyebrows are nothing more than a tool man in James’s words.

7 months ago

Have you forgotten that there is a Jr in front of the Warriors when they advance in two? Did you forget that it was Jr’s defense that made Iguodala shrink? I don’t deny that The B is great, but without Jr’s fatal interference, James will not be able to kill Iguodala’s dunk. Many people have also said that after blocking the game in that century, James has lost his strength. I want to say that on this basis, if the overtime is entered with a tie, or the Warriors calmly grasp the last offensive opportunity, what will it be like? In the end, Love’s defense against Curry is not a classic defense against big ones? If you say what it is like without James’ previous efforts, can I also say that without Irving’s three-pointer, in the end, without Love’s successful defense, James’ The B is also mediocre? ?

7 months ago

Even if it is one who favors one another, he is not so partial. When Irving hit a three-pointer, what was in your mind was James NB or Irving’s handsome blow up? You don’t have any idea in your heart? ? In addition, if I have to talk about the previous chase by Ma Pingchuan, I chose Prince Gemüller’s ball, which was unexpectedly called the magical force… I don’t want to belittle James’ valuable cover, but James We have to watch the ball for so many years, G7 such a big scene, a 26+6 player with the ball heads-up hit a record to break the deadlock, determine the title of the championship 3 points, in the end can be reduced to this, I It’s really a long experience, so KD still understands. The media and fans around James are really poisonous…

7 months ago

Speaking of the past ten years, it’s better to push the time forward ten years. In the 2010-2011 season, LeBron James, who just formed the Big Three with Wade and Bosh—the league’s top card, has just led the Lakers to win the championship. LeBron James is still the league’s top card. First of all, seeking truth from facts, James’ self-discipline and hard work have kept his physical condition in a very good state. Success and greatness are inevitable, but vaguely, except for James, the league can still be The league has changed, and the atmosphere of the business league has become more serious. The NBA needs James to attract more attention. In my personal eyes, I think Irving’s three-pointer is greater, but the league has created greater gimmicks for James for the benefit. Stern’s painstaking management of the NBA was handed over to Xiao Hua, a pure businessman. He happened to find that he had lost interest in the NBA. Or, as a basketball enthusiast, I am not used to watching the current small balls and prefer that basket. The era of hand-to-hand combat, full of gunpowder, but that is gone forever

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