Well-known bloggers broke the news that Voice of China 2021 has now finalized three mentors: Jay Chou, Deng Ziqi, and Li Ronghao. The last mentor is still in contact, can he inject new power into a good voice?

Is it already set? It was not so early in previous years. The latest revelation seems to be Deng Ziqi. She can, although she is very young, she has creative and singing ability, personal charm, and actual performance in her works. The return of Jay Chou will definitely attract many people. There are so many classic songs, outstanding talents dominate the Chinese music scene for more than ten years, and unparalleled popularity. Recently I watched “The Voice of God” Tao Zhe’s musical ability is very strong, the sword is not old, look forward to it! Chong Jay Chou and Tao Zhe will go to see the Voice of China this year. They are the top figures in the Chinese music scene, and being able to come to this show will add too many points to this show! Li Ronghao has also been for several seasons. I hope he can focus more and spend more time on the students. He has the ability to arrange music, and he must be a producer in terms of how to make the song well. The brain is also easy to use. See if he has worked hard. He has been making songs and shows himself recently, and he feels a little bit slick with little effort. And this show requires a lot of input from the instructor. Zhang Jianying has a very good vocal in her mind. She is a prominent female singer in the Mesozoic era. Has a wonderful voice, very good singing skills, many red songs. The popularity of China’s good voice is far worse than the first two or three seasons. I remember the huge popularity of the people in the previous seasons. The scene where Liang Bo won the championship with 80,000 people, I was overseas and the foreign circle of friends has spread it. Good voice now, pay attention, there are not as many players as there were in previous seasons. It is also difficult to meet good newcomers in the music industry. Where are so many outstanding newcomers coming out, and besides, this show is not as good as other talents. It is not easy to find good singers. But this program is still not simple. Instructor swivel chair, comment, choose people, line up, arrange songs, very familiar with wisdom and musical ability. Whether the show is attractive and whether it can perform well in the circle is very much related to the music literacy of the instructor. Supergirl Li Yuchun went to China Good Voice as a mentor last year. During the broadcast of the show, many of her fans said that she would not watch the show. The show was not good to Li Yuchun and looked quite angry. In fact, this program exposed Li Yuchun’s lack of ability as a tutor. This lack of ability does not mean that she does not sing well. Of course, she does not sing very well. The students in the Li Yuchun group are not bad, but she doesn’t play the cards beautifully. In particular, the selection of songs and the arrangement are weak, and the students rarely sing brilliantly, and many of them are eliminated. Li Yuchun, who is often “preferred” in various programs, seemed a little embarrassed in this program. It exposed her shortcomings in musical ability. Compared with Li Jian, his team has outstanding students such as Shan Yichun, and his selection of songs and instructed singing make the students fully shine. Some of the team members’ works were not very prominent. He changed the original melody and arrangement for the students, and taught each sentence to sing, which greatly improved the students’ singing. Nicholas Tse’s “sophisticated calculations” made the team get a good result. Music arrange is also powerful. Although Zhang Jianying is a vocal, her singing skills are not much better than Li Yuchun. But personally feel that she will also face the same problems as Li Yuchun: the ability to choose songs and arrange music, and the wisdom of arranging troops. In the singers and other programs, Zhang Jianying herself does not belong to the singers with high “singer” in grasping the artistic conception and emotion of the songs, and she basically does not know how to arrange and compose songs. Her taste in choosing songs is not very good. It is best to have a team arrange the music for the students. Otherwise, it is possible that this show may become a waterloo, exposing her shortcomings.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

This is only the news from the Internet. The current official mentor is Jay Chou. If Tao Zhe can come, I am really looking forward to it. As for the mentor lineup to restore the decline, it is impossible. If you really want to run a music-based program, please ” “The Voice of China” Don’t be embarrassed by the instructor on the stage, you sing me and the contestants crying on stage to introduce their own mental journeys. Interest-driven black-box operation. Don’t use professional judges to easily define the future development of students on the road of music with the words “market” and “public”. Otherwise, China still has a good voice. The above content comes from this answer written by me.

6 months ago

will not. The key to a talent show is to create a mystery, and the mystery must be interesting. The reason why this mystery is interesting depends on a variety of novel competition systems and various players. The novel competition system and diverse players make the stage full of surprises. The audience can’t guess who will compete and who will be eliminated. Of course, in addition, the talent show also The quality of out-of-the-loop works may not be high, but the popularity is a must, or even if the competition system and the players pass, the subsequent programs will be difficult to maintain. “Creation 101” is the master of these elements. Competition system: relying on fans to vote for a hundred people to fight; players: Yang Chaoyue, Wang Ju and others (youth has your Wu Yifan girlfriend) Program: many times to appear on the stage and look at the good voices, let alone Jay Chou, Deng Ziqi, Li Ronghao, or Zhou and Wang who answered earlier , Lin, and Tao, even if they invite the four kings of Hong Kong, it is useless, because the good voice does not know the reason why the talent show is popular, or he knows it, but it can’t change it anymore. Is the key reason for the popularity of good voices back then because of the three heavyweight mentors Yu Chengqing, Na Ying, and Liu Huan? It is because he has changed the unfair competition system in which the singers were accidentally determined by sound factors in the past, and also because this novel and fair competition system allowed many interesting and excellent players to stand on the stage to express themselves. Looking at it now, the show’s competition system has remained unchanged for many years (of course, if it changes, then the show will be completely different); the voice as the only reason for selection is too single, and the choice of songs has a huge impact on the performance of the players; and the players’ favorability It can only rely on the monologue a few minutes after the performance. Compared with other programs that give players a lot of shots, the players have fewer performance opportunities; most players sing other people’s songs, and there are few interesting original songs, and there is no “surprise” (if you say If you only listen to the voice, why not listen to the singer?) Therefore, if you want to have a good voice anymore, the key is to change the competition system and emphasize the players. Continue to shoot reality shows with mentors and players

6 months ago

Difficult, now I participate in variety shows for the sake of being famous, but Good Voice is not doing after-sales now. The former champion Jiang Dunhao didn’t have much work after winning the championship. It shows that this stage with good sound is of no use, so why do people come to participate?
It’s Zhou Shen and Zhang Bichen who have really gotten so good these years.

6 months ago

No way. What is the old entanglement mentor doing? Brother, it’s the Internet age! Like Zhou and others, like their music, wouldn’t the concert be more enjoyable! Why does a good sound fire? He made up an adult fairy tale, no matter your background or appearance, as long as you are talented in a certain aspect, you will definitely shine! Like singing! This gave the majority of community and livestock youth a strong resonance and sense of participation! But what does Yao Beina’s situation tell everyone? Want to fix you! No matter how talented you are, you can correct you! At this time, the foundation of a good voice collapsed! What kind of competition, what music, what talent is all fake. But, after all, strength is strength! If Good Voice can support a group of new music talents, such as Zhou Shenmao, it will gradually integrate into everyone’s lives, just like Jay Chou and She did. Then, everyone will still be optimistic about the voice. However, the rise of short videos has always made a certain song popular, and either plagiarism or scandal has erupted. The Chinese music scene, dead, the corpses have been swallowed by the gluttons! Therefore, the decline of a certain industry, the predecessors had no way to go, then people naturally have no way to go. In summary. Good voice, as a variety show, everyone knows it is a performance with a script, fake. As a music stage, the Chinese music scene is dead, and something is burning paper.

6 months ago

The ideal lineup of mentors is arranged in the order of debut. Jay Chou, Wilber Pan, JJ Lin, and Show Luo. It’s been so much after making up for the master of time management. It is estimated that it will be silent for a few years. If the master of time management is replaced by Wang Leehom or Tao Zhe, it feels OK. As for this show, to be honest, this kind of game mode has been tired of watching, and now, it is not the first season of 2012. It has been 9 years, but the development space is basically gone. See you Just accept it. “I’m a Singer” next door, it’s okay, it seems to be 7 seasons. The stalk of this show, Hong Tao drinks water, and the singer is the host, which is basically a good one. However, due to the special reasons of last year’s epidemic, Misia stayed in Japan and instead allowed Misia to expand the stage of [singer] to various places. It was very imaginative, especially the one full of candles. Amazing, this is a windfall for the last season of [Singer]. However, the show is always at the end, Hong Tao said it himself, but didn’t do it. So [good voice] also hurry up.

6 months ago

These few are almost representative of the popular music of the last era. They are well-known and fruitful, but their styles are too close. I hope that Good Voice can introduce new forces, control more styles, and open up audiences of different ages. Introduce such as Cui Jian and Xu Wei. They are memories of a generation that have been forgotten by a new generation. They are definitely treasures. They represent the glorious era of rock music and folk songs in the Mainland. I believe they can also bring different impacts to different age groups. Or the bold introduction of young power may bring something new to the stage. It’s just that currently only Deng Ziqi, who has gone through all kinds of doubts, can truly stand shoulder to shoulder with the predecessors. It is the only post-90s who can take over the banner of the music scene. If you can invite the god of sweeping, Luo Dayou or Li Zongsheng. Even Lin Xihuang and the writers like Huangzhan would be richer and more in-depth. You can even consider hiring a superstar from abroad (Am I a singer already doing it?).

6 months ago

The old fan of “The Voice of China” came to answer, except for the latest season, I watched it all. Compared to “Singer”, I have always liked “The Voice of China”, especially in the audition stage, because of the freshness, people who can hear all kinds of musical aesthetics come to the same show to sing. As for the tutors, I also prefer those musicians who have no fixed style and cover a wide range of styles. Old artists and small fresh meats are fine, as long as the aesthetics are ok. For example, Liu Huan. “Light Music” and “Borovets” are still in my playlist. There is no doubt that “The Voice of China” opened up my music aesthetics, listening to rock, listening to folk songs, listening to classics, listening to bel canto, listening to the second dimension, listening to rap, listening to Teresa Teng in the 80s…a program with a strong aesthetic tolerance. The style brings audiences like me to experience the beauty of various melody again and again. Of course, in recent years, the feeling of refreshing has become less and less, which is why I watched less and less. For example, if there is Wang Feng in a certain season, I can probably guess that there are a lot of rock and roll, such as Jay Chou in a certain season, I can probably guess. There are a lot of popular Chinese style + rap…Of course they are very good musicians, but only the top ones in popular music always feel that something is missing, or there is a lack of Tan Jing, Liu Huan… to tell the audience “good music” It is for listening, not for singing” (cr Liu Huan, “The Voice of China”). I am missing something refreshing… Watching “The Voice of China”, I just want to listen to songs, I just want to listen to high-quality comments that can be clear. In fact, who you invite is not so important, and even how many ads are inserted. In the end, there are no shady scenes. I don’t care too much… The premise is that there are songs I want to listen to. I just want to listen to songs. Without the songs I want to listen to and interesting comments, it won’t attract me. This is a show’s loyal fans’ request to watch the show. Will the show team see it? Don’t do anything, I just want to listen to great songs, eclectic music.

6 months ago

It seems that the official announcement is Jay. But if David can come, I would like to see the professional interaction between Jay and David. But for younger audiences, David may not be familiar with them. If it is to restore the decline, David and Jay are mainly responsible for the professional part (after all, they have never seen David on a variety show, entertainment is a question mark), and the entertainment part may have to rely on Jay Chou. If it is this set of lineup, the entertainment is not enough, but if the sound is ready to go to the professional line, it will be restored, but this assumption is not true.

6 months ago

The problem of good voice is not the instructor. 1. For a talent show, first you have to prove that the people you choose are competitive in the market. Everyone is willing to watch. and then? How many periods of good sound is controversial. And in many cases, it is not the dispute, but the way the dispute is handled. The controversy of the good voice is often sad. 2. For a talent show, you must prove that your players can be successful. The players who come out have no reputation, no money, and no resources. There are not so many good players willing to come. 3. Any game of entertainment must have a sense of freshness, a new competition system, and fairness. Good voice really doesn’t feel any innovation. Many people’s favorite players are eliminated inexplicably, and after elimination, they disappear without sound. So why are the audience chasing this? I’ve watched good voices for several seasons, and made myself dead without a direct competitor. It’s really regrettable.

6 months ago

Why should such a rubbish show continue to be run? When talking about the good voices of China, they are basically students from the academic school. There is no gap or surprise. The players have been developed when they first came to the stage, and the upper limit of progress will not change much in the future. It’s not that we need all the grass roots, but it’s not that the huge China can’t find a good voice, and some people disappeared inexplicably after passing. The whole script is really blunt. The director controls what the instructor says and performs various behind-the-scenes operations. What is so good about it?

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