As mentioned above, many companies seem to have been actively engaged in developing new products, ranging from local brands in our hometown to Apple and Samsung, always developing new products. But what are super companies like Coca-Cola doing all day?
ps: Actually, I have seen them launch new products, but they seem to have no sense of existence. They are mainly doing those. I am curious what the company and its employees are doing all day.

The former Coca-Cola employee replied: Actually, the Chinese company is really fine. The Coca-Cola Company in China has to pay tribute to the red party flag! Managers are divided into foreign managers and Chinese managers. The foreign manager is also Chinese, from Hong Kong. The first time I saw him, I thought he was here for fun. Wearing a beach suit, running around the offices, hahaha smiling. The Chinese manager, the factory director of the production plant, the unsmiling middle-aged man with the party emblem pinned to his chest. It may also be that my level is too low to reach higher levels. I worked as a marketing specialist in the marketing department of Nanjing Zhongcui Company. In daily work, translate the ready-made, English marketing plan, and then implement it. With a piece of software, I have forgotten how to spell it. Transliteration is sold out. Look at the daily data, forecast the data, and make a plan. Every day is the data. Specially spent money to buy weather data, the daily temperature changes after half a month, forecast sales and then make plans. Every day’s work is to pretend to work hard, and then read novels and play games. Best at minimizing. When I was at work, I wrote a horror novel and published it on the intranet, and there were still many fans. It should still be hung in the Internet cafe now. My current wife is my fan back then. It’s a pity that my internal strength is really bad, or in other words, I am not suitable for being an employee at all. Now I am my own boss, engaged in the art training industry. Want to come, I am very grateful to the leadership at that time. Taught me a lot of things. Don’t dislike me being so playful, endure me for so long. Generally speaking, Coca-Cola China is a bureaucracy. Many foreign-funded companies are not working now. I heard that it is hard to find a job for people from foreign companies. I think, I understand, it is certainly difficult for a person from an old-age care institution to find a job.


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8 months ago

As costs are rising every year and performance must continue to grow, mature companies are always facing tremendous pressure. The subject of the topic refers to the brand level. Taking communication and promotion as an example, it can usually be divided into three levels: 1. The company and brand level: centering on the goal of brand upgrading, the company’s CIS, VIS, and SI upgrade planning and application Implementation, such as official website, self-media, advertising, material upgrades, etc. 2. Product level: New products must “attract attention”, and old products must “deep memory”. This is also the requirement of AIDMA law. 3. Channel and terminal level: The requirements of local branches, offices, distributors and stores are too numerous.

8 months ago

Coca-Cola is not idle. When you arrive at the American Emperor, you will find that Coca-Cola’s advertisements are all over YouTube, major theaters, major sports events… The advertising is also a waste of money, such as Ant-Man stealing Coke to the Hulk during the Civil War. The special effects do not lose to real movies. In addition to smashing advertisements everywhere, there is also researching various formulas. Diet Zero is silly and confused. It is not a good thing to make a wild cherry flavor that the American people like to hear, and to make a decaffeinated roar. Combine various flavors and various sugar-free and caffeine-free formulas to arrange and combine them. So far, I think Coca-Cola is one of the companies with the most presence in Meidi.

8 months ago

Former COFCO Coca-Cola employees came to answer a wave. The answerer previously worked in the regional brand department, and has been in related industries before joining. I think what the questioner wants to know is what the Chinese companies of these companies are doing every day, so the answer below only includes the domestic business and the answerer’s previous Work content, don’t spray if you don’t like it. As we all know, COFCO Coca-Cola, as a fast-moving consumer company, is a sales-oriented company. The answer is that the main university is studying advertising, and Coca-Cola is a case of Phnom Penh er in the textbook, so when I received the offer of Coke, I did not hesitate to answer. But after I joined the job, I thought I would do screen marketing and brand marketing, none of them, you read it right, none of them! It’s necessary for everyone to popularize science here. COFCO Coca-Cola’s branches are named after “factories”, such as “Henan Factory” and “Shanxi Factory”. In addition to product production, employees of these companies are more concerned with sales data. There are a total of several steps from the factory to the sale of Coke. This is what everyone is most concerned about, of course, including the brand staff. So where do the Coke advertisements and new actions that you see every day come from? Advertising creativity comes from 4A, while new flavors are entirely from the research and development of the US headquarters. The above is what the respondent has seen and heard working in Coke.

8 months ago

I saw Swire and COFCO employees answering questions, so let me spread my knowledge by the way. The sale of Coca-Cola in China is done by two companies, Swire and COFCO. They are Coca-Cola’s cooperative bottling plants in China, not directly operated by Coca-Cola in the United States. As the FMCG industry, the most important thing is to sell goods. Everything is for selling goods. Although Coca-Cola is a big brand, people who make beverages make hard money. A company like Swire has many departments, many managers, lengthy internal processes, and poor treatment at the grassroots level. I used to work in Nanjing Zhongcui. The locals in Nanjing have a house and have nothing to pursue. They can come here and are suitable for the elderly.

8 months ago

Coca-Cola’s internal employees are very frustrated. Oh, our market share has reached 35%, and we have nothing to do. Later, the new CEO said after he took office, the focus should not be on market share, but on consumers. The average daily consumption of drinks per capita, on average, Coca-Cola only accounted for 0.3%, indicating that we are not doing enough. . So began to develop a variety of new products, not only Coca-Cola, but also coffee, and even tea. Still vision is very important!

8 months ago

Randomly flipped a few photos from the phone, these are actually the brands and products of the Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola, which has been in existence for more than one hundred years, has to be maintained for more than one hundred years, and there should be a lot of daily work. The author has visited the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta and has a little knowledge of Coca-Cola. It is said that Coca-Cola has 500 brands and 3,500 products in the world, involving a variety of beverage products, including soda (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Yiquan, Fanta), juice (Minute Maid, Queer, Simply), water ( Dasani, ice dew), coffee (Costa, Geogia), milk (Fair Life), tea (Fuze, Ayataka, Chuncha), alcoholic beverages (Topo Chico), smoothies (Odwalla), vitamin water (VitaminWater), sports energy Beverages (Powerade, Monster), herbal beverages (Health Workshop), plant-based beverages (Ades, King of Coarse Grains)… So do you think Coca-Cola is just a syrup company? Do you think Coca-Cola should do a good job in product innovation, brand development, and market operations. Do their daily tasks be simple?

8 months ago

To answer this question specifically, first of all, the Coke companies you see in the Mainland are probably bottling plants, that is, COFCO Coca-Cola and Swire Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola adopts a franchise operation, which means that Coca-Cola sells raw material powder to the bottling plant, and the bottling plant reproduces and sells it. Swire-Cola (previously called Zhongcui) and COFCO both have state-owned holdings. About half a state-owned enterprise. I am doing finance. It can be said that it is very leisurely and the benefits are also very good. The five social insurance and one golden roof can also be guaranteed in the 996 capital 965. But the salary is not high, especially in the Finance Department (sales will be higher). It can be said that it is a company that is very suitable for locals. A senior said “pretend to work hard”, which can be said to be true, and it is a relatively leisurely company. What do you usually do? Advertise, negotiate with customers, and sell various new products. You may think that Coke and Sprite are selling well, and Fruit Orange Queer is also okay, but the actual company still has many products promoting. Such as costa coffee, Minute Maid’s new coconut milk, pure water, soda water. The latest 2 years of A-HA sparkling water, sunshine tea, cool tea (compared to Vita lemon tea), pure fruit water, magic claw dragon tea, taste very good, but still can not open the market, everyone is a headache . There were also many new products that didn’t taste good before, such as Chunyue Shenxian Water, Chunchashe, and Fanta’s black potion. I couldn’t drink it anyway, and I was basically chopped up later. And recently, community group buying has become popular, and the company is also trying these new channels to expand the market. the above

8 months ago

Although it is not a company, the work content of Pepsi-Cola is basically the same. 1. New products are distributed. Every year, companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola will release 3 to 5 new products. The sales job is to sell these single products to the market. During the period, there will be company brand promotion and promotion planning to match the first-line sales. Product policy and marketing packaging. 2. Maintenance and development of the market. This area is mainly for store visits. There are professional salesmen who will maintain it, ranging from supermarkets, wholesalers, hot pot restaurants, to small stores (mainly depending on the size of the city.) There are a lot of single products and small gifts. Will follow our business colleagues to the commissary chain supermarkets in each district ~ 3. The placement of advertising resources, such as: the promoters of the university town wearing Pepsi elements (mostly beautiful university girls); large-scale basketball or other sports Sports sponsorship; a lot of investment has been invested in the placement of the current machine in the theater and other advertising arrangements such as umbrellas and Pepsi elements tables and chairs. 4. The caravan show in towns and villages is also a feature of Pepsi in recent years. There will be a lot of gifts and new Pepsi drinks on the way of the show, and the on-site purchase is also super cheap (some products are part of the advertising fee). 5. I’m a little sleepy or take a pit, and I’ll answer another day~ By the way, Pepsi and Coca-Cola were originally stomach medicine and cold medicine respectively. Later, after drinking it…hahaha

8 months ago

One of my HR colleagues came from Coca-Cola. Combined with other related knowledge, let me talk about Coca-Cola personnel related. The customizable product Coca-Cola launched by Coca-Cola is still very competitive in the domestic employment situation. After all, the brand is there. However, no matter how good the company is, there are still limited good jobs. Those college students recruited under the banner of management trainees and reserve cadres are ultimately only arranged in the first line, especially the first-line sales and the first-line market. However, the entry barrier is not low, because too many people submit resumes. Let’s take a look at Coca-Cola’s recruitment principles: integrity, honesty, strong motivation for achievement, strategic thinking ability, innovative work attitude, promotion of consumer and customer value, ability to adapt to changes, sense of responsibility, and team spirit. Let’s see if this article can stimulate your adrenal hormones. The more exciting, the more people submit their resumes. The more people who submit their resumes, the more people who are recruited will be selected among the best. The more people who choose the best, the more talents will be wasted, “mistakes” and delayed development will eventually be caused. Even if you really have ambitions and want to quickly promote and develop through hard work, it is difficult. Strict (bureaucratic) internal management does not allow you to break the rules. In other words, do they need you to work hard to promote the development of other companies with a century-old company? Your hard work may move the cheese of a certain old employee and old leader. Maintaining the status quo, obeying the instructions, obeying the arrangements, and step by step are excellent. In this context, some people really “fit in”, and some people will learn in private and improve themselves in secret. After one or two or three to five years, this group of people considers quitting after exams. The good and the bad are mixed, but they all wear the big sign of the excellent Coca-Cola Company, and they flood into the talent market shiningly. As a result, insightful companies select those truly outstanding talents, and in order to cope with recruiting KPIs or blindly fancy HRs from so-called famous companies, they will act as successors, and include those “talents” from well-known companies. The question is crooked… But in the HR recruitment industry, this is a pain point. It is also a waste of the entire talent market that cannot be bypassed. A lot of talents with a good deck of cards beat themselves up when they hit it. There are many factors here. But to a certain extent, the more famous enterprises are, the more talents are concentrated and the more damage it causes. In view of the current spring recruitment is still in progress, with some questions that Coca-Cola used in interviews, I hope to help some friends: 1. Why would you like to work for Coca-Cola? 2. What attracts you about the management trainee program at Coca-Cola? 3. In your opinion, what do you think Coca-Cola could have done better? 4. Could you give me an example of how you deal with negative comments? 5. Tell me about a time that made you really uncomfortable and how you went out of your comfort zone. 6. How do you manage your time? 7. What do you know about Coca-Cola 8. What are your strengths and weaknesses 9. What is our career planning 10. How do you demonstrate leadership11. What are challenges you faced in your internship12. Tell me about a time you disagreed with others13. How do you demonstrate team work14. What kind of work environment would you like to work in15. Resume related questions16. Your favorite product of Coca- cola;17.One day impressed you most about Coca-cola;18.Your innovation ideas to overcome the difficulties;19.List an example of your leadership competence;20.Talk abou t something about the challenges of Coca-cola;21.If you were in this program, what do you want to get most from Coca-cola;22.Share the happiest moment with Coke;23.Tell the lastest news or policies about Coca -cola you have knowed;24.Have you aplied for any other programs of other companies;25. An example of leading a project and manage fund26. An example of failure and what you do to compensate for it27. An example of solving problems28. How do you define success 29. Two words when you think of cola30. What have you learned most during your intern? 31. How to help others? 32. How do you define success 33. If your solution can’t solve the problem, what would you do? 34. When you are completing a project and your leader suddenly asks your strategy to change and the deadline remains the same, what would you do? 35. The biggest difficulty in life is What, how do you do 36. What do you do when you encounter an emergency at work 37. What do you know about the marketing department of Coca-Cola? What impressed you deeply about Coca-Cola’s marketing work? 38. Give an example of how you can enhance the cohesion of the team 39. Have you ever encountered campus activities or conflicts between internships and learning, how did you solve them 40. Tell me about a failure you have encountered 41. According to the encounter If you have a failure, what would you do if you were given another chance? 42. If Coca-Cola were to go to school for publicity and you were the person in charge of this program, what would you do? 43. Example of idea different from others 44. What experience is almost impossible but nearly make it possible 45. Example of fast learning 46. As a person who learns accounting, how to brand yourself as a marketer in 30s 47. If you want to be with a group The background is very diverse, and there are people with strong point of views cooperating, how did you cooperate, for example 48. If you want to tell your teammate a bad news, but you are personally very unfamiliar with him, how would you tell him 49. The supervisor’s vague experience asks and summarizes what should be done. 50. The experience of innovatively changing the traditional way of doing things 51. If you are given 1 million dollars, what do you want to do?

8 months ago

General Manager’s Office (President’s Office): 1. Draw up the company’s development strategy and implementation rules, and decompose tasks to various departments. 2. The company’s internal progress management to ensure that all departments are coordinated and complete the company’s established strategic goals with quality and quantity. Strategic Development Department 1. Internal and external government affairs, business resource management 2. Think tank hr1. Employee asset management, resignation and recruitment, stable military spirit 2. Corporate culture and core values ​​shaping 3. The company’s internal and external training administrative staff, there are legal affairs 1. Internal and external contract sorting , Version update 2. Company signing contract review 3. Various project compliance suggestions 4. Company internal and external legal dispute settlement sales 1. Channel establishment and maintenance 2. Break down sales indicators, distribute to various channels and ensure completion 3. Channel system Training and management 4. Determine product prices and channel policies Brand & market 1. Brand activity/market activity planning and implementation 2. Brand asset management production 1. Production schedule management 2. Production quality management 3. Production staff management Purchasing supply chain management Research and development 1. Consumer research and competitive product research 2. New product research and development 3 Old product iteration IT enterprise information construction and management The last most important one: complete other tasks assigned by the leader in time

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