As a graduate of Zhuhai Restructuring College, I feel that many answering questions are undergraduate students. I don’t know if I have heard of the relocation of the Zhuhai campus. College of Science and Technology, Department of Biochemistry, Chinese History, Philosophy, Lingyuan College, Department of Foreign Languages, Psychology and Geography, Zhongshan Medicine, Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. The freshman and sophomore of the faculty, including the eighth year, studied in Zhuhai, and all the juniors moved back to Guangzhou. This operation has been done for 10 years, due to the campus. Mainly sophomores and sophomores, Zhongzhu is also known as Zhuhai Tangjiawan Kindergarten. This name is definitely worthy of its name. It does not have a name, and it is very symmetrical to the South School Recreation Center for the Middle-aged and Elderly. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the school for the integrated colleges, and there are few public elective courses (no courses are available, forcing me to choose “History of Ancient Chinese Women”, 250 students in the class, 230 girls… Sometimes there is a feeling of embarrassment), cross-campus administration is difficult, internships are extremely scarce, and recruitment interviews will be asked “You are in Zhuhai? Why not Guangzhou Zhongda, are you reading a second book?”, or even cross The school district’s Qiguan bus schedule changes, and some people ask in the tree hole, “The change of Qiguan bus makes it difficult to go to the South School. Is this abandoning the rhythm of Zhongzhu?”. There is Tangjiawan near Zhongzhu, and the living conditions are incomparable with other campuses. Is the university city qualified to be called a suburb? Haha~ The status quo of various honey juices makes many people in restructuring colleges feel that they have been abandoned by the school in Zhuhai, and the identity of CUHK is much lower than that of the students from South and East schools. This is real, after all. We are in the Zhuhai branch of Sun Yat-Sen University, not the Zhuhai campus of Sun Yat-Sen University. The decline in CUHK’s sense of identity has been an unavoidable problem for more than a decade. It is also a problem recognized by everyone. Not to mention students, even teachers are reluctant to come to Zhuhai for classes. Even with additional subsidies, the teachers are in the Zhuhai dining hall. You can subtract 9 from 10 for meals, and not many teachers are willing to start classes. Many respondents mentioned “Is the identification with Zhongda in those old buildings? Isn’t it funny?” But for many former Zhongzhu students, the answer is “Yes, these broken buildings are very Importantly, my uncle would rather take a graduation photo in front of a bad building than in the longest single teaching building in Asia, so that it appears that Lao Tzu belongs to CUHK.” Of course, there are now a lot more integrated colleges in Zhongzhu, but without the comparison of “80% of the people next to them are back to Guangzhou”, this gap in identity may be reduced, plus the feeling of bombing caves every day, Other dissatisfaction may be more than identity. After speaking a lot of emotional words, return to the problem, is it good for all freshmen to fill Guangzhou? The main reason given by the school is to “feel the cultural traditions of Kangyuanyuan and appreciate the spiritual heritage of the century-old CUHK”. I think this reason is very sufficient. , And it is also one of the wishes of our former students in the restructuring system, and it can be done at the same time. As for the sophomore relocation of campuses, in the first few years, more than a dozen faculties can pat and leave together, and there are even various farewell ceremonies and welcoming ceremonies. This kind of trouble is a trivial matter for the principal. As far as the school is concerned, it is not an unexperienced operation, it is wet and broken. It must be admitted that building a unified CUHK culture on each campus is one of the most correct methods, but this is by no means a day’s work, and each campus has different faculties and departments. This thing is simple to say, but to do it… The ghost knows what to do. South school has many lectures and a large collection of books, which are all within easy reach. In addition, after the enrollment of large categories, the basic courses and public courses will be taught by excellent teachers (this is not what I said, the spring work conference mentioned), and more It is convenient for students to accumulate basic knowledge. Moreover, the current training trends in key universities across the country are changing. They attach importance to discipline construction and guide students to engage in basic research and applied innovation. Schools should increase their academic burdens, whether they are internally scrolled or arrogant, it really doesn’t hurt. As for student club activities? To put it bluntly, for the current evaluation system of colleges and universities, there is a ghost. If you are happy, you can watch you play, and if you are not happy, you will be called sayonara. It is true that the courier has a lot of honey operations, but every thing will have a different view. There are many people who can escape from the shore of the bitter sea, and some people have to jump into the sea.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Luo Jun spoke on stage, “This year we will announce two decisions. One is that the School of Management will move to the East Campus, and the other is that all freshmen will study at the Guangzhou South Campus for one year from this year. Do you have any comments?” The audience did not speak, and after a while a voice tremblingly sounded, “Why should the freshman study on the South Campus for a year?” “Very well, I know that everyone has no objection to the move of the School of Management to the East Campus.”

6 months ago

Is it really “for the students”? The old architecture and cultural atmosphere of the South School are indeed the most important manifestations of CUHK’s history and accumulation, but narrowing the spirit of CUHK and confining it to the life experience of a certain campus is really a one-sided and narrow view. In history, the campus of CUHK was relocated and transformed due to wars and mergers, but the spirit of scholarship has never been interrupted. What is important is not the so-called campus, but the people who study and live in it and the spiritual outlook. Students’ sense of identity with the school can be cultivated by bringing freshmen to experience the atmosphere of the South School for one year, and then sending them to other campuses with completely different atmospheres? In less than a year of actual school time, I have not fully appreciated the changes of the four seasons and the unexpected beauty of every corner of the school. Before listening to a few lectures, I have to move to another completely unfamiliar environment. This sense of rupture will increase students’ confusion about the school’s temperament. What’s more, there are still many operational difficulties, such as the inconvenience of teaching, the fragmentation of research resources, and the difficulty in carrying out the life of the important clubs for students, all of which are highlighted by the relocation of the campus. Let students feel the atmosphere and atmosphere, and a better understanding should be to build the campus culture of CUHK in each campus. This is Mr. Zhongshan’s not to be a big official but to do great things, and it is Mr. Chen Yinke’s independent spirit and freedom. The idea is to make the pioneering ideas and student associations active and enthusiastic before CUHK, and to treat every teacher and student equally. They are the core of CUHK, and they are also desirable for the South Campus, which was once permeated with these spirits. the real reason. Don’t do the cultural construction of each branch campus, and form a unified medium-sized and distinctive branch campus culture (North School, as the old school of Zhongshan Medicine, has also formed a unique cultural style, while Zhuhai and East Schools have been established for so many years. , Culturally, it is still almost barren and desert), just to bring freshmen to South School for a year, just lazy politics. In recent years, the various reforms of CUHK have gradually destroyed and decayed this spirit. The great construction of civil engineering has taken away the sleep of many teachers and students. Forcibly repossessing the building, ordering the relocation of the college, and stomping his feelings on the soles of his feet. This series of measures is not really concerned with the interests of the people who live and learn in it. So for whose benefit is it? I do not know. I don’t know how the students can experience the soul of a school if the speechless buildings and vegetation become empty shells lacking in spirit.

6 months ago

I don’t understand or comment on the situation of other schools, and I have no intention of evaluating schools, only discussing unified general admissions. Every school has trump majors and strong majors. In each era, there are popular majors, such as accounting and finance in previous years and CS in recent years. Unified general enrollment will speed up the enrollment of students into relatively ace majors, relatively strong majors, and relatively popular majors in the major categories, and will accelerate the high schoolization of university studies. The volume is easy to understand. No matter what college entrance examination score you enter into the big category, you will want to go to the trump card, strong, and popular profession. Single-celled organisms have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, not to mention people. However, the number of professional programs to train is always limited, and often major categories such as universities are implemented in accordance with quantitative standards such as grade points or comprehensive tests, and the final result is that everyone starts to enroll. At the same time, it will accelerate the transformation of university study into high school. I have not experienced the universities of the last century or the universities of the beginning of 2000, but in terms of the universities that I have experienced over the years, I personally think that the influence of organizations such as clubs and student unions With less and less power, grade points and honors are king. College life is becoming more and more regular, planned, and oppressive like high school. To use a word we often say, three points and one line. However, enrollment of large-scale students seems to be the general trend under reform. If the environment cannot be changed, then one can only adapt to the environment. After all, now that some kindergartens and elementary schools are beginning to do so, what can college students complain about?

6 months ago

Well, you have to consider what kind of clubs and other issues, but as people who are not studying in the South School, they actually really look forward to the South School. So, in fact, I think it is possible to change the campuses from freshman to junior year, and return to South School in the senior year? This way it is easier to recruit new students, and then it can also satisfy the desire to study in the South School. Moreover, the internship of the senior internship and the postgraduate entrance examination do not necessarily have to live in school. The accommodation problem is also more relaxed than that of the freshman. Then it is much more convenient to find a job internship in South University…

6 months ago

Does Luo Jun think that the campus culture of CUHK is just the old-looking buildings on the South Campus? After spending a year with those old buildings, can you experience the history of the so-called CUHK? May I ask, which university has only freshman students? Is there any university where freshman students can’t get in touch with senior sisters and can’t learn from their experience? Is there any university that has only freshman students in its clubs? Are these not campus culture? With a little thought, you will know how troublesome it is to move to a campus, not to mention a different city. Which student does not save a lot of things after a semester? Maybe I bought a dozen or twenty books for class. There is a set of quilt, mosquito net or something. Let’s have a whole bike. The washing machine should be a complete one. These things, just one year and then go to another city? To put it more seriously, talking about a girlfriend in one year will turn into a long-distance relationship? These things related to student life do not seem to be campus culture in the eyes of President Luo? If you just want the students to see these old buildings, why not do a tour or travel? Students should be able to experience the so-called “long history”, right? Why let the tens of thousands of teachers and students in the school work so hard to relocate? Is such a troublesome matter of inter-city relocation just to allow students to see these buildings every day? Principal Luo might think that we should let students “infiltrate” these frozen old buildings and experience the thoughts of Sun Yat-sen and Chen Yinke and other sages. Wouldn’t it be possible to experience it in other campuses without these broken buildings? Is it really necessary to spend so much time? If freshmen in other campuses really fail to grasp the spirit of CUHK, is this the sorrow of CUHK? Does the spirit of CUHK depend on these buildings?

6 months ago

The one-year training of the Unified South School is largely for the large-scale enrollment services that will be adopted. The two complement each other and are very necessary. Unified South School for one year is very helpful to cultivate a sense of school identity. Many students from the South School have stayed in the South School for a long time and have no feeling about it. But as a member of the 17 or 18 South School in Zhuhai for three years, has it proved to be effective for most of the students’ school recognition? I don’t deny that some people are really unwilling and think it’s troublesome to move around, but that’s just a minority. Including this time, most of the people who opposed it were students from several departments of South University. They just showed rhythm everywhere, as if the whole school was opposed to it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask most of the students from Zhuhai and Shenzhen departments who can stay in South University for a year. Are more willing or unwilling? Otherwise, with the gradual improvement of various campuses and departments, it is possible to form an identity split between Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai branch and Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen minutes, and even cause the future school to be divided into three, but there are endless troubles. It is not only the students of the School of Management who are CUHK alumni, but also the faculties and departments of the Southern University. Unified general enrollment is also of great significance for stabilizing and improving the score. This year is the first year of the new college entrance examination. Under the new voluntary reporting system, there is no more adjustment method. It will only be a matter of time before the general admission scores collapse. And many schools have started doing this a long time ago, Beijing Institute of Technology, Tianda, Nankai, and many schools in Huawu, and even packaged many unpopular majors in advance approval to stabilize a batch of scores. This is the general trend. When other schools change their gameplay, if CUHK sticks to the traditional model, there will be no more shorts left. If that day does come and the value of academic qualifications depreciates, all CUHK alumni will not be spared. Of course, some measures of the school in this process are indeed a bit hasty and lack of humanistic care. This is undeniable and should be criticized, but a major reform direction is very necessary. I hope everyone can discuss sensibly and don’t come up and label people yin and yang strangely. It doesn’t make any sense.

6 months ago

This question is now unclear. What does it mean to be suitable for national promotion? How many universities in the country have as many campuses as CUHK, and how many lj’s are there in China? That’s great. I think this may be the last straw to crush many societies. There are already few people recruited, but now you can’t recruit them directly. Moreover, for some academic organizations in the hospital, they also have to face the reality of a year of gaps. At best, it is for freshmen to lay a good foundation. At worst, it is to bury the ideas of students who want to try in the freshman year. . Should all freshman students only study basic subjects? Then by the end of the freshman year, how much do they know about different majors? And for freshmen, the super big category enrolls students, then what? Exam score triage? Doesn’t this directly train all students enrolled in 21 to become super kings?

6 months ago

good luck! Compared with those engineering schools that package unpopular literature, history, and philosophy as “experimental classes for training top talents in the humanities and social sciences”, CUHK is pretty good. . . To give another example: A certain telecom: “Smart Finance and Computer Compound Talent Cultivation Elite Class”, in fact, is a change of vest for ordinary classes. At the time of undergraduate research, I am most afraid of reviewing the experimental class. I don’t know whether it is the major enrollment or the best selection. So for convenience, only the experimental class and the base class are approved. As for the experimental class, Those who do not provide proof materials will be screened according to the proportion of ordinary shifts.

6 months ago

It seems to understand what the history books say: Reform will inevitably sacrifice the interests of some people. Reform will inevitably be opposed by those with vested interests. And in the name of good, in the name of freedom and democracy. Although I don’t know whether the reform is right or wrong, in fact, I am very likely to become a victim of reform. I also don’t want reforms to be implemented. But I still have room for such a kind of thinking, and I am still vigilant that there might be such a possibility. Perhaps the reform is right. Now, we who are slanderous and condemned will be praised and degraded by future generations just like those who are criticized by today’s people as conservatives, conservatives, big landlords, and feudal aristocrats in the historical trend. So those laggards in the historical trend, they are not as stupid as we think, after all, one day, we may become them. Only in the midst of history, we all think that we represent justice, and those who try to make bold and resolute attempts are just rebellious ministers who violate the precepts of our ancestors.

6 months ago

A wave of blind analysis may be a bit broad and may not be correct. If you don’t like it, don’t spray. In the autumn work conference last year, President L proposed Zhejiang University as the current goal of CUHK. The general admissions and the first-year intensive training are actually imitating the undergraduate training ideas of Zhejiang University. I would like to talk about this issue in three levels: 1) the development of school engineering; 2) general enrollment; 3) similarities and differences with Zhejiang University and the crux of the problem 1. School development: through the development of these years, we can also see After the L school came out, CUHK gradually transformed from the original liberal arts medicine to engineering. First of all, I think that school L really looks at the issue of school development from a broader perspective. School L itself is engaged in the cutting-edge science part, which is more rational than work. However, the development of the situation at home and abroad in recent years can be seen. What China currently lacks is actually cutting-edge engineering talents. In the past few years, I have been criticizing China for pragmatism and ignoring basic science, which led to the bias in the discipline construction in the past few years. The emphasis on the evaluation system of SCI papers has led to the serious “engineering science” of domestic colleges and universities, and the publication of papers is increasing. There are more, but it is difficult to make breakthroughs when it comes to cutting-edge technology, so now it has become a discipline development idea oriented to solve practical problems. This is also related to the recent unfriendly international atmosphere. From the perspective of School L, although the development of CUHK’s engineering science has been inadequate and has caused many problems, it is also imminent. This is also forced by domestic and foreign situations. The humanities and social sciences of CUHK have always been very strong. The best students who applied for CUHK went to financial management, which is actually a very sad thing. This sadness does not mean that the humanities and social sciences are not important, nor does it mean that there is something wrong with everyone’s rush to make money. It is that even if the development of these fields is extremely Dengfeng, it will not help to solve the “stuck neck” problem related to the lifeline of the nation, not to mention that the life goal of many students is to go to Wall Street and live a happy life. The top children have chosen such a path, which is sad for any country. We have seen that on Weibo and Zhihu, a lot of young students are talking about being patriotic, they are made in China, and they are Chinese companies, but how many people would really consider investing in industries that are urgently needed by countries such as semiconductors. What? It’s not that I turned around and took out TOEFL IELTS. After all, patriotism is too far away, and life is real. The L school really has the same feelings of family and country as the twelve-character training policy he proposed. At the spring meeting this year, L school raised one thing. In answering the Ministry of Education’s question on what is a first-class university, what he said was Jishou University is a little-known school that many duck universities disdain. He said that because more than 70% of the talents in this school are located in various fields in the local area (probably this ratio), it supports the development of the local area. In his view, a truly first-class school is to cultivate first-class talents to contribute to the motherland, rather than go to Harvard-Oxford preparatory classes, and then most of the people stay in the US to get married and have children. 2. Large-scale admissions Many domestic universities have carried out large-scale admissions work in recent years. Zhejiang University is considered to have tried relatively early among them, and it was also quite controversial in the early stage. The general enrollment is mainly for general education. In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of the operation are very obvious. The advantages include: students do not need to choose a major during the college entrance examination, and they have more autonomy in subsequent majors; large-scale training can focus on superior teachers to enhance the teaching effect of basic courses, etc., the disadvantage is: unpopular majors may lead to no students to recruit, and it is possible for CUHK The scramble for economics and management majors will be more intense. Newly built engineering courses have almost no students or are forced to choose students with relatively poor grades, so this may become a headache for the school in the future. But on the whole, enrolling students in broad categories is beneficial to students, especially those who do well in the college entrance examination and relax as soon as they enter the university, giving them the opportunity to not relax. It’s a pity that School L is about to retire. Otherwise, maybe Zhongda will develop an elite training model like the “Zhu Yuan” of Zhejiang University for science and engineering. 3. The similarities and differences with Zhejiang University and the crux of the problem. I’m sorry that I have only talked about the most relevant part. I just want to say that the idea of ​​L school is correct, but there is indeed something wrong with it. Place. It is also a large-scale enrollment and intensive training. Why are there so many moths in Zhongda? The crux of the problem is that Zhejiang University’s general enrollment is concentrated on the newly-built Zijingang campus in the suburbs rather than the Yuquan campus or Xixi campus in the middle, so there is no problem of relocation. Zhejiang University’s approach is to move to Zijingang for the freshman year and sophomore, move Yuquan for the third year of engineering, move some liberal arts and sciences to Xixi, agronomy and medicine to Huajiachi, law in Zhijiang, and business and some sciences to stay in Zijingang. The advantage of this is that, 1) The old college does not have to be relocated; 2) During the continuous construction of Zijingang, the old college will move to Zijingang after the new building is completed; 3) The dormitory and living conditions of the new campus are better, and students are more easily adaptable. In addition, Zhejiang University’s campus is mostly in Hangzhou, while Zhongda is in three cities. In fact, the development of CUHK in recent years can more or less see the shadow of Zhejiang University. For example, Zhejiang University is also building Haining campus and Zhoushan campus outside Hangzhou, Zhoushan campus is also developing marine disciplines, and Zhejiang University is also building engineering colleges to cultivate engineering talents. However, the relative problem of CUHK is that the construction of infrastructure cannot keep up with the development of the school, and the development of the school cannot keep up with the ideas of School L. More people were recruited, and teachers recruited more, but the placement method was not done well. The recruitment of teachers preceded the expansion of student enrollment, which ultimately led to an extreme shortage of postgraduate places, serious internal competition among teachers, and it was difficult for specially-appointed researchers and post-doctoral fellows to stay. The expansion of student enrollment preceded the construction of the campus, resulting in tight accommodation and compression of study and living space. The problem caused by the relocation of the campus is also the slow construction of the Shenzhen campus, and the lack of attractiveness of the Zhuhai campus. As a result, the freshmen cannot be placed on the new campus and have to be placed on the old campus. The colleges with historical accumulation have been Forced relocation. Another problem of CUHK is the lack of administrative staff and low efficiency. The number of administrative staff for teaching and research talents is too small. The ratio of administrative staff to scientific research personnel in many European and American institutions is close to 1:1 so that sufficient administrative efficiency can be ensured. We are more capable than those foreigners, but CUHK has too few administrative staff and the administrative system can’t keep up with the principal’s thinking. The end result is that things may be good and the ideas are correct, but they are too ugly. In short, these disturbances are temporary. Whether the school’s ideas and measures are correct or not depends on the subsequent development.

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