Several of the new episodes in April this year have not been broadcast according to the Japanese broadcast schedule. For example, “If it’s called love will be disgusting” in Japan, it was launched on March 29, but it was only launched on March 31 at station b. “SSSS. Electro-Optical Machine King” was broadcast on the evening of April 2 and not online until the afternoon of April 4; “Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-” was broadcast on the evening of April 3 and not online until the afternoon of April 4
Currently, the new April fans that are online at station b have registration numbers. Does this mean that Japanese animation on domestic platforms has entered the era of first review and broadcast?

The overseas market is half of the Japanese animation market in recent years, and the domestic market is half of it. My uncle has been doing it for so many years, so he won’t make a lot of money and greet this member’s money. It can only be said that investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the station. , Any platform is the same. I have to say that the “Rebirth without a Job” event that was raging some time ago proved that animation has reached the point where it has to be out of the circle. The two-dimensional culture is gradually shifting from non-mainstream culture to mainstream culture. According to our “big government” tradition, Administrative forces must have a process of gradual intervention. As the saying goes, the second dimension is not a place outside the law. Some people say why you don’t care about Weibo Fanquan, because Fanquan is a very mature network layer, and it’s clear what’s going on inside. Two-dimensional is not. In the past, some scholars in our country divided Japanese animation into three categories: militarism, commercial pornography, and Hayao Miyazaki. It is definitely out of date to develop to this day, so you must watch it carefully. The big government’s view is actually censorship. This review has something to do with the national comics, but it does not mean that it is mainly for the protection of the national comics, but out of management traditions and management needs. Is there any benefit to doing this? There are also benefits. For example, if an animation has a version number, it will have a “customs clearance document”, which can be formally used as an imported cultural product to compete against domestic animation, just like today’s mobile game circle regardless of home and abroad. The integration of the outer double circle can increase the criticality of the audience, eliminate the fluke and ungrounded creative attitude of some creators and investors, and bring new opportunities and challenges to the development of domestic animation. The Japanese side must also adapt to the domestic market more. It is not enough to put on a posture of exporting culture and waiting to collect money. This can also shock the homogeneity of Japanese animation. American Netflix smashed money, and China’s huge market is waiting to be fed. How to eat Chinese official salt cannot be ignored. The truth is still the same. Is it not fragrant to make money? As for the disadvantages? For capital, official food is delicious; for ordinary people, official food is not delicious. There is a kind of cold that makes your mother think you are cold.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

First, the membership loses its meaning. Isn’t it just for convenience to chase after members, you can watch the new 1080p fan when you open it at a fixed time every week. Is there any point in not being able to watch it on time, and the drama is broadcast every quarter. I have to wait for 3 months. How can I accept it? Second, the status of the private subtitle group has come up again. If you want to see the new fan in time, you can only rely on the subtitle group to translate. Third, the new fan is depreciating rapidly, and you have to wait at least 3 months for the new fan, how to buy it and how to sell it. If you watch for half a year or every year, you vomit blood directly. After watching a Kamen Rider Saber, can I see 01 on Tencent? This is a summary of unacceptable things, drive backwards

8 months ago

I just gave up chasing fans at station B. Although I basically didn’t watch fans, I watched what Kyoto anime produced. Miss Dragon Maid S is likely to be eliminated or castrated. Kyodo’s slightly sensitive era background is not easy to say, and Free’s upper body does not know whether it will pass the trial. I became a Level 6 user by not submitting articles at station B. I have witnessed the changes from the era of piracy to the current simultaneous broadcast. All the efforts have gone to naught at this most stable time along the way. Imperfect copyright awareness and the chaos of piracy are still normal. Today, this will undoubtedly lose a considerable number of users for station B. When one person starts to look first, others will also want such an opportunity. In the school/company/network, you see everyone discussing the latest episode but you don’t see it. You will definitely not be willing to be the only one who spends money to be a leek. Unless station B has the opportunity to promote an overseas animation review department to speed up and achieve simultaneous broadcast.

8 months ago

There are always people who think it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s on time or not. Anyway, I don’t expect to see the original version, and I’m not a member. I just look at the pirated version. But the problem is, whoever really loves anime will be willing to become a sensitive vocabulary in the country and become something that will never be on the stage. Today is Riman, tomorrow is cosplay, and the day after tomorrow is a total ban. “You have to be confident.” “How to be confident.” “First, xenophobia will become confident. “

8 months ago

The new fan is not new. The new channel of the genuine channel was delayed by 1 to 3 months, and the biggest victim was Uncle Chen Rui at station b, who was sitting halfway through the day. The delay of the original is to push back the rise of the folk subtitle group-or it may be demise, a certain flower animation has been pushed to the forefront. Uncle Chen Rui is experienced in reporting, and both the d station and the animation house have already suffered. Of course, I have no sympathy for directly stealing the source of the film from station b (Is it necessary to steal the castrated version of station b?) But I still want to say that the era of big reports has come, and the private subtitle group should pay attention to safety . My chasing Fan will not be affected for the time being, after all, I don’t need to watch Fan at station b for a long time. This season’s new show only chased one SSSS.DYNAZENON, and the impression is not bad. Although she was completely indifferent to Gullit’s dual female protagonists Liuhua and Akane (discarded in two episodes), she inexplicably likes Nan Mengya of Dianguang Jiwang. Although it looks like a remake of Baoduo Liuhua, does this color scheme feel better? Other new fans are waiting for the evaluation and recommendation of others. Here are some Sui Sui Nian users: Station B has gone to the second dimension, and the taste of Station B has changed. Chen Rui: Don’t be embarrassed, have you not seen that Station B relies on the second dimension mobile game to make money? Certain department: Come on, let me help you go to the second dimension. I am different from the high praise optimist. I am pessimistic about the development of the domestic animation industry. It is true that cultural self-confidence is required, and it is true that Guoman can not help it (the more it develops, the more backward it is), and it is also true that it is suppressing Japanese comics. There is Xiao Zhan in the front and Ding Zhen in the back. Does the above show that the values ​​must be correct? Some Japanese comics are not suitable for juveniles to see that they are true. Most adults who watch Japanese comics are also true. Is the one size fits all for protection? The more I think about some things, the more I feel insoluble.

8 months ago

I’m talking about someone saying that they are doing death or something. To put it this way, the legalization is to do this kind of death. How could it be because watching anime, we can watch it and it’s free. What mainstream and subcultures are there, why are so many countries able to see it, but China can’t do it because of various things. This is indeed a conflict between mainstream culture and subculture. But you don’t really understand who is the mainstream and who is subordinate. The change is that we have to think of a new idea to get a well-known organization.

8 months ago

To be honest, it doesn’t make much sense to review it before broadcasting. Regardless of whether the animation is broadcast or not, people who really like anime will still have resources. Looking at the animation from various pirate websites, this will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but also improve the animation. Quality, on the contrary, will make those who engage in piracy even more rampant. Furthermore, the new anime with rim ball on station B has been deleted in some ways, and even if it is not deleted, there will be holy light. If you do something first, After the trial, it was postponed for three months, not to mention whether anyone watched it at the end. Even if someone watched it, how many people would become a big member in the end? Isn’t this just taking the B station to sacrifice to the sky? It makes the originally not wealthy small break station worse, and in the end it becomes cheaper. Those who engage in piracy have not deleted the non-coded websites. This is conducive to the growth of young people? ? The development of the domestic animation industry is in a rising period, and it is the animation that suffers from this kind of delayed broadcast. Animation is different from those movies and TV series. Movies and TV can wait. After all, this will not be broadcast, and no one can get the film. But what about anime? ? ? Basically, what we are watching are those imported from Japan. Now I can’t see them at station B. There are still many channels to find pirated copies. What is the point of reviewing before broadcasting? ?

8 months ago

In the collision between the so-called mainstream culture and subculture, everyone chose the mainstream culture. I think the model drama era may be back…maybe not so serious. Now the anti-two-dimensional sentiment in public opinion is serious. The masses are too superficial about animation, blindly exclusive, and carnivores are pursuing a one size fits all. In such an environment, the outside is a crazy dance of “freedom”, and the blind pursuit of responsibility is not on our side, and the minority is suppressed just like the outside… I wonder if I can reincarnate a more advanced alien in my next life? Don’t stay the earth…it’s all diodes. When can we pursue true freedom? (Western freedom is freedom?)

8 months ago

The new fan list of station b has been updated, and those not broadcast this week will be postponed to next week. But there are still some B stations that have not been reviewed, so please beg for review. Original answer: “If this is called love will be disgusting” (launched at the end of March), which is still on the air and the other new episodes are not online, indicating that the policy was implemented in early April and there is no requirement for the previous episodes. Looking at the timetable of station b again, there are only less than 5 new episodes left to be updated. If there is no response within two weeks, the new fan will be cold, unless the platform and review are only in the stage of running-in, otherwise the policy will not change, the new fan will change to the old one, and the phenomenon of Circum-Mainland Broadcasting will only become more serious. Now I fly to see the fan every day, I don’t know what the big members are.

8 months ago

Those who think that the problem lies in “the people at the bottom have crooked the scripture” are on the first level; those who think that “post-80s/post-90s/post-95s will go up just fine” are at the second level; go to various resource websites to find resources On the fifth floor. The second dimension is the best group to bully. It’s too easy for you to brush up your record. You want to see what you want to see, so you don’t care if you operate it or not. A tenant and the emperor may be the same age, but the emperor may not be able to understand the feelings of a tenant.

8 months ago

The first is an emotional speech, and the latter is chattering about my analysis of the benefits of this policy. If it goes on for a long time, I can only sigh that the three-year membership of labor and management is gray. It’s really useless, what can I use it for? I chose station B just to watch the fan. Unfortunately, this policy has suffered from station B. The role of station B may be to look at the new guide and vomit. The policy is based on a positive meaning, but basically it will not play a role. Seeing that the new sideball is basically the old two-dimensional, no one has a few websites in his hands. Forcing people who watch the fan at station B to go to a small website will only make it more difficult to supervise, and the gains outweigh the losses. Another thing, I am going to Japan to learn assembly style. (Doge)

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