Employees and netizens have “five worries” pinned on “two hopes”,
In order to avoid the “coconut tree” on the verge of bankruptcy again

  1. “Five Worries”
    One is worrying about affecting Hainan’s image of opening up to the world.
    The second is that the Chinese famous brand “Coconut Tree”, which is going global, will be investigated and destroyed.
    Third, they are worried that the 500,000 coconut farmers in Hainan will “get out of wealth and return to poverty.”
    Fourth, it is worried that “Coconut Tree” will be hindered in implementing the “One Belt One Road” national strategy to set up factories in Indonesia and Vietnam and to plant coconuts in Cambodia.
    Fifth, it is worried that the “coconut tree” suffered five consecutive years of losses from 1981 to 1985, and was on the verge of bankruptcy with only 20,000 yuan, and employees were unable to pay wages. More than 6,000 employees would suffer again.

This question came out too late, at least almost a week late, I wanted to answer it a long time ago. I can’t help but complain about the logic of hype. The parties involved in many incidents always have to blame for the storm of public opinion that has been triggered, being scolded for deliberate speculation, being scolded for occupying public traffic, apologizing, punishing… Some are commercial advertisements, some are normal voices on public platforms, and some are even private opinions. It broke out, are these actions the original sin that caused the controversy? If the commercial advertisement has the original sin, then I only need to buy the navy to cause a negative controversy, will the merchants be unlucky? If it is the original sin for the public platform to speak out, is it the initiator of the opinion supported by a small number of people, or the initiator of the hotly discussed topic? Who bears the responsibility is based on the number of supporters, or who is lucky enough to be noticed by the public? If everyone is guilty of making jokes in private, what is the responsibility of those who take “critical” photos and hype? What can I say and what I can’t say in private, does it depend on whether I have secretly photographed and recorded it? Is the positive advertisement of the business hoping to trigger negative reviews? Stars are exploded with negative news, don’t they want to calm it down? You can scold them for breaking the law, violating morals, and discussing the matter, but the charge of “deliberate speculation” is not pertinent, and the charge of “occupying public resources” is even more absurd and a bit guilty of crimes. Coconut has also learnt fine this time. Some of its advertisements were carefully thought out in order to arouse positive attention, which turned out to be counterproductive. If the development of public opinion is allowed to continue, the responsibility of “causing bad social atmosphere” will be more and more pressured on the coconut tree through the black spot of “the advertising design is flawed.” So, is it because the hype of coconut trees has caused the bad social atmosphere, or the malicious discussions about the coconut trees have caused the bad social atmosphere? The coconut tree “sue the wicked first”, we don’t mean it, you over-interpret it, and over-talk, it’s still malicious. In the future, if anyone says that the coconut tree is going to take the blame, the coconut tree can fight back or struggle a bit. Everything will be judged differently because of the background of the event. I don’t know who is right or who is wrong about the coconut tree, and I don’t care much about it. However, the coconut tree’s trick of throwing the pot first is really eye-catching, and it may make melon-eaters think about who is contributing to similar controversies in the future.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. If the country really wants to break the arm of a strong man, completely kill the serious false advertisements, and the functions that are not allowed are not allowed to appear in the advertisements, and guidance and hints are not allowed, then please thoroughly engage in the health care product industry. It collapses, and then collapses the consumer goods market by more than half. I truly stand on the consumer’s standpoint. I support the coconut tree advertisement with both hands. I strongly support killing a hundred. This is the beginning, because its products are not breast-enhancing at all. 2. If the country cannot make this determination, or the current market environment does not allow it, then just forget about coconut advertising.

7 months ago

Reading the original text, when I saw the fifth worry, I was surprised, funny, sad and puzzled. The excerpt is as follows: All 113 restructured enterprises in Hainan have closed down, and 48 enterprises have closed down in Haikou, leaving only 4 such as “coconut trees”. As a “survivor”, if “Coconut Tree” is investigated and destroyed, Hainan’s only national brand with two Chinese famous brand products will be destroyed. Want to come to such a large company to post such public relations content, the data should be true and credible. I really want to ask why, is it just because of the restructuring?

7 months ago

This wave of coconut trees, this wave is to defend the people’s right not to be noble. In fact, it goes without saying that it is suspected of being vulgar, it is vulgar. But what about this? The law does not stipulate that it cannot be vulgar or low. Besides, the photo of Mrs. Xu’s breast and neckline is very high, not low at all. The mainstream media requires everyone to be elegant, the picture layout must be elegant, the aesthetics must be elegant, and the pursuit of life must also be elegant (a house or a car requires a salary is not elegant). If it is not elegant, I will call you. This is the violence of the right to speak, it is high-handed rather than elegant. How can the words spoken by the media that are separated from the people be acceptable to the people? ps. Xu Dongdong is one of the few motivations I occasionally open today’s headlines .

Last edited 7 months ago by sina156
7 months ago

Nice job! Not all people are fools. The censor didn’t know what website he browsed every day, and he could tell it was pornography at a glance. The coconut tree box has kept this style for many years, and I haven’t seen it come out to accuse it of pornography. The huge social machines, which are played with by these old critics all day long, should also let them know that not everyone is afraid of them. It’s a good thing that this kind of truth-telling words can still exist these days. Buy a bottle of coconut tree tomorrow to celebrate!

7 months ago

I faintly feel that it is wrong, the text is too targeted and easy to be used, and it feels like a threat. Although I don’t like that style very much, when it comes to advertising company computers that are pre-installed with a digital family bucket, it will cost you $999 after opening it, revitalizing the heroic style and other pop-up videos. The browser has also built-in advertisements. The TV boot advertisement can’t be turned off, and the App advertisement does not dare to click any of the several shutdown options. So-and-so medicinal liquor ads, so-and-so shoes ads for old people, etc. are all okay now, right? It’s been a long time since I watched TV. When will the regulatory authorities make these changes?

7 months ago

How many years ago it was white and tender, and today, the master of the house suddenly felt a little bit ashamed. Not only did he have to learn to be serious, and he wanted to yell out indecent assault, he also planned to call on everyone to be salty and spitting. The painting style of the coconut tree is understandable. But this embarrassing official indecent, I can’t understand. Taking 10,000 steps back, the shame of this world often pulls the pants on the east side to cover the butt on the west side. The propaganda of bird’s nest syrup can still live upright. Why is the pure taste white and tender, but only wretched? What is the point of whoring or not? Some people love slender waists, and some love waves. Do whatever you want. Sure enough, it has always been the master’s interest.

7 months ago

As an advertising graduate, I probably studied the advertising law in one semester of course. If I don’t understand it, ask, which of the relevant provisions of the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China is violated by the Coco’s advertising? There have always been various so-called “prohibited words in the advertising law” to confuse the public. Now the coconut tree advertisement has violated which one, and the interpretation of the terms and penalties is unclear, leaving practitioners to entangle themselves in such things as “is the word prohibited or not”. problem. It seems a bit glamorous and obsessed with it.

7 months ago

I strongly protest the complaint. Why haven’t I seen this kind of big breast packaging in the market? I often buy coconut palm juice. But I rarely drink it. They are all used for cooking. Use it with curry fried prawns and fried crabs, with a superb taste. Those who are interested can try it. Not to mention, go to the supermarket to see if there is any coconut milk packaged by a big breasted girl. But I’m really not interested in buying this kind of big breasted packaging. The good taste of coconut does not mean that you can do whatever you want. The soil does not have to be vulgar, but the vulgar must be soil. In fact, there are a lot of vulgar advertisements in the beverage industry or sideballs. Isn’t it vulgar? It seems to be still on sale now. By the way, some shops used to have similar names such as Waza, and were reported by the masses to rectify them. This kind of remarks are on the lips, and I think that depending on the occasion, if it is between friends, it is okay to say that this kind of morality is really a fake Daoism. But the public occasions are the three commons. It is important to know that the most classic of each local dialect is the subject + predicate + object (or omitted) or inversion, etc., which all describe a sport that cannot be narrated in the public and that adults are very passionate about. Wow, that’s what it means. Shuangwaiwai, beautifully bubbling, it just describes all kinds of feelings after exercise. Therefore, the coconut tree should really reflect on it, don’t pretend to be pitiful, the ancients said, see the virtuous. Don’t do big dogs climbing walls, coconut trees are still stupid.

7 months ago

Don’t suffer from lack and unevenness. To be honest, as an ordinary person’s perspective, this advertisement is not good. However, when I think of all kinds of advertisements that I come into contact with in life, I am puzzled, which is also called advertisement? Some advertisements directly pull people from the entire company out and shoot them to death. They are not unjustified and are typical frauds. But let alone, they are able to broadcast them in various big media for years and years. You said you didn’t know that the other party was scamming? Someone can believe this, but I don’t believe it anyway.

7 months ago

It seems to be gossip news that the people who eat melons like to hear, and it is essentially a struggle for the right to speak. Specifically, we often think that a certain media, organization, or company belongs to an object that can be abstracted into the concept of a “natural person”. For example, if a media publishes a report and comment, it must represent the opinions of all staff. In fact, it is more likely to be the result of three or five people casually making decisions. In this way, the three or five people qualified to publish information can speak on behalf of their organization as long as they reach a consensus. The fact that the issue of coconut juice can be so big this time is inseparable from the obvious side-by-side reports of some mainstream media. In recent years, if we pay attention to the recruitment information of mainstream media, especially the recruitment results of “new media” and “converged media”, we will find that a large number of people are born in first-tier cities, have a background of overseas returnees, and basically their salary is just a salary. Young people with pocket money enter. In the process of propaganda, they will naturally show their personal preferences in the name of “official”, especially when their boss may not be very familiar with the Internet and do not understand all kinds of slang concepts. Let young people play freely. From the perspective of these young people, it is very “politically correct” to criticize the style of coconut palm juice like a pornographic website (you see that young people are familiar with those website styles). And because of the identity endorsement of the mainstream media, coupled with the attention of the media, it will naturally gain a greater right to speak. As for whether this kind of mainstream voice is in line with the national conditions and social status quo, whether it is operable, or just a correct nonsense or full of private goods, I can’t generalize, but “know it all.” In the face of such changes, ordinary individuals and institutions can no longer contend with it. But this time the coconut tree is not the case, staged a “magic beats magic” drama, the people like to hear that you are the oldest. Your “mainstream media” emphasizes political correctness, then I am more correct than you. Therefore, this statement has really won a lot of support on the Internet. In a sense, it is a kind of counterattack taken by the silent part of people who are dissatisfied with the current “political correctness”. After all, some mainstream media that uphold the banner of political correctness and seem incomparably glorious are not invulnerable in their own right, even as I once vomited: coconut trees are just shameless, but some media advertisements are fatal. Of course, nowadays “political correctness” has been rapidly synchronized with some “advanced countries”, and the pressure of public opinion obviously constitutes a greater impact on the development of enterprises, so coconut trees can only choose to admit counsel after all. For ordinary netizens, the thinking about this matter should be: whether political correctness will begin to penetrate into all aspects of life for a long time and continuously in the future. Wrongly said, not the future, but the present.

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