At the end of March 2021, Hou Jiankun, a student in Class 32 of Hefei No. 1 High School, was admitted to Tsinghua University’s “Qiu Chengtong Mathematics and Science Leading Talent Training Program”, creating a history that students in the province were admitted to Tsinghua University in their first year of high school. It is understood that Hou Jiankun was born in 2005 and is currently 16 years old. He just passed the high school entrance examination last year and entered the “Strong Foundation Experimental Class” of Hefei No. 1 Middle School. He has been trained in thinking in mathematics since he was a child, and he was formally exposed to mathematics competitions in the first year of junior high. He has a wide range of hobbies. He has also exercised his time management ability in the case of learning and multiple interests.

Heyi’s current high-level second-number competition student, just talk about his opinion of Hou Jiankun. I have heard of Hou Jiankun’s reputation since elementary school. At that time, he was with Chen Changxu, who is now in Hailiang. It’s not easy to get the gold medal, I’m going to the Peking University Elite Class). It’s a grade, but I didn’t hear it very much when I was in junior high school. Anyway, Hou Jiankun did not do well in the league exam last year. By the time he was in the first year of junior high school, he had a class with the players of our school’s 18-year training team (there were a classmate from our class and a student who was one level higher than me in the class schedule. Last year, he was the twelfth in the province and the second in the province. ), the content of the class is probably the part that I only listened to during the training camp last year (there may be many more I haven’t attended yet), and then he was there when we were training in Yunxiuzhai at the winter camp last year, anyway I have been learning the competition very early and I have been learning for a long time. However, it is estimated that it is a geographical limitation. It is a pity that if you have studied the competition for so long in Zhejiang and other areas like Chen Changxu, it is estimated that you are now above the gold medal. Anyway, I think he learns a lot more in competition than me. I don’t make much evaluation in terms of talent and competition level. After all, he doesn’t have to rely on competition to advance to higher education (so why did you study competition so early? Give me that plan. Maybe I could get a gold medal last year, too. TAT). Then I still want to congratulate him for being admitted to Tsinghua University. After all, the classmate mentioned above is similar to him. As a result, he did not do well in the winter camp last year. Now he is forced to abandon his original ideals and prepare for the University of Science and Technology Innovation Class. (Although I did not test well, but I neither prepared for science and technology nor did I go to test for new leaders. It may be that the road of competition itself is more important to me than entering a higher school) Finally, I hope that he can be in the direction he likes. Keep going, and hope to study mathematics at his next school as a freshman one level below him in a year ()


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I have been dealing with students in the competition class of Heyi for three years. I have seen those who enter the Junior Class of the University of Science and Technology in the first year of high school, and have seen top 2 in the second year of high school. Moreover, Heyi has also made the fifth in the finals of the game, and then made some fairy characters. I will not be too surprised. Going bigger, like the competitions in the two lakes, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and the college entrance examinations in Lianghe, the top high schools in the country, there are only a lot more gods. If the Hefei media use this vigorous propaganda, it is estimated that it will be another wave of province-to-province comparisons, and maybe it can rise to regional artillery, which looks quite boring. But he must be very, very, very powerful, including those of his seniors who I know who are still outstanding in Qingbei think so. I don’t know if anyone has the illusion that he is very cool, and there is no need to study for the remaining two years. This kind of view is estimated to be less in Zhihu, and most of it comes from those outsiders. Because everyone who has played in the competition understands that it is not easier to get admitted through the competition in the first year of high school than the college entrance examination. The competition level of Anhui Province itself is not comparable to those major provinces. Although backed by the University of Science and Technology of China, not everyone can ask for it. , It’s not just a matter of money. He started to engage in mathematics competitions from the first day of the junior high. It takes time for children and adults to spend money. In the early stage, a class of a few hundred yuan is basically four-figure in the later field training, and sometimes it is five-figure. Besides, the question is not something normal people can write. Heyi certain giant once invited me to participate in their number competition, I said don’t let you numbers competition, I really looked at it. My deskmate in the Mathematics Department of Harbin Institute of Technology occasionally felt that his roommate class in the province of the league did not go to the top few in the whole department. It’s too far away, in fact, I want to say that he can leave early, which is also the result of talent and hard work. In fact, it is quite disgusting. It is similar to evaluating the success of others. Everyone has a formula: talent plus hard work plus opportunity. So don’t always think about how strong others are. You didn’t see them when they were exhausted. It’s better to be yourself. I really like my mother’s answer when facing a group of parents and friends, she gave me a self-recruitment contest: Our child is at this level. If these things are too much toss, he is tired and I am tired, so I feel at ease in the college entrance examination, where to go for the exam. where. Finally, Mr. Qiu Chengtong is an internationally renowned mathematician who has won the “Fields Medal” to prove Calabi conjecture (here omitted hundreds of words for his achievements, go to Baidu if you don’t know). Tsinghua’s Mathematics Research Center uses him Named after. Therefore, this training plan is estimated to be a tough plan for the most difficult topics in the world, such as the Yang-Mills equation that is close to the unified field theory, the mathematical foundation of string theory, and so on. It is very awesome (anyway, I am from the Department of Chemistry. , I am more concerned about when solid oxide batteries can be produced commercially)

6 months ago

I can’t see the core special point, after all, a school has been very successful in producing a leader in mathematics in 3 or 5 years! What about the others? Before university, even in undergraduate mathematics, it is a process of accepting mathematical ideas, knowledge, and training abilities. If there are formal results and papers in the first year of high school, even if it is a new solution to a problem, it is more powerful, and the ability is affirmed that there is nothing wrong with it. It is the brain that eats mathematics. Is that true? Did not see related news. Qiu Chengtong’s Mathematics Center looked at it, and was puzzled: whether it was a little early to determine the candidate for the first year of high school, maybe this student has enough math skills, and let a high-level tutor train it in advance, but personally think that the assistance is OK, and the first year of high school determines the research The direction is a bit early, and I have some doubts about whether the students and the instructor fit together. The enrollment slogan is to cultivate leading figures in mathematics, and the tune is a bit high. I personally don’t like studying and researching in mathematics under such extreme pressure. Mathematics is rigorous. It is not necessary to take “high school” and “leader” as a show. Which leader is not a lonely way forward. personal opinion for reference only

6 months ago

Let me first talk about this “Qiu Chengtong Mathematics and Science Leading Talent Training Program”. According to the announcement on the admissions website of Tsinghua University, this training program is mainly aimed at high school students from around the world who uphold science, have physical and mental health, have excellent grades, show outstanding mathematical potential and expertise, and are committed to lifelong scientific research. Among them: 1. The mainland mainly recruits high school first-year and high school second-year students, especially outstanding junior high school third-year and high school third-year students can also apply; 2. For overseas students, mainly recruits tenth grade and eleventh grade students, especially excellent ninth and twelfth grades Students can also apply; 3. Tsinghua University undergraduate freshmen who have been admitted that year can also apply. In addition, all admitted students will be admitted to the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors of Tsinghua University, using the “‘3+2’+3” training model, from undergraduate continuous training to doctoral level, and at the same time, “3+2” stage study During this period, no transfer to other majors is allowed. Once, the mainland students who have been recognized as finalists and passed the preparatory examination do not need to take the college entrance examination, and will be enrolled separately with reference to the admission method of recommended students. Therefore, this undoubtedly provides a more convenient way for outstanding students who want to enter Tsinghua University. Although once admitted, there is no need to take the college entrance examination, but the program’s selection requirements for students are actually not lower than the college entrance examination requirements. All candidates who want to be admitted need to go through the following selection process: 1. Preliminary evaluation: The expert team reviews the materials submitted by the students one by one, and conducts a comprehensive evaluation of mathematical expertise, usual performance, academic research, and innovative potential. 2. Comprehensive test: Students who “pass” in the preliminary assessment must take a comprehensive test. Comprehensive test subjects include Chinese and English reading, mathematics and physics. 3. Professional test: Professional test includes subject ability test (including math test and math test), psychological test and interview. Among them, the mathematics test includes all the content of middle school mathematics, calculus, linear algebra, and the basic concepts of groups and group functions; the second test of mathematics is an open content in a non-fixed form. 4. Physical fitness test: physical fitness test items include: height, weight, vital capacity, step exercise test, sitting forward bending, standing long jump. 5. Finalist recognition: The evaluation committee will comprehensively evaluate the results of comprehensive material review, comprehensive test, professional test, and physical test, and give recommendations for finalist recognition, and strict standards are preferred. 6. Preparatory training: Students who are recognized as finalists in the “Mathematics Leadership Program” must come to the school to receive preparatory training in the spring semester. During the preparatory course, non-high school graduates will be inspected for their adaptability to university study and life, and admission procedures can only be processed if they pass the inspection. It can be seen that it is still very difficult to be admitted, especially for mathematics, physics, and English. In addition, there are tests for students’ psychological level. After all, to do mathematics research requires not only excellent talents, but also enough. A strong psychology supports the step into the palace of science. At the same time, one of the training links announced on the website clearly pointed out: “open exchanges, take advantage of both domestic and foreign resources, and invite internationally renowned scientists to teach, lecture, and conduct thesis guidance and other teaching activities. Strengthen the cooperation with relevant domestic universities Exchange and cooperation, promote the mutual employment of teachers, student exchange, and resource co-construction and sharing, and jointly explore effective models for training top-notch students in mathematics. Through joint training, exchange student projects, etc., students will be selected and sent to first-class universities abroad in a planned and purposeful manner Learn and communicate with scientific research institutions, expand international horizons, and enhance academic confidence.” Therefore, students admitted to the program are required to have strong English skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. After all, it is the general trend that each discipline needs to open up and communicate internationally. Therefore, it is not difficult to see from the above admission requirements that all students who can be admitted by this program have strong comprehensive abilities and a solid foundation in mathematics. It can be seen from this interview report with Hou Jiankun that he is a student who has a wide range of interests, loves mathematics since childhood, has good mathematical thinking, is good at planning his own time, and has a balanced development in all aspects. In fact, after careful observation, it’s not difficult to find a rule: schoolmasters usually plan their time better, they can take care of both entertainment and study, and they have very strong self-control ability. They have very strict requirements on themselves when they do things. Perhaps it is precisely because of their self-discipline that they have achieved themselves. In today’s era, academic performance is no longer the only criterion for judging whether a student is excellent. Moral quality, learning ability, thinking ability, psychological quality, physical quality, hobbies, life ability, etc., this society needs more talents with excellent comprehensive abilities. In the growth process of every student, I hope that parents and teachers will guide you so that more children will love life and learning since they were young, and never study for the sake of high scores. Because only by really enjoying it, children will be happier and freely accepting and absorbing knowledge, and the young saplings will be healthier and stronger, and the branches and leaves will eventually become thinner in the future.

6 months ago

I don’t know what this plan is, but I just read Professor Yau’s new book “My Geometric Life” recently. I feel that Qiu should be hoping to train many people who are similar to him, or who are similar to Hua Luogeng (he was influenced by Hua Luogeng himself): he does not stick to a step-by-step “educational background”-Hua does not have a college diploma, or even a high school diploma, Qiu also Before he became famous, he did not have a college diploma (don’t get me wrong, he gave up on his own initiative and left Hong Kong to go to Berkeley to study for a Ph.D. degree after two years). The Department of Mathematics at Tsinghua University is like the Huashan School, and Laoqiu is like Dugu seeking defeat. He has the opportunity to learn the Nine Swords of Dugu in Tsinghua. If you ask where the Shaolin Temple of Chinese mathematics is, it is naturally the Peking University School of Mathematics, which is known as “the first school and the first department.”

6 months ago

Why would you invite me to answer the question? Then I will answer! If I say that he will lose. Isn’t it good for the CMO to take a gold and silver medal to enter the Sino-French class next year for majoring in mathematics? It’s close to home, especially considering the current Sino-US relations. It’s hard to say where to go to Beiqing and wait for graduation. The new cold war continues, especially if the king is back. Maybe the lower limit of the Sino-French class (graduated at the Sixty-first University in Paris) is the upper limit of the Mathematics major of Peking University and Tsinghua University. In addition, the professional resources of Beiqing mathematics were not enough and the teachers were not good, so he suffered a big loss.

6 months ago

Recently, the media have reported that outstanding students from various provinces have been selected for the first “Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Leadership Program”, which has attracted a lot of attention. “Qiu Chengtong’s Mathematics Science Leading Talent Training Program” is one of a series of high-quality competitions and brands of Qiu Chengtong. The first enrollment in 2021. This project aims to cultivate leading talents in the field of mathematics, so it is called “Leading Project”. Other excellent competitions and brands of Qiu Chengtong include: Qiu Chengtong High School Mathematics Award, Qiu Chengtong University Student Mathematics Competition, Qiu Chengtong High School Science Award, and the Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Excellence Class established with Tsinghua University. Qiu Chengtong’s series of awards have always been the most gold-rich and internationally influential awards in China. The aim is to discover and cultivate potential mathematics geniuses. In the past, award-winning students have achieved very good results in their studies at home and abroad. Talented students can bet on relevant awards in advance. Let’s take a look at the admissions guidelines of the “Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Leadership Program” on the official website of Tsinghua University: The annual enrollment scale of the “Mathematics Leadership Program” does not exceed 100 students who are admitted to the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics major of Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University has established an academy, adopting the “3+2″+3” training model, from undergraduate continuous training to doctoral level; during the “3+2” period of study, it is not allowed to transfer to other majors. “That is to say, students selected by this category do not need to take the college entrance examination and directly enter Tsinghua University. Moreover, the admitted students are not allowed to be admitted to other universities. Students admitted to this program are trained in special colleges and academic masters. Direct teaching, customized liberal arts courses, providing cutting-edge scientific research opportunities, students get an undergraduate degree in three years, and a doctorate in five years. The enrollment target is open to the world, and the enrollment targets include middle school students from junior three to senior three, mainly for senior one. Students in the second year of high school. The application method is the application system. Students need to submit the required application materials through the official website, such as center scores, SAT/ACT scores, competition awards, scientific research experience, etc. The application process includes not only preliminary tests, comprehensive tests, and professional tests. , It also includes physical fitness tests. Most of the admitted students have relatively good competition results. As one of the most influential mathematicians in the world today, Qiu Chengtong’s leading talent class plan aims to cultivate a group of students who can lead the development of mathematics across the country in a short period of time Leading young talents. The selected talents are all talented teenagers with great mathematics talents. They have been top-notch since they were young, and hope to do a lot in the future.

6 months ago

unfair! The underachievers hadn’t even heard of this kind of competition before going to university, let alone training and participating. Why can he be admitted without competition? How to ensure the fairness of the game? How to ensure that this is not a powerful child who walks through the back door? Take a look at the top students in Hengshui, how hard they study, really compare, don’t you just be better than him? It is recommended to ban all competitions! Resist crooked ways and powerful privileges! Defend the fairness of education! Long live the college entrance examination!

6 months ago

For academic planners, applying for college entrance examination volunteers is about the science of academic planning, but academic planning is not just about applying for college entrance examination volunteers. For students in the first and second years of high school, in addition to planning for the selection of subjects and supervising the progress of the candidates , And there are ways for these lower grades to go directly to prestigious schools! As long as students are good enough, they can get more choices! 1. The prestigious universities of major universities compete for high-quality resources and dig deeper into junior talents. Tsinghua University’s Yau Chengtong Mathematics Talents Class, Yau Mathematics Leading Talents Training Program, Peking University Mathematics Talents Class, University of Science and Technology Junior Class, Shao Chuang Class, and Xi’an Jiaotong University Junior Class As well as the Junior Class of Southeast University, they are all enrollment projects for senior high school students and junior high school students. Students selected through these projects can enter 985 schools in advance. Academic planners can pay more attention to whether students with good grades in high school and high school meet these requirements. 2. Seven ways to go directly to prestigious schools in the lower grades, academic planners quickly use them! 1. Among these 7 admissions pathways, Tsinghua University’s newly launched Tsinghua Mathematics Leadership Program in 2021 and The junior class of Xi’an Jiaotong University does not require students to take the college entrance examination. For several other projects, they need to take the college entrance examination. 2. In terms of the scale of enrollment, the maximum number of junior creation classes at the University of Science and Technology of China is 250+, and Southeast University has only 10 students. 3. From the perspective of enrollment majors, enrollment for lower grades is mainly for science and engineering, and Tsinghua and Peking University is for mathematics. 4. One thing that needs special attention is that Xi’an Jiaotong University Junior Class, Southeast University Junior Class, and China University of Science and Technology Junior Class and Junior Creative Class have proposed age and grade restrictions. The enrollment age is generally 15-17 years old, while Tsinghua University , Peking University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, only limited by grade. 3. The main points of low-grade academic planning 1. We must focus on popularizing the concept of career education, and academic planning cannot wait for the beginning of the third year of high school. Special admissions in colleges and universities are biased towards low-grade candidates. If candidates are interested in these special admissions projects, we need to pay attention to them from time to time as academic planners. Relevant policies provide targeted academic planning guidance services for these students. 2. Pay attention to the subject expertise of candidates, try to be exposed to mathematics and physics. Judging from the enrollment conditions issued by these universities, the enrollment target is biased towards subject competition students with subject potential, and the school test is basically the difficulty of the competition. If candidates and their parents intend to participate in this kind of special recruitment, candidates must study the competition. It is recommended that both mathematics and physics should be contacted, and the earlier the better. 3. Comprehensive scores are very important. Chinese and English cannot be missed. The examination subjects also include Chinese and English. They are the focus of college inspections. This means that candidates must not only develop subject expertise, but also pay attention to not partial subjects and comprehensive development. , At least Chinese and English are not bad. 4. The “comprehensive + discipline” dual path of top prestigious universities has pointed out the direction for academic planning. In the past two years, the special admission policies of various universities have entered an adjustment period, but no matter how it changes, the “comprehensive + discipline” dual path of top prestigious universities has not There is no change. If academic planners can only grasp these two paths, they can help students get more choices on their way to school.

6 months ago

Genius. Recruit 100 people from all over the world and stand out in a match like a fairy fight. This kind of person is a combination of talent and diligence.
I hope he can make some achievements in mathematics, and let me and other mortals have the honor to see the beautiful corner of mathematics…

6 months ago

I believe that everyone’s future development is infinitely possible. No matter what a person chooses in the end, he can achieve success on his own path through his own efforts. But for high school life, there are indeed some things that are regrettable, such as losing the competition, although it is possible that many people can go to their ideal college or college that is not much different from their ideal college. School, but his own failure is always regrettable (it’s like a person whose ideal was the top pick in the final exam was a little worse than expected. Even if this does not affect his future development, everyone will feel sorry for him. I hope you can understand what I mean by saying this qwqPS: Chen Changxu mentioned at the beginning of the article, everyone thinks that he already has the level of the national team. Although he can still go to Peking University to study in depth, he did not pass his ideals in the winter camp. The score (and one more question is deducted from the misjudgment), it’s almost impossible not to regret

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