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Jobs with good resources but low thresholds mean high competition. This is a truth that junior high school students with nine years of compulsory education can understand, but many people don’t understand it when they come to themselves. I am also looking for faculty positions, but I basically stare at the kind of qualifications that are slightly higher than my own or clearly only recruit positions that meet my unique background to rush, rushing to the best, and not teaching if not. I’ve been hired-during the period, many colleges and units that “will not refuse” contacted me to be an assistant researcher, but I basically rejected it. My father is a college teacher (different from me), and I have a first-hand understanding of the pains of non-promotion and full-time research posts, so I will never fall into this pit myself. I give a few suggestions to most comrades who are looking for teaching positions. Of course, if you have excellent conditions and you choose the unit instead of the unit, then you don’t need to read on. 1. Full-time scientific research posts (researcher sequence) should not be considered-unless your immediate boss is your doctoral supervisor and has a high academic status. The core problem of full-time scientific research posts (researcher sequence) is that they cannot take students. If you have paid close attention to it, it is not difficult to find that many domestic top universities (985) have gradually abolished the traditional double-standard system of professors and doctoral tutors, and switched to studying foreign tenure track systems. In the traditional system, professional titles are separated from faculty positions. If you are not a doctoral supervisor, even if you are rated as a professor (professor), you will still not be able to bring a Ph.D. Under this system, no matter if you are a lecturer or a research assistant, you can’t bring students anyway, and you must be attached to a big boss. So when you are a lecturer or research assistant, there is nothing sensory except for Title. difference. This is also the source of what many colleges and universities claim to be “equal treatment for lecturers and research assistants”. However, after gradually adopting the foreign teaching system, assistant professors in many universities can take students (generally masters, but also those with good conditions can take doctors), but research assistants can still only do it alone. Surely speaking of this, many experienced people should understand. In a non-promotional environment, two young people who entered the unit at the same time, an assistant professor, recruited two masters (or even doctors) to help with the work; People with a discerning eye can see how different the scientific research output of two people will be. If this research assistant does not have a strong (high academic status and many student indicators) behind the big boss with full support (usually its own students will do this), how can TA beat the assistant professor and stay in the end? In fact, if you take a closer look, in recent years, colleges and universities have stepped up their efforts when they are not promoted. In the end, almost all of them have been cut to full-time scientific research posts. After these researchers have contributed their five-year research results to the school, what is left? 2. Don’t be superstitious about the professional rankings of colleges and universities—unless you are a direct student of an industry leader. Generally speaking, in a certain school, a major or college that ranks among the best in the country, there are usually several bigwigs who monopolize the school’s research in certain directions. In this case, no matter how good your conditions are, you can only start from the bottom and rank by seniority after entering. And because of the gathering of talents, although the cake is huge, you may not get much. Moreover, there are a lot of specialties about seniority ranking. Generally speaking, the direct line of the big brother is the fastest. Usually the resources of a group are all leaned on this person. If he has follow-up resources after he goes ashore, he will gradually release them. So for an ordinary green pepper, whether it can afford this time, everyone can evaluate. I have seen more of them. A large number of green peppers have been transferred to experimental posts and administrative posts after failing to promote and leave the group. They are also grateful to the school and thank the school for allowing them to stay. 3. Pay attention to giving full play to comparative advantages-better to be the first of the chickens than the queens of the cows. For job-seekers whose own conditions are average, I suggest that they should give full play to their comparative advantages. Going to unpopular majors in popular schools, on the contrary, maximizes the benefits. For example, to the School of Engineering at Peking University (if any), the Department of Mathematics at Tsinghua University, the Department of Literature at Harbin Institute of Technology (if any), and so on. The problem with unpopular or disadvantaged professions is insufficient resources. But in fact, as long as it is on a school platform above 211, although the school’s investment in unpopular departments is small, it is enough to support the basic research of the faculty. Moreover, because the scientific research of universities is mostly based on teams, as long as the universities themselves do not pull the hips, there is no problem with the high probability of pulling projects, and the competitive pressure is much smaller than in popular departments. 4. Run if you should run-don’t get stuck by the 35-year-old hurdle. Once you enter the five years of non-promotion or leave, you must always pay attention to the policies of schools and colleges, and evaluate your possibility of going ashore. In the third or fourth year, if you find that you have no hope of going ashore or your opponent has booked a place (due to some factors), you should contact the next home as soon as possible. Remember, the bargaining power when changing jobs before and after 35 is completely different.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Many people do not understand how bad Sun Yat-sen University’s practices are. For example, the original top2 admission line was 700 (assuming the same line in all provinces), and the national top1‰ can enter the top2. No matter how you enter, more than 90% of the students can graduate normally, or find a job or continue their studies. Those who fail to pass the top 2 can go to seven top 3s (Five Chinese Academy of Sciences University), and those who fail to pass can go to Form 9… Finally, most people can enter the appropriate school and get corresponding rewards through hard work. The current practice of Sun Yat-Sen University is equivalent to top 2 reducing the admission line to 536 points, which means that top 10% of the people can enter the top 2, and it enrolls 600,000 students at once, and then makes them crazy. Only the top 6,000 Is the top 2 undergraduate diploma and the remaining 594,000 students dropped out (in fact, the one who entered the top 2 with 536 points in a province has already dropped out) is such an approach really human?

7 months ago

It shows that Sun Yat-sen University has fully figured out the trick to either promote or leave. Let the green peppers work hard and then change to a new batch of green peppers when they expire. Green peppers will be named as “Distinguished Researcher” and “Teacher Postdoctoral Fellow” to conduct scientific research, and the salary will be kept at a low level. By drawing big cakes to tell the green peppers “you will get a high income after getting a regular job!” to encourage them to publish papers, increase the amount of papers in Sun Yat-sen University’s ESI, Nature Index, and improve Sun Yat-sen University’s rankings on various lists. In addition, the teacher-student ratio also has a high percentage on the major lists. The more young talents are introduced, the better the teacher-student ratio data. This wave is a direct win-win situation. The faster the personnel flow, the faster the paper is produced, because people often have limited innovative ideas, especially in the CS field, where various directions are changing day by day. Many articles in good journals have a long review time, and the timeliness is no longer as good as the best. . The steady stream of green peppers can continue to publish the latest content of their PhD research with Sun Yat-sen University as a unit, allowing SYSU to run on the highway built by a world-class university. It is recommended that other colleges and universities actively follow suit.

7 months ago

Mainly because of the recruitment of a large number of distinguished associate researchers. Different universities in China have different interpretations of the special appointment associate researcher. Specially-appointed associate researchers in some colleges and universities are equivalent to a transitional stage for lecturers and associate professors, and they use close to associate high moral treatment to attract outstanding talents, such as Sichuan University. The special appointments of some colleges and universities are independent research systems, and they also attach great importance to you. There are many opportunities for funding applications, and the contract can be renewed one or two times. Among them, the treatment of outstanding personnel even exceeds that of associate professors. However, the threshold for conversion to a faculty system is relatively high and requires very high requirements. For example, the University of Science and Technology of China. In some universities, special associate research fellows are post-doctoral fellows, they do not pay attention to you, there are few funding opportunities, and there is a big gap between the salary and the sub-high. And you haven’t put your post-doc name on it, so it’s very difficult to apply for state funding. For example, Sun Yat-sen University. Therefore, Zhongshan recruits a large number of post-posts that do not occupy the national post-post index.

7 months ago

Calculate the probability of staying, I will give a very simple formula. If the school does not have clear good news, then assume that the school does not expand, and does not expand a provincial key, generally 150 professors, 300 associate professors, and about 300 lecturers + Counselors, teaching and research assistants add up to 750 pits, administrative logistics 350 pits, and the total post is about 1100-1250. I calculate this according to my ideal state. The actual scale of many provincial key schools is smaller than this scale, or even a lot smaller. Then directly divide the pit position by 30 (generally 30 years of service can survive until retirement), and then multiply it by 1.3 (account for the vacancies caused by transfers to administration, transfers, expatriate officials, job-hopping, sudden deaths, and work-related injuries) to get The average number of vacancies per year. Divide the total number of annual recruitment by the average annual number of job vacancies, which is the general retention ratio, that is, only one out of a few people can pass the assessment of sub-high school. If you calculate this system, just change the data. If the retention ratio is greater than 3, don’t be so confident that you can stay. If it’s greater than 5, there is a risk of becoming a meat grinder. Some majors are special, so you have to calculate the retention ratio of your major, such as foreign language, male, overseas Ph.D. The retention ratio in the provincial key schools may be a little bit, basically equal to the standard, you can stay, but the Tiankeng major, Male, overseas Ph.D., the provincial key school retention ratio may be 5 or even 10, which is basically the same as bringing dry food into a meat grinder. The retention ratio of CUHK is estimated to be over 30. The introduction of more than 8,000 Shandong green onions in 6 years is enough to replace the entire CUHK teaching and research post every two years. This is not to escape, waiting to be made into pancakes with green onions? As far as the consumption of humanoid batteries is concerned, the North really cannot compare with the South, especially South China. It doesn’t matter whether it is a university or a private enterprise. The rated discharge current of the biochemical reactor of the South China Green Power Grid is too large, which damages the battery. Power generation is risky, so be careful when entering the tank.

7 months ago

When I realized that “faculty” and “doing mathematics” are not necessarily tied together, I completely ignored Nanjing Normal University’s request for me to publish my thesis, so I ignored that after that. All the requirements that may arise. When I realized that the two things of “doing math” and “getting a little money to support myself” can also be untied, I came to my senses and became more relaxed. Isn’t it more reasonable to get the salary you deserve by going to court than to go to Erben and get a small amount of settlement expenses after inverting your salary?

7 months ago

I have been to Sun Yat-Sen University’s lectures in Singapore many times. When I was doing self-media, I also accepted the promotion of Sun Yat-Sen University’s doctoral recruitment, and participated in hosting one of the lectures. Halfway through my Ph.D., my tutor was almost taken away by Sun Yat-sen University. Therefore, I still know how the 8,000 young talents from Sun Yat-sen University came from. The resources that Sun Yat-sen University invests in recruiting young talents are absolutely unmatched by other universities. In 19 years alone, Sun Yat-sen University came to our school to give three lectures. There were different affiliated institutions, school-level ones, and college-level ones. The publicity work of these preaching usually takes six or seven teachers, usually one or two young people, and then pays a large “publicity fee” to the local student federation before it can proceed. When I was studying in Singapore, I ran the school’s official account, and I also contacted a large number of domestic companies, universities, and scientific research institutions that recruited. Among the many universities that have been in contact with, Sun Yat-sen University is undoubtedly the most proud. Some 985 universities can’t get the promotion fee for half a year. Sun Yat-Sen University’s is often paid in seconds, and it is pushed across the platform. The seminars held are not only good for eating and drinking, but larger ones will also be reimbursed for travel expenses. . I have been to many presentations in 985 high schools, but it is obvious that the intensity and frequency of publicity at Sun Yat-Sen University far exceed those of other schools of the same grade. The popularity of publicity and the reputation of Sun Yat-sen University are enough to attract many PhDs to join, but this is not the most important reason for the 8,000 young talents. The reason why Sun Yat-sen University can attract so many people is because Sun Yat-sen University has given too much. Of these 8,000 people, a large part of them are not from the Guangzhou headquarters of Sun Yat-Sen University, but from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Among them, the Shenzhen campus is the most attractive. Sun Yat-sen University expanded wildly in Shenzhen. It not only built a branch campus, but also established the Seventh Hospital and Eighth Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. It also moved all Sun Yat-sen University School of Medicine to Shenzhen in addition to Sun Yat-Sen Medical College. Sun Yat-sen University is so good, but it is not as attractive as Shenzhen’s most attractive thing for us overseas Ph.Ds, that is the “Peacock Project.” Take the Seven Affiliated Schools of Sun Yat-sen University that I have learned deeply about as an example. Research-type distinguished researchers and associate researchers can give an annual salary of 400,000+ million, as well as high awards for papers. In addition to the five-year 1.6 million Peacock Project (it seems to have reduced the price now), our Tiankeng Ph.D. is a special appointment at Sun Yat-Sen University and can earn 700,000+ annually. This income made me very excited at the time. As far as I know, in recent years, these colleges and universities that have recruited overseas have had indicators, with Guangzhou in Fujian being the most obvious. The dean of a prestigious university in Fujian said to us that the head of the school gave them the target of recruiting 100 young talents this year, which must be completed. Fujian has also given a five-year introduction policy of more than 1 million yuan, but the school brand is still not as popular as Sun Yat-sen University. So many people still choose Sun Yat-Sen University. What’s more, Sun Yat-sen University recruits almost everybody, and the offer in Singapore is very easy (otherwise how to recruit 8000 people). Fortunately, before I made a decision, I carefully looked at the situation of the Seventh Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, only to rein in the precipice and did not become one of the 8,000 people. At that time, the special appointment incident of Wuhan University had just been exposed, and I was more mindful of it. I wanted to change jobs for five years and start a new life. I don’t know it, I just saw the official website. If I join as Distinguished Researcher X, the experimental resources I can get are probably not as good as the undergraduate laboratory of my alma mater. <A medical school that can make an annual salary of 400,000, publishes papers that are not as good as a regular one. I knew that if I took this special offer, not only would I not be able to successfully renew my contract after 3+3, but it would also be difficult for me to find a job of the same level and be completely unemployed after 3+3. Because working here for six years, my resume is a huge reduction. Although I was able to get 700,000 yuan a year in the first five years, after five years, I will not only face the expiration of the subsidy, but also unemployment. Taking five years of my youth to spend five years in a hospital with the name “Sun Yat-sen University” is a waste of life for me. To put it bluntly, out of 8,000 people, only a few people will be able to go to the next round, and everyone knows it well. I think I am not the only one who can see this pit, but there are still many people who have gone to branch schools and branches of Sun Yat-sen University as special appointments or even post-doctoral fellows for the Peacock Project or the provincial talent plan. Do you think they are stupid? In fact, they have already reached the fifth floor. I know several Ph.Ds. My husband and I went to Shenzhen together to find a small company or a new college for five years. After receiving 3.2 million, I would return to my hometown in a fourth- and fifth-tier city. Think that Sun Yat-sen University has cut their young and productive five-year high-yield academic career? It’s just that they piao the Peacock Project in vain. Therefore, it is a good thing for Sun Yat-sen University to recruit people like this. Now good schools are starting to go after promotion, crazy scrolling, which school to go to is not a 3+3 special appointment, not going to go. Sun Yat-sen University has used its own efforts to use specially-appointed x researchers to upgrade the domestic postdoctoral profession from the “mobile station system” to the “contract system” that is in line with the world, and I think it is a great thing to give back so much. As for the subsequent choices, it depends on the individual.

7 months ago

Fortunate to see this question. In 16 years or so, CUHK asked me to hire a special assistant researcher. At that time, all my PhD friends around me said not to go. A friend who studied mathematics told me that the retention probability was estimated to be 20%. Now that CUHK has just started to be so silly, my friends are really farsighted, and the mathematics is really advanced! Smart is new sexy! In addition, to be honest with the current doctoral students, the domestic research age gap is very serious in many schools. Good researchers are scarce in any school. Do your research well, and the flow of talents in colleges and universities is also very common. , A good researcher must have a stage. In addition, I have seen many answers saying that I don’t understand how someone will go, and I may not know the employment situation of the Ph.D. In 16 years, Ph.D. job hunting has become very difficult, and now it will only be even crazier. Although there is pressure to do an associate high school at a 985 university at the level of Zhongda, it is not a 985 or even 211, which is not a promotion. Are you leaving now? In particular, CUHK has lowered its recruitment standards. Many people can only find ordinary postgraduates who cannot stay, so why not go to CUHK? This title also helps the publication of the paper. I heard that some people from the University of China went to colleges that were one level lower and acceptable, and it is considered to be a success.

7 months ago

Cut… This is a fart. People have to forcibly relocate a management school. The reason is also very simple. It has been a+ promotion and cannot be promoted. You can just vacate the position to the “weak” college. It can be better. To improve overall competitiveness. In the same way, I suggest recruiting 8k special candidates, leaving 800 for ten and not saving one, so that we can better improve our competitiveness. Only high-quality talents can be retained and the remaining 7,200 trained talents will be sent to the society to improve the academic ability of the school and for The society has made a contribution to kill two birds with one stone… King Hua Ke Gu is as horrible.

7 months ago

Speaking of the recruitment operation of Sun Yat-sen University, I have to copy the answer to another question about Sun Yat-Sen University for everyone to appreciate. It is simply a tailor-made example for this problem. Some time ago, a certain 985 organized a supply-demand meeting with more than 300 households participating. Most of the participants are small and medium-sized companies, because large companies usually hold special job fairs. In addition, some units in the education industry also participated. Among them, teaching auxiliary institutions and private schools were the main ones. There were relatively few public primary and secondary schools, and the participating universities were even rarer. But in it, I found out that Sun Yat-sen University had set up a table to recruit talents and full-time researchers (including post-doctorate) in the “Hundred Talents Program”. At the scene, the neighbors next to the small table of Sun Yat-Sen University are Nanchang Highly Electric Co., Ltd., Huanghua Xinnuoxing Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou New Oriental Training School, Nanjing Shenghe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other “well-known units” . If you have been to the talent market, you will know how unconventional scenes such as “Sun Yat-Sen University”, “Hundred Talents Program” and simple venues, such as dense recruitment grids, are. I have heard about Sun Yat-sen University’s management system of recruiting people in large quantities, employing people in a way of cultivation, and eliminating people with a high percentage of people, but I am surprised to see this recruitment method. This is really treating the doctor as a factory sister. what. Therefore, you should not only write half of the news, and the other half should also be introduced. For example, after the expiration of the pre-employment period of these 8,000 people, how many people will eventually be able to stay? As an authoritative media, did you thoroughly investigate the personal feelings of these young talents before writing press releases? Or is the survey conducted objectively and truthfully? Is there a situation in which the majority of people are represented by good typical examples?

7 months ago

This shows that there have been at least 8,000 young people chasing the rise and fall in my country in the past six years. To call these people “talents” is an insult to contemporary youth. They are at best “stupid talents” or “minions.” Young people are strong, China is strong, young people are stupid, China is useless. I am a person with vested interests, but looking at these young people, I feel sad. I really want to wake them up. In the early years, the “freedom of thought, independent personality” that we advocated has become worthless under the successful brainwashing of capitalist running dog media and public accounts. These young people, who have been studying for more than 20 years, have suffered various ravages and achieved various achievements during their PhD period. It is common sense that they have rich experience and can see the current situation clearly. It’s a pity that they don’t have a clear mind when they read a Ph.D. They have no free thinking, no independent personality, and their ideas are all guided by the main force, and sooner or later they will be reaped severely. They are self-righteous and passionate, thinking that there is no other way to go except to be teachers in colleges. Are you castrated? Can’t do anything except enter the palace as an eunuch? Forgot the truth that “nothing about risks and returns are hooliganism”? Faced with the prostitution and cruel exploitation of the academic celebrities, these people not only have no sense of resistance at all, but even dared to sign the gambling agreement, stretch their necks over and make them cut. They have a sad side, but they are also accomplices in fostering this ethos. What’s ridiculous is that after these people were cut leek, they still have the face to complain online that they have to return five insurances and one housing fund for failing gambling, and even their children are required to drop out of school immediately when they go to affiliated elementary schools. Didn’t you sign the agreement? If you dare to sign or recognize, why did you go? There is a way to heaven and you don’t go, and there is no way to hell. You don’t deserve sympathy. Don’t think that the administrators in the school are professors, doctoral supervisors, Ph.Ds, and senior intellectuals. Their morals are higher than others. Don’t look at those scholars who have a kind smile on their faces when they meet ordinary people, and they look harmless to humans and animals. How many people put on suits, five people and six, take off their suits and instantly become wild beasts. I tell you, bad guys are not scary. I am afraid that the bad guys are educated, they are good at using various skills and resources, and they are a hundred times worse than the average bad guys. According to what the faculty said to the fake capitalists in 1972, they are just a group of patriotic thieves who have pioneered outside and exploited inside. Think about the week 8p in the textbooks that year, if you read a Ph.D., commented on a professor, a PhD supervisor, and then became a leader, it would be like that. When you hear “we will do whatever it takes” to build a world-class university, do you think you are “us” or “price”? If you think you are “us”, then I invite you to match the keys, one for 3 yuan, 3 for 10 yuan, do you match it? You are not worthy! What do you match? How many do you go with? The ancients said that prosperity, people suffering, death, people suffering, are not without reason. You are hypnotized, you dream, tell you in the dream that you are “we”, full of infinite motivation and hope, but when you wake up from the dream, you have to figure out that you are actually “price”, “price”, “price”, ” cost”.

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