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When watching “Shanhe Ling”, we, as the audience, know that Zhou Zishu is short of time, so it is inevitable that we cannot understand Wen Kexing’s eagerness to make him give up martial arts and toss and turn for his life, but this issue is about us. I don’t know, everyone was deceived by his wife, so when he announced that Zhang Zhehan was out, he was surprised and at a loss. Looking at the repo of the audience, Gong Jun showed Zhang Zhehan the time when he got the phone, so his wife knew that he only had half an hour. This is not the first time that Zhang Zhehan has been on a fast book, and his personality is crazy. In contrast, Gong Jun is much more cautious and nervous. So many times you can see Zhang Zhehan actively cue Gong Jun and ask him to take the shots to him (the repo also mentioned this guest People in the Happy Family are very good and take special care of Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun. Wei Jia also said that he would pick him up if it was not easy to pick up. You can also see that Hu Xia cueed Gong Jun when he was performing talent, and later Teacher He also gave it to him. Zhang Zhehan rescued him in twenty minutes, etc.). So when Zhang Zhehan knew that Gong Jun only had 30 minutes, he told Teacher He that he would give him fifty minutes, but he gave him fifty-five minutes, because Zhang Zhehan knew that Mr. He had a high EQ and IQ and could handle it. . Around this time, he has already started counting time. If Gong Jun hasn’t enjoyed himself because of time, it’s not interesting for him to be alone on the court. Instead of being beautiful on the court alone, it’s better to play with Gong Jun happily. ten minutes. I forgot whether it was splashing fans or dancing. Zhang Zhehan controlled the time difference between the two to only 6 seconds. Then think about how many times he had deliberately pretended to have a lot of time before, and that he had taken on the opposite 20. Minutes, I knew that all of this was considered good by him. As a young genius of Doudizhu, I can see that he really takes care and care of Gong Jun, and this kind of care is silent, until the last moment. No one knows at all. Zhang Zhehan is really such a gentle person. It is no wonder that Gong Jun’s dependence and trust in him can be seen in every gesture.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

It feels like you are thinking too much. 55 minutes was actually quite long. It is enough to draw the questions three times. If it wasn’t for the design of the table, then he might have not expected that the other side would buck his time, and secondly, he had not expected that singing and dancing would be so finished. When the singing and dancing are over, there are only about 10 minutes left, so you can basically lie down without struggling. (Singing and dancing is a shortcut that I discovered, after all, Shuangshuang out in advance is a bit too exciting). It’s impossible if the desire to win is not strong…Everything is possible, but this is impossible. It’s just the mediocre variety show face slap genius. Whoever is interested can make a face slap collection. Don’t be afraid that he will see it. Anyway, he will dare next time.

8 months ago

He himself is really terrifying and capable of making a fuss. I am very happy to watch this issue. He has such a personality, he likes to make trouble, likes to play, and is quirky. He can also pretend to have the least time to play, but it is more fun without pretending that the time is the most, and there will be fewer stalks. In addition to his personality, he must choose to pretend to have more time. Fortunately, he has such a personality. It’s not very good at the atmosphere. When Zhang Zhehan comes, there is no need to worry about being cold. He always cue Junjun. Junjun is a bit cautious because he has never been here. This kid is really sincere, so he just said “I have the least time.” These big letters are written on the face. Before Han Han said that Junjun was silly, white and sweet, and that he didn’t understand his cards, this time I can only say that Teacher Zhang is right. Tomorrow Junjun will record his personal book, looking forward to the end of the song and dance, I really laughed crazy there, I didn’t expect the limbs to be so uncoordinated, the head and limbs have just been assembled, haha, damn, look at the laugh once a hundred times Unlike Zhou Zishu, who would rather play recklessly for ten minutes, he really came

8 months ago

It feels like he is like that, it will be fun to play games, but the desire to win is not very strong. He seems to be trying very hard to show that he has a lot of time throughout the whole process. He seems to be crazy. He seems to want to win, but he doesn’t like to behave. He is committed to creating explosions and laughter. He habitually wants to make the place as hot as possible. Thinking about it carefully, it seems that he just hates being bored and wants to amuse everyone. Watching this variety show today, I really understand why he is so popular. Generous, stalky, attentive, able to answer the conversation, never twitchy, you can make a fool of yourself or ass, never embarrassed, every time you can catch your stalk perfectly, it will stir up the atmosphere. Playing with him, he will always be the one who holds the field and takes everyone to play together. Moreover, his heart is delicate and gentle. Even if he runs mad during the game, he should take care to keep his arms behind him and not hit Mr. Haitao. It’s just the little princess of the atmosphere group.

8 months ago

I think this kind of behavior is very boyfriend, very handsome, very Su, and there are indeed such classmates and colleagues in life. You and him suddenly receive a project. When you are not in a hurry like a headless fly, he will gently comfort you. Don’t worry, he can do a good job. You can do it well. You need to make time or money sacrifices. Will also say that he is coming. On the one hand, when you get along with this kind of person, you really like him and admire him. At first, Zhang Zhehan inadvertently chatted for a long time, and then subconsciously reacted like this out of his own habit of taking care of others, taking the unfavorable task of deducting time on his own initiative, without thinking too much, just being strong and gentle. I think the master of the family is the host; Spy, my girlfriend is the male lead of the nine-tailed fox, and Li Shengji is also such a person. It will silently take care of your teammates, and will help you out when you see you embarrassed. In the past, I felt that some celebrities were not worthy of virtue and were forced out by their family background or other capital, with simple minds and shallow ideas. But even if Zhang Zhehan and Li Shengji are not in the entertainment industry, such a self-disciplined, strong and gentle person, even if they do other things, they will be very successful. On the one hand, I was even more trapped in Zhang Zhehan’s personality charm. On the other hand, it made me think about whether I am willing to give and bear to make people a strong person, or because I am a strong person who is willing to pay and bear. When can I go from the one holding the thigh to the one covering the thighs of others.

8 months ago

I understand him well because some people have a romantic, detached, serious but unwilling temperament. His brain circuit always seems to be a little different from yours. If I had more fans for Zhou Zishu before, I would definitely have more fans for Zhang Zhehan after watching the show last night. Maybe he himself doesn’t know why, but this way of going the other way and breaking the rules can bring him an inexplicable sense of pleasure, and it can also inject a more attractive element into the show, so Everyone loves to see the extreme challenge because of why it is not following the rules! Zhang Zhehan is really a very charming person. He said that lunatics are not bad at all. Acting is not mad but not alive, and being in variety shows is madness. This kind of temperament is very appetizing to me. I like it.

8 months ago

His sense of variety shows is really strong. This episode made me laugh miserably. I didn’t laugh at me like this when I went to the Happy Camp last year. I went to archaeology for his fastbook a few years ago, and he has always been the little prince. So as soon as this issue came up, Vega asked him if he was still the king of bugs? (Probably that means), he is too good at finding bugs, hahahaha. For example, he sits and stands repeatedly to check whether the time can be measured (absolutely! What a smart little head) As for why it shows that he has a lot of time, on the one hand, he has a lot of time, and his body comes out. On the other hand, it is also for the program effect. He really made a lot of laughter. Proper atmosphere group. There is also a saying when people are forced to pick up sugar, it is about the same time as Toshiko, and can be eliminated together. I kind of like his cheeky energy. He has always been like this for the China-Korea Dream Team back then. Hahahahaha is very interesting. If he is not an actor, it would be nice to be a resident guest of a certain variety show. I must watch!

8 months ago

One more thing, I think my wife knows that she doesn’t have much time, so the first one is to buckle jz, so that the jz lens will be a little more, and they can play two rounds, and have a good time before they die. It’s crazy. The original answer below can go to station b and Weibo to see the video edited by Mr. Li Hai. When watching the live broadcast, I felt that he wanted to spend as much time as Gong Jun, and took special care of Gong Jun’s mood. Gong Jun seemed to be crying at that time, and there was not much time. Maybe they had too little time to play together. My wife has been counting time, keeping it in line with Gong Jun’s time. After all, I think it would be embarrassing if Gong Jun is eliminated, so he will accompany Junjun to the end of the film. But in the end, thank you Mr. He for the time. My wife is worthy of being a lunatic! Deceived everyone. Zhang Zhehan’s variety shows are too good and too irritating. They set smoke bombs for everyone, creating the illusion that there is a lot of time, and this is also the case when playing games. I said that taking care of Gong Jun is only one aspect! Wife is the best, hehe! Just want to play crazy, having fun is better than anything else. I love his kind of strong temperament, and I have to hold on if I don’t have time, haha.

8 months ago

First of all, his fifty-five minutes is actually not that short, it is more than the best, and if he plays well, it will be enough for the audience. Secondly, he doesn’t care much about the final result. To put it bluntly, he doesn’t care much about winning or losing but more about the process, and he has a solid sense of variety shows. As a person who has been in variety shows, he probably has some idea about the arrangement of the program group. He asked at the beginning. Can you give away time, so maybe you can make up for it if you are a guest if you are eliminated early (Mr. He gives time, Wu Xin gives Yin Xiaotian time, etc.), or you can get shots even if you enter the end of the film ( Vega asks someone to leave the court to accompany him). On the other hand, Gong Jun has few variety shows and the least time, so it will be a little nervous. The third reason is his character. When everyone thinks that he has a lot of time and collectively take his time, as a generous and open-minded man who doesn’t care about the result, he naturally won’t violate his initial manners and show a twitchy behavior. It further promoted everyone’s misunderstanding about his time. Of course, the most important thing is that what he did was also part of the sense of variety show, creating an illusion for everyone and then unexpected results, more suspenseful and interesting than Gong Jun who knew the least time and Teacher He the most from the beginning. Thousands of words in one sentence, can play! Dare to play!

8 months ago

I think it’s because Zhe Han knew that Gong Jun’s time was the least at the beginning, only 30 minutes and he had 55 minutes. Therefore, this man who is the number one man in the landlord uses his calculation ability to make his time accurate. He was detained until he was only a minute away from Gong Jun. He might be afraid that Gong Jun would be a little uncomfortable if he was eliminated because of too little time. In the show, Gong Jun said “It’s miserable, I don’t have enough time.” “It looks like, so Zhehan decided to go with Gong Jun

8 months ago

I personally feel that from the understanding of the rules of the game, when I first heard about the rules of the game, if you aim to eliminate people, then you will choose the one with more time, or the one with less time? If it is a competitive game, people with less time should be deducted to quickly eliminate it. But his wife shouldn’t have thought about it systematically, he just…habitually follows the Doudizhu thinking…this rule is actually based on rewards, and those with the most time remaining are rewarded. According to the variety show mechanism, the number of people eliminated should be minimized for fun. So the derived rules are completely opposite to competitive games. People will target those who have more time. I personally suspect that my wife may have misunderstood hahahaha…but not necessarily, this buddy may just want the whole work, after all, from the perspective of variety This is really fun

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