First of all, everyone’s body, age and condition are different. I can refer to some of my methods, and finally find the best way to reduce fat. First of all, if you don’t have metabolic disease or something, your body is normal, not severely obese, those who don’t let you eat, breakfast or dinner, don’t believe them (regardless of whether they are a coach or not), generally only a few severe ones For people who are obese or have impaired fat system, doctors may ask them to eat less, or even light fast, but 90% of the people who lose weight only lose 20-50 kg and should not pay the price of health. It’s right to lose weight if you’re full, but you can’t support it when you’re hungry. Without ideas and methods to lose weight, it is really easy to fail. First of all, we must know the relationship between diet and exercise and fat loss. Losing weight is like an exam, with a perfect score of 100 and a passing score of 60. Among them, diet takes up 50 points and exercise takes 50 points. Assuming that your exercise level is close to Schwarzenegger, you may only get 45 points, but if you eat the wrong food, and the diet is 0 points, your total score will also fail. So if you want to pass, you should get at least 30 points each for diet and exercise. If you can get 40 points, you will be excellent. Many gym veterans should know that there are a lot of hard-working enthusiastic trainers, but there are not many low-sebum veterans. The reason is that everyone exercises to eat and drink well, not to be a model and to compete. The diet is basically skipped. The simple principle of fat loss: control insulin levels (insulin functions by itself, in charge of body anabolism, synthesis of muscle fat, promotion of protein absorption, fat storage, etc.) the greater the fluctuation of insulin in a day, the faster the synthesis of fat, the less the breakdown. The main reasons for the general population to make insulin fluctuate: excessive carbohydrate, excessive refined carbohydrate, intake of oily lake mixed food, excessive intake of white sugar, and too much food at one time. Therefore, the core of fat loss generally emphasizes the control of carbohydrate intake to stabilize insulin. The more stable the insulin level, the faster the fat breakdown. (But it doesn’t mean that you can not eat carbs all day long, carbs are very important!) Then the steps to reduce fat are as follows: First, first estimate the total daily consumption. For example, my basal metabolism is about 1850kcal (measured by machine), and the total consumption of work+ fitness is about 2700~2960kcal, even 2900kcal. (See below for how to calculate) And if you don’t train or just work on rest days, you have to consume 2100kcal. During the fat loss period, I have to create a calorie deficit of 400-770kcal every day (lower than 400kcal to lose fat is too slow, and if it is too high, it is likely to cause a certain probability of metabolic decline. ). If I want to reduce the calorie gap by 600kcal every day, that is, I will probably eat 2900-600=2300kcal on training days. If I want to lose 400kcal on non-training days, I will eat 2100-400=1700kcal (I will not have low calories on rest days. Therefore, no big gaps are created). Daily consumption calculation (basal metabolism Xactivity coefficient): male basal metabolism X activity coefficient = all-day metabolism formula [66+13.8 × weight (kg) + 5 × height (cm)-6.8 × age] X activity coefficient = all-day Total metabolism female basal metabolism XCalculation of activity coefficient [655+9.6×weight (kg)+1.9×height (cm)-4.7×age]×activity coefficient = total metabolism in a day X activity coefficient, then it is basal metabolism, generally The 170-185cm male range is 1600-2000kcal, and the 150-170cm female generally ranges from 1000-1500kcal. In this way, we can roughly estimate the daily consumption through the activity coefficient, and the basal metabolism can also be calculated with a gym body tester. I usually measure it on an empty stomach in the morning. The body fat scale is not suitable for people with high muscle mass. It is easy to measure muscle as fat. Activity coefficient: range 1.1-2.0. This activity coefficient is a rough estimate range. Everyone has different weights. It is better to judge which stage you are in. For example, I have a lot of muscle mass. I don’t do aerobics but the intensity of strength training is very high. Sometimes, fight training, usually go to work (with private lessons), then 1.5 is definitely there. 1.1-1.2 means no exercise, 1.3-1.4 means medium and small intensity exercise, 1.5-1.6 means medium-high intensity, 1.7-1.9 means high intensity, and 2.0 or above means extra-high intensity. If you stay at home for a day, watch TV and go downstairs to buy food, or work at home, in short, sitting for a day, crowding the subway and bus, the consumption of basal metabolism may be 1.1-1.2. If you go out for a walk for an hour, about 5 or 6km, or if you have to run around on foot frequently at work, but do not have the strength or cardio training, then 1.3-1.4. If you come back from work and do 45 minutes of high-intensity strength and 30 minutes of low-intensity aerobics, the range is about 1.5-1.6. If you move bricks on the construction site for a day, even if you don’t go to the gym, you can reach 1.8-2.0. Remarks: Don’t tell me about my weight after reading it. What do I do every day and let me set the activity coefficient and amount of exercise for everyone. Set this for yourself, try, and adjust. If I decide how much to eat and what to practice, then I have to follow up with everyone’s situation every few days to make constant adjustments, but I’m not an online coach. Everyone needs to record and make adjustments by themselves to achieve self-fat reduction. In order to understand your body better. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that women consume no less than 1200kcal per day, and men should not less than 1500kcal. Therefore, some girls and little brothers are advised not to eat only 800-900kcal per day to lose weight for health, which is very bad for the body. Once the body feels the lack of calories for a long time (blindly dieting, starving and fasting), it will turn on the protection mode (power saving mode), which will not only reduce the fat energy supply function and improve the fat storage efficiency, but also turn on the muscle protein decomposition function, which will increase muscle loss , Once you can’t help but overeating one day, you will directly rebound and give up all your previous efforts (psychological breakdown, doubt about life, self-defeating). My basal metabolism is 1850kcal, and my activity coefficient is limited to 1.5-1.6 (I am afraid of overestimating my own consumption), so the estimated total metabolism is 2775-2960, which is 2900kcal. Then I set myself a fat loss goal. My body fat is 76kg, body fat is 11%, body fat 76×0.11=8.36kg. The body test data shows that I am 8.4kg fat. Suppose I want to lose weight to 8%, which means I lose 2.28kg. Even if 2kg fat is consumed, 7700kcal is needed to consume 1kg. I expect to create a gap of 600kcal every day, so I can basically achieve the goal (maybe faster) if I persist for 25 days. Start diet and nutrition distribution: Then distribute nutrition according to calories. For example, in 2300kcal, distribute 40% carbohydrate, 40% protein, 20% fat, or carbon egg fat with a ratio of 3:4:3, or 2.5:4:3.5 . Low carb content, faster fat loss, higher carb content, better exercise performance. Carbohydrate and protein have 4kcal per gram, and fat has 9kcal per gram. The final conversion is equivalent to my intake of 230g carbohydrate, 230g protein and 51g fat. (My protein is actually relatively high. You can reduce protein intake and increase fat intake to ensure that there is a gap in total calorie intake.) The second method is a relatively simple calculation method: carbohydrate is enough to eat 2 to 2.5 times the body weight, protein Eat 1.5-2 times of lean body mass (people who don’t usually exercise 1.5 times of lean body mass is enough. Lean body mass is also called lean body mass, which is calculated as: body weight-), and eat fat throughout the day Total metabolism is 20% of calories. Remarks: Those who like high protein can also consume protein per pound of lean body×1~1.2g (kg×2.2=lb). Just use the weight×2.2×1~1.2 directly. In addition, too high protein can lead to high creatinine levels. Some doctors care about it because of impaired renal function. Drinking creatine may also lead to high creatinine levels. However, many people have high protein levels for a long time and say nothing. This depends on personal wishes. Anyway, my protein is almost No more than 200g, 220g has been eaten at most. A person who does not exercise can consume 1 times his lean body weight every day (for example, I have a lean body weight of 76 kg and about 69 kg). There is no problem. My weight is 76kg and my lean body weight is 69kg. The final calculation is 152-167g carbohydrate, 151-182g protein, and 61g fat. The total calories are lower and the fat loss will be faster. During the fat reduction period, green leafy vegetables are eaten casually (fried with calculated fat or cold sauce) and drink enough 3 to 4 liters of water a day. During the execution of the diet plan, you don’t need to observe whether your weight has fallen every day. You can weigh it every 4-5 days. Weigh on an empty stomach in the morning. The weight will fluctuate every day, as long as the overall trend of slow decline is correct. In addition, measuring the body latitude (waist circumference, chest circumference, hip circumference, arm circumference, leg circumference) with a measuring tape is the correct way to observe. It is not weighing several times a day. There is no inevitable relationship between weight loss and body fat loss. Only those who often fail to lose fat will do it. Look at your weight every day. If during the execution of the diet plan, the weight does not change for 5-7 consecutive days, and there is no downward trend, try to adjust the amount of carbohydrate and protein by yourself, such as lowering 10g, or reducing the total calories a little, such as 100kcal. In this way, as our body fat and weight decrease, carbon water can be gradually reduced. Let’s take another example: a man who wants to lose weight eats 180g of carbohydrate, 180g of protein, and 50g of fat. He used the mint app to search food calories and finally found his daily intake. Carbon water 180g≈249g raw rice (or 276g oats) protein 180g≈818g raw lean beef (or skinless chicken thigh meat) 40g≈40ml olive oil and he plans to eat 600g broccoli or other green leafy vegetables a day (use 20ml olive oil) Stir-fried), leaving 20ml of fried meat. He can distribute these foods to three meals. The olive oil here is a fat, used for sautéing beef and broccoli. When he lost 2kg and found that there was no change for 5-7 consecutive days, he recalculated the nutrients with the new weight data. You can diversify the distribution of nutrients, but it is troublesome. Key point: If you are really lazy (or very busy) and want to lose fat, then you must at least calculate the amount of carbohydrate you take in every day, try not to exceed 2-3 times your body weight, but don’t be too low-carb. Break down muscles and reduce metabolism. Eat more high-quality protein, and control fat as much as possible, but you have to eat. I recommend that your daily fat calorie intake account for 20-30% of your basal metabolism. Pay attention to some special populations, such as diabetic patients and people with poor liver and kidney function. Don’t try it. If the liver and kidney are not good, uric acid and high protein can’t eat too much (less than or equal to 1.5 times the body weight). Obesity caused by serious hormonal disorders such as insulin resistance (diabetes), low levels of growth hormone, thyroid hormone, adrenaline, testosterone, and leptin resistance may require medical treatment first. Don’t try blindly. . Do more strength, you can do it aerobic or not, the aerobic is no more than 60 minutes, 3 times a week, I personally 30 minutes, 45 minutes is fine. A lot of aerobics is not good, you are not an athlete, don’t do too much. I personally practice in the gym to lose fat, but I can’t keep it, so I can do more strength and use aerobic assistance. In terms of carbohydrate selection, you should eat coarse and fine grains, the best ratio is 2:1 or 1:1, and only rice is fine, but dietary fiber needs to be supplemented. Coarse grains such as sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, quinoa oats, do not make porridge. I usually eat refined food in the morning or after training, rice. For fruits, I will not eat them during the fat reduction period. If I want to eat them, I will weigh them and calculate the sugar content. The sugar content in fruits is the same as a staple food. Try not to eat sweets and fried foods. These dirty foods will directly accelerate the body’s synthesis of fat. In addition to being bad for the body, they will also increase blood sugar, promote appetite, and accelerate the storage of visceral fat. All starchy foods that are too oily, French fries Donuts are all bad for your health. If you want to lose weight, just keep your mouth shut. It is best not to eat noodles. In addition, fruits and carrots and other root vegetables contain carbon water, which needs to be calculated or not eaten. Eat green leafy vegetables as you like.


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6 months ago

Niang Xipi! After reading Gao Zan’s first sentence, I couldn’t sit still. You lose 12 kg in 40 days. Is that fat loss? You were dehydrated before the bodybuilding competition, okay? A group of fitness novices set flags for themselves according to this weight, reducing immunity is a trivial matter, and it is not impossible for people to disappear! Although I have always insisted that people are hard to remove, but the pants that are related to health, I am Buddha’s compassion, and the poor monk must have to pick it up. At the bottom of the key, the five myths are all about reducing fat without mentioning dehydration. What kind of meat is this? The old mage opened his mouth. Anyway, 40 days is not too much, you can try it if you have the most iron. Who can follow his method and cut 12 kilograms to get a 9% body fat rate, which means I have been practicing for nothing over the years. I bow to you. Just one word from home: if 40 days can really lose 12 kg of body fat and 9%, you will not find a fat man in this world with a lantern! Losing fat is faster than shit, isn’t it? I can choke 12 kilograms of shit for 40 days! Everyone remember: Those who talk about fat loss without mentioning their age or physical condition are all hooliganism. Those who talk about the results of fat loss without mentioning gender are all hooligans. Telling you that XX days will save you XX catties, all are hooligans. Fat loss is the least technical in the field of fitness, but it is closely related to the above. Age is the simplest. To put it simply, exercise is the best for reducing fat around the age of 25. After 30, with the same amount of exercise, the effect of reducing fat is one point one year older. But don’t worry, as long as the time is in place, it can still be reduced. In terms of physical condition, the heart and lung functions are normal, especially the heart. Then there is something wrong with the key below the core. The waist, hip, knee, and ankle joints are intact and not intact. Follow the doctor’s advice or wear protective gear. In terms of gender, women’s fat loss efficiency is not as good as that of men of the same age and physical condition. This is a fixed number given by creation and cannot be reversed. The most important thing is that the 15% mentioned in the question are for men. If a woman reduces her body fat content to this level, some people will be fine, and some relatives will not necessarily attend work on time! The most important thing is that if a woman controls her body fat rate at 15 points, now look down at your Mimi, 15 body fat rate Mimi is a little bit smaller than it is now, and this is also inevitable. So before you reduce the weight, you can only choose one of the two. In fact, as a man, the body fat rate is between 10 and 15; as a woman, with a body fat rate of 18 or so, the body is already very ugly. Don’t pursue ultra-low body fat rate, break through the red line, and your immunity will plummet. When that happens, you will have colds and rashes on your body. Don’t blame me for not reminding me. All the bodybuilders you see, flat models, or old black, have extremely low body fat rates and look beautiful, but they either can’t maintain this body fat rate all year round, or the breed is really different from ours, don’t be blind. pursue. They are just the highlights on the hard shots that you see at all times. Most of the best bodybuilders in non-seasonal days are a big fat man. Specific to the method of fat loss, the simplest way is to say: any aerobic exercise, as long as you stick to the standard time each time, and then stick to a longer cycle, you will definitely be able to achieve it! The specific time to reach depends on age, gender, physical condition and exercise intensity. Everyone’s physical condition is different, and no one can give an exact figure. Exercise options: jogging, brisk walking, skipping rope, swimming, these routine aerobics are the first choice, safe and effective. If your cardiopulmonary function is strong, you can do HIIT or TABATA, but novices should choose carefully. Searching for specific tutorials online will not be wordy. The most recommended here is jogging, there is no requirement for the venue, and the effect is relatively good. Running continuously for more than 30 minutes at a time, and down for an hour, is a safe and effective category. The speed is wide and slow, but it is best not to stop and walk in the middle. Your heart rate will drop as soon as you walk, and the fat will not be burned when your heart rate drops. It’s that simple. Brisk walking and skipping swimming to reduce fat, the principle is similar, but can not stop slowly, the effect is the best. Then, the key came. Reduced to a certain extent, as long as you are still an earthling, you will definitely encounter a bottleneck period. No matter how you run, you won’t lose meat at this stage! Generally, the body fat rate of men is around 20 and that of women is around 25. There must be a big bottleneck. The two methods break through. Either you change the sport mode, or you add strength training. The principle of changing the exercise mode is that our brain will always optimize the distribution of calories during any long-term exercise. In other words, the brain is more inclined to let you use the least calories to complete the same amount of exercise. Yes, the brain is a money fan. You see fat as a burden, but it sees fat as a treasure, and don’t want to consume too much fat. So you enter a bottleneck period, which means that the brain has evened out your current exercise calorie expenditure with your daily calorie intake. So you change it, you used to run, and start swimming when you enter the bottleneck period! Said the brain and the heart? This grandson has unlocked a new pose again, hey? Deler! I adjusted it again! Before the brain rebuilds the balance, your new exercise mode mobilizes different muscle groups than before, and the consumption will increase, so the bottleneck period breaks through! Don’t talk about it in detail, it will be used up. The principle of strength training to break through the bottleneck period is simpler. Strength training for a few months to gain muscle. Muscles consume a lot of energy. It can help you burn fat in the next aerobic exercise. It’s over. In the process of reducing fat, there are several similar bottleneck periods, and the duration of the bottleneck periods is longer than one. This is a psychological war between you and fat, and you have to deal with it. As for diet and sleep, this is not wordy here. There is one thing to say. If you simply reduce fat, you don’t have too strict requirements on these. Don’t stay up all night, don’t drink big wine every day, don’t have a meal without big elbows. In short, remember that fat loss is the easiest introductory course in all sports and fitness fields. As long as the body’s hormone levels are normal and there is no ancestral obesity gene, individuals can reduce it if they persist. Perseverance is the most important thing. If you practice five or four weeks a week, dogs can be reduced; if you practice one day and half a month, it is useless for Jesus to teach you personally. And you don’t have to spend a penny to hire a coach to reduce fat, and save yourself money to buy a pair of better heel protectors! This article is not detailed enough, but the general outline is absolutely correct. I am not afraid of any professional with a stack of internationally certified professionals coming to the line. Still the inner sentence: I can cook this bowl of fitness, but I don’t eat it. So to be honest, there is no commercial appeal and unscrupulous. Goodbye.

6 months ago

The training program during the fat loss period will not be repeated here. Precise diet ratio and portion size can make the body better. During this period, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the intake of carbohydrates (rice, noodles, steamed bread, etc.) and increase the proportion of protein. From the original carbohydrate: protein: fat = 60%: 20%: 20%, adjusted to carbohydrate: protein: fat = 50%: 25%: 25%. In daily life, you can use food scales, mint APP and sports bracelets for daily diet , The record of basal metabolism and exercise metabolism calorie consumption, and regularly use body fat scale to measure body fat. How to supplement the three major nutrients? Protein intake: 2.5-3g/kg fat intake should account for 25% of total calories. The weight of the food corresponding to the remaining calories is provided by carbohydrates. Eat more water-soluble fiber and insoluble fiber foods in your daily diet, such as onions, kelp, dark green leafy vegetables, oats, etc. You can consider eating nuts between meals to supplement unsaturated fatty acids. For food supplements during the fat loss period, you can consider here ☞

6 months ago

Be cautious with more pictures, fat belly is ugly. 2020.07.14 The measured body fat is 14.5%, which is just enough to answer this question. Let me start with the conclusion: 7 points for 3 points training, after all, the ancients are sincere not to deceive me. It boils down to my personal words, it is to use the controlled variable method to break through the plateau period, which can be training frequency/content/training time, diet structure/eating time window, etc. Also, learn more about fitness, including the principles of fat burning/energy intake/training movements/diet and nutrition. People from Hubei, who started during the epidemic in 2020, the causes of exercise are also relatively bumpy. On the one hand, they want to change subjectively. In terms of lifestyle, I want to see what my abdominal muscles look like; on the other hand, affected by the epidemic, I close my house every day, I can’t read books, I don’t want to play on my mobile phone, and I don’t like watching dramas, so I start to exercise again. 1.2020.02.21. —— Re-exercising, improving physical fitness, and meeting a better self. At the end of March, the abdominal fat is like this, waist circumference is 90cm, and freehand training is about 15 days. I have been slightly fat and have the habit of low-intensity exercise, but the frequency is only once a week for jogging or climbing a middle distance of 10km. It was abandoned in the second half of 2019, so my physical fitness has dropped a lot, and my weight has also gained a lot. At the beginning, I put a yoga mat at home and did exercises such as bare-handed anaerobic + TABATA HIIT. The total time was about 2.5 hours a day. The diet was affected by the epidemic and was relatively light. After all, there was nothing to eat. At this stage, it lasted about 40 days. The diet did not pay much attention to it, that is, quit sugar and alcohol. The biggest gain is the improvement of physical fitness. If the weight is concerned, the weight loss is about 4kg. Variables: aerobic exercise, cardiopulmonary improvement, Physical fitness improved; in retrospect, I laid a good basic diet for now: Quit sugar and alcohol

6 months ago

It can be analyzed from two aspects: (1) Keep the weight of 76KG unchanged, and reduce the body fat rate from 19% to 15%. This means that while removing 3KG of fat, you need to increase 3KG of muscle. (2) Keep the muscle mass unchanged and reduce the body fat rate from 19% to 15%. This means that the body weight is reduced from 76KG to 73KG, but you need to ensure that you do not lose muscle. Both options have their pros and cons. Option one, the advantage is that the strength will increase, the muscle circumference will increase, and it will appear larger. The disadvantage is the need to strengthen muscle gain training and break through the strength bottleneck. Option two, the advantage is that the muscle lines will be clearer and the muscles will have a stronger sense of etching. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time for aerobics and needs to pay attention to the problem of muscle loss. The internal structure of muscle and fat is different, and muscle and fat belong to different body systems. To achieve the goal of increasing muscle mass and reducing fat, you need to master its principles first. Both programs involve muscle gain training and aerobic training. The energy supply systems used in these two trainings are different. Muscle-building training mainly uses the original phosphate energy supply system. Aerobic training mainly uses aerobic oxidation energy supply system. To better achieve fitness goals, you should first master the energy supply principles of these two types of training. 1. What is the energy supply principle of muscle gain training and aerobic training? Movement follows the law of conservation of energy. Exercise is equivalent to work and also requires energy supply. The power of movement comes from the energy supply system of the human body. Different exercises will call different human energy supply systems. The three major energy supply systems of the human body are: the phosphate system, the glycolytic energy system, and the oxidation energy system. The three major energy supply systems cooperate with each other to meet the energy needs of various sports. According to the characteristics of the three major energy supply systems, the role of the phosphoric acid system is to supply energy for high-intensity, strength-type and sprint-type sports. The role of the oxidative energy system is to provide energy for low-intensity, endurance, and high heart rate exercises. The function of the glycolytic energy system is somewhere in between. For example: the 100-meter sprint can be roughly regarded as the energy supply of the phosphoric acid system. The 800-meter race can be roughly regarded as the energy supply of the phosphate system and the glycolysis energy system. The 5000-meter race can be roughly regarded as the energy supply of the oxidation energy system. Muscle training is strength training. The main use is the phosphoric acid energy supply system, and the main training is the strength and circumference of the muscles. It is characterized by heavy weight and intermittent. Aerobic training is heart rate training. The oxidative energy supply system is mainly used. The main training is cardiopulmonary function. It is characterized by persistence and high heart rate. Therefore, muscle building training is different from aerobic training. To give full play to the effects of muscle gain training and aerobic training, it is necessary to master the characteristics of its energy supply. 2. Why does the strength bottleneck restrict muscle gain? Why does a lot of aerobic exercise lose muscle? The principle of muscle gain is to break first and then stand: “Broken” means that through scientific training, the original muscle fiber structure is destroyed at a micro level. “Li” means to quickly synthesize and replenish protein for muscles, so that muscle fibers become larger and thicker. After the human body is stimulated by the load, the muscle tissue will instinctively recover automatically. The process will produce a certain amount of over-recovery, which is also super-load over-compensation. After scientific training, the muscles are effectively stimulated, and the rate of muscle protein synthesis will be greatly improved. At this time, it is the golden period of muscle synthesis. Need to quickly replenish whey protein to provide nutrients for synthetic muscles. If the supplement is not timely, the efficiency of muscle gain will be affected. The two key elements to achieve muscle gain are: 1. Continuous and effective muscle load stimulation. 2. Supplement nutrition in time, especially whey protein that can be quickly absorbed. Breaking is a prerequisite for fitness and muscle growth. If the load stimulation is not enough, the muscle fiber structure cannot be effectively destroyed. If the muscle fiber structure is not destroyed, the muscle gain effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the strength bottleneck restricts muscle gain. What is the effective load weight? The tolerance of weight varies greatly between individuals. The 100KG squat may be easy for veterans of fitness, but for many novices, it is an unbearable weight. Don’t try lightly for the weight that you cannot bear. Therefore, everyone has different standards for heavy weight. This involves a concept “RM”. “RM” is the abbreviation of “Repetition Maximum”, which means “maximum number of repetitions”. 1RM is the “maximum weight that can be repeated once.” If your 1RM weight is 50KG, 50KG is your limit weight. For individuals, weights above 1RM are meaningful weights. In general, the training effects that different RMs can achieve are: 1-6RM is mainly for training strength, 6-12RM is mainly for training muscle volume, and 12-20RM is mainly for training small muscles and muscle lines. The heavier the load, the more inclined the original phosphate system to supply energy. Why does a lot of aerobic exercise lose muscle? In fact, dieting and a lot of exercise are easy to lose muscle. This is because: (1) In the case of dieting, amino acid gluconeogenesis increases, which makes it easy to lose muscle. Gluconeogenesis is the process of converting non-sugar substances such as amino acids and lactic acid into glucose by itself. Blood sugar is mainly used to supply the energy consumption of the brain, internal organs and other internal organs. Dieting is likely to cause a decrease in blood sugar, and an increase in gluconeogenesis will consume a lot of amino acids. There is an amino acid balance in the human body. After the amino acids are consumed, the muscles and other tissues in the body will tend to decompose to replenish the amino acids. In this case, it is easy to lose muscle. (2) In the case of exercise, amino acids participate in energy supply, and gluconeogenesis increases, making it easier to lose muscle. Under normal circumstances, the main energy supply substances of the human body are sugar and fat. The ratio of amino acid energy supply is very small, generally 10%. When exercise consumes a lot of blood sugar and glycogen, the proportion of amino acids involved in energy supply will increase. In addition, with the exhaustion of blood sugar during exercise, gluconeogenesis will also increase the consumption of amino acids. Especially aerobic exercise will consume a lot of energy in the body, and muscle loss is inevitable. The muscle level of many marathon runners is not high, which is closely related to the consumption of muscles by exercise. Losing fat, whether it’s dieting or exercising, will lose muscles if you don’t operate properly. 3. How to effectively reduce fat and increase muscle? Muscle and fat belong to different human systems: muscle belongs to the body’s movement system, and fat belongs to the body’s energy metabolism system. In order to effectively reduce fat and gain muscle, the key is to have targeted intake control and training programs. In sports, it is necessary to ensure that the exercise method is suitable, the quality of the exercise is up to the standard and the sports science is less damaged. In terms of intake, it is necessary to ensure that the nutritional structure is reasonable, adequate and timely. (1) Choose an appropriate training method. Exercise consumption = exercise method × exercise time. Different exercise methods have a large difference in output power, that is, the amount of calories consumed per unit time varies greatly. From the perspective of output power, the output power of the phosphoric acid system is nearly 4 times that of the aerobic oxidation system.

6 months ago

Contestants whose body fat dropped by 4.6% in a month came to answer the question to lose fat by eating seven points and practicing three points, but the so-called “seven points eating” allows you to control your diet, not to let you eat less or not eat. Fat is the storage resource of the human body. Our exercise is the glycogen of carbohydrates in the body that we consume first. If the glycogen you ingest is not consumed, it will be converted into fat and stored. If it is not enough, it will start to be consumed. Part of the fat, together with glycogen, provides energy. But if you diet too much and your body has no glycogen to consume, it will break down the protein in your muscles for energy, that is, consume your muscles, causing your body fat rate to rise instead of falling. Therefore, a small intake of carbon water is as important as a large intake of protein. Fat-reducing meal formula: Breakfast: protein + staple food of whole grains + two kinds of vegetables + low-fat drinks Lunch: most vegetables + staple food of whole grains + high-quality protein and fat Supper: eat some low-sugar fruits and vegetables, apples, cherry tomatoes, grapefruits around 4pm Wait, do not eat fruits with high sugar content such as watermelon, cantaloupe, durian, mango and the like. Dinner: vegetables + protein (eat before 8 o’clock) Apply this formula to look at my diet breakfast sandwich: two slices of multigrain toast, two slices of lettuce, half a tomato, a sugar-core fried egg, three crab sticks, and the drink is yogurt Or black coffee. I usually don’t put much sauce or salt in my sandwiches. I think the taste of tomatoes is delicious. It stands to reason that a few shrimps, chicken breasts or dragon fish are good, but I am short in the morning and have no time to make them, so I ordered Korean instant crab sticks and put a few in them. The two brands I often buy, Silin Dachao and Claimei, are said to be zero-fat, and the taste is very similar. The crab legs are relatively similar, the meat is a bit of a trace, the protein content is low, and the calories are low. I like to put some in sandwiches or salads, pretending to have meat. ​I directly order light food for lunch, and now there are more light food takeaways. The focus of my selection is to see the type of vegetables, whether the staple food has coarse and fine grains, and sauces. If you put regular mayonnaise or Thousand Island dressing in your salad, you will lose fat. I usually choose 0-fat Japanese onion juice or 0-fat tomato hot sauce. The staple food is soba noodles, with purple sweet potatoes, and excellent whole grains. (The picture below is chicken thigh meat, I will remove the chicken skin first) For dinner, I have salad and various soups, such as seaweed egg drop soup, tomato egg drop soup, scallop and seaweed soup, which is very satisfying. Dinner is best eaten before 8 o’clock in the evening after half an hour of exercise. For the exercise part, I do 40 minutes of aerobic exercise + 40 minutes of aerobic exercise. Many people like to do aerobic first and then anaerobic. In fact, it is better to change the order. In this way, the body will provide glycogen to muscle function during anaerobic early stage, and will consume more fat when doing aerobic. Aerobic exercise recommends these two groups of strength training on Saturday field. I mainly do these on KEEP. Advanced and strengthened abdominal muscles. Advanced and strengthened hips. Cultivation of core stability. Improved stovepipe: Pa After the Mela 12min stovepipe training is over, you must do a good job of stretching! Relax the fascia, relieve the soreness, and continue exercising the next day. Especially for girls, if they don’t want to get muscular legs, it is best to have a massage or Gu Sha at night. You can use tools to massage at home by yourself, which can promote the circulation of the meridians. I am using this foot and leg massage pad, which is smart pulse, the size of a mouse pad, and it is very convenient to use. Electronic pulses are micro-currents that directly mobilize muscles to tighten or relax. After I exercise it for 20 minutes, my calves will not be sore the next day, and the contrast is obvious when it is useless. It has 6 modes and 9 gears. Generally, I can affect my knees when I turn to gear 4, and my thighs are trembling in gear 5, but there is no electric current in the thighs. It should be driven by the calves. The official said it can imitate 6 kinds of real people. The most obvious massage technique I feel is kneading and beating, just as if someone was beating my calf with a massage. The bonus item is the ability to play the game while using it. ​The last is to go to bed early, I now go to bed before 12 o’clock. It sounds like it’s not early, but I didn’t go to bed until two o’clock in the morning when I started working out. It is recommended that friends who want to lose fat should not be too anxious. No one can become fat with one bite, and on the other hand, no one can become thin overnight. Persistence is the only way out, encourage with you.

6 months ago

In September of last year, I competed for the first time in my life. I shared my experience of reducing my body fat to be able to participate in the competition. Friends who want to lose fat can adjust and learn according to their own situation, but there is no need to copy it, because everyone has their own characteristics. I made the comparison photos every once in a while and put them at the end, and the video I took on my phone when my body fat was lowest was placed behind the photos. The original intention of reducing fat. I started working out in the summer of 13 to 19, and I practiced for six years. I very much hope that I can compare myself to see what level I am. At the beginning of 19 I decided to compare our Hunan Province provincial competition to see how I am going. So at the end of June, I officially started to adjust my diet to reduce fat and prepare for the competition. My height is 175cm, and I reached 84kg when I got my highest weight at the end of June, and I weighed 82kg+ by the 30th. diet. The game was on September 22nd, and I started to adjust the fat-reducing diet on July 1st.
The maximum weight before the fat loss was 84kg, and the final dehydration was just 70kg, and the weight loss was 14kg in almost 3 months. The fat reduction method is very simple, the carbon water cycle. But my carbon cycle method is very extreme. For friends who want to lose fat, I don’t recommend to lose fat in such an extreme way. Such a way of reducing fat will lose a lot of muscle for people who are naturally fit. Low carbon for 3 days and high carbon for 1 day. I only eat an apple and a cup of yogurt and protein powder after training on low-carb days. In the early high-carbon days, I would eat whatever I wanted, pizza, burgers, egg fried rice, instant noodles, and cakes. The later deception days will be cleaner and less. Only those who have tried this kind of diet know how craving high-calorie foods are every time a high-carbon day is approaching. Protein is guaranteed to be 2g per kg of body weight. After exercise, I will drink isolated whey for better absorption and lower sugar content. The dinner after the low-carb day exercise is 5 scrambled eggs. The other time I eat chicken breast and broccoli, almost five meals a day. I don’t have much control over fat, but try to be as clean as possible. Fat loss training. In less than three months, I only did 11 aerobics. The aerobic way is to climb stairs in a boring way. Every time I climb stairs, I will take my phone and put on headphones to listen to music, so there will be a record of the floor and the number of steps in the phone. I don’t climb for long, I only climb up to 25 minutes at a time. I do more strength training, and I even practice twice a day when I have time. But when I lose fat in the future, I will never practice twice a day again. This way of reducing fat is also very muscle-loss for natural bodybuilding. When training, I tend to focus more on my own weak links, such as the back, and I will practice twice in a cycle. Each training is controlled within one hour. The longer the time, the lower your training efficiency, whether you are gaining muscle or losing fat. The body is not a simple addition and subtraction, you also need to consider multiplication and division. How to prevent muscle loss when losing fat as much as possible. Many people start to train with relatively light weights when they are losing fat, or when preparing for a competition, thinking that this can better reduce fat. When preparing for the race, I will try to maintain my non-season training weight as much as possible, so that I can keep as much as possible and lose muscle as much as possible. Because this training mode can tell the body that I still need muscles and cannot let them lose. And if you use relatively light weights to train, the body is very intelligent at this time to find that it can maintain the existing calories without too many muscles. Tonic when I lose fat. When preparing for the competition, I will rely heavily on supplements, especially in the later stages of fat loss, the water I drink every day is BCAA. Protein powder will also directly after training two scoops of separated whey, or one scoop of regular whey protein and one scoop of separated whey. Glutamine is indispensable. Under extreme diet and high-intensity training every day, the body needs better recovery. Creatine has never stopped during the period of muscle gain or fat loss, but it must be stopped in the final stage of rapid dehydration, because creatine will store water in the body. other. Because you have a better understanding of your body, you can skip aerobics next time you lose fat, and you can do strength training only once. Because of the unscientific training method for me this time, I lost a lot of muscles. In addition, because I lose fat once every summer, my body is relatively suitable for this kind of fat loss in the early stage, but I will still be very tired in the later stage. This feeling is probably only felt by those who have prepared for the game. In the later stage of extremely low-carbon water, heavy training and work are needed, and the whole person becomes like a walking dead, and I don’t want to talk to anyone in the gym and life. If the body fat rate is too low, the complexion will look old and the face will look like a beggar. I don’t know what my body fat percentage will be. Again, fat-reduction methods can be used for reference, but don’t copy them. The same applies to training. Everyone has their own characteristics in training, diet, body function, structure and so on. As I said above, because I lose fat all year round, I lose fat faster. This does not mean that everyone can achieve the same efficiency with the same method. I did not have edema after overeating after the fat loss competition, and many people would become swollen. If some people are as low-carbon as me, they will soon be unable to stand it. There are also people who can ensure very little muscle loss even in the state of extremely low carbon water. This is a physical characteristic, so it is necessary to constantly adjust each fat loss method based on the feedback of the body. It also depends on how well you know your body. The more you lose fat, the more you will understand what your body needs, what you don’t need, and how much you need, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.

6 months ago

This is a sincere article of Amway. In a full year, it has been reduced from 139 catties to 95 catties, and the body fat rate has dropped by 30% by about 16%. Overall, I am satisfied, so I want to share a fat-lowering experience. After I lose weight, I really want to share the method with everyone! The content is divided into several parts: what is the body fat rate/the difference in body fat between men and women/why is it so difficult to lose body fat/how to eat during the fat loss period/exercise that is beneficial to fat loss, etc.

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Girls don’t use their own examples. It’s really difficult for girls to achieve 15% body fat. They have to sacrifice a lot of things, such as amenorrhea, endocrine disorders, fertility risks, grumpiness, mental fatigue, and boys want to achieve 100% body fat. Fifteenths require long-term efforts, not to mention girls whose testosterone levels are far lower.

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You must get enough sleep! The important thing is said three times, one of the many disadvantages of staying up late is that you will gain weight. Studies have shown that if there is insufficient sleep time for more than two consecutive days, it will have an impact on weight. Moreover, hormone secretion will also be affected after staying up late, and it is easy to overeating and unwilling to exercise, which will have a lot of resistance to fat loss. Therefore, the easiest and most effective way to reduce fat is to go to bed early tonight. what? Sleep how to do? I will teach you some tricks I tried to help you sleep. Put a book next to your pillow, and you usually get sleepy after seeing it for a long time. Attention, don’t put novels! Don’t watch it in and stay up all night. Get up on time in the morning. Many people cannot fall asleep at night, and cannot get up in the morning when they are sleepy. It has become a habit to cycle like this every day. Of course it is difficult for you to go to bed early. Except for lunch breaks, other times can not sleep without sleep. You should also control the time for a nap. Don’t go to bed from two to five. That would be weird if you can sleep at night. Generally speaking, 30 to 40 minutes of nap is enough. Why don’t you try to go to bed earlier tonight?

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The topic of fat loss is really white. Xiaohai also likes to study the problem of fat loss. After all, Xiaohai is also a cute who has extremely high demands on himself. Below, Xiaohai will share some of the fat reduction methods he treasures with everyone. You can choose the fat loss method that suits you as appropriate: 1. Reduce calorie intake. Stop your mouth and open your legs. It should be a well-known method of reducing fat. If everyone consumes less of 800 calories a day, they will lose 10 pounds of body weight in about a month and a half. You can set a daily calorie intake based on this value. However, the calorie intake must be at least 1,200 kcal per person per day, so don’t just pursue fastness in reducing calories, and adjust the intake according to your own physical fitness. 2. Walk for 45 minutes a day five days a week. Not only does it help us control weight, it is also good for our health. You can walk for 45 minutes a day for five days a week. 3. Insist on exercise. Of course, you must exercise to reduce fat. You can do regular exercise 3-5 times a week, do more aerobic exercise, stick to it, and pay attention to step by step when you first start exercising to prevent harm to your body. 4. Increased strength training Strength training can build muscles very well. Muscles are the key to our calorie consumption and promoting metabolism, but it is best to formulate a suitable exercise plan under professional guidance to avoid injury to the body. 5. Changing low-calorie recipes and choosing a healthy daily diet is also very important. While trying to reduce fat, we must also pay attention to our diet, try our best to ensure that the diet is light, healthy and nutritious, and timely supplement the nutrients and protein needed by the body. , To ensure that the three meals can be balanced. (Versailles. Hai: In terms of food, Xiaohai is entrusted to the food network, so the problem of fat reduction Xiaohai only needs to take care of his own legs.) Okay, Xiaohai today’s sharing is here, don’t just collect , Let’s move with Xiaohai~

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