My roommate told me one day that he had more than 1,000 degrees of myopia, but he didn’t usually wear glasses, she could see clearly, only when he was in class. But I am also a thousand short-sighted, and I can’t see clearly as long as I take off my glasses half a meter away. But she said it was because I was used to wearing it, and she didn’t wear it often, so we were different. Is what he said true?

The world of myopia is so “unreasonable”. About 5 meters away from men and women, and about 10 meters away from humans and animals, it’s like seeing the world through a glass that hasn’t been wiped for a long time. [I really want to admit that some people just have poor eye quality. They also stay up late to play with mobile phones, some are not nearsighted, and some just increase their degrees of myopia] There are many myopic friends around us, and they are experiencing myopia. After that, I will feel particularly distressed. Even when looking in the mirror, it will have its own dermabrasion effect to make yourself look beautiful. Many friends mistakenly believe that myopia is not as serious as expected, and it is quite common. This is not the case, because after a certain degree of myopia, it also needs to be taken seriously. Myopia is not common. Be careful if you are above 600 degrees!    It’s okay if everyone suffers from common myopia. If the degree of myopia reaches 600 degrees, it should be taken seriously. At this time, not only can you not see things clearly, but it is also easy to cause a series of other hazards, which will affect your life and work first, so you need to pay attention to it. Pathological myopia can also cause blindness! Myopia above 600 degrees is still quite harmful, let alone 1000 degrees. After reaching 600 degrees, it is considered high myopia. At this time, the refractive power of the human eye will gradually deepen, and the axis of the eye will become longer, which indirectly damages the retinal collateral tissue, leading to pathological changes in the fundus and the formation of pathological myopia.   Pathological myopia has now become one of the main causes of blindness. According to relevant survey data, pathological myopia has become the main cause of blindness in the world and even in my country. Globally, blindness has reached the second place, so once the degree exceeds 600 degrees, it must be taken seriously. There are still these hazards of high myopia. Pay attention! Nowadays, patients with high myopia will cause the eyeballs to elongate backward, and the retinal blood vessels will become thinner after leaving the optic papilla. At this time, the blood vessels will be correspondingly straightened and thinned, causing the entire eye The blood vessel structure has changed. Over time, yellow and white lines and irregular stripes appear at the back of the fundus. These mainly occur in the macular area or around the macula, and some of them will also have posterior scleral staphylo, which directly impairs the function. In severe cases, it can cause visual distortion, leading to other diseases such as macular hemorrhage. How to self-check whether there are pathological changes in the fundus? If you have high myopia, you can check for yourself whether there are pathological changes in the fundus. In fact, you can complete the self-examination with a sheet. When checking, you can place this form 25 cm in front of your eyes. After closing your left eye, you can make your right eye look at the black spot in the center. If you observe that the form is not distorted, there is no other phenomenon. At the same time, you can check the left eye in the same way, and see if there is any abnormality in the same situation. Therefore, you must not think that myopia is very learned. Once you have a high degree of myopia, you must go to the hospital for examination in time. Then, after confirming, you need to pay attention to the corresponding precautions in your life, so that you can stay away from the hazards of high myopia, so that you can really avoid the appearance of some fundus diseases, and really let yourself control the frequency no longer rises. Once you meet the requirements for myopia correction surgery, you can correct it in time and stay away from myopia!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A real case of a rural aunt in her 50s who brought her grandson to check her eyesight. After learning that the child was short-sighted, she began to think about the child. The content is unremarkable, but it means that children are disobedient, play mobile phones, and love to watch TV. The sales consultant rushed to sell the reading glasses and asked the aunt to do an optometry. The aunt patted her chest and said that her eyesight was better, but she didn’t say that she could see everything without delay, and she didn’t need to check it at all. “Sister, optometry is free”, the sales consultant said, “Ah, is it free? Then it’s all here, I’ll check it out.” The aunt said that the result was that both eyes were 1500 degrees, yes, 1500 degrees. Everyone looked at each other. Repeated use of the computer refractor to hit the same results several times, looking at the eye chart, even the largest visual target can not be seen. Well, seeing this, the subject should understand. Many high myopia do not usually wear glasses. Not wearing glasses does not mean that it is correct. Such people are just used to the fuzzy world. At the same time, because they have never seen a clear image, there is no contrast, and there is no yearning for the real world. Some people will ask about the final result. In the end, the aunt still confidently said that she could see everything clearly and didn’t delay anything, and she didn’t have the need for glasses at all.

7 months ago

Two points can be said here. 1) Fuzzy adaptation: He has adapted to the familiar environment and feels okay. The brain is replenished. Ask her to try on a strange and complicated road. 2) Reference comparison: Whether it is clear or not is a subjective feeling. It’s a comparison. He thinks it is not vague, but for him it is not vague. Just look at the visual acuity chart to know exactly what vision. In fact, it is really unwise not to wear such a high number. The eyes are always in a very fuzzy state, the degree is very unstable, and it is easy to go up. Visual functions are messed up. This will affect the correction of vision for a long time, and even cause amblyopia, strabismus, and loss of stereopsis. Ask him to download the word “formal deprivation” on Baidu. It is recommended that your roommate listen to the opinions of an optician or ophthalmologist. After all, the eye is an important organ.

7 months ago

This situation seems to be very common when we open an optical shop. First of all, whether she wears glasses or not has nothing to do with this clarity. He can do it without glasses. Not necessarily that he can see clearly. It can only be said that he can see it. In other words, he can see this outline. If we use our standard of vision correction to see him, he will not be able to achieve it. From a relaxed perspective, many people have myopia of two or three Baidu. He does not necessarily wear glasses. With clarity like this, it can satisfy most of the normal life needs. But you often see some people put a pair of glasses in the car. He doesn’t usually bring it, but he will bring it when he drives. It shows that his clarity is not enough. It’s just what he needs in his normal life. He can do it without glasses. Or. He still believes that wearing glasses will deepen myopia. I have encountered a rather outrageous example. Six or seven Baidu’s myopia. There is more than 300 degrees of astigmatism. This girl still does that kind of makeup. I guess he can see it when he looks closer. Then she never had glasses. In this case, we usually have to vaccinate him. It’s just that this pair of glasses will dizzy, very dizzy. This was later given to him with a low degree. Mainly she is still unwilling to pay this customized price. Later, thinking about this, giving him a lower ration, I guess it would be better. Only with 200 degrees of astigmatism. Let her get used to it, and then slowly increase her degree. Thinking of this, I also said something disgusting at the time. that is. Beat him up here. Then they rescued her over there. He can’t even recognize who I am. If he doesn’t wear glasses for 1000-degree myopia, it will be difficult to see the blackboard, or those far away. If he could see clearly. Then you have to hurry up and go to the hospital. Can be seen and seen clearly. Different.

7 months ago

Seeing your question, I suddenly remembered a day many years ago. As usual, I stood at the door to welcome customers. From a distance, I saw an uncle riding a bicycle straight to our store. Get off the car, park, lock up, all in one go. Come in and tell me that he wants to wear a pair of glasses. I have never worn it before, one optometry, 1300 degrees. I was scared into a cold sweat. I once thought it was because I checked it wrong, and after repeated confirmations many times, the result was still 1300 degrees. I asked the uncle, can you see it if you don’t wear glasses at such a high level? The uncle said, I can see it, and there is no problem in life. You see, I usually ride a bike, it’s not all right. In fact, when looking at the visual acuity chart with the naked eye, he couldn’t even see the largest visual mark, and he could see 0.5 when he put on his glasses. He felt it was too clear and kept asking me to lower the degree, saying that I don’t need to be so clear. I don’t believe that he can see clearly what he said, but I believe that there is no problem with life in what he said. Because a blind person can also live a normal life, and at least he can see light and direction. In the 1000-degree myopia world, everyone has a different definition of clarity. For me, the clear world should be like this. I also met a student who studied fine arts, because he wanted to paint from life, with a 50-degree dispersion, even though his naked eye vision was 1.2, he had to wear glasses. He saw 1.5 before he felt clear. In principle, once you are nearsighted, you should wear glasses. After all, our eyes are born to see this beautiful world clearly. Wearing glasses is just a way to restore the clear vision of your eyes. Of course, no matter how much you are, as long as you insist that you don’t need to wear glasses yourself and your quality of life will not be affected, then I think that others can’t blame it. But I beg you, if you have a high number, ride a bicycle, or even drive a car, for the safety of others, either you wear glasses or you don’t go out. Because I am afraid. Everyone is probably afraid.

7 months ago

For people with myopia, they insist on seeing clearly without wearing glasses. In fact, there is a saying or phenomenon of seeing clearly is called blur adaptation. For example, your friend, he has adapted to that kind of ambiguity, and the clarity he thinks is different from the clarity of the standard vision after normal correction. In him, it may be that the overall outline of the image can be seen clearly, not the clearness that we can see after correction by wearing glasses. As an optometrist, it is really impossible to imagine what the world (view) of a thousand degrees without glasses is like. If there is a need to drive, in fact, the reaction speed and concentration after wearing glasses will be better than those without wearing glasses. Glasses that are suitable for your own power will not be worn deeper and deeper. Whether the power increases or not, the main reasons for minors are: congenital factors (dysplasia of the eyeball, genetic factors), acquired factors (physical growth and development, eye The growth of the eye axis, poor eye use habits, and excessive use of eyes at close range); for adults, the main reasons are: the strength of close eyes, the health of the body, and whether the eyeball structure is pathological Change. High myopia or ultra-high myopia usually does not come all at once. They all progress gradually from low to high, and most of them are from adolescence to adulthood for the development/increasing stage of myopia. The reason why I wear a pair of glasses and suddenly take it off and feel blurry is because the brain has already understood what a clear world (view) is. When you take off your eyes, it will obviously reflect that the object you are looking at is not worn. The glasses can see clearly and are relatively fuzzy. The so-called contrast makes a difference. If you are high/super high myopia, not wearing glasses can easily cause the symptoms of eye fatigue: seeing things can not last, the eyes are easy to be sore, swollen, tired, etc. For eye vision health and a higher safety factor for travel in life, it is recommended to wear glasses, and check the vision and eye fundus health regularly every year, and usually pay attention to combining eye work and rest to avoid eye impact. Take care of your own window of mind even more.

7 months ago

As long as you think about it, there is nothing you can’t do. As an optometrist, I can’t understand that I can go out without glasses if I have a thousand degrees of myopia. I don’t wear glasses for a thousand degrees of myopia, and I have to hold my phone very close to see the words on my phone. I can’t see the other person’s facial features in normal social distance, but with this kind of vision, I have also encountered people who don’t wear glasses. , I still have to drive at ordinary times. He doesn’t know exactly how much degree this person has. Five years ago, there was at least 1,500 degrees. Retinal atrophy, macular degeneration, Huaxi ophthalmologists and Zhongshan ophthalmologists all went to see them, and they couldn’t convince him to wear glasses. Just biting a sentence, the more glasses he wears, the more nearsighted he is. His daughter is only seven years old and has more than 400 degrees. She still insists not to wear glasses. He said that he wore glasses when he was a child and now has such a high degree. His daughter only needs If you insist on not wearing it, you will recover. Experts can’t make sense of him, and I, an optometrist, naturally can’t make sense of him, so I can only send him a sentence: please let me know if you drive out in the future, so that I can avoid you. Therefore, no matter the degree, as long as you don’t want to wear glasses, it’s all right. However, glasses are just a tool, a tool that can help people with refractive errors see objects clearly, why not wear them? Even if you think frame glasses are not good-looking, they are still invisible! Only in a clear state, the myopia will be relatively stable

7 months ago

I am not nearsighted. I have a pure astigmatism of more than 300 degrees, and I still don’t know how to wear invisible, so I live by a pair of extremely ugly glasses. When I don’t wear glasses, I look at the world in a weird shape, but I feel so far away, and I always feel like a giant. Once I looked up at the street sign without glasses. It said Tudou Road. I was puzzled at the time. Are the names now so strange? Until my sister came to say: That is Beijing Road, Beijing Road! Well, let’s wear glasses in the future! As for myopia of more than 1,000 degrees, I think it’s no better than me, right?

7 months ago

People with congenital myopia may not know that they are nearsighted unless they take a vision test. I am congenital myopia, with 300+ eyes when I was 7 years old (I didn’t touch any electronic products except TV, black and white screen Nokia mobile phone when I was a child). I didn’t realize that I was short-sighted until the second grade of elementary school. How did you find it? In the second-grade art class, the teacher asked to draw, according to the pattern on the big screen, drawing exactly the same picture. As a result, after one class, other students all drew a small boat, and I drew two curtains (I mistook the blue sky on both sides of the white sail as curtains). Then the art teacher was very strange, because my painting was really outrageous, so he told me the head teacher, the head teacher suspected that I was myopia, so my parents took me to check and found that my eyes were 300+. People who have never seen the light do not know what darkness is. People who have never seen a clear world naturally don’t know what blur is. Now 800+ eyes and 200 astigmatism. I took off my glasses and felt that I was blind.

7 months ago

The teacher will give you a simple explanation like this. It is because his naked eyesight is better and his system function is better. After premature myopia and premature wearing of glasses, if he continues to use his eyes without paying attention, his power will rise faster and his eyes will become worse. Relying more and more on the lens to adjust, thus losing the function of looking close and far! Many of my customers are like this, and even they continue to improve their naked eye vision recovery, some of them do not wear glasses at 800 degrees, so everyone must have a concept: naked eye vision is not equal to diopter!

7 months ago

My eyes are eight hundred degrees, and I have tried to live without glasses and go out. When you don’t wear glasses, you see the world like this: you can live without glasses, but there are the following restrictions. 1. You can see large objects: buildings, trees, cars, people, and you can judge what they are from the outline and movement trajectory. 2. In a familiar environment, walking on level ground during the day will not be affected too much, and it is okay to ride a bicycle at a slow speed. 3. Looking at things at night is basically a dark cloud. Except for very familiar scenes, I don’t try to walk without glasses. It is easy to hit/kick things. 4. Unless you are very close (within two meters), you cannot recognize a person. 5. The distance between reading the text on the book/mobile phone must be less than 10cm. 6. It is very dangerous to drive without wearing glasses. 7. The main memory of the terrain, such as steps and pits, must be very careful when going up and down the steps. 8. Don’t dare to go to unfamiliar places without wearing glasses, otherwise it is easy to trip and get lost. 9. Except for the large shop signs, other words cannot be read clearly on the street, including bus numbers, promotional advertisements, and house numbers. 10. It is difficult to distinguish the goods in the supermarket, unless you put your face on it. 11. Finding small things (such as glasses) at home basically depends on memory and touch. 12. You can buy vegetables, cook, and wash dishes at a slower speed. The same goes for other housework. 13. It is not a big problem to pick up vegetables when eating, but it is difficult to pick up small foods (such as peanuts). 14. The eye chart cannot see clearly below the second line. 15. If you don’t wear glasses for a long time, the brain will activate the auxiliary mode, and the brain will fill in the missing details. The longer the time, the more powerful the function. In conclusion, basic life without glasses is no problem. It is only difficult in certain specific scenes, such as looking at the blackboard, looking at the bus stop sign, identifying people at a long distance, and finding small objects. Driving a car is very dangerous (especially at night). Only after experiencing the pain of myopia do you know how important it is to protect your eyesight!

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