My original player, it seems that I have played Benghuai III for less than half an hour.
Today, I visited Zhihu and saw the Bunny Girl incident. Good guys! Bigger than the Zhongli incident!
Just want to ask if it will affect the original god, right? In case someone reports a complaint or something, Mihayou won’t have a big problem, right? I’m still waiting for Zhongli to reproduce it!
Looking at this matter now, it seems that there is no good solution.

No matter the original () four thousand plus, if there is trouble, the brothers rush together. You ky you are guilty, I ky I have reason. There has been a magical statement in the post bar: “The original god player does not plan to collapse with us, so the original god player is original ().” Smile to me. • Current status of major post bars: collapse 3rd bar: group demons flurry, mixed with fish and dragons, bar high-intensity patrol sharks. Benghuai 3rd bar: The gathering place of the demon, there are many people who were caught by sharks in Benghuai 3rd bar and went to this bar. Benghuai Academy 2: Open champagne to celebrate. Yuanshen: Who is Bengsan? Really unfamiliar. jpg Undecided event book: It’s peaceful, there’s nothing wrong. Undecided event: Tucao conference collapse 4 Galaxy: Eat melons and watch the show Yuanshen 2 Bar: Shui Tie Shui Tie Shui Tie Shui Tie • Demon’s classic remarks: (1) Planning against Beng San like this, it will definitely be The original god started. Rebuttal: These two games are not made by one team. How does Bengsan plan have no relationship with Yuanshen plan? Undecided conscience, why don’t you say that the original plan will be as undecided? Take the three sets of the original gods less, if the original gods plan to make trouble, the original god players will rush themselves, so there is no need to be stunned. (2) At the beginning, Beng San Er helped Yuan Shen to tide over the difficulties, Yuan Shen Er should give back. Rebuttal: According to this statement, the devil must first sacrifice to the Bengbeng players. I have been visiting Post Bar/Station B/Misty for so long, and I haven’t seen Beng Beng players rushing to the mackerel, nor Beng Beng players rushing to the bottom of Beng San. Before the magician dances to the bottom of the original god, can you help Bengbeng players solve the mackerel? • I also started a post on the post bar and scolded the planning and operation of Bengsan. After all, the plan has been screaming and the grievance has been deep + the official ooc destroyer set up thunder + pretending to be dead, and deserve to be scolded. But I don’t put a green hat on myself, I don’t write disgusting texts, I don’t rush to second creation, and I don’t go to other places ky. Just rush to the tower. The rush is justified and convincing. Don’t fix the moth. Add it, normal collapse three er can get along with each other in harmony. The demons crawled. I wish Beng San had to cool off quickly, but Beng San couldn’t die in the hands of a demon, and he had to die in the hands of a normal person. What is the devil who dares to snatch the head of the three ch?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I don’t think it will affect Sanbengzi itself much, it is even more unlikely to affect the original god, and the impact of the entire incident is incomparable with Zhong Li. To be honest, why are the promotional videos only released abroad and why are they not released at home? Does anyone really know? It’s enough to just talk about the words of Lord Liyang. The core logic is basically “I can’t have it, and others can’t have it.” And the logic of bunny girl = that or something is not too common in East Asia itself. The bunny girl senior sister is not rushed. Rabiribi is recommended by many people. I have never seen anyone so rushing. If the rhythm is not up, I will be so when I see the promo. Lenovo’s, in fact, not as many as imagined.

8 months ago

will not. The reason is very simple. The original god broke the circle. Many original god players may not know the Sanbengzi. Although there are demons who put the original god on the original god, many people don’t know what happened. What’s the matter, this kind of behavior requires you to do it when it comes up. In fact, this kind of behavior is quite annoying in the eyes of others. It’s good not to scold you, and help you rush together? It’s just a game of the same company. Yuanshen and Sanbengzi are not the same project team. The two project teams are in charge of their own. The well water does not violate the river water. What you plan to do badly by Sanbengzi is the player of the original god. thing? When the clock was so far away from the incident, I didn’t watch a group of people rush into the Sanbengzi comment area? The incident of the three bunker itself is actually not caused by the incident of Bunny Girl alone. Players have been complaining about planning for a long time. The promotion system, the over-restricted martial arts, the elemental stargazing, and the Eternal Silence will be white flowered by the black abyss. Eliminated, now you put this foreign bunny girl out of the country, these are all bombs, and this is just a fuse. In any case, no matter how you make trouble, the original god will not matter. You should be more concerned about the inner ghosts, and they may affect your plan of pulling the clock away.

8 months ago

Not to mention affecting the original god, the impact of this incident on most of the existing players of Ben 3 is limited to the nausea caused by those little ghosts jumping around.
The salted fish is still salted, and the concave branch is still discussing this battlefield cosmetic surgery. The rhythm of Beng 3 is like this. It seems to be huge, but in fact it is a carnival of a small group of people.

8 months ago

The bunny girl appeared in the two-dimensional audience = the rhythm of the Playboy magazine, don’t you think it’s a bit weird. I think most dead houses don’t know what it is. This kind of connection is too real for us in the second dimension, so the whole For me, I think this very current artificial rhythm man lives for Mai Sakurajima. jpg This thing is what you call the green hat rhythm? excuse me? Black question mark? Hey, did you lead to the country? I suggest you look at the stigmatization and rhythm of the key political circle. It is political play. The rest of the United States is doing this to China so that you can smell it at the rhythm of this time. The world is facing great changes unseen in a century. The second dimension cannot hide from the Internet. If you do not occupy others, you will occupy you. . Interesting, I don’t know why my comment area is closed

8 months ago

The people who collapsed the three towers had made themselves an absolute minority, and defeated all the friendly forces that could be united, and rushed for a p. This activity can be rushed to only one point, the person setting does not match, let alone other homes have my home, it is normal for different server activities to be different, I don’t understand you at will. Then the Sao operation started, and a wave of demons were pulled from the green, but at the same time all the captains who were playing the game were disgusted. In order to win over the minority, the public opinion war that overthrew the vast majority… I have never seen it. Then, start a series of various black materials. The result is that possible reasonable demands and completely unreasonable demands are rubbed together. Ghosts! This TM is still talking about a ghost! When others engage in public opinion wars, they justify their own behavior. They are stigmatizing the proper behavior… and then, they start to stigmatize the rhythm of RH, and at the same time, they stigmatize and give a “chicken farm”. This is what children say when they fight quickly and teach others to speak truthfully. In addition to disgusting others, want to win the support of others? I don’t know if the person who is detained is a good person. I still know that the person who detains someone else’s poop is definitely not a good thing. Then again, some people start to play the “MHY” rhythm… If others can support you, it is only possible that your demands can make them play the game better. Now that you let people have no games to play, ghosts can support you. Then again and again, I started to make two creations, make connections, and make everything related to the collapse of the third, completely washing oneself into a lonely family in the environment of the collapse of the third. Then again and again, they started to rush to the original god…Who is not good at rushing, but they found a player whose base number is ten times that of the player, and when the rush is not good, it also happens that the best event in the family has just ended, everyone is fighting. When it is overwhelming, rush to other people’s base… Pull more people against yourself, hahaha. A group of poor worms may indeed be wronged at first. But he didn’t even know how to convey his demands to others, so he made himself a villain abruptly.

8 months ago

No, because if you really are an old Sanbengzi player, is this bunny girl also considered a meat seller? Back then, I was kicked off the ship by flying between shares, so don’t underestimate the mhyxp special attack. Not yet Qiyana, this strap on the chest, one step further is Band-Aid, the bunny girl is also astringent? Although this is not an official post, it is an official one (the old captain should have this skin, don’t need to say more about the effect of shaking from side to side) The sexy underwear set is really not a complete joke, the bunny girl is in mhy In xp, it can only be regarded as general (disdain). As for the collapse of the people, this is one of the daily struggles between the Fu Qi Party and the Qi Ya Party. Although Du Chen was touched (Fu Qi Party is satisfied), believe me, a bunch of Qi Ya Party are disgusting and don’t want it. Yes, this is the real official collapse (referring to the destruction of the Yayi Party now, hurry up)

8 months ago

I really have to say that Mihayou is a “chicken farm”. Then the touch system and Jizi’s chest cloth are the players themselves asking for rectification? Really so conservative, can’t stand the bunny girl, can stand Mei’s succubus skin? Just pretend, pretending to be such a fake can only fool the child. In essence, it is still a bunch of mixed “bad guys” with a bunch of “fools”, a bunch of players who play while cursing and Mi Hei, Shui Jun The newspaper team took a group of players who followed the wind to rush to Miha Tour. The fundamental reason is that the collapse of the player has been extremely dissatisfied with Miha Tour in the past few months.

8 months ago

There will be an impact, but the high probability of impact is not what everyone thinks. In fact, the problem with collapse 3 this time has always been not that there are no bunny girls in China, but that there are foreign but not domestic. As for why, it’s actually a little longer to play games. If you understand our country’s game-related policies, you all know that the problem is not with MHY. Really think MHY doesn’t want to make this money? Are they stupid? You really don’t want to buy that fat house? How long did it take to reorganize some time before station B? How many times has it been taken off the shelves? On the cusp of this storm, MHY will hit the muzzle? A bunch of two-dimensional elements also said that the reorganization of station B is a good thing, and it has nothing to do with oneself. Does this affect yourself? To put it ugly, no fat house that was silent in the series of incidents at station B is innocent. As for the impact on the original god, there is a high probability that MHY will unify the activities of domestic and foreign service in the future, and will not engage in inconsistent people. This is the biggest impact on the original god.

8 months ago

P is a big deal. This kind of problem does not involve krypton gold. It is not a problem in the game industry. Why is it compared with Zhong Li. In addition, I am here to say that I have been playing since the Beng 2 public beta. This company itself is an lsp. For the company, it is their heart to strike hard against the players XP, which is a typical example of both lsp and technology. Therefore, the slogan of their company is that the technology house saves the world. Now the plate is bigger. Considering more users, I have to suppress my own lsp heart. Change from swimwear to fashion to tights to fashion. This is for the market. compromise. Someone even thinks that they are against their original intentions by producing bunny girls? It is against their original intentions that they do not come out, okay…

8 months ago

The bunny girl incident that does not affect the Benghuai three is a hearty person with rhythm from beginning to end. It is simply impossible to pass the trial in China. A group of sour friends can’t bear watching foreign house charm activities and put the NTR articles on the Internet to vent their hormones. NTR didn’t even know how many books they had, so just one video would break their defenses for themselves? Worried about the original god being affected? ? Worry about a hammer! Beng San hasn’t been out of the circle up to now. To say that it is awkward is that it is a charming house game. ch should be cursed is ch’s matter. The devil is full of the world and the tower is rushing. Whether it is the various original gods before or the collapse of the three incident, it is essentially a trick for Mikha players to be disgusting. I can’t think of being able to rise to rh

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