Share a passage that I agree with: The word love is one-to-one emotion in emotion. This one-to-one emotion is actually a lot of love, but love is very rare. In other words, in life, there are not many who can really succeed in love. In my life, this person will always have his place in my heart, but it may not necessarily be a marriage. So I think true love can not be a marriage, but it is just like you psychologically, and seeing you happy makes me very happy. Many times, we actually just make friends. This is also an emotion, but I don’t think it’s enough to fall in love, so some people will break up with you and soon get better with others. Don’t fall in love at the beginning, just make friends. Making friends means that we are not in that kind of relationship. We are a friend relationship. At the end of this friendship relationship, to what extent, it means that two people are very comfortable getting along with each other. . I don’t mean to be in love with you, but I feel that being with you is particularly comfortable, and breaking up if you are uncomfortable, but we are good friends, I think this kind of emotion is more mature, because he does have a worthy problem. Therefore, among many of our young people, he feels that this is love, and I want to love myself. As a result, he doesn’t know that love is actually a kind of devotion and tolerance. The love of many people is “I want to get.” Just like when I see jewelry, I feel that I really want to own it, but it’s actually useless to own you, but you want to get it, the less you get it, the more you think about it. It doesn’t matter if you buy it back-Coco Lee still remembers people from the past When they are in love, when they are at our age, they often get along and temptation for a long time, and each other’s actions show a sense of shyness. With awe of love, I carefully explored this road, as if vaguely grasping its tail, and as if far away. Later, for the first time, I had a hazy feeling of the opposite sex who had been getting along for a long time. For the first time, I felt that I would be lost if I didn’t see it. For the first time I felt that I would not fall asleep because of thinking about the other person. He knew that she liked to eat dumplings filled with three fresh stuffing, and she also knew that his favorite drink after playing basketball was Jianlibao. After meeting, I can “slowly approach, slowly understand, and slowly like”, from unfamiliar to familiar to loving each other, after losing the passion and freshness, seeing the unobstructed partner, they can still accept and accept each other. Like, this is the best interpretation of love. Nowadays, it seems rare and precious, and college students’ love has become more and more fast food style. Because in college, most people have little patience to get to know a person in depth, starting from friends, and experiencing roles at every stage. The scope and depth of the chat is limited to daily life, not from hobbies to childhood experiences, from three views of personality to life habits, and the collision of thoughts and concepts. As soon as I added a stranger to the opposite sex, I started chatting “repeatedly and frequently” for a few weeks. After only two or three meetings, I could become ambiguous, as if it was a hit. Although there are still many unknowns in the other person, it seems that it feels good, so I look at it everywhere first, and then consider whether it is suitable or not, as if it is filling a missing companion around. But this kind of love, supported only by the blazing heat of the heart, comes and goes in a hurry, and the enthusiasm for a person can rise quickly and cool down quickly. There are many people in college who can’t stand loneliness for a while, so falling in love has become easier and sloppy. We begin to ignore the results that need to pass time to settle, and choose to quickly start a relationship-this has become the pursuit of more people. Coupled with the influence and persecution of the environment, it is not only envious but also as if not finding a boy/girlfriend to watch people around you find a partner, which is very embarrassing and ashamed. So, the beginning of the relationship one paragraph after the other, after the broken relationship, the next paragraph begins, and it repeats, either to heal the trauma of the previous paragraph, or to be uncomfortable with a person’s life, or to talk for the sake of talking. This feels like chewed gum, once the taste is weak, spit it out, and then chew on a new one. After all, we, who are still in the fancy age, don’t have so many guarantees. We can strengthen our loyal heart and maintain our long-term responsible patience. We can vowed to say: “I will marry you” and even think about the future. . At the moment, what we are looking for are only beautiful, happy, pure experiences and feelings. Maybe they are not that mature, maybe they are also very careless, maybe just trying to get them. But “fast food” might not be a choice. After you have tasted enough of the pleasure that you can easily get and lose, you will be able to understand the value of your lover and discover your own immature and shortcomings. During the university, if you can maintain the energy of hard work, devote yourself to studying and making money, you can also taste the fruits of love and explore the secrets between the sexes in your spare time. Although the fast-food-style love has a short period, it does not grow without nothing. It can also reflect after failure, learn to care and take care in getting along, and weigh the proportion of love in life. I hope that when you have experienced, liked, crazy, and painful, you can better understand that there is no right answer to love. What you are after is to give yourself the best gift. The opinions and suggestions of other people are not the most important thing to you. What is more important is that you continue to experience and change on this endless road.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

A normal person should fart 5-10 times a day, a total of about 500 ml of gas can be discharged. So when two normal people are together, in fact, they must face the problem of how to fart. In the twentieth episode of the seventh season of “How I Met Your Mother”, Barney met his new girlfriend for a while, and felt that he was the daughter of destiny, so he would walk upstairs at 8 o’clock every night if he couldn’t fart in front of his girlfriend after living together. Farting down the street: What do you mean? It means that people have a lot of bad sides, which are only gradually known after falling in love. Compared with being single, love is actually closer to two college electives with the same credits than the progressive relationship that we usually misunderstand. No modern Chinese teacher would say that the class on the appreciation of ancient literature next door is rubbish in my eyes, no. It is a state, an elective course, and a life. There will be more than happiness, kisses, sweetness, and sex. There are also quarrels, suspicions, entanglements, sadness, and of course, eating farts five to ten times a day. When you misunderstand the truth about love, especially if you are a freshman who just left the college entrance examination for two months of summer vacation, you can easily reduce love to finding someone to solve your curiosity about the opposite sex after being under high pressure in high school. You will use all your means and methods to quickly push to the limit you can push, to see if there are really movies, TV, comics, and novels that are so cool. And pay attention, when you put Shuang as your first important point of exploring love, you are destined to not accept fart. Because you feel that this is not what you expected, this is not what you were told before you came in, it is a complicated relationship that is not purely enjoyable. It is a pool of unknown emotions mixed with a variety of situations and emotions. At the same time, there are so many analyses and theories that help you to be self-consistent and help you become a more selfish person. For example, the other party is just pua you. For example, we only need to be ourselves. For example, if you feel unhappy in love, it must mean that the relationship is not suitable for you at the beginning. The responsibility that should have been in love is squeezed to zero infinitely, and the pain that originally existed in love is alienated into something that should not exist. Sometimes you even think that if this is love, it is too stupid. Then began to feel discouraged. Then began substitutions. Then began to change people until the university graduates. Fast food? Of course fast food. What is the nature of the problem? I didn’t want to understand what I was here for. Thought it was for a buffet. I thought I was looking for a new father or stepmother. This matter cannot be resolved. When you sent me back to university, I was at this level. Some things can only be taught by time and can only be resolved by experience. Many of the romances in college were due to the fact that they did not come to the end. This is a normal phenomenon and there is nothing to reflect on. The only thing to do is to try to be kind, so that when I look back at my age, there will be fewer regrets and pains. That’s enough.

6 months ago

About half a semester or so in the beginning of university, I heard that many people around have dropped out. The plot is much the same, it’s nothing more than meeting or meeting one or two people at a party or an event, and tweeting a few words on WeChat QQ, and then going straight to the subject: “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Not yet.” “Then do you want a boyfriend? ?” In short, it takes three minutes to soak a bowl of cup noodles, and it may not take that long to soak a girl. I don’t have the patience to get to know a person well. I’m very touched, because since the college entrance examination, similar conversations have emerged in my life endlessly, “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Yes,” and then people are no longer interested in you. In the second sentence, they immediately turned to the next target without stopping. This weird whereabouts often made them look the same as selling dishes at the subway station. Although the independent and free lifestyle of the university, we no longer have the opportunity to get along with a certain group of people for a long time. This makes it no longer so easy for us to understand a person’s character, personality, etc., but more importantly, most People have run out of patience. Sometimes I think it’s not too much to describe certain behaviors of some people with quick success and quick gains, because I can’t understand that in any era, whether a person has a boyfriend or a girlfriend is more likely to be better than this person’s character, Quality, even life experience, and background are more important. My boyfriend and I are high school classmates, we are at the same table in high school, and in high school, we almost get along day and night, so I know the importance of quality. It is because of the long-term contact, I am sure that he and him are good at teasing, funny and humorous. In fact, they are very gentle, humble and low-key. If they are only in short-term contact, they will only know that he likes football and barbecue. You will find that he is familiar with Tang poems and Song Ci, and the stories of the Three Kingdoms, Wei and Jin dynasties are even more sophisticated, and even more surprisingly, from backstreet boys to Jay Chou, he is like an electric song with inaccurate tune but the words can never be wrong.. Of course, more importantly, if it were not for his caring, tolerant, and silent support for me in the past two years, I would not believe that anyone besides my parents could like me so unconditionally. I remember a sentence in “China on the Bite of the Tongue”, “The rest is left for time to ferment.” Indeed, some things, such as the sauerkraut of Shaoxing rice wine in the northeast or the milk tofu of the nomads, also such as The true appearance of a person, only time can give the answer. I often see female guests in “If You Are the One” saying “Sorry male guests, I don’t think you know me enough. What I want to find is someone who can understand me.” I wonder, since you chose to concentrate within one or two hours Seeing the fast-food dating of five male guests, how do you define understanding and understanding? Since you can’t look down on those stalkers who turn your Weibo every day, then the Prince Charming you are looking forward to must have an extraordinary understanding Licai can understand you, understand you, and fall in love with you in twenty minutes when you may not even be able to say a word. Let’s take another example in our dormitory (I’m using life as an example). Two girls have found boyfriends in just two months. One is a senior I met at the event, and the other is from a fellow villager. Fellow. The seniors and fellow villagers naturally came to the conclusion that they had never seen more than 10 faces at most. Well, we have to admit that this is an information age, so they can send WeChat and chat. This is true, but experiments show that the information in the communication is conveyed through words, and the rest such as the person’s habit of biting his lips, frowning, pushing glasses, shaking his feet, playing with his hair, etc. are hidden on the other side of the screen. It may also be because I am a more emotional person, and I firmly believe that without these details I cannot really understand a person. When I say that I know a person, I mean that even if I don’t know him or her, as long as I receive a WeChat or even an emoji or even @了我, I can guess his or her voice, intonation and speed. Taylor Swit has a lyric that goes deep into my heart “love the gap between your teeth and love the riddles that you speak.” Sisters are so popular, as far as I am concerned, 80% of them are vanity. The senior said, “Hey, I hooked up with a freshman today. “The school girl said, “I was picked up by juniors one by one today.” “Of course I can’t rule out the love at first sight, it’s a natural fit, but it’s a minority after all. When I hear the girl in the same dormitory from time to time say that my boyfriend is the head of the student union x department, I can ask him to help Xxx” , I really feel that vanity will rot in the ground if it doesn’t take the truck away. In fact, when girls from all walks of life ask me to show them pictures of my boyfriends, one of the most common words I say is “Be mentally prepared!” At least he is definitely not handsome, let alone his stature, less than 60 kilograms of 1.8 meters, 6 winds, he still stays on the ground, thank God for not taking him away. The results are at the same level as me, whether it is not bad or not, it can almost be mixed. Moreover, he is neither a member of the student council nor a backbone of the club, and he has no chance to show his face. In general, such a mortal can only be the second male character in Japanese light novels. So when I say that many people are looking for boyfriends and girlfriends with show-off mentality, you can think that I am jealous, even though I don’t think so. I have learned this in nearly half a year. When you really take a person seriously, you can get a full score in a net test, a goal, or even a cold morning. You can get up and play early cards. Even if it is a small success, you will I am proud of him. The smiling face at that time was from the heart, not for anyone to see. When you praise him to your friends and family, you really believe that he is so good, instead of expressing “Look, how good I am to be his girlfriend.” How long does it take to charge and how long does it take to discharge “If You Are the One” It was discussed on the previous page whether to stay together in a different place or to stay together for a period of time and then the success rate in a different place is high. Experience tells us that the success rate is not great. So it’s not that we are particularly hypocritical. Everyone is turning “We should talk about long-distance relationships once in a lifetime.” So we count back to back to back to back to count one, two to three, and then yell at Sayo Naala while running in the opposite direction in the sunset. It means that we choose to accept long-distance relationships when we can’t, and try our best not to reject or fear it. I always feel that it is like charging and discharging, or like terrestrial animals that are temporarily underwater. The more reserves they can support, the longer they get along, the deeper the understanding, and the harder it is to break the bond. Conversely speaking, you say that you stay in the cold kiln for someone who hooks up in less than three minutes, and keeps your body clean. Even if he leaves you, you will be dead. I can only say that you are stupid. Again, since you have chosen cup noodle-style love, then be willing to accept the taste of cup noodles and its pitiful nutrition. The girls in the dormitory could only see my boyfriend ran back from Nanjing to meet me on my birthday. They thought I was so lucky to have such a nice person. In fact, people who really understand me and how he spent two years in the morning and evening were asking “Why did he take so long to come back to you?” This is the power of time. So in the three minutes before the cup noodles are soaked, you can read the instructions, the ingredient list, take out your phone and swipe the SNS, don’t rush to use it to get to know someone. Getting along with people is the most anxious.

6 months ago

My last girlfriend and I met in a Chinese fast food restaurant. When I saw her for the first time, she served me a fish-flavored pork rice bowl. When I took the plate, I touched her hand. She paused, smiled, her eyes bent into two crescents. I am dumbfounded, why is she smiling so kindly? I didn’t find a corner to sit down until the customers behind me urged me. I took a bite of rice bowl, my goodness, this is just like my mother’s taste. The more I ate, the more moved I was, and I burst into tears before I knew it. Perhaps every boy has an Oedipus complex. I cannot resist her gentleness and tenderness. I asked for her WeChat and went to the store to eat every day. I felt very at ease by her side. It felt like home. It didn’t take long for us to be together. The days when we first were together were indeed very sweet. Every time I watched her giggle and cover her mouth, I felt relieved. But gradually I discovered that she was equally gentle to every customer who came to the store. She smiled when she touched her hand and her eyes were bent into two crescents. I’m sad, I said you don’t want to work here part-time, she asked why, and I said I didn’t like it. She said you don’t be so naive. We had a fight and broke up. A week later, she texted me and said we should break up. After breaking up, I began to hate Chinese fast food. The chef stirs in a large pot, pours the oil and sprinkles the salt. Especially fish-flavored shredded pork. So I started to eat western fast food. I walked into a KFC to buy two burgers. When I was picking up the meal, I was stopped by the clerk. The girl smiled and threw a straw into my plate. The KFC next to the school is indeed more popular than Chinese fast food. Her ponytails are flicking around for a moment, and a layer of sweat gradually drips on her forehead. I was sitting in the store for a long time that day. I had bitten out the ice cubes in the coke. I was in a daze. I suddenly saw her walking towards me and snapped my fingers in front of me: “I’m so good-looking, you stare at me. I watched it for an hour.” I was a little embarrassed, my face flushed, and I didn’t say a word. She laughed hahaha, her laughter was as crisp as a silver bell. We exchanged WeChat and we were together soon. She said I was too cute, like her brother. Unlike his predecessor, the enthusiasm of the new girlfriend is like KFC’s chicken drumstick, simple and clear, layered, and not muddled. Although sometimes I can’t help but miss the predecessor’s gentleness and considerateness and then scold myself shamelessly, but I still really like the incumbent’s sharp-cutting character. It’s just that I didn’t expect the knife to hit me so quickly. One day she suddenly told me to break up, she fell in love with an uncle, the Electra complex. I hope I understand it. I feel like a clown, walking down the road in despair. I suddenly understood that Chinese-style fast food and Western-style fast food are all fast food. People who come fast and go in a hurry, they are just passers-by in their lives. They are neither nutritious nor physically harmful. So I stopped eating fast food and decided to honestly eat every meal in the school cafeteria. I really realized what the old people said that the most nourishing food is whole grains. I went into the canteen and made a piece of eight-treasure porridge, and the aunt in the canteen filled me with a full bowl. When handing it to me, I found out how she smiled so kindly!

6 months ago

For us, it may be a bit heartbreaking, but the answer is yes. More than college students, love in primary and secondary schools is fast food style. I read the guide online and then no matter what the girl I met, add WeChat, chat, confirm the relationship in one go. I never believe that two people know, understand, and love each other, it may only take a week. I thought the love affair was the kind in the story, but it was clear that I saw many handsome men and women who just started school in college, and they hurriedly confirmed the relationship, and then hurriedly ended the relationship. Send a few circles of friends to start the relationship, send a few circles of friends to show the relationship, and send a few circles of friends to end the relationship. The term fast food is appropriate, but fast food has several characteristics: fast, convenient, fast standardized: a short time to experience the pleasure of love, convenient: start at any time, end at any time standardization: the same process, the same local love story, we may also yearn for the story The love affair, the two love each other, understand and support each other. But we are always eager to choose fast food: hurriedly take a few mouthfuls into the belly, swallow it wholeheartedly, and fill the hungry belly to fill the hungry heart.

6 months ago

“It’s a shame to never talk about love in college!” This sentence was said by my roommate who has been single for three years. I know him. The reason why he wants to fall in love is not because of his desire for sweet love, but because he wants to prove that he is not that bad. But the facts have proved that he is really bad, he is still alone in his junior year, and he still stays in the “drink more boiled water” position when chatting with girls. In the bedroom, honey is confident and witty, but I can’t even let out a fart when I see a girl. After experiencing setbacks again and again, now he is no longer interested in love, and the paper man has become his only spiritual comfort. Fast-food love in college Frankly speaking, there are men and women who are in fast-food love everywhere in college. Their love often stays on the physiological level of hug, hug, kiss, and love. At least I was in college. Haven’t seen a couple who “love each other” in the true sense. It is unabashed to say that more than half of the boys who fall in love are based on the desire for xxoo, and many girls want to fall in love because of the pursuit of vanity and the curiosity of new things. This is why many boys cannot wait to find a girl to fall in love as soon as they enter college, and girls also want their boyfriends to be tall and handsome. Don’t let fast-food love delay you. Fast food is also a meal, and a person who has been hungry for a long time does not care whether he eats a fast food or a nutritious meal. But eating too much fast food will cause problems sooner or later. If you give me another chance to choose, I don’t want to spend so much time in love. I want to spend this time studying, making money, and improving myself. Because now I know very well that only when I become excellent can I have confidence, strength and excellence to stand together in the future. Furthermore, how many times you have been in love is never something worth showing off, and it is not shameful that you have not been in love before. If you want to fall in love, it shouldn’t be the advocacy of your roommates and the brainwashing of your girlfriends, but you should actually meet someone who wants to spend the rest of your life together. I realized that in the last year, I spent a lot of time reading books on gender and psychology like “Intimacy”, “Five Ability of Love” and “The Art of Love”, and spent a lot of time thinking about myself. What kind of life do you want to live in the future, and what kind of love you want to have. My heart slowly began to calm down, less deliberately in love for the sake of love, and a little more calmness in waiting for the flowers to bloom. If you are still hesitating on the question of whether to fall in love, it is better to figure out why you want to fall in love first. When you still want to fall in love after you understand this question, then let go, and may your sincerity be treated with gentleness.

6 months ago

As long as the times continue to progress, human life will become faster and faster, and fast-food love will be more and more. I am Rongrong, a college student, I have witnessed the many loves around me, and I am also in love. College students also have their own views on fast-food love. Fast food-style love, as the name implies: love comes and goes fast, enthusiasm for a person comes fast, cools down fast, longs for love, and when you fall in love you feel dangerous and fascinated. I’m the only one in the dorm with a partner, and my stink and I are still the most difficult couple in many long-distance relationships. Our dormitory often joked to me and said, “You and your stinky guy will find a rich and handsome little brother not fragrant. In the future, we won’t have to carry heavy things when we go to the supermarket. Back to the dormitory, we can come back in his car and no longer have to pay for things. Of course, you can say that girls nowadays are all very material things. You can teach us that we should live the life we ​​want with our own hands. Yes, we are constantly working hard to chase the distance, but every girl has a prince charming in his heart. Isn’t it the result of fast food life?#Everything is simple. The pace of life is accelerating and people are under pressure at work. In order to save time and get used to simple fast food, the form is simple, we become busy and lazy, we have no extra I go to find people I like over and over again, and feelings become fast and cheap. As long as there is one appearance, three views, and personalities, people who are in line with them will quickly develop feelings. The confession wall of our school will have such words every day: I met a little brother/young sister in the restaurant today. It’s so exciting. If the little brother/young sister has no match yet, can you add me as a friend?Fast-food love makes it easy for us to have feelings for strangers#When did the main interest come from, the standard for girls to choose a spouse changed to having a house, a car and a deposit, and a friend said money to let People feel a sense of security, and materialless love is just a disc of sand, which disappears as soon as the wind blows. The roommate recently met a boy whom he likes very much on the confession wall. He is handsome and has abdominal muscles. The roommate fell in love at first sight. The roommate stayed up all night and chatted for a whole night. He said happily that he was finally going to get out of the order, but the next day The roommate took the initiative to delete the boy. The roommate complained that the boy had no opinion, and he had to tell his sister about everything. His sister said that the roommate was too proactive, for fear of impure purpose, for the sake of money. In the 21st century, a girl doesn’t care about money, and the roommates really don’t think so much. Who knows if his family has money. In a small episode, my roommate just told me that she had a lot of conversations with this boy. At first, the boy had a very plain attitude. The roommate went shopping yesterday and took a lot of beautiful photos. The roommate’s long legs are really envious. , And after the boy’s roommate’s long legs, his attitude changed immediately #Not good at communicating fast-food love, rapid communication, people around him come and go, stop and go, meet, separate, meet again, After separating again, I gradually got used to the numbness. I don’t know when I started, and I didn’t care about the friends around me. Even when I separated, I didn’t hold back. Not only love, but also friendship. I used to have a good sister in high school. We have similar interests, the same rhythm, we are the same selfish and bold. The two of us are always the last two in the class to eat, because there are fewer people in the cafeteria and can have more time to study. We two are always the first to come to the classroom to study. At the door of the dormitory, we waited for the dormitory to open the door and read early. We escaped fucking together, we worked hard together, but slowly, there were many years of conflict between the two of me. My two are so similar, and my temperament is similar. She feels that she is selfish, she feels that I am selfish, we never apologize to anyone when we quarrel, and at this kind of time, I meet new friends and gradually forget old friends. In a fast-food society, not only love has changed, but friendship has also changed, but it is easy to be sentimental in the dead of night. I always think that love is a kind of fate. When you meet it, you should not become impetuous and perfunctory. just read the answer of a young lady and heard her story. She said that she met him on the Internet. In the text, she was really happy and enthusiastic at the beginning, but she couldn’t resist another place. Both parties were busy with their studies, and the parents disagreed. Gradually, the chat frequency decreased, and finally they broke up peacefully. Miss sister said that after a while, she didn’t feel very in love anymore. Thank you everyone for reading so much, the author’s code is not easy, please give me a thumbs up and encourage me, I hope everyone likes the Rongrong text

6 months ago

Taking a look at the title, the first sentence I wanted to say was: Don’t, many college students can’t even eat fast food. First of all, college students who do not fall in love still occupy a certain percentage of this group (not to mention whether they are “no talk” or “cannot talk”). Secondly, there are two types of fast-food and non-fast-food. The love fast food style is only for some people. Explain it with the twenty-eight law (not necessarily correct), that is, the 20% who eat the love fast food occupies 80% of people’s vision, so there will be this kind of “college student love fast food” in the title. “Conclusion”. What is the cause of fast-food love? Just, many of them simply fall in love for the sake of falling in love. As for college students, many people just want to simply experience the feeling of being in love, right? This makes the cost of having a romantic relationship extremely low. What this low cost brings is that the relationship is not guaranteed. The cost here refers to the thinking and effort they made before the relationship. Whether two people are suitable or not is actually difficult to find in a short time. For an unsuitable example, this is a question of probability. Just, for any person, you go to fall in love with him, just like drawing a card, there is a chance of how many ten thousand, you two are more suitable, and other probabilities are just not suitable. Then the thinking you have made for the efforts made in this relationship is to increase the probability of drawing a gold card. The less you pay, the less effort you make in this area. Then, if you can meet a suitable relationship, the probability of meeting a suitable person will be smaller. I very much agree with the previous answerer who said that their love is not based on marriage. Those couples I have known for a long time actually have long-term plans for the future, such as where they plan to buy a house and where to do business, and some of them have become integrated with each other’s family. But those that are not long-lasting, many of them are the kind of twisted melons, how about it? not sweet. Just because of one aspect of the reason, two people are put together abruptly, then over time, when other aspects of inappropriateness are exposed, the two people will still be separated. The criteria for college students to choose to enter a romantic relationship are actually different from those of people who have already worked and already have some social experience. The standard of many college students may be to be handsome and beautiful, and then they may see the right eye for a while, think who has a good personality, and so on. Even many of them know that they are just in love, just to experience what it’s like to be together. The so-called fast food love. What are the characteristics of fast food? First, its price is acceptable to many people; second, it is delicious; third, it serves food quickly. Then let’s go back and take a look at the kind of relationship I mentioned above. What are their characteristics? First, the cost paid is relatively low. Second, it allows them to experience the feeling of love they pursue. Third, the ones that come are fast, and the ones that go are fast. See if it can be matched. However, even if it can be matched, this does not mean that fast-food love is the norm for all college students. This is a question of proportions. You can say that in the group of college students, due to various reasons, such as the lack of social experience, for example, the lack of thinking about the future, etc., they tend to be more inclined to this fast-food type of love, but you can’t say This is true for all college students. By the way, perhaps it is precisely because this kind of fast-food love is more “delicious”, so it will get more attention. After all, who doesn’t want a fantasy love? The above are my views on this topic.

6 months ago

As long as they are serious and consider each other’s future love, they will not fast food. College life is not only about eating, drinking and having fun, but also studying hard together to create a romantic time for each other’s future together. My girlfriend and I have been together for five years, undergraduate student 211 in Nanjing, we were together one month after the first year of freshman year. She was the one I pursued. At that time, she confessed after the military training. She agreed after a week of consideration. We also broke up among us. We got back together in less than two days each time. Later, we couldn’t separate them. We all helped each other whether it was student work or study. At that time, we were doing science innovation competitions and writing essays. My girl Friends often help me. Both of us have advantages and can make progress together in life. I especially admire and admire her IQ and hard work. She studied much more practically than me. In the end, she went to a certain engineering department in Beijing for 985, and I took the postgraduate entrance examination. To be honest, thanks to my girlfriend who often communicates with me during the postgraduate entrance examination, sometimes I am studying in the library, and she reads the book next to me and accompanies me. It is the luck of my life to meet her, and finally I went to their school. Brother college is also a 985 engineering department in Beijing. After graduate school, I took professional courses and scientific research more seriously. I always regarded her as my little idol. We also travel and entertain. But my happiest time was when I discussed issues and wrote essays at Daiso Center with her. I met her parents last summer vacation. She also met my parents. I also realized that I have the responsibility to form a family. I thank her for accompanying me from a boy to a man. It was really good for five years. fast. Now, the two of us are considering a Ph.D. There will definitely be many difficulties in the future, but with her company, I am not afraid at all. I want to say that in order for college students to have a real relationship, two people must consider each other’s future and must urge each other to work hard. I think love is more than just watching a few movies, eating a few big meals, where to go tourism. But before an important turning point in life, there is a TA who is giving you advice and encouragement. This kind of experience will be remembered in your heart for a lifetime, and the two talents will get closer and closer. Attach the back of the two people, keeping their faces straight for fear of being recognized haha.

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Take me and my ex-boyfriend for example. My sophomore year and his freshman year, we were confused together in less than a month. Let’s talk about how we met first. Before I met him, I was very depressed because of some things and didn’t want to talk to people. One night when I was walking alone on the campus, I suddenly heard the sound of the flute. The moonlight was dim. Near the playground, the sound of the flute was melodious. I also had some musical theory foundation. I felt very cured and I felt much better at the time. , So I followed the sound of the flute and found a thin, tall teenager playing the flute. So I gathered up the courage and asked for contact information, but neither of us could see each other’s face clearly. Because I know Guzheng, he pulled me into their club. We also chatted on QQ, and we have a lot of common hobbies. One afternoon, he said that there was a skit competition in their hospital, and he invited me to watch it, and I went there happily. We have officially met. After the performance, he escorted me back to the dormitory. Because I was a pretty dog ​​and he looked average, I didn’t want to talk anymore at the time, but because I was a kind of cute person with a medium-to-high appearance, he started chasing me. At that time, I didn’t feel particularly like it. He was very good to me. We went to play table tennis and go for a walk together. He would buy breakfast and send it to my dormitory downstairs, buy me milk tea, and buy various snacks. Once we two played a flute and zither ensemble in the playground, which also attracted the students from the playground to stop and watch. After the end, he confessed, I agreed, and we were officially together. Let me talk about it here. He is my first one. I have had someone I like very much, but there is no result. It is not for love. He had two real ex-girlfriends, an online dating girlfriend, and I was his fourth. We were really happy when we were first together. He also fulfilled the responsibility of a boyfriend. It can even be said that he did what an average boyfriend could not do. He set the unlocking fingerprint of the phone to mine, and he would stain me. I took my shoes to the dormitory to help me brush my shoes. He would customize the phone case into my photo. When others saw it, they were famous, and I could feel his care and preference for me. But for me, I grew up in the love of the family, and I didn’t care much about others. I was a bit selfish and willful. In addition, I didn’t have a relationship foundation. I didn’t know how to become a qualified girlfriend. So we started quarreling, getting angry with each other, and when he was generally angry, he would kiss directly without saying a word, and the anger would naturally disappear. But sometimes it is my cause, he will be angry and ignore me, of course I will apologize. Then just like that, there was sweetness, and noisy for two months. After that was the final review and exam, we didn’t care about each other much. Originally, he could leave after the exam on the 5th, but I finished the exam on the 8th, so he bought a ticket for the 11th, and we wanted to play for two days after the exam. From the end of his exam to the end of the three days, I almost ignored him. Those who have experienced college final exams know that sometimes they have to finish reading a book in one night. In the past three days, his roommates also left one after another. In the end, he was the only one left in their dormitory. When I was reviewing, the phone was in the Do Not Disturb mode. Sometimes it took a few hours to see it. Maybe he felt lonely, maybe this At that time, he would think a lot, maybe this was a few days he was suffering, and we also started to have a gap before. Finally, on the afternoon of the 8th, I finished the exam. In the evening, we went to the movies together and gave you a little red flower. I was crying, and he kept passing papers next to me, and his attention was all on me. After it was over, it was already ten o’clock. He suggested that we live outside and not return to school. I hesitated a little. I remembered what my girlfriend said, “You have only been together for more than two months. Don’t spend the night with your boyfriend. It’s not safe.” So I decided to go back to school, so I took a taxi and went back to school. Then he started to ignore me, feeling that I had too little with him, basically he was giving, and then he started to talk about how much he gave, and I was enjoying his giving. What he said was that you don’t even want to sleep with me all night, it’s so uncomfortable. Originally we were going to play for two days, but because my home is very close to the school, parents usually drive to pick me up. My mother wanted me to go back as soon as I finished the exam, so they came to pick me up at noon on the 9th, and then I cleaned up in the morning. Luggage, I left at noon. He was angry that he didn’t help me carry my luggage and didn’t send me away. I just took the suitcase and left. I got home after two o’clock in the afternoon. I kept sending messages to him and kept cold and violent. He was really aggrieved. He didn’t change his ticket. He stayed alone at school for two days. This is indeed my fault, and I have been apologizing to coax him, and he was indeed reconciled at night, but the estrangement in my heart has increased. Because he was driving in the morning, he stayed in a hotel near the station the night before. But I found out that his girlfriend came to him and stayed in a hotel with him at night. It was his girlfriend we saw during the video. Then I was very angry, he started to explain, they opened two rooms, he came to her to talk, Barabara explained a lot. Although I was very angry, I also chose to believe him. Then, we belonged to a long-distance relationship. Every day is morning and night, and make a video in the evening. Suddenly one day, I entered his QQ space and found that a girl would leave him a message, and they would also interact in the space. It turned out that it was his ex-girlfriend!

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There are 17 articles in total, please read them carefully. I am not exaggerating to tell you that this answer will change your “fast-food-style love” towards college and create a new perspective. It will help you recognize yourself faster than your peers. 1. When you are 30 years old, look back at your 20-year-old love experience. Based on your current experience and knowledge, you will definitely think that the relationship is not good enough, or even bad. But what then? There is only once in life. You can only experience it as much as possible, feel more love, and learn more lessons before you can think that your next love preparation is worthwhile. 2. For college students, love is not a required course, not even a minor. Compulsory courses and minor courses are greatly related to your earning skills. Love is a very money-burning project. How can you fall in love if you have no money? How to hold hands to shop for popcorn? How do you go to X shop? When you fall out with him, or are fed up with his bad temper. He will leave you, and your earning power, and money will never leave you. 3. When you can keep up with your studies, have a little money-making skills, and still have spare energy, you can try to fall in love. The love of college students should not pursue the lasting time and the final result. The ultimate reason for college love, true and cruel, is trial and error. In your partner again and again, absorb the bitter fruit of love and let yourself know what kind of person is suitable to be with you. 4. There is nothing wrong with this sentence when college students love fast food style. In the course of love, you need to spend time on trial and error before you can see the results. Why is it fast food? Because love is not planned in advance, just stay together, fancy, just stay together if they are interesting to each other. There is no such thing as a plan for choosing a spouse in advance and clarifying the criteria for choosing a spouse. Without thinking about it, just fall in love directly. Isn’t this called “fast food”? 5. In many cases, the object you like, and the object you actually like, may not be the same person. It’s a bit convoluted above, let’s talk a little bit now. It is the object you choose and think. The deepest part of these ideas is likely to come from a combination of Korean dramas, variety shows, your favorite stars, and so on. It will naturally come up with a thought, “I just like this kind of person, and I will definitely find this kind of person to be my object.” When you actually get along, you realize that he is not the person you want: For example, he is very good. The little bird is dependent on others, but lacks a sense of security and may have a strong desire to control; the charisma of a domineering president may be masculine and stubborn; a gentle and considerate person may be a good person in interpersonal relationships and dare not have his own Opinionated. 6. What does a long-term relationship look like? I can tolerate your shortcomings, and I appreciate your advantages. If you are willing to accept it, you will live together. If you are willing to communicate, you will live more comfortably. If you are unwilling, it can only mean that you don’t love him so much. 7. What can you get in this “fast-food” relationship? There are two benefits, one is that your economy is exchanged for his character, and the other is to gain valuable experience. Although this process is risky, the cost of trial and error is very low. If the other party is greedy for your money, you will spend that amount of living expenses; if the other party is greedy for your body, take protective measures, the last thing you want to see is the consequences of “no measures”; if the other party beats you, words Insulting, when you go back to the dormitory, your roommate must have noticed something wrong, and your life will have some hope of being saved; when you leave the society, if you marry a hidden perpetrator and be locked up at home and been beaten up, you still want to In school, discover the real ugliness of this person as early as possible. In contrast, this risk is a controllable and safer choice. 8. College lovers rarely go to the end or even get married. Your goal is to keep trial and error to find the right person. Find out who you really want, know what you like and what you don’t like. Even if you are not in love, having one or two earning skills is a good thing. Yi Shu: If there is not a lot of love, I will have a lot of money. 9. Love trial and error, not including the step of being a friend. As long as he is not his closest person, he will not know his truest appearance. Roommates and friends are people you didn’t see clearly, you are just friendly on the surface. I can say very bluntly that some people are their truest appearance when they are in love. If he gets along with his friends with his truest self, maybe his friends can’t stand it. 10. Regarding whether college dating is “fast-food style” or other experiences. I have the ultimate insight. Many things in the world cannot pursue a perfect beginning and ending. The moment you are truly enlightened is when you have loved, done, pained, hated, etc. The rich emotional color will come from your heart. Said “I have experienced it, this is enough.” 11. Above, if it helps you, please take 0.1 second to give me a like, so that more people can see this answer. 12. If you want to test, you must also find out the bottom line of the other party’s conditions. For example, communicate first. Is it possible to travel together and not go home until midnight? Aiai girls agree to this evening, don’t you? Does she accept it? This is her bottom line. If it was discussed in the early stage, she would not agree. Then send her back before 12.00. 13. The essential reason why girls look for objects also comes from their own DNA. An obstetrician and gynecologist on the six-story building, once shared his patient experience in Zhihu. He has contacted many clients and found that the criteria for choosing a spouse for girls is really “It doesn’t matter if you are handsome or not, it doesn’t matter if you are good.” Girls still care more about spiritual communication. Even if they are following stars, they are also very concerned about the personality and behavior of the stars. Of course, they are also very good because of their high appearance. As for the elders, it doesn’t matter what soul mates and spiritual communication are, just look good. so! ! Your clothes should be generous and tidy, your teeth should be clean, and you should learn some girls’ chat routines (you know too much, find a favorite one), your success rate is close to 99%, and 1% depends on whether the girl likes you. 14. Girls who have the ability to eat and have a degree of education belong to the majority. If you have a skill and a good degree of education, this is your treasure, please make good use of it. When you look at junior high and high school, where is the place where the most girls gather after class? Except for the women’s toilet, it’s around the boy with the best math in the class! Think about your study/work every day, read more books and experience more, this is the strongest way for you to improve your cognition. 15. Doing a dog lick is very risky. Your spirit, money, life rules, etc. will all be implicated by this girl. 16. Even if you are about to soak others in your hands, you can’t pour out all your own affairs. You can also have a little secret, don’t spend too much time on him. This will make him feel like you are leaving, still not seeing you through, and there is a kind of attraction hooking him. Isn’t it because you want to see this thing and you are hooked in your heart when you play games and see Zhihu’s visiting station b. 17. Girls do not rely on chasing, they are attracted. If you only rely on chasing, you will turn yourself into a licking dog. In the end, I have nothing to say, but simply feel that those who can read this answer are strong people with deep reading ability. My answer, if you can get praise from such serious readers, it will be the biggest compliment for my writing.

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