Briefly talk about your situation. The 20th World War I was a strong major in Jiangsu 985 colleges and universities, with a total score of 400+, first in the initial examination, first in the re-examination, and later, the tutor took the initiative to contact me and accept me as a student. The second counterattack 985, it is really difficult to say that it is difficult, it is not difficult to say that it is not difficult, and it is mainly personal. 1. A comprehensive assessment of your own learning situation, ask yourself whether you have done your best in high school, and how about the results of each subject in the college entrance examination, especially mathematics (for math majors). I really didn’t try my best in high school. I got more than 540 points in the college entrance examination (Science Karma), 130 in mathematics, and more than 80 in English. I think my serious preparation will improve. 2. Evaluation of self-control ability and learning ability. I think that I can not be disturbed by foreign objects and ensure the review time. I like to think about and study the problems by myself, and have a certain self-learning ability. I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam for 8 months, and I only went to the library for the last one and a half months, and I had been studying in the dormitory for the rest of the time. 3. Basic professional knowledge, not to mention that the postgraduate entrance examination has nothing to do with professional results. Let’s take a look at the good schools, whether there are still many good grades. At least there is a certain professional foundation to know what a term is when you see it, instead of being confused. My personal performance is the first in my major every year, so I think I can do it. 4. Evaluation of personal psychological state, ability to withstand stress, and endurance. To be honest, every year some people give up and some people collapse. I think I’m still strong, but I’m exhausted physically and mentally in the later stage of exam preparation. (I have no fellows, maybe it would be better to have fellows to encourage each other) 5. Ask yourself if you dare to bear the consequences of failure. I think my mentality has helped me go ashore to a great extent, do my best, and obey the fate. I regret the college entrance examination because I didn’t work hard, and I don’t regret it for the postgraduate entrance examination, because I really tried my best. I can’t pass the exam this time. It’s a big deal to come for another year. What are you afraid of? 6. IQ? I think this is not that important. I admit that factors in this area do have an impact, but don’t exaggerate it too much. People with really good IQs are no longer on the starting line of postgraduate entrance examinations with you. In short, no matter how difficult it is, someone will do it, and there is only one decisive factor. My scum, who is much worse than everyone, has a score of more than 80 in the English college entrance examination. What reason do you really work hard not to go ashore? I believe that as long as you really work hard, everyone is better than me.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

First of all, we must understand that even if the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination between different majors in the same school is very large, the difficulty of the Huawu chemistry entrance examination may be less than that of the double non-computer, so this problem cannot be generalized. A former high school student studied two in the province, majoring in chemistry, and decided to enter Beijing University of Chemical Technology. I have always advised him to report to Beijing University of Chemical Technology instead of reporting to our school. The score is not high, and the chemistry direction of our school is actually quite good, basic They both make lithium batteries and PCBs. The most important thing is that I can provide him with review materials. But this student always felt that the threshold of 985 was too high, and he was afraid that he would be brushed. What was the final result? The student’s score of 340+ was swiped by Beihua, but our school did not apply for a full application, there were more than a dozen vacancies, and 310 points were all recorded. The picture above is the retest list of Nanjing University’s chemical industry this year, and the University of Science and Technology of China is similar. According to the difficulty of flying in the sky this year, it still needs less than 300 points. It can be seen that even in top universities like Nantah, the biochemical and environmental materials are still not difficult to test. A large number of 985 Tiankeng majors are unsatisfied with voluntary recruitment and require adjustment. So I think if you are a student of the second degree of Biochemistry and Environmental Materials, if you want to take the examination of this major, you may wish to rush to a prestigious school. Many students have overestimated the difficulty of the prestigious school Tiankeng major. The school was blown up. Taking a step back, what happens if you fail in the prestigious Tiankeng major? It is estimated that the employment of a master’s degree in biochemistry and environmental sciences in ordinary schools is not much better than that of direct undergraduate employment. If you rush to a prestigious school, you can also use the school’s brand to select or become a teacher. The way out is also okay. Moreover, when the school is good, it is easier to change careers. However, if it is a popular major, you must be cautious when you are in a prestigious school. I believe everyone knows the extent of the computer postgraduate entrance examination.

6 months ago

I should start to think about it in my junior year at the latest for the postgraduate entrance examination. The freshman question is a bit early. I don’t know how to answer. If you start the junior year, I will recommend the public account that I prefer in English (I don’t take math). If you search it, you should be able to find some specific names. I can’t remember what they are. If it is a new classmate, I will recommend it at the bottom. In the early stage of preparation for the exam, the most important thing is the accumulation of English. You can pay attention to a public account: “Economics Scholars Entrance Exam English”, you can see foreign journals without subscribing. At the beginning, I mainly looked at reading and sentences, which can be used as a supplement to my daily English learning, because many of the postgraduate readings are extracted from foreign journals such as The Economist, but you should still pay attention to the real questions in the later period! ! This is the endorsement experience that I hurriedly wrote. Recently, there have been many things such as the opening ceremony and course selection. After a while, I will update it and edit it again. Thank you for your attention to my little transparent! Zhihu How to endorse the most efficient? Today, I did a lot of calculations. According to the admission results, I should be able to get a first-class scholarship. I am very happy. I wish you all the best. 9.11 My v: lovelife_921 is not a large size but a small size. If you really want to ask for the details, you can add comments. I only started watching these few days because I am preparing to start school with the luggage and materials~ I’m so anxious. I’ll see you the next day. Tutors and senior sisters, we have no male students in this major. Hahaha. I also suggest that you have general questions about postgraduate entrance examinations (when to start studying, how to find information, how to choose a school, whether to apply for classes, etc….) Don’t ask me because First of all, this is different from person to person. On the one hand, I answer this question for the second postgraduate entrance examination. On the other hand, you can ask me too general questions about me. You should do your own homework! For majors such as new biography or radio and television, postgraduate entrance examination institutions pick a few attentions themselves, but they must pay attention to Tencent’s “all-media faction”! I highly recommend this! Shouldn’t I give me an advertising fee, the interview is not in a hurry, I’ll update it after a while, and finally thank you everyone for your love. The first time so many praises. I want to talk about some of my own details and I hope I can encourage you. It is naturally worse than good undergraduate students, but from another perspective, at least we still have the opportunity to take the postgraduate entrance examination and there is still room for hard work. Some colleges and universities have to test many subjects for the postgraduate entrance examination. Then they are facing a super resistance. If you only need to try for the first time. Schools with high grades and generally good grades will not use your undergraduate degree as the standard for reviewing you. This is the fact that many of the classmates I passed the exam were second books, and they were worse than my school. It took three years to pass the exam. The teachers are all treated equally. Our teacher is really super good~ I am worried about future internships and jobs recently because of the poor family conditions. I hope I can work hard in the past two years and not be lazy or lazy.

6 months ago

It’s difficult, but it’s really not that difficult, as long as you are willing to learn, everything is easy to say. I believe you don’t want to see me pouring cold water on this issue. Since you have an idea, you should work hard and don’t care about the difficulty. I am not pouring chicken soup. This is the meaning of the problem. If you want to make a difference, I will also go back. And now that I think about it, the postgraduate entrance examination is really much simpler and purer than writing my thesis and working. I smashed the college entrance examination and came to a certain two in Tianjin. At that time, this school enrolled two students in our province, and some provinces had one. Around the time I was in my sophomore year, I had plans to take the postgraduate entrance examination. The specific reasons can be understood by the students of the second school. It is nothing more than unwillingness to fail in the college entrance examination, poor undergraduate degree, it is difficult to find a job, and I want to go to a good school to experience it. . In my sophomore year, I have been collecting information, and I have been studying hard since my sophomore year. I want a better undergraduate score. I pay attention to accumulation in English. At the same time, I have passed the fourth and sixth grades. I started to read professional courses in the first semester of the third year. Enter the review state, in short, look for feelings. In the second semester of my junior year, I have already selected the target college of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Since my major is literature, I don’t need to study mathematics. I took the master’s exam and analyzed the difficulty comprehensively. In the past, this major enrolled about 12-14 students every year. , The number of applicants is about 300, but I know that many people will give up, or have not reviewed it at all. After all, I chose the school and I didn’t back down anymore. Regarding review, what I want to say is that I really don’t have many classmates who have passed the exam to get up at 6 o’clock every day and go back to the dormitory at 11 o’clock. Apart from eating and not leaving the library, everyone needs to find out their own style. In middle school, I was not the kind of student who could endure hardship, but I would make a lot of effort to get a good exam. My work and rest is about getting up at about 7:10, washing and then going to the cafeteria to buy boiled eggs or other breakfast, soy milk, etc., and bring them to the library door to eat. When I eat, I will recite words. Then start learning every day. I went to dinner at noon. If I came back, I would sleep for a while. Then I learned to have dinner at around 6 o’clock. I usually return to the dormitory at 10 o’clock in the evening. But the problem is that even though I firmly believe that I must take the postgraduate entrance examination and be able to pass it, there will still be a lot of crashes in actual operation. For example, a common problem is that there are many mistakes in English reading and many political multiple-choice questions. As time goes by, it will make you feel as if you can’t learn anything. At this time, I usually complained to my classmates who took the postgraduate entrance examination, and many of my classmates also had this situation, so I confirmed that I was not a waste. The second problem is that I’m tired of studying. I love to study, but it’s impossible for anyone to be bored with long-term study. In addition, I’ve never had the character of studying hard. I don’t want to go to the library after dinner every day. There are at least ten during the postgraduate entrance examination. I didn’t go to study a few times. I ran to the rockery and the lake next to the school to take a walk. With my roommate, I usually walked around the mountain and came back. It took two hours, but it was very pleasant to walk and chat. I especially like this way. Sometimes I go to the nearby playground to walk around, but it will be a little boring in the school. Our school is very remote, and it takes an hour and a half to get to the city by car, so it’s not good at all to be in school. Another relaxation is to go to the movies. You can buy cheap movie tickets in the small business district near the school. Two people are eating a meal. The average cost per person is only about 50 yuan. The more we go later, the more often we go. I am not encouraged to learn from me, but I was really tired of learning at the time. It is necessary to relax properly. Then it was the last semester of the senior year, and many of my classmates were already working in internships. Our other good sister had a tuition institution in the city that she started her own business. When the winter was approaching, we often went to the city to play with her. My favorite is to go to Luneng City to eat late-night discounted Haidilao, and then go back to her at one or two o’clock to stay for one night, and then go back to school the next day (our senior year did not have classes). About learning: What I have to do every day is to memorize words. The main thing I memorize is New Oriental’s book of memorizing words for the postgraduate entrance examination in ten days. It is especially useful, but the number of words is not enough, so I usually list the words that I don’t know when reading. Repeatedly memorizing every day is to memorize according to my own book, and mark every time I don’t know. The more words that are marked, the more important the memorization. Later, I hit 79 in English, and my goal during the postgraduate entrance examination was 80. The English composition I listened to was Liu Xiaoyan. Her lectures were very humorous, not long-winded, and sometimes there were some philosophical ideas (teachers like to reason) and I was excited because I was very inferior. Not bad 211, I came to this school with a bad mentality and felt like I was inferior to others. So I like Teacher Liu very much. After listening to her composition, I designed one or two templates for myself. I chose the sentences and vocabulary by myself. It was very good. In addition to my good-looking characters, I feel that the composition score is quite high, because I made a total of mistakes in English reading. There are 4, and 7 of the previous ones are wrong. The new question type is correct, so it seems that the composition is very high. Regarding politics, although I am a liberal arts student, I don’t understand many things myself, so I started to watch Xu Tao’s class during the summer vacation. It’s best to buy a Baidu Cloud member to watch twice as fast. The emphasis is on understanding, instead of just listening to him. , And Mr. Xu Tao will often talk about some life principles, which is very humorous and will make you confident. Later I found that there was not enough time and the video could not be finished. I didn’t watch some of the things that didn’t feel difficult. I did it three times with Xiao Xiurong’s three-piece set of 1,000 questions. The last time it should be in October, I found myself still making a lot of mistakes. I don’t seem to remember anything (I really wanted to vomit at the time). Although I read the experience post and said that I would mainly do yokes in the later stage, then I calmed my mind and got all the yokes I could buy and resources. Do, leg 4, Xu 8, Xiao 4, Xiao 8, and some teachers who are not particularly famous. In short, I did everything that I can get, because the multiple-choice questions can be written quickly, and the thigh depends on what they bet on. In fact, I watched the leg answering class in the later period. About ten lessons are still very useful. I recommend everyone to watch it early after the leg sister has finished the class. Listen carefully. It is also recommended to watch it at double speed! I have learned the answering routines of the short answer questions later, but I don’t worry about memorizing both her and Xiao’s big questions. The most painful estimate was the two days of the exam. I saw a senior sister who said that I reviewed the professional courses from the beginning the day before the exam and the first day after the exam. I felt that I could not do anything at the time, although I knew that I I have been studying hard for more than half a year, but I really can’t guarantee it. After all, I am always playful and not so serious. So on the first day I was crazy about politics, ️ the more I felt that I could not remember, I was not too worried about English, but I was afraid that I would forget about political issues. Almost that night, I would recite for a while and squint for a while, I remember I saw four o’clock, and then set an alarm clock at five o’clock and continued to recite. I was about to go out after six o’clock. I was still nervous about having diarrhea. . I was really sleepy to the point of collapse, but I didn’t feel sleepy during the exam, and I couldn’t remember the big questions. I just answered according to my own feelings. At that time, I had no choice but to kill the mouse. Then I hit 74. The English test was relatively plain, because I learned English well, and then I finished writing and checked it again. Before the time was up, I handed in the paper 20 minutes in advance. I really tried my best to write professional courses, but you don’t necessarily get a high score even if you write everything in the liberal arts. I feel that the difference between myself and the big guys is not that I can’t memorize the book. I have memorized the book several times seriously, the spine of the book. It’s all rotten, and every time I use scotch tape to stick it, my pages fall crazily. But the kind of short answer questions and essays I played with me still almost meant it. In the end, it proved that my score was not high, but I can be sure that I wrote it up just by memorizing it. It should be that the essay questions are not so eye-catching. In the end, my total score of 372, barely passed the exam. As for the re-examination this year, isn’t it online? If you have to contact your tutor or something, I will write it next time.

6 months ago

My undergraduate degree is so ordinary that it can’t be more ordinary, and it is not a particularly top school in the second (it can even be said to be ranked at the end of the second college in this province). I started preparing for the exam in the second half of my junior year, and decided to move out of the dormitory after the postgraduate entrance examination, and rented a room on campus for review. Seeing this problem, I feel that I can understand Erben’s little friends’ worries about their postgraduate entrance examinations. To say that it is difficult, the postgraduate entrance examination is really difficult. I personally attribute the “difficulties” of postgraduate entrance examinations to the following three choices, methods and mentality. Choice is a common topic, “Postgraduate entrance examination, choice is greater than effort.” Unlike the college entrance examination, it only has one choice. Whether you choose a major or a school, you need to be cautious and cautious. Choose the right major according to your own interests, future career plans, and employment forms. Then choose the right school according to the major. I personally find it difficult to choose a school. Choosing a school is not only based on the individual’s own circumstances, but also comprehensive consideration of various factors. Every year, candidates fail the exam due to improper school selection. Everyone in a good school wants to take the exam, and in a good major, everyone wants to dig in after sharpening their heads. What about a good school + a good major? The combination of the two is even more difficult. Especially for an ordinary second book like me, at the moment when I choose 211 college, I have already decided that my road in the coming year will be full of bumps. Methods I often feel that methods are sometimes more than hard work. Don’t deny the effort. I think the direction and method of hard work are more important. Working in the right direction and working hard in the right way will bring you closer to success. When I was reviewing English reading, I found that sometimes it seemed that I could understand the main idea of ​​the article and also knew the words, but the reading was just wrong. I didn’t understand it at the beginning, but I kept rehashing new words and long difficult sentences. Later I realized that I didn’t fully understand this article at all, nor did I understand the writing logic. I probably started to do the questions when I knew it. No wonder I fell into the pits dug by the person who asked the questions. Since then, I have followed the teacher, carefully listening to the logic of each reading, understanding the thoughts of the author and the author, and gradually improving my reading. There is also the recitation of professional courses. At the beginning, I spent half a day memorizing memorization every day. I didn’t have any skills to memorize by rote. I couldn’t remember and I was so sad. The efficiency of memorization was so low that I cried. When I was low, I changed my mind. I started to find out if there is any way to improve the efficiency of endorsement. Later, I started to form my own knowledge system by streamlining the framework and filling in knowledge points. I don’t know how many times I have memorized it. In short, the efficiency has indeed improved a lot since then. If there is no obvious change after working hard for a long time, then you have to think about whether the direction and method are wrong? Everyone’s learning methods are different. Some people are suitable for getting up early and memorizing vocabulary, and some people are suitable for studying real questions late at night. You must find a method that suits you and work hard. Don’t go with the flow. In fact, the blow from the mentality in the postgraduate entrance examination process is ubiquitous. After studying hard, I didn’t see the feedback, and started to doubt myself crazily. I don’t want to open my mouth when I see the recitation subject in a fear of difficulty. It feels so difficult, how can I memorize it. When other students are looking for a job, even some students have already got an offer, and they are still walking alone on a road where there is no light. Such mentality blows throughout the postgraduate entrance examination. And when the outside world puts a label of “two books” on themselves, they often wonder if I can be a two-book candidate? Everyone tells me to believe in myself, but I still find it impossible for many times. I can not. I just can’t convince myself. I don’t know if you have this kind of emotion, but I have been stuck in this kind of emotional quagmire for a long time. At that time, I was in the exhausted period of review, which was reflected in the fact that I couldn’t memorize the endorsements because I had been rote memorizing. The efficiency was very low. The error rate of reading the real questions was too high. When I saw English, I had a headache. The two kinds of anxiety were intertwined. I couldn’t find the direction again, as if I was about to give up just one step away, but I pulled myself back. Probably, he still hasn’t given up on himself, and is actively looking for a solution. I actually recommend that everyone share their review experience with seniors who have passed the postgraduate entrance examination (either on shore or not). After all, they have already experienced it. There are some confusions and misunderstandings, which may be a strange circle in their own eyes. The infinite loop of being unable to go out, but when they look back, they will suddenly become clear. Bystanders are clear. To sum up the mentality I want to say is: Don’t give up on yourself at any time, maybe you are experiencing self-doubt now, are using false work to paralyze yourself, or other mental problems. You must actively look for solutions, and you must believe that as long as you want to, the problem will be solved. If you don’t know a word, spend a little time talking about it every day. If you don’t know how to read, just follow the online class to sort out one by one and then go on. If you don’t make progress in your studies, you will conduct a serious review of yourself and find out the crux. I don’t want to memorize the book as soon as I open it. It’s so difficult to endorse? Then start from the key points, from less to more. Organize your mentality first. It’s difficult to pass the customs. Isn’t it? The postgraduate entrance examination is not because of hope, but because of persistence, there is hope. Come on!

6 months ago

It mainly depends on which school you are majoring in. Here is a recommendation for two books that are easier to land. 985,2111 Northwest A&F University Don’t look down on others! Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forestry ranks 18th in the world in the US.NEWS subject ranking; the subject field of agricultural science has entered the top 1‰ of the ESI global subject ranking. The results of the fourth round of national subject evaluation are good in agriculture, science, and engineering, but the main ace majors are still related to agriculture and forestry. This is its characteristic and specialty, but it also limits its development. This 985 college has not caught up with other colleges and universities because it is known as an established agricultural and forestry college. Agronomy is still a relatively unpopular major in the postgraduate entrance examination. There is another agricultural college in the 985 colleges and universities-China Agricultural University, but compared with the middle peasants, the Northwest A&F University is much less popular. Why is there such a situation? We have to mention a very important factor, that is its name-Northwest A&F University. A considerable part of the small partners who took the postgraduate entrance examination had the impression of a school through its name, and Northwest A&F University “deeply hurt”! Northwest-remote areas, it sounds like yellow sand, agriculture and forestry-must be the focus of agricultural work, can not eat the kind of bitterness, technology-this sounds good, but how does it combine with agriculture and forestry weird? I heard that the predecessor was also called “National Northwest Agricultural and Forestry College”, a technical college… First of all, the geographical location of Northwest A&F University is indeed not particularly good, and it is indeed known as an agricultural and forestry college, and its predecessor is indeed called National Northwest Agricultural and Forestry College. but! ! ! It’s 985 now! Wake up! Don’t bully the young man! There are only 985 colleges and universities in total. Everyone counts them with their fingers. 985, which has a good location, rich money, and nice name, has already “exploded”. Look at Peking University. Let’s not talk about Peking University, just talk about Fudan, Nankai, and Tongji. What are the “explosions” like, ordinary students dare not touch them. I have to mention that the ace major of Northwest A&F University is no longer good enough (even if agronomy is unpopular). Taking the major of agriculture and forestry economics and management (with a little bit of management), the average admission score in 2019 reached about 375 points. Even if it is a major that is really not good in the discipline of finance, many students are already rushing for it. Last year, there were a lot of 400+. Big Ga! Don’t look down on our Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University! The difficulty will not drop after 2020, so students who are interested can quickly seize this opportunity. 2. Ocean University of China Ocean University of China and Northwest A&F University are the only two 985s I recommend. Both schools have common “shortcomings”. The names of the schools are likely to cause misunderstanding by students, so many students have been “dismissed”. Studying at Ocean University of China is not limited to aquaculture, although their aquaculture is indeed a trump card…….The first-level discipline of marine science is ranked as the only one in the country to enter the top ten in the world. , Don’t always call others “Destroy 985”, it is too professional, and the natural comprehensiveness is weak, and the ranking will come down! However, China Ocean also has a very obvious shortcoming, that is, the professionalism of the colleges and universities is too strong, and many majors are not opened, and even some popular majors were not opened in the past few years. Also, it does not have a medical school, which is why China Ocean is always unexpectedly low in various comprehensive rankings. Among the 985 colleges and universities, Yangmin and China Ocean are the two most cost-effective schools. They have superior geographical location and strong academic strength, which is at the expense of the name of the institution. 3. Fuzhou University Fuzhou University is also a 211 college, located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It has a good geographical location and is well-known in Fujian Province. It is regarded as the second-tier school in Fujian Province except Xiamen University. Although the school is a comprehensive 211, the ace majors are basically science subjects, such as chemistry, management science and engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering and so on. The school’s subject strength is also good. There are 9 majors above B-, and the chemistry evaluation result is A-, which can rank in the top 5%-10% of the country. However, the reputation of the school is relatively weak. Although it is a 211 college, it is far less famous than the 211 colleges of Shanghai University and Soochow University. Especially in the northern region, there are fewer people who know Fuzhou University. Including what I mentioned now, Fuzhou University believes that many students have learned about this university for the first time. Fuzhou University doesn’t make much news, neither good nor bad. Fuzhou University is very suitable for those who want to take a 211 college entrance exam but don’t want to go to remote areas. 4. Northeast Forestry University Northeast Forestry University is also a 211 college, but the admission score is low. Most majors can be taken after passing the national line, and the public courses in Heilongjiang are relatively high, and the professional courses are relatively simple. For everyone to adjust It is also an advantage. In addition, the acceptance rate of volunteers is relatively high, and the registration ratio of the entire school is not high. Even some of the school’s characteristic majors and key majors are around 3:1. One of the friendliest things about Northeast Forestry University is that it does not discriminate against students with second undergraduate and junior undergraduate education. Judging from the admissions of the past three years, the second undergraduate school accounted for nearly one-third of the students, which is the same as that of many second undergraduate colleges in District A. The 211 degree situation is in sharp contrast. Conscience~ From the user who knows it Northeast Forestry University is also the only 211 college directly under the Ministry of Education in Heilongjiang Province. The school is relatively objective in terms of financial support. Some students who want to engage in scientific research can also consider this school. . 5. Local 211 universities, Inner Mongolia University, Qinghai University, Shihezi University, Tibet University, Hainan University, etc. The above colleges are all affected by factors such as geographical location and economic development, and they are often ignored when applying for exams, even though they are all 211 colleges. Minority language and literature and zoology of Inner Mongolia University; Guizhou University, Guangxi University, and Hainan University are the leaders of neighboring provinces and cities, located in the southwest and south of South China, and are located close to each other; Pesticide Science of Guizhou University, Structural Engineering of Guangxi University; Hainan The university’s financial accounting is pretty good. This part of the colleges and universities may not be able to enter the ranks of prestigious schools, but at least there are 211 colleges and universities diplomas, which can help you cross the threshold of some corporate recruitment. Many students are entangled in taking the examination of such local 211 colleges and universities, but it is better to take some high-ranking double non-academies. The answer to this question is not absolute. It depends on what factors you put first. First of all, it will not be easier to test these top-ranked dual-non-universities than the local 211 schools. For example, taking the Capital Normal University will not be easier than taking the test of any local 211; secondly, due to the constraints of some geographical locations and economic development, our learning resources during school, employment resources after graduation, etc. will be very different. Unbalanced, the strength and employment resources of dual-african colleges in economically developed areas will be better, while geographically remote areas will be much worse, but it can give you a 211 diploma.

6 months ago

It’s super difficult, but it’s also divided into majors and expectations. Back then, a friend of mine applied for a 211 exam. The preparations lasted for a year. I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning to recite vocabulary and went to bed at 12 o’clock in the evening. I memorized professional courses seven or eight times, and did 1,000 questions four or five times. Later, I took the 393 exam, and the results were good (for some majors already considered very good), but in the end I didn’t study. Why? Because the media he tested, he didn’t want to transfer to another one in a remote area (it was a bad undergraduate, and the adjustment was in a distressing situation). But in their class, there are 20 graduate students, and nearly 15 have landed (most of them are 211, and there are two or three 985), because their classes are all for Wenbo, one of them crosses the exam… another friend, I took the exam for a popular major in accounting. The score was average, and he went ashore, because he chose to transfer to a remote area (Guizhou) one by one (you can also say that it is a second book)… sad but I am a friend of Nanjing 985 ( I’m sorry, I have a lot of friends…), I have three months to prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam (the school I took the exam, the tutor is my own university teacher), the first test just hit the school’s self-marking, and after the retest, the total score is 19th. Name (a total of 20 people in the major) was admitted, and her roommate is the 20th…So, if you are not confident that you will be admitted to a 985/211, if your family’s financial conditions permit, you can consider studying abroad (sincerely recommended) …This time to give my own example. I am not a double book. I decided to study abroad in my sophomore year. It was mainly for the one-year program. At first I considered Yingxingang. The low ranking of Singapore schools is basically hopeless. The British undergraduate program is more powerful and expensive. , So I chose to go to Hong Kong later. Then I started my cultivation path: sophomore year): choose a school, choose a major, match the conditions, and plan well. • Choose a school: There are not many schools in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Chinese and Goddess College are the first choice. For other specific choices, I will put my method directly: Study in Hong Kong|How to choose a school: teach you to choose a school accurately and thoroughly. Choose a major: the first choice is economics, good employment, and the goal is the combination of business and computer. This kind of profession, the requirements are not as high as financial accounting. After that, I started various searches, posted it on Weibo Douban, searched the admission information of previous seniors and sisters, looked at their backgrounds, and then looked at their own, and made a plan for myself, marking what conditions I need to meet in the plan.It is recommended to print it out and paste it in a prominent position • Certificate: The target major is determined, and the computer skills are definitely needed, but my major is not compatible with this. I took advantage of the sophomore year to pass the computer level 2, 3, and 4, and the computer network engineer was tested. • Internship: I found an IT department in a small company for an internship during the summer of my sophomore year. It was very simple but experienced, and I could apply it later. Junior 1): The sprint officially began. • GPA: At that time, my GPA was in the early 80s. Fortunately, there were a lot of professional courses in junior year, which accounted for a high proportion. It is never too late to brush. If you are in the same class with me, you may find that I have changed my fixed seat from the last row to the first row since my junior year…PS: The review has a focus, if you are good at it, you can take more exams. If you are not good at it Don’t be stubborn, as long as you are able to pass it, the water course should be drawn, so that you can make some time to improve other backgrounds. • TOEFL: I took the test 7 times (forgive me for my limited English), and finally passed one hundred, and the highest goal was completed; • GMAT: I have been rushing, never completed. • Certificates: accounting, securities, banking, financial planners, and futures, etc. You can take one test in two weeks, and you can test more than N in the form of a wide network. Undergraduate 3): Apply for a critical period and provide background supplements. • GMAT: After my unremitting efforts, I broke the 680 mark, and the children with poor English suddenly shed tears of emotion. • Internship: In addition to GMAT, it can be said that I have been doing supplementary internships during the second half of my junior year. The classes are part-time. During winter and summer vacations, I will go to classes for one or two months (there is basically no time to travel). In the end, there are 4 economics-related internships, computer-related internships, and 4 economics-related internships in two small companies to do finance, an online internship for half a year (a half-year internship certificate will be held), and also There is an internship at a bank. Before my senior year application, my background: my second international trade, average score of 85+, TOEFL 108, GMAT680+, a bunch of certificates, five internship experiences, more than a dozen social service activities (volunteers, commentators, etc.) , A two-year time limit for the vice president of the Volunteer Association. This year, I got the background of a student who was interviewed for Chinese economics in Hong Kong: Shuangfei, GPA89, IELTS 7.5, GRE325, 5-stage counterpart internship (6 months of internship in the four major auditing positions). Last year, Shuangfei got the top three offers in Hong Kong. I also mentioned two casually: [Hong Kong University Management Offer] Shuangfei, 3.37 GPA, TOEFL 104, GMAT700, four counterpart internships, and two national journals. [Finance offer from The Chinese University of Hong Kong] Double non, grade point 3.89/4, IELTS 7, GMAT730, four-stage internship, Meisai small award, national school award. But the background of the top three in 985/211 SIPG is this: [The Chinese University of Hong Kong Finance offer] East China Normal University, average score 83.4, IELTS 7, GMAT700, an internship (high gold content) [The Chinese University of Hong Kong Finance offer] 985 , An average score of 83, IELTS 7, GMAT700, two internships (brokers + banks) The college entrance examination is never the end, counterattacks have always existed, why can’t you be the next one?

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Just passed the postgraduate entrance examination in 20 years. In fact, after going through the postgraduate entrance examination, you will find that many things are very strange. Maybe the school in your class is not as good as your own school. Maybe some of your classmates who you think are better than you have been admitted to a better school than you. Maybe during the college entrance examination, students in the class who went to the ordinary one or two books, passed the top 985, maybe you are in the same school now, they are all from some relatively poor school, maybe you think you learned Ba didn’t succeed in the postgraduate entrance examination or postgraduate examination. It may be a copy. The students who graduated from 211 could not find a good job. . . Many things will exceed your original cognition. The postgraduate entrance examination was originally a very metaphysical thing. First of all, the choice is definitely greater than the effort. Different schools and different majors have different exams, so they cannot be generalized. You can’t pass the exam, maybe because the report was too high and you didn’t recognize your own strength. Passing the exam does not mean how good you are. After all, you are only taking a professional course. It can only show that you are doing well in this course. Secondly, the college entrance examination is in the past tense. After four years of university, many people have undergone great changes. Some have become excellent and some have become degenerate. Before the postgraduate entrance examination, everyone is the same. They are all on the same starting line. You only need to study math, politics, English and professional courses. As long as you work hard, you can get higher in the exam. As long as you study these four subjects well and get a high level of examination, you can be admitted to graduate school. It doesn’t matter whether you study well at university or not. So don’t lose confidence! To be admitted, you must first firmly believe that you will be admitted, and then go all out! Everyone is gold, the students of Erben, it’s just that you haven’t seized the opportunity during the college entrance examination. Looking forward to seeing you shining brightly.

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It is not difficult to say, and it is not difficult to say. See how you face the difficulties along the way…you need to have a correct understanding (don’t just think of “Qingbei recombined with Zhejiang Kenan”, the postgraduate entrance examination should not only look up at the stars, but more importantly, keep your feet on the ground~ Let Qingbei become a white moonlight. …Mosquito blood is the reality!) There is a suitable method (not to follow suit, it is best for yourself) and the determination to endure hardship. (A long and boring year, there will be a lot of moments of collapse, stick to it and you will win. When you suffer hardship, you will be a master.) Have a firm belief (read with me silently: I can pass the exam, I can I can pass the exam.) Ready for this~ let’s take a look at my story… I hope that the friends who can pass the postgraduate entrance exam will lose their strength and a little light. I hope that the friends I see can learn some experience or lessons from my review process and avoid detours. Bai Yansong said: “A person’s life will always encounter such a time, one person’s war. At this time, your heart has been turned upside down, but in the eyes of others, you are just a little quieter than usual. No one will think Strange. This kind of war is destined to be single-handed.” As he said, the postgraduate entrance examination is a turbulent, silent, one-man war. I took the test of education, political English and two professional courses. There are so many things to memorize. When I was just preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, it was the first semester of the junior year. In September, I was very confused at the beginning and couldn’t start. Go to the library early every morning to occupy a seat you like, and then go back to the classroom for class. Later, I accidentally met two schoolgirls who were the same as my target school. If I got the treasure, I have been studying with them. When they eat snacks, they always share with me, so that we gradually get acquainted with each other. I remember that people lined up at the library at half past five, and the dormitory opened at six. When I came late, the senior sisters would help me occupy a seat. (An excellent postgraduate entrance exam partner is an assist. There is no wood.) I like to feel the small surprises in ordinary days with my heart. These tiny warm and sure happiness are the best seasonings on the boring road to the graduate entrance examination. One thing I have to say: copy the outline by hand! ! I feel that I have omitted hundreds of millions of years of evolution from the primitive society and jumped directly to the present. I have chosen such a simple and crude, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and meaningless behavior. I copied a full copy, and it was unforgivable. I was moved by my behavior at the time. (A lesson from the past!!! Everyone, don’t do useless work, don’t “look hard”, before reviewing, you must use your brain to think about whether the review is effective, and then do it after you think about it.) Just start with this primitive and simple method , I figured out how to make notes by myself, and tried three methods before and after. Finally, one day I suddenly learned how to do it with Word. It took a little half a year to sort out more than 200 pages of notes, print them out, and memorize every page at the end. Up. During the summer vacation, the summer in Shenyang was sweltering and hot, so I chose to go home to review. That summer, my schedule was reversed. I get up at 12 noon and go to bed at 3 in the morning. I study more efficiently at night (you must find a learning rhythm that suits you~) throughout the summer vacation, I keep my professional class notes neatly organized. Then began the long and painful memory process. Arrange learning tasks for yourself every day, and you won’t sleep until you finish them. (Every day is very tired and painful, but please! Be strong! Hold on!) After school starts, I ride to the library at 7 o’clock every day, and return to the bedroom at 9:30 in the evening. The weather is great in late summer and early autumn, sometimes in the library. When I was bored, I took the materials and went to the library to recite. The benches by the lake, the steps of the square, the classrooms and corridors of the teaching building have all become places for me to recite my recitations-constantly changing scenes, hoping that every new scene will make the recitation less boring. (Try to adjust your mentality, you need a little bit of sugar for a day-to-day life) October and November are critical periods. Every night I go back to the hallway in the hall until one or two in the morning, smelling the rubbish all night. With the smell of cigarettes, I was frightened by my own footsteps in the quiet corridor. My legs were swollen and painful because of standing recitation. In the two most difficult months, I tried to throw the book out of the window countless times, and then left a handsome figure behind. When I couldn’t back down, I watched the dark night tears burst the bank. I cried on my back. This kind of thing happened too many times, and each time it made me face myself more clearly-the mediocre and mediocre self, only once and again Repeated over and over again, repeated mechanically, similar to muscle memory. Finally, when I saw the question, the frame figure appeared in my mind like a conditioned reflex…The bitterness was beyond words…In this way, I stepped onto the examination room and answered four papers. The retest after a few months was considered smooth. The moment I got the admission notice, I thought to myself: This is what I deserve~ The same thing, the same road, everyone will eventually deduce a different story. But whether it is a silent practice or a turbulent war, don’t forget the truest desire in your heart. I hope I can bring you a little bit of strength on the road to the postgraduate entrance examination. Keep it up~ Come on

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If the second postgraduate entrance examination did not land, it would be difficult. If the second postgraduate entrance examination did not land, it would be “very Versailles.” Cognition, whether you have a clear understanding and perception. You should combine your hobbies, characteristics and expertise, your own strength, expected goals, and the postgraduate entrance examination situation of the target colleges and majors to measure this difficulty. So the question is not whether you came from a second college or not, but whether you are determined to prepare for the exam, but whether you can take persistent actions to fulfill your determination. As Marx said, “The problem is to change the world,” then can you change yourself? Change your playfulness, laziness, hypocrisy, pretending to study, etc., and adjust your mentality to deal with postgraduate entrance exams without distraction. Other than that, everything is empty talk. I read the other answers to this question, and I still feel that it is a bit empirical. Too much of this empirical talk will give you an illusion. It seems that you will succeed in the postgraduate entrance examination according to those models and methods. Of course, there is no problem to learn from and imitate the methods and experiences of the predecessors, but the more important thing is that you have to explore for yourself and find the experience that suits you. It is not important in the process of revival. Continuous reflection, summary and induction. I think the biggest advantage of the postgraduate entrance examination lies in its diversity and diversification. You can choose the major you like or that you think can be “profitable” or “good employment”. The postgraduate entrance examination is the endeavor after the goal is set, and the college entrance examination is the goal choice after the endeavor. Looking at it this way, I think the postgraduate entrance examination is more “fair” than the college entrance examination (the reason why I put the quotation marks is because I really don’t want to discuss this kind of term with multiple categories, positions and standards on the Internet), because the college entrance examination and a kind of identity Combined, although the college entrance examination is for national enrollment, it does not use one test paper in the whole country. I believe that many people think that the college entrance examination in Beijing is “easier”. I will not repeat the reasons why. If you are an examinee in Zhejiang, you can only follow the so-called “triad” model of the college entrance examination in Zhejiang Province. The competitors you are facing are mainly candidates from the province rather than the candidates from the whole country, because colleges and universities have different scores in different provinces. Different. But the postgraduate entrance examination is different. You don’t need a unified “identity”. The postgraduate entrance examination will not mention which province you are a candidate from. It only mentions which city and which university you want to take which major. So the choice of the target college is very important. Do you want to choose those universities with three titles in mathematics? Should I choose a university without a number? The results of different choices are also very different. Because from a theoretical and a certain level of facts, it is definitely much harder for you to get into Peking University than to get a graduate student from Beijing Union University, no matter what your major. Of course, this is only my family’s words. It seems that I still feel that fairness can be achieved more in the case of unity, but the price of this unity is the loss of objectivity. There is only one voice, how can things with one tendency be objective? So the question is still whether you can figure out some things clearly. What is the purpose of your second postgraduate entrance examination? Improve academic qualifications? Love academics? ? Still want to enjoy campus life? Or do you want to avoid work and beatings by society? But in any case, the decision to enter the postgraduate entrance examination is always yours. No one puts a knife on your neck to force you to say that if you fail to pass the entrance examination, you will be killed, so you are responsible for your decision. At the same time, you must also understand the possible consequences of this decision. Of course, the result is nothing more than failing the exam. If you fail to pass the exam, it means that you have lost your status as a fresh graduate and it took an extra year. The situation, it is very likely that you will have to rely on your parents to help. Do you have a long-term academic plan if you pass the exam? After all, the focus of graduate students is on research, not on life. And you have to consider whether you want to review it yourself or report for a class review in the institution. All of these require you to have a rough assessment of yourself. In the end, I think it’s difficult (because I didn’t return to this question head-on). The most useful reference is the opinions of those students who are from a second school and are preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations like you. Because this type of student is the most similar to you, this similarity also means that there are many things you can learn from each other and you can empathize with each other. This kind of empathy is very important, because most people clarify the problem from their own standpoint and perspective. Those who have not stayed in the ordinary second school don’t know that the undergraduate background is not very good will be a test taker’s mentality and confidence. What kind of impact will it have, and the situation of those who went ashore for the second postgraduate entrance examination is completely different when answering this question. Anyway, I have gone ashore, so I can say what I want. Therefore, it is difficult for you to empathize with the answers of this type of person, or say that it is not very helpful to you. And those so-called postgraduate entrance examination institutions or public accounts may be even more “intentional”, because these kinds of answers want to get traffic or want you to apply for classes, so their speech has a certain tendency. This tendency is “It’s right to hear what he said.” If you think about what I said above, the more you think about it (Of course, it’s up to you to think about it. I don’t like to sit down and talk about those experiences, although many younger students have asked me about the so-called experience; if My answer can really give you some thoughts and ideas, so the purpose of my nonsense answer will be achieved), the more stamina you will have in the test preparation process in the future. Because in my opinion, those two students who have been playing fish for three days and two days on the net, people say they are too tired, and they are tired of falling in love every day, and pretending that they are working hard to prepare for the exam. the above

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I have asked many graduate students around me. I am also working for an interprofessional postgraduate entrance examination after three years of work. Although it is a few minutes before the re-examination, after a year of study, I found that the postgraduate entrance examination has little to do with undergraduate schools or even undergraduate majors. . The postgraduate entrance examination is essentially a selection exam and an exam-taking exam, which means that no matter how you take it, it is all knowledge in the books. In my opinion, whether you can be admitted depends on the following three points, not the school: One is the familiarity with book knowledge. Postgraduate entrance examination is not a usual unit test, it involves a lot of knowledge points, some even several books, thick and long. You need to keep combing, remembering, and taking time to read it over and over again. Therefore, if you want to be admitted, you must be down-to-earth and have this perseverance to chew books. Regardless of whether it is two books, three books, or one book, everyone has a fair starting point for the knowledge points, but some schools have a good atmosphere and everyone works hard together; some schools have a slightly worse atmosphere, but the main thing depends on the students themselves. If you have perseverance, you will be able to continue, and will not work hard. The second is to learn how to respond to the exam. With perseverance alone, it’s just hard reading. Examination is actually the examiner wants to examine your ability, so you need to stand in the examiner’s perspective, ponder his ideas for questioning, and find out how to deal with his question. This kind of routine is taught by many online course teachers, and I have repeatedly studied the previous exam questions, so that you can know what level he wants to test you at a glance. Therefore, the postgraduate entrance examination is on the one hand to test knowledge points, on the other hand, it is to test your flexible learning ability and thinking logic. For example, when I was studying reading for the postgraduate entrance examination, I sorted out the reading structure, arguments, and arguments over the past ten years, and summarized the structure of each paragraph. Therefore, when I looked at the paragraph in the later period, I knew what the structure of the entire paragraph was. Which sentence is the key point, which sentence is just an example, you can skip reading, which sentence is the point of view of other people, which sentence is the trap set by the examiner deliberately, it is clear at a glance. So, this is not related to your undergraduate school major, it is entirely your own study habits and methods. The third is the choice of school. When I took the postgraduate entrance examination, I chose a 211 school. The competition was too huge. Even if I passed the international route, I couldn’t enter the retest. If I only chose a normal one, I would basically be able to pass it. Therefore, choosing a school determines how much effort and effort you have to spend. If it is just for a diploma, an ordinary school is completely enough, and it takes a little less effort. In general, the above three points basically determine whether you can enter the postgraduate entrance examination, or is suitable for the postgraduate entrance examination, but each point basically has nothing to do with the undergraduate professional school. The postgraduate entrance examination mainly depends on your needs. If you want to do well in the school, you must be willing to work hard and spend at least two years to prepare. Therefore, sometimes it is not determined by the quality of the school or the school environment, but whether the students themselves are strong or not. It is the strong desire to enter graduate school from the inside out to support their own learning. If you start to doubt yourself, even if you put Oxford, you won’t be able to pass the test unless you have a good dad.

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