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Analysis from the two points of takeaway store product standard + consumer group 1. Takeaway product standard First of all, let’s take a look at what is a food package? In 1920, the world’s first quick-freezer was successfully trial-produced in the United States, and quick-frozen processed products came out immediately. By the 1950s, quick-frozen food became more and more popular. The cooking bag first appeared in Japanese cities where the pace of life is highly strained, and then became popular in Taipei and Kaohsiung in Taiwan. It is called “Mother’s Meal” and “House Bento” by merchants. With the further opening of China, foreign cultures and foreign businessmen have entered the Chinese market one after another, and this advanced and convenient catering concept has also been passed on. There are three important points for a takeaway product: 1. Fast food 2. Low cost 3. Constant taste. When I opened a takeaway store before, once the order burst in the store, the staff in the store were too busy. The three points mentioned above are especially important in the face of a burst of orders. The meal is slow, and the rider’s whole state is not right… I quarreled with the front desk several times. If the taste is not uniform, you can imagine how miserable the evaluation area is… But the cooking package can be in a very high probability. Can solve the above three problems. And most importantly, if something goes wrong, the merchant can also transfer the responsibility to the manufacturer. So although I don’t recommend making a pure takeaway restaurant now, if you want to do it, it will be much better to use a better quality cooking bag than to make it yourself. ps: In fact, the regular cooking package is cleaner than making it in the store. The hygiene standard of the factory is definitely much stricter than your small takeaway shop or even many dine-in restaurants. 2. The takeaway audience understands the takeaway industry. In addition to understanding how a store operates and what products to use, you also have to know what kind of group needs takeaway. We look at the two types of people who order takeout the most frequently. The first type: hitting workers. For hitting workers working in reinforced concrete forests, time is money. Time cost is very important to them. During the two-hour lunch break, how can there be time to make a cooking package? Do you think they are so stupid that they think that the fast food downstairs and the rice bowls on the takeaway platform are all carefully cooked for them by the chef? Actually, it’s not the case (Of course there are such honest people, but they are a minority after all.) We went to the office buildings in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen at 12 noon. The fast food restaurant downstairs is always crowded. I used to hang out in Beijing’s cbd at around 12:30 on weekdays. I saw an Ajisen ramen, but I had to wait in line, and there was a small table for two people. But wait until I see it at 14:00, there are no more people in the store. No one goes to Ajisen Ramen in my hometown, but it is very hot at 2 hours at noon. But no matter what, the number of fast-food restaurants cannot completely cover the number of white-collar workers, and more people will choose to order takeaways at work stations or rest areas. Just so that I can sleep for a while in my work station as soon as I finish eating. What strikers pursue is time and efficiency. No matter how convenient the cooking package is, but it takes time to make it, busy workers do not have this leisurely mind, and it is impossible to have such a leisurely mind. 2. Young people are like soaking wolfberries in a thermos. Do you think they don’t know that takeaway is unhealthy? They all know it, but in the final analysis it is “lazy”. Even if the cooking bag is convenient, the handicapped party can do it, but if you buy the cooking bag, you have to go downstairs to get the courier? Do you want to wash the dishes? Let me tell you that it is necessary to wash the dishes. It is impossible for many young people to buy cooking kits to cook at home. I once met a friend, one of the few young people who likes to cook, but in order to be afraid of washing one more bowl, all the dishes at home except pots and chopsticks are disposable. Why can takeaways develop so fast? What kind of people promote the takeaway market? Are they the parents who always persuade us to cook for ourselves? It’s not. There are countless hitters and “lazy cancer patients”. For both types of people, time is precious. Those who beat workers must take time to rest and work. The young people are hurrying to eat, because after eating they have to play games, play dramas, and dance… These two types of people account for the vast majority of the entire society, so they are destined to use food packages for takeaways. How many people use cooking in their lives. Finally, let’s take a look at those who cook at home. I can tell you clearly that people who know how to cook and are willing to cook at home, even if they sometimes order takeaways, still 90% of them disdain to use cooking kits. Whether it is a “cooked cooking package” that can be made directly in a microwave oven or a “raw semi-finished product” that needs to be made in a pot. For their confident culinary skills (no matter whether it is good or not, most amateur culinary lovers are extremely confident) this is an “insult” what they pursue is the enjoyment from 0 to 1. The biggest advantage of the cooking bag is fast food and constant taste. For those who know how to cook and are willing to cook at home, of course it is the biggest disadvantage.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Many of us are also buying food packs! Although I am a cook at home, I do not reject fast food and meal packages! In the village, you can only go home once a week. Cooking a meal in the village is very troublesome. Generally, it is enough to do it once a day. You have to work, don’t you? But you can’t spend every day’s time on cooking, that would be a big sin. So eating fast food becomes commonplace in the village. All kinds of instant noodles, snail noodles, noodles, self-heating hot pot, the four of us ate box after box. The cooking bag is also on our food list, and it is often eaten. The advantage of this thing is that microwave the cooking package and just pour the rice directly. It’s very good, and the taste is okay, and some are pretty good. So the cooking bag is not a heinous thing. The price is very cheap! Much cheaper than ordering takeaway! What do you want for a meal for 5.6 yuan! I highly recommend the following one, the four of us have bought it 3 times.

7 months ago

I thought the same before, and then I worked. Every day from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening, I was at the work unit, all kinds of things that need you to deal with quickly, just coming home from get off work is exhausted enough to buy vegetables and cook is a good memory Even the weekend. . It basically means sleeping from 8pm to 6pm, so that I can recover my energy and meet the next week’s work in two days. The period when I can really have the strength to cook by myself is when the city is closed, and then I go to work. I can’t do it in less than half a month

7 months ago

You have not calculated time cost + labor cost at all. Designer D, rests in the underworld, works 12 hours a day on average, and takes one day off every week. Sleep 7 hours a day, 2 hours of miscellaneous work, 3 hours of entertainment + 12 hours of entertainment on weekends, 30 hours of entertainment a week. His weekly salary is assumed to be 3000 yuan (not very high among designers), working time 12X6=72 hours, 41.7 yuan an hour. In other words, one hour of his incomparably precious rest time is worth 40 yuan, because as a person who arranges working hours freely, he can earn 40 more by working one more hour. This truth is easy to understand. So, how long does it take D to process the cooking package to the finished product? Assuming he is very skilled, cooking + washing dishes, at least half an hour per meal. Those who say that it is less than this time are people who have never cooked or washed the dishes. One day is one hour, 40 yuan. Can you save 40 yuan by doing it yourself? Pay attention not to spend 40, but to save 40. For example, if you eat 50 food a day before, you will have to make less than 10 yuan a day, or you will lose money. That’s not even your labor cost. If the salary is higher than D and the rest time is less, then this cost will increase sharply. If the annual salary is 20w, then 60 would be saved a day to not lose money. It takes me less than 60 days to eat takeout. The time spent by workers and questioners is very precious. Every second is spent in vain. Vacations are repaired with a stopwatch. Just ask how many 996 people cherish Sundays. In order to save a few dollars, or tens of dollars as you said, wasting a lot of time is definitely a loss-making business.

7 months ago

Because “ordering takeaway” is much more convenient than “buying cooking bag heating”. To order takeaway, just open the app, choose the food you want to eat, wait for the food to come to your door, eat it, and throw away the garbage. Buying a cooking bag is a lot of trouble. First of all, you have to figure out in advance what you want to eat in the next few days and choose the corresponding cooking package. This is still different from the current one. Secondly, you need to wash the dishes after eating the cooking bag, and the step of throwing away the cooking bag cannot be omitted. I think washing dishes is particularly troublesome. Cooking is naturally more troublesome than heating a cooking bag, but it may not be so troublesome. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of meats that are properly separated. Meats such as steak, shrimp, beef and mutton rolls do not need special processing; there are also many varieties of vegetables that are easy to clean and cut, and edamame is also easy to buy and peel. Ok. Therefore, it is not complicated to prepare your own dishes. If you don’t know how to season it, you can also use compound seasonings such as hot pot bottoms. Be lazy, there are even marinated raw ingredients in the supermarket, so you just need to buy it in the next pot. These methods are not more complicated or time-consuming than heating the cooking bag. I work from home, and I cook almost all by myself when I’m not on a business trip, and I don’t feel like I’ve been cooking all day. And compared to thinking about what to eat a few days before buying a cooking package, buying vegetables or looking at what is in the refrigerator, it is obviously more casual and more in line with human nature. In summary, it is not so convenient to heat the cooking bag by yourself, and it is not necessarily particularly troublesome to cook by yourself. Buying cooking buns for heating can only cover the lazy/busy crowd, which is relatively small.

7 months ago

At the beginning, ordering the takeaway is to make it convenient and quicker without having to do it yourself. Just order it and wait for the takeaway to be delivered. It is really a very happy thing.
Later, I felt that I couldn’t breathe even more when I ordered the take-out wallet every day. I thought of the Tun cooking bag and instant noodles. I unexpectedly found that the taste of many cooking bags was the same as my take-out, and the price difference was too big~
So I started to dump the food package (because of the poor and too much takeaway, I don’t know what to eat). The price is about half the price of ordering. It can be used to mix rice and noodles, which are basically meat! ! The price/performance ratio is relatively high (the cry of the poor)
So I personally started to dig out all kinds of delicious food packages, and I have a little experience in this regard, and talk about the food packages that I eat more~
1. Vegetable head cooking bag
There are many flavors of this cooking bag, the price is relatively cheap, about 5-6 yuan a bag, basically all meat. The sterilization technology is also very good, and there are no preservatives added in it, and it is ready to eat when heated. The taste is almost the same as when you order takeaway. There are shops online and offline, which are safe and hygienic. Word of mouth and sales are very good, I personally stock more goods, and the price is very high.
2. Three meals course
This cooking bag is also more convenient. It can prevent microwave heating or put it in boiling water and heat it for a few minutes. It has more ingredients, tastes good, the price is cheap, the cost performance is relatively high, and the heating is complete. Pour it directly on rice or noodles and you can eat it.
3. Chef’s cooking package
This type of cost performance should be the highest. The meat and vegetable wraps are 4-5 yuan per package on average, each package contains meat, and the packaging is food-grade packaging, which can be heated directly. There are also more types of dishes, more choices, and the amount of one package is similar to that of takeaway. It is practical and convenient to directly heat and eat, and the price is very high!

7 months ago

Don’t all restaurants use cooking wraps? Like fresh greens, it turns yellow overnight. Are there any food packages? I eat relatively light, and the cooking buns can still be separated, and I have eaten them. The kind of braised pork, pork with pickled vegetables, and shredded pork with fish flavour, many of them are cooking buns, but I order that kind of green pepper. Stir-fried pork, cauliflower-fried pork, lettuce, pat cucumber, steamed egg, you will have a ghost only when you eat the cooking bag. And you only considered vegetables, noodles, cakes, spicy soup, vegetable salad, and cooking bags? It’s not that I said that spicy spicy soup is more nutritious than cooking bags, at least you can order a variety of vegetables, eggs, and meat in it.

7 months ago

As a person with 20 years of cooking experience, I don’t think that the cooking buns that are turned in the microwave are better than the big pot dishes, there is no pot stove gas, no meat aroma.
For example, how can the twice-cooked pork, Kung Pao chicken, and sweet and sour pork ribs, which can be eaten after a turn, compare to the freshly fried taste? Unless you fire it yourself and fire it again. But it undoubtedly increases the time and purchase cost, not to mention the fact that some young people’s renters are unwilling to use the stove or fire, let alone frying, and only want to use the microwave oven.
If you don’t want to cook the rice, let’s take it out…

7 months ago

The core need for ordering food has long since changed from convenience to laziness.
How much trouble is it to heat up when buying semi-finished products?
Isn’t it good to ask someone to bring the meal?
If Meituan provides feeding service,
I guess many people will order it too.
The best time to appreciate Chinese food is just a few minutes after it is out of the pan.
Takeaway? The small crispy pork has changed into grilled pork strips when it arrives!

7 months ago

Humans’ immediate desire for a certain food usually only lasts for half an hour. You just wanted to eat braised pork rice with rice, but now you want to eat three fresh dumplings. Don’t worry, you will miss snail noodles again in a while. . Moreover, these desires appear randomly and are unpredictable. Unless the types of food packages you stock up in the refrigerator are better than the takeaway apps on your mobile phone, you can’t resist this “temporary flop” pleasure.

7 months ago

Although the company has a microwave oven, the cooking bag does not provide rice. Then I bought the quick-frozen steamed buns. To put it bluntly, many people didn’t think of it or thought the cooking bag was not safe. I bought a cooking bag, a disposable pulp tray, disposable chopsticks, a quick-frozen steamed bun company microwave oven, and a refrigerator, but it is no different from bringing your own rice. The biggest obstacle is that many people think you are unhealthy and unhygienic. Then I feel healthy and hygienic when I eat takeout.

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