“We Who Are New to the Workplace” Sister Dong talked about the successor criteria: not based on relatives or friends, but only on ability. The Iron Lady is really extraordinary! Previously, Dong Mingzhu said that she had not been in contact with her brother for 20 years, and she was no longer in the family tree. The cause was that the dealer sought the goods from his brother, but Dong Mingzhu didn’t agree, and received a letter from his brother.

Society is far more complicated than we think, and the workplace is not a simple black-and-white relationship. As the saying goes, “When the water is clear, there will be no fish, and when people are observing, there will be no disciples.” A small example of a great man: In the spring of 1951, Chairman Mao wrote two “Letters on Peng Yousheng’s Work Arrangement”. They are intriguing and can be described as examples of our correct and proper handling of interpersonal relations. Introduce the background: Peng Yousheng is a native of Hengdong, Hunan. During the Revolution of 1911, he served as deputy squad leader in the new army of the Hunan Uprising. At that time, Mao Zedong was a private soldier in his squad. It can be said that Peng Yousheng is Mao Zedong’s old “head boss”, fellow villager, and old friend. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Peng Yousheng had difficulties in his hometown, so he wrote the trust Mao Zedong to introduce and arrange work. After receiving this letter, Mao Zedong was very happy and attached great importance to it. He wrote two thousand-word letters to introduce him. Mao Zedong’s two letters were written about Peng Yousheng himself and the vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Government. The main contents are: First, to persuade Peng Yousheng to work and live in the countryside with peace of mind, saying that you are classified as a poor peasant. If the masses agree, that would be very good. If you can live in the countryside, it is better to go to the countryside or live in the countryside temporarily, because you are afraid that it will be difficult to find a suitable job outside. Here, Mao Zedong did not talk about great principles, nor did he have any condescending support. It was entirely the Uyghur escort among his friends and he was sensible. Second, in a letter to the person in charge of the Hunan Provincial Government, Mao Zedong truthfully proved Peng Yousheng’s identity in the Revolution of 1911, and sincerely stated: “According to my past impression, Peng Yousheng is an honest person.” At the same time, Mao Zedong explained in a serious and responsible manner that he was not clear about Peng Yousheng’s later history and current situation. This is actually a “proof material”, written in a realistic, objective and fair manner. The proof between great men and ordinary people reflects Mao Zedong’s great and simple quality. Third, make specific recommendations to the Hunan Provincial Government based on policies, and ask them to investigate Peng Yousheng. If the history is innocent, they can “follow the example of the 1911 Revolutionary personnel” and give them care, such as giving some money for resettlement, such as introducing jobs. At the same time, Mao Zedong repeatedly stated that because he was not clear about Peng’s later history, it was “inconvenient to put forward a definite opinion” and that Hunan was requested to “determine it”. Here, Mao Zedong’s organizational concept can be seen. Fourth, Mao Zedong also provided convenience to Peng Yousheng, asking him to take his letter to Cheng Yuling, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Government. But the statement, “There may not necessarily be results.” From this trivial matter, we can see that Mao Zedong has both a high degree of principle and a strong human touch in handling interpersonal relations. It does not violate policies and principles, but also provides assistance in handling channels. It not only solves the difficulties of acquaintances, but also does not make him expect too much, let alone give him a guarantee. It not only puts forward suggestions to solve the problem, but does not impose on the subordinates. Here, principle, flexibility, policy, and the perfect organic combination are really a model for handling interpersonal relationships. In fact, the more we are at the top of the workplace, the more we discover that ability is the foundation and relationship is the guarantee. The two are like the two keys to success in life. It is undeniable that Chinese people especially talk about “relationships.” It can be said that “relationships” have penetrated into all dimensions of China’s economy, society, and politics. The concept of “blood is thicker than water” is deeply ingrained in China. Quite a few people seem to be innately circumventing the principle. On the basis of not violating the “principle”, they can always interpret the relationship to the fullest. All kinds of crony nets and interest nets are serving their own dishes. As a society, we are well aware that some things can be done, and some things can’t be done even if we find a relationship (such as violation of law and discipline, gray areas, etc.). In the workplace, you can stick to your own principles and be as flexible as possible without violating the policy. Only in the future can you become a “big man” that will be admired by others.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

In real life, most people only attach importance to goals, and selectively neglect to formulate an efficient execution plan-that is: sort various influencing factors by weight (shown in the figure [Trend] [Platform] [Skills] [Time] [Resources] [Ambition] [Luck] Seven Factors) to choose the shortest path to success. It is undeniable that there are still many honest people in the big world. In other words, in the process of working hard for the goal, we often only attach importance to the improvement of personal [skills] within a limited [time], while ignoring the empowerment of several other dimensions. . This is also what I slowly realized from them after I entered the IT workplace and got in touch with more students who changed their careers to learn IT. How do you say it? Here I take a software test engineer as an example to see how the above seven factors influence the success or failure of an IT person in the workplace: 1. Trends and industry developments are heading toward the trend, and the pigs of the wind can fly. In the face of the trend, do it fearlessly. Those who go upstream will only be bruised and bruised by reality. Looking at the average salary levels of employees in various industries in 2019, we can find that-information transmission, software and information technology services; financial industries; scientific research and technical services are indeed the top 3 popular industries. This is why “cold transcoding”, “industry-to-IT”, and “Internet factory fever” are frequently occurring recently. The trend behind these phenomena is that the overall status of the industry will determine the average salary and ceiling of practitioners. For the same person, the rewards for paying in the ordinary industry may be able to get double the salary in the hot industry, and the 12-point effort in the ordinary industry may not be as good as the seven-point effort and three-point coping in the hot industry. 2. Platform. Choice is greater than effort. If the choice of “trends” is at a macro level, then the choice of “platforms” requires a micro posture to screen and compare. Taking programmers as an example, the same level of skill in Internet companies such as Alibaba and Tencent is completely different from that in general Internet companies. As for the dialectical relationship between the two, Hui Zhimei also briefly talked about it before: first be a chicken head and then compete for a phoenix tail, slowly trying to figure it out. In a small company, you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the company’s operating mechanism, and be in charge of multiple sectors at the same time, seize the platform opportunity to gold yourself, and use it as a springboard to enter a large factory after you pass the practice. At the big factory, at this time, because he was already in a relatively mature framework, he began to gain experience that he could not get in a startup company. For example, the mature system operation of software development, agile development, and product development with hundreds of millions of users will get a lot more sense of accomplishment in products than startups. 3. Skills and talented scams. The desire for elite talents will always be the constant selection criteria for the industry and platforms. Whether it is the “genius project” created by Huawei or the “heavy money digging” headline facing the world, it is all In order to seize the track as soon as possible in the face of the trend and get rid of competitors, the investment and return on talents will naturally not count the cost. We ordinary people may not reach that height for the time being, but the skill is always right. The so-called ability is the greater the responsibility. In the workplace, how to advance the ranks from the bottom up within the visible promotion mechanism depends on the difference in personal skills. You can only do so much better than others. , There is a high probability of winning in the promotion PK. Behind the improvement of skills is a comprehensive consideration of the individual’s comprehensive ability. Besides, are there really so many talents? I would rather believe in the martial arts story that opened up the two lines of Ren and Du… 4. Time. I bet my youth that time = money tomorrow, and the arrangement in the workplace is plain and clear. This should be understood from two levels: 01. Overtime = salary increase is applicable to timekeeping and piecework jobs. The requirements for skill improvement are not very high. If you spend more time than others, you can immediately get more. More salary returns are simple and rude. 02. Gold plating = salary increase applies to most of the Internet industry companies, from young and new to continuous experience and growth into a professional career, ranging from 1 to 2 years, as many as 5 to 10 years, sweating and dedicating youth in the post. Accumulate experience and abilities over the years, and then achieve career advancement and super high salary returns. 5. Ambition and respect for the ordinary people. Someone once asked Huizhimei this question: Why do work have to be divided into different levels? My answer is: the cost of using love to generate electricity is too high. Perhaps what he wants to express is closer to the view that “different types of work should not be discriminated against”. Indeed, from the perspective of the division of labor in society, every line is a necessary existence, and the cleaners who sweep the streets will not be jealous of your rich Bentley. Similarly, if you drink red wine and eat steak, don’t look down on my old godmother with steamed buns. Everyone will make their own destiny and contribute to the development of society. But specific to the corresponding industry, the “contempt chain” was born unconsciously-people at the bottom will inevitably have an “ambition” to climb up after hearing and seeing it. You may say that it is too utilitarian and too realistic. I am sorry that the business is not charity. You can have no so-called ambitions, but you cannot prevent others from surpassing you. We have already learned the lessons of eating a big pot of food and being equal in our history textbooks. The original intention of using love to generate electricity is very good, but the ending will not only drag those active luminous people into the water, but also bring about a reduction in overall efficiency. Whether it is within the enterprise, industry or social development, such a stagnant pool is not allowed to exist. Of course, Huizhimei is also looking forward to a day in the world where everyone is the master, full of vitality every day, and there is no need to worry about the supply of food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment. This is also the ideal social form we look forward to. 6. Resources. I have no people, and I have advantages if people have me. If skills can be regarded as a resource and controllable, then there are other uncontrollable resources in the workplace that you don’t necessarily have, such as: network, background, And the youth of your person (cough cough). In short, in theory, all the elements that can be beneficial for promotion and salary increase can be used as capital. Those nobles who were born with the golden key are destined to win at the starting line of life, because not everyone can always say, “Master Zhao will pay for all the consumption tonight!” 7. Luck, everything is ready, only Dongfeng This last element really cannot be ignored. There will always be too many uncertain factors in workplace life. It is possible that a coincidence will let you catch up. But having said that, opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, even if it is a counterattack like Zhao Gao. You say he is a bad guy? Sorry, bad guys have a certain ability to climb to a certain height. Without some ability and deeds, how do you really think that boss is a stupid money? Many people blame themselves for not having the luck of others. As everyone knows, if you are good at seizing opportunities and cherishing the opportunities given by fate, you can also be the most lucky person. Tips: Entrepreneurship, investment, financial management ≠ lottery, buying lottery tickets, this needs to be corrected. Here, it is also necessary for us to distinguish which of the above-mentioned elements are controllable and which are uncontrollable. How do we grasp when faced with controllable factors? In the face of uncontrollable factors, how should we respond? Huizhimei drew a “salary level factor distribution map” below, hoping to help everyone better distinguish: it is not difficult to find that between controllable and uncontrollable factors, each element seems to have a subtle logic that can be changed. The key to this transformation lies in: personal initiative. OK, if you really customize your life trajectory step by step in the order of the above 7 elements in your life, it will be the most perfect ending. It’s a pity that this situation is limited to theory (how rare is it similar to the nine stars in metaphysics?), most people are not destined to be so smooth in reality. How many kinds of results can be obtained after permutation and combination of various elements? If you are interested, you can do the calculations yourself, and then take the differences in personal characteristics, psychology, behavior, and social skills to evolve more changes, and form different life experiences and salary levels in the world. OK, at this point, it can be considered to have completed the analysis of the 7 major elements one by one. Now we might as well look back again. [Finding a relationship] compared with [Ability], although it is also an indispensable factor to success, it does not take up that much in the entire life platter/territory. Without paying in other dimensions, it is unrealistic to just rely on [personal resources] to want to hang up all the way, it is not sustainable and unsustainable.

6 months ago

In real life, most peoLet’s genealogy. It may be more important for places like Shanxi, Shandong, Sichuan and Henan where the traditional customs are better preserved. Like my family, they fled from Shanxi to Luoyang, and then the elders took up guns from Luoyang and shot all over the world. After liberation, they were transferred directly from the army to oil fields, from Daqing to Yumen, and then from Yumen to Henan. It’s just the act of “making fun” after eating a full meal. When my grandfather was still alive, he was very old, and he made a special trip to Dahuaishu in Shanxi to continue his spectrum. I took a few of my father and brothers, and spent 10,000 to 20,000 travel expenses to travel all the way. Then it seems to have paid 700 yuan to renew the score, and brought back a very thick booklet. At that time, I flipped through it with interest, wondering if there were any big figures from my ancestors, why is my family so old-fashioned? What makes the two cadres who can handle a few or even more than a billion dollars a year, and don’t even have the ability to give me a whole one or two billion dollars? Finally, it turned out that there was a county magistrate in the Ming Dynasty. At that time, he rolled his eyes and said, yes, is this scaring Lao Zhu to kill? Then the information that can be drawn from the genealogy is that there were almost 14 rooms in that year, that is, 14 branches. They went to places like Gansu, Henan, and Hunan, and only six or eight survived. Of course, it is not ruled out that there may still be alive, but there is no longer a “recognition of ancestors”. Looking at these narratives in the genealogy, to be honest, there is no sense of belonging. I don’t even have any feelings for some relatives in my hometown Luoyang who have not been out of the “five clothes”. What’s more, these “ancestors” that have not been seen for five or six generations? Our family is named because of some character. For example, my father is the character of “sheng”, mine is the character of “qing”, and my son is the character of “hao”. There is a paragraph in the genealogy that is half-literal and not fluent. As for my grandson, hey, do you have to say anything. From a practical point of view, if my father is still interested in going there again in a few years, I feel that it is unlikely. As for me to continue the score? nonexistent. So, what is the significance of this so-called “expulsion genealogy”? I have a friend from Shandong who was a good friend in the past. His hometown is near the Confucian Temple and Qufu. This uncle went to the Puyang Oilfield to work hard when he was very young, but his family’s “rules” were very strict. Every Spring Festival, as long as there is no death, a large family must be neat and tidy. One year, this uncle hurried back to Puyang from Gansu on the Lunar New Year’s Day, planning to take a break and return to Shandong again on the Lunar New Year’s Day. I called the old man in advance, and the old man was not happy. Then just lay down and slept for two hours, the phone was blown up. Said that the old man was angry and didn’t eat the New Year’s Eve dinner. He was sitting outside the hall with a chair in the cold. Come back quickly. The uncle got up in the middle of the night, called a buddy, and drove back overnight. It was in the middle of the night when I got home, I knelt outside the door until noon on New Year’s Day when the old man got up. This counts. When I first heard this story, I felt sympathetic. The tutoring is so strict, I must be a great person. Later, when I was affiliated with this uncle’s company, Party A paid to his company, and he dragged it away from me. The interest alone costs two to three million yuan. Ah. Then I chatted with Party A at that time. I said that petrochemical and oil companies are brothers, regardless of family, so take care of them? People say, “Trash the garbage, don’t say you are petrochemical, but I am oil, but we are all oil, a secondary branch, a factory, and different operating areas can’t wait to fight.” If you can’t hit a 28-shot relationship, don’t get close to it. When I heard it, it was right. So, genealogy, in a more traditional place, is a bit of self-defeating one thousand and killing two hundred enemies. Without that environment, it’s nothing. Just look at Zhihu, and even on the entire Internet, how many mother-in-law relationships are not good. This is still the “family” who bowed their heads and looked up. Who cares about wild relatives who have not seen each other for decades? So, “finding relationships” you have to see what the relationship is. My uncle is an honest person. He once said to me, “The relationship between relatives is a piece of paper. Don’t pierce it. It will help you through wind and rain. If you pierce it, it’s nothing.” You are like Party A and Party B. You and I are strangers. Make up fate for the two ounces of silver. But is there anyone who is as close as a brother or even as a father and son? Some are. It was his own bones and blood, and finally turned against each other. Does Prime Minister Bai know if You press the sword? A lot. How can a “family tree” that is about to withdraw from the stage of history be able to control this endless story with endless truth?

6 months ago

Isn’t this good? Otherwise, Gree also specializes in the clan branch of the Gree air-conditioning factory. The head of the clan serves as the head of the factory and raises the young masters of the clan. Become your own eight-legged brother? The Qing Dynasty is over early! Genealogy? They are all so rich. Who is rare. When the divorced orphan and the widow went to the sea alone, did the patriarch be in a severe coma? None of the brothers in the clan were born? Want to pick peaches now? I think they are thinking about peaches. I can only boast a good kick, the world has been suffering for a long time!

6 months ago

First, how true is Dong Mingzhu’s words? There is a high probability that relatives will ask for someone, and there is a high probability that the sever relationship is true, but there is a high probability of doubt whether the relationship is directly related. When Dong Mingzhu and his brother had a fight back then, they were not young people anymore. Second, what is the meaning of genealogy to Dong Mingzhu? Is she not on the genealogy? In many places, female tribes don’t participate in genealogy, and how much can it last in the whole country? Third, how much do Dong Mingzhu’s parents and her relatives have to do with her? There is very little information about Dong Mingzhu’s family on the Internet. From some information, it can only be roughly judged that they are people in Anhui and Jiangsu, and they are not in areas with strong clan concepts. Judging from Dong Mingzhu’s personality and words, she should be with the family. The relationship is not close, coupled with a strong personality, it has no effect on her. From a comprehensive judgment, this incident is a real occurrence, but it may contain many family factors and personal emotions in depth. But this matter, from the perspective of family relationships, is not a good thing. It can only be judged that Mr. Dong probably really doesn’t care about the thoughts of other people in the family at all, because if this matter is said, the damage to other people in the family will be really great.

6 months ago

I was hungry the night before, and only Jingdong supermarket was open when I went downstairs. The boss was there, so I talked with him. The content of the chat is very boring in knowing, such as the Iran issue, but for the boss, the information is obviously not so fast, so the chat is very comfortable. At this time, four killed Matt came. There were me, the boss and a female salesperson in the shop, and the four killed Matt. They want beer and then bargain hard. It stands to reason that the average small supermarket has something to bargain, and the price is transparent. But the problem is that if you run into trouble, the boss can certainly brave for a while or intensify conflicts. I also believe in the ability of the Chengdu People’s Police to report to the police, but forging enemies is always a bad thing for a small supermarket of less than 20 square meters. The boss’s countermeasure is to absolutely ignore the machete, but can send two bottles of Red Bull, and then actively scatter the smoke. In the end, the killers bought a box of beer, plus a bottle of beer and a bottle of Red Bull. I think the killers are also embarrassed. What is the result of this secular countermeasure? The next time you kill Matt, they will not be embarrassed to machete, nor will they be embarrassed to make trouble. Secular countermeasures always have a lot of compromises, but it’s good for Miss Dong to have a rigorous choice. In many cases, people don’t necessarily have so many choices. Similarly, there are many ways to deal with the family. You can insist on not going through the back door, but you can introduce a suitable position elsewhere. Once a person becomes stubborn, he is prone to bad things. Life is really complicated. Go offline and experience the real world better.

6 months ago

In fact, this idea of Dong Mingzhu’s brother is a mistake that many people make. In fact, among very close blood relatives like this, if someone becomes prosperous, the best way to deal with it is not to make money in his system, but to directly ask him for money (to give money directly). First, go to his system. Make money here, he will take care of you. This will destroy the system and balance of the original system. In the end, it is easy to cause the collapse of that system or cause personal losses to him. And the loss caused by this will be far greater than the direct money. What’s more, people have specializations, and many people can’t eat that bowl of rice. The price of coercion is far greater than that of giving money directly. But on the one hand, people are ashamed to talk about money and feel that asking for money directly is a shame. Secondly, people will have the illusion that they feel that they are good at it, and that others can do as well as themselves.

6 months ago

No, can I get a discount for buying a house when I enter the genealogy? Are children’s college entrance examinations for extra points? Who are you threatening? There are only benefits and no harm when the unclear relatives broke off. Relatives and friends worth visiting can put themselves in consideration for each other, and will not harm each other for their own self-interest. If you can do things like harming others and self-interest, you still expect him to come back and help you when you are in trouble? It’s good if you don’t eat it all. Does this kind of person have the value of deep friendship? Seeing that maintaining a superficial relationship for the sake of the same vein of blood is already giving face to the rest of the family, now that the other person wants to break up with you regardless of face, what can be said, can only say “There is such a good thing?” chant.

6 months ago

Twenty years ago, Dong Mingzhu was not the top leader. He was just an assistant at the time. So many people around were staring at her. If she dared to relax, others would have to eat her. So refusing to help my brother is just self-protection. There is nothing to blow up. But he broke off friendship with his brother for 20 years, until his brother died of cancer, and even used the matter to “sell it.” This thing is really authentic. It is indeed Miss Dong. You can squeeze a drop of your own brother without leaving. You can use the popular online vocabulary to call “Sheng Jiqi Brother”. You can refuse to help your loved ones. This is no problem. I also support it, but using the stain of my relatives 20 years ago to create a reputation for myself is a bit of a grade. This reminds me of something in the Confucian era. Ye Gong said to Confucius: “There is a frank and candid man in my hometown. His father stole the sheep and he told his father.” Confucius said: “My hometown is frank and frank. People are different from what you said: the father concealed it for his son, and the son concealed it for his father. The frankness is here.” My brother’s ugly thing, after his death, was still gone, Miss Dong regarded it as a special honor. To show off the matter, continue to bury his brother. This is what the whip is called, Dong Mingzhu is probably a descendant of Wu Zixu, Gree is really stylish. By the way, my family used to live next to her house, at least I haven’t seen any ancestral hall in her house. Therefore, the expulsion of genealogy (I learned that there are Cantonese people who have genealogy only when I arrived in Guangdong) is very likely to be compiled for marketing. Don’t get excited, everyone.

6 months ago

I read a lot of answers, most of them are the same argument, Dong Mingzhu is not flexible, uncomfortable, and has no emotional intelligence. Either you don’t understand Dong Mingzhu’s routines or the like. These people have to put the “Emotional Intelligence” name on the behavior of Feiying Gougou. Put a layer of warmth on the back door of the pull relationship to use power for personal gain. It seems that people who are not allowed to confuse them are sinful and should be blamed by thousands of people. despise. Is this kind of marketer’s disease already so serious now? It seems that COVID-19 is much lighter than the epidemic like this.

6 months ago

Ms. Dong put aside this matter first, and just talked about the relevant experience she encountered in her work. The post-85s of the Magic City have worked hard in foreign companies, state-owned companies, private companies (large and small), and start-up teams. It can only be said that “finding relationships” in the workplace is a relatively common situation. Relatively speaking, foreign companies may be fairer. In addition to relationships, the abilities of on-the-job personnel will also be objectively valued and treated; state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are really a mess. Let me talk about state-owned enterprises first. I once went to a subsidiary of SAIC Group two years after graduating, and I worked as a grass-roots engineer, so I came into contact with colleagues at a lower level. It may be strange at first, why some people let them do their duties, and the TA still “dare” to push things around, not work hard, and not be a leader, but still put on airs. It was not until the moment of resignation that I learned that this company had few social recruitments. Basically, they opened the back door through various internal leadership relationships. The proportion reached at least 80%, and most of the remaining part was reserved for school recruitment ( Of course, some also depend on the relationship). And I became that extremely rare alternative. And while in it, there is no way to know who is and what backstage. It was not until I left and chatted with many familiar suppliers in the industry that I knew which ones belonged to the same group and which belonged to the other. There are also many intricate news about eating melons, and the water is really deep. Fortunately, I am quite nice in my treatment of people. I am not an aggressive type. So after five years of working in a state-owned enterprise, I have left a good reputation. I still maintain communication with many former colleagues. Otherwise, I feel like I will be crushed to death within two years, or forced away. Later, I went to a private enterprise, a large-scale giant in the south, which refreshed my career outlook. Maybe he was still ignorant before, but only after he came did he found out that the secretary of the original chairman could have met outside to wash his hair. Here I am not deliberately discriminating against people in the service industry, but letting a layman to assist the boss to lead a company with tens of thousands of people is really a bit of an orange for Huainan. However, this company strictly implements the hierarchical style. If the people above speak, as long as the people underneath dare to go the wrong way, they can get out tomorrow. Therefore, there have been many ridiculous decisions and laymans called “talent”, which really refreshed my career in the workplace. Many colleagues can’t stand this approach of going east for a while and going west for a while, and left soon after they arrived. I have calculated that the business department I belong to can be regarded as a veteran after the probation period; those who can mix for a year or a half are definitely hardcore figures. This is because not only this secretary, but every subsidiary and every business unit has a large number of examples of layman leaders and experts. Many of them may only be known at the wine table, and then they were put in by the trustee. Engaging in junior years, embezzling public funds to buy a car, cheating in the office, etc. also happen from time to time. If you have a status, you can do whatever you want. So far, I am very puzzled as to what this group would have developed if it were not for the inclination of relevant national policies. The boss doesn’t care about the chaos underneath. Except for the main business, all other losses are turned into shit, and there is no one left. After leaving, I joined the start-up team again, the size of two to three hundred people. Although everyone is very energetic, the boss chooses to place his partners in various important departments of the company, rather than relying on each person’s strengths and abilities to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and avoid the most important ones. This leads to the fact that internal friction is very serious. . After all, they are all at the partner level, and everyone must be eyeing the shares after the listing in the future. For personal development and maximization of benefits, each has its own ideas and considerations, which leads to the low level of management of the company as a whole, which cannot match the declared tall image. And during meetings, those leaders with bad tempers like to slap the table at every turn, or go abroad to scold them. Their quality is really worrying. After inquiring about it, I learned that one of the department leaders used to sell clothes in a shop in the suburbs of Shanghai, and was not in this business at all. It’s just that the boss’s wife often patronizes this shop, and then I met. After that, I said that there was such a start-up project. Should I invest and venture together? In the end, I became a leader of this company and managed a department that needed professional skills. It’s not that they are against changing jobs or challenging themselves, but some people have not experienced the process of going from university to the workplace, and they are born with a lack of management skills and leadership qualities. The start-up team really wants to follow the normal path, making profit, going public, and developing and growing, and the introduction of professional management talents is essential. Otherwise, it will be like the team I have stayed with. Except for dozens of old employees, most of the later people came and went, and the people came in and out, and it was so lively. Because the boss actually wants to recruit professionals from big companies, but when people came to find out that important positions here are occupied by some laymen, and they all like to point fingers, who wants to be angry? The barracks were beaten with iron, and the soldiers were running water.

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