On April 6, the Chinese website of Deutsche Welle published a news about multinational navies conducting joint military exercises in the Indo-Pacific region, and clearly mentioned in the news that the exercise was to “check and balance China’s ambitions in the region.” “. However, when reposting this report, the Chinese Twitter of Deutsche Welle used such an introduction full of historical metaphors.

In the forwarding lead, the editor of the Chinese website of Deutsche Welle wrote: “There are no eight countries in the United States, Japan, India, Australia and France.” Considering that the military exercises related to this news article have a clear meaning “against China”, the so-called “Eight Powers” here may very well be related to the history of the “Eight-Power Allied Forces invading China.”

The general content of this report is that with the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive strength and naval combat capabilities, many Western analysts believe that China will “rare a threat” to the Indo-Pacific region and have a strong desire to “use force against Taiwan.” Five countries headed by the United States will conduct joint exercises in the eastern Indian Ocean on April 5-7 in response to China’s “aggressive posture” on the ground.

You go together, I’m in a hurry. To be honest, I haven’t seen the content of the exercise, and the specific scenario is not clear. Therefore, I don’t know whether the exercise is an attitude declaration or actual military effect, but I personally think that the attitude is more pronounced. Because just these five scums, the scale of the exercise, and the intensity, it doesn’t seem like they can really fight China. US, India, Japan, Australia and France? Remove the highest score of the United States, because one fight is a nuclear war, and remove the lowest score of France, because it is difficult for the People’s Liberation Army to start a war with France before France surrenders. The average score is 5 points, and the full score is 10 points. The combat systems of these countries are not the same thing at all. The so-called joint exercise is also a lonely exercise. Fortunately, the United States, Japan and Australia, what is the situation in India and France? What the hell can this act? A French military system and NATO are still in touch with each other. What’s the matter with India? Integrating India into the NATO military system, I am afraid that combat effectiveness will decline instead? So the title of German, how to put it, is hard to say. There are two types of international joint military exercises, one is to declare an attitude to express military cooperation, and the other is the integration of transnational military systems with a tactical background. The tactical background of the US-Japan-Australia-India-French joint military exercise is based on the basic setting of “China’s regional threat.” Usually we conduct an exercise with very clear specific combat objectives, so that we can train for the troops. For example, the control of a mountain pass, an assault or rejection of a fleet, or an air assault. The background of large-scale joint exercises will be much more complicated, but it will not be so general. Instead, there will be very detailed tactical scenarios and strategic backgrounds. For example, a comprehensive exercise in a tactical direction will separate the enemy’s actions. The air is the air, the sea is the sea, and the land is the land. According to the enemy’s military thinking, it is integrated again. The thoughts are decomposed and integrated, and finally a live-fire drill is carried out with actual soldiers to see where there are problems. We call this kind of military exercise, professional. Transnational terms, such as NATO’s internal combat exercises, will clarify the command system, information interface specifications, military language, and the correspondence between officers and troops, and many other military professional systems. For example, within NATO, between a Canadian major general and a British colonel, who listens to whom? What level is a Japanese (Self-Defense Force) brigade equivalent to a U.S. military? What actions need to be completed for “level 1 combat readiness”? These must be standardized. Even if the specifications are already very detailed, there will still be a lot of wrangling. Like the prototype of NATO, the Western Front of the Allied Forces in World War II, the main job of Commander Eisenhower is actually to wrestle, pull these interface specifications, and dance with long sleeves to solve the problem of interface incompatibility, so that allied forces can fight together. If you can’t do this job well, the chaotic armies of various countries are brought together, and there is no single country’s army that is as powerful as it is. No way, the modern army is so complicated. Then, in this large group of things, an India was mixed in. The Indian army hasn’t made it clear. The organization of this army is different from that of that army. Some colonels keep their promises while others are just a joke. I can only say that this is a disaster. Finally, this exercise is obviously just a statement. This is not the era of the Eight-Power Allied Forces. Modern wars are not colonial wars, and modern China is not Qing. It seems that German media editors will also talk nonsense in non-professional fields, not only in China.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Give an off-topic answer. Just by looking at the title, you can see that the editor of the Deutsche Welle Chinese website is Chinese. Only the Chinese would understand the pain caused to the Chinese by the Eight-Power Allied Forces invading China, and would know that the “Xin Chou Peace Treaty” signed after the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China contains such an insulting clause: As punishment, China shares For 450 million people, each person needs to pay one tael of silver, so the total compensation is 450 million tael. If it is only Chinese, it is impossible for them to understand because of this environment. Think about it, a Chinese who grew up in a Chinese cultural environment has such a gnashing hatred of China, and he does not hesitate to use the most insulting words as the title. What state is his spirit in? This is more than just a title! It does not involve any freedom of speech. Everyone keeps in mind that if one day in the future, don’t let him go!

8 months ago

What is the Eight-Power Allied Forces? When resisting U.S. aggression and aid to Korea, it faced the United Nations army headed by the United States. The United Nations is a coalition of 16 nations, twice the size of a coalition of eight nations. These 16 countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Turkey, Colombia, Thailand, the Philippines, South Africa, and Ethiopia. After the victory of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, President Peng said that the history that imperialism can conquer a country by setting up a cannon on the eastern coastline is gone forever.

8 months ago

The times are different. Germans, Marx is a German, why don’t you learn more about Ma Zhe, learn how to look at problems with a developmental perspective. I can’t develop myself, and instead of looking for reasons from myself, I’m going to blame China for developing too well? The shit is not strangely hard, and it’s shameless. German friends who have always been rigorous, where is your cleverness in repairing sewers and draining dirty water to the Chinese people? It’s no wonder that your western countries have developed smoothly for so many years, and a large part of the original capital was taken away from China, isn’t it? In 1901, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China, burned, killed, looted, and committed no evil. The decadent late Qing government was unable to resist, and was forced to sign the “Xin Chou Treaty” which bereavement and humiliated the country. Only half a century has passed. The organized Chinese people relied on a poor and white New China, millet and rifles, and repelled the 16-nation United Nations forces headed by the United States. Chairman Mao Zedong pointed out when summarizing the significance of the victory against U.S. aggression and aggression against Korea on September 12, 1953: “The imperialist aggressors should understand: Now that the Chinese people are organized, it is untouchable. If they are overthrown, it will be difficult to handle. “Now that half a century has passed, New China, which has experienced rapid development, has just overcome the new crown epidemic and eliminated absolute poverty. The beautiful blueprint for the Belt and Road Initiative is being drawn, and the goal of great rejuvenation is being achieved step by step. It’s 2021, are you still talking about the Eight-Nation Alliance? Even if the United Nations army comes again, what fear do we Chinese people have! At that time, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote a magnificent poem against international anti-China forces, which can now be given to the editors of Deutsche Welle: “Small globe, there are a few flies hitting the wall, buzzing, a few screams, and a few sobbs. The ants are bound to exaggerate the country, and the worms can shake the tree. No need to fart, try to see the world turned upside down.” Finally, I wish you all the editors of the Voice of Germany good health! This fart is not loud enough. The Chinese medicine from the mysterious east reminds you that you can eat more carrots to help your exhaust smoothly.

8 months ago

In 2021, the anti-Chinese media Deutsche Welle is still trying to stimulate the Chinese by playing the Daqing stalks? The Chinese should go back to them too. Eight countries are too few. You have to make up 16 to barely enough for China to fight a dozen. Seventy years ago, 16 countries added a South Korean Puppet Army. Will it be considered in 70 years’ time to gather a 16-country plus anti-human fascist German descendant pseudo-army? It seems that the anti-human fascists are still lingering, they have not been completely liquidated, and their blood debts have not been paid off. Therefore, today, some media of the anti-human fascist descendants even dare to talk about the Eight-Nation Alliance. I think it is really necessary to have a good discussion with Germany on historical issues. I found that with China’s big strides, some countries really can’t hold back their breath. In the past, I talked about democracy and freedom at most, but now I dare to talk about my history of aggression. In fact, there are reasons for us to doubt whether Deutsche Welle is encouraging the Nazis and militarists to restore. But to be honest, in the end, it is nothing more than disgusting people’s mouths. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you ignore it, but my attitude is to fight it back. It has been mentioned more than once that our external propaganda department should not focus on counterattacks now, but take the initiative to attack. Facing Western countries, almost all of these countries have committed countless crimes against humanity in their history. Especially Japan and Germany, these two are the best. Two doglegs, you don’t need to give them a face at all, just buckle their hats. As soon as they jump, we should mention the heinous crimes they committed 80 years ago, and we should ask them if they still want to repeat history. Anyway, everyone is a slapstick, it depends on who is telling who is ruthless enough. And in the face of these two, I have to say a word often. As an anti-human fascist country that has committed heinous crimes against all mankind, you are not qualified to point fingers at China.

8 months ago

Contemporary Huns speech, traditional German art. Western countries have their roots in modern times that are almost entrenched in their self-contained civilization and viewed as savage and man-made. If you don’t put a cannon on their foreheads, they can’t get rid of it. On June 20, 1900, Klind, the German envoy to the Qing Dynasty, was killed on the streets of Beijing. The Second German Reich used this as an excuse to launch the Eight-Nation Alliance invading China. At that time, the German Marshal Wadsey served as the commander-in-chief of the Eight-Nation Alliance. . On July 27, Kaiser Wilhelm II gave a speech when he saw off the German invaders in Bremen. He publicly declared that “You must defeat them without mercy. You will not leave prisoners of war. You will kill one by one! Just like the Huns a thousand years ago, they fought bravely under the leadership of King Attila. The Huns’ record is unforgettable in the world, and the name Germany will also be used in China in the same way, so that the Chinese never dared to look up again. German!” This speech, which is quite the pre-war declaration style of the low-level villain who often died in Japanese animation, is also called the Huns speech. It should be pointed out that this speech was not addressed to William to a large extent. The German army in front of the II listened to it, but to other European powers who participated in the intervention. Although Germany was already unified and its national strength was flourishing, the Germans were generally regarded as barbarians in Europe due to historical reasons. In the dichotomy narrative of the civilized-barbaric ignorance of the European powers at that time, the Germans belonged to the civilized camp. The more marginal level, or rather, they are on the dividing line between civilized and barbaric ignorance. At that time, the self-proclaimed civilized Western Europeans generally looked down on the Germans, and their mockery of the Germans was all-round. From the taste of clothing, Eating habits, words and deeds, and even accents made a full range of mockery. Although Germans were white at the time, they belonged to second-class whites. The first-class whites were noble Western European masters like Britain and France. The status of Germans was considered at that time. Compared with the Irish, the untouchables of the British Empire are really strong and limited, and even the Habsburgs, who are Germanic, can mock the Germans. At that time, the Germans were ashamed and annoyed by this kind of mockery from Western European countries, showing a wonderful posture of a caesarean certificate. At that time, some scholars in Germany claimed that although Germany is not civilized, Germany has culture. You see, the Western attacks have reached the point where the Germans will prove themselves guilty. To be fair, the situation of the Germans at the time was actually a bit like the Chinese today. However, they were different from the contemporary Chinese, which was not lacking in inferiority, but still relatively stable self-identity. At that time, the Germans desperately wanted to prove to the Western European masters. We are the same, we are a group of people.” They have a deep aversion to their Germanic identity and history. This can be seen from the cultural performance of the Germans, including the Huns speech. There is such a paragraph in the Huns speech. “I want to change the minds of my European people. Once we Germans prove that the French and British are not white at all, but black, then we Germans will stand on top of this mob!” You Look, they have gone around a big circle, in the final analysis they still have to prove that they are in the same group with Western Europe. Another circumstantial evidence of the Yellow Peril Map is the “Yellow Peril Map” given by William II to Tsar Nicholas II in 1895. This picture simply shows the mood of the Germans at that time. The distance is a symbol of the yellow race riding a fire dragon. The fire dragon symbolizes China, and the Buddha image symbolizes Japan. In the vicinity, the angel Michael leads a group of goddesses to prepare to fight against the Buddha statue riding the fire dragon. The goddess has a spear in the middle, and the hand on the forehead is a symbol of France. Frances, wearing a wing helmet on her head is a symbol of Brunnhild in Germany, putting her hand on Brunnhild’s shoulder is a symbol of Slavia in Russia, and a pod-shaped shield is a symbol Britain’s Britannia, holding Britannia’s hand is the Habsburg symbolizing the Austro-Hungarian Empire, between the Habsburg and Britannia is the Latinia symbolizing Italy, the last one with a darker complexion It is a symbol of Spain’s Iberia, and the cross in the sky symbolizes the universal crucifixion beliefs of European countries. In the minds of the Germans, the European countries, inspired by the common religion, resisted invasions from the East. In this confrontation, Germany was the most proactive, France stood on the sidelines, Russia was Germany’s backup, and Austria-Hungary followed closely. Later, Britain was reluctant to have to be dragged by others to join this holy war. Spaniards of Moorish descent were only worthy of being a follower at the end. Today, the five-person six-member United States was simply taken as a follower at the time. Expulsion from white status is not worthy of admission. On the one hand, the Germans desire to be accepted by the Western European masters, and on the other hand, the ambivalence of thinking that they are the mainstay of the whites is vividly expressed in this painting. This mixed posture of inferiority and conceit, which is on the edge of civilization, yearns for acceptance and self-esteem, is a traditional German art. For example, William II mentioned King Attila of the Hun in his Hun speech. In fact, he led the army at the beginning. Etius, the commander of the Western Roman Empire who resisted Attila, was a Romanized Germanic. Although he was a Germanic, he showed far more loyalty to Rome than ordinary Romans, and he regarded himself as a Roman rather than a Germanic barbarian. , Even known as the “Last Romans”. In modern times, the Germans held a far greater recognition of the white superiority theory advocated by Western Europe than the Western Europeans. If the British and French at that time were for commercial purposes and colonial interests, they could still treat Eastern countries with a relatively realistic attitude. , Then the Germans fell into a kind of religious worship that was almost a fanatical style of converts. The scriptures compiled by Western Europeans were often more accurate than Western Europeans. In the contemporary era, the Western dichotomy based on double predestination has been upgraded again, and the dichotomy has changed from the original civilized-barbaric dichotomy to the democratic-dictatorship dichotomy. The Germans are extremely disgraceful due to the Nazi Germany period. The history and the confrontation frontier identity that was divided into two during the Cold War. Their enthusiasm for the converts of the so-called democratic camp is extremely fierce. If you have followed the German news media on weekdays, you will find that the Germans are politically in command and always tense. The degree of tightening the string of ideology is even worse than that of Britain and the United States. If you are interested, you can look at the newspaper Bild with the largest circulation in Germany. The China-related reports of this newspaper are basically on the same level as the foreign media of certain anti-China cult organizations. Sometimes it is just a draft purchased directly from those people. , If the British and American media are generally at a level of anti-China through the use of Pi Li Yang Qiu, Chun Qiu brushwork and underworld filters, then the pictorial is basically a straight anti-China and classics learned, this is the standard barbaric temperament. . During the Merkel era, Germany, out of economic and trade relations (or rather the automobile industry relations), restrained this kind of economic fanaticism to a greater extent in dealings with China, but in fact, the attitude of German political circles towards China is actually in fact in general. It has always been more hostile and more ideologically based. Even if it is a more realistic politician like Merkel, in dealing with China, he will inevitably read the human rights scriptures from time to time in order to meet domestic political needs. You can Imagine the faces of the other political celebrities in German politics. Self-certified Rome—self-certified white book—self-certified democracy. This is actually the different manifestations of the same logic in different historical periods and contexts. It is a semi-barbarian on the fringe of civilization struggling to move closer to civilization in an attempt to gain Crazy caesarean sections recognized and accepted by civilized people. This contemporary Hun’s speech is essentially a collective attack of the German traditional “self-certified civilization” and “we are a gang” mental illness. After all, these Germanic barbarians have struggled since the Roman era to prove that they are also “civilized people”. After thousands of years, the result is still being played by Western European masters. In the foreseeable future, their symptoms will only get worse. We need to be mentally and materially prepared, but in fact, we don’t need to care too much, because Historically, the Germans were not good at fighting. The eye-catching performances in the three dynasty wars and World War II were actually accidents caused by the hips of their opponents. The contemporary German army is so fat as a pig that it can’t sit in a tank and is as stupid as a pig. So much so that it was disliked by the US military, and it was so greedy as a pig that the image of the messenger of the clean altar filled with beer was the norm in German history. For us, what we really need to do is not to attach importance to Germany, because this country is true to the truth. It has advantages, but such advantages are far from allowing us to compare it with an authentic power like the United States. We really What we need to do is to learn the lessons of the Germans. When facing those self-proclaimed civilized masters, we should not have a high-intensity laparotomy for the sake of self-certification, and we should not write the scriptures written by them. Instead, they should be a little bit more. “I said that the emperor of the Central Plains was made by the heavenly man, and these philosophical philosophers also did it. Why do they worship it?” Realistic self-confidence, China does not need to move closer to the so-called civilized center. We are an independent civilized center. They, we should see through their Confucian classics and their high-level sermons around the mountains and rivers, to reach their savage, superficial and inferior nature. There will be a blood exchange in German politics. In the future, Germany’s attitude towards China will become more and more ugly to the naked eye. We should not be surprised by this, because this is the normal state in their history, and they will not cast distant foreigners as common enemies. And attacked, how can they prove to the more civilized Western European masters that they are also a group? As for the Eight-Power Allied Forces? Frankly speaking, I hope they will come again. This time, we will put their self-righteousness since modern times into the cesspool. I would like to see if there is any oil-paper-wrapped at the bottom of the cesspool decades ago. The packed oxygen cylinder made them catch their breath.

8 months ago

Deutsche Welle: America, Japan, India, Australia and France, there are no eight countries yet! Humph! Rabbit netizen: Why did only one come? ? Deutsche Welle: Do you understand mathematics, there are five! Rabbit netizen: No, no, you don’t understand. Deutsche Welle: What am I missing? Rabbit netizen: First of all, France surrendered as soon as it hits, which means nothing. Deutsche Welle: Fuck Rabbit Netizen: Secondly, India’s teammates are the best in the world, and Australia will be taken into the pit with him. It is not bad not to pit the United States and Japan. In addition, motorcycles and donkeys cannot drive to the sea, and their combat effectiveness has dropped drastically. Deutsche Welle: Wipe it! Rabbit netizen: Japan is the Self-Defense Force. If you don’t hit him, he won’t hit you. You beat him, do you know what he will do? Deutsche Welle: What would he do? Rabbit netizen: He will use the most powerful craftsman spirit to carry out a fierce round! Deutsche Welle: What is fierce? Rabbit netizen: Report! even! phase! Deutsche Welle: What is a newspaper link? ? Rabbit netizen: The newspaper Lianxiang is the secret to the rise of Japan! Report, contact, talk! No matter what happens, you have to report, and then use Japan’s world’s number one excel and PPT technology to make a beautiful plan, and then contact the superiors, tie up, hold meetings, and talk, and then you can get the general direction of the combat action, as long as two The signing of the combat instructions can be completed within a week! Everything is done in accordance with standard operations! There is also a detailed schedule, which is clear at a glance for which department to implement which item! As long as we move forward as planned, Japan will definitely be able to! Deutsche Welle nodded happily and asked: What can Japan do? Rabbit netizen: We must be able to surrender before mass casualties! Deutsche Welle: Is it so useless! Damn bunny! It would be great if there were three more! Rabbit netizen: Russia has abandoned the dark and turned to the light. Deutsche Welle: Damn it! Rabbit netizen: The Austro-Hungarian Empire is gone! Deutsche Welle: Damn it! Rabbit netizen: Italy, you know, whoever joins loses. Deutsche Welle: how dare you! Rabbit netizen: Germany is still winking with Russia. Deutsche Welle: How could this be! ! Rabbit netizen: Britain has fallen, and I pick my own chrysanthemum every day. Deutsche Welle: This is a bit interesting, can I chat in private?

8 months ago

The Shanghai League produced by German media is so good, I will play with the next one. Shanghai United: America, Japan, India, Australia and France, there are no eight countries yet! Second Link: Only five animals are left? It seems that the former powers really miss the Qing Dynasty. In the Gengzi year before the two Jiazi, it was the Germans who pulled up the Eight-Nation Alliance, and the commander of the Eight-Nation Alliance was the German. These one hundred and twenty years have passed, and the world of the weak and the strong has not changed at all. What made the leader of the Eight-Nation Allied Forces become the sister-in-law of Xianglin who lived by memory? The birth of Gatlin made all the nomads capable of singing and dancing. The strength of New China has allowed the once beasts to learn how to behave.

8 months ago

The American Royal Army and the Royal Alliance Army are strong. The number of people is itself a manifestation of their own strength. You must know that in the peak of hegemony, the United States has always been ruthless, bypassing the United Nations, regardless of whether it has allies to help, directly Kick off and slaughter a country (Gulf War, Iraq War). After the Sino-US Anchorage meeting broke up in a quarrel, both sides began to wrestle and compete. Under the guidance of Biden’s “connecting rivers and mountains” diplomacy, the Asian version of “Little NATO” and “New Eight-Power Allied Forces” that the United States has crazily put together is now ready to come out. On March 24, local time, U.S. Secretary of State Brinken declared in a speech at NATO headquarters that China’s militarization in the South China Sea threatened the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. As far as the military is concerned, Britain, France and Germany intend to send warships to the South China Sea to carry out “free navigation” operations later this year in order to cooperate with the United States’ strategic pace. Among them, French warships will hold joint naval exercises in the Indian Ocean with the United States, India, Australia and Japan in April, and plan to pass through the South China Sea again. In February this year, France sent the “Emerald” nuclear attack submarine and a support ship through the South China Sea. In addition, the German “Bavaria” frigate will come to the Indo-Pacific in August and plan to perform a “free navigation” operation in the South China Sea when it returns, but it will not enter the 12-nautical-mile range of China’s islands and reefs. As for the United Kingdom, its “Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier has confirmed that it will carry US military carrier aircraft to the South China Sea. Some time ago, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force announced that after the “Izumo”, the “Kaga” helicopter carrier will also be fully armed to cruise in the South China Sea for three months to demonstrate its strength. As for our old enemy, the United States, on February 9, 2020, the USS “Nimitz” aircraft carrier battle group and the “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier battle group entered the South China Sea joint exercise. This is the July 2018 US dual aircraft carrier South China Sea exercise. Later, another double-carrier exercise was conducted in the South China Sea. The United States has also conducted frequent military interactions with Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and India. Single ships or aircrafts sporadically approached China’s territorial waters for reconnaissance and incursions. Based on this information, we can see that: 1. The United States The Asian version of “Little NATO” and the “New Eight-Power Allied Forces” is actually a threat of force against China. The atmosphere of disputes over islands and territorial waters in East Asia and the South China Sea is likely to be the same as the Diaoyu Island purchase incident or the Huangyan Island crisis. Suddenly nervous. 2. In order to give the United States face or for reasons of American coercion, the allies only send warships to pretend, and they do not want to fight against China as if they are heavyweights. In this regard, Germany and France have repeatedly assured China that they will not enter China’s islands and reefs. 12 This can be seen in the statement within nautical miles. The Asian version of “Little NATO” China’s response plan is that it must be pointed at the wheat and color, if you cut me with a knife, I dare to stab you. Only in this way can I show my determination to fight. But if you show your cowardice, even a half-hearted country like France and Germany will become a tyrant who will follow the United States to block China. There is not no such case in history. Hitler succeeded in testing the waters of Sudeten, and the Kwantung Army succeeded in testing the waters of September 18th, which all stimulated its ambitions for further measures. The 2016 battle between the Chinese and American navies, which was declassified last year, can actually explain the change of offensive and defensive forces in the South China Sea. After four years, I believe that the Chinese navy, which launches new ships like dumplings every year, is more confident. The South China Sea region competes with the “New Eight-Power Allied Forces”. In 2016, four admirals of the People’s Liberation Army took command of the South China Sea exercises. The background was that the South China Sea arbitration case was approaching a substantive showdown. The United States deliberately relied on two aircraft carrier strike groups to force “enforcement” for the results of the South China Sea arbitration case. After all, 100 warships were waiting for the provocation of the U.S. Navy, and finally forced back the two major U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups that came to “enforce law”. If the People’s Liberation Army and the Navy did not fight for their lives with this specification, there would even have been the terrible consequences of the U.S. Navy’s forcible dismantling of our island facilities in the South China Sea. Liangjian South China Sea, whether it is Britain, France and Germany threatening to send warships to the South China Sea for free navigation, or Japan’s so-called arrogance in the East China Sea and Diaoyu Islands these years, it is a bit similar to the imperial alliance and the puppet forces driven by the imperial power of the American imperial army. If you don’t shout slogans so loudly, you swear not to share the sky with the Eight Routes, but if you pull out and start training, it’s not a real fight. Do you think the Imperial Army is stupid? What good can you do to serve as cannon fodder for the imperial army? If Taijun is not happy, isn’t it a big slap in the face? Is it dead? The Royal American Army is naturally not stupid. Although we know that the Royal Alliance Army is not really working hard, but it is short of manpower. With the power of a country, occupying such a large place (global hegemony), we can only rely on the Royal Association. The army came to maintain the mighty power of the imperial army. If it really went online, it would not be good to force the imperial Union army to be eight-way. Anyway, so many people from the imperial union would be very popular every time they pull out.

8 months ago

Deutsche Welle is right this time, we must bear in mind the painful lessons of the Eight-Power Allied Forces. What bitter lesson? Just shouting: You go together, I’m in a hurry. “You go together, I’m in a hurry” is too lack of political common sense, that it can be considered a traitor. Recall, how did the Eight-Power Allied Forces come into being? It was the Queen Mother of the West who was stubborn and declared the 11 countries in one go. This is one of the biggest diplomatic disasters in China’s modern history. This is the only time China’s history has officially started a war with the United States, and we should do it first. For this kind of multinational alliance, the correct way is to use its internal contradictions. Back then, there were many contradictions within the Eight-Nation Alliance. After more than a decade, these countries hacked each other, killing tens of millions of people, and leading to the culprit of the Eight-Nation Alliance. The emperor of Germany and Russia fell, and Austria-Hungary was gone. So far, are there no contradictions between Europe and the United States? Germany’s Beixi No. 2 natural gas line, the United States was very upset that it wanted to intervene, so we called Merkel and said that if Europe wants to truly achieve strategic autonomy, this is to use internal contradictions. You go to me in a hurry. Cixi said the same thing back then. Have you thought about the consequences? By the way, the Chinese part of Deutsche Welle is an anti-China propaganda agency supported by the German government. Its propaganda targets are low-end people who are anti-China and are not fluent in English. Therefore, its speech has no special significance. Valuable thoughts and speeches must be written in the native pronunciation.

8 months ago

Looking at this posture, I was scared to think of Chuanchuanxiang. One bunch is not enough, ten bunches are not enough, three to five pairs are served in one pot. Look, many people in the West really feel that the eight-nation coalition’s invasion of China is just. It’s shameless to feel like a kind aggressor. Maybe they thought that they also won the Korean War. Relying on the prestige of the fake tiger, but also the prestige of the paper tiger. Funny, they are serious. A toad carries a group of big-headed tadpoles. Does it want to eat swan meat or to find its mother? The head is so big, the body is still small, and it is the Europeans, Britain, France and Germany, and they vomit back sooner or later. All reactionaries are paper tigers, without exception, especially a few small countries that fight without beating or scolding without scolding. They have to recognize a bb on the spot if they really start their hands.

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