As far as I am concerned, although my parents are not patriarchal, nor do they regard my brother as the center, but the first scene of the little actor came out, I started to cry.
I want to know how you feel after watching the movie

In fact, I would like to see this movie. My parents are still alive, patriarchal, all sorts of squeeze my sister. My sister wants to escape but is kidnapped by family. In the end, my sister escapes the shackles of her parents mentally and physically, and reaches a reconciliation with herself. The younger brother’s role is also possible, as a naughty younger brother. If you want a positive image of a child, then even if you are naughty and mischievous and bully your sister every day, the moment your sister really escapes from the family, she still blesses her. This is more realistic, and it has more vigilant and instructive significance for children who are trapped in patriarchal families. I thought it was such a movie after watching the trailer, but the movie ended up being kidnapped by the family… it was a bit… tasteless. I really can’t watch this kind of movies, and I remember some of the past when I watch it. Girls who grew up in patriarchal families always think that they have escaped the shackles of their parents. When I think back to the past and think of why my parents can’t love me, I’m very sad. Coordinate in Jiangxi, a province famous for its super high beauties. My grandmother gave birth to seven daughters and two boys. My grandmother had seven daughters and one boy (both the youngest sons). My mother was born in the 90s. My sister and I were one year apart and shared the same birth permit. Before the fourth grade of elementary school, I was a shady household. I was fined a meal after giving birth. I really couldn’t afford to give birth and couldn’t support it, so I sent my sister up for adoption. Until the parent went bankrupt and owed a debt, he took my sister back. After five years, the family’s business has improved a bit, barely able to support the two, my mother started to give birth again. A family that is truly patriarchal, seizes all the conditions to give birth. My brother and I have a very good relationship. There are no other people of the same age near the house. My parents are also busy. I play with my brother. Although my mother loves my brother very much and gives whatever he wants, my brother plays with my butt all day long. One thing I often do is what I want to eat, so I will push my brother and me. Mom wants it, buy it, I’ll take a bite before giving it to him. My mother was influenced by patriarchal patriarchy and loves self-brainwashing. “If I hadn’t been so desperate to give birth to your brother, could your father be so good to me?” (I am very proud of having given birth to my old X’s son) “At the time, If you want to send you away, when you go, others will cry. Your sister is very good, so she had to send her away.” (I suppressed me since I was a child, as if I didn’t want to.) “You study hard and get ahead, your brother I have to rely on you in the future. Maybe you want to buy a big house for your brother.” (Every time my brother sends out his results is not good, he has to brainwash it again) “Kill your sister to death, and you two won’t fight anymore. “(The two brothers and sisters are fighting, my dad fights both of them, and my mother pinches me with the tip of her nails, as if she was tortured by Mother Rong.) “You can’t find your brother, this family doesn’t need you either. Don’t come back.” (My brother usually goes home late after school at noon in elementary school. My mother is not at home. She suddenly had a convulsion when he came home for dinner that day. I especially wanted to see my brother. I wanted to have a meal and then look for it. After that, I can go to school directly. My mom put my face in the rice bowl with her backhand.) My dad also had a problem, which prompted me to rebel in high school and be a yin and yang person all day long. “I think your son’s grades are the only thing? I can only pick up rubbish in the future and come to my house to find me. Then I can still give your son a few plastic bottles and eat a full meal.” (My mother showed off to me, she My son finally finished all the papers in the exam and got a passing mark.) Just like this, XXX (my brother’s full name), look in the mirror yourself, touch your conscience and say, don’t you have nightmares after seeing it? (My mother started to blow my brother’s acne-prone face so handsome and horrible) “What is it? You are so happy to share a stinking toilet?” (Grandpa died, the old house in the ravine of my hometown was divided, and my mother came back I was about to give me a blow, and asked for a good plot of land for my brother) “I can’t teach this. Your son is talented and can’t teach him if he is not a professor at Tsinghua” (My mother told me not to do my homework. My brother makes up lessons.) Even if my brother’s grades are poor, his character is suppressed by me, but fortunately he is a little self-aware. The compliments that my parents got, until I turned around, I was humiliated by me. My brother was scolded by his classmates at school, and he said contemptuously, “That’s it? I’m not as bad as my sister’s scolding.” He has a good relationship with me. He is good, not rebellious, but also knows how to measure. . I always like to use the worst malice to guess my parents, so that I think the harm I will be much less. I arranged a blind date for me before. The other party’s family is very rich. My mother actually asked me to meet with my sister at home, saying that any one of them is fine. ? My sister came to my house halfway, and it seemed to be under the fence. She seldom confronted my parents directly. I went crazy on the spot, “Leave this for the emperor to choose a concubine? You are so anxious to sell your daughter? You have calculated how much money one can sell?” So she couldn’t get down the stairs, so I just asked us to go on a blind date. However, please be kind, but in fact there is no way to be cruel to cut off from the family. I love and hate my parents, just like boiling a frog in warm water. Cooked me a bowl of chestnut porridge in the middle of the night, in the hope that the warmth they showed would make me pay my brother the university tuition after graduating, and receive a patriarchal crit. After graduating and working, I was so miserable before, and I went back a few days after the New Year. They also consciously owe money and dare not speak loudly to me. All sorts of concerns about my food, clothing, housing, and transportation, said that only parents in the world treat you best, and almost forgot that my mother had dumped me in the rice bowl because of my brother. After I talked about it, the bride price said it would cost 200,000 yuan, and she would keep it for me, and she would never be fooled by a man. Every time, I was scared to crawl and go straight back to the working city. Your parents’ kindness to you may be true from the heart, after all, it is a piece of meat that fell off your body. But it is true that parents want you to reduce the burden they create. For patriarchal families, I can only say, run away from this family. Don’t be greedy for that kind of warmth. For girls from a patriarchal family, what they lack most is the sweetness of their parents’ love, ah, after all, they are my parents, I can’t do that, and then obediently take care of all kinds of elder sister responsibilities. Take it to the body. It doesn’t matter if the parents are unsympathetic, and they will be cut off if they are still heartbroken. If they really want to try their best to brainwash you with tenderness and give you what you have always wanted most, it really can’t be resisted casually.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Don’t say that the only daughter can’t empathize, I can’t empathize even if I have a younger brother! As a elder sister, when I saw this movie title, I thought it would be a funny and warm sibling relationship. After rushing there, after watching for a few minutes, I, for the first time, played with my mobile phone in the cinema. Thanks to sister Zifeng’s acting skills, I don’t even want to listen anymore. The film’s pace is too slow. Some people say that the old lady’s footwear is smelly and long. I beat my chest to agree. To put it simply, her patriarchal parents made her pretend to be lame when she was young and tried to abandon her. After she went to college, her parents were killed in a car accident, and the people around pua asked her to support her brother whom she had never met. Finally, she thanked her parents. Created one’s own strength. Some movies are not funny enough to be funny; some movies are not funny enough to be funny. This movie is not funny, profoundly lacking, and the three views are not correct, which makes people confused. My younger brother and I are only two years old, and have been favored by my parents since I was a child. Sometimes my younger brother even let me go. We grew up with a small age difference, and we grew up fighting together, so we have a deep relationship. If I, like An Ran, came home and suddenly found out that I had secretly given birth to a younger brother, I would suddenly collapse. Feelings can’t be cultivated in a few days. Besides, parents have thought about abandoning An Ran again and again. Why should she pay for the fruits of her parents’ patriarchal patriarchy in her future life? How difficult is it to bring a child! Tuition, the cost of training him, can she afford it? So the best result is to find a better adoptive family for the younger brother, and everything ends here. The most annoying plot is that An Ran is inexplicably relieved at the tomb of his parents. What else did he say to thank you for making me strong? Please, you are the victim, it is them who is wrong, not you. You could have had a life without pretending to be strong. By the way, I would like to add another explanation: What I said about being unable to empathize is not being unable to empathize with Enron’s encounters. The patriarchy of her parents is indeed hateful, and her series of reactions and treatments in this situation are incomprehensible. Bluffing, immature and rational, and logically unreasonable, it is confusing. The purpose of writing this answer is not to spit out, it is purely to make people feel uncomfortable to watch movies that you spend money on. Spit it out! Cheers!

6 months ago

I have a younger brother who was born in Chaoshan and the eldest daughter. He was taken away by my grandmother when he was born, but the sky was endless. I stayed. Not only did I stay, but I also lived a domineering and CD. Therefore, this movie “Thanks to my parents for making me strong.” In my eyes, you were abandoned, abused, pua, and treated differently when you were born. After that, you have to be grateful for the destruction of others and gladly accept being kidnapped by morals. Life. My brother told me: “Who’s sister paid a down payment to his brother, look at you.” I didn’t raise my eyelids, and whoever bought a house for each brother and sister, and a car, just look at you. you. A promising man should enjoy his own struggle to get out of the house and car, instead of expecting to sacrifice his sister’s interests to complete his own ascension. The sisters don’t want to add drama by themselves, hoping that the other party will return to themselves. Forgive me for not being a Virgin.

6 months ago

A brief interpretation of the law is for reference only. Brothers and sisters have a statutory duty to support younger brothers and sisters. This duty of support is stipulated in Article 1074 of the Civil Code. Grandparents and grandparents who are able to afford shall apply to minor grandchildren whose parents have died or whose parents are unable to raise them. , Grandchildren have the obligation to bring up. Grandchildren and grandchildren who can afford are obliged to support grandparents and grandparents whose children have died or whose children are unable to support. Article 1075: Brothers and sisters who can afford it shall have the duty to support minor brothers and sisters whose parents have died or whose parents are unable to raise them. Brothers and sisters who are able to afford to grow up by brothers and sisters have the obligation to support brothers and sisters who lack the ability to work and have a source of income. From these two regulations, it can be interpreted that the brother and sister’s obligation to support younger brother and sister needs to meet three conditions: the brother and sister have the ability to support. The younger brother and younger sister are minors. The parents have died, or the parents are unable to raise them. At the same time, because the “Civil Code” also stipulates the duty of grandparents to support their grandchildren, when the parents die or are incapable of raising children, whether the younger brother or sister is the grandparent or the brother or sister. There is no clear order and order in the law, so grandparents and brothers and sisters have the obligation to raise (support). Strictly, the law stipulates that when writing about grandparents to younger generations, use upbringing, when writing about brothers and sisters, use support, and when writing about grandchildren to elders, use support. So how can I put it? Legally, close relatives are actually a mutual obligation. Today, parents have to raise their children, and their children in the future have to support their parents. Today, my elder sister has raised a younger brother. In the future, my younger brother may also have to raise the older sister. Some people say that if the younger brother is unscrupulous, he will not support him. This is very simple. The older sister can sue the younger brother for payment, thereby protecting the basic life of the older sister. It’s just that when the relationship between relatives is so bad that there is no need to litigate, it is enough to give the most basic guarantee that the other party will not die.

6 months ago

My brother and I are eight years old. I am sophomore this year, and my brother is in the sixth grade. I really cried miserably when I watched a movie, because I really think of myself. But if it were put on my head, I would definitely not be so entangled, because I would definitely not give up my brother. Why do you have a stronger empathy with movies? First, there is indeed a bit of patriarchal thinking in rural areas, and second, my brother is indeed more sensible. When I was born, I heard that my grandma was not very happy, because in the entire relatives circle, only our family was a girl (that is, me), and the others had a fat grandson, so I was always behaved when I was young. “You/my granddaughter is really sensible!” At this time, I got the most comments when I was a child, and I also thought in my heart that I should be a sensible child. When I was in elementary school, they asked me, do you want a younger brother? I forgot what I answered. Anyway, after school, my aunt took me to the hospital, and then I found out that I had a younger brother. It’s really annoying to have a younger brother. As a primary school student, this younger brother robbed me of everything, TV, snacks, toys, and everyone’s attention and love. Also brought me the most annoying sentence: You are a sister, you have to let your brother. Anyway, this boredom lasted for a while, until I went to junior high school, went out early and returned late every day, and later lived in school. I had less communication with my parents, but more communication with my younger brother? Now it’s a bit strange to think about it. The rest of the state was probably that, on weekends, my brother and I were at home, and the two of them stared at each other, watching TV, and eating snacks. Sometimes I would cook for my younger brother for the purpose of not starving him to death, and then, unexpectedly, I also had a wonderful sense of accomplishment. It is the sense of accomplishment, this kind of magical thing, let me have a kind of responsibility and responsibility spontaneously. Then of course it got better and better. My brother is now my little guinea pig. He can do whatever he wants. He is usually obedient, and he thinks of me when he goes out to play. Occasionally I will take him out to play and see the world, hoping that he can see a bigger world. I also want to give my brother the best to make him happy, and also want to let him know that studying is important, and take him to the library. There is already a elder sister like a mother hhhhhhh. Our relationship is really good. Sometimes he will tell me if he doesn’t talk to his parents, and I will always play videos with him. This is also different from the movie. My parents have always had the idea that they wanted to buy a house for their son, even for a time. They said that when we were old, I would rely on my sister to raise my younger brother. I was shocked at that time, and even rebelled against this dross thought that was almost compulsive. I also enlightened my parents once, and we will solve the problem by ourselves in the future, so don’t think about it so much. Later, our family encountered some accidents, and their current concept has improved a bit. And now, they still support us both! Finally, at the end, I called my parents after watching the movie, and they said, don’t think about it, we are all doing well, you should study hard! Come on, then I will study hard, and I love my brother!

6 months ago

me Only daughter, she is in her thirties this year. I grew up surrounded by the argument that “(her parents) really wanted to be her one”. I know they love me, but I also know that they don’t want to be a second child because they are afraid of losing their job, not because they love me. The university was so rebellious that it didn’t answer the phone at home for a full year. It has nothing to do with the subject. I won’t go into details here. After working, I was financially independent and spent many years trying to reconcile with them. I am still dissatisfied on various levels, but I feel, feel, basically reconciled. I also think, I think, I accept the truth that they are dissatisfied but love me, I am loved but do not depend on being loved. In 2016, I took half of my family’s down payment to buy a house. (Note: In fact, I saved enough money to pay it back in the second year, but I didn’t pay it back. The only-child family, the meat was rotten in the pot.) There was a phone call in 19, my mother suddenly said, if I asked you for a Brother, it’s impossible to give you the down payment. My head was like a hammer in front of me, and I was instantly stunned: Why? My mother said, I definitely can’t give it to you, it’s all like this. If you earn a lot, you have to help him. Calmly, without thinking. I later forgot what I said in a daze. There was no logic and meaningless words at all. Later, my mother said that she would not discuss that. Anyway, there is no such person as a brother. I recovered from being beaten up and remembered: “Oh, yes, there is no such person.” I am more than 30 years old. , Has more than 30 years of rich experience in the only child. I know that I am the only daughter because they are afraid of losing their jobs, not because they love me. I have not actually accepted this truth. I can’t actually be loved, but I don’t trust in being loved. When watching “My Sister”, my aunt said Russian and I cried. But what makes my head dumbfounded when I cried, it was Zhang Zifeng who wore his father’s leather jacket on the roof and sang that the sun was going down and the morning was still coming up.

6 months ago

From the beginning of the discussion about the raising of the younger brother to the subway toilet, I really couldn’t stand it. I felt that I couldn’t take a good look at the content behind it, so I left early. Actually, I look a lot like An Ran in some places. I have a younger brother who is 16 years younger than me (my male). He went to kindergarten when I was in college. Of course, our relationship is much better than in the movie. Because my parents have to go out for a while, I have to take care of him by myself. At first, it was very annoying, so I quarreled him or something. Later, when I took him out as a “street slut”, he also wanted to go to the toilet, so he went in by himself. After he went in, I saw a vending machine next to me and I went to buy something, because the underground network is relatively poor, so the time is a bit long, and then I heard a very loud cry, and found that my brother was crying loudly at the door of the toilet. It was nothing. He fell asleep when I got home. I turned off the light and lay in bed and started to collapse. He simply gave me all trust and his own safety, but I was very casual and annoying about this matter. I have always had an inexplicable headache at night. So when I went to see this movie today, I could get An Ran’s helplessness, anger, frustration, and future loss, as well as my brother’s inner fear and feelings of being abandoned, so I couldn’t control it while watching the movie. Crying.

6 months ago

From the beginning of the discussion about the raising of the younger brother to the subway toilet, I really couldn’t stand it. I felt that I couldn’t take a good look at the content behind it, so I left early. Actually, I look a lot like An Ran in some places. I have a younger brother who is 16 years younger than me (my male). He went to kindergarten when I was in college. Of course, our relationship is much better than in the movie. Because my parents have to go out for a while, I have to take care of him by myself. At first, it was very annoying, so I quarreled him or something. Later, when I took him out as a “street slut”, he also wanted to go to the toilet, so he went in by himself. After he went in, I saw a vending machine next to me and I went to buy something, because the underground network is relatively poor, so the time is a bit long, and then I heard a very loud cry, and found that my brother was crying loudly at the door of the toilet. It was nothing. He fell asleep when I got home. I turned off the light and lay in bed and started to collapse. He simply gave me all trust and his own safety, but I was very casual and annoying about this matter. I have always had an inexplicable headache at night. So when I went to watch this movie today, An Ran’s helplessness, anger, frustration, and future loss, as well as my younger brother’s personal feelings: It’s not good, because the conditions at home are okay to raise two boys. Both of them have no plans to go abroad and both are 211, enough to eat together, and they don’t want children, so they don’t worry about money. Plot understanding: Can’t understand why the adoption was rejected. 1. To study nursing in such a narrow profession, you can only change profession after examination. As long as the hostess follows her own thoughts, no matter whether she is engaged in clinic or nursing, she cannot have time to take her brother. 2. The family of two persons has a very low fault tolerance rate. That is, when I was young, I felt that I was not afraid of the sky. When I was 30 years old and middle-aged, my younger brother was at the age of school entrance examination. How could his body stretch his hips? 3. Her male vote is terrible. The heroine decided to go to Beijing and broke up. In the end, the heroine abandoned the exam again… I feel that her male ticket is a tool to intensify the conflict of the plot, especially for a play… 4. I guessed the plot of the heroine’s final abandonment of the agreement. , I want to laugh back in a second to return to the usual stereotypes of second-rate domestic family dramas and Spring Festival gala sketches. You have created so many contradictions to create momentum, and you finally overthrew all of them. Why bother? Isn’t he good to engage in anti-routines?

6 months ago

I didn’t watch the movie. The story is known. As a sister with a half-brother, you can say a few words. My personal situation is different… If it were me, I would feel that I don’t need to get married, have no need to give birth by myself, and it doesn’t affect my work. I have two houses, a child who is almost equivalent to a daughter/son (preferably a daughter), and blood ties. Relationship, there is no need for adoption procedures, is there such a good thing? So what’s the key, the key is whether you want to get married or not, it is your sister’s oil bottle, and if you don’t want to get married, it’s your sister’s baby. My family was in another situation. When I was an only child, my dad saw that I was a girl and wanted a son and divorced and remarried. If we hate my mother and daughter, I also hate my dad. Really… the scumbag is a scumbag. He still has domestic violence after remarrying, so I sympathize with my aunt, and I can’t pay for the school fees in my high school. When I couldn’t find it, my dad shook my face, and my aunt gave me the money. So our family script is, because my dad is a big villain, so I, my mom, and the aunt who swallows by my dad, my brother who was educated by sticks since childhood, the four of us pity each other on the contrary. After all, my mother and my aunt were blind one after another. Me and my brother were blindly reborn. A few years ago when my aunt was beaten into the hospital, my mother went to see her and brought her some clothes to eat. Just imagine two. The woman is relatively speechless and weeping. As for my dad’s two-bedroom apartment, a small workshop with high debts, my brother and I also said hehe, my brother and I said that if I need to sign and give up anything on my dad’s side, I will sign it. I don’t want that man. My brother is worried about getting married now. When my dad still had money, it was enough to evade the responsibility of supporting me. When everyone persuaded him to buy a house for my brother taking advantage of the low house price, he didn’t believe in evil. Saying that the house is not worth money… Speaking of the movie itself, there is a generation gap when watching this movie at different ages. The 70s who can get in the car to buy a house seem that the older sister should raise the younger brother. The 80s, like me, are not married and don’t want to. Those who are married are also willing to raise them, and those who want to get married are estimated to be uncomfortable. As for the post-90s, the high housing prices and the insufficiency of work, they don’t want to raise their own children, let alone siblings. In my opinion, this film did not touch on the deep-rooted reasons of society. In the early years, when the house was not worth the money, my grandmother’s relatives were very kind. When the house price had doubled by six times, they would be together on New Year’s Eve. Kidnapped my mother and forced my mother to write a huge IOU. It’s really terrible, money. Power not only inspires the evil side of human nature, but also enlarges this evil. Many people make up for the burden of younger brothers and sisters, but they don’t know that the real werewolves may be relatives. On the contrary, they know that my brother will treat me and My mother was a lot more polite. There are some things that are not good enough to be substituted. Families that are really patriarchal, such as my dad, will never raise my girl, let alone have the opportunity to get two houses. But now, everyone knows that if you really sell a house and want to buy it back in the future, it is not so easy. Should you give it to your sister or your younger brother? In general, loving your brother and sister is not just guilty. I can shout “Sister I love you” to Taihu a hundred times every day. Isn’t it love? This is something that needs to be paid. Therefore, it may be necessary to ask the person who proposed the theory of emptying out six wallets. Has he ever thought that there are still some younger brothers and sisters in this world who need to be taken care of?

6 months ago

There is also empathy, but it is more embarrassing. It is clear that the topic is very well selected, and it pays attention to the plight of contemporary women. However, the film has been reduced to a family ethics drama. The role of Enron is more of “twisting the ba” and is eager. Personality is independent and “fettered” by the people around him, and this ultimately results in the separation of the character’s motivation and personality. The film evades reality, amplifies dog blood and turns it into cheap sensationalism, and also discounts a lot of artistic value. In addition, the lines are too pale and weak, and the design is too heavy. The ending is too sloppy and there is no dreamlike association with Guo Jingming. But just avoiding the audience. In general, he can only score about 6 points.

6 months ago

Simply commenting on this incident from a moral and legal level obviously did not touch the core of the matter. This is a social issue worthy of in-depth exploration. Before analyzing, let me tell a true story. One of my students in the same dormitory of my university is from an economically underdeveloped area in Chaoshan. The story begins with his grandfather. In the 1970s, because they were too poor to survive, they joined the tide of fleeing Hong Kong. Unfortunately, his grandfather passed away for some reason in the process. His father is the eldest son of the family, but he is only a teenager and a minor. There are two younger brothers and two younger sisters in the family. The eldest brother is the father, and his father resolutely carried the burden of the family and raised his younger siblings. One of the sisters married a veteran. His father was a man who dared to fight hard. He made a lot of money during the golden age of the 1980s and became the richest man in the area. But destiny often likes to joke, the money comes quickly, and it disperses so quickly. After several business failures, he lost all his property. I had to foster the child at my aunt’s house and went to Shenzhen to work. My classmate also became a left-behind child. Everyone thought I was going to tell an inspirational story about a comeback, but it didn’t. His father never stood up from that failure again. After his uncle returned from the army, he was assigned to work in a government agency. Before joining the army, he had a high school diploma, and after work, he received an adult junior college by correspondence, and he is a highly educated talent in the local area. All the way up, he became the local deputy mayor. That classmate grew up with his aunt’s parents since he was a child, and also went to a better elementary school nearby (on the importance of school district housing), and was admitted to a 985 university without any problems. Later, I discovered that there are actually not many such cases. Especially in the Chaoshan area of ​​Guangdong, relatives will help each other. Many people have grown up in this kind of mutual help. In historical biographies or local chronicles, there are countless cases in which a local clan family supports a talented person whose parents have died. This is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. Back to the prototype story of “My Sister”. Judging from the content of the writing, the author in the prototype story should be born in the 1980s. The post-80s generation is a relatively special generation. The birth of this generation is when the family planning policy is most strictly enforced. The process of their growth happens to be the fastest stage of the country’s social and economic development. Seeing the wind and clouds, the society is changing with each passing day. The speed of social modernization is far beyond the range that people’s values ​​can adapt to. There is a temporary confusion in people’s morals and ethics. Many people praised the older generation’s idea of ​​helping each other, criticizing the selfish and exquisite egoism of the authors in the archetype story. This is obviously also very one-sided. “The Selfish Gene” is a classic work by Richard Dawkins, a famous British evolutionary biologist, animal behaviorist and popular science writer. He mentioned several theories in the book: 1. We and all other organisms are machines created by their genes. They created us, created our body and mind, and preserving them is the ultimate reason for our existence. 2. Everything that Gene does is to maximize their chances of survival. 3. Genes are the makers of strategy, while survival machines are only executors. The selfish behavior of individuals in nature is not surprising. From the perspective of human nature, what the author in the prototype story of “My Sister” does is determined by genetic selfishness, and it is understandable. But don’t worry, “The Selfish Gene” also has a theory of “altruistic behavior”. “Altruism” is an instinct to exchange self-sacrifice for the existence and continuation of species. Although there is no essential difference between human beings and all things in the world, they are only vehicles for their genes. But human beings have self-awareness, and relying on self-awareness can get rid of genetic control. At the same time, we also have a duplication gene unique to humans, which the author named meme. The so-called mother-seeking is a kind of “cultural gene”, which exists in our brains and can also replicate itself through imitation. The author of “Selfish Gene” wrote at the end of the book: We were built as genetic machines and cultivated as mother-seeking machines, but we have enough power to oppose our creators. In this world, only us, we humans, can resist the selfish tyranny of copying genes. The final result of “altruistic” behavior can also achieve the goal of “selfishness”. For example, in the appeal story, my classmate’s father was “altruistic” because, in the end, it also gave his son the conditions to grow up and start a business. If you look farther, there may be greater rewards. “Selfishness” can obtain immediate benefits, and “altruism” can achieve greater win-win results.

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