Steel pewter will appear in Zhuge Liang’s bag, inexhaustible, can the Northern Expedition succeed?

Since Zhuge Liang received unlimited KFC, the army of Shu had enough food and grass. Soldiers had fried chicken and cola, and army horses had potatoes and lettuce. So the soldiers were strong and the horses were strong and the world was fighting. Out of the northern expedition of Qishan, eastward along the Wei River. Take stability to the north, and take the warehouse to the east. Entered Chang’an in one year, and took Luoyang in three years. In less than ten years, Sun Wu was charged. The hegemony became a success, and the Han Dynasty prospered. After the defeat, Sun Quan was taken to Chengdu and met Zhuge Liang: “The Prime Minister, I must return to the Han today, not a defeat in the war!” Zhuge Liang looked at the bloated former Emperor Wu and smiled softly: “Zhong Mou, you are wrong. Knowing the voices of tens of millions of users, I can’t help but take care of them. Before, they wanted to send me a future army, and then they wanted to send me a million talented scholars, and then they even sent me a million cute cats. Those who didn’t understand O’Neill, cell phones, James, instant noodles, and steel, I refused. Only this time, they secretly gave an unlimited amount of magical rations to my subordinates. Put it, or I can’t help my lord!” Zhuge Liang burst into tears as he said. Sun Quan also cried: “I also received an unlimited amount of Chicken McNuggets, but it was too delicious, so I am not willing to share it with others!” So, Zhuge Liang chose KFC in the end. As for the Gangju, Zhuge Liang I feel that the scientific and technological content is too high. I have not waited until I have thoroughly studied it. I think I have been overworked. Therefore, as long as the northern expedition has enough food and grass, the great cause can be achieved!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Everyone was really broken for Zhuge Liang’s Northern Expedition. They provided instant noodles, KFC, Haidilao, toilet paper, mobile phones, machine guns, nuclear bombs, James, O’Neill, death notes, potato chips, coats, milk, Gundam, grenade, luncheon meat for the prime minister. , Mustard, A4 paper, chicken drumstick, black tea, computer, RMB, Dongfeng, Xiao Zhanfen, Ma Baoguo, etc. . . Regardless of whether these things you said can be fulfilled or not, just go to the strength of the people’s aspirations, and Cao Wei will not attack himself!

6 months ago

Ryoko: So the subject, where are you going to put the steel for me? Subject: In your bag. Ryoko: No, I apply for precise positioning. Come, let me make a list. You can send all the steel bars to a position about ten meters above the heads of these people. The number of each person sent is 100 million bundled. The next day, Sima Yi, Cao Pi, Cao Rui and others were all crushed to death. Subject: Why is the prime minister so familiar with the business of the Space-Time Administration? Ryoko: (Eating instant noodles and ham sausage) It was all taught to me by the group of 985211 college students who passed over last time.

6 months ago

Statistics show that one hundred thousand O’Neill plus one hundred thousand college students make up an army of two hundred thousand, an unlimited amount of instant noodles are provided for logistics, fifty phones that can talk to ensure military orders, and one million cats can be used as military pets. As for this unlimited amount of steel, I don’t really know whether the steel can be melted to create weapons. Anyway, relying on the 200,000 army without logistical pressure, the Northern Expedition is definitely not a big problem. The most important thing is that the instant noodles are so fragrant! If I were a soldier of the Wei State, I heard that the noodles on the other side were so fragrant every day to eat casually, and I could still tease the cats after eating, I would definitely throw the whole family away.

6 months ago

I don’t think so. Zhuge Liang’s Northern Expedition was to go against the sky. In other words, he was a ray of life for the Shu Han. However, he failed. There is a historical inevitability of failure. However, let me miss you. I think Zhuge Liang can be given a road-building technique nowadays. Then he must be able to break, the doom of the road of Shu is difficult. Therefore, Wei Wei’s odds of winning greatly increased. Speaking of it, Li Bai once said that the road of Shu was difficult, and then Zhuge Liang was defeated by the road of Shu, is it historical inevitability? ,the danger is high! The difficulty of Shu Road is harder to go to the sky! Silkworm Cong and Yufu, how lost is the founding of the country! You Lai is forty-eight thousand years old and does not live with Qin Sai. Xidang Taibai has a bird’s way, which can cross Emei Peak. Dibengshan destroyed the strong men to death, and then the ladder stone stacks were linked together. On the top, there is the high mark of the six dragons returning to the sun, and on the bottom there is the returning to Sichuan. The Yellow Crane’s flying is still unacceptable, and the ape is eager to save his troubles and climb for help. Green mud and panpan, 10 percent off with a hundred steps of lingering rock and mountains. Pain in the Lijing well and sit back and breathe, caress and sigh with your hand.

6 months ago

The military only needs to turn the pockets upside down to be a steady stream of ore, and the refined metal can be manufactured and discarded without any problem. If you can’t use it yourself, you can sell the arms, and then the military becomes the head of the arms and rich. Money understands people’s hearts. You can also find mercenaries. There is another way to use the bag as a blaster. When encountering an enemy, the steel can be used as a percussion cannon to hit the enemy directly. When water meets water, the steel bars are used as soil, and the walls of other people’s homes are made of stone when building bridges and crossing the river. Our city walls are built with steel bars. Why are you attacking the city? Everyone is picking up steel bars.

6 months ago

Even for Gundam, it won’t. Because the forces behind Zhuge Liang did not allow the Northern Expedition to succeed: maintaining a balance of power between the North and the South, so that these people can have a comfortable separation in the South, and it is their choice to maximize their interests. As for whoever wants to move this plate, whoever has to die: Zhou Yu, Guan Yu, Liu Bei. And Zhuge Liang, the most obedient chess piece to maintain this situation, did his best. After his death, these four sentences were not directed at the Han Dynasty or the Liu Bei Group but the capitalist behind it.

6 months ago

When Zhuge Liang received the steel, he was full of sorrow and didn’t know what to do. He laughed suddenly in the middle of the night, and I found out how to use it. Tomorrow, I will fight against the Cao thief! Tomorrow, the 990th northward expedition to Wei. Report…! The villager Zhuge brought a lot of steel to declare war outside the door! Cao Cao: What tricks did the villager Zhuge play? The last time I shipped a bunch of nuclear bombs, I thought how powerful it was, it turned out to be a string of firecrackers! This time I brought a bunch of steel trowels, NND, Zhuge villagers deceived too much! Give me waste paper, send fans, and return it to me Sending a group of college students who can only eat and don’t know how to do anything, almost ate me Cao Wei. Did you really use Cao Wei as a waste recycling station? Zhuge Liang: Cao thief stay away! The last time the nuclear bomb did not sound, you ran away! But when Zhuge Liang took out the kit, read out to the soldiers aloud: the instructions for using the weapon, picked up the steel screw and threw it out to kill Cao Jun. See my demonstration. The first step is to grab the steel pin, and the second step is to throw it hard. The third step is to grab the steel peg again, and the fourth step is to throw it hard. Repeating the above steps is the way to eliminate the thief. Kuang and helping the big man are just around the corner! The steel peg is endless! Cao Cao: Zhuge villager insulted me so much! Bow and arrow Hand ready! Shoot me fiercely! Zhuge Liang: Quickly retreat! This thing can’t stop Cao thief! He has been forced to fool again! Zhuge Liang has already failed in the 990th defeat of Wei. Prime Minister, shall we still attack Wei? Zhuge Liang: NND, none of the gadgets sent here are useful. A group of people who don’t know anything about doing business are not doing business. They behave in a serious manner all day long. They teach me to fight against Wei every day and give me a great cause for bragging! Those who don’t like my jokes will catch me and kill Wei!

6 months ago

It will be successful. For all such utopian theoretical problems, you only need to look at the bugs. 1. There is no limit to the number of bags in which the steel can appear. No matter it is the number or the volume. 2. You only need to make enough and large enough Zhuge Liang bags to match the Kongming lamp. The bag rises into the air with its mouth facing downward. Kong Minglai’s “wind is coming” means he has the “sand waterfall and iron burial” of unlimited chakras. He uses the airdrop “steel burial” to pile it all the way.

6 months ago

It is currently spring, and flu is common. Putting aside the new crown, many modern influenza viruses or infectious bacteria can wipe out cities and countries in ancient times. Dip it on the coin and it spread in an instant. Then assume that it is non-toxic and sterile: the Han Dynasty had steel frying technology, the coins were iron-nickel alloys, and the melting point was less than 1500°C. It is reasonable to make it. But it also involves the issue of capacity and production rate. Several ideas: 1. Infrastructure reinforcement for urban defense: This should be the most capable of making the best use of and not consuming energy. It’s a pity that there is no concrete technology, otherwise the infrastructure buff can be used directly. Get a board, throw in coins, pour cement and sand to reinforce it, maybe it can be rusted together to further reinforce it, you can get hundreds of Wengcheng directly. Paving roads, repairing bridges, and even transforming geography: For example, directly filling Shu roads with iron wooden cattle and horses: can speed up the transportation of wood, grain and grass, and then make steel. 2. Army weapons are melted and made into iron swords: the increase in lethality is limited, But there is no need to borrow arrows to build an army of Iron Buddha: full body armor, helmets, shields, and horses are also equipped. You can consider playing with Wei Yan, but the question is whether the Shuhan can train such an army and whether the horse can carry these weights. The craziest idea: if the coin is in a way similar to a space bag, then go straight to the coin. Pile up to the city of Ye, first pile up the edge of the city when you get nearby, and then use coins to flood the four corners of the city, and use the potential of gravity to kill the enemy

6 months ago

One dollar, if RMB is limited, it is a nickel-plated steel core weighing 6.1g, which is an iron-nickel alloy after melting and recasting. Not to mention nickel, an anti-rust metal that could not be extracted in ancient times, but steel made by modern technology has completely crushed the quality of ancient ordinary soldiers’ weapons. If all these coins are used as armor and weapons, then Shu Han will be invincible… As long as the prime minister is not caught by the people’s police for damaging the renminbi.

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